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Reviewed: 03/20/18

My Absolute Favorite Game Of All Time

When it comes to storytelling, Hideo Kojima. Yes, the same man responsible for the Metal Gear Solid games created this one before he became a household name. I'm glad I own it since now the game has a hefty price tag these days (up to five hundred dollars or more as of this writing), and it will never be sold unless I am dead.

I loved Snatcher so much, that they nicknamed me Snatcher in high school. Whenever I see old high school buddies, they would still call me Snatcher because they never learned my name. The first thing that is so appealing about this game is that they combined two of the greatest sci-fi movies (Blade Runner and Terminator) and mesh them together in a cohesive story. Basically you are a Blade Runner, I mean Junker, named Gillian Seed. Apparently you are a special detective who hunts down Snatchers who are robots disguised as people. The robots themselves look like the exoskeleton from Terminator. That's pretty cool to me.

So on your first day on the job you are shown around Junker HQ with a hottie named Mika. From there you meet the Chief and the mechanic named Harry who gives you your own little Metal Gear to help in your investigation. Metal Gear talks to you, is pretty helpful, and the banter back and forth between these characters can sometimes be hilarious. Anyway, your first mission you go into this abandoned building to find one of your guys named Gibson who just had his head cut off by a prevailing Snatcher. They run off and blow up the place and your narrowly escape. That's just the first day. From there you go to places, solve clues, and try to find the Snatchers responsible for killing your partner before unraveling the truth.

Snatcher is something in the likes of a point and click adventure. You have menus and options to choose from. You can go to different rooms and look and talk to things until a cutscene triggers and you will see talking boxes of characters. That's really the goal to. You are basically unlocking a story as you go along but the story is gripping and you want to keep going. It helps when the voice acting is real good too. In fact, this was the very first game that introduced me to good voice acting. Seriously, every game before this was a joke. It was like they pulled someone into a sound booth and gave them a script right there. Case in point, play Hook for Sega CD.

I can't recommend Snatcher enough. If you like to play games with a story, look no further than Snatcher. It gets real good by Act 2. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention this game is divided into acts. Act 2 is really where the action heats up. There are reproduction carts out there that are cheaper than the asking price for the retail of the actual game. If you are a fan of Metal Gear Solid or even Hideo Kojima in general, you should really play this game. You could go the much cheaper route and just watch it online, but what's the fun in that? Besides, it's Kojima, and you know there are secrets hidden throughout the game. This is honestly the best the Sega CD has to offer and the best game I ever played.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Snatcher (US, 11/30/94)

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