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Jordan Databanks File by Kizor Nerdbringer

Version: 1.05 | Updated: 05/19/03

Snatcher (Sega CD/PSX): Jordan databanks file, version 1.05
Copyright Kizor Nerdbringer/Miikka Ryökäs, 2003.
Modification of this FAQ or using it in sites other than GameFAQs
without permission from the author is denied. Period.
Comments and any additions can be sent to mryokas@edu.lahti.fi
(will cease to exist within a year or so) or ryokas@hotmail.com
(full of junk mail).


Preliminary babble

One of the strong points of Snatcher is its well thought-out, realistic
universe. In particular, Jordan, the Junker HQ's computer system, can provide
the player with tons of interesting background info about the game world.
Unfortunately Jordan's cumbersome interface makes its fact file a lot less
convenient to read (don't even ask about the I.D. file). In addition, the
[SPOILERS DELETED] makes the whole system inaccessible at many points
of the game.

This file (hopefully) contains all data in Jordan's databanks, including
both the fact and the I.D. file, for easier reading and reference purposes.
All data has been recorded at the earliest possible point in the game to
avoid those nasty spoilers. Spelling errors have not been corrected, for
reasons known only to the underpants gnomes.

THANKS TO: Chris Hoffman, whose walkthrough was useful in tracking down the
           more obscure entries in the I.D. file.
	   Brandon Daiker, for submitting Hideo Kojima's ID file.
NO THANKS TO: Webmaster of www.andy-ch.com, plagiarist extraordinaire.

For questions about the nick, see the Space
Quest 1 death list by the same author.


Fact File

The entry structure is the same than it is in the game.

1. History

1.1. The Catastrophe
"Catastrophe, The." On June 6, 1996, a mysterious explosion destroyed the
Chernoton research facility near Moscow. The explosion released a biological
weapon called "Lucifer-Alpha," which had been under development by the old
Soviet Regime, into the atmosphere, creating the greatest biohazard in
history. Within one week, the bacteria spread throughout Eastern Europe
and Eurasia, killing 80% of the population there. Six months later, 
"Lucifer-Alpha" suddenly mutated into a non-lethal form.
Northern Eurasia, now an unpopulated wasteland, was designated and remains
a United Nations Neutral Zone to prevent unauthorized exploitation.
Since the disaster, which has become known simply as "The Catastrophe,"
hundreds of research papers have been published purporting to reveal its
causes, but the real reason behind it remains unknown.

1.2. World War III
"World War III. (2010 - 2011)" On August 8, 2010, 14 years after "The
Catastrophe," war broke out over possession of Northern Eurasia, left
uninhabited by the disaster.
Conservative Soviet leaders who managed to survive "The Catastrophe" received
military support from China and launched an invasion of the region.
Nevertheless, Western evonomic sanctions forced the Chinese to withdraw this
support, leading to victory for Western forces.
Ending just six months after it began, this conflict
has become known as the "Half-Year War".

1.3. Siberian Neutral Zone
"Siberian Neutral Zone, The" Left uninhabited by "The Catastrophe," the United
Nations has controlled the bulk of Siberian territory for the past 50 years,
prohibiting any outside interference. Aftereffects of "Lucifer-Alpha"
contamination are expected to prevent any plant or animal life from
flourishing there for the next 50 years. In order to prevent reoccurence of
something like "World War III," the United Nations has set-up extensive
monitoring stations on the borders of the region.

1.4. Nuclear Elimination
"Elimination of Nuclear Weapons" Beginning with the INF (Intermediate Nuclear
Forces) treaty in 1987, strategic and theater nuclear weapons were steadily
reduced. The threat of nucleawr war was further reduced by the IAEA's
(International Atomic Energy Agency) implementation of its "Military-Use
Nuclear Material Manufacturing Cessation Accord," which enforced the disposal
of all military-use nuclear material at the beginning of this century.

1.5. Witch Hunt
"Witch Hunts (a.k.a. Bioroid Hunts)" A social phenomenon caused by the
SNATCHER problem. A form of group violence involving the lynching of numerous
innocent individuals who were believed to be bioroid SNATCHERS in reality. In
general, individuals of lower social standing were the targets of the attacks.
Named after the medieval witch hunts which took in Salem, Massachusetts,
U.S.A., due to the similarity of the two occurences.
The phenomenon underscored the "North-South" rift of modern society, a form of
revulsion at the growing poverty problem. Well-to-do groups from the north
attacked slum dwellers in the southern regions, resulting in great loss of
life to individuals who had no connection to the SNATCHER menace. The problem
died out when it became clear that SNATCHERS only targeted individuals of high
social standing.

