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FAQ/Walkthrough by Archaeopteryx

Version: 1.002 | Updated: 05/03/00

  ____       ___     ___  ____     ___      /\       _______
  \  /       |  |    |  | |   \    | |     /  \      | ____ \
  |  |       |  |    |  | | |\ \   | |    / /\ \     | |   \ \
  |  |       |  |    |  | | | \ \  | |   / /__\ \    | |___/ /
  |  |    __ |  |    |  | | |  \ \ | |  /  ____  \   | ____ \
  |  |____|| |  \____/  | | |   \ \| | /  /    \  \  | |   \ \
  |________|  \________/  |_|    \___|/__/      \__\ |_|    \_\

         * LUNAR: ETERNAL BLUE FAQ                         *      
         * VERSION 1.002, LAST UPDATED 5/3/2000            *
         * WRITTEN BY PETER TOSCO (spotted_moray@yahoo.com)*
                    *  Standing silently in space, *
                    *  the world in the shadow of  *
                    *  the Blue Star was once a    *
                    *  lonely, barren place, unfit *
                    *       for habitation.        *
                    *                              *
                    *    However, Althena took     *
                    *    pity on that world and    * 
                    * transformed it into a place  *
                    *  of beauty and wonder.  She  *
                    * called the new world Lunar.  *
                    *                              *  
                    *  Time and circumstance soon  *
                    *  forced Althena to populate  *
                    *  Lunar with people from the  *
                    *  Blue Star.  And, just as on * 
                    * the Blue Star, life was held *
                    *    in a delicate balance.    *
                    *                              *
                    * Through times of peace, war, *
                    * chaos, and battle, the Blue  *
                    * Star loomed large as the only*
                    * constant in the new world.   *
                    *                              *
                    *  Thousands of years passed,  *
                    *   burying the origin and     * 
                    *  purpose of the Blue Star in *
                    *     the sands of time.       *
                    *                              *
                    *  Eventually, the inhabitants *
                    *   of Lunar forgot why the    * 
                    *  Blue Star was there, or how *
                    *       it came to be...       *
                    *                              *
                    *...until a girl awakened that *
                    * could join the two worlds... *
                    * or tear them apart forever...*

What's included in the current version of this document:

VERSION 1.002 (5-3-2000):
-Made a few corrections by request.  If you have this FAQ up on your site, 
please update it.
-There is one other section that I'm thinking of adding to this document.  
Nothing particularly important, but one that I think most Lunar would enjoy.  
I'm going to try playing through Lunar: EB again to see if it's worth adding.

VERSION 1.001 (3-28-2000):
-It's been over a year since this FAQ has been published, and there hasn't been 
a single update!  Gomen nasai!  Blame it on my laziness, blame it on school, or 
blame it on the fact that I found a new RPG obsession (Persona 2: Innocent Sin)!  
I extend a warm thanks to everyone who has written me with comments, 
corrections, etc.  I may implement them into the next update if/when I get a 
chance.  But with the remix only a few months away, updating this document seems 
pointless now...
-This version has very minor corrections.  If you've already printed and/or 
saved version 1.0, don't bother printing this one!  
-Oh yeah, I'm sure if you've been keeping up on the "Dark Scimitar" controversy, 
you have heard about the (ahem) situation between Working Designs and the Lunar 
fans who want the truth about this obscure item.  Since I was never an active 
member of the Working Designs community, I'm not sure on the specific details on 
this.  Apparently the "Lemina Bug" doesn't uncover the Dark Scimitar at all; it 
merely reveals a weapon "called" the Dark Scimitar...or something like that.  It 
seems that Vic has made it very clear that he wants no more discussion on the 
matter.  It is quite funny to see a company that claims to be "for the consumer" 
blatantly refuse to satisfy its long-time fans by not revealing the truth about 
the Dark Scimitar.  But, t'is not my concern, and if WD does not want to say 
whether or not the DS even exists or not, that's their prerogative.  Either way, 
I'm still leaving the Lemina Bug info in the FAQ; I ain't touchin' it! ^^

-Full Walkthrough + Boss strategies
-Character Analyses 
-Miscellaneous Tips
-Lemina Bug


I. Walkthrough
1. Heading Home
2. Lucia, Mysterious Visitor from the Blue Star
4. Ronfar, the most popular gambler/womanizer/priest in Larpa
5. Rescue the Runaway Lucia 
6. I'm Jean, the Dancer!
7. And I'm Lemina, Junior Premier of the Guild!
8. The Towns of Nota
9. Ghost from the Past
10. The Missing Link of Zulan
11. Meribia
12. Nall of the Dragonkids
13. The Mysterious Masked Man
14. The once glorious city of Vane
15. Azado Tower: Gateway to Pentagulia
16. Althena's "Beauty"
17. Nall's True Form
18. Karate Tournament at the Zen Zone
19. Awaketh the Blue Dragon
20. The Stinky, Slimy, Utterly Putrescent Borgan 
21. Black Dragon, Come Forth!
22. The Cleansing of Mauri
23. Ruby the Red Dragon
24. Hiro the Crystal
25. Assault on Pentagulia
26. Final Encounter With Zophar
27. Epilogue
28. Lion's Head and Dragon's Nest
II.  Character Analyses
III. Charts
-Magic Spells
-Weapons List
-Armor List
IV. Miscellaneous Stuff
-Defeating the Ice Mongrels
-Hear Boss Music During a Normal Battle
-Lemina Bug
-Song Lyrics
-Rants, Disclaimers, and Legal Crap



The main character of Lunar: Eternal Blue, Hiro is an aspiring 
archaeologist, who enjoys exploring the ancient ruins of LUNAR.  His 
best friend is Ruby, a baby dragon who sticks to Hiro like glue.

She is a mysterious visitor from the Blue Star.  Lucia senses that an 
evil force has come to destroy LUNAR, and says she must see the goddess 
Althena.  She is very naive about life; her emotions and behavior are 
not like those of humans.  Who she really is, and why she has lived 
alone on the Blue Star for such a long time remains unknown.

Ruby lives with both Hiro and Gwyn in a house in the Salyan Desert.  
Though she looks like nothing more than a cat with wings, she claims to 
be a baby red dragon.  Much like Nall from Lunar: The Silver Star, Ruby 
has a quick wit and a tendency to speak her mind at the wrong times, 
which usually leads to a lot of verbal bashing between Ruby and the 
other characters.  

The star dancer from the traveling carnival, Jean dances to forget about 
the past she's trying to hide from.  She's a powerful fighter who has 
been trained in the Black Karate of Death as a child.

A member of the legendary Ausa family (which included Lemia and Mia from 
Lunar: TSS), Lemina is the Junior Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane.  
However, the Vane Magic Guild is not as prestigious as it used to be.  
Ever since Vane was destroyed in Lunar: The Silver Star, the guild has 
been in decline.  Lemina has made it her goal to restore the city of 
Vane to its original glory.  However, her behavior is not what one would 
expect of the magic guild premier; she seems like nothing more than a 
bratty who cares only about making money.

White Knight Leo is the leader of Althena's Guard, and also controls the 
Dragonship Destiny.  He acts upon the orders of Althena, and searches 
for a "destroyer" who has come to LUNAR. 

Formerly a priest of Althena in the holy city of Pentagulia, Ronfar gave 
up the life of a priest to become a gambler in Larpa.  Though he is a 
womanizer, he was once romantically involved with Mauri.  Ronfar is one 
of Leo's best friends.


The goddess Althena has become reclusive and resides in the holy city of 
Pentagulia.  She doesn't seem to be the same kind, music-loving goddess 
everyone knew and loved.  In fact, a cult has recently been formed in 
her name, and this cult has been gathering money and support from the 
people of Lunar for some unknown purpose.

Black Wizard Borgan is one of the four heroes of Althena, and is the 
self-proclaimed "most powerful wizard in the world".  He recently 
created the floating city of Neo-Vane, and hopes to make it the center 
of the magic world. 

Hiro's grandfather Gwyn is an archaeologist.  He lives with Hiro and 
Ruby in a house in the Salyan Desert and has spent most of his life 
studying and exploring the ruins near his home. 

Lunn, another one of Althena's heroes, is currently the governor of 
Meribia.  He's a master of karate, and he founded the town of Horam to 
promote the martial arts.  

Leo's sister, Red Priest Mauri is one of Althena's heroes.  She was 
romantically involved with Ronfar in the past.  

As Lemina's mother and premier of the Magic Guild of Vane, Miria fully 
supports her daughter's efforts to restore the city of Vane to its 
former glory.

Yes, this is the same Nall who accompanied Alex during his adventures in 
Lunar: The Silver Star.  As the White DragonNall's attitude hasn't 
changed one bit in the last thousand years, and he has his eyes on 

No, he's not the same Ramus from Lunar: The Silver Star.  However, he is 
Ramus' descendant, and is named Ramus as well.  He shares the same 
qualities of his legendary ancestor: love for good food and beautiful 
women, a keen business sense, and a knack for making money.  He even 
looks like the old Ramus :)!  Currently he runs a store in Meribia, the 
same store that the Ramus of old founded a millenium ago.

The god of destruction and darkness, Zophar is the very essence of evil.  
He was sealed away by Althena thousands of years ago, but his revival 
has begun.  Zophar's only goal is to destroy Lunar, just as he destroyed 
the Blue Star thousands of years ago.


After watching the opening sequences you'll have control of Hiro at the 
front of the Dragon Ruins.  Head south until you see a ship heading your 
way.  This is the Dragonship Destiny, and you meet White Knight Leo 
here.  He'll you to leave the area immediately, as a confrontation is 
about to take place at the Blue Spire.  Do what he says and return to 
your house.

Hiro's house is almost directly east of the Dragon Ruins, but because 
the house is located on a peninsula, you'll have to walk southeast along 
the shore, and then north to reach it.  It is a fairly short trip, so 
now is also a good time to get used to the controls and menus.  Note 
that you start out with 30 Magic Experience points.  You use these 
points to power up your magic and to save your game (the amount of ME 
required to save your game is equal to Hiro's level * 15).  Also, take 
some time to fight a few battles.  The only monsters you'll meet on the 
way home are Sand Sharks, which are really easy to defeat.  Try to get 
Hiro at least up to level 3 by the time you get to his house.   

You'll see the Dragonship Destiny parked near your house.  You can enter 
the Destiny and talk to the guards, but you won't be able to do much 


There's a blue goddess statue in front of the house.  When you touch it, 
your HP and MP will be completely restored.  Enter the house, where 
you'll find Grandpa Gwyn and Leo talking.  Leo believes a "destroyer" 
has come to Lunar via the Blue Spire.  Talk to both Grandpa Gwyn and 
Leo, and Leo will leave the house.  Follow Gwyn when he goes upstairs to 
the deck and you'll see a strange light emanating from the Blue Spire.  
They decide to go to the Blue Spire themselves to see what's going on.  
Head downstairs to the basement and open the treasure chest, which 
contains the Ancient Knife.  Equip it, and talk to Gwyn, who joins your 
party and gives you the Left Dragon Eye Jewel.  Leave the house and head 
for the Blue Spire.  

If you haven't gotten Hiro up to at least level 3 yet, do so.  The 
monsters in the Blue Spire are a lot tougher than the Sand Sharks and 
the Sand Cyclops you meet in the desert.  Note that Gwyn has the ability 
to cast healing spells, so use his spells instead of herbs to restore 
HP.  To get to the Blue Spire, simply walk east across the bridge near 
Hiro's house and head north along the coast.  The Blue Spire is nestled 
in the fairly mountainous region to the north.


Enemies you meet in the Blue Spire: 
Bandage Boy, Mummy, Slime, Crystal Knight

There are three guardian statues in front of the Blue Spire's entrance.  
The entrance to the Blue Spire is blocked by a massive dragon's head 
statue.  Gwyn takes the Left Dragon Eye Jewel and inserts it into the 
head's left eye.  Insert the right jewel (which Hiro picked up during 
the game's intro) into the statue's other eye, and the door to the Blue 
Spire opens.

You have to pass through the Blue Labyrinth first.  To open the doors on 
the first floor, you need to push the blue buttons located on the 
southwest and northeast corners of the room.  There are also treasure 
chests in the northwest and southeast corners.  They contain an herb and 
56 silver, respectively.  On the second floor of the Blue Labyrinth, you 
have to enter the rooms in the four corners and place the floating orbs 
back into the pedestals.  This will align the tiles in the central room, 
creating a bridge for you to cross.  

You'll come to another room with a guardian statue, which leads to the 
Blue Spire Garden.  There's a goddess statue in the middle where you 
could restore your HP and MP.  Cross through the garden and you will 
enter the Blue Spire.  Watch out for the enemies here, particularly the 
Crystal Knights.  They have a special attack that can do up to 25-30 
damage (quite a lot in this early stage of the game).  Also, if you come 
across a party of Bandage Boys led by a Mummy, use Hiro's Poe Sword to 
kill the "head" Mummy.  Once the Mummy is gone, the Bandage Boys will 
die along with it.  Walk up to the seventh floor of the tower.  Hiro and 
Gwyn will split up to find a secret doorway.  Walk up to the floating 
sphere and you'll be warped into the Blue Spire's transmission room.  
Walk up to the floating crystal here, and watch the scene in which a 
strange girl from the Blue Star appears in front of you.  The girl (the 
same blue-haired girl from the introduction) calls herself Lucia.  She 
says the world is in grave danger and that she must see the goddess 
Althena immediately.  Hiro offers to help, and she joins your party.  
Warp back to the Blue Spire and Gwyn will rejoin.


With Lucia in your party, head back down the Blue Spire.  Lucia, who has 
150(!) HP, uses her powerful magic spells to destroy any enemies that 
you come across, so this is a good chance to raise a couple levels for 
the upcoming battles.  When you reach the Blue Spire Garden, Lucia will 
try to sense Althena's power, but can't.  Suddenly the screen darkens 
and a deep voice laughs as an evil force named Zophar appears.  Lucia's 
magic is ineffective against Zophar, who grabs Lucia and places a curse 
on her.

With all of her magic drained and a curse placed upon her, Lucia has 
only 1 hit point and cannot do anything but defend herself during the 
battles.  When you reach the room with the Guardian statue, you'll find 
that it has been awakened.  You'll have to fight it to get through.  

This is not a difficult battle.  When it is holding its flail, the 
guardian unleashes an attack that does about 40 damage to one of your 
party members.  Make sure you have Gwyn ready with his healing spells 
when you see this attack coming.  Just have Hiro use Poe Sword each 
round and have Gwyn cast Calm Litany, and you should be fine.  

Continue your way out of the dungeon.  When you reach the Blue Spire's 
entrance, you will be attacked by three Guardians.  After a few rounds 
of fighting, Leo shows up with the Dragonship Destiny and fires the 
Destiny's cannon to destroy all the Guardians.  He asks Hiro about the 
injured looking girl with him, to which Ruby replies that a "monster in 
the depths of the tower" attacked her.  Leo heads into the Blue Spire to 
check things out.  Return to your house.

Back at the house, Gwyn says that he can't find a cure for Lucia's 
curse.  But, there's a priest named Ronfar in the nearby town of Larpa 
who might be able to fix her curse.  Head outside, where Gwyn will tell 
you that he cannot accompany you for the adventure, as he is "too old 
for this sort of thing now".  But, he has a boat set up for you to use.  
Board the boat, and the party will automatically sail across the sea 
towards Larpa.  The boat docks slightly to the northeast of Larpa, so 
you have to walk to the town.



Bandanna          80S
Dagger           100S
Leather Armor    400S
Peasant Clothes  200S
Purity Herb       50S
Short Sword      400S

There's a man in the tavern who seems to fit the description of Ronfar.  
Talk to him; he says he's not Ronfar, but he offers to bet his house 
against Ruby, saying he'll find some use for her ("pet shops, zoos, 
stew...").  Leave the tavern and talk to everyone in Larpa.  Most of 
them have their own stories about Ronfar to tell.  Go to the mayor's 
house and pay him 500 silver for information.  He claims that he doesn't 
know anyone named Ronfar, but that he knows of a priest named Tonmar who 
died a long time ago.  Also read the note at the door on Ronfar's house.  
Go back to the tavern and talk to the gambler.  Again he insists that 
he's not Ronfar, but he'll give you information about his whereabouts if 
you win a game of dice.  Agree to play.  His dice are fixed; you'll lose 
the bet no matter how many times you try, so quit playing after the 
first game.  Lucia will faint, and the gambler (yes, he is Ronfar) 
carries her off to his house.  Follow him.

Talk to Ronfar and tell him your story.  Leo will come in.  He is an old 
friend of Ronfar's, and asks if he's seen a boy named Hiro who tricked 
him and helped a destroyer.  Ronfar lies and says he hasn't.  Before Leo 
leaves, he asks Ronfar to rejoin the priests at Pentagulia and see 
Mauri.  Ronfar refuses, saying that he's a "has-been".  

After Leo leaves, Ronfar says he'll cure Lucia if you win on another 
dice game.  Agree to play; you'll win, much to your surprise, and Ronfar 
will join your party.  He needs access to a goddess statue to cure 
Lucia.  There's one in the sanctuary, but since Leo's in town, you'll 
have to enter the sanctuary through the back door.  Leave Ronfar's house 
and enter the Larpa Secret Pass.


Enemies you meet in the Secret Pass:
Cave Rat, Escartgotgo

The secret pass is a very simple maze that ends near the west door of 
the sanctuary.  After exiting the Secret Pass, walk south and pick up 
the treasure chest which contains a Star Light.  Walk into the sanctuary 
and enter the main room with the goddess statue, where Ronfar tries (and 
fails) to cure Lucia of her condition.  Watch the flashback that 
follows, which shows Ronfar trying to save the love of his life, Mauri 
from a terrible disease and fails.  Remembering his failure with curing 
Mauri, he summons all his strength and cures Lucia.  Leave the sanctuary 
(you can leave through the front door) and head back to Ronfar's house 
to rest.

Note: Even though Lucia's curse has been lifted, she's not as powerful 
as she was back in the Blue Spire.  She's still fairly weak (she only 
has about 40 HP at the moment), and while she can cast spells again, she 
rarely does so.  She'll eventually regain her strength as the game 
progresses and cast spells more often.  Also, her maximum HP rises 
whenever Hiro gains levels.

When you wake up, you'll find Lucia is missing from her bed.  Ronfar is 
still asleep, so leave his house and talk to everyone in town; they all 
have funny stories to tell you about Lucia.  The mayor of Larpa tells 
you that she took a ship to Dalton.  Walk down to the harbor and you'll 
find Lucia.  She thanks you, Gwyn, and Ronfar for all the help you've 
given her, but says she's leaving for the town of Dalton to catch a ship 
to Pentagulia (the holy city where Althena resides).  She leaves before 
Hiro can say anything to her.  Ronfar then appears and Hiro tells him 
what happened.  Ronfar says that the Dragonship Destiny is anchored at 
Dalton, and that Leo is probably waiting there to capture her.  He'll 
join your party again to help you rescue her.



