Become a ninja?

  1. When I go and talk to the girl in kaus the pawnshop, she says I would be afraid to peel fruit with that knife. I have tried talking to her with every class at rank 1. I have also tried using my paladin.

    What am I missing?

    User Info: jarbulldog

    jarbulldog - 3 years ago


  1. I don't remember which village it is in but there is a character who says that it just might be to train in Shinobi village if you had a weapon (or something to that effect). After that the girl in the shop in Kaus (who told you about the sharp knife) will give you the Shinobi knife.
    (Doesn't matter who talks to her.) The first step is to talk to everyone in nearby villages (which you should always do anyway - a lot of the events in Dark Wizard are triggered by chains of dialogue).

    Once you have the shinobi knife place it in the inventory of a class two (or better - class two is the better choice since it makes no difference for the strength of the ninja) and have him search the weird tree northeast of Tobis. That will expose the village of Shinobi and when you talk to the mayor he will offer to train you. You will have to stay there for a month and then you will be a ninja. Return to the shop there to buy your ninja gear.

    If you are playing as Amon or Krystal - don't use the lawful warrior you started with - you will need him to make the winged warrior later in the game. A chaos warrior will work just as well.

    User Info: bifrostbear

    bifrostbear - 2 years ago 0   0

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