2. Concerning Junker

2.1. Organization

2.1.1. Official Name
"Junker". Full Organizational Name:
 Japanese Undercover
 Neuro-Kinetic Elimination

[Neuro-Kinetic? Well, it's better than what Snatcher SD says... - Kiz]

2.1.2. Junker Chronology
"Junker Agency History".
April, 2047:
 National Police Agency forms special team to deal with SNATCHER problem.
May, 2047:
 Goverment Intelligence Agencies establish investigative science team to
 research SNATCHER activities and devise solutions.
August, 2047:
 Police and Goverment organizations are formally combined into new agency,
 called Junker. New group is organizationally overseen by the goverment
 intelligence agencies.

2.1.3. Organization
"Junker Agency Organization". Staff classifications:
Chief (or head), Engineer, OPERATOR, Runner (investigator), and Navigator
(support robot). Related group - "Junk Team". "Engineer" is responsible for
development and maintenance of all Junker support equipment. "OPERATOR" is
responsible for management of data transmitted from the field by "navigators"
as well as day-to-day operation of HQ facilities. "Chief" is in charge of
judgement of overall situation and assignment of duties to "tunners".
"Runners" are responsible for carrying out actual investigations of SNATCHER
activities with the assistance of "Navigator" robots. This post is
exceptionally dangerous. "Junk Team" is responsible for clean-up and data
gathering at sites where "Runners" have dispatched SNATCHERS.

2.1.4. Staff
Junker Staff
(as of Dec. 2047)
Benson Cunningham
- Chief
Jean Jack Gibson
- Runner
Harry Benson
- Engineer
Mika Slayton
Gillian Seed
- Runner (newly assigned)
Lewis Gilmore
- Runner (KIA)
Sergio Grazzio
- Runner (KIA)
David Johnson
- Runner (RETIRED)
Shultz Descartes
- Runner (KIA)

2.2. HQ Facilities
"Junker Headquarters Layout":
Front Hallway;
Agency Chief's Office;
Engineering Room;
Shooting Range (Junker's Eye practice system);
Detective's Room;
Computer Room (A.I. Computer Jordan);
Turbocycle Parking Lot.

2.3. HQ Data
"Junker Offices"
 Konami Omni Bldg., 150th Fl. MT-732 Port Island
 Central Ward, Neo Kobe 1229-0715 JAPAN
Konami Omni Bldg.:
 165 floors above ground,
 35 below.
 - 630 meters.
Videophone Number:

2.4. Junker Bylaws
"Junker Five Bylaws". A Junker's actions are
covered by the following five bylaws:
(1) The purpose of the Junker Agency is to eliminate bioroid SNATCHERS.
(2) A Junker, even in the course of carrying
out (1), must not harm innocent civilians.
(3) In accordance with Civil Code 18, Section 12, "SNATCHERS and the
Protection of Citizens' Rights," in the absence of irrefutable evidence
that a subject is a SNATCHER, no subject may be physically investigated
or restrained.
(4) A Junker is required in accordance with sub-section 3 of the investigative
code, to assist and support civilian bounty hunters.
(5) In order to carry out (1), a Junker is allowed the use of a blaster, and
a navigator, and a turbocycle.

2.5. Scanning Permit
"Scanning Warrant". In accordance with Civil Code 18, Section 12, "SNATCHERS
and the Protection of Citizens' Rights," civilians have the right to deny
Junkers permission to directly analyze (scan) their physical person. Direct
scanning of a subject is permitted only by issuance of a scanning warrant by
the appropriate court. As such, user of navigators' sensors of other
instruments to scan a suspect is strictly prohibited unless the attending
officer (runner) is in possession of such a warrant.

