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FAQ/Walkthrough by ADK

Version: Final | Updated: 02/22/2003

			BY ADK :
			Final version :

Welcome to my walkthrough for this game. Alshark is a very good RPG and i hope
you will enjoy playing with it.

Final version update : i revamped the guide so it can be more readable.

Homepage : http://www.dimensions-sega.fr.st
E mail   : http://advanced_knight@yahoo.fr
Join my Forum for quick answer and to discuss about Sega Games.

UPDATE (02/23/2003) : I'm back on the scene of video games, less active than 
before but back. If you wish to talk of video games with me or other fans in 
the future join my forum.

Summary :



First of all i want to introduce Alshark as one of the
biggest RPG i have ever played. I'm proud to say this for
an old game. I think at least it takes more than 60 real hours
just to finish the game. I have discovered a second way that
change events in the game and i have
not search the few secrets in the game. In my walkthrough i
have explored all the dungeons but there were one or two mini
quest i didn't understand due to the japanese. It begins with
a boy,  Sion and his robot, Calu. Sion awake, search for his
girlfriend, Seico, and explore a dungeon. At the end of it,
Shion's father died. The murderer is the father of his girlfriend,
Memon, because he was infected by a virus. Sion's mother comes to
help his son and chases Memon. Then Sion meet with
Roy a space commander who wants to save Syana from Memon. The
rest of the story is in the walkthrough. I have completed the game,
but i'm not sure of what Alshark is. That's why i prefer to
talk of the game and not of the story. The story, except
for the point about ALSHARK, is perfectly comprehensible if you can
read katakanas. I used them to complete the game and understand
most of the storyline (where to go and when, with who i must talk etc...).
The presentation is very good with a long animation movie and
a super music. In the game there are something like 15 animations
movies and they are all very long. The design is excellent and the
action quite good.
The graphics in the game are strange. The colors are not
excellent and the window is not overscan. The characters
are small and the area is enormous. In the planet you can wanderer
during long hours to find the good path and in space you can visit
seven solar systems with three or four planets in it. The ennemy's
ship in space are various and for Lasergaya,very impressive. The
programmer make a good mix of Shooting and Rpg. You can customize
your ship with a tons of new weapons with personal visual effect,
buy a couple of claws and even a tank for exploring the planet.
During the battle, the battle scenes and the representation are poor
but you can see different visual effect for weapons.
The animation is speed, but when you encounter too much
sprite in a city it slows. The battles are speed and in the
game, you can move in diagonals which is very original for the time
the game was made. The animation movies are good but i think (due to
a reference with Lunar 2 or Heroic legend of Arslan) that it could be
speedest. Too bad.
The sound is incredible with ultra musics in CD tracks and
cool style for each one. It reaches the level of quality of
Sonic Cd or Soulstar. Thanks to Polydor. The sound effects are
poor but the voice acting is excellent.
The controls are excellent, thanks to the awesome paddle
of the MD and the menu ultra clear if you read katakanas. If
not, don't worry it's playable.
The scenario is impressive, with a satellite (TRIM) that's
useless and just here to create curiosity in the head of
the player, If you follow my walkthrough you will become an outlaw in
your own  solar system but i indicate the way to avoid this. It's
more easy but it doesn't change the end of the game. Some events change,
like the hero can use the legendary sword for example. In a
certain place, if you answer yes or no you can JUST lose a character.
The game contains a legend about Alshark and the Zizersword. The
shooting is very good, with action and real space exploring. You can
win a galactic money to buy superior weapons.
Brief, Alshark is a wonderful experience, not for the technique but for
the adventurer and the interest. I like very much this game.

GRAPHICS     : 13/20
ANIMATION    : 15/20
SOUND        : 17/20
CONTROLS     : 17/20
INTEREST     : 17/20
FINAL NOTE   : 92%



SHION : The hero of this story.

SEYCO : The best friend of Shion. She never lets him go alone in adventure.

SCRAP JOE : He loves two thing scrap and mecanic. You can count on him,
he is very important in the game.

WELOA : A very powerful female cyborg. She gains level quickly. Without
her you can't finish the game.

CALU : A cyborg that has the mission to protect Shion.

DUKE GUIDLE : a mysterious man that helps the hero to destroy the Zorius army.

LUCIA : is Shion's mother. She has some telekinesic power.

QUEEN LARA WELL : she rules the Zorius army.

GADMOS : He rules the byden army and protect the giants beasts of Byden.

NOVIL : is the commander of LASERGAYA the most powerful ship in the army of

JAYGMA : is the bad guy of this story.

