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Reviewed: 10/21/00 | Updated: 03/24/04

The longest RPG of the Sega CD

First of all i want to introduce Alshark as one of the biggest RPG i have ever played. I'm proud to say this for an old game. I think at least it takes more than 60 real hours just to finish the game. I have discovered a second way that change events in the game and i have not search the few secrets in the game. In my walkthrough i have explored all the dungeons but there were one or two mini quest i didn't understand due to the japanese.

It begins with a boy, Sion and his robot, Calu. Sion awakes, search for his girlfriend, Seico, and explores a dungeon. At the end of it, Shion's father died. The murderer is the father of Seico, Memon, because he was infected by a virus. Sion's mother comes to help his son and chases Memon. Then Sion meets with Roy a space commander who wants to save Syana from Memon.

The rest of the story is in the walkthrough. I have completed the game, but i'm not sure of what Alshark is. That's why i prefer to talk of the game and not of the story. The story, except for the point about ALSHARK, is perfectly comprehensible if you can read katakanas. I used them to complete the game and understand most of the storyline (where to go and when, with who i must talk etc...).

The presentation is very good with a long animation movie and a super music. In the game there are something like 15 animations movies and they are all very long. The design is excellent and the action quite good.

The graphics in the game are strange. The colors are not excellent and the window is not over scan. The characters
are small and the area is enormous. In the planet you can wanderer during long hours to find the good path and in space you can visit seven solar systems with three or four planets in it. The ennemy ship in space are various and for Lasergaya,very impressive. The programmers make a good mix of Shooting and Rpg. You can customize your ship with a tons of new weapons with personal visual effect, buy a couple of claws and even a tank for exploring the planet. During the battle, the battle scenes and the representation are poor but you can see different visual effects for weapons.

The animation is fast, but when you encounter too much sprites in a city it slows. The battles are also fast and in the game, you can move in diagonals which is very original for the time the game was made. The animation movies are good but i think (due to a reference with Lunar 2 or Heroic legend of Arslan) that it can be quickest.

The sound is incredible with ultra musics in CD tracks and cool style for each one. It reaches the level of quality of Sonic CD or Soulstar. Thanks to Polydor. The sound effects are poor but the voice acting is excellent.

The controls are excellent, thanks to the awesome paddle of the MD and the menu ultra clear if you read katakanas. If not, don't worry it's playable.

The scenario is impressive, with a satellite (TRIM) that's useless and just here to create curiosity in the head of the player, If you follow my walkthrough you will become an outlaw in your own solar system but i indicate the way to avoid this. It's easier but it doesn't change the end of the game. Some events change, like the hero can use the legendary sword for example. In a certain place, if you answer yes or no you can JUST lose a character. The game contains a legend about Alshark and the Zizersword. The shooting phase is very good, with action and real space exploring. You can win a galactic money to buy superior weapons.

Brief, Alshark is a wonderful experience, not for the technique but for the adventurer and the interest. I like very much this game.


Rating:   4.0 - Great

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