2.6. Runner's Equipment

2.6.1. Items Junker Card
A personal identification card designed exclusively for Junkers, containing
an integrated IC chip upon which is stored crucial personal information about
the holder, such as their DNA pattern. Junker Coat
A heavy-duty trench coat designed for runners, constructed with alamid fiber
fabrics and flexion armor components. The use of two forms of alamid fibers
(heat-resisting forms capable of withstanding 800 Celsius, and penetration
resistant forms, capable of supporting 50 kg over a 0.1mm area) make the
coat's extreme durability possible.
Flexion armor installed around vital organ areas helps protect the wearer
against physical blows or external pressure. Use of these materias makes
manufacture to exact specification of wearer necessary. Junker Belt
Constructed with shape-retaining polymers, ceramics and flexible plastics. The
buckle contains a high-voltage shock generator to stun adversaries in
emergency situations. Artificial Skin Spray
Developed with protein engineering biochemical technologies, this spray, when
applied to exposed skin, provides high-levels of protection, including
resistance to heat and physical blows. While oxygen transfer can take plac,
sweat and other waste matter cannot be expelled, limiting continuous usage of
the spray to 24 hours. Junkers Blood
Runners have adopted the following two blood transfusion techniques for
lowering the risk of death due to injuries suffered in the line of duty.
(1) Artificial Blood Exchange. Artificial blood is supplied to an injured
runner while their natural blood is withdrawn and then duplicated through
bio-genetic culturing techniques. When sufficient quantities of their natural
blood are available, the two blood types are swapped once again. While
artificial blood can be produced in unlimited quantities, making it useful
in cases of massive blood loss, it's ion structure places strain on the
recipient's organs, making prolonged use inadvisable. (2) Self-Donation
(Personal Blood Bank) Runners collect their own blood through regular
donation. This blood is mixed with a nutrient solution, concentrated, and
stored at minus 42 Celsius. In an emergency, the blood is flash-thawed and
returned to its "owner". Junker's Rush
A type of chewing gum supplied to Junkers with adrealine crystals incorporated
into the gum base. Its use in World War III as an emergency adrealine
supplier gained widespread attention. Use of the gum allows a Junker in an
emergency situation to temporarily boost their reflexes, accuracy and
strength. Extended continuous use creates extreme depression and fatigue.
Its effects are similar to the burst of superhuman power occasionally
observed in persons caught in extreme circumstances, such as fires, and
other accidents.

2.6.2. Navigator
A personal support robot designed to assist a Junker with their investigation.
Navigators are programmed with the needs of their actual users in mind. For
example, runners who suffer from tension relatively easily are given
navigators programmed to calm them down, etc. Navigators are equipped with
a variety of sensors to aid in the detection of possible danger. In addition,
these sensors can be used to perform direct physical scanning of suspected
SNATCHERS if a scanning warrant has been issued. Navigators are programmed to
ignore orders to scan suspects if a warrant has not been granted.

2.6.3. Turbocycle
A land/air vehicle used by Junkers. Three wheels are available for Ground
travel; wheels are retracted during Jet powered hover or full-flight mode.
Vechile's on-board computer is linked to city's traffic network, permitting
completely automatic operation. Manual operation also available. On-board
computer assists driver during manual operation depending on their
flight/driving abilities. Automatic computer-takeover feature installed to
help prevent accidents in emergency situations.

2.6.4. Blaster
The only firearm capable of eliminating SNATCHERS. Carbon polymer/ceramic
construction offers very light weight and almost complete resistance to
heat, resulting in near-perfect shape retention. Grip and trigger shape are
ergonomically designed from cast of user's hand to maximize comfort and
accuracy. Neural feedback circuitry adjusts weapon to user's capabilities,
allowing nearly unlimited improvement in markmanship skills.

3.1. Concerning SNATCHERS

3.1.1. Insector
"Insectors". Spider-shaped probe/security robots used by SNATCHERS.
Thread-like sensor apparatus deployed from rear of robot triggers
needle gun attack if touched or approached. Micro-jet powered; known
to jump.
 30 cm.
 500 g.
Specimens recovered for study by "Junk Team" invariably self-destruct,
preventing further analysis.

3.1.2. Distinguishing Features
"SNATCHER Charasteristics".
(1) SNATCHERS operate almost exclusively
at night and during the winter months.
(2) SNATCHERS only snatch VIP's. Their ultimate goal appears not to be
the snatch itself, but some secondary effect of it.
(3) SNATCHERS targets are restricted by their physical size. While they can
adjust the size of their major body areas, these adjustments are limited. As
such, their victims are exclusively persons of 150-180 cm in height. This
makes snatching of children, the elderly, etc., impossible.
(4) SNATCHER weapons: a mouth-firing laser cannon.
(5) Weak point: Thin, slit portions of their skull armor which make head size
adjustment possible.

