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FAQ/Walkthrough by SkedarJanitor

Version: 2.72 | Updated: 10/19/2005

FAQ: Out of this World 2 - Heart of the Alien FAQ/Walkthrough
Date: 10-19-2005
Version: 2.72
Author: SkedarJanitor                   
Email: skedarjanitor AT gmail DOT com
Best viewed with font Hyperfont, text color green, background black
(to simulate Lester's Computer)
Made on a Mac using BBEdit
__   __  _______   ___   _______  ________     _______  _______
| |  | | |  ----   /  \  |  --- \ |--   --|   /  ___  \ |  ----
| |=-| | | |==-   / =- \ | |<-- /    | |     |  |___|  || |==-
|_|. |_| |_ ---/|/_/   \\|_| \ \     |_|      \_______/ |_|
                  ________  __   __  _______
                  |--   --| | |  | | |  ----
                     | |    | |=-| | | |==-
                     |_|    |_|  |_| |_ ---/|

        ___       __         __     _______     __    __
        /  \      | |        | |    |  ----     | \   ||
       / =- \     | |        | |    | |==-      ||\ \ ||
      /_/   \\    |_ ---/|   |_|    |_ ---/|    ||  \ _-

O U T   O F   T H I S   W O R L D   P A R T S   I   A N D   I I

|----------------- CHAYKIN PROJECT DEVELOPER ------------------|
|------------ b9.3 (C) 1993 Lester Knight Chaykin -------------|
|                                                              |
|                    Quote of the day:                         |
|          "Childe Rolande to the dark tower came."            |
|                                                              |
|  Select a project:                                           |
|  [1] PARTICLE ACCELERATOR                                    |
|  [2] HOLOGRAPHIC SCANNER                                     |
|  [3] FERRARI N20 TURBOCHARGER                                |
| X[4] EXIT                                                    |
|                                                              |
| Goodbye!                                                     |
|                                                              |
|Last login: Sat Mar 03 04:40:35 on styp4                      |
|Welcome to PeanutOS!                                          |
|[dalektron:~] lesterkc% cmode -s                              |
|simple cursor: active                                         |
|> contents                                                    |
|                                                              |
| 1.1___legal                                                  |
| 1.2___controls (VERY IMPORTANT, because control must be      |
|       precise in this game)                                  |
| 1.3___tips (Like how to kill guards)                         |
| 1.4___walkthrough                                            |
| 1.4.01____BXDF                                               |
| 1.4.02____XRCL                                               |
| 1.4.03____KGDD                                               |
| 1.4.04____DGBJ                                               |
| 1.4.05____KTLB                                               |
| 1.4.06____RLRB                                               |
| 1.4.07____RJLG                                               |
| 1.4.08____LKHC                                               |
| 1.4.09____CXLD                                               |
| 1.4.10____TBBL                                               |
| 1.4.11____HLJC                                               |
| 1.4.12____FFTR                                               |
| 1.4.13____CDJR                                               |
| 1.5___ending                                                 |
| 1.5.1___ending -rant                                         |
| 1.5.2___ending -rant -addendum                               |
| 1.5.3___ending -discussion                                   |
| 1.6___access codes -misc[]                                   |
| 1.7___thanks                                                 |
| 1.8___version                                                |

|1.1                    |
|> legal[]              |

  Copyright 2001-2005 W. A. R.

  This document is protected by US copyright law. This document
  may not be reproduced whole or in part electronically, on paper,
  or in any other format, except with the author's express

|1.2                                                                       |
|> man controls                                                            |
|                                                                          |
|man: Formatting manual page...[]                                          |
|CONTROL(1)            System General Commands Manual            CONTROL(1)|
|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |
|NAME                                                                      |
|     control - Sega Genesis Directional Controls and buttons A,B,C        |
|                                                                          |
|SYNOPSIS                                                                  |
|     control - [direction] [-a] [-b] [-c]                                 |
|                                                                          |
|DESCRIPTION                                                               |
|    control is the user interface to the character's directional control. |
|    The program allows a user to interact within the game environment.    |
|                                                                          |
|    Options indicate simultaneous button presses. (Ex: up -b means UP+B)  |
|    Multiple options such as -abc would indicate A+B+C.                   |
|                                                                          |
|    up                                                                    |
|     doorway   If the contents of the current background is doorway,      |
|               then this becomes the character location (Enter doorways   |
|               in the background).                                        |
|     elevator  When the character occupies an elevator, direction = up    |
|               (you'll go up).                                            |
|     ledge     Jump to grab an overhanging ledge. This only returns true  |
|               if the !ovrhead parameter is set to ledge (Only works if   |
|               there's a ledge above you).                                |
|     teleprtr  Teleport upwards if the !ovrhead parameter is set to       |
|               teleprtr (if you're under a teleporter).                   |
|                                                                          |
|    up -b                                                                 |
|               Attack with the whip towards the ceiling. If whip          |
|               catching is successful on a spike or other protrusion      |
|               then whip_swing is executed.                               |
|/tmp/man.031337 (43%)[]                                                   |
|                                                                          |
|    down                                                                  |
|     activate  Activate switches. Note this function is only executed     |
|               once.                                                      |
|     elevator  When the character occupies an elevator, direction = down  |
|               (you'll go down).                                          |
|     pickup    Adds to your possession items on the ground. Some items    |
|               may be hard to spot upon first glance.                     |
|     teleprtr  Teleport upwards if the !ovrhead parameter is set to       |
|               teleprtr (if you're under a teleporter).                   |
|                                                                          |
|    left                                                                  |
|     walk      Travel slowly. Needed for precise movement.                |
|                                                                          |
|                                                                          |
|    left -a                                                               |
|     run       Travel quickly. run + cliff = bad. Tapping C will perform  |
|               the running_jump, which clears much more ground than a     |
|               standard jump command.                                     |
|                                                                          |
|/tmp/man.031337 (66%)[]                                                   |
|                                                                          |
|    -b                                                                    |
|     whip      Swings the whip in an offensive manner. Effective melee    |
|               weapon. Though it will not penetrate enemy shields it      |
|               instantly defeats the ceiling tentacle creatures.          |
|                                                                          |
|    -c                                                                    |
|     jump      The character will make a small lateral jump. If running   |
|               then running_jump is executed.                             |
|                                                                          |
|    -abc                                                                  |
|     activate  Activates a bomb. This is only needed once.                |
|                                                                          |
|ENERGY WHIP ATTACKS                                                       |
|     If the whip_energy is expended or malfunctioned then the following   |
|     commands will execute with a FAILED condition. Locating a recharge   |
|     station to auto-execute whip_recharge is necessary.                  |
|                                                                          |
|    -a                                                                    |
|      laser     This fires a simple, short beam of energy from the coiled |
|                whip.                                                     |
|      shield    This requires the button to be held for a few seconds.    |
|                This creates an energy_shield, which will defend against  |
|                lasers. Note that it will expire shortly, and that a      |
|                killaser will kill the shield process instantly.          |
|      killaser  This will create a very powerful laser blast. It is so    |
|                powerful that it will kill any process (e.g. shield,      |
|                door, tank, battle_ship, small_planet).                   |
|                                                                          |
|SEE ALSO                                                                  |
|     tips(1)                                                              |
|                                                                          |
|FILES                                                                     |
|     http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/segacd/review/R24970.html            |
|                                                                          |
|STANDARDS                                                                 |
|     The control utility conforms to IEEE Std. 8008.2-1992 (''PEANUT'').  |
|                                                                          |
|PenOS                        June 6, 1993                            PenOS|
|>[]                                                                       |

