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Reviewed: 02/22/03 | Updated: 02/22/03

Spectacular - Snatcher is an Absolute Masterpiece!

Hideo Kojima is one of the most famous game designers in the world, thanks to his success with Metal Gear Solid. However, before MGS, Kojima made this little known game (in North America, at least), Snatcher.

Snatcher's premise is hardly original; avid movie fans will instantly recognize the premise, design, and style to being quite similar to the 1983 film, Blade Runner. On the other hand, however, I personally believe Blade Runner to be the best film ever made, so, if you're gonna imitate, you might as well imitate the best, eh?

Snatcher places you into the shoes of Gillian Seed, a 'Runner' (how subtle) working for JUNKER, a special police division that operates in Neo Kobe City for one purpose - to hunt down and kill SNATCHERs, mysterious robots that kill people and replicate their appearance, 'snatching' their place in society.

Gillian is an amnesiac. He and his wife both suffer from a severe memory loss, but seem to remember some bizarre connection to SNATCHERs. Having lost all memory of their past relationship, the two have separated, and Gillian joined JUNKER. Soon, Gillian is paired up with Metal Gear, a miniature robot modeled after the infamous giant walking battle tank from the Metal Gear games, and the two of them are sent on their first mission - aiding a fellow Runner. Things go from bad to worse, and Gillian and Metal (as he's affectionately known as) begin an epic quest through the slummiest streets of Neo Kobe to uncover the mystery behind the SNATCHERs.

Snatcher is likely unlike any other game you've ever played. The closest North American equivalent would be text-adventure games, such as Zork, but streamlined for consoles - you merely select your action from a menu. While this may sound like it gets boring, it never really does, and Snatcher's story is told so well the omission of gameplay doesn't really seem like that big of a deal. The characters in Snatcher are remarkably endearing, Gillian and Metal have great chemistry, the dialogue, is at times, absolutely hilarious, and the voice acting is superb. The English version was programmed exclusively for the Sega CD, so there aren't any awkward dubbing problems, and the voice acting and translation are dead on. Jeremy Blaustein (THE man responsible for bringing us Americans Snatcher) should be proud.

I could discuss the soundtrack or the graphics, but, really, those are irrelevant. Snatcher is a game about it's storyline, more than any other, and it manages to be more gripping, enthralling, and brilliant than any other game or movie I've ever seen or played.

Simply put, you'll never want Snatcher to end.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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