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In-Your-Face Graphics! New 3D view lets you scan the field, then follow the ball into your receiver's hands. Incredible scaling!

Genuine Joe Montana Video! Strategize with the NFL's greatest QB via real video.

Big Time Player Control! Power straight ahead, spin 360 degrees to find daylight, watch helmets fly from punishing tackles.

Staggering CD Sound! Get into the game with Sega CD's real football sound effects.

3D Instant Replay! Replay from 4 camera angles, including Sega's Helmet Cam.

All 28 NFL Teams! Battle your way through a full season and playoffs. Then get pumped for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Greats! Take on history's 10 best teams - '72 Dolphins, '76 Raiders, '78 Steelers, '84 49ers, '85 Bears & more.

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#4 lowest rated SCD sports game (#29 on SCD, #5501 overall)


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#9 hardest SCD sports game (#120 on SCD, #29748 overall)


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