|1.3                    |
|> tips[]               |

    This game has very precise controls; if actions are not
    performed during the proper frames of animation, nothing will
    happen. Also, don't jump when on the very very edge of a cliff,
    you will slip off the edge.

BOMBARDING THE GUARDS                                               
    1. *Quickly* make a shield before Quickdraw turns you into half
       a tonne of Dr Pepper's secret ingredient.
    2. If you're very far apart, get a little closer and shield.
       Don't get TOO close, though.
    3. Charge up a super blast.
    4. Let it go to wipe out their shield.
    5. Immediately tap A. Before they can make another shield, your 
       laser beam will toast them. It's BACON!
       mmmmmBaconBaconBaconBacon. . .[]

|1.4                    |
|> walkthrough[]        |

      I'll describe how to solve each area's puzzles. I'll present
      each access code for each area before the actual material

|1.4.01                 |
|> walkthrough code1    |
|BXDF                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

      You start in a desolate wasteland. There is a cute little
      critter in the foreground, and somewhere there is a lion
      roaring. The screen to the right of the start  (with the
      spikes in the background) has an overhanging ledge that you
      can climb on by pressing Up.

      On the screen to the left there is a lion. Step onto the
      lion's screen for a second so it will give chase. Immediately
      run back to the right.

      When you get to the overhanging ledge, stop running and press
      Up. You'll climb on the ledge and narrowly escape the
      pursuing lion. He'll eat the critter instead of you.

      Go to the left until you reach the area with the three deadly
      disintegration flowers. Don't touch them, or you'll pop
      louder than Mir crashing into a bubble wrap factory. Stand
      still and jump over the flowers, but don't get too close when
      you do it, because jumping makes you hunch over like a monkey
      with the trots. The screen after the flowers has a wide pit.
      To make the jump, get a few pixels away from the edge, and
      then jump. You should just barely make it. Then climb the
      ledge & go left.

|1.4.02                 |
|> walkthrough code2    |
|XRCL                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

       Those little harmless looking bats have teeth bigger than
       Julia Roberts after a calcium overdose. Don't get near them.

        1. Wait for it to start flying up, then run by. 
        2. Wait for it to go up, then run until you reach the rock
           with the whip on it in the foreground.

        Press Down to pick up your whip. Run back to the right,
        avoiding the bats again. When you reach that wide pit, the
        ground will shake. Get to the end of the ledge, then whip
        the pointy rock on the ceiling (i.e. the stalactite) and
        you'll automatically swing across.

        Inch your way to the next screen with the flowers, and jump
        over them. When you go to the next screen with the lion in
        the background, he'll come out of the background after you!
        Go back left & jump over the flower. The lion will hit the
        flower and turn to liquid faster than Sonic the Hedgehog
        hitting a brick wall. Now go right. There are two pits here
        now. Remember when the ground shook? Fall into the left pit
        & you'll go to the next scene.

|1.4.03                 |
|> walkthrough code3    |
|KGDD                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

        These stalactites drip acid. One drop of the stuff and your
        body's acid/biomass ratio would rival Keith Richards'. So
        if you'd prefer not to disintegrate, keep away. And, well,
        it blows, but your stylish Tommy Outlander acid- washed
        jeans won't stop this acid. Don't touch the acid splashes
        near the ground.

        Note: when I say the "first" stalactite, I mean the first
        one from the right.

        1. Take 1 full step left. The first drops should be pixels
           in front of your nose.
        2. First Stalactite: Wait, and take 1 full step.
        3. Second Stalactite: This one drips two at a time. Wait
           for both to fall, then take 1 step.
        4. Stalactites 3,4, & 5: When it's clear, run!
        5. But stop at the next screen, or you'll step in the acid
        Whip the stalactite over the pool and you'll swing over it,
        landing safely on the other side. Run up the slope to reach
        the elevator.

        There's a deadly, evil, disintegrating gas that spurts out
        of the sides of the elevator shaft (you'd think they'd have
        the sense not to connect the bathroom vents to the
        elevator). It follows this pattern: middle, bottom, top.
        You've got two screens of gas spurts to clear.

        Remember, if the gas cloud hasn't TOTALLY disappeared,
        it'll still kill you. And stay in the middle of the
        elevator. The gas expands at the sides.

        1. Go up until the top of your head almost reaches the
           middle gas spout.
        2. Go down, but not off the bottom of the screen; if you go
           off the screen, the gas pattern starts over.
        3. When the gas clears, quickly go up. You'll miss the top
           spurt by half a second.
        4. Repeat the previous steps for the second screen.

        Well I'll be chuffed to buggery. The words "go off when
        spurt repeat" at the start of the last 5 lines go down in a
        cascade. Hmm. Anyway. . .