3.1.3. Chronology
"SNATCHER History".
Dec. 22, 2044: First contact. A bioroid's remains are recovered from the
wreckage of SRS flight 4003, which crashed in the Rokko Mountain range.
Feb. 18, 2045: A SNATCHER which had killed and replaced ("snatched") the
mayor of Neo Kobe, B. O'Connor, is captured, but self-destructs during
transport. In December, Neo Kobe is thrown into a panic over the problem.
The "Witch Hunts" take place as people try to uncover and destroy
imagined SNATCHERS.
Nov. 3, 2047: A well-known KBC newscaster is revealed to be a SNATCHER and
terminated. The remains self-destruct, preventing further analysis.
Nov. 15, 2047: The leader of a prominent revolutionary religious group is
determined to be a SNATCHER. During pursuit, the SNATCHER's car crashes,
destroying it in the resulting fire.
Nov. 20, 2047: The former president of a biotechnology firm is uncovered
as a SNATCHER and terminated. During transport, the remains are stolen.

3.1.4. Bounty Hunter
"Bounty Hunter Program". In order to elicit civilian support in the effort to
combat SNATCHERS, the goverment instituted the following reward program: All
eligible voters of Neo Kobe were given the right to register as bounty 
hunters. Registration involves a few simple tests and procedures (firearm
lisence, psychological profile, Junker test, etc.) Actual rewards for
SNATCHER termination depend on the individual circumstances. Goverment also
provides numerous insurance benefits for those injured or killed trying to
terminate a SNATCHER.

4. Concerning Neo Kobe

4.1. Neo Kobe Data
"Neo Kobe City Statistics"
Total Population:
 5.83 mil.
Ethnic Groups:
Japanese, 30%;
Chinese, 24%;
American, 10%;
West European, 5%;
East European, 11%;
Hispanic, 5%;
Jewish, 5%;
Philippine, 3%;
Other, 7%.
Unregistered Population:
 1.2 mil. (est.)
Total Area:

4.2. Neo Kobe History
"Development of the City" Construction to link major man-made islands of the
Inland Sea begins near the end of the 20th century. Plan to link the five
major blocks into one large metropolis -- "Neo Kobe" -- is promoted in early
21st century. Plan is completed 10 years later in conjunction with Kobe expo.
City launched as a major new "hub" for Asia, and experiences heavy
immigration. By 2045, city becomes known as "Neo Crowbar" due to its infamy
as the city with the world's highest crime rate.

4.3. Kobe Bridge
"Kobe Bridge" Complete quarantine of Neo Kobe is launched on December 1,
2047 as a method of preventing the spread of the SNATCHER menace. All land,
sea and air links to the city, except for Kobe Bridge, are cut and patrolled
by the military. Passage over Kobe bridge requires a goverment issued pass
and numerous, thorough checks.

4.4. Alpha-One
The mother computer system which unifies and oversees administration of Neo
Kobe. Developed via sophisticated networking of hundreds of separate systems
in the city. A high-speed "neuro-computer" capable of mimicking human thought
and reasoning patterns. Maintains extensive files on all individuals,
corporations, and groups within the city. Also manages the day-to-day
operation of the city's financical, distribution and transport systems.
Alpha-One program maintenance is coordinated by Konami Software's
Project Development Division, Sub-group #48. Videophone number 30-1234.

4.5. Snow 9
A crystalline form of pollen created using genetic manipulation techniques.
Developed for military use, it disrupts nearly all radio transmission. It is
poisonous to humans. In large quantities, it can cause symptoms similar to
respiratory arrest, while even small quantities cause allergy-like symptoms,
such as sneezing and runny noses. Larger than ordinary pollen, the crystals
are visible to the naked eye and appear similar to snow, hence the name.
The pollen creates enviromental problems as well, and vegetation producing
it was destroyed in large quantities after the war to avoid them.
Nevertheless, it is re-emerging in tropical regions, as well as those
sub-tropical regions where water supplies are plentiful, such as near rivers.
At present, the only known area affected in Neo Kobe is in the vicinity of
the Ina River. As the pollen appeared in Neo Kobe only after the first
presence of SNATCHERS was confirmed, the relationship between the two is
currently under careful investigation.

4.6. STBO
A mysterious disease which originated in France around 2035. The first
patient in Neo Kobe was recorded in the summer of 2040. At present, between
50,000 and 100,000 residents of Neo Kobe are believed infected. STBO victims
develop fever, joint and muscle pain, diarrhea, lymph node inflammation,
tremors and pneumonia, with over 60% dying from the disease. Transmission is
via bodily fluids such as blood, saliva and semen and generally spread by
sexual contact or hypodermic needles, particularily when unsterilized ones
are used for the injection of illegal drugs.
Similarities to the disease AIDS, which emerged some 55 years ago, led
researchers to believe at one time that STBO was a mutated form of the AIDS
virus, but the two have since been shown to be unrelated. There is still no
treatment or cure. Public discomfort about the disease and concerns about
whether others close to them are carriers has noticeably increased the level
of suspicion in the general population, and significantly harmed
interpersonal communication. In many ways, this trend has made detection
of SNATCHERS more difficult.