Dagger           100S
Herb             150S
Leather Armor    400S
Mace             600S
Peasant Clothes  200S
Purity Herb       50S
Scale Armor      600S
Short Sword      400S
Spring Water     100S

When you reach Dalton (a port town to the northwest of Larpa), you'll 
find that Leo has taken Lucia hostage on the Dragonship Destiny.  Better 
go rescue her.  Talk to everyone in town, and buy some new equipment for 
your party.  Ronfar currently has no weapon, so buy him a mace.  If you 
have enough silver, purchase leather armor for both Hiro and Ronfar.  Go 
into the sanctuary.  You'll find an Angel Ring in a treasure chest 
(outside the bedroom on the third floor).  The Dragonship Destiny is 
docked near the sanctuary.  

There are a number of guards in the Dragonship Destiny, and you'll have 
to defeat them to reach Lucia (Use Hiro's Poe Sword and Ronfar's regular 
attack to defeat them).  If you're low on HP, don't forget there's a 
goddess statue near the deck.  You'll find Lucia in one of the prisons.  
Press the button beside the cell to release the force field and talk to 
Lucia.  She's still very adamant about finding the Goddess Althena and 
needs your help.  When you're given a choice to say something (either "I 
want to see Althena" or "Let's go to Pentagulia"), choose either one, it 
doesn't matter.  Leo will then appear and find that Lucia's missing.  
When he enters the prison cell, activate the force field and lock him 
inside.  He'll say a few nasty remarks to your party, especially to 
Ronfar, the friend who betrayed him.  Leave the Dragonship Destiny and 
the town of Dalton.  Your next stop is Illusion Woods, to the northeast.           



On the way to Illusion Woods, you may come notice a tower to the west.   
You can't enter the tower at this point in the game, and the entrance 
looks similar to that of the Blue Spire (a dragon's head statue where 
you can insert jewels into its eyes).  Remember the location of this 
tower, as you will need to return to this location much later in the 
game.  When you reach Illusion Woods, head west and talk to the 
woodsman.  He knows a spell that will allow you to see your way through 
the woods, but he lost all his money in a bet with Ronfar, and wants a 
chance to win it back.  Ronfar uses his fixed dice to win the bet, and 
the woodsman casts the spell.  Walk to the westernmost tree to find the 
secret entrance.  After you enter the secret entrance, Leo appears and 
begins searching for Lucia.

Enemies you meet in Illusion Woods:
Goblin, Goblin King, Albino Baboon, Hummingbyrd

The Illusion Woods has some tough monsters.  Beware of the goblins that 
you meet here.  They attack in large groups and have the ability to 
summon other goblins for help, which leads to some really long fights.  
For the most part, the trick to get through Illusion Woods is to enter 
the trees that are near treasure chests.  

Continue through Illusion Woods and you'll eventually reach a clearing.  
There's some festive music playing, and you'll see a young woman showing 
off her dance moves.  Her name is Jean, and she'll introduce herself to 
your party.  Talk to everyone.  They are all performers heading towards 
the Carnival at the Madoria Plains, but their way has been blocked by a 
mass of vines.  When you're ready to continue through the woods, talk to 
the man to the northeast.  Several vines begin shooting up from the 
ground, grabbing the people from the troupe.  Talk to Jean and she'll 
join your party to find her friends.  

Continue through the maze at Illusion Woods and you'll meet the monster 
that's been causing all the problems: Plantella.

This is an easy battle.  Have Hiro use Poe Sword, Ronfar cast Calm 
Litany, and have Jean use Butterfly Dance.

Defeating Plantella will give you 1500 experience points (or more, 
depending on how many party members survive the battle).  This is enough 
experience for everyone to shoot up several levels (especially Jean).  
Walk north and the path will lead back to the clearing.  With the 
monster threat gone, the troupe can now continue its journey to the 
carnival.  Jean decides to join your party on a more permanent basis, as 
she says she has to "face some problems she's been running away from".

The path out of Illusion Woods is north of the clearing, and leads to 
the Madoria Plains.  Walk northeast to Takkar village.  



Bow           1400S     Iron Armor        900S
Dagger         100S     Leather Armor     400S
Feather Fan    800S     Pretty Dress      800S
Long Sword     900S     Scale Armor       600S
Mace           600S     Wisdom Robe      1000S
Short Sword    400S
Water Staff   2000S

Herb           150S
Purity Herb     50S
Spring Water   100S

There's a goddess statue here to use if your HP is low.  In the tavern, 
you'll meet a strange hooded girl, who gives the party an offer to join 
the Magic Guild of Vane.  The party doesn't have time for this (as 
Ronfar points out), and they refuse her offer.  If you try leaving 
Takkar village through the gate to the north, the guards won't let you.  
Due to recent monster attacks, the guards have been ordered to keep the 
north gate closed until Lord Leo drops by to solve the problem.  The 
hooded girl appears again and says that you can get to Nota if you go 
through the haunted house to the east, which has a secret mountain pass.   

The Ghost Manor is a short distance east of Takkar.  Before going to the 
manor, there's a small mountain cave far to the northeast Takkar.  Stop 
by this cave where you'll find several treasure chests (including a 
Fresh Ring and a lot of money).


Enemies you encounter in the Ghost Manor:
Hooded Imp, Susie Death, Knuckle Duster

Upon reaching the Ghost Manor, the hooded girl opens the front door for 
you. Head inside.  The Ghost Manor is basically a test of the party's 
magic abilities.  The monsters here are impervious to all attacks until 
they are weakened by a specific spell.  After completing a "section" of 
the manor, it's wise to return to Takkar village and use the goddess 
statue to restore any HP or MP you may have lost.  First, go through the 
door to the west of the first staircase (it's the only door that opens 
for you).  You're given a small hint about using Wind Magic against the 
monsters here.  Continue through the mansion.  The path is really easy, 
but in each room you enter you'll have to fight two Hooded Imps.  To 
defeat them, first remove their protective hoods by using Hiro's 
Boomerang spell, followed by normal attacks.  When this section of the 
Ghost Manor is completed, you'll return to the lobby.  Go back to Takkar 
Village and heal your wounds at the goddess statue, then return to the 
Ghost Manor.  Head into the west door by the second staircase (this 
door's now open for you).  You're given a small hint about using sleep 
spells here.  Walk through the rooms like you did in the first section 
of the manor.  In each room, you'll have to fight two Susie Deaths.  To 
defeat them, have Ronfar cast Herbal Breeze to put them to sleep, 
followed by Hiro's Poe Sword on the sleeping Susie Death.  After 
completing this section of the manor, return to Takkar again to restore 
your health and enter the central door in the Ghost Manor's lobby.  
You're given a hint to use dance spells against the monsters here.  
Weaken the monsters here with Jean's Butterfly Dance spell, then clobber 
them with normal attacks.  When you reach the top floor of the manor, 
you'll be forced into a battle with a huge robot called the Magic Tester 

This is an annoying battle, because most of the Magic Tester's attacks 
give you bad status effects.  When its eyes are rolling, it's going to 
attack a party member with its drum, which can cause a person to become 
dazed.  When its mouth is open, it's going to use Trouble Bubble, which 
can make a party member fall asleep.  Attack the Magic Tester with your 
best spells.  Hiro's Poe Sword, Ronfar's Calm Litany, and Jean's Needle 
Step should do the trick.

After defeating the magic tester, the hooded girl appears and reveals 
herself as Lemina Ausa, Junior Premier of the Magic Guild of Vane.  She 
tells you that by defeating the monsters she placed in the mansion, you 
have passed the entrance exam to the magic guild.  She realizes that you 
have a quest of your own to complete, and she decides to join you in 
hopes of getting you to join the Magic Guild in the future.  Exit the 
Ghost Manor through the door to the north.

Right outside the Ghost Manor is a goddess statue to use if you're badly 
hurt.  Continue walking north until you reach a huge mountain pass known 
as Bandit Butte. 


Enemies you encounter at Bandit Butte:
Grog Snake, Banshee Fowl, Wyburn

At the summit of the mountain, you'll meet the Phantom Sentry.

The Phantom Sentry uses the Jerk Shot attack at the very beginning of 
the battle, which has the ability to freeze party members.  This freeze 
effect wears after a couple of rounds.  Attack the Sentry with Hiro's 
Poe Sword, Jean's Needle Step, and Lemina's Flame or Ice Pick.     



WEAPON SHOP                  ARMOR SHOP    
Bow                 1400S    Chain Helm        500S    
Great Sword         1800S    Flared Dress     1500S
Iron Fan            1500S    Iron Armor        900S
Long Sword           900S    Steel Armor      1400S
Water Staff         2000S    Wood Shield       800S

Herb                 150S
Purity Herb           50S
Spring Water         100S

Try crossing the bridge dividing East and West Nota, and Leo with the 
Dragonship Destiny appears, spoiling all the fun.  Since Leo's here, you 
can't cross the bridge by foot, so Jean suggests that they use the Magic 
Arrow from the carnival to shoot them to West Nota.  Leave Nota (after 
purchasing some new weapons and armor), and walk northeast to the 


PEDLAR                   ITEM SHOP
Bow             1400S    Herb                 150S
Flared Dress    1500S    Purity Herb           50S
Great Sword     1800S    Spring Water         100S
Ritual Dagger   2000S    Vitality Vial        400S
Steel Armor     1400S
Wood Shield      800S

There are several things to do at the carnival.  You could win some 
extra silver by playing a dice game at one of the booths (make sure you 
save your game before playing so won't lose any money).  There's a 
fortune teller here, where either Ruby or Lemina will have their 
fortunes told.  Also, there's a strange building called the Giggle Den.  
It's pitch black here, and you could walk around in the darkness and 
talk to the people here.  Talk to Giban (the old man on the north side 
of the carnival), and Jean tells him they need the Magic Arrow to get to 
Nota.  Leo and his guards show up, looking for a woman "dressed in an 
unusual red cloth" (Lucia of course).  Giban tells Leo that he hasn't 
seen anyone fitting the description, and Leo (along with his guards) 
leave.  Giban says that Lucia's too easy to spot in her red clothing, 
and that she needs some new clothes.  Jean, Lemina, and Ruby leave 
towards the costume tent to give Lucia a makeover.  Follow the girls to 
the tent, and watch the hilarious scene in which Lucia tries on several 
different costumes, and the girls find out Hiro and Ronfar have been 
watching the whole time ("You...you...PEEPERS!!").

After Lucia reveals her new threads, talk to Giban, who says the Magic 
Arrow is ready to go.  As the party boards the Magic Arrow, Leo barges 
in, and casts a spell on the Arrow, changing its direction.  The Magic 
Arrow crash lands on top of the Mystic Ruins.



There's a magic seal on top of the ruins, preventing intruders from 
entering.  Lucia removes the seal, you find itself in a very ancient 
looking room.  Lucia activates the machine in the room.  Watch the movie 
that follows.  It shows several scenes from Lunar The Silver Star: the 
Grindery, the Magic Emperor, the possessed Althena, as well as the scene 
showing Vane being shot from the sky.  As the party ponders about that 
flashback, they hear footsteps as Ghaleon (the same villainous Ghaleon 
from the first game) appears and introduces himself.  He says that the 
time is the time is not yet right for their "decisive encounter", but 
they will meet again.  

Enemies you meet at the Mystic Ruins:
Mummy Lord, Working Stiff, Cave Rat, Persona, Neutronitor

Walk through the door and find your way out of the Mystic Ruins.  Pick 
up the treasure chest to the left (which contains an herb) and walk 
along the path.  There's a goddess statue behind the door in the middle 
of the room if you need to use it.  Walk onto the platform SE of that 
door and drop down to the fourth floor.  On the fourth floor, the two 
mirrors on the north side of the room serve as transport devices; 
walking up to the mirror on the right side warps you to the mirror on 
the left side, and vice versa.  Make your way to the staircase in the 
middle of the room, which leads to the third floor.  The third floor is 
a maze of mirrors.  Upon reaching the third floor, go through the first 
mirror, open the chest containing a bunch of silver and go through thr 
right mirror, open the chest containing the Iron Scimitar and go through 
the right mirror, open the chest with the Chain Helm and go through the 
right mirror, open the chest with the Iron Shield and go through the 
left mirror, walk to the northeast and go through the left mirror, walk 
into the right mirror, then walk under the bridge to the staircase that 
leads to the second floor.  On the second floor, there are a number of 
floating platforms and a lot of treasure chests; make your way towards 
the staircase leading down to the first floor, which is at the 
north/center side of the room.  

The first floor of the Mystic Ruins is My New Secret Garden, where the 
last people of the fairy race live.  They all think of Ghaleon as their 
savior (as you may recall from Lunar: The Silver Star, there was a 
similar "Secret Garden" at the Grindery, where the fairies also lived.  
It was also revealed that when the fairy race was facing extinction, 
Ghaleon took pity on them and sent them all to live here.)  The front 
door of the Mystic Ruins is blocked by a magical force, which Lucia 

On the way back to Nota, Leo (on the Dragonship Destiny) appears and 
begins firing at the party.  He tells you to surrender immediately.  
However, before Leo could do anything else, Ghaleon shows up, hits Leo 
with a powerful lightning bolt, and disappears.  The Dragonship Destiny 
retreats when the guards find out Leo's been injured.  When you reach 
East Nota, the bridge is no longer blocked, so cross the bridge to West 


Aura Dress        2000S
Chain Helm         500S
Headband           600S
Iron Shield       1200S
Shell Armor       1800S

Pick up some new armor at the armor shop.  At the tavern, there's a man 
who offers to give you 10 silver if you take his bottle of Special Wine 
to a man in East Nota.  You'll get the 10 silver from this man when you 
give him the receipt for delivering the wine.  You can do this job as 
many times as you want, but nothing special seems to happen when you do 
this.  When you're ready, leave Nota and walk northwest to Zulan.



Flail           4000S   Aura Dress      2000S   
Glass Fan       3500S   Headband         600S
Iron Scimitar   3200S   Iron Bracelet    800S
Ritual Dagger   2000S   Iron Shield     1200S
                        Plate Mail      2000S
ITEM SHOP               Shell Armor     1800S
Dragonfly Wing   120S   Steel Armor     1400S
Fresh Ring     12000S
Herb             150S
Purity Herb       50S
Spring Water     100S

The people of Zulan are being terrorized by an ice monster.  Go to the 
mayor's Agree to help the mayor (you have no choice but to).  Lucia 
leaves your party to get to Pentagulia on her own; she says that her 
quest is very urgent and that she's already wasted valuable time that 
could be used to stop Zophar's revival.

Enemies you encounter in the Zulan Snow Cave:
Gelatin, Barbarian, Razor Wolf

To get through the Snow Cave, you need to push two large snowballs, 
located near the top of the mountain, to bridge the gaps blocking your 
progress through the cave.  The first snowball is on the left side of 
the Snow Cave, and creates a bridge that allows you to reach the right 
side.  The second snowball (which is near a treasure chest with the 
Flame Saber) creates a bridge that allows you to cross the path to the 
Snow Cave "Rock".

When you reach the Snow Cave Rock, the ground will begin to shake and 
party is buried under an avalanche.  Hiro awakens to find Lucia by his 
side.  She was worried that something happened to Hiro and felt that she 
had to help him.  She'll heal your wounds and rejoin your party.  
Continue to head north and you'll find the other party members.  Lucia 
will heal them as well.  When the party is complete again, walk a small 
distance north to find the Missing Link, the monster that's been 
wreaking havoc to the village of Zulan.

The Missing Link has an icy force field that shields him from attacks.  
Use one of Lemina's fire spells to nullify the force field.  With the 
field down, have Hiro use Poe Sword, have Ronfar cast Calm Litany, have 
Jean use Needle Step or Charm Dance, and have Lemina cast Flame on the 

Return to Zulan after defeating the Missing Link.  Talk to the mayor, 
who is very thankful to you for saving the village.  He doesn't have any 
reward to give you (doh!) but at least you can now continue your quest.  
Also, note the music that plays now; it's an upbeat variation of Lucia's 
Theme.  Leave Zulan through the cave to the northwest, then walk 
southwest to Meribia.



Battle Hammer   7000S    Fire Ring        20000S
Flame Saber     5800S    Fresh Ring       12000S
Glass Fan       3500S    Graceful Dress    3000S
Mystic Bow      5000S    Iron Helm          800S
Thunder Staff   6500S    Judgment Robe     3200S
                         Knight Armor      3800S
ITEM SHOP                Lynx Tail        15000S
Dover Nut       1200S
Dragonfly Wing   120S
Herb             150S
Holy Water       400S
Purity Herb       50S
Spring Water     100S
Star Light      1000S
Sunflower Seeds  150S
Vitality Vial    400S

Meribia is still the same bustling town from Lunar: The Silver Star.  
Many of the same landmarks from the first game are still here today; 
what used to Master Mel's castle is now Blue Karate Master Lunn's Dojo, 
and even Ramus' store still exists.  The people here are being harassed 
by bandits from the east.  Jean is anxious to see Lunn, so head to the 
dojo (northeast part of town).  Talk to Lunn, and Jean tells him that 
she was once a member of the Blue Dragon Cult and was trained to use the 
"Black Karate of Death" as a child.  Lunn tells you that it is rumored 
that the bandits who have been attacking the people of Meribia are 
agents of the Blue Dragon Cult, and are stationed at Taben's Peak to the 
east.  Lunn sends you on a mission: Go to Taben's Peak and get more 
information on the cult, so he could plan an assault.

Before leaving for Taben's Peak, be sure to purchase some new weapons 
and armor.  Get a Battle Hammer for Ronfar, a Graceful Dress for Jean, 
as well as Knight Armor for Hiro -- the Knight Armor is a really good 
suit of armor because it increases Hiro's Range by 3.  Also, stop by 
Ramus' store.  This is the same store the legendary Ramus from Lunar: 
The Silver Star founded almost 1000 years ago, and coincidentally, the 
current owner of this store is also named Ramus.  Talk to Ramus and 
you'll find out he is Lemina's business teacher.  When you're ready, 
head out of Meribia and walk a short distance east to Taben's Peak.


The path leading east (towards Vane) is currently blocked by a heap of 
rubble (why they couldn't just walk AROUND the rubble is beyond my 
understanding), so take the path that leads north.  You'll catch a 
glimpse of a small flying dragon, who looks like a white version of 
Ruby, but hides into a bush.  Ruby goes off to look for the other 
dragon, but a boy jumps out of the bushes and grabs her.  The boy 
reveals himself as Nall (yes, he's the same Nall from Lunar: The Silver 
Star), and tells you to leave.  Though Ruby believes Nall is "nothing 
but a rude pain in the butt" and suggests he's the leader of the Blue 
Dragon Cult, Lucia doesn't sense an aura of evil around him.  Better 
follow him and tell him your story.  There's an elevator here that leads 
to the top of the peak, but you can't use it at the moment.  Heal at the 
goddess statue and walk up the ladder to the Taben's Peak maze.