         At the top, go to the room on the right, and electricity
         will flow through your whip. It now has more stolen power
         than every member of Congress COMBINED. Press Up to walk
         through the doorway to the prison.

|1.4.04                 |
|> walkthrough code4    |
|DGBJ                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         It's high noon at the high security prison colony. From
         the left, a steely-eyed prison guard is ready to draw his
         blaster. For your convenience, bis:

         1. QUICKLY make a shield before Quickdraw turns you half
            a tonne of Dr Pepper's secret ingredient.
         2. If you're very far apart, get a little closer and
            shield. Don't get TOO close, though.
         3. Charge up a super blast.
         4. Let it go to wipe out their shield.
         5. IMMEDIATELY tap A. Before they can make another shield,
            your laser beam will toast them. It's BACON!
            mmmmmBaconBaconBaconBacon. . .

         For this next screen you'd better run like you just
         crashed a truck carrying mousetraps and grenades. The
         guards in the background are shooting at you.

         Well now you're in for it! There are four locked doors
         barring your way to the left, and two guards have come
         from the right. Easy, Harry, the guards are infinite, so
         use your Magnum Force on the doors to the left.

         1. Run to the left.
         2. Turn right and make a shield (two if you're panicky).
         3. Turn left and super blast the door.
         4. Repeat the last 2 steps for all four doors.

         In the screen past the doors, there's a pit below and a
         force field blocking the left way. There's also a guard
         down there who'll go LAPD on your arse if you land on his
         patrol. Swing your whip at the ceiling spike when the guy
         is in the middle of his walk & heading left. You'll knock
         him into the pit, and his gun discharges & takes out the
         force field.

|1.4.05                 |
|> walkthrough code5    |
|KTLB                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         Down the elevator, you must shoot the control box for the
         force field right before you smack into it. Watch out,
         because at the bottom of the elevator is a gas spurt. Jump
         over the helpless guard stuck in the crack. Otherwise
         you'll fall on spikes and end up with more holes than the
         plot of the Tomb Raider film. There are two guards at the
         end of the next passageway.

         1. Get halfway between the symbols on the wall.
         2. Shield yourself.
         3. Shield a couple more times, you're waiting for the
            right moment.
         4. Charge up a super blast.
         5. Let it go the moment the front guard's shield goes out.
         6. Use standard guard killing procedure on the last guard.

         On the next screen there are two guards protected by
         impenetrable shield defenses.

         1. Quickly climb the ledge while the guard is busy.
         2. Shield yourself.
         3. Adjust your position so you can press Up & B to whip
            the grate. Your human friend will fall on the guard's
         4. Leave the screen & return so that the bottom guard is
            no longer alert, otherwise he'll instantly kill you when
            you go down the teleporter. Go down the teleporter, then
            shield. Your buddy grenades 'em!

         You'll automatically help your buddy into an air duct in
         the elevator shaft. When going down this elevator,
         hesitation will kill you. Don't stop until you're clear of
         the gas vents.

         At the bottom, though, watch out, because there's a force
         field here. You need to make the elevator bounce up and
         down faster than Oprah's blood sugar while you shoot at
         the control box on the left, and hopefully you'll kill the
         force field.

|1.4.06                 |
|> walkthrough code6    |
|RLRB                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         There are some ceiling gas vents here. Just run past them,
         one at a time, when the cloud clears. But the next room is
         just frightening. The air here is full of more gas than
         the sixth annual Irritable Bowel Disorder Support Group
         Chili Cookoff. You'll need some careful timing.

         "First" here means first from the right.

         1. Step under the first spurt when it's clear.
         2. The moment the second spurt clears, run until you've
         passed all of them.
         3. Stop running on the next screen or you'll land on the

         Edge up to the spike pit, and swing your whip at a ceiling
         spike to get across. On the next screen, whip the guard's
         feet; you'll clear the spikes and kill a guard in the
         weirdest way possible.

         Whip the tentacles, then run past the nearest vent. Must.
         . .not make. . .obligatory. . .tentacle hentai joke. .
         .Wait until the vent & the last tentacle are clear, then
         run. Press Up under the teleporter to exit.
|1.4.07                 |
|> walkthrough code7    |
|RJLG                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         After the cinema, you are standing in an unfamiliar area
         of the complex. Go left, but not too far. On the next
         screen a crate will crush you flatter than Gwen Stefani's

         1. Shoot the switch.
         2. Stand next to the spot where the crate falls down.
         3. Whip upwards.
         4. The crate will hit the ground instead of you.

         Continue left. Jump across the 3 lights, or you'll be
         alien shish kabob. Go left and kill the guard. Then edge
         up to the electrified doorway & jump over the 2nd skull.
         If you don't, a snake comes out of it, grabs your leg, &
         pulls you in. Kill the guard in the next screen, then run
         to the end & charge your whip before you leave through the

|1.4.08                 |
|> walkthrough code8    |
|LKHC                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         You'll emerge into a two-level area. You don't need to go
         up for a while. Run right, until you reach the force field

         1. Run past the first one, then stop.
         2, Wait for both the second and third force fields to
            disappear, then run.

         At the end of the corridor is a teleporter downwards, and
         a guard. Kill him or shield and run if you want to. Go
         down the teleporter. There's a guard on the right. Take
         him out. Go left one screen. There's a guard behind an
         indestructible shield wall.

         1. Shield yourself.
         2. Inch forward and shield until you're under the
         3. Press Up, then run to the left.
         4. Turn right. Go down the teleporter and shoot the guard
            in the back.

         It looks like he was guarding some kind of odd switch
         (with rotating lights) nearby. Shoot the switch to
         deactivate a disintegrator down the hall. Go all the way
         to the left, passing tentacles and guards, and go down the
         elevator. This one is clear, fortunately.

         Jump over the pit, and on the next screen are several gas
         spurts that go off in sequence. Just run to the left as
         soon as the second gas spurt clears. On the far left of
         the next screen is a strange contraption making more weird
         noises than a chicken in a washing machine. Super blast it
         to hell. You'll deactivate a force field. . .somewhere.

|1.4.09                 |
|> walkthrough code9    |
|CXLD                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         Now comes the hidden part: You have to go left, because
         beyond the machine is a room with a valuable item. In this
         room, there is a pipe creature hanging from the ceiling.
         Since regular shots are about as effective as Gary Coleman
         teeth-tossing unstuffed Beanie Babies at T-1000, kill it
         with a super blast.

