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Reviewed: 09/20/02 | Updated: 09/20/02

Rare. Konami. Hideo Kojima. Snatcher.

Snatcher. A rare Konami game, and one I had been hunting for a while. I was not disappointed at all.

This is one of those lost in time gaming gems, which most people have never heard of. It was designed by Hideo Kojima, the Metal Gear genius and has only been released in English on the Sega Mega CD. There are several versions in Japan, PC Engine, Saturn, PlayStation, but strangely Snatcher was not released in Japan on the Mega CD – only did it get released in the USA and UK on the Sega machine.

So what is Snatcher about?

It’s basically a point and click type adventure split up into three acts. The whole game revolves around reading, listening and investigating. There are a few shooting bits during the adventure, but nothing major to the gameplay. Snatcher is pretty much in the same basket as Broken Sword and Monkey Island, whereas you use simple menus to play through the game, talk, look, investigate, you get the idea. This may sound boring, but this is where you are wrong.

Snatcher is one of those games you remember. It’s not long, about 9 hours length, but it is such a fantastic experience. The setting is very much like Blade Runner, very anime and cyberpunkish, filled with mystery and suspense. There is also a good deal of humour during the game, which makes for a very neat contrast from the gory scenes you will see in Snatcher. The story is nothing short of fantastic, filled with plot twists, which will definitely catch you out. If you have played either Metal Gear Solid 1 or 2, you will know what to expect from Kojima. Set in 2047, the whole story is based on Snatchers, what are they? Where did they come from? You play as Gillian Seed, an invesvestigator who is forced to work for JUNKER, hunting Snatchers. Snatchers are mysterious Terminator ripp-offs who 'Snatch' human identities and take them on. Who? What? Why? The story unfolds...

The Mega CD version (or Sega CD for you Americans!) is probably the best and most complete version to play. It is the least cut in terms of gore, and has such great voice acting. The end to the game is very complete, as you get Act 3, which was never put into earlier Japanese versions of Snatcher. It is also the rarest version, making it one of the more expensive games you will play. I paid £60.00 for this game, in tip-top mint condition, and it was well worth every penny.

GRAPHICS: 9/10. Very nicely drawn computer art and scenes make Snatcher one of the more memorable Mega CD titles.

SOUND: 10/10. Fantastic music and voice acting from Konami.

GAMEPLAY: 9/10. Everything needed for a text adventure, all complete with super easy shooting scenes.

OVERALL: 9/10. The characters are excellent, the pace is excellent, the music is excellent and the voice acting is excellent. Everything you could ever want from a text adventure. Fantastic, funny and full of surprises.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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