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Reviewed: 02/01/16

Snatcher is arguably one of the best stories told in gaming history

I remember a cold winter night in November of 2005. I had bought Snatcher years before, from a person I had bought Phantasy Star from. Somehow I was never bothered to play Snatcher or even try it until that fateful day. 24 hours later with only pizza, some sleep and occasionally answering to the call of nature, I felt a changed man.

This is originally I believe the first game Kojima worked on and it's also his best. Even better than Metal Gear Solid and Policenauts games which I love but storyline wise this game is even better. The theme of the game is cyberpunk and reminds me a lot of Blade Runner although as the story evolves you will find out there are quite a bit of differences. The storyline will take quite a different route than Blade Runner.

I won't go into detail about the story but as the title of this review indicates it's simply fantastic. Full of traditional Kojima plot-twists but not too much like in Metal Gear Solid 2.

This game is all about telling an interactive digital story and and therefore gameplay is somewhat minimal. If you like the good old pc click and point adventures you will love this. If you love a great movie or book you will love this as well. The game, with the limited resources of the early 90s, does so well in portraying a massive futuristic city with all it's possible problems. And, unlike what might be expected by games of this era, the voice acting is actually really great!

Another thing that deserves mention is the music. the soundtrack is really great and as is often the case with great games the ending credits theme is incredible. I dare say the ending credits of this game: Tears Stained Eyes is one of the best pieces of music I've ever heard.

The game is very rare nowadays and ironically enough the Sega cd version of this game is the best version and only English version of this game and unlike most other games back then this one had very good voice acting. This game has truly stood the test of time and I encourage to buy this game or find some other way to play it. I will never forget my moments with this game and I hope every day for a sequel. Please Kojima bring us a new snatcher!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

Product Release: Snatcher (EU, 12/15/94)

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