Enemies you encounter at Taben's Peak:
Dream Leech, Tormentor, Ice Mongrel

Taben's Peak isn't a particularly difficult dungeon; it's fairly 
straightforward, but the trees make the dungeon look more complex than 
it actually is.  When you reach the fifth floor, you could drop down the 
basket on the bottom right corner to the fourth floor, which leads to a 
chest containing the Pink Bow (which can be equipped by either Jean or 
Lemina).  Some of the enemies here can be hard to defeat if you're at a 
low level.  Take the Tormentors, for example -- if you see one of them 
"running", it's going to use an attack in which its head dislodges and 
hits a party member up to 3 times (usually enough to kill a weaker 
character like Lemina).  And, whenever you encounter Ice Mongrels, try 
to kill them.  Though they usually run away before you could defeat 
them, the party can get 6500 experience points if you're lucky enough to 
defeat one!
When you reach the top of Taben's Peak, you'll see Nall again, who 
immediately brands the party as "agents of the Blue Dragon Cult" and 
sends his bodyguards (who are really only a bunch of kids) after you.  
The kids block your way out of Taben's Peak, but you are free to walk 
around the base and talk to everyone here.  When you reach Nall's room, 
Jean will tell him that they're looking for the Blue Dragon Cult.  Nall 
decides to give your party a chance, and sends you on a mission to find 
the children who were kidnapped by the Blue Dragon Cult.  However, he 
also takes Lucia hostage, to make sure "you don't pull a double-cross".  
The cult is rumored to have a hideout in the Meribian sewers, so return 
to Meribia.  Nall says to check both Lunn's Dojo and Ramus' store for a 
path leading to the sewers.


Back in Meribia, Lunn isn't at his dojo, as he has business to take care 
of in Pentagulia.  Go to Ramus' store, and talk to Ramus.  He says he 
uncovered a path to the Meribian Sewers while he was cleaning his store.  
He also goes on saying that the original Ramus (from Lunar: TSS) left a 
clause in his will that no one must ever go down there; during his 
adventures with Dragonmaster Alex, Ramus was "almost killed by a vicious 
water dragon".

Enemies you encounter in the Meribian Sewers:
Deadpole, Mutant Turtle, Crusher

The monsters at the Meribian Sewers give both good experience and magic 
experience, so this is an excellent place to raise your party's levels 
and magic.  I suggest getting everyone up to at least level 24 before 
going through the sewers.  The path through the sewers is pretty simple: 
Just head west, north, then east to get to the next room (there's a 
chest with the Battle Hammer for Ronfar along the way).  In the next 
room, head east (there's a chest with the Mystic Bow here), then south 
to the next room.  Now head south, then west, and go through the path to 
the south to the next room (the north path is a deadend).  Head west a 
bit until you a staircase.

Deep in the Meribian Sewers, you'll see a masked man, along with several 
assassins and the kidnapped children from Taben's Peak.  Jean 
immediately recognizes the Masked Man as her former sensei, the leader 
of the Blue Dragon Cult, and demands for him to release the children.  
(Also note the Masked Man's voice.  Doesn't it sound awfully familiar?)  
The Masked Man refuses and sends his assassins after you. 

The assassins are not tough individually, but you have to fight five of 
them at once.  They have the ability to attack twice per round, and when 
you see them holding something that looks like a blowgun, they use an 
attack that drains your HP (while recovering theirs).  Have Hiro use 
either Battalion Sword or Sybillum Sword, have Ronfar cast Calm Litany 
(or similar spell), have Jean attack, and have Lemina cast Ice Wall or 
Fire Ring.  Because the assassins have the tendency to gang up on party 
members, have Jean use Dover Nuts whenever necessary.

After defeating the assassins, the Masked Man retreats but also drops 
his mask in his haste.  The now freed children return to Taben's Peak.  
Go up the stairs to the east (which leads straight to Lunn's Dojo), 
leave Meribia, and walk back to Taben's Peak.

When you return, Nall congratulates your party for saving the kidnapped 
children and tells you to find Lucia.  The party temporarily disbands 
while you look for her.  Lucia is on the second floor of Taben's Peak, 
bathing at the spring.  Watch the short scene here, and return 
downstairs where your party regroups.  Before you leave, Nall gives you 
the White Dragon Wings (it warps you out of dungeons).  The path east of 
Taben's Peak is now open, so you could head towards Vane to the 

A quick tip: After Ronfar, Jean, and Lemina leave, you're pretty much 
free to go wherever you want before you visit Lucia.  Because a one-
person party gets more experience points from battles than a party with 
more than one person, this is a good chance to pump up Hiro's levels 
like crazy!  I suggest leveling-up at the maze at Taben's Peak.  The 
monsters here (mostly Dream Leeches and Tormentors) are really easy to 
defeat (Battalion Sword kills them quickly), and the battles usually 
yield about 2000 experience points for Hiro.  But, the real jackpot 
comes from Ice Mongrels.  Even though they almost always run away, try 
to kill them with Poe Sword.  Even if you only defeat one, Hiro still 
gets over 32000 experience points, and over 65000 if you manage to kill 
two of them in one battle!  I was able to get Hiro from level 24 all the 
way up to level 48 in less than one hour of playing, after fighting a 
bunch of Ice Mongrels.



Battle Hammer     7000S    Battle Dress        5500S    
Flame Saber       5800S    Graceful Dress      3000S
Glass Fan         3500S    Iron Helm            800S
Iron Mace        12000S    Judgment Robe       3200S
Mystic Bow        5000S    Knight Armor        3800S
Platinum Scimitar 9999S    Pink Bow            1400S
Thunder Staff     6500S    Steel Bracelet      2500S
                           Steel Shield        1600S
Angel Tears       4000S
Dover Nut         1200S
Dragonfly Wing     120S
Fire Ring        20000S
Fresh Ring       12000S
Herb               150S
Lynx Tail        15000S
Purity Herb         50S
Silver Light     25000S
Spring Water       100S

Vane is no longer the almighty city of magic in Lunar: Eternal Blue.  
After its destruction from the first game, Vane has gone downhill, and 
the Magic Guild of Vane is no longer as prestigious as it used to be.  
When you reach Vane, you'll find that Borgan has taken over the town.  
This really concerns Lemina, and as you try to enter the town, the 
guards won't let you.  You need to enter Vane some other way.  Go to the 
Fountain of Transmission to the east of Vane.

The Cave of Trials is a very simple maze.  Although you won't find any 
normal enemies here, you'll have to fight two boss enemies (both fairly 
easy battles).  You'll also find a lot of treasure chests, but since 
they belong to the city of Vane, Lemina won't let you open any of them.  

The evil eye is an easy boss.  Just use Hiro's Poe Sword, Ronfar's Calm 
Litany or Light Litany, Jean's dance spells, and Lemina's Fire Ring.

Use the same strategies used to defeat the Evil Eye and you should be 

Talk to everyone in Vane, then go into the Guild Mansion, where you'll 
meet Black Wizard Borgan and Lemina's mother, Miria.  Watch the scene 
that follows, in which Borgan boasts about his new city Neo-Vane and 
kidnaps Miria.  An obviously saddened Lemina runs off to the guild roof.  
Follow Lemina and talk to her.  When you're given a choice ("Uh, do you 
want a donation?" or "No, Vane is wonderful!"), choose the second one.  
She'll cheer up and rejoin the group, and vows to save her mother in 
Pentagulia.  Lemina also gives you permission to open all the treasure 
chests in Vane, so be sure to collect them.  There's not much else to do 
in Vane, so head to Azado to the southeast.



Battle Hammer     7000S    Aura Robe        4200S
Flame Saber       5800S    Lightning Armor  6200S
Iron Mace        12000S    Platinum Shield  3600S
Mystic Bow        5000S    Priest's Clothes 6700S
Platinum Scimitar 9999S    Steel Bracelet   2500S
Razor Fan         7000S    Steel Helm       1200S

Angel Tears       4000S
Dover Nut         1200S
Dragonfly Wing     120S
Fire Ring        20000S
Fresh Ring       12000S
Herb               150S
Refresher Ring   16000S
Spring Water       100S
Sunflower Seeds    150S

The people of Azado live in fear of a monster that has been attacking 
the town.  This town is also home to the Azado Tower, which has a 
transport room that leads straight to Pentagulia.  The tower can be 
accessed by a door at the back of the sanctuary.  The gate leading to 
the sanctuary is currently locked, so go to the house in the southeast 
part of town and talk to the man there, who will open the gate.  
Purchase some new weapons and armor for your party and head to the 
sanctuary, where Ronfar will open the door leading to Azado Tower.

Enemies you encounter at Azado Tower:
Nipple Yanker, Metallion, Monocrop

The path splits at the second floor of the tower.  Go through the path 
to the left; the path to the right leads to a dead-end.  When you reach 
the sixth floor, the staircase to right leads further into the dungeon.  
On the seventh floor, there's a goddess statue, but it costs 1000 silver 
to use it.  The transport device to Pentagulia is on the twelfth floor.  
When you reach it, Ronfar will try to activate the transport mechanism, 
but instead accidentally summons a Corpse Crusher, which attacks your 

The Corpse Crusher has three special attacks.  When one of its arms are 
flashing, its going to use Be Vine Tonight, which entangles one of the 
characters in a vine.  it's going to use Pulsinator, which inflicts 
about 100-150 damage to everyone in your party.  There's also the 
Nightmare attack, which causes a character to become dazed.  Try to 
destroy the vines first, then concentrate your attacks on the body.  
Have Hiro use Poe Sword, Ronfar attack and use Calm Litany as needed, 
Jean attack, and Lemina cast Ice Wall.  Whenever someone gets entangled 
in a vine, he or she cannot move around the battlefield  Also, the 
Pulsinator is probably the Corpse Crusher's most dangerous attack, so be 
sure to have Ronfar cast Calm Litany whenever you see it coming.

After killing the Corpse Crusher, Leo and his guards appear.  They 
capture and take everyone away but Hiro -- Leo wants to question him.  
Tell Leo that Lucia isn't the destroyer when he asks you (second 
choice), and a priest will appear, summoning another Corpse Crusher, 
which Hiro and Leo have to fight alone.  Use Hiro's Poe Sword and Leo's 
Flash Blade to defeat the monster.  After you defeat the Corpse Crusher, 
Leo tells Hiro that they must put their differences aside if they are to 
make it out of Azado Tower alive.

Make sure you save your game here.  Going back down Azado Tower with 
just Hiro and Leo is not an easy task.  Use Hiro's Poe Sword and Leo's 
Flash Blade to defeat the monsters you encounter.  Remember that there's 
a goddess statue on the seventh floor for you to use if your HP is low 
(but it costs 1000 silver to use).  On a side note, Leo starts out at 
the same level as Hiro, so if you pumped up Hiro's levels like crazy 
using the method described earlier, Leo would be at a high level as 

At the first floor of the tower, you'll find Leo's guards, who are all 
injured.  Mauri (Leo's sister and one of Althena's heroes) and the rest 
of your party are outside Azado Tower.  Mauri has already set fire to 
the surrounding area, and is determined to kill Lucia.  Leo doesn't let 
her, as he has his doubts that Lucia really is the Destroyer.  He says 
he will take Lucia to Pentagulia to allow Althena to judge her fate.  
Mauri angrily leaves and the party heads to Pentagulia on the Dragonship 


You're given guest status on the Dragonship Destiny, so you could 
explore the ship and talk to everyone.  Talk to the guard who likes 
cats, leave Ruby with him, and head to the deck.  Watch the fairly long 
scene here, in which Lucia expresses her concerns about her mission, and 
snaps at Hiro.  

As you leave the Destiny, you'll have another short encounter with 
Ghaleon.  Leo smells a rat, and takes off.  Talk to the other members of 
your party.  Each of them has business to take care of in Pentagulia, 
and they'll leave.  Lucia feels a bit of emptiness after she says 
goodbye to all her friends.  


There are no shops in Pentagulia.  The city mainly consists of four 
towers (the White Tower in the northwest, the Red Tower in the 
southwest, the Blue Tower in the northeast, and the Black Tower in the 
southeast) and a shrine.  You can enter each of the four towers.  Ronfar 
and Mauri are in the Red Tower, Jean and Lunn are in the Blue Tower, and 
Lemina and Borgan are in the Black Tower.  You can listen in on part of 
their conversations in each of the tower.

Enter the shrine and talk to Leo, who offers to escort you to Althena.  
Say yes, and you'll enter Althena's chambers.  Ghaleon and Althena are 
here.  Althena introduces herself, but Lucia immediately says she's an 
imposter and tries to cast a spell on the fake Althena.  Ghaleon blocks 
the spell and knocks Lucia unconscious.  Hiro tries to attack Ghaleon, 
but he loses the battle.

Enemies you encounter here:
Assassin, Flash Lord, Flyboy

Hiro and Ruby wake up in a prison cell at the top floor of the White 
Tower in Pentagulia.  Talk to Ruby to try to find a way out.  A man 
named "Mystere" appears (who's obviously Leo wearing a party mask) and 
lets you out.  Though he claims he's not Leo, Mystere says that your 
friends have been imprisoned in the towers of Pentagulia, and he decides 
to join your group to help you rescue them.  Make your way down the 
White Tower.  The towers of Pentagulia are interconnected by an 
underground passage.  The White Tower is in the northwest corner of the 
passage, the Red Tower is in the southwest corner of the passage, the 
Blue Tower is in the northeast corner, and the Black Tower is in the 
southeast corner.  Ronfar is held in the Red Tower, Jean in the Blue 
Tower, and Lemina is in the Black Tower.  Now is a good time to save 
your game.  The monsters here (Assassins, Flash Lords, and Flyboys) can 
attack in large numbers, and can easily make short work out of Hiro and 
Mystere if you're not careful.  Although you can rescue your friends in 
any order, I suggest getting Ronfar first (for his healing spells), then 
Lemina and Jean.  Make your way up the top of the other three towers.  
The paths are simple and be sure to pick up all the items in the 
treasure chests along the way.  When you rescue your friends, they'll 
each tell you how they got imprisoned in the towers.  After retrieving 
your last party member, Mystere tells you his job is done and leaves the 
group.  As you proceed down the tower, you'll see Leo (no party mask 
this time), who joins your group and tells you that there's a secret 
exit back to Pentagulia.  The door is between the two goddess statues in 
the undergroud passage.  Go through the door, and you'll find yourself 
in the palace at Pentagulia.

Lucia is imprisoned somewhere in the palace.  Walk up to the second 
floor and head east to the door, and eavesdrop as Ghaleon and the fake 
Althena taunt Lucia.  Leo takes off when he finds out he's been working 
for the side of evil.  When you have control of your party again, enter 
the room and release Lucia from her shackles.  She's still determined to 
find the real Althena, and thinks that Althena is locked in the fifth 
tower of Pentagulia, the Goddess Tower.  Lucia suspects that the pool in 
the middle of Pentagulia serves as a transport fountain to the Goddess 
Tower, and she jumps in.  Jump in after her.

The party finds itself in front of the Goddess Tower.  However, a magic 
force prevents you from entering the tower.  The fake Althena appears 
and summons her "friends" (Mauri, Borgan, and Lunn).  Ghaleon appears as 
well, but before a confrontation occurs, the White Dragon Wings begin to 
glow and warps the party out of Pentagulia.  Continue watching the 
scene, in which Zophar tells Ghaleon to strengthen the seal around 
Pentagulia and to make certain Lucia does not succeed in her mission.


Hiro and his friends appear at Taben's Peak.  Talk to Nall, who says 
that in order to remove the magic seal at the Goddess Tower, you have to 
retrieve the four Dragon Auras, which are guarded by Althena's heroes.  
When Nall asks Hiro if he wants to help Lucia in this task, say yes.  
Talk to Ronfar, Jean, and Lemina, who each have scores to settle and 
also join you on your quest.  Leave Taben's Peak and go inside the 
Dragonship Destiny, which is parked right outside.

Hiro will have to fight Leo one on one for the White Dragon Aura, but it 
is an incredibly easy battle (just use Poe Sword, he'll fall within two 
rounds).  After defeating him, Leo will give you the White Dragon Aura, 
as well as control of the Dragonship Destiny.  However, he leaves, 
saying he cannot fight by your side.  Head to the White Dragon Cave.  To 
get there, drive the Destiny to Meribia and head west across the ocean 
until you reach the ice continent.  You'll have to park the Destiny, so 
walk northeast to the cave.

Enemies you encounter in the White Dragon Cave:
Electro Eye, Blyzzer, Ice Pup, Muttley

The passage to the White Dragon's Lair is closed; to open it, you have 
to open the four white treasure chests, which are located in the four 
rooms in the cave.  The white chest in the center of the northwest room 
contains Platinum Armor (for Hiro); to get to it, walk along the path in 
a clockwise direction.  There are also two other normal treasure chests 
in the northwest room, one (in the NW corner) contains some silver 
pieces and the other (SE corner) has a Dover Nut.  It's probably a good 
idea to use the White Dragon Wings to exit the cave each time you 
collect a white treasure chest, to save you some walking (and save from 
fighting a lot of enemies).  The white chest in the NE room contains a 
Platinum Helm (for Hiro).  To get to it, simply walk over the path to 
the right and cross the overpass, then head straight north.  The white 
chest in the SE room contains an Angel Ring.  To get to this treasure 
chest, walk onto the second path (from the left) and head north (when 
the path splits, walk on the right side).  There are also other treasure 
chests in this room, a Shiro Tail (on the left path), and some silver 
pieces (right path).  The SW room is an annoying transport maze, similar 
to the mirror maze at the Mystic Ruins.  Here's how to get past the 
transport maze and get to the white treasure chest:
Upon entering the SW room, walk north to the first teleport, northwest 
to the next teleport, east to the next teleport, walk back into the same 
teleport, walk into the same teleport (again), walk into the same 
teleport (there's a treasure chest with a Silver Light if you walk west 
first), walk into the same teleport (you'll find a treasure chest with a 
Dover Nut if you head south first), walk into the same teleport, walk 
into the same teleport, then head north to the white chest (which 
contains a Dragon Angel Crest).

When all four treasures from the white chests have been collected, the 
door to the White Dragon's lair is opened.  Walk through the door, and 
you'll have to fight the White Fiend to get through.

When it turns purple, the White Fiend will do an attack called the Coma 
Blast, which can silence your characters.  Make sure to have Ronfar use 
Clean Magic to nullify the effects of Coma Blast.  You may also want to 
have Ronfar equipped with a Tri-Ring beforehand to keep him from being 
silenced.  Also, it's wise to have at least someone equipped with the 
Dragon Angel Crest you found earlier (preferably Hiro or Ronfar).  Other 
than that, beating the White Fiend is standard boss fare: Hiro use Poe 
Sword, Ronfar use Rest Litany (or equivalent spell), Jean use Needle 
Step, and have Lemina cast Flame Shot (or equivalent spell).
You'll find Nall waiting for you at the White Dragon's Lair.  Walk up 
and throw the White Dragon Aura at the crystal.  With the dragon's power 
no longer sealed, Nall transforms into the White Dragon.  Nall gives you 
the White Dragon Crest and says he will melt the icebergs blocking your 
way to the southern continents.  Use the White Dragon Wings to leave the 
cave, embark on the Destiny, and head south through the sea to the town 
of Horam.