         Go left and pick up the pyramid object on the ground.
         You'll need this for later. And if you die before you get
         to the next continue point, you'll have to get the item

         Go right. To clear the gas bladders on the next screen,
         just take off running into the screen and don't stop until
         you clear the gas. Jump over the pit and go up the
         elevator. Continue right until you reach the first
         teleporter going upwards. Take it up.

|1.4.10                 |
|> walkthrough code10   |
|TBBL                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         The next screen has more evil bats. Take off running when
         the closest bat flies up. You'll clear the second one. Then
         take the first teleporter upwards. Kill the guard, then
         pick up the item to the left. You have completed the bomb!
         You are The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight!
         But don't use it just now. Go back down, and go left.
         There's an L-shaped barrier made of pulsating voltage.

         1. Walk left until you are close to the electricity.
         2. Press Up and B WHILE THE ELECTRICITY IS OFF. The
            electricity will be off by the time you swing across.

         Go left. There's another machine here, but this one is
         impervious to super blasts. Walk next to the machine and
         place your bomb. Now leave the screen, otherwise they'll
         need an electron microscope to ID your remains. Wait on
         the other screen, and about 10 seconds later the screen
         will shake. Your bomb has destroyed the machine, and you
         now have access to the last part of the level.

         But you have to get there first.

|1.4.11                 |
|> walkthrough code11   |
|HLJC                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         To pass the L-shaped barrier while going right, swing the
         whip WHILE THE ELECTRICITY IS FLOWING. Run past the bats
         when it's clear, and go down the teleporter.

|1.4.12                 |
|> walkthrough code12   |
|FFTR                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         Run right, until you reach the teleporter in the ceiling.
         Go up. At the top of the teleporter, go right. There's a
         guard standing on the other side of the door on the second
         level. Take the teleporter up to the top level.

         Make a shield, then super blast the door. This surprises
         the guard about as much as discovering Edward Scissorhands
         is his proctologist, so he won't even make a shield. Just
         shoot him.

         Go up the teleporter here to recharge your whip. Run to
         the left, and stay on the second level. Shoot the guard
         below the teleporter in the roof, and go up.

         If you had gone here before using the bomb, there would be
         a platform to the left hovering above the spikes. Your
         bomb blew up the machine causing the platform to hover.
         All you have to do is walk all the way to the left and
         enter the doorway.

         But when you enter the next room, a crate falls on your
         head! Walk to the left and pick up your electric whip. The
         wires are split - there's no charge! Now your whip's as
         empty as a porn theatre showing Esperanto-dubbed episodes
         of "Welcome Back, Kotter."

|1.4.13                 |
|> walkthrough code13   |
|CDJR                   |
|                       |
|> []                   |

         Go through the doorway here. When you walk all the way to
         the left, a fist will knock you to the ground. Get up. In
         the next screen, the menacing final guard stands staring
         at you. If you don't act quickly he'll shoot you. 
TOSS THE BOSS         
         Remember that box that fell on your head? There's one
         dangling right over this guy's head. Whip the box to drop
         it on 'em. He'll stagger off into the next screen. Follow
         him into the next screen.

         1. Take 2 steps towards him.
         2. Whip him.
         3. Take one step.
         4. Whip him again.
         5. Take another step.
         6. Swing the whip up to snag a box & drop it on him.
         7. On the next screen, whip, step, whip, step, until he's
            on the platform.
         8. Now press Down while you're in front of the switch. The
            platform will fall out from under him.

|1.5                    |
|> ending[]             |

         The guard fights a lion gladiator-style while prisoners
         watch, then the alien walks amid the burning rubble of the
         looted prison and discovers his human buddy, dead or
         unconscious. The alien carries him somewhere, and here
         follows the part that makes no bloody sense.

         I gather the alien is apparently concerned about the
         human's increased risk of skin cancer. So he places the
         human into what must be a fusion-powered gamma radiation
         tanning bed, because it promptly vaporizes all the
         clothes, skin, muscles, and soft tissue from his body.
         Guess he forgot to lay on the SPF 10,000 sunblock. . .

         Then the alien walks around and you see recycled footage
         of the happy village from the intro.

         The alien cremates the dead human.

         Then the alien walks around and you see recycled footage
         of the happy village from the intro.
         "And to think it only took you 40 hours just to see the intro again.

|1.5.1                  |
|> ending -rant[]       |

         RIGHT. So I think we can all say that these game designers
         really did a hack job of the ending, didn't they? The guy
         goes through every kind of **** imaginable, narrow
         escapes, breaking out of alien traps, setting alien traps,
         all that. Some bum-grabber in the Interplay office goes,
         "Hey, what's the best way to screw with the gamer's mind
         after all this hard work keeping Lester alive? Have the
         game lock up? No. Have the ending say 'Congratulations!'
         and that's it? No. That's been done. Even better, let's

         They couldn't at least show the guy ending up home, they
         opt to do something that they think has the least frames
         of animation possible. Because him going home, THAT would
         involve all kinds of skullduggery for the artist, drawing
         doors and windows and tables and other horribly
         complicated modern things. Oh no, they couldn't just, I
         don't know, draw a PORTAL made out of a bunch of CIRCLES
         and recycle some footage of him walking through it!!

|1.5.2                      |
|> ending -rant -addendum[] |

         My original ending rant was intended to be comical,
         however there is a ring of truth to it and I will
         elaborate for any who may not have been satisfied with the
         original explanation.

         The ending sequence does recycle a portion of the
         animation and drawings from earlier cinemas. New
         animations created just for the ending are hastily put
         together - either the polygons appear out of place, or
         there are relatively fewer frames of animation per second.
         Judging by these technical elements alone it demonstrates
         that the designers cut some corners. However, in addition-

         The resolution of killing Lester seems abrupt, as if it
         were a last minute story decision, because there is little
         to no foreshadowing of Lester's upcoming demise. The
         player is led to believe through all of Lester's hardships
         that he will somehow survive. Granted, I may have
         overlooked a subtle element of foreshadowing somewhere.
         But it must have been very subtle, because throughout all
         the plays and replays of the game I conducted for the FAQ,
         I never caught it. And if he lived -

         He never did have to go home. Lester could have remained
         in the alien world, contributing to his friend's village
         and perhaps improving their quality of life. My point here
         is that the story opportunities of Lester surviving are
         more interesting. How would this human deal with the
         issues of the alien society? Also, such a story would show
         the player how this strange society works through Lester's
         eyes. This story course would be more complex, but I
         believe it would be much more satisfying because it
         provides depth to the setting and to Lester's character as
         well. Imagine an ending where Lester eventually changes
         his human clothing and attitudes, and through time,
         becomes a brother to the aliens, adopting their garb,
         language and culture. If these aliens had a tribal
         culture, he would go through a rite of passage, such as
         hunting one of the lion-beasts. After going from outsider
         to warrior to village elder and scribe, he would die a
         legend in the village mythology, "the one from out of this
         world". And through it all his alien friend would be there
         with him, teaching him the ways of alien life.