ALSHARK is the longest RPG  i have ever played. You'll explore seven galaxies
and numerous planet. It seems that there is two ways to complete the game and
this walkthrough is the hard way. But don't panic, if i have completed the
game, you can do it.
When in the Walkthrough i say "TALK TO YOURSELF" it means that you have a menu
where characters can talk to each other. They think or usually talk of what you
must do, exactly like in Phantasy star 4.



Calu awakes Shion. Wake up and say hello to your parents. Then leave the house
and go to Seyco's one. Talk to Seyco and she joins you. In this town you can
find 80 credits, a camp-tent (to heal everyone) by talking to an old man(this
man gives one each time you use it) and a Hind medical in a cupboard. Exit of
the town and go north. In the hill when you reach the end of the way there will
be an event. Memon (Seyco's father ) becomes crazy and kill Shion's father. Go
back to your house. Lucia comes with you but don't fight, Calu joins the team
and you can now take the "protect" in the cupboard of your house. Exit of the
first town.
Now go west to town 2 (Homik). Then head north to the airport. You can't take a
ship to chase Memon because there's a strike. Exit and enter in Homik. Be
careful when you talk with people here. If you give a bad answer you can lose
Seyco. So buy items and weapons and exit to the south to Disto. Disto is a
garbage where live Scrap Joe. Go right,north,east,south,north and enter the
mansion. Talk to Joe and he comes with you BECAUSE Seyco is in your team.
Exit to the north and search in the mountain the entrance of a cave. Enter the
cave and at the end you find a big door. Joe opens it and shows you the ATLIA
fighter. You take off and chase Memon in Mars. You arrive in the same base as
Memon. Memon kill another human and then Calu. He escapes because the military
force arrives. Roy comes to save Sayana. He takes you to the CS STATION. In
this station find Roy, he gives you Weloa, a female cyborg and the permission
to leave the station. Talk to the secretary to obtain a mission on ZAZIL.

take item					Auto pilote (After you buy a good
Deposit items					engine in
Ship status					Map
Joe's commentaries				Data
Buy weapons and armor with scraps		Atlia healing
Sell items against scraps			Cockpit
Info 						Tank access
Left the ship
System  Save
	Message speed

Items informations : Hind Strite  :  give a map of the planet
	    	     Hind Medical :  cure hp for one person
	     	     Medical High :  cure all hp of one person
	    	     Camp-tent : heal completely the party

Moneys informations : 5 credits = 1 scrap
	              Credits = planet money
	              Scraps = galactic money


This planet is south of the CS station and near a defense station. When you
left the airport go to town 3(Cybel). Equip yourself and visit a house north of
the town. Kill some guards. Go to the inn. In the night , Seyco is kidnapped.
Go to town 4 (Porkin). Use a hind strite to find it. Find a soldier in a shop
and kill him then kill a complete unit north of the town. Seyco was taken on
the station in space. Go to the defense station near Zazil and do 4 difficult
fights to save Seyco. Go back to the CS STATION. Roy's secretary tells you to
equip yourself in Mars and then head to BIOUT.


Buy the best weapon and armor by doing a lot of fights in space. Then change
the scrap into credits. Take all your time. Heal the Atlia and if your weaopn
or other part becomes red, heal it in the defense station near HOME. Equip
yourself in town 5 (Tiswell) and take the ticket to Stea in town 6 (Begui). Now
you can go to Biout.


Once you land on BIOUT , Use the diagonal up left to reach town 7 (Caynan) then
continue in the same way to reach the MONSTER CAVE. Destroy a big plant in
there and you cleared the mission. Go back to the CS STATION and Roy
confiscates your ATLIA. Then talk to the secretary to go to MARS. In Mars go to
town 5 and visit the bar at the left of the town. Talk to the master. Then
visit the bar at the right of the town. Talk to the master he gives you a
letter. Weloa decyphers it for you when you talk to yourself. Now leave MARS.


Visit Stea via the airport of Mars. There are town 8 (Tilti) and town 9
(Hocra). After that you can visit 3 villages and talk to the three aliens
(Collelu,Yacu,Mica) then there is a secret place you can't access now. Go back
to Mars and head to Juke.


Go to town 10 (Rolrya) to buy hind strites and camp tent. Visit town 11 (
Sitic). After you have talked to everyone, explore the clouds. Beware it sucks
your hp so hurry up to find the "GHOST SHIP¨. Enter it and now you must take
control of it. Search for the computer and press A button. After a long scene
you obtain a cloud tank. When you are near the airport talk to yourself. You
decide to find Ramiou Cose. Go to the CS STATION and steal the
Atlia. From this moment on you are an outlaw. If you land in a planet of this
galaxy or talk to Roy it makes a game over. So ESCAPE and never come again in
this galaxy. Go to Weltria in the Willua solar system.