Atomic Punch     12000S    Blazing Robe     9000S           
Iron Mace        12000S    Gold Clip        6000S 
Platinum Blade   18000S    Platinum Armor   9000S
Platinum Scimitar 9999S    Platinum Shield  3600S
Thor's Hammer    18000S    Seal Wrap        9000S
                           Steel Bracelet   2500S
ITEM SHOP                  Thunder Shield   9200S
Dover Nut         1200S    Wisdom Tiara     6000S
Dragonfly Wing     120S
Fire Ring        20000S
Fresh Ring       12000S
Lynx Tail        15000S
Plasma Ring      20000S
Purity Herb         50S
Refresher Ring   16000S
Sunflower Seeds    150S

Horam is a town dedicated to the martial arts.  There are several dojos 
here preparing for the upcoming karate tournament at the Zen Zone.  Walk 
into the Wong Dojo (the large building in the north part of town) and 
talk to Wong-Lee.  He is Lunn's former master.  Jean asks him for an 
invitation to the karate tournament.  Watch the scene in which Jean 
throws out her dancing attire and dons a karate garb to fight in the 
tournament.  She returns, saying that her karate "combines the power of 
Blue Dragon Karate with the grace of dance".  Wong Lee is impressed, and 
gives Jean an invitation to the tournament.  Leave Horam and head to the 
Zen Zone to the southeast.  You won't be able to drive the Destiny 
directly to the Zen Zone; you'll have to park near the two bridges and 
walk the rest of the way. 

Note: From this point on, Jean can no longer use the equipment designed 
for dancers (fans and dresses), but she can now equip gloves and wraps.  
And, while she could still use her dance spells, she also gains the 
ability to use the deadly Blue Dragon Karate techniques in battle.  


Dover Nut         1200S
Dragonfly Wing     120S
Herb               150S
Holy Water         400S
Purity Herb         50S
Spring Water       100S
Sunflower Seeds    150S

When you get to the Zen Zone, show the man at the front your invitation.  
The children who are forced to learn the ways of Blue Dragon Karate are 
in the dojos on the NW and NE corners of the Zen Zone.  Lunn is also 
here, and he'll tell you that in order to fight him, you must first 
defeat his followers, and that he "expects you to fail miserably".  
There's a merchant here, selling some recovery items.  Buy some Dover 
Nuts if you need any, then talk to the man beside the ring and he'll ask 
you if you're ready to fight.  Say yes.  You could only have three party 
members fight in the tournament, so Hiro, Ronfar, and Jean take part in 
the competition.  The first battle is with a group of Ninjas.  Use 
Hiro's Poe Sword or Battalion, Ronfar's Rest Litany, and Jean's Haduken 
to defeat them.  Once they're defeated, heal your party at the goddess 
statue, and talk to the man beside the ring again.  You'll have to fight 
a battle with 3 Wolf Guards (just use the same techniques used to defeat 
the ninjas earlier).  Heal at the goddess statue again, and fight the 
third battle against three Mercenaries.  

Make sure Jean is stocked up on Dover Nuts, then talk to Lunn.  Jean 
challenges him to a fight -- is she wins, Lunn has to stop corrupting 
the art of karate and free the children he has kidnapped for the cult.  
Lunn accepts her challenge, but says that the fight is to the death; if 
he wins, he will not only kill Jean, but her friends as well.  Agree to 
his terms and fight Lunn. 

Jean has to fight this battle alone.  Make sure her dance magic is 
pumped up to at least level 16; you'll need the Dopple Dance spell to 
win this battle.  It's also a good idea to have Jean equip a Heal Ring 
so she can recover some HP each round.  Equipping a Shiro Tail might 
help as well (it increases her agility so she could attack first).  When 
Lunn hands are on his waist, he's going to use the chameleon technique, 
in which he turns invisible.  When Lunn is "flaming", he's going to use 
Dragon Gale, which does about 100-120 points of damage.  When he's 
crouching, Lunn's going to use Viper Punch, which does about 60-70 
points of damage.  Make sure Jean casts Dopple Dance when Lunn's about 
to use the chameleon technique; the dopple Jean can hit (and uncover) 
Lunn when he's invisible.  Try to keep Jean's HP over 150, and use 
Haduken to attack Lunn.

Jean gets 10000 experience points after defeating Lunn.  Talk to him, 
and he'll ask for your forgiveness, to which Jean can only say "...".  
Lucia tells Lunn to surrender the Blue Dragon Aura.  Lunn gives you the 
Aura, and gives you the directions to the Blue Dragon Cave.  Leave the 
Zen Zone, return to the Dragonship Destiny, and drive to the Blue Dragon 
Cave, which is along the river southeast of Horam.


Enemies you encounter at the Blue Dragon Cave:
Doom Rigger, Aqua Elemental, Ammonia, Aura Shark, Zombie, Groper

Be careful of some of the enemies you meet here.  The Aqua Elementals 
are very annoying; when you see one with its sword pulled back, it's 
going to unleash a powerful water-based attack that does about 100-200 
damage to each party member.  When you see this attack coming, use 
Hiro's Poe Sword and hope that he attacks before the Aqua Elemental 
does.  Also, you may find Jean's Needle Step spell to be useful against 
the Aqua Elementals, because of the spell's ability to freeze enemies.  
The Doom Riggers seem to be a lot like the Ice Mongrels; the only attack 
that seems to be effective is Poe Sword, while all other attacks merely 
do 1 damage (or no damage at all) to the Doom Rigger.  Also, they always 
seem to run away before you get a chance to kill them.  I've never had 
the opportunity to defeat one yet, but I can only assume that you get 
tons of experience points and magic experience points for doing so.

The path through the Blue Dragon Cave is pretty simple, and there are a 
lot of treasure chests to open along the way.  When you reach the room 
with two waterfalls side by side, there's a transmission pool on the SE 
corner.  When you walk on it, you will be warped to a room that has a 
treasure chest containing the Earth Crux.  Before you could reach the 
Blue Dragon's Lair, you have to fight and defeat the Blue Fiend.

This is a pretty easy boss battle.  Just use Hiro's Poe Sword, Ronfar's 
Rest Litany, Jean's Haduken, and Lemina's Flame Shot.  As with the other 
fiends, have at least one character equipped with a Dragon Angel Crest.

When you reach the Blue Dragon's lair, throw the Blue Dragon Aura at the 
crystal, and the Blue Dragon appears.  He gives you the Blue Dragon 
Crest and tells you to head south to awaken the Black Dragon.

After exiting the Blue Dragon Cave, get on the Destiny and drive south.  
You'll enter the Marius Zone, where the town of Zaback, as well as Neo-
Vane, lies.  Continue heading south until you see the city of Neo-Vane 
floating in the distance.  Neo-Vane fires a poweful magic spell at the 
Dragonship Destiny, temporarily disabling the ship.  When you have 
control of you party again, walk a short distance northwest to the 
Zaback Mines.

Enemies you encounter at Zaback Mines:
Boomba Kid

The only enemies you'll encounter in the mines are Boomba Kids, which 
are kind of like a cross between a bomb and Mr. Potatohead.  Basically 
the way they're "dressed up" determines what will happen when they 
explode.  There's only one treasure in the mines, and it contains 
Althena's Letter.  It's on floor B2-B (this is what the room is named 
when you try to save the game in this area).  There's also a locked door 
on this same floor, but don't worry about it at the moment.  Exit the 
mines, and you'll find yourself in the town of Zaback.


Atomic Punch     12000S    Blazing Robe      9000S
Dark Bow         10000S    Onyx Armor       31000S
Onyx Sword       42750S    Onyx Bracelet     7500S
Platinum Blade   18000S    Seal Wrap         9000S
Thor's Hammer    18000S    Thunder Armor    13500S
                           Thunder Helm      4200S
ITEM SHOP                  Thunder Shield    9200S
Dover Nut         1200S    Wisdom Cap        4000S
Dragonfly Wing     120S
Fresh Ring       12000S
Herb                50S
Holy Water         400S
Purity Herb         50S
Refresher Ring   16000S
Sunflower Seeds    150S

The people of Zaback live in fear of Borgan.  Most of the people who 
reside here are either miners or rejects who could not pass the entrance 
exam to the Neo-Vane magic guild.  Purchase some new equipment for your 
party, head into the Neo-Vane transmission room (west side of town), and 
warp to Neo-Vane.


Dark Bow         10000S    Blazing Robe      9000S
Hell Spike       36000S    Eagle Wrap       16000S
Holy Staff       41000S    Onyx Armor       31000S
Onyx Staff       39000S    Onyx Bracelet     7500S
Onyx Sword       42750S    Saint Clothes    23000S
                           Seal Wrap         9000S
ITEM SHOP                  Thunder Helm      4200S
Dover Nut         1200S    Thunder Shield    9200S
Dragonfly Wing     120S    Wisdom Cap        4000S
Earth Crux       20000S
Fire Ring        20000S
Herb               150S
Love Pendant     20000S
Plasma Ring      20000S
Purity Herb         50S
Spring Water       100S
Sunflower Seeds    150S

Before entering Neo-Vane, you have to pass through a magic tester first.  
Walk through the tester.  Hiro, Ruby, Lemina, and Lucia are allowed 
entry into Neo-Vane, while Ronfar and Jean are rejected and sent to work 
in the mines.  Talk to everyone in Neo-Vane.  The front door to Neo-
Vane's Guild Mansion is locked, so you have to enter through the side 
door and cross the Neo-Vane Trial Cave.


Enemies you encounter at the Neo-Vane Trial Cave:
Flyboy, Trickster, Pyromaniac

Since all the "rejects" are taken here to mine for Black Dragon 
diamonds, here's a good opportunity to rescue Ronfar and Jean.  They're 
in the 2nd basement floor of the cave; talk to them and they'll each 
tell you that they're not very proficient at magic (as Ronfar says, "I'm 
a priest, not a prestidigitator").  After rescuing them, you may want to 
return to Neo-Vane and get some new equipment for them.  Purchase an 
Eagle Wrap and Hell Spike for Jean, as well as a Holy Staff and Saint 
Clothes for Ronfar.  Return to the caves.  On the 5th basement level, 
there's a transport that leads straight to the Neo-Vane Magic Guild 

You transport into the Neo-Vane prison.  Talk to the prisoners here, 
then head upstairs.  Borgan is waiting for you.  Lemina tells him that 
Neo-Vane is "a disgusting mockery of everything Vane stands for", and 
demands the Black Dragon Aura.  You'll have to fight Borgan to get it.

IMO, this is the most difficult battle in the game.  His Gravity Bomb 
spell deals almost 200 HP of damage to every party member (enough to 
kill Lemina with one hit if she's at a low level).  He's also surrounded 
by three orbs, and he is impervious to your attacks until you destroy at 
least one of them.  The orb in front of Borgan attacks the party 
members.  The orb behind him casts healing spells on Borgan.  The orb to 
Borgan's side casts the Magic Shield spell.  Whenever his cane is 
pointing towards you, Borgan is going to cast a random elemental spell.  
And when his arms are stretched out to his side, Borgan's going to cast 
Gravity Bomb.  Make sure Jean (or Hiro) is equipped with the White 
Dragon Crest and have her (or him) cast WD Protect whenever you see that 
Borgan's about to use the Gravity Bomb spell.  Destroy the orbs first, 
then attack Borgan.  Have Hiro cast Poe Sword, Ronfar cast Rest Litany 
every round, and have Jean use Haduken (if she has the Blue Dragon Crest 
equipped, have her cast Blue Dragon Vigor and attack the next round).  
Borgan tends to reflect Lemina's attack spells, so she is pretty useless 
in this battle.  Have Lemina cast Magic Shield, and have her use Silver 
Lights or Dover Nuts whenever necessary.  Lucia, as usual, contributes 
with the occasional attack spell (although Borgan sometimes reflects 
these spells too).

After defeating him, talk to Borgan.  He'll give you the Black Dragon 
Aura.  Go upstairs and talk to Miria.  The ground begins to shake, and 
Borgan appears, telling you that Neo-Vane is falling from the sky, and 
that the only way to stop this fall is for you to return the Black 
Dragon Aura to him.  Lucia refuses, and uses her magic power to cushion 
Neo-Vane's fall.  A grateful Borgan gives you a key to allow you to open 
the door to the Black Dragon Cave.  Leave Neo-Vane, head back to the 
Zaback Mines (which, for some reason, doesn't have enemies anymore, not 
that I'm complaining :P), and use the key to open the door to the Black 
Dragon Cave (it's on the same floor as the treasure chest that contained 
Althena's Letter).  


Enemies you encounter in the Black Dragon Cave:
Pyromaniac, Trickster, Webhead

The Black Dragon Cave shouldn't pose too much of a problem, except for 
the floor B4.  There's a platform here, with five ledges to jump from.  
Falling down the bottom left ledge eventually leads to the Black 
Dragon's Lair.  

Like the two previous dragon caves, you must defeat the fiend in order 
to reach the Black Dragon's Lair.

As with all the Dragon Fiends, it's a good idea to have at least one 
character equipped with a Dragon Angel Crest, which lessens the damage 
from the fiend's attacks.  Have Hiro use Poe Sword, have Ronfar cast 
Rest Litany, have Jean cast Haduken (or Blue Dragon Vigor and attack the 
next round), and have Lemina cast Ice Lance (or the equivalent spell).

At the Black Dragon's Lair, throw the Black Dragon Aura at the crystal, 
and the Black Dragon will be awakened.  He gives you the Black Dragon 
Crest and tells Lucia that she is the key to "Althena's plan".  When 
Lucia asks about it, the Black Dragon says "All will be revealed in due 
time".  Since the White, Blue, and Black Dragons have already been 
freed, there's only one dragon left -- the Red Dragon.  Leave the Black 
Dragon Cave and the Zaback Mines, and return to the Dragonship Destiny.

The Dragonship Destiny is now functional again.  Drive the Destiny east 
and through the tunnel (you'll see the remains of Neo-Vane near it).  
The tunnel leads to a new area to explore -- the Minea Sea region.  Head 
to the town of Raculi, which is a short distance northeast.


Dover Nut         1200S
Eagle Wrap       16000S
Goddess Clip     15000S
Holy Water         400S
Ice Blade        62000S
Mystery Tiara    26000S
Saint Clothes    23000S
Sunflower Seeds    150S
Thunder Claw     49000S
Vitality Vial      400S

Raculi is Ronfar's, Leo's, and Mauri's hometown.  Mauri has been 
terrorizing the people of Raculi, by forcing them to take part in a 
"cleansing" ceremony, in which they practically give their souls to 
Zophar.  One of the villagers has a note for Ronfar from Mauri.  Read 
the letter; Mauri says that she's "enslaved to the way of evil" and that 
she's a "marionette at the whim of a mad puppeteer".  Head to Ronfar's 
house.  Leo is here, waiting for you.  He tells you that the potion 
Ronfar used to cure Mauri of her illness was actually the blood of 
Zophar, that his evil has enslaved her very soul, and that the only way 
to cure her is by the power of Althena herself.  Lucia suggests that the 
Aura of Althena, rumored to be hidden in Serak Palace, might be able to 
save Mauri.  

Get some new weapons and armor from the shop at Raculi.  Hiro could use 
the Ice Blade, and Jean could use the Thunder Claw.  Then leave Raculi 
and drive the Destiny northwest to Serak Palace.


Enemies you encounter at Serak Palace:
Arrow Fish, Flash Lord, Necromancer, Synapse Guard

Mauri is performing her "cleansing" rituals here, on the first floor.  
The door leading to her room is currently blocked, so head upstairs 
through the staircase on the NW corner.  Proceed through the dungeon, 
and head up to the 5th floor.  You'll find a room with three treasure 
chests, the center one containing Althena's Tears.  Lucia uses the 
tears, and Althena's Aura surrounds the palace, returning everyone to 

Head back downstairs and into the sanctum, where you find Leo about to 
kill the evil Mauri.  The party stops Leo before he does anything 
drastic.  However, Mauri has been under Zophar's influence for such a 
long time, that he has almost completely taken over her soul.  Ronfar 
tries to enter her subconscious to destroy her inner demons.


When you have control of Ronfar in Mauri's subconscious, walk the paths 
in the following order: right, left, then right.  Each time Ronfar 
crosses a path, the rest of the party (Hiro, Jean, Lemina, Lucia, and 
Leo) has to fight a Firebird.  Be sure to walk through the correct 
paths; walking along the wrong paths will only lead to more unnecessary 
battles with Firebirds.  Assuming Ronfar crosses the correct paths, the 
party only has to fight three Firebirds. 

The Firebird has two parts: the body and its claws.  Concentrate your 
attacks on the claws first, then attack the body.  Have Hiro use Poe 
Sword, have Jean use Haduken or Blue Dragon Chop, have Lemina cast 
Freeze Trap (or equivalent spell) and have Leo use Flash Blade.  You're 
not given an opportunity to heal in between battles, so keep your HPs up 
using Dover Nuts.

When Ronfar reaches the end of Mauri's subconscious, she wakes up, fully 
recovered.  She gives you the Red Dragon Aura and tells Ronfar she loves 
him.  Leo, however, leaves, distraught by the thought that he was about 
to kill his own sister.

Go to the Goddess Statue in front of Serak Palace to heal, then walk 
into the Red Dragon Cave, which is behind the door at the back of the 
Serak Palace Sanctum.


Enemies you encounter in the Red Dragon Cave:
Wind Genie, Necromancer, Soul Yanker, Buzz Boy

Some of the enemies in the Red Dragon Cave are pretty tough.  The Wind 
Genies are particularly dangerous; whenever you see one with its sword 
pulled back, DO NOT attack it.  Use a powerful magic attack like Poe 
Sword or Ice Arrow.  If you try doing a normal attack on a Wind Genie 
when its sword is pulled back, it merely blocks the attack and unleashes 
a wind-based attack on the entire party, inflicting around 100-200 
damage.  Also, the Necromancers are impervious to all magic spells, so 
most of the spells Lucia tries to cast on them will just get reflected 
back to the party.  The Dragon Cave is a good place to gain levels and 
magic experience; try to get everyone at least up to level 36 before 
trying to tackle this dungeon.