         They could have written the ending so that Lester had a
         chance to go back home. Why? The level of technology is as
         advanced, if not more so, than ours. They have flying
         vehicles (this was in Out of this World I, where you had
         to push the right buttons to escape the arena). We have
         flying vehicles (airplanes). They have devices that
         levitate by some form of power (floating platform in OOtW
         2, close to the end of the game). We have levitating
         devices (maglev trains). They even exceed our technology
         with laser guns that fire pure energy, generate force
         fields, and recharge almost instantly.  If their
         technology is greater than or equal to ours, then Lester
         very well could have built a way to get home, given the
         time. He would not need to build another particle
         accelerator. If the technology is advanced enough, he
         could build somthing else to cross dimensions. And it
         would bring so much emotion to the story. How would Lester
         depart from this world that brought him a friend, probably
         the only true friend he ever had?

         The game's ending is rushed. All of the alternatives that
         I have proposed would have taken much more time during
         development, because of this game's inherent design
         difficulties. First of all, the game itself is very
         unique, using a polygon graphics engine on a 16-bit
         system. Developing cinemas that used this unique graphics
         engine must have been a real nightmare because there are
         few games like OOtW. Also, scripting an ending using one
         of my alternatives, without any spoken or written words,
         would be quite challenging - all cinemas in both games
         show the action without any recognizable spoken words or
         subtitles. But it could be done. They could have made a
         combination of the two alternatives, have Lester live a
         life of the aliens for a while, and then stumble on a way
         back home. Or he could try as hard as he could to get
         home, but fail, and then make peace with the aliens and
         become part of the tribe for the rest of his life.

|1.5.3                  |
|> ending -discussion   |
|                       |
|>[]                    |

         Care to grieve about the ending? Then share it here. Our 
         first offering is a lovely lucid little musing courtesy
         of "Jer":

        "In the beginning of the game, we see a brief re-cap of what
         has transpired in OOTW:1...the escape from the prison, the
         gladiator ring, and the ride on the dragon to Lester's big
         buddies village.

        "We then see the big alien depositing the unconscious
         (broken backed presumably,) Lester in the remnants of a
         home, and then going on his way for...what, vengence? A
         walk? To grieve? Ok, that's fine.

        "But throughout the game, we can see Lester moving around
         with us, as if we're trying to help him escape from the
         prison all over again. He goes through the same escape
         routes, and we meet back up with him in the same times and
         places as we did in the first game. I think Heart of the
         Alien, is simply Out of This World 1, but through the eyes
         of the alien, and not Lester. We're seeing what the alien
         had to do at various stages to meet back up with Lester
         until they could make their escape from the prison.

        "I think what we see after that -- the cremation, life
         returning to the village, is what happens shortly after the
         alien returns with Lester to his village -- back in present
         time, and not the events that happened in the last game.
         The alien cremates Lester who had presumably died during
         their dragon-flight, and then the people that were set free
         during the prison escape, finally make it back to the
         village. (Though it must've taken them longer to get there,
         since they weren't flying on the back of a dragon.) There's
         a lil time lapse, which shows the village thriving again,
         and that's the end.

        "So Heart of the Alien isn't really a sequel at all -- it's
         OOTW:1, replayed as the alien, with sequel footage at the
         beginning of the game (the alien and Lester arriving on the
         dragon) and sequel footage at the end (the alien cremating

        "But even then, something isn't sitting right -- the alien
         found Lester in the prison, unconscious and already dead,
         at which point he brought him back home to be cremated. But
         didn't we see Lester being layed down in relative safety
         (and completely incapacitated) in the beginning? Why and
         how did he get to the prison?

        "Second theory; after the re-cap footage, and the alien
         depositing Lester on the bed/slab in the alien home, the
         game goes into 'what if' mode. What if in the first game,
         we were playing for the alien's survival, and not Lester's.
         I think the ending is saying; Lester wouldn't have made it
         out of the prison, and as the alien battled to get out,
         still helping Lester when he could along the way, Lester
         was inevitably captured, and killed. Which is why the alien
         cremated him in the end.

        "Either that, or there are two Lester's.
         Jer deserves much hearty applause for his valiant efforts
         instilling some sense into the painful, anticlimactic 
         storytelling blueballs that is the soddy ending to
         Heart of the Alien. Hopeful as this may seem, however, our
         email exchange inevitably concluded as follows:

         SJ:Anyway. Two Lesters? 'What if'? Past and present? My 
            head's still spinning... Maybe it all wasn't as half-
            arsed as we think.

         Jer:I wouldn't go -that- far...



        "Hi hi, its great to see that *someone* has done a
		 FAQ/walkthrough for Heart of the Alien, as far as I know
		 its the only one to exist. Anyways, its a jolly good FAQ
		 all round, particularly the discussion at the end
		 concerning HotA's WTF ending, and it got me thinkin'. What
		 exactly the hell is going on?"
		 Good question, good question. It's all so foggy in my head,
		 one of these days I should actually play it.

		"The simplest solution that I can come up with is that
		 perhaps Lester didn't have such a broken back after all,
		 perhaps he was simply in shock from his day of trauma and
		 subsequant bashing up by a hostile alien life form, and was
		 thus unconcious for a brief period of time, in which the
		 Alien had put him on a bed to rest before wandering off to
		 tend to some unfinished business. Lester, waking up at the
		 moment the Alien wanders off, is curious is to where his
		 new found Alien friend is off to, and is lead into yet
		 another dangerous situation, this time not surviving."

         Ah yes, shock can do that to people. I've woken up in
         strange places far too many times for my own good, often
         discovering to my horror that my face had been covered with
         obscene magic-marker graffiti by my illustrious mates.

		"Then theres the twin-Lester theory... When Lester's
		 cyclotron particle accelerator overloaded there was a split
		 in the fabric of reality, which not only takes Lester to an
		 alien planet, but also creates *two* of him, both of which
		 do not meet through out the course of the game. While one
		 Lester is escaping the prison for the first time, the other
		 continues to rot in his cell. After the incident the the
		 first game, the second Lester makes his attempt at
		 escaping, and runs into the Alien several times. The other
		 Lecter remains in a coma safe and sound in the bed the
		 Alien placed him in at the beginning."