4.7. Liquid Sky
A recently developed, new type of hallucinogen derived from alkaloids. Usage
is via injection, either under the skin, or directly into a vein. The drug
directly stimulates the user's nervous and lymbic system, creating a strong
sense of excitement as well as hallucinations. Additional effects include
lowering the user's sensitivity to feelings of worry, doubt or fear. The
drug soared in popularity among young people during the late 2040s. Regular
use causes changes in brain tissue synapses which can result in impaired
nervous function if use is prolonged.

4.7. Black Market
The underground market in Neo Kobe. Vast numbers of products, both legal
and illegal are available at cut-rate prizes. Chinese immigrants with
excellent business and marketing skills contributed greatly to the market's
growth during its early years. Some experts believe its size now exceeds that
of a regular marketplace. The market had mainly served to meet the needs
of immigrants from the mainland and illegal aliens, but the wide variety
of merchandise and low prizes now attract many regular customers from the
general population, severely hurting the business of traditional merchants.
The largest organization in Neo Kobe in the market is the so-called "Plato's
Cavern" area.

5. Concerning Transportation

5.1. Tube-Liner
A linear motion train utilizing superconducting mangets for propulsion.
The system was the backbone of transport in Neo Kobe for 30 years after the
war, but was scrapped due to the spread of slums in the South, and the
introduction of automated traffic control via central computer. The original
plan was for trains to travel in near-vacuum tunnels to reduce air resistance
to almost zero, but high-costs and the weak foundations of the reclaimed land
in the city prevented realization. The abandoned tunnels of the system still
exist, demolition efforts have been hampered by propery ownership disputes
and the weak foundations.

5.2. Automatic Traffic System
A system which maintains the entire transportation network of Neo Kobe,
including land, air and water routes, via direct computer control of traffic
flow by the Alpha-One mother computer system. In particular, the system's
ASV (Automatic Safe Vehicle) routines work to prevent traffic accidents and
congestion. They have boosted the efficiency of ground transport, in
particular, to levels not dreamed of in the 20th century. The system has
eliminated the need for public transportation.

5.3. Black Taxi
A term referring to illegal, manned taxis. The word "taxi" susually refers
to government operated, computer-controlled, unmanned vehicles. However such
taxis, requiring personal identification to board, only operate in areas
designated as "municipal data administration districts". They generate
records of where customers board and get out, thus making their use
impossible or impractical for many immigrants and illegal aliens. On the
other hand "black taxis" require no identification and go anywhere, making
them extremely popular. As such, government officials have decided that the
"black taxis", though illegal, have formed such a sophisticated organization
throughout the city that they cannot be ignored any longer and plans are
being studied which would legalize their operation.

6. Culture-Science

6.1. Science

6.1.1. Space Development
Plans were made in the late 20th century to develop space resources for the
betterment of mankind, but global warming, The Catastrophe, and other factors
which harmed the environment speeded this trend significantly. The
construction of the U.S. space station "Freedom" as well as the development
of successful fusion-based propulsion represented ernomous steps forward in
this effort. As present, a helium-3 mine to provide fuel for fusion rockets
is under development on the moon. In addition, the "New Promised Land"
project to create permanent colonies on Mars is in advanced stages.

6.1.2. Mars Research Chronology
"Mars Research Chronology" Aug., 1988: The Phobos Project. Phobos 1 & 2,
launched by the former Soviet Union, explore Mars and its two moons, Phobos
and Deimos. Oct., 1989: Mars Observer, launched by the U.S., studies the
planet's atmosphere and soil. Apr., 1997: Pesta Project. Unmanned probe
retrieves data on Mars, asteroids and comets. Project initiated by Eastern
European nations, but The Catastrophe forces transfer of the project to the
U.S. Dec., 2005: Construction begins on "Wells Project," an unmanned robot
production facility on Mars. Jun., 2010: First satellite put into permanent
Mars orbit. Jul., 2015: Construction begins on experimental manned base,
"Le Guin". Nov. 2022: Construction begins on Mars space port, Moorcock".
Jun, 2025: Completion of early manned base, "Herbert". Dec., 2030: First
full-scale Mars base, "Vonnegut," begins operations. Jan., 2035: Operations
begin at "Asimov," the first mine on Mars.