Room B2-A (if you want to know what your location is in the cave, just 
check the save screen and it'll tell you where you are) is a maze of 
tunnels with a bunch of treasure chests.  The exit to the next room is 
in the NE corner.  When you reach the area of the cave with a huge pool 
of lava, jump onto one of the square-shaped platforms and ride it across 
to the other side.  The trick to getting through this dungeon is to make 
it to the top floor, to a room with four floating orbs.  When you touch 
each of these orbs, a huge boulder will fall to the floor below, 
blocking the lava and creating a bridge for you to cross.  The Red Fiend 
is blocking your way to the Red Dragon's Lair.    
It's a good idea to have at least one character (preferably Ronfar) 
equipped with the Dragon Angel Crest (protects against dragon breath).  
When the fiend turns a shiny bright red color, it's going to use the 
dangerous Gatling Flame attack.  Be sure to have one of your faster 
characters (either Hiro or Jean) cast White Dragon Protect when you see 
this attack coming.  Have Hiro use Poe Sword, Ronfar cast Rest Litany or 
Tranquil Litany, have Jean use Haduken or cast Blue Dragon Vigor and 
attack the next round, and have Lemina cast Ice Arrow or Ice Lance.

Head into the Red Dragon's Lair and throw the Red Dragon Aura at the 
crystal.  Strangely enough, nothing happens, as Ruby doesn't turn into 
the Red Dragon.  As Ronfar says, "Maybe you're just an annoying little 
flying cat."  Lucia tells Ruby to calm her fears.  After Ruby says a 
small speech, she transforms into the Red Dragon.  She tells you that 
since all the dragons have been released, now is the time to assault 
Pentagulia.  Ruby transforms back to normal form and gives you the Red 
Dragon Crest.  Walk out of the Red Dragon Cave (you can't use the White 
Dragon Wings to escape this time).  On your way back through the cave, 
you will find a path lined with treasure chests (that were previously 
inaccessible because of the lava).  Be sure to open these chests 
(there's a Love Pendant, a Phoenix Mail, a Pyro Helm, a Flame Robe, and 
a Flaming Shield in these chests).

Note: Before heading towards Pentagulia, you may want to take the time 
to explore the Dragon's Nest and Lion's Head dungeons.  This is probably 
the LAST chance you have to explore these dungeons in the normal quest.  
Refer to section 28 below for more information on these two dungeons.

Drive towards Pentagulia in the Dragonship Destiny.  If you don't 
remember where it is, Pentagulia is located off the ocean west of Vane 
and Azado.  Before you could reach Pentagulia, Ghaleon appears on the 
deck of the Destiny, saying that "Zophar's restoration is not yet 
complete, and that it's his job to "create a little...crisis."  He casts 
a spell, turning Hiro into a giant crystal, and disappears.

In order to save Hiro, they have to turn around and head to the Blue 
Spire to revive him.  Despite this setback, Lucia is still determined to 
continue her quest.  She tells Ronfar to continue the course to 
Pentagulia, and that her only mission is to save the world, regardless 
of the cost.  This response makes everyone angry -- especially Ruby, who 
says that Lucia's "placing true love on the altar of trust and spitting 
on it".  Lucia eventually agrees to go to the Blue Spire and revive 

You now have control of Lucia.  While you have control of her, you can't 
open treasure chests or purchase items from the shops; also, she almost 
always runs away from battles whenever you encounter monsters.  The 
other party members (Ronfar, Jean, and Lemina) are still on the 
Dragonship Destiny, and don't travel with Lucia until she gets to the 
Blue Spire.  Drive the Dragonship Destiny to the Blue Spire.  Ronfar, 
Jean, and Lemina will rejoin the party as they trek back through the 
Blue Spire.  Cross through the Blue Labyrinth and the Blue Spire Garden.  
When you reach the 1st floor of the Blue Spire, Lucia opens a secret 
door that leads to the Blue Spire Energy Room.  This room contains magic 
power that has been collected for thousands of years.  This magic would 
someday be used to restore the Blue Star, and Lucia uses some of this 
magic to revive Hiro from hid condition.

With Hiro alive again, head back down the spire.  Nall is waiting for 
you at the Blue Spire Garden, and says that you must get to Pentagulia. 


The Destiny automatically arrives at Pentagulia.  Watch the cool anime 
scene, in which the four dragons destroy the magical seal around 
Pentagulia.  When you have control of your party again, walk north from 
the Pentagulia dock and you'll end up in front of the Goddess Tower.  
You see the fake Althena walk into the tower.  Follow her.


The fake Althena is panicking and crying for Zophar's help.  Zophar much 
obliges by turning her into a hideous beast that attacks your party.

The Fake Althena is made up of several parts: the body, a cane, and two 
monster heads.  When the cane is shining, it's going to use the Lethal 
Rod attack.  This is probably the most dangerous attack in the battle, 
so use Hiro's Poe Sword to get rid of the cane first.  Then concentrate 
his attacks on the body.  Have Ronfar cast Rest Litany (or the 
equivalent spell), have Jean use Blue Dragon Chop, and have Lemina use 
Magic Shield.

Enemies you encounter in the Goddess Tower:

Make your way up the Goddess Tower.  It's a very simple dungeon, and be 
sure to open all the treasure chests.  Among the items you find are the 
Kaiser Knuckle (Jean's most powerful weapon), and the Dragon Staff.  
Nall is waiting for you on the sixth floor.  He has something to show 
Lucia, a recording that Luna (Althena) made for her.  Watch the 
recording, and listen carefully to what Luna has to say.  She reveals 
much about Lunar's and the Blue Star's past; but most importantly, she 
tells Lucia to believe in the power of humanity, as it alone is the only 
force that could defeat Zophar.  Despite Luna's advice, Lucia remains 
skeptical, saying "so much has gone wrong" and "it cannot be the entire 
key".  Lucia suddenly decides to claim Althena's power, stealing her 
magic (as well as yours) and goes after Zophar by herself. 

Make your way back down the Goddess Tower.  Since your magic power is 
completely gone, the battles may be a bit more difficult.  Use Dover 
Nuts to keep your HPs up.  As you approach the Dragonship Destiny, 
you'll find that Zophar's awakening has already begun.

What follows is a very long anime scene in which Zophar appears out of 
the sky and erects a huge palace where Pentagulia once stood.  Lucia 
appears and tries to use Althena's magic to stop Zophar, but she fails 
and gets captured by Zophar.  Lucia uses the last of her magic power to 
warp the party back to Vane.

The scene shifts to the roof of the Vane Magic guild.  For the last 
three days, Hiro has done nothing but think of Lucia, and Ruby's very 
concerned about him.  Go downstairs and talk to both Miria and Borgan.  
Then find your friends and talk to them.  Lemina is by the tower in the 
north side of town, Ronfar and Mauri are in the library, and Jean and 
Lunn are in the Cave of Trials.  Return to the guild mansion and talk to 
Miria again, who says someone is waiting for you on the roof.  It is 
Leo, and he decides to join your party for the final battle.  Leave the 
guild mansion, where you'll find Ghaleon taunting your friends.

Ghaleon has at least four major attacks:
-When Ghaleon's Sword is held in front of him, he's going to do two 
normal attacks.
-When he's holding a glowing white sphere in his hands, Ghaleon is going 
to use the Dragon Cannon attack, which does huge damage to each party 
-When his sword is resting upon his shoulder, gathering power, Ghaleon 
is going to use the Schitzo Blade attack, which automatically kills one 
-When he's holding his sword straight up in the air, gathering power, 
Ghaleon's going to use the Thunder Bomb attack, which does lightning 
based damage to a single character.
This is a two part battle.  In the first part of the battle, you still 
have no magic, so just use normal attacks.  After he loses a certain 
amount of HP, your magic powers will be restored (and your HP is 
healed).  During the second part of the battle, unleash your most 
powerful attacks (Hiro's Poe Sword, Jean's Blue Dragon Vigor + attack, 
Leo's Flash Blade).  Ronfar, as always, should heal the party with 
Tranquil Litany each round.  Lemina's spells are mostly useless against 
Ghaleon, so have her cast Magic Shield each round.  Use Angel Tears or 
have Ronfar cast Revive Magic whenever someone succumbs to the Schitzo 

Talk to Ghaleon after defeating him, and he'll give you his sword.  When 
you have control of your party again, take the time to make one last 
stop to the item shop and stock up on Dover Nuts and Silver Lights.  
This is the only chance you have to purchase items before going after 
Zophar, so it is VERY important that you do this.  When you're ready to 
leave, talk to Ghaleon again.  When you are given a choice to say 
something (either "Are you serious Ghaleon?" or "No! I will find another 
way!"), pick the second choice.    


Enemies you encounter in Zophar's Palace:
Gorgonka, Laser Boy, Velma & Louiez, Magic Hat, Phantom, Power Zappyr

When you enter the palace, you'll see an image of Lucia.  She uses the 
little bit of power she has left to give you the Goddess Crest (enables 
you to cast Althena's Light).  Before trying to tackle this dungeon, I 
suggest you have everyone at least at level 45.  Also, make sure 
Ronfar's Health spells are at the maximum level.  You may also want to 
power up Ronfar's Chance magic until he learns Hades Wager (if he hasn't 
already).  Fight the monsters around here to gain levels and magic 
experience points.  If you need to recover HP and MP, you could return 
to the Dragonship Destiny and use the Goddess Statue there.  Because you 
can't use the Destiny to leave Zophar's Palace and return to town, it's 
imperative that you have purchased Dover Nuts and Silver Lights in Vane 
BEFORE leaving for Zophar's Palace.
You begin at Zophar's Keep.  First enter the door to the far right, 
which leads to a room that has a Storm Shield.  The room behind it has a 
treasure chest that contains the Immortal Robe.  Return to the first 
room of Zophar's Keep and enter the door in the center of the room.  
You'll come across a room with a treasure chest that contains the King's 
Mail.  This room is split into two directions.  Go through the path to 
the left, and the path will again be split by two exits.  Each exit 
eventually leads to two separate buttons on the north wall -- you'll 
have to press both buttons in order to continue your way through 
Zophar's Palace.  When you have pressed both buttons, return to the 
first room of Zophar's Keep and enter the door to the far left.  Walk 
onto the transport pad, pick up the Magic Rod in the treasure chest, and 
go through the door to the north.  You'll now find yourself in Zophar's 

There's another transport pad on the third floor of Zophar's Tower.  To 
activate it, you have to touch four colored orbs along the "tubes" of 
Zophar's Tower.  Here's a step-by-step walkthrough to get past the 
Upon entering the tower, pick up the Angel Armor in the treasure chest 
in the SW corner of the room.  Go up the staircase in the SE corner, 
which leads to the third floor.  Head west to the next staircase, which 
leads down to the second floor.  Pick up the Immortal Wrap (armor for 
Jean) in the treasure chest and exit through the door to the south.  
You'll find yourself in the "tubes" area of Zophar's Tower.  The tubes 
act as a transport device to get from one floor to another.  Walk a 
short distance to the northwest and go up the west tube (the other tube, 
which goes down, leads to a dead end).  Touch the White Orb, then head 
back down the tube and go back into the door you exited from earlier.  
Backtrack a bit, and return to the third floor of the tower.  Go up the 
staircase on the northeast corner of the room, and continue walking 
upstairs until you reach the fourth floor.  Pick up the Gamblin' Suit 
(gee, I wonder who equips this?) from the treasure chest and exit 
through the south door, back into the "tubes" area.  Walk to the east a 
bit and touch the Black Orb, then walk west and go up the long tube.  
Touch the Blue Orb, then enter the tower through the nearby door.  You 
should be on the seventh floor of the tower.  Go up the staircase to the 
northwest (which leads to the ninth floor).  Pick up the Justice 
Bracelet in the treasure chest, and go down the south staircase.  You'll 
be on the eighth floor.  Pick up the Silver Light in the chest and exit 
the room through the doorway, back into the "tubes" area.  Go up the 
tube to the northwest and touch the Red Orb.  Now, with all four orbs in 
place, backtrack and return to the seventh floor.  This time go up the 
staircase in the middle of the room (leads to the ninth floor again), 
and exit the room from the south (which again leads to the "tubes" 
area).  Walk a short distance east, and go down the tube.  Then walk 
southwest and go down another tube.  Continue heading west and falling 
down tubes until you approach a door.  Go through the door (you should 
be on the fifth floor of the tower).  Get the Dragon Helm from the 
treasure chest and walk down the north staircase (which leads to the 
third floor).  If you lowered all four orbs, the transport system in 
front you would activate and you'll warp instantly to Zophar's Pinnacle. 

To get past Zophar's Pinnacle, you have to fight the four Dragon Fiends 
again.  The Red Fiend is in the top right corner, the Black Fiend is in 
the top left corner, the White Fiend is in the bottom left corner, and 
the Blue Fiend is in the bottom right corner.  Just use the same 
techniques you used to defeat them earlier in the game.  After defeating 
all four of them, the gate in the center of the room opens.

Walk through the fairly long corridor, until you reach Zophar's 
Coliseum.  Zophar, along with the imprisoned Lucia, is waiting for you 
here, and he has some words to exchange with your party before he 

When there are two stars hovering around Zophar's body, he's going throw 
crescent shaped objects at the party, which does about 175 damage to two 
characters.  When Zophar's finger is pointing up and a halo floats over his 
head, he's going to use the Ultra Vortex attack, which does about 225 damage to 
everyone in the party.  When a misty blue sphere appears in front of Zophar, 
he's going to use Pain Pulse, which inflicts about 120 damage to a group of 
characters.  Finally, when a white sphere appears over Zophar's head, he's going 
to use the Bad Dream attack, which does about 125 HP of damage to the entire 
party.  Zophar ALWAYS begins this battle with the Bad Dream attack before you 
can do anything, so be sure to keep your HPs up until Ronfar could use Tranquil 
Litany.  Have Hiro use Poe Sword, have Ronfar cast Tranquil Litany, have Jean 
cast Blue Dragon Vigor one round and attack the next, have Lemina cast Magic 
Shield, and have Leo use Flash Blade.  

After defeating Zophar, Ruby points out how easy he was to defeat ("I 
mean, Borgan was way tougher, don't you think?").  Zophar reappears, 
steals Lucia's magic, and transforms into an even more hideous (and yet, more 
feminine looking) form.

You can't harm Zophar during this battle.  He has two magic barriers in 
front of him, and while you could attack and destroy these barriers, 
they'll immediately reappear.  In this form, Zophar mainly uses the 
magic Lucia used (Spark Cannon, Pulse Laser, Napalm Shot, etc.).  Just 
keep your HPs up and listen to Lucia talk before each round.  She 
eventually says she believes in the power of the human spirit, and that 
it could defeat Zophar.  She breaks free from Zophar's grasp and heals 
your party.  Then you have to fight Omni-Zophar.

Omni-Zophar has at least 6 major attacks:
-If a white glow appears on Omni-Zophar's head, he's going to use Metal 
Shot, which attacks a group of characters for about 150-200 damage.
-If a bluish-colored shining ball appears on one of the hands, he's 
going to use Plasma Cannon, which attacks a single character for about 
200 damage. 
-If a green shining ball appears on one of Omni-Zophar's hands, he's 
going to use Ultra Ray, which (I think) lowers the defensive power of 
the entire party.
-If a red shining ball appears on one of Omni-Zophar's hands, he's going 
to use Cosmic Burn, which only does about 40-60 damage to each 
-If a black disk appears on the ground, Omni-Zophar's going to use the 
Hell Wave attack, which does about 700 damage to anyone near the disk 
(yes, this is usually enough to kill most characters with one hit).
-Omni-Zophar also has an attack in which a couple hands appear and 
attack two party members, but I'm not sure how to predict when he's 
going to use this attack.
Whenever you see the black disk appear on the ground, try to get away 
from it, either by defending or doing a normal attack on Omni-Zophar's 
head.  Anyone near the disk will be caught in the Hell Wave attack, and  
probably won't survive.  To win this battle, you have to get rid of the head.  
You COULD attack the hands and get rid of them first (which 
lessens the number of attacks you have to endure each round), but it 
tends to make the battle last a lot longer.  Have Hiro constantly use 
Poe Sword on the head, and have Ronfar cast Tranquil Litany.  I never 
had good results using Blue Dragon Vigor during this battle (it doesn't 
seems to work in this battle), so have Jean use Haduken.  Lemina should 
cast Pressure Cooker on the head for one round, then cast Magic Shield 
and use Silver Lights the subsequent rounds.  Leo should use Flash Blade every 
round.  Because Omni-Zophar could unleash up to three attacks in one round, it's 
a good idea to make sure Ronfar is NOT the only character who could cast healing 
spells.  If Hiro is equipped with the Dragon Helm, he'll gain the ability to 
cast Rest Litany.  Also, if he is equipped with the Phoenix Mail, he gains the 
ability to cast Revive Magic.  I also had Leo equipped with the Goddess Crest so 
he could cast Althena's Light.  Use these spells in case the party's badly hurt 
at the beginning of a round.  White Dragon Protect is also a good spell to use 
to prevent damage for one round; have one of the faster party member equipped 
with the White Dragon Crest (in my case it was Leo).  If someone dies, revive 
him or her with Ronfar's or Hiro's (if he's equipped with the Pheonix Mail) 
Revive Magic spell or with Angel Tears.  Ronfar's Hades Wager (or the equivalent 
spell) has the possibility of reviving more than one character at once, but it 
relies mostly on luck.  Lemina is probably the only expendable character in the 
battle with Omni-Zophar; if she dies, don't waste any resources trying to revive 
her.  Unfortunately, with the exceptions of Pressure Cooker (which can only be 
used once against Omni-Zophar anyway) and Magic Shield, Lemina's spells pretty 
much do squat in the major boss battles.  Omni-Zophar has somewhere around 8000-
8500 hit points, so this is a very long fight.

UPDATE (5-3-2000):
Hatless has told me a way to defeat Omni-Zophar in 3 or 4 rounds!  Here's how:

First off, the following things must be equipped on your characters:
Hiro: Ghaleon's Sword, Blue Dragon Crest, Wind Pendant
Ronfar: Justice Bandanna
Jean: Goddess Clip
Leo: Goddess Crest

Round 1:
-Have Hiro cast Blue Dragon Vigor
-Have Ronfar use Pressure Cooker on Omni-Zophar's Head
-Jean: Use Power Drive on Hiro
-Lemina: Use Power Drive on Hiro
-Leo: If Zophar attacked first, use Althena's Light.  Otherwise, it really 
doesn't matter what he does.  If you used the Lemina Bug (see below) and have 
the Grim Rapier equipped on him, have Leo attack Zophar's head.

Round 2:
-Hiro: Attack Zophar's head.  He usually does critical attacks, and depending on 
his level, he could up to 900 HP of damage per hit!
-Ronfar: Use Pressure Cooker on one of the arms (to keep it from being a 
-Jean: Doesn't matter.
-Lemina: Use Pressure Cooker on one Omni-Zophar's other arm (to keep it from 
being a threat).
-Leo: Althena's Light

Round 3:
-Blue Dragon Vigor (if it didn't work before).  If it did work, just have Hiro 
attack normally.
-Ronfar: Cast Rest Litany/Tranquil Litany.
-Jean: Doesn't matter
-Lemina: Doesn't matter
-Leo: Doesn't matter

Round 4:
-Have Hiro attack Omni-Zophar's head.  He should be dead by now.  If not, just 
repeat the steps of Round 3 until the battle is over.