         Double trouble! Though if there really were two of them the
         designers might have made that more clear, give one a
         mullet or something so you could tell them apart. "Lester
         Gear Solid"! I can see it now: Lester sneaking around in
         prison crates, smoking lasered cigarettes and collecting
         alien dogtags to unlock the Cremated-Corpse costume.

		"Personally, I prefer Jer's hypothetical/"what if" theory,
		 but hey, its worth discussing. ^-^ "

         This does make the twin-Lester notion sound more plausible
         when put this way. Let's see what our next commentator has
         in store for us.
		 Mr. Bett weighs in with the most rational perspective I've
		 heard yet. Can you top it?
		"Hi. First of all, thanks for the walkthrough on
		 Gamefaqs.com, it made ploughing through Heart of the Alien
		 far less of a chore than it would have been. At the end of
		 the walkthrough, you discuss what the ending's all about,
		 and how it doesn't make sense. I have, however, a solution
		 with which I am 100% confident, and hope you will agree."

         Bring it on.

		"First of all, Heart of the Alien is a straight sequal,
		 starting (as the intro suggests - importantly, you see
		 Lester's eyes open and move as he is laid out on the bed,
		 meaning he is alive) where Out of this World ended, rather
		 than a "what if?" or a viewing of the original story from
		 the Alien's perspective. More importantly, Lester's being
		 dead was not totally random at the ending, since he in fact
		 died half-way through. There is a lengthy cutscene between
		 codes RLRB and RJLG, where Lester fights a guard, and ends
		 up falling straight into a bunch of electic beams. Here he
		 dies. The cutscene at the very end of the game has the
		 Alien going back for Lester's body."
		 No doubt to collect on his life insurance policy. The 
		 bastard had it in for him the whole time.

		"Also of significance is the colour of the guards' eyes. In
		 the opening cutscene the leader of the soldiers who attack
		 the village has glowing red eyes. The guard who Lester
		 fights in the middle cutscene has red eyes. The boss at the
		 very end of the game too has red eyes. I think it is safe
		 to assume that they're supposed to be the same guy, the
		 eyes being an easy way to identify him. This also gives a
		 vague reason for what the Alien was up to at the very
		 beginning, as the game proper opens. Red-eyes is apparently
		 responsible for the destruction of the village and capture
		 of the villagers (from the arena scene in Out of this World
		 we can presume they were inteded for gladiatorial combat),
		 which gives the Alien an incentive to go after him. Later
		 he kills Lester, adding to the Alien's grudge against him.
		 When the Alien kills Red-eyes at the end, I think the idea
		 is that he has finally got revenge against him, and of
		 course the villagers are freed. This is presumably why one
		 of the first places you go in Heart of the Alien is another
		 prison block."
		 You'd think with all their incredible technology they'd
		 at least have some Visine for the poor chap. No wonder he's
		 so angry, he has to walk around all day with those dry
		 itchy peepers. Must be allergy season there, I hear a good 
		 folk remedy is black-lion musk with a dash of cremated Lester.
         What? Me? Bitter? No. . .

		"So, if a chronology was to be built:

		 * Red-eyes leads an attack on the Alien's village,
		 kidnapping all the people. The Alien fights back and is put
		 in a special cage.

		 * Lester arrives after his experiment teleports him to the
		 alien world, is captured and put in the same cell.

		 * Lester and the Alien escape the prison and flee through
		 the citadel, but at the very last gasp Lester is heavily
		 injured (probably broken legs). The Alien manages to get
		 him to the flying animal, and with that they manage to
		 escape the citadel altogether, and find refuge in the
		 village's ruins.

		 * Lester is left to recover, but the Alien goes off to
		 free the villagers and kill Red-eyes (he first goes to find
		 his whip which he must have dropped when first he was
		 captured, then enters the prison block through a secret
		 underground passage). Presumably Lester recovers extremely
		 quickly, since he rejoins the Alien before long.

		 * Somewhere inside the compound Lester manages to save the
		 Alien from being killed by Red-eyes, but ends up dying
		 himself, Red-eyes surviving but unable to go back for the
		 Alien since he ends up on the wrong side of the electric

		 * The Alien carries on, causing heavy damage to the
		 compound (such as the bomb and the various machines he
		 destroys) and eventually meets back up with Red-eyes. They
		 fight, and Red-eyes is dropped into the pit where animals
		 and gladiators are kept. He is killed by a black
		 lion-thing, and the captive villagers are all released.
		 They waste no time in burning down the citadel, and the
		 Alien goes back for Lester's body, which he cremates. With
		 the oppressive citadel destroyed and the villagers free
		 life can continue as it was.

		"Very neat I hope you'll agree.

		"A pedant may point out that the boss at the very end of Out
		 of this World also has red eyes, and of course Lester kills
		 him, but I don't think it is the same character as in Heart
		 of the Alien, since the character hadn't been written when
		 Out of this World was being made - the red eyes were simply
		 to help the player differentiate between him and the
		 alien-friend, so you don't think you're about to kill the
		 wrong guy.

        "Well, that's all my theory at least; you may disagree, but
         personally I can find nothing wrong (continuity-wise) with
         Well neither can I. Gob-smacking good work!

        Tirrell reinforces Mr. Bett's analysis with some outside

       "For whatever reason, I have an almost fetishistic fixation
        on Out of This World (and by extension, Heart of the Alien).
        Every time I get access to a new console or OS I try finding
        a version of OOTW for it."
        That's nothing, you should see my chum Wotter, we head for
        the pub and we stop to pick up Wotter at his place
        unannounced (to be specific, Wotter Ellis Att*). We walk in
        and it's all over the shop. We're talking world map with
        pushpins, stacks of polaroids, website prinouts. It's a
        scene straight out of The Sweeney. It's a mess, a right
        dirty mess. And you know what it's all for? This monument to
        research and evidence gathering to rival the world's
        most elite topnotch intelligence agencies?



