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Reviewed: 12/19/05

A Shadowy Masterpiece

A Shadowy Masterpiece

After Metal Gear Solid in 1998, I was glued to the franchise and to Kojima who ever since has been the most influential mind in gaming in my opinion. I decided to give this game a try and was hooked and in some ways, I even like it better than the MGS franchise. Snatcher was released in 1994 but was a rare gem which few people had played. However Snatcher is one of those games which will never get outdated as every time you play it and progress through the story, you will ended up smiling even more than your last completion.

The story of Snatcher is m favourite aspect of the game and probably of every other Kojima game. It starts with a prologue in 1996 and develops a very interesting and suspenseful storyline about a new type of androids who snatch human bodies and take their place to become SNATCHERS. It is set in 2047 and is centred on the main character, Gillian Seed who has lost his memory and discovers more and more about it as the story progresses. He is part of a special task force called JUNKER whose aim is to get rid of the Snatcher menace.

The game play is that of an interactive comic and is split into two halves, one being fixed and for you having to choose how to proceed and the other being fast shooting scenes. You get to choose from range of options such as “look” and “investigate” to complete scenes. There are many different combinations with these options and you won’t get to see them all on the first or maybe even second play through. The shooting scenes are fast time scenes and involve you having to shoot enemies. It adds a great suspense and shock moment.

This is a game that is outdated now and the graphics are nothing special. However, they are a nice representation of comic violence. Even with the limited power of the Sega CD system, they bring out the best. Animations are scarce but will show in major scenes, and the characters are great to look at the as the graphics portray there stories perfectly.

Overall, Snatcher is one the greatest Video Game ride I have ever experienced. The story just keeps getting better and better and just shows how great Kojima’s story telling skill is, however the game is a rare find now and hard to come by.

Final score: 8.7/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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