NB : From here, following the walkthrough is quite a hard way because at the
end of the game you can equip Shion with shields only. Normally he must gain
Sword abilities but in that case he gains nothing. It's not a problem you can
finish the game but you can't equip Shion with the sacred sword of this game.
I think there's a chance to change this fact : Go directly to Juke after
completing the mission in Biout. Then visit the ghost ship and talk to
yourself. Now you can land on every planet and the only possible game over is
by talking to Roy. I know by doing that that you can't obtain the letter in
Mars that Weloa read for you. I suppose that if you visit Stea with the Zizer
Sword or after important events, one of the alien, or the three, gives you the
access to the secret place in Stea. I tried but my save file crush. Anyway keep
in mind that this way seems a little more easier but not sure.


Go in the Willua solar system. Land on Weltria. Search town 12 (Weltria town).
Buy the best weapons and armors you can. Don't forget to upgrade your ship with
engine and frame. Go now on Tils. Just under the airport is town 13 (Wiga). In
the desert you must find a man. Before he dies, he tells you to visit ZID COSE
west of here. Then he dies. Go west and enter the castle of ZID. Talk with ZID
and he offers you to kill his brother, ILU who is a tyrant, and as a reward
he'll tell you the place where live Ramiou. Lucia prepares herself to the
fight. Go to Weltria town and enter the castle. After you visit it you find Ilu
and before you can kill him, DUKE GUIDLE appears and saves him. You talk and
discover that the real tyrant is ZID. Then ILU gives you 5000 credits to equip
Lucia who joins the team. After you equip her, go in Zid's castle and kill him.
When you return back, ILU tells you where is RAMIOU.


Land on Huris and search for the center of the planet. Then find a way where
lives a FIREBAT and kill it. Just after you see the house where lives Ramiou.
Talk to him, he tells you a little more about Alshark. You decide then to talk


Go to Weltria town and talk to Guidle. He recruits you and sends you to
Normike.Once you land on Normike, search for the east to reach Nozin (town 14).
Once in there, look for a secret way that leads you to a guy who send gun (it
changes during the game so pay a visit to him often) and for another secret way
to the base. You can enter because you have the permission of the duke. Talk to
a man and buy the service that cost 1000 credits and the service that cost 3000
credits. With the first you observe Mars and with the second you observe Polua.
In Polua there is Memon so it's time to finish your chase.


Land on Polua and go to town 15 (Fapshia). It's a no man's land. Find a house
and kill 3 Memon's soldiers. Visit the underground and talk to everyone. Go
west to the fortress. Your formation must be in this order :
Joe,Weloa,Seyco,Shion,Lucia. Inside the FORTRESS search for Memon and fight
him. Lucia sacrifices her life to destroy the Virus in Memon's body. Memon
becomes normal and joins you. Exit of the base. GADMOS is waiting for you near
the exit but fortunately Guidle saves you. Go to your ship and head back to


Talk to everyone and wait for Guidle. Now you must find a guy named BUCK
GORGUAN . This man have discovered the secret of the psycho ring. A man in
Nozin tells you to go to Sartria and asks Dickwell. Land on Sartria and visit
town 16 (Codyl). You find Dickwell and talk. Now you can go back to Nozin. You
discover that Gadmos is in Zoca Hell and that he chases Buck there. You must
help him.


I reach level 79. The formation is in this order : Guidle, Weloa, Joe,Shion,
Seyco. Go to the fortress. You meet Buck at the beginning of the dungeon. He
gives you a psycho ring and orders you to find a psycho generator to activate
it. The generator is in the deepest part of this dungeon. When you find it,
click on it by pressing A button and exit. Beware after your takeoff you land
on LASERGAYA. In 1F go south to use a teleporter. You arrive in 2F. There are 4
switches. Activate it in this order : the one north east, the second south
east, the third south west, and the last north east. Now go back to 1F, search
for another teleporter. You arrive in a corridor. Advance until a scene shows
you the real identity of Guidle : It's your father. This time he dies. Then you
escape. In the Atlia, Joe announces that he has enhanced Calu. Super Calu joins
your team.