        Go home today. And think. Think long, think hard. Is there
        someone? Could there be anyone? With a fix worse than mine?
        Possibly? Just remember what you read today, because there,
        you'll find the answer. 
        And that answer will be the same, as long as Wotter Ellis
        Att walks the earth. For there will always be one who is
        worse, lower than the lowest, more pathetic than the noises
        George Bush makes when "Finnegan's Wake" appears on the
        teleprompter. And that someone is Wotter, who no doubt
        searches for Flying Quimby Kitty-Bubbles #7 at this very

     *We had to protect the poor bastard. It's a fake name. Really
      it is.**

     **All right you don't believe me, try saying it. Out loud,

        Oh and we're right back to Tirrell's sum-up.

       "Anyhoo, I'm all in favor of your going through it again and
        using screen captures for illustrative purposes. I think,
        however, it is pretty clear that Mr. Bett's chronology is
        right on.  Despite our desires to see Lester survive, it
        seems readily apparent that HOTA is a true sequel, and that
        he does indeed die by getting pushed into those blue lasers
        while trying to protect buddy.  Lester is not dead at the
        beginning of HOTA, as he wakes up and his eyes blink during
        the introduction right after buddy lays him down and has his
        black and white flashbacks (hmm...Flashback?  Mixing games
       "Then there is the cinema where Lester saves buddy from being
        shot by the guard with red eyes.  (I agree with Mr. Bett
        that this appears to be the same one that stormed the
        village and also is the last boss.  However, there do appear
        to be other guards with red eyes in both OOTW and HOTA.  I
        assume it just means they're evil.)"

        Since the red-eye problem seems to be fairly chronic I'd
        venture it's a symptom of an opium fix. See, the prisoners
        are mining drugs, and the guards are snuffing between
        shifts. In fact they could call it "Heart of the Colombian"
        and it would be just like your average high school! Except
        the consequences for hitting brown acid are a smidge worse
        than a bad trip (disintegration's a bugger).

       "In the game closing, you can see buddy return to the exact
        spot where Lester got fried to collect and then cremate him.
         Speaking of which, if there is a silver lining, it appears
        that Lester's coffin is visible in the end cinema, right
        after buddy peers out of the door of his hut.  It is sitting
        in the rebuilt village.  So, at least there is some sort of
        tribute to the guy who helped save that village from

        It would be fine and noble if that coffin was indeed a
        tribute, however from the look of things Alien and Co. have
        found themselves the perfect coffee table. Who can tell? For
        all we know, the Aliens discovered a right kicking
        artificial sweetener. 'This brew's a bit strong, get me two
        spoons of Lester powder deary.'

       "I agree it's a little depressing, especially considering
        that, despite evidence to the contrary in the excerpts from
        Lester's journal (in the OOTW introduction of some
        versions), it appears that Lester goes from ill-fated
        experiment to dead in about a day.  I don't feel that his
        death is tacked on, however, in that he dies in the middle
        of the game, we just don't get conformation of it until the
        end cinema.  Perhaps the developers were hedging their bets."

        It's called LYING TO YOUR AUDIENCE. And any storyteller that
        does it is walking a fine line. Because when you do it,
        you'd bloody well better do it RIGHT. That means
        foreshadowing, hinting, leading... Not overt, but it has
        to be there. You don't just go and pull the rug out because
        that sends your audience bollocks up and out of the theatre.
        Predictions? Prophecies? Nothing of it. It's all told
        without words, making prophecies difficult, however a
        disturbing dream sequence would have been nice, or even a
        simple skull-and-crossbones type of iconic imagery prevalent
        through the scenes leading up to the death moment. I am
        aware the overall atmosphere is dark, but nothing stood out
        in particular as extra menacing (with one exception - I got
        a shiver from one closeup framing the cockeyed visage of
        a creature called "Lester").

       "This is an interesting issue, in that there may have been
        some discussion about a sequel, or at least ports to other
        platforms.  It seems very, very odd that HOTA only appears
        on Sega CD, which didn't do well in America (I don't know
        about the rest of the world), when OOTW was on just about
        every bloody computer and console you can find.  I've
        personally played through the Apple IIgs, Super Nintendo,
        Genesis, DOS, Macintosh, and Sega CD versions many, many
        times (SNES and Sega CD being the best).  OOTW is also on
        the short-lived 3D0 system as well as the Amiga and I think
        a few others.  Why then was HOTA only on the Sega CD? It
        boggles the mind, and allows for the possibility that
        expansion onto other systems and maybe even a sequel were
        possible.  Perhaps the developers ran out of money and/or
        steam while developing the Sega CD version."

        Methinks the developers knew a liability when they saw it
        STOP And the sheer volume of rage they would release upon
        the world with this shoddy ending would spell World War 3
        STOP I mean if  1000000  people went off half as bad as I
        did when they saw the ending you'd be reading this FAQ over
        a telegraph wire right now STOP

       "It does seem that HOTA ends in such a way that a sequel is
        impossible.  Perhaps Eric Chahi was just finished with this
        plot line and wanted to move on (in fact, Chahi's
        involvement in HOTA seems a matter of debate).  You can see
        in something like Heart of Darkness (coincidence?) Chahi was
        still doing the same type of thing, so who knows?"

       Oh come off, a sequel's not IMPOSSIBLE. If you look at it the
       possibilities are truly endless:

       * Alienna Bones and the Ashes of Doom

       * Final Fallacy 3: Mystic Dross

       * Lester Suit Larry

       * Cremains & Conquer: Dead Alert

      And here is our first counterpoint to the argument that Lester
      is dead, from G. Goodman. Take of it what you will.
     "1. The creators of the game want you to believe that our
      hero, Lester, was cremated as a ritual performed by the alien
      people.  But he did not die.  If another sequel would have
      been made, I surely think that Lester would be in it, because
      his body was REGENERATED from the REGENERATOR, not cremated
      from the cremator.  Lester was given a new body like being
      reborn just as he was born again went he dramatically appeared
      in the swamp/lake as he first entered into another
      dimension/world in the original game; coming out of the water
      symbolizes coming out of the womb."

      Right, so it follows that the falling computer in the pool
      symbolizes the falling ****-log in the toilet which
      inspired Eric Chahi to make the ending. Anyway...
      I jest. Obviously Eric's inspiration was a looser bowel
      movement KIDDING!
      I mean it escaped my mind, I forgot to mention the cornUCOPIA
      OF IDEAS HE HAD! Yeah that's what I meant. Really.