6.1.3. Mars Greening Project
"The Mars Greening Project". A project to turn the barren planet into a lush,
green world like Earth. Initially, large reflecting mirrors will be placed in
orbit to reflect heat radiation back down to the planet. Simultaneously,
greenhouse gasses will be released into the Martian atmosphere. By warming
the planet, conditions which allow yeast and other bacteria to flourish
are established. Following this, the oxygen given off by these bacteria will
be employed to make conditions favorable for higher forms of life. The vast
underground deposits of frozen water, the existence of which was discovered
by earlier bases on the planet, have moved this project from the realm of
fantasy, into likely reality. At present, phrases like "Turn the Red Planet
Green," and "Mars: The New Promised Land" represent the energy that those
involved are putting into the project. Phase one of the project, the
installation of reflecting mirrors around the planet, is currently scheduled
for 2049. A rocket carrying the first immigration investigative team to
Mars, the "Beagle Jerusalem," was launched just last week.

6.1.4. Biocommunication
"Biocommunication" Communication without language by mechanically detecting
and encoding the organic responses of chemical and other products given off
by living organisms. The technique is hoped to provide a way for humans to
communicate with other species some day, but logistical obstacles have
limited it to scientist's one-way observations at this point. PPET scans of
the brains of vertebrates using these techniques have led science to a
nearly full understanding of the structure of these animals' consciousness.

6.1.5. Dreamcoder
"Dreamcoder" A device for recording human dreams. Pick-up of brain waves
allows for playback which recreates distinct sights, sounds and physical
sensations. However, regulations prohibit playback by other than a licensed
councelor or psychologist. Recordings are not legally admissible as evidence
in a court of law.

6.2. Culture-Sports

6.2.1. Bio-Zoo
A museum of living genes, featuring live animals (endangered or extinct
species only), recreated through genetic manipulation. Created by the
International Union for the Conversation of Nature (ICUN) in order to
recreate and culture extinct mammal and bird species. Besides caring for
living animals, the museum operates a library of frozen genetic samples.
Successful birth of a unicorn in '47 (natural delivery) drew widespread
attention. The baby unicorn has also been adopted as Neo Kobe's mascot.

6.2.2. Robo Musical
A musical performed by humanoid robots. As each robot's expressions and
movements are sampled from actual actors, there is virtually no difference
between their performances and that of live actors. The popularity of this
art form no doubt lies in the technology's ability to change the performers
with a simple software modification, including the ability to inject long
dead, classical actors into modern roles. The big hit of '47 has so far been
"The Phantom of the Opera".

6.2.3. Purse-Pet
Genetically engineered marsupials which function as pets or handbags. Their
added value of being able to carry around personal belongings led to a huge
boom in these animals in the early 2040's. Originally designed for a
television commericial, their subsequent widespread media exposure touched
off huge sales. Several firms became involved in a copyright dispute over
the animals' design, but their popularity waned when the Society for the
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals complained of the slave-like treatment many
owners gave their "living luggage".

6.2.4. Neo Kobe Pizza
A popula food item said to have been born by accident when a Japanese student
accidentally dropped his pizza in someone's soup. The floating shape
apparently reminded him of the island of Neo Kobe in the sea, hence the name.
Scores of different varieties are available by combining different toppings
and soups. NEO KOBE Pizza is beginning to gain popularity internationally
as well.

6.2.5. Retinal fortune telling
A high-tech form of divination which purports to read a person's future from
the pattern of blood vessels on the retina of the eye. Like fingerprints and
voice prints, this "art" gains its popularity from the fact that all
individual's patterns are unique.

6.2.6. Air surfing
A sport which is enjoying tremendous recent popularity among young people.
When conventional surfing became impossible due to heavy contamination of the
sea around the city, a local university's Air Sciences department developed
the new board and wave generator.
With just moderate protective gear, a board and the air wave generator,
anyone can enjoy the sport. Popularity has been centered among young people
of the slum districts. As winds and weather have no effect on use,
competitions and tournaments have been held year-round in cities throughout
the country.

6.2.7. Dragon Horse
A sport involving the use of a winged horse developed through bioengineering.
Originally popular among the british upper class, participants compete for
the longest time and distance flown. Developed from ponies, these "Dragon
Horses," are only capable of 50 meters of so of continuous flight. The first
official competition took place in Neo Kobe in 2045. The winner, an entrant
invited from overseas (Oracion Highlander breed), managed a 30-second flight
covering 80 meters.