Return to Nozin. Buy the service that cost 5000 credits. You have a new mission
: tou must steal all the G ION technology to the ennemy. Go to ASK. Visit the
town 17 (Huis) and go south to ZORIUS FORTRESS. In this fortress find the boss
: MECA GHOST. After he dies, you obtain a Wiga Frame for your ship. Use the
teleport spell of Seyco to exit of the dungeon. A new feature is available. The
more Joe fights and steals ennemy during a fight, the best are the weapon he
creates. Now you can buy your weapon directly in the ship. You can also buy a
RADARTANK and Claws for your ship. The radar tank will be useful later.


Continue your mission and land on Sachi. Go south west and enter ZORIUS
FORTRESS 2. When you find the engine in the deepest part of the dungeon, exit
with the teleport spell of Seyco. Return to Nozin.


Now Nozin asks you to go to Von to destroy ZORIUS BIO. Land on Von and go to
town 18 ( Diluay) to equip yourself with Camp tent. Use the radar tank to pass
the sea and reach Zorius bio. Here you must find the boss : 3 giants blobs.
Then you discover datas about the Byden empire. Use the teleport spell to exit.


Visit Yosnu. Search in the diagonal, ZORIUS FORTRESS 3. Beware of the boss :
MEGA TANK is outside of the dungeon. Kill it with your tank. Go inside the
fortress and steal the G-NACLE for your ship. Now you have destroy most of the
ennemies army. Buy a lot of Camp tent.


Return to Nozin and talk to everyone. Now you must achieved the Zorius empire
by destroying the VALVAS SHIP. Go to ST DEFENSE and find the entrance of the
ship. It's the more complex dungeon of the game. In this this dungeon you must
find two switches to open the door to the queen. Then fight the QUEEN LARA
WELL. It's the first difficult battle of the game. You need a lot of medical
high to heal Shion and his party. When the queen died she gives you the " budos
no key " Go back to nozin and buy the last service that cost 250000 credits.
You obtain a ZIZER ITEM that can help you to find Colis and Zizle in Sartria.


Use the tank to reach the island of town 19 (Hellchia). Don't sell the zizer
item to a guy who wants it in Hellchia. Talk to a man near the master in the
underground bar of this town and he tells you the legend of Zizle and Colis.
Then exit of the town and on the same island go to a place where there are no
trees. Colis appears in a flash. Enter it.

COLIS : It's a tower. You must reach the top. After 3 ladders pass the second
door to the left then climb to the top without taking any door. When you see
only 2 doors take the one to the right and go to the top. You obtain the first
treasure. Use the teleport spell to exit.

ZIZLE : Go to the island south of this one. In a place without tree, Zizle
appears in a flash. It's a vlocanic mountain divide in 3 parts. You find the
second treasure in the third part. After that, exit to the Atlia. Go inside the
cockpit and talk to Joe. He creates the ZIZER SWORD (the sacred sword). Later
in the game he will offer you a lot of Zizer weapon but you'll choose only one.
My advice is to take the gun for Seyco.


It's time to visit the last solar system of the game. Go to the Z 091 system
and land on BYDEN. In this system monsters are too powerful for you. The only
way to visit a planet is by using your tank. You heal the tank during battle.
Don't forget that you can buy powerful tank in the Atlia. Go to town 20 (Gadis)
by following diagonal down left. There 3 soldiers tells you that you will never
have the "gol no key". Go to the BYDEN FORTRESS by using the location spell of
Seyco. In the fortress, use the third exit and find a computer to open the door
in the last part of the dungeon. Go to this door and fight GADMOS and 2 BEAST
BYDEN. It's the most difficult fight of the game. You obtain the " gol no key
". Exit and buy a lot of Camp tent. After you takeoff you must fight LASERGAYA
in space. Then you will land in it. Use the teleporter you use to go to 2F to
reach 3F (i don't remember exactly if this is this one or the other, sorry).
Explore 3F and kill the boss NOVIL. He is weak. After that you have destroyed
the byden empire. It's time to complete the game.


First go to BUDOS and reach CASHIELD, the budos fort. Destroy the boss : MECA
JET outside. You obtain the "Borua no key". Now land on Borua and explore the
fortress in it. You must find a computer and deactivate it (Press A button).
Then exit and go to GOL.


Do the same thing and deactivate the second computer. The corridor are the same
but in a different order.


Last return to Cashield and switch off the last computer. The corridor are the
same but in a different order. Now you can land on the final planet of the


Now land on Ueza and enter the great mountain. Go north of the first part and
find the way to 3F. Then climb to 4F and kill JAYGMA. I remember he is very
weak (I reached level 160)



Thanks to Sandstorm and Polydor for this awesome RPG.

At least you can enjoy the end of the game. For questions about this game you
can email me at advanced_knight@yahoo.fr.

										ADK .

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