     "1a) At the end of this game, the alien people are finally
      free from tyranny and oppression.  But the purpose of Lester's
      appearance to this world was not just to help liberate it, but
      he must also return to his own "dark" world--the real world. 
      Why do you think Lester was doing before he got zapped out of
      this world?  His purpose in life is to give nuclear fusion
      (the clean, efficient, blue energy source) to liberate our
      world from: pollution, acid rain, dependancy on oil, burning
      fossil fuels, and most importantly, to end all wars between

      So Lester is the savior of mankind as well? Here I was
      thinking he was a loser with the #1 most failed Science
      Project ever (of course not counting last year's gaff with
      baking soda / white phosphorus). Perhaps he and that guy from
      that "Grid" movie or whatever should get together, they'd
      start Revolutions at chess clubs and lock-ins across the GLOBE.

      It looks like we have fans. For screenshots and a breathless
      summary of both games:

      Remi Laws provides the human perspective.
     "The ending may not be as bad as you may think. When I first
      saw it I thought 'JEEZ! That sucks!'"
      And that's all for Remi's comment. Short and sweet!
       Thanks everyone for the excellent comments. Send yours here:
       ( skedarjanitor AT gmail DOT com )

     Oh hang on.

     "I Led Lester through all those puzzles, monsters and guards
      just to see him become flash fried?! That sucks! I feel

      There we are! So concise. Exactly how we all felt.

       Thanks everyone for the excellent comments. Send yours here:
       ( skedarjanitor AT gmail DOT com )

      Care to join? I'm starting a Gmail lawsuit.
     "Then a few minutes later I thought 'Well, maybe that's the
      point.' Life isn't fair sometimes, and it sure wasn't fair to
      poor, poor kentucky fried lester."
      No, life is fair. Lester is unfair. I would be too, for
      wasting everyone's time by refusing to self-cremate at the
      bloody START. "'Oi hows this gun work?" *CLICK* *BACON*

     "Even so, I really wish they hadn't up and killed him. That
      really SUCKS hard, especially considering how much work those
      games were. Still, there may be a hope for a theory of my own,
      dubbed the Chahi theory."
      We've tried printing this theory but the length causes
      errors. No problems with the first pages of the job, but then
      the end comes and it's all ash. Bugger.

     "The Chahi theory is as follows: Eric Chahi realizes the
      universe needs more OOTW and HOTA, and remakes both, with an
      ending where CHAYKIN DOESN'T DIE. Eric Chahi doesn't like HOTA
      anyway, but really liked OOTW, so who knows?"
      There is but one flaw with this theory, and that is that Chahi
      is not a masochist.
      Sadist, maybe.
     "Maybe if we email him enough times he'll get off his artistic
      posterior and do it."

      (I would transcribe my laughter here, but this site could use
      that space for hosting more game info, like Hi-Def trailers)

     "Or maybe he'll feed us to the tentacles, but it's worth

      To do that, he must be deaf to criticism. If he won't listen
      to my ending feedback filed under "sharp spikes, being
      whip-swing kicked into" can you call him REASONABLE?

       Thanks everyone for the excellent comments. Send yours here:
       ( skedarjanitor AT gmail DOT com )
       If you've got nothing to say, why not let me know if you've
       Rated This FAQ. I'll know how well this guide is helping you.

|1.6                    |
|> access codes -misc   |
|TTKX                   |
|GCXB                   |
|                       |
|>[]                    |

         These are codes for the latter part of the game. However,
         they aren't used in the walkthrough because the objectives
         were completed in a different order.

   TTKX  Before the bats, but without the first piece of the
         pyramid bomb. Also, disintegrator is not deactivated.

   GCXB  In the area with the floating platform above the spikes,
         but with no bombs.

|1.7                                                                |
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|  Sega, and all others who contributed to this compelling game.    |
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|             and added a spiffy signature while I was at it.       |
|                                                                   | 
| 07-13-2002  2.1 RE-redid the document so the whole package        |
|             resembles a session on Lester's computer! For further |
|             inspiration I decided to use Darwin to fill in any    |
|             blanks in the "Peanut OS". ;)                         |
|                                                                   | 
| 06-18-2002  2.0 Redid the document with BBEdit 6.5.2, the BEST    |
|             TEXT EDITOR EVER MADE. And added the particularly     |
|             lucid ending rant Addendum.                           |
|                                                                   |
| 10-01-2001  1.911 Fixed a goofy little foobar with the            |
|             formatting. Word replaced all my normal apostrophes   |
|             with those "smart" apostrophes, rendering all         |
|             contractions illegible.                               |
|                                                                   |
| 09-30-2001  1.91 Added ASCII art title, changed headers to        |
|             vaguely resemble the "Peanut Computer" OS running on  |
|             Lester's computer, improved content of walkthrough    |
|                                                                   |
| 06-18-2001  1.0 This is the first GameFAQs walkthrough that       |
|             covers the entire Heart of the Alien game. I'll try   |
|             to add more in the future if anyone contacts me about |
|             this FAQ (include "Heart of the Alien" in the subject |
|             line of your email).[]                                |

Adept and playful animation and sound.
                  |.-           ,`.
                  |  `.       ,'   `.
                  |    `.   .-``.  .`
                  |      `,'     !-`.
                  '.      |      |  `'
               .   |,.._  |  _..,|   .      .
                \`-' \__\_._/__/ `-'/       ||
                 `.      |`|      .'       ||
               ,''-;-..._\ /   _,/__       |M
              |   ;..   'i:i'''     ;      |O
               |  \ |---.(|),.-.''\ \      |P
               \ ,-.|SJ_| |     _.'  +     1|
              _,'_.-`-:.._|___,,'`._'      2|
            ,',-'.   ./'':.:_   `-. `._   0|
         ,-'.'  /     )     `/   <:`-._`._||
        |_  | ,/     /       |     \.  -  ||\
        \|.'\ '.   .'        '-._    |  ".:\\:
         ` -|   \  |.         ,-'    '   ||
                '|  \         `\ ,--' ._,!!..._
                ,'. '|         | <__  : `'o'''/`\
   _.......-'''/_<i,-'`````````\_`-.:)|    `.|.''|.___
    '''':::->  :     :         : '' ..|W.A.R.\'::,    ``-._____
      _""....__'.   :          :  :'  '..____.'   ...---=:''''
  ||||-||=.    `'..:_._________i__i,,...........,---""""'

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