7. Politics

7.1. City Isolation Policy
"Neo Kobe Quarantine"
The government, fearing mainland SNATCHER infiltration from Neo Kobe,
designated the city a contaminated zone and ordered the closure of all
land, sea and air links, excluding the Kobe Bridge. The policy was enacted on
December 1, 2047. While the policy appears to have so far prevented any
spread of the problem to the mainland, it has exacerbated the isolation
of the city itself, without contributing to a comprehensive solution to
the SNATCHER menace.

7.2. North-South problem
Since the 2025 declaration of Neo Kobe as an "immigrant's paradise," vast
numbers of foreigners from countries throughout Southeast Asia have moved
to the city. Nevertheless, this has increased the asset distribution gap
between rich and poor and contributed to the social and ethnic splintering
of the populace. The problem is best illustrated by the concentration of
relatively wealthy, long-time residents in the city's northern zones, versus
the relatively poor, mainly immigrant population centered in the cities
newly reclaimed, southern regions. The trend was spurred by The Catastrophe,
which created vast waves of new immigrants who developed this "underground"
society, effectively splitting the city into two distinct groups or
cultures, that of the North and the South.

7.3. Freemen
Individuals who have managed to erase all record of their own existence from
public and private databases and live without fixed residences. Also known
as "freemen". Not to be confused with "homeless" who have been forced into
their condition by economic misfortune. In modern, information-controlled
society, the lack of computer records on any given individual is tantamount
to that individual's non-existence. The recent increase in their numbers has
begun to contribute to crime and labor difficulties in the city. Many of the
individuals who choose this lifestyle are former workers in computer-related
and data management industries. Their presence underscores one of the major
shortcomings of society's current dependence on centralized data control and
management. Most of these individuals live in regions of the city which are
not "muncipial data administration districts," or in the old tunnels of the
abandoned Tube-Liner system.

7.4. Immigrant Problem
The Catastrophe created vast quantities of Eurasian refuges who spread
throughout the world creating a massive global immigrant problem. Chinese
form the largest sub-group, and over 2,000,000 have found their way to Japan
in at least five waves. Neo Kobe, touting its status as an "immigrants'
paradise" at the time, was the logical goverment choice as the area for them
to resettle. As a result, the Chinese percentage of the population grew to
become second only to Japanese, but the majority of these individuals have
ended up living in the slum districts of the city's southern regions.
Dissatisfied with these conditions and the perceived lack of any goverment
effort to rectify them, they have their own "underground" society, which
is now far too large of an organization for the "legitimate" government to

7.5. Outer Districts
Neo Kobe can be divided into two distinct areas. Those regions where satellite
and fiber-optic cable networks are used to manage all forms of data, the
so-called "muncipial data administration districts," and the mainly slum
regions which are not under such control and oversight. Individual who cannot
get personal guarantees or identification invariably concentrate in the latter
regions as the lack of such ID prevents social functioning in the controlled
regions of the city. No forms of cards or credit are accepted in these areas;
cash is the only currency. While government proposals to remedy the situation
have been discussed for a number of years, debate over implementation methods,
civil rights and the like has prevented any actual progress from being made.
Approximately 30% of the city's total area is officially recognized as falling
outside of the municipial data administration districts, and at least another
10% is believed to be similarily beyond government control, though not yet
designated as such.


I.D. File

The entries are in alphabetical order, sorted by their first name
(at least hopefully; I've no Japanese skills whatsoever) due to the
structure of Jordan's search interface.
Note that as an easter egg, the file contains info about several of
the game's designers. Their names have been bracketed.

Alice Gibson
Housewife (deceased)
Age (at time of death): 40.
Height: 165 cm.
Weight: 55 kg.
Blood type: B-
Family: Husband - Jean Jack, age 55, daughter - Katrina, age 18.
Killed Jan. 7, 2046 by a SNATCHER during the bioroid panic of the same year.

Benson Cunningham
Chief, Junker Agency.
Age: 46.
Hgt: 180 cm.
Wgt: 75 kg.
Blood type: B+
Leads special anti-SNATCHER force, "Fox Hound" before being named Junker
Chief. Also served as tactical instructor in Fox Hound special force in 20s.
Participiated in 2033 Wellington Olympics in Judo.