I tried this trick out, and it works like a charm!  I guess I was wrong about 
the Blue Dragon Vigor spell not working in this battle.  I never got it to work 
on Jean, but it usually works fine on Hiro.

After defeating Omni-Zophar, Lucia is reunited with everyone else.  
However, Zophar reappears and transports Hiro and Lucia to another 
dimension. Hiro and Lucia are forced to fight the third form of Zophar 
by themselves.  I don't think it's possible to lose this battle; just 
have Hiro use Poe Sword on Zophar for a few rounds, until Hiro and Lucia combine 
their attacks to finish him off.

Now that Zophar's gone, sit back and watch the first ending sequence (I 
won't spoil anything this time, but I'll just say that what happens is 
probably not what you'd expect).  But, the adventure's not over yet.  
After the words THE END appear on the screen, the game will restart.  
There's now a fourth choice on the load screen: the EPILOGUE.


Grandpa Gwyn says that the only way for you to reach the Blue Star is to 
enter the transport chamber in the Star Dragon Tower.  However, in order 
to enter the Star Dragon Tower, you must use the same technique used to 
enter the Blue Spire: insert the left and right dragon's eye jewels into 
the dragon's head in front of the tower.  As you may recall in the 
game's intro, Hiro took one of the jewels from the dragon's head in the 
Dragon Ruins, but a trap prevented him from getting the other one.  That 
jewel is still there.  The location of the other jewel is unknown.  So, 
the quest is simple: get the two dragon's eye jewels, use them to enter 
the Star Dragon's Tower, and use the transporter there to take you to 
the Blue Star.

Although it is entirely possible for Hiro to get to the Blue Star by 
himself, it is a good idea to get help from his friends.  Besides, they 
all offered to help him if he ever needed any!  Hiro still has 
possession of the Dragonship Destiny, so you can use this to explore 
Lunar and find your friends.  

Go to Raculi and talk to Ronfar and he'll offer to join you.  Head over 
to the Guild Mansion in Vane, where Lemina will help you out.  Go to the 
Carnival, where Jean is enjoying her life as a dancer.  She'll don her 
karate gear again and join you.  Go to the Mystic Ruins (this was the 
same dungeon where you first met Ghaleon early in the game) and head to 
the top floor.  You'll have to fight some battles, but they're the same 
monsters you fought earlier in the game, so they're easy to defeat.  Leo 
is on the top floor, and he offers to join your party.  With your party 
complete, go to Taben's Peak and speak with Nall.  He gives you the 
legendary Sword of Althena, and tells that one of the jewels is located 
in the Sunken Tower near the White Dragon Cave.

Before going out to retrieve the jewels, there are few more things you 
might want to do first.  One purpose of the epilogue is to tie up loose 
ends, so you should revisit every town and village in Lunar and talk to 
everyone.  If you visit Ramus in Meribia, he and Lemina will talk more 
about their little "bet".  If you return to Raculi with Leo in your 
party and talk to Mauri, the brother and sister will make up.  If you 
talk to Lunn in the Zen Zone, he'll say he's reformed his ways.

Note that some of the treasure chests have changed during the epilogue.  
For example, if you go into the Zaback Mines, you'll find a weapon for 
Ronfar called the Sinistron in the treasure chest that previously held 
Althena's Letter.  Likewise, if you enter the secret cave near the Ghost 
Manor, you'll find the Mystra Bracelet hidden here.  Also, a couple of 
treasure chests in the Dragon's Nest and Lion's Head dungeons have 
changed, and you could now find the powerful Dimension Ring and Lucia's 
Tear in these dungeons.  Check the next section for more information on 
these two dungeons.

Enemies you encounter in the Dragon Ruins:
Blood Lord, Cannon Angel, Cannon Thug

The Dragon Ruins are the same ruins Hiro and Ruby were exploring in the 
game's intro.  It lies directly west of Hiro's house.  Most of the 
treasure chests you find here contain the Dragon armors of legend; the 
Dragon Armor in on the fifth floor, and the Dragon Shield is on the 
sixth floor (you'll need to go down the staircase in the middle of the 
seventh floor to get to this chest).  The Left Jewel is on the eighth 
floor, behind the door in the center of the room.  There's also a 
staircase to the ninth floor in the NW corner of the room. 

If you continue onto the ninth floor, there's a treasure chest 
containing the Shaman Staff for Lemina, but the chest is guarded by a 
party of dopplegangers.   


Although the dopples look and fight like the members of your party,  
their variety of attacks are limited.  The evil Hiro almost always 
attacks with Poe Sword, evil Ronfar almost always heals, evil-Jean 
usually casts Haduken, evil-Lemina usually casts either an attack spell 
or Magic Shield, and evil-Leo usually uses Flash Blade.  It's a good 
idea to take out the evil Ronfar first, to prevent him from healing the 
party.  Evil Hiro should be the next to go, followed by evil-Jean.  The 
evil-Hiro's Poe Sword is probably the most dangerous attack, because it 
could kill a party member with one hit, so have Jean (or another 
character with high agility) cast White Dragon Protect whenever you see 
it coming.  For specific attacks and spells, use Hiro's Poe Sword, 
Ronfar's Tranquil Litany, Jean's Blue Dragon Chop, Lemina's Nitro 
Dagger, and Leo's Flash Blade or Grizzle Gash.

Enemies you encounter in the Sunken Tower:
Xevian, Hell Raiser, Blood Lord

The Sunken Tower is in the ice continent, near the White Dragon Cave.  
On the 2nd floor, there's a secret room along the walls, which leads to 
a treasure chest containing the Silver Sharion for Leo.  The Right 
Dragon Eye Jewel is located on the 7th floor of the tower, and you have 
fight the Phantom Sentry to get to it.  

When he's twirling his sword, none of your attacks work on him, so take 
this time to defend or heal your party.  Hiro should use Poe Sword (or 
White Dragon Protect), Ronfar should cast Tranquil Litany, Jean should 
cast Blue Dragon Vigor one round then attack the next, Lemina should 
cast Magic Shield, and Leo should use Flash Blade.  

After defeating the Phantom Sentry, get the Right Dragon Eye Jewel, and 
pick up the treasure chest to the left (which has the Flame Fist).  Then 
walk down the staircase on the NE corner of the room and continue 
through the dungeon.  You'll eventually enter another secret passage 
which leads to two other treasure chests, containing the Spiked Jacket 
and Goddess Bracelet.

Now that you have both jewels, head to the Star Dragon Tower, which is 
to the east of Illusion Woods.

Enemies you encounter at the Star Dragon Tower:
Blood Lord, Zevian, Hell Raiser

To open the door in front of the tower, insert the Dragon Eye jewels 
into each side of the dragon's head.  The Star Dragon Tower is a very 
simple dungeon, but it has a lot of floors.  On the top floor you'll 
meet the Star Dragon, the gatekeeper to the Blue Star.  When you're 
given a choice to say something (either "But I must get to Lucia!" or 
"You must let me pass!"), choose either one, it doesn't matter.  The 
Star Dragon will grant you passage to the Blue Star only if you defeat 
him in battle.


The Star Sentry's attacks are similar to those of the Phantom Sentry.  
Hiro has to fight this battle alone.  I think the easiest way to defeat 
the Star Sentry is have Hiro equipped with the Dimension Ring (so he can 
attack four times per round) and a Heal Ring (so he can recover HP each 
round).  Just have Hiro attack normally.  The amount of HP you recover 
each round with the Heal Ring is usually sufficient enough for Hiro to 
win the battle without having to actually heal himself.  But, if his HP 
gets really low, just use Althena's Sword (it casts Purity Litany when 
used as an item).  If you do not have a Dimension Ring, just have Hiro 
use Poe Sword on the Star Sentry.  

After defeating him, the Star Sentry will grant Hiro safe passage to the 
Blue Star.  Go to the crystal room and say goodbye to all your friends 
(again).  Touch the crystal, and sit back and watch the game's second 
ending, in which Hiro is reunited with Lucia on the Blue Star.  Note: 
After the credits roll, and the words THE END appear on the screen, wait 
for a few minutes.  The word OUTTAKES will appear, and you'll be able to 
hear a number of bloopers from the recording process!


Both the Lion's Head and Dragon's Nest are optional dungeons in Lunar: 
Eternal Blue.  The Lion's Head is in the Marius Zone, on a strip of land 
southeast of Zaback.  The Dragon's Nest is directly south of Serak 
Palace.  You have to park the Dragonship Destiny west of Raculi and walk 
north to reach it.  The purpose of these two dungeons is to find 
treasure, and the stuff you find here varies depending on if you visit 
the dungeons during the normal quest and the epilogue.  Because of this, 
it is a pretty good idea to explore both the Lion's Head and Dragon's 
Nest during both quests.  But be careful, the enemies you encounter in 
these two dungeons are very difficult to defeat.

Enemies you encounter at Lion's Head:
Fiendish Eye, Genetikon

There are three treasure chests on the first floor.  The staircase 
leading to the second floor is near the northeast corner and is directly 
north of the chest containing the Star Light.  There are two treasure 
chests on the second floor, one of them (northwest corner) contains a 
bunch of silver pieces while the other (southwest corner) contains a 
dover nut.  The staircase to the third floor is at the southeast corner 
of the room.  On the third floor, there's an Angel Ring at the north 
side of the room, while the staircase to the fourth floor is on west 
side of the room.  The fourth floor is pretty straightforward.  When you 
reach the fifth floor, you'll come across a room with several doorways:

  _______ ________ ________
  |      A        B       |
  |                       |    
  H                       C
  |                       |
  |                       |
  |                       |
  |                       |
  G                       D
  |                       |

The center of this room is a maze of platforms.  Each room (labeled A-H) 
has a switch.  Every time you touch these switches, the platforms in the 
main room change positions.  If you feel like you reached a dead-end on 
a platform, don't worry.  Just walk up to the edge of the platform and 
you'll instantly warp to the other side.   

Room D leads straight to the "head" part of the dungeon, the room in the 
center has a treasure chest that contains a Lucky Bandanna (normal 
quest) or the Dimension Ring (epilogue).

Also, be sure to search the other rooms for cool items.  Among the items you'll 
find are the Snake Ring (cuts MP cost in half), and the Wind Pendant (increases 
number of attacks by 1).


Enemies you encounter at Dragon's Nest:
Banshee Fowl, Grog Snake, Doppleganger, Hellgoyle

The Dragon's Nest is a pretty simple maze, but the enemies here attack 
in large groups and are difficult to defeat.  You may recognize some of 
these enemies from Bandit Butte (Banshee Fowls and Grog Snakes).  They 
look like and have the same abilities as the ones at Bandit Butte, but 
they're much more ferocious than their cousins.  Also, beware of those 
Dopplegangers!  They're basically clones of your party members, but they almost 
always seem to attack first.  Upon entering the Dragon's Nest, there's a chest 
with a Silver Dagger directly to the north.  The 
staircase down to the next floor is on the northwest corner of the room. Head 
downstairs; there are two treasure chests, one with Angel Tears (SE corner of 
the room), and one with a bunch of silver (NE corner of the room, near the next 
staircase).  When you reach the third basement floor, first walk directly south 
and open the treasure chest that has a Goddess Pin.  Then head back north and 
east towards the next staircase (which is in the middle of the room).  On the 
fourth basement floor, there's a treasure chest containing the Refresher Ring at 
the far west side of the room, and the staircase to the next floor is in the 
north/center side of the room.  The rest of the maze is pretty 
straightforward.  When you reach the bottom floor, there's a door 
leading to the outside, where you'll find a treasure chest.  This chest 
contains either the Phoenix Ring (normal quest) or the Lucia's Tear 



Hiro starts Lunar: Eternal Blue as a major weakling.  At first, he's 
slow at gaining levels, his HP is low (at some points, it's actually 
lower than Lemina's!), and his abilities improve rather slowly.  
However, as he gains more experience, this all changes, and he 
eventually becomes the most powerful fighter in the game.  

Hiro's Poe Sword is, by far, the best spell/attack in the game.  It 
costs a mere 4 MP, but it's usually strong enough to kill most normal 
enemies, while also doing good damage against the bosses. Unfortunately, his 
Wind spells are pretty useless, considering the fact that his Sword Techniques 
do more damage and generally cost less MP to cast.  Don't bother powering up 
Hiro's Wind Spells, unless you have a major surplus of Magic Experience Points.  

Ronfar is not a good fighter.  While his weapons are fairly powerful, he has the 
tendency to miss attacks.  His main purpose in battle, however, remains that of 
a healer, not a fighter.

Ronfar is definitely the key to winning most of the boss battles, 
because of his healing spells.  Power up his Health Spells as much as 
possible.  Ronfar's Chance spells are pretty fun to use (especially the 
"dice" spells), but aren't very important to winning the game.  The 
Hades Wager (or Recovery Wager, or Purity Wager, depending on what magic level 
his Chance spells are in) is particularly useful when everyone else in the party 
(except Ronfar) is dead.  Because Ronfar generally has low MP, it's a good idea 
to give him the Snake Ring late in the game.

Jeans starts off really strong.  She has the highest agility of the 
characters, and she is usually able to attack at least 3 times per 
round.  Throughout the first half of the game, her HP surpasses that of 
everyone else, but this eventually tapers off to the point that near the end of 
the game, her HP is lower than those of Hiro and Leo.  Jean's dance spells are 
relatively weak, and generally do less damage than her normal attacks (except 
against the bosses).  Needle Step is pretty good spell to use, because of its 
ability to freeze enemies.  You'll also need the Dopple Dance spell to defeat 
one of the major bosses. 

Jean was trained in the art of karate as a child; and late in the game, 
Jean will own up to her past and begin using these karate techniques in 
battle.  Haduken is a powerful attack against bosses.  Blue Dragon Chop 
is an excellent spell to use against large groups of enemies.  When you 
get the Blue Dragon Crest, be sure to equip it on Jean.  It will enable 
her to cast Blue Dragon Vigor, which allows her to attack up to eight 
times the round after she casts it.

Much like Mia from Lunar: The Silver Star, Lemina's attack power is 
inversely proportional to her magic power; that is, while Lemina's a 
powerful spellcaster, her regular attacks suck.  She has the lowest HP,  
range and agility of all the characters, and her attacks with her staff 
(if she ever actually REACHES the enemies in the first place) rarely do 
more than one point of damage.  And while she could equip bows so she 
can attack from a distance, this significantly lowers her wisdom rating 
(note that equipping her with staves increases her wisdom), meaning that her 
spells would not be as powerful.

I usually keep Lemina situated in the middle of the party, for two main 
reasons.  The first reason is so the more powerful characters can 
protect her in case the party is attacked from behind.  The second 
reason is to get the most out of her Magic Shield spell.  Because of her 
extremely low HP, I usually have her equipped with the Heal Ring (which allows 
her to recover HP each round).  Though her spells are powerful, they usually do 
minimal damage against the major boss enemies.  Because of this, it's a good 
idea to make Lemina the main supplier of Dover Nuts and Silver Lights.

Leo's stats are identical to those of Hiro, and when he first joins your party, 
he starts out at the same level as Hiro.  

Leo's Flash Blade is a fairly decent spell, but it's not quite as 
effective as Hiro's Poe Sword and costs much more MP to cast.  
Basically, his Sword Techniques do much more damage than his Earth 
spells.  Like with Hiro's Wind Spells, don't power up Leo's earth 
spells, unless you have a major surplus of Magic Experience Points.  You may 
want to equip Leo with the Goddess Crest so he can cast Althena's Light.  Keep 
Leo up in front to help protect the weaker party members.

Although she's in your party throughout most of the game, Lucia is not a 
playable character.  Her actions are controlled entirely by AI, and 
while she does have the ability to cast many powerful spells, there's no way for 
you to control what spells she casts or even if she casts them at all.  Lucia 
never gains any levels, she does not earn experience points, she cannot equip 
any weapons or armor, she can't hold or use items, and she has unlimited MP.  
Her HP, however, steadily increases as Hiro gain levels.

Although Lucia never gains levels or earns experience points, she is 
still considered a party member in every respect.  Recall that when you 
win a battle, the number of experience points you get is partially 
determined by the number of party members who survive the battle.  That 
is, if Lucia survives a battle, the party would get less experience than they 
would if she actually died in the battle.  In other words, she sucks up 
experience points and doesn't use them.  So, if Lucia dies in a fight, don't 
bother reviving her.




Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Boomerang         1     3   1E    Attacks monster with boomerang
Squall            8     7   AZ    Wind-based attack around self
Rushing Breeze   13     9   EZ    Tornado attack over a small range
Multi Boomerang  14     7   1E    More powerful than Boomerang spell
Cyclone          16    16   AE    Cyclone attacks all enemies
Tempest          18     9   AZ    More powerful than Squall spell
Force Wind       21    13   EZ    More powerful than Rushing Breeze
Super Cyclone    23    20   AE    More powerful than Cyclone
Cross Boomerang  27    13   1E    More powerful than Cross Boomerang
Gale Vortex      28    13   AZ    More powerful than Tempest
Black Storm      29    17   EZ    More powerful than Force Wind
Soul Blaster     30    24   AE    More powerful than Super Cyclone

Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Poe Sword         1     4   1E    Jump attack against single enemy
Sybillum Sword   10    15   EZ    Split attack over a small range
Battalion Sword  24    25   AE    Fast sword attack against all enemies
Dark Sword       36    30   AE    Powerful attack, useless vs. undead


Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Chance Dice       1     5  AE/AA  Dice roll*
Risk Roulette     8     6  1E/1A  Attacks either an enemy or an ally
Anger Flame      13    10   1E    Huge damage
Lucky Dice       14     9  AE/AA  More effective than Chance Dice
Hades Wager      16    20   AA    Randomly brings party back to life
Sword Roulette   18     9  1E/1A  More effective than Risk Roulette
Rage Flame       21    13   1E    More powerful than Anger Flame
Recovery Wager   23    40   AA    More effective than Hades Wager
Destiny Dice     27    13  AE/AA  More effective than Lucky Dice
Destiny Roulette 28    12  1E/1A  More effective than Sword Roulette
Immortal Flame   29    16   1E    More powerful than Rage Flame
Purity Wager     30    60   AA    More effective than Recovery Wager

*Results of Dice Rolls from Chance, Lucky, and Destiny Dice spells:
2: Inflicts huge damage on all enemies
3: All enemies become mute (cannot cast spells)
4: All enemies become poisoned
5: Freezes all enemies
6: Nothing happens
7: Ronfar regains some MP
8: Increases party's defense power
9: Increases party's attack power
10: Party recovers some HP
11: Party regains some MP
12: Inflicts huge damage on entire party

Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Heal Litany       1     4   1A    Recovers ally's HP
Calm Litany       8     7   AA    Recovers party's HP
Light Litany     13    10  1E/AA  Steals HP from enemy, heals party
Recovery Litany  14     8   1A    More powerful than Heal Litany
Priest Litany    16    20   AA    Recover HP each round
Rest Litany      18    24   AA    More powerful than Calm Litany
Bright Litany    21    14  1E/AA  More powerful than Light Litany
Saint Litany     23    25   AA    More powerful than Priest Litany
Purity Litany    27    12   1A    More powerful than Recovery Litany
Tranquil Litany  28    45   AA    More powerful than Rest Litany
Shining Litany   29    18  1E/AA  More powerful than Bright Litany
Althena Litany   30    30   AA    More powerful than Saint Litany
Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Herbal Breeze     1     5   1E    Causes enemy to fall asleep
Clean Magic      10    13   1A    Heals most status conditions
Loki Magic       24    20  1A/1E  Uncurse subject/recover status
Revive Magic     36    30   1A    Raise dead party member


Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Butterfly Dance   1     5   EZ    Poison attack
Needle Step       8    10   1E    Freeze attack
Charm Dance      13    12   EZ    Confusion attack
Swallow Dance    14    10   EZ    More powerful than Butterfly Dance
Dopple Dance     16    18   OS    Creates dopple for 2 rounds
Needle Kick      18    14   1E    More powerful than Needle Step
Tempting Dance   21    16   EZ    More powerful than Charm Dance
Punk Dance       23    36   OS    More powerful than Dopple Dance
Vulture Dance    27    15   EZ    More powerful than Swallow Dance
Needle Chop      28    18   1E    More powerful than Needle Kick
Fantasy Dance    29    20   EZ    More powerful than Tempting Dance
Slam Dance       30    54   OS    More powerful than Punk Dance

Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Haduken           1    13   1E    Offensive energy ball
Aura Wave        10    20   EZ    Energy wave
Comet Tail       24    18   EZ    Flying kick attack
Blue Dragon Chop 36    25   AE    Fast, powerful karate attack


Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Flame             1     6   1E    Throws fireballs at an enemy
Fire Ring         8    10   EZ    Fire damages enemies within range
Power Flame      13    10   1A    Increases recipient's attack power
Flame Shot       14    10   1E    More powerful than Flame
Pyro Pillar      16    20   AE    Fire burns all enemies
Hot Zone         18    14   EZ    More powerful than Fire Ring
Power Factory    21    12   1A    More powerful than Power Flame
Pyre Pillar      23    23   AE    More powerful than Pyro Pillar
Flame Bomb       27    14   1E    More powerful than Flame Shot
Burning Rage     28    18   EZ    More powerful than Hot Zone
Power Drive      29    15   1A    More powerful than Power Factory
Crematorium      30    26   AE    More powerful than Pyre Pillar

Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Ice Pick          1     6   1E    Drops ice on enemy
Ice Wall          8    11   EZ    Attacks with wall of ice
Ice Shell        13    10   1A    Increases recipient's defense power
Ice Arrow        14    10   1E    More powerful than Ice Pick
Blizzard         16    22   AE    Blizzard attacks all enemies
Freeze Trap      18    15   EZ    More powerful than Ice Wall
Ice Barrier      21    12   1A    More powerful than Ice Shell
Ice Driver       23    25   AE    More powerful than Blizzard
Ice Lance        27    14   1E    More powerful than Ice Arrow
Freeze Claw      28    19   EZ    More powerful than Freeze Trap
Cryo-Shield      29    14   1A    More powerful than Ice Barrier
Nitro Dagger     30    28   AE    More powerful than Ice Driver

Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Spell Sucker      1    10   1E    Renders enemy unable to cast spells
Magic Swiper     10     0  1E/OS  Drains enemy's MP into yourself
Magic Shield     24    51   AZ    Barrier against attacks
Pressure Cooker  36    15   1E    Reduces level of monster


Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Rock Viper        1    20   1E    Drops rocks on enemy
Earth Spike       8     9   EZ    Earth-based ranged attack
Asteroid Break   13    20   EZ    Kills and/or damages within range
Rock Cobra       14    22   1E    More powerful than Rock Viper
Crackpot         16    17   AE    Causes earthquake
Earth Knuckle    18    12   EZ    More powerful than Earth Spike
Comet Break      21    22   EZ    More powerful than Asteroid Break
Crack Point      23    21   AE    More powerful than Crackpot
Rock Riot        27    24   1E    More powerful than Rock Cobra
Earth Fangs      28    15   EZ    More powerful than Earth Knuckle
Solar Break      29    24   EZ    More powerful than Comet Break
Crack Zone       30    25   AE    More powerful than Crack Point

Name            Level  MP  Range  Effect
Flash Blade       1    11   1E    Blade attack against single enemy
Buzz Blade       10    16   AZ    Attacks enemies surrounding Leo
Soul Blade       24    45  1E/OS  Drains enemy's HP into Leo
Grizzle Gash     36    25   AE    Blade attack against all enemies


Name              Range  Effect
Althena's Love     1A    Recovers HP
Atomic Burn        AZ    Damages enemies near Lucia
Iron Tiger         1A    Increases ally's attack power
Lightning Bomb     AE    Lightning attack against all enemies
Mystic Defender    1A    Increases ally's defensive power
Napalm Shot        EZ    Damages enemies within range
Plasma Rain        AE    Powerful attack against all enemies
Plasma Shock       EZ    Plasma attack effective within range
Pulse Laser        1E    Weak laser attack against single enemy
Revive Magic       1A    Same as Ronfar's spell
Soul Finger        1E    Same as Lemina's spell Pressure Cooker
Soul Rush          AE    Kills all enemies; ineffective against undead
Spark Cannon       1E    Attack against single enemy
Thunder Blow       1E    Thunder attack 


Gwyn can cast the Heal Litany, Calm Litany, and Herbal Breeze spells.


These spells are enabled by equipping various accessories.

Name                   MP  Range  Effect
Althena's Light        99   AA    Completely restores HP
Black Dragon Shield    99   AE    Sucks enemies into black hole
Blue Dragon Vigor      99   OS    Increases number of attacks next turn
Red Dragon Anger       99   AE    Attacks enemies with fireballs
White Dragon Protect   99   AA    Protects against attacks for one turn


Name                   Price   Effect
Angel Tears             4000   Resurrects a dead party member
Dover Nut               1200   Recovers up to 255 HP
Dragonfly Wing           120   Warps the party out of a dungeon
Herb                     150   Recovers up to 50 HP
Holy Water               400   Heals any status condition
Purity Herb               50   Heals poison
Silver Light           25000   Completely restores MP
Spring Water             100   Heals freeze condition
Star Light              1000   Restores up to 30 MP
Sunflower Seeds          150   Heals stone condition
Vitality Vial            400   Recovers from disability


EE: Equip Effect, casts the spell listed when used as an item in battle
SM: Special Magic, enables user to cast the spell listed
AGL: Agility  WIS: Wisdom  ME: Magic Endurance
ATK: Attack Power  DEF: Defense Power
HR: Hiro  RN: Ronfar  JN: Jean  LM: Lemina  LE: Leo  GW: Gwyn

Name                 ATK  Effect                      Who uses 
Althena's Sword      230  WIS +20, EE Purity Litany   HR
Ancient Knife         16  AGL +5,                     HR
Atomic Punch          82  +1 Attacks                  JN
Battle Hammer         70  +1 Attacks                  RN
Battle Saber         140  EE Ice Pick                 LE
Battle Shadow*        80  +1 Attacks                  HR
Blood Saber          200  EE Flame Shot               LE
Bow                   50  Attacks from distance       RN,LM
Dagger                 4  +1 Attacks                  HR,RN,LE
Dark Bow              80  +1 Attacks                  RN,LM
Dark Scimitar*       140  AGL +10, Uses MP/crit hit   HR
Dragon Staff          68  ME +20, EE Super Cyclone    LM
Fabulous Dagger       80  WIS +10, Absorbs MP         LM
Feather Fan           17  +1 Attacks                  JN
Flail                 80  None                        RN
Flame Fist           N/A  EE Plasma Shock             N/A
Flame Saber           86  EE Flame                    HR
Fury Bow             145  Kill Attack                 LM
Ghaleon's Sword      210  AGL +15, EE Thunder Blow    HR
Glass Fan             50  +1 Attacks                  JN
Goddess Fan*          99  +1 Attacks, Bonus Damage    JN
Great Sword           50  Blasts enemy                HR
Grim Rapier*         180  AGL +10, Dragon Damage      LE
Grim Saber*          190  Kill Attack                 HR
Hell Spike            98  +1 Attacks                  JN
Holy Staff            85  WIS +20, EE Pulse Laser     RN
Ice Blade            180  EE Ice Wall                 HR
Immortal Bow         160  +1 Attacks                  LM
Iron Fan              28  +1 Attacks                  JN
Iron Mace            120  EE                          RN
Iron Scimitar         67  None                        HR 
Kaiser Knuckle       180  DEF +4                      JN
Justice Rod          170  ME +10, EE Crackpot         RN
Long Sword            38  None                        HR
Mace                  42  None                        RN
Magic Rod            136  WIS +30, HP Absorb          RN
Mystic Bow            60  +1 Attacks                  RN,LM
Onyx Staff            54  WIS +35, EE Earth Spike     LM
Onyx Sword           156  WIS +10, Mute               HR,LE
Pick Axe*            150  +1 Attacks                  RN
Platinum Blade       130  Blasts enemy                HR
Platinum Scimitar    116  Freeze attack               HR
Razor Fan             68  +1 Attacks                  JN
Ritual Dagger         60  Freeze attack               RN
Shaman Staff         130  WIS +40, MP Absorb          LM
Short Sword           26  None                        HR
Silver Dagger         20  +2 Attacks                  LM
Silver Sharion       220  DEF +8, Surefire Attack     LE
Sinistron            200  EE Solar Break              RN
Soul Staff            38  EE                          LM
Staff                  4  WIS +2                      GW
Thor's Hammer        140  Enemy Flip                  RN
Thunder Claw         116  +1 Attacks,                 JN  
Thunder Staff         25  WIS +20, EE Thunder Blow    LM                
Water Staff           14  WIS +10, EE Ice Pick        LM
White Fang           130  None                        LE
Wind Sword           150  +1 Attacks                  HR

*Can only be accessed through Lemina's Bug (see below for more details).
**The Grim Rapier does bonus damage to monsters in Zophar's Domain, the Dragon 
Ruins, the Sunken Tower, and on Omni-Zophar himself.  Oddly enough, it doesn't 
seem to do extra damage to monsters in the Star Tower...
***Also, the Pick Axe has been known to do extra damage against the monsters in 
Zaback and Neo Vane...


EE: Equip Effect, casts the spell listed when used as an item in battle
SM: Special Magic, enables user to cast the spell listed
AGL: Agility  WIS: Wisdom  ME: Magic Endurance
ATK: Attack Power  DEF: Defense Power
HR: Hiro  RN: Ronfar  JN: Jean  LM: Lemina  LE: Leo  GW: Gwyn

Name                 DEF  Effect                      Who uses
Angel Armor           45  ATK +10, Anti-Breath        HR, LE
Aura Bracelet         16  SM Black Storm              JN
Aura Dress            13  ME +5, Anti-Freeze          LM
Aura Robe             20  ME +7, Anti-Freeze          LM
Battle Dress          24  ATK +5                      JN
Blazing Robe          24  WIS +14                     RN,LM
Chain Helm             2  None                        HR,RN,LE
Cloth Tunic            1  None                        GW
Dragon Armor          60  ATK +18                     HR
Dragon Helm           20  SM Rest Litany              HR
Dragon Shield         30  ME +10, counterattack       HR
Eagle Wrap            34  AGL +10                     JN
Flame Robe            35  WIS +12, Anti-Sleep         LM
Flaming Shield        18  ME +8, Anti-Sleep           HR, LE
Flared Dress          10  Anti-Sleep                  JN
Gamblin' Suit         45  LUCK +16, Counterattack     RN
Goddess Bracelet      20  AGL +12                     JN
Goddess Clip          18  ATK +6, SM Power Drive      JN
Goddess Dress*        45  AGL +20, Counterattack      JN
Gold Clip             12  ATK +4                      JN
Graceful Dress        18  AGL +3                      JN
Headband               3  None                        JN,LM
Ice Robe              30  ME +10, Anti-Poison         LM
Immortal Robe         40  SM Recovery Litany          LM
Immortal Wrap         42  ATK +8, Counterattack       JN
Iron Armor            10  None                        HR,LE
Iron Bracelet          3  None                        RN,JN,LM
Iron Helm              4  None                        HR,RN,LE
Iron Shield            4  None                        HR,LE
Judgment Robe         16  WIS +8                      RN,LM
Justice Bandanna      15  LUCK +5, SM Pressure Cooker RN
Justice Bracelet      15  LUCK +5, SM Magic Swiper    RN
Justice Clothes       38  LUCK +10, Anti-Stone        RN
King's Mail           55  ATK +8, SM Soul Blaster     LE
Knight Armor          20  RNG +3                      HR,LE
Leather Armor          5  None                        HR,RN,LE
Lightning Armor       24  AGL +8                      HR,LE
Life Bracelet         20  HP Recovery                 RN
Lucky Bandanna        10  LUCK +20                    RN
Mystery Tiara         16  ME +7                       LM
Mystra Bracelet       20  Cuts spell cost in half     LM
Onyx Armor            40  Anti-Mute                   HR,LE
Onyx Bracelet         10  ME +5, Anti-Mute            RN,JN,LM
Onyx Helm             12  WIS +7, Anti-Mute           HR,LE
Onyx Shield           15  Anti-Mute                   HR,LE
Party Mask             9  SM Spell Sucker             LE
Peasant Clothes        3  LUCK +5                     HR,RN
Phoenix Mail          50  ATK +10, SM Revive Magic    HR,LE
Pink Bow               5  Anti-Sleep                  JN,LM
Plate Mail            16  None                        HR,LE
Platinum Armor        28  Anti-Poison                 HR,LE
Platinum Helm          8  WIS +3, Anti-Poison         HR,LE
Platinum Shield        9  Anti-Poison                 HR,LE
Pretty Dress           8  None                        JN
Priest's Clothes      20  WIS +10, Anti-Confuse       RN
Psycho Bracelet       15  ME +10, SM Loki Magic       LM
Pyro Helm             15  WIS +9, Anti-Sleep          HR
Robe of Eyes          45  WIS +15, Magic Absorb       LM
Safety Helm           12  ATK +10, Counterattack      HR
Saint Clothes         32  WIS +17, Anti-Confuse       RN
Scale Armor            7  None                        HR,RN,LE
Seal Wrap             28  Counterattack               JN
Shell Armor           12  Anti-Poison                 RN
Spiked Jacket         48  ATK +15, Counterattack      JN
Steel Armor           13  None                        HR,LE
Steel Bracelet         6  None                        RN,JN,LM
Steel Helm             6  None                        HR,RN,LE
Steel Shield           6  None                        HR,LE
Storm Shield          25  ME +10, Anti-Confuse        HR
Studly Bandanna       12  ME +5                       RN
Thunder Armor         32  AGL +12, Anti-Freeze        HR,LE
Thunder Helm          10  WIS +5, Anti-Freeze         HR,LE
Thunder Shield        12  ME +4, Anti-Freeze          HR,LE
Tiger Wrap            38  ATK +10                     JN
Wisdom Cap             9  WIS +5                      RN
Wisdom Robe            9  WIS +3, Anti-Sleep          LM
Wisdom Tiara          10  WIS +5                      LM
Wood Shield            2  None                        HR,LE

*Can only be accessed by the Lemina Bug (see below for more details).


Name                   Effect
Althena's Letter       LUCK +5, SM Clean Magic
Angel Ring             Auto Resurrection
Black Dragon Crest     DEF +1, ME +15, SM Black Dragon Shield
Blue Dragon Crest      DEF +1, AGL +10, SM Blue Dragon Vigor
Dimension Ring         +2 Attacks
Dragon Angel Crest     Protects against dragon breath
Earth Crux             ME +10, Lessens damage from Wind and Thunder
Fire Ring              ATK +10, Lessens damage from Water and Wind
Fresh Ring             Protects against Sleep, Poison, and Freeze
Goddess Crest          SM Althena's Light
Goddess Pin            ME +5, SM Cryo-Shield
Heal Ring              Recover HP each round (12.5% max HP)
Heat Ring              SM Recovery Litany
Illusion Ring          WIS +5, SM Magic Swiper
Love Pendant           WIS +10, Lessens damage from Fire and Thunder
Lucia's Tear           ATK +5, Attack on 1E does 1/2 dmg to all others
Lynx Tail              Range +5
Phoenix Ring           SM Revive Magic
Plasma Ring            AGL +10, lessens damage from Earth and Water
Red Dragon Crest       ATK +20, SM Red Dragon Anger
Refresher Ring         Protects against Stone, Mute, Confusion
Shiro Tail             AGL +20
Snake Ring             Reduces MP cost of spells by half
Tri-Ring               Protects against all status attacks
White Dragon Crest     +15 WIS, SM White Dragon Protect
Wind Pendant           +1 Attacks, Lessens damage from Fire and Earth



The Ice Mongrels are the Metal Babbles of Lunar: Eternal Blue.  They have an 
extremely high defense, such that most of your attacks do little or no damage, 
and they almost always run away from battle before you could defeat them.  But, 
if you're lucky enough to kill one, you're reward with a TON of experience and 
magic experience points!  Here are some ways to defeat those annoying Ice 
Mongrels near the White Dragon Cave:

-Have Hiro use Poe Sword, have Ronfar cast Shining Litany, have Jean 
cast Haduken, have Lemina cast Flame Bomb, and have Leo use Soul Blade.  
Note that most of these spells can only be obtained at a high magic 
level, but these are pretty much the only ones that do damage to the Ice 

-Sometimes you may find an Ice Mongrel accompanied by a few Ice Pups.  
Here's a really easy way to defeat them.  First, make sure you have both the 
Dimension Ring and Lucia's Tear.  Both of these items can only be found during 
the epilogue, in the Lion's Head and Dragon's Nest, 
respectively.  Have one of your characters equip both items (in my case 
it was Jean, though Leo is a good choice as well).  When you encounter 
an Ice Mongrel with a bunch of Ice Pups, do the following:
  -Have Hiro use Poe Sword on the Ice Mongrel
  -Have Ronfar defend
  -Have Jean attack an Ice Pup if she's equipped with the Dimension Ring and 
Lucia's Tear, otherwise have her defend
  -Have Lemina defend
  -Have Leo attack an Ice Pup if he's equipped with the Dimension Ring 
and Lucia's Tear, otherwise have him cast Soul Blade on the Ice Mongrel.  
Basically, the trick is to make sure that whoever is equipped with both the 
Dimension Ring and Lucia's Tear attacks the ICE PUP first.  When you're equipped 
with the Lucia's Tear, whenever you attack an enemy, half of the damage you deal 
to that enemy will carry over to all the other enemies in the battle.  So, if 
you attack an Ice Pup for 200 damage while equipped with the L. Tear, all the 
other enemies (including the Ice Mongrel) will receive 100 damage!  The 
Dimension Ring increases the number of times you can attack per round, and when 
I used this trick with Jean, I was able to kill the Ice Mongrel before Hiro 
could even cast Poe Sword on it.  A cool way to get around the Ice Mongrel's 
high defense!   


