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The product of a mad scientist's genetic engineering. The Masked Rider has become a superhero made of half man and half insect! As The Masked Rider, you must battle evil genetic mutants that would make even Godzilla run for cover!

-You control The Masked rider as he punches and kicks his way through 10 action-packed Tru Video Battle scenes!
-React fast or you'll be spider-chow for Arachnia!
-Your mission is to save young Hiroshi from the evil clutches (and bad breath) of Doras!
-Forget leaping over tall buildings in a single bound-Just ride your Z-Cycle right through them!

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#20 lowest rated SCD action game (#27 on SCD, #4886 overall)


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#5 easiest SCD action game (#19 on SCD, #13772 overall)


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#18 shortest SCD action game (#24 on SCD, #6545 overall)


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