This isn't very useful at all, but it allows you to hear the boss battle music 
when you're fighting a normal battle.  After defeating the Star Sentry at the 
end of the game, exit the Star Dragon Tower using the White Dragon Wings and 
walk around the desert.  Strangly enough, the next battle you fight will have 
the music that was playing while you fought the Star Sentry!


This is a very interesting trick, discovered by The Hatless Dezorian 
(JLewand335@aol.com) and his assistant.  Basically, it allows you to access many 
of the weapons and items in Lunar: Eternal Blue that were previously hidden or 
thought to be removed from the game altogether.  Even the elusive Dark Scimitar, 
which many Lunar fans have been trying to find for years, has been found using 
this trick!  Used with permission.

Note: I've never had any problems activating or using the Lemina Bug.  
Though the game occasionally freezes up, I've never had any permanent 
damage done to the game or the Sega CD system.  But, like most bugs and 
glitches, some of the results are unpredictable.  USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

Also note: The Lemina Bug is only known to work in the US Sega CD 
version of Lunar: Eternal Blue.  It's unknown whether or not it works on the 
Mega CD version of the game, and it definitely does not work in the Lunar: EB 
Remix (the magic system is entirely different).  


1.  You must have at least 26756 Magic Experience points. 

2.  Someone whose magic can be powered up (Ronfar, Jean, Lemina, Leo) 
must have left the party, and you set the Magic Experience Power up 
screen on their magic BEFORE they left. 

3.  Lemina cannot be in your party when you activate the bug.  

4.  Ruby must in the party so you can power up the spells. 


Here are locations where the bug can be activated: 

1.  Larpa.  After Ronfar heals Lucia, he leaves the party.  Set the 
Magic Experience screen on his magic before he leaves.  Save your game 
*before* returning to Ronfar's house, after healing Lucia. 

2.  Zulan Snow Cave.  The party becomes separated when the Missing Link 
creates an avalanche.  Save the game right *before* the avalanche. 

3.  Taben's Peak.  After Defeating the Blue Dragon Cult in the Meribian 
Sewers, Hiro and Ruby leave the party for a short time back at Taben's 
Peak.  Save the game *before* entering Nall's hideout.  

4.  Vane.  Lemina runs up onto the roof of the Magic Guild after Borgan 
kidnaps Miria.  Save the game after talking to Borgan once and Miria 
once.  That is *before* talking to Borgan a second time (which results 
in Miria being kidnapped). 

5.  Azado Tower.  Leo appears and takes most of the party prisoner.  
Save the game *before* fighting the Corpse Crusher.  You have to fight 
the Corpse Crusher every time you wish to enable the bug.  

6.  The Destiny en route to Pentagulia.  Leo just left the party.  Save 
the game before approaching Mauri in Azado. 

7.  Pentagulia Dock.  After Ghaleon appears, half the party leaves.  
Save the game before stepping off of the Destiny and onto the Dock.  

8.  Taben's Peak.  After being saved from Pentagulia by the White 
Dragon's Wings, Lemina, Ronfar, and Jean leave the party for a minute.  
Save the game before you try to enter the Goddess Tower (before Fake 
Althena shows up). 

9.  Vane.  After the whole Zophar revival thing, Hiro and Ruby are alone on the 
roof of the Magic Guild.  Save the game before escaping 
Pentagulia on the Destiny during Zophar's revival. 

10.  Vane.  After beating Zophar, Hiro and Ruby are alone in Vane again. Save 
the game *before* fighting Zophar.  Yes, you will have to fight Zophar every 
time you want to do this. 


1.  Anytime Lucia leaves your party (her magic can't be powered up).

2.  When Gwyn leaves.  Since his magic can't be powered up either, the 
Lemina Bug would not work here.

3.  At the Carnival, when Lucia gets the makeover.  Jean, Lemina, and 
Lucia leave, but so goes Ruby, so you can't power up any spells.

4.  In Pentagulia, Mystere leaves, then Leo leaves.  But it's while 
Lemina's in the party (she has to be gone in order for the bug to work). 

5.  In Neo-Vane.  Ronfar and Jean leave, but Lemina is still in the 

6.  At Serak Palace.  Ronfar leaves the party, but Ruby isn't with him 
to power up magic. 

7.  Hiro's House.  At the beginning of the Epilogue, Hiro and Ruby are 
alone.  But the game freezes whenever you try to activate the bug right 
after the ending sequence. 

8.  At the Star Dragon Tower.  After Hiro defeats the Star Dragon, he 
leaves the rest of the party.  But, Ruby is not with him, so you can't 
power up any magic. 

Here is a step-by-step example of how to activate the bug and get the 
Battle Shadow, one of the many hidden items that can be found using the 
bug.  This example takes place at Taben's Peak, after defeating the 
assassins in the Meribian Sewers.  

1.  Play Lunar: Eternal Blue as normal until after you have defeated the Masked 
Man's assassins at the Meribian Sewers. 

2.  Spend some time fighting monsters in the Sewers until you have at 
least 27000 Magic Experience Points. 

3.  Go to Taben's Peak, talk to the boy operating the elevator, and use 
the elevator to head up Taben's Peak.  Immediately save your game when 
you reach the top. 
4.  Go to the Magic screen under Ruby's menu.  Scroll down to Lemina's 
spells, but do not power them up.  Exit the screen by pressing the B 

5.  Approach the door and Nall appears, congratulating your party for 
rescuing the Dragon Kids.  When you enter the room, you'll find that 
Ronfar, Jean, and Lemina aren't in your group.

6.  Return to the Magic screen under Ruby's menu.  The cursor should 
still be set at Lemina's Flame spells.  Scroll down until you reach 
Hiro's Wind spells (this is important if you're going to "fix" Hiro's 
magic later on), then scroll up several times until you reach Lemina's 
"mystic" spells.  The Mystic Spells are at level 0.  Use your Magic 
Experience to power them to level 13.  When the Mystic spells reach 
level 13, you'll get a message like "BOOMERANG became SOUL BLADE".

7.  Exit the Magic screen, switch to Hiro, and enter his inventory with 
the RUBY command. 

8.  You have now accessed what is known as the "phantom inventory", and 
you can move the cursor around to select items.  If you're activating 
the bug at this location (Taben's Peak), you'll notice that you'll find 
the Battle Shadow (one of the game's hidden items) if you press down on 
the D-pad twice.  Select the Battle Shadow, and press "A" to give it to 
Ruby.  You can give Ruby as many items from the Phantom Inventory as you want; 
the Phantom Inventory stretches far past the screen, so you'll keep finding 
items to take if you continue scrolling left or right.  But be careful, as the 
game can freeze up if you scroll too far.

9.  Press the B button to exit the Phantom Inventory.  Return to the 
MAGIC screen under Ruby's menu, and it should still be set to the Mystic spells.  
Press "up" on the D-pad about 4 times and it will switch to Hiro's Wind spells.  
Power up Hiro's Wind spells once.  This step is not necessary to get the items 
from the Phantom Inventory, but it is necessary if you want to fix Hiro's magic.  
If you don't "fix" Hiro's magic, the game will freeze whenever you try using his 
spells (and this does not affect the Wind spells only; it also affects Hiro's 
Sword techniques).  This effect is permanent; if you don't fix Hiro's magic 
before saving the game, his magic will not work even after you reload the game.  
Some locations will not allow you to fix Hiro's magic; if this is the case, 
Lemina's flame spells will appear instead of Hiro wind spells when you press up.  
For example, you can't fix Hiro's magic at Taben's Peak.  However, you may be 
able to fix Hiro's magic at other bug locations later in the game.  Make sure 
you have enough Magic Experience to power up Hiro's magic.

10.  Save your game. 

11.  Turn the game off, turn it back on, and reload your saved game.  
Ruby should have the Battle Shadow (a weapon for Hiro) in her inventory. 
CLUSTERS (A very important aspect of the Lemina Bug)

A "cluster" is a space in the phantom inventory that contains more than 
one item.  How is that possible?  If you position the bracket on the 
cluster, and press button "C", the item you have selected will change. 

There are 3 types of Clusters:  Binary, Finite, and Infinite. 

These consist of 2 items, usually 2 different types of armor (King's 
Mail and Graceful Dress) or two different types of swords (Ice Blade and 
Platinum Scimitar).  If you find one of those items in the phantom 
inventory, press button C while it is selected and see if it changes.  
If it does, you've found a binary cluster.  Binary clusters usually 
appear 2 spaces to the left of finite clusters. 

These are composed of all the event-starting items in the game.  Event 
starters are items that you cannot use, but are used automatically once
you reach a certain point in the game.  The Dragon Auras, Dragon Eyes, 
and Borgan's Key are event-starting items.  If you find an event 
starting item in the phantom inventory, press C a few times.  If the 
item changes, chances are, you're on a finite cluster.  Finite clusters 
usually appear 2 spaces to the right of binary clusters. 

An infinite cluster allows access to ALL the items in the game (plus 
some that aren't!).  Unlike the other 2 kinds, this one must be created.  To 
create an infinite cluster, simply take one item from any binary cluster (give 
it to Ruby).  At this time, all the finite clusters present shall become 
infinite clusters.  Infinite Clusters are extremely unstable, often freezing the 
game immediately after you move the cursor onto them.  Cycle through the 
infinite cluster by pressing "C".  After you find the item you want, press "A" 
to give it to Ruby.  Afterwards, you MUST get AT LEAST one stable item.  This 
will actually stabilize the game.  A stable item is any *normal* item that is 
not in a cluster, with the exception of Storm Shields and Flails.  So, get 2 or 
3 stable items, then exit the Phantom Inventory, and walk into another room 
IMMEDIATELY (this also stabilizes the game).  Once in the other room, save your 

Here's a step-by-step example of how to access an infinite cluster when 
activating the Lemina Bug at Taben's Peak:

1.  Activate the Lemina Bug at Taben's Peak (as described earlier) and 
access the Phantom Inventory.

2.  In the Phantom Inventory, press down twice, and press right 43 times until 
you reach a binary cluster (which has either the Ice Blade or Platinum 
Scimitar).  Press A to give the item to Ruby.

3.  Now press right twice, and should be on an infinite cluster.  Press 
C to cycle through the items.  When you find an item you want, press A 
and give it to Ruby.  Remember, infinite clusters are unstable, and may 
freeze your game when you cycle through them.  If the game freezes up, 
reset the game and try again.

4.  Now, search for and pick up a "stable" item, as described earlier.  
Exit the Phantom Inventory, and immediately walk into another room.

5.  When you're in the other room, save your game.  Turn the game off, 
turn it back on, and reload the saved game.  The items you picked up 
from the infinite cluster should be in Ruby's inventory.

If you continue cycling through infinite clusters, you can probably find and get 
every item in the game, including the fabled Dark Scimitar!   

Here are the stats of the Dark Scimitar...just in case you're wondering.  It's a 
weapon that Hiro can equip.  Its attack power is 140, it increases Hiro's 
agility by 10 when it is equipped, and also has a "kill attack".  Basically, it 
automatically consumes MP to make critical hits.  When Hiro attacks a monster 
while he's equipped with the Dark Scimitar, he loses 26 MP, but also does a 
critical hit on the monster (the type of hit in which stars appear and does a 
lot of damage). 

There are also a number of other hidden items that can be found with the bug, 
and they're listed in the weapons and armor lists included in this document.


This can be done at any Bug Activation Location.  While at Vane for the 
first time, enable the bug just as in the Azado method.  (Set the Magic 
Power Screen to Lemina; then after Lemina leaves the party, power up 
"Mystic", and so forth.)  Now, go to Hiro's inventory.  You'll find that you can 
only select the items that Hiro already has.  Give any items that you want to 
duplicate to Ruby.  (oh yeah, any item you want to duplicate has to be in Hiro's 
inventory).  After you give the stuff to Ruby, enter or leave a house.  Hiro's 
inventory will be replenished and Ruby will still have what was given to her.  
You can do this several times, but it will cost you 26756 Magic Experience every 
time you do it.  In the case of the Vane Activation Location, the bug is powered 
up, but no phantom inventory is formed.  If you do end up in a phantom inventory 
after powering up the bug, move the cursor up and left as far as it can possibly 
go.  Eventually, you will have selected the items that Hiro has in his regular 
inventory, and the duplication method works just as it does in Vane. 

Note that I did NOT discover the Lemina Bug.  It was originally 
discovered by Hatless Dezorian and his assistant, and was tested with the help 
of a LOT of other people.  For more information about the Lemina Bug and the 
hidden items (including pics), please visit the following page:

The Dark Scimitar Grotto:


A legend of old,
A story forgotten, 
The memories, of true love
stolen from time.

A darkened romance.
Try hard to remember.
A doorway to the heart
beckons your mind!

And now, a corner of night,
can lift the weight from you,
It's in your hands.
If just you understand.

A destiny lost.
A bond that's been broken.
The memories, of a time
that slipped away.

Just open your mind
the way lies before you.
A doorway to the heart
you seek to find.

Love can change the key you hold
into a gilded chance.
So tear a memory from your mind
and make it so real.

(Chorus 1)
Blue Star above me,
Your mystic shimmer tells of love,
I should know.
Whisper your secret.
That can eradicate my fear.

Blue Star above me,
When shadows lengthen and the dark
looms ever closer,
Turn on your shine and hold me near.


When the comet pulls the bow,
The stars begin their dance.

The time when destiny and hope,
Will give birth again.

(Chorus 2)
Then if it's to be,
I'll find a glimmer of the life,
I should know.
Only that moment
can show me what I hold so dear.

Until that moment,
I'll find some comfort in the love
within my slumber.
Turn on your charm and hold me near.

(repeats Chorus 1)


When I was alone as one,
my eyes were as blind, I know.
Sky brilliant with blue elegance,
I couldn't behold.

When I was alone as one,
My heart was as ice, so cold.
Wind whispering sweet melodies,
I could not behold.

Sight to my eyes,
and warmth to my heart,
Your love has been such to me.

Pull closer now, 
And strengthen my leaning.
Toward love to heal all my wounds.

(Chorus 1)
When our hearts both beat in time,
There's magic in your smile,
It seems there's nothing we can do.

And within your warm embrace,
My heart will find a place,
Even from afar.
Our love forever shall be destiny.


When I was alone as one,
my eyes were as blind, I know.
Sky brilliant with blue elegance,
I couldn't behold.

When I was alone as one,
My heart was as ice, so cold.
Wind whispering sweet melodies,
I could not behold.

Sight to my eyes,
and warmth to my heart,
Your love has been that to me.

Pull closer now, 
And strengthen my leaning,
Toward love to heal all my wounds.

(repeat chorus 1)

(Chorus 2)
When our hearts both beat in time,
There's magic in your smile,
I know there's nothing we can't do.

And within your warm embrace, 
My heart will find a place,
Even from afar,
Our love eternal shall be destiny.


-Hatless, for well, a LOT of things! :)

-Special thanks those who discovered the Lemina Bug, and for allowing me to 
include it in this walkthrough.  Congratulations on finding the 
elusive Dark Scimitar!  :)

-Thanks to Working Designs, for bringing the Lunar series over to US 

Other sites of interest to any Lunar fan:

EXCELLENT coverage of the Lunar series (pretty much the only RPG site that gave 
a rats arse about the series before it went to the Playstation), and has up-to-
date info and coverage on the latest RPGs.  

Dark Scimitar Grotto
The legend of the Dark Scimitar unfolded.  Want to know more about the Lemina 
Bug?  Want to know about the Dark Scimitar and its "whereabouts"?  Want to know 
why Vic was too busy keeping this elusive weapon a secret when he could have 
been using his spare time expediting the translation of the Lunar EB Remix?  
Visit this site for the answers to the first two questions.

Shrine to Ghaleon
Pretty much self-explanatory.  :)


Well, I guess that's it!  This is my first FAQ I've ever written, and I 
tried to make this one as thorough and comprehensive as possible.  I 
know Lunar: Eternal Blue is a pretty old game, and that the remix has 
been released in Japan almost a year ago, but I decided to write this 
since no other text-based walkthrough for Lunar 2 exists (to my 
knowledge), and I wanted to do something to occupy my time until Lunar: 
The Silver Star Story Complete is released on the Playstation (I am a  
slightly more than obsessed Lunar fan, in case you haven't noticed. :P) 
This FAQ took a lot longer than I originally thought it would; I know 
I've been meaning to finish this for several months now, but there were 
always things I wanted to add before releasing it.  And there are still 
a few more things I want to add to this "complete" document (a detailed 
monster list, more thorough boss strategies, I was even considering 
including the spoken dialogue from the many scenes in this game), but I 
may not add these due to time constraints.  And, partly because Lunar: 
Eternal Blue is an old game and partly because Lunar: Eternal Blue Saga 
is just around the corner (but then again, with Working Designs, it's 
probably still YEARS away :D), I think it would be rather pointless to 
add these now.  Just suffice to say that this document may NEVER be as 
complete as I want it to be.  But, I will update this FAQ whenever I see 

If you have any questions, comments, criticisms, please e-mail me at 
spotted_moray@yahoo.com.  Although this document has been double- checked, 
triple-checked, and quadruple-checked for accuracy, there are bound to be some 
errors, so let me know if there are any.

This document may not be reproduced or used on other websites, in whole or cut 
up into sections, without the written consent of the author.  
I've heard stories about FAQ's and walkthroughs other people have written being 
sold for profit or being included in publications without their permission, and 
I don't want the same thing happening to any of the works I have compiled.  If I 
find that people are using this document on their website or using it in a 
publication or whatever else without my prior consent, may the Goddess Althena 
have mercy on their souls, as I do have the ability to cast Soul Rush.  

I cannot stress the importance of ASKING ME FIRST before posting this guide on 
your site.  I don't think any of the "troll sites" that steal FAQs from GameFAQs 
know the ramifications of what they're doing, and the DISSERVICE that they cause 
to gamers for not bothering to update them!  I'm sure a number of other FAQ 
writers will tell you how truly annoying it is to respond to questions that have 
been answered in the latest version of their FAQs, and that in many cases, the 
people who ask these questions read an outdated version of their FAQ from a 
troll site.  

This document is copyright 1999 by Peter Tosco.  This is an UNOFFICIAL 
walkthrough for Lunar: Eternal Blue.  Therefore, it is not, in any way, 
affiliated with or endorsed by Game Arts or Working Designs.

Lunar: Eternal Blue is a trademark of Working Designs.
(C) 1994/1995 Game Arts/Studio Alex
English version (C) 1995 Working Designs

BTW, just kidding about that "Soul Rush" thing...

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