David Johnson
(retired: 10/19/2047)
Johnson, along with Sergio Grazzio, was investigating reports of SNATCHER
activity at the Neo Kobe Seed Garden. Grazzio was killed, but Johnson
escaped with a serious wound. He is currently diagnosed as a "vegetable"
with no chance of recovery.
Gillian Seed
Cannot execute request...
You do not possess a high enough security clearance to view this data.
A minimium Class 7 ID is necessary to open this data gate.

Harry Benson
Engineer, Junker Agency
Age: 55
Hgt: 168 cm.
Wgt: 65 kg.
Blood type: 0-
Marritial status: Single.
Background: Originally member of government science team to combat SNATCHERS
before its combination with police team to form Junker Agency. Parents die
in The Catastrophe; Harry taken into government custody. Earns Ph.D. from
Michigan State University at age 14. Gains widespread attention for his
development of weapons during World War III. Joins NASA following war and
contributes to ramjet engine development team. 3 Nobel Prizes. 1 Fields Prize.

[Hidenari Inamura]
Birthday: 11/25/1967
Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
Blood type: A+
Personality: Drowsy
Nickname: "PURI"
Favorite game: Wizardry
Message: Nowhere on the Earth, nowhere in the sky.
Videophone number: 44-3723

[Hideo Kojima] (ID file submitted by Brandon Daiker - Thanks!)
Birthday: 8/24/1963
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Blood type: Aa
Personality: 3rd Generation family man
Nickname: "Ojama"
Favorite game: Zabika
Message: "SNATCHER" has crossed the sea!  I hope you all enjoy it a lot!

Isabella Velvet
Age: 24.
Height: 175 cm.
Blood type: O+.
Popular actress in holographic and virtual reality movies. Seen dancing at
club "Outer Heaven" by director Ridley Scotty and made debut in one of his
works. Won Best Actress award at Kobe International Film Festival in 2045.
Special Judges Award at Cannes in 2046. Nominated for Best Actress Academy
Award in 2046 and '47. Holographic appearances: Indecent Proposition (2044),
Kiss of the Honey Bee (2045), The Other Side of Sadness (2046). Virtual
Reality appearances: Catch Her in the Rye (2045), Star Luster (2046), Naked
Pistol (2046).

Jamie Seed
Cannot execute request...
You do not possess a high enough security clearance to view this data.
A minimium Class 7 ID is necessary to open this data gate.

Jean Jack Gibson
Runner, Junker Agency
Age: 55.
Height: 185 cm.
Weight: 78 kg.
Blood type: O+
Family: Wife - Alice (deceased), daughter - Katrina, age 18. Officer in Police
Science Division since 2015. Wife killed by SNATCHER in bioroid panic of 2046;
requests and is granted transfer to Junker Agency.

[Jeremy Blaustein]
Birthday: 6/7/1966
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Blood type: O+
Personality: Irritable; Prone to manic jabbering
Nickname: "Crabgrass baby"
Favorite game: Ogre battle
Message: In the wee hours, I'll meet you down by Dun Ringill
Videophone Number: 41-6766

Katrina Gibson
Age: 18
Height: 160 cm.
Weight: 43 kg.
Blood type: O-
Only daughter of Jean Jack Gibson. Won "Miss Seventeen" contest in 2046.
Currently a popular model in holographic advertisements.
Dislikes: Identifiable by heart-shaped birthmark on inner thigh.

Lewis Gilmore
(KIA: 10/13/2047)
Honored as the first Junker to die in the line of duty. Killed while
attempting to question uninendified Asian male, believed to be a

[Masanori Adachi]
Birthday: 5/25/1959
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Blood Type: ?
Personality: No comment
Nickname: Nothing
Favorite game: Nothing
Message: Welcome to Cyberspace.

Mika Slayton
Administrative Asst., Junker Agency.
Age: 23.
Hgt: 167 cm.
Wgt: 55 kg.
Blood type: A+.
Marritial status: Single.
Graduated from Kobe City University with dual major in Criminal Psychology
and Muncipial Data Management. Worked at Kobe Crime Research Lab before
moving to Junker Agency. Handled numerous unusual cases at the lab and solved
them by using the dangerous technique of attaining complete sympatico with
the criminals, but psychological stress from the job led her to resign.
Recommendation from Junker Chief led to her joining the Agency.

[Mitsuhiro Togo]
Birthday: 1/21/1965
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Blood type: 0xaB
Personality: Short attention span
Nickname: "Duke"
Favorite game: Scramble
Message: Sorry for causing everyone on the team a lot of trouble by
sticking my nose in everything? Enjoy the game!
Videophone number: 44-6454

[Moai Sasaki]
Birthday: 2/20/191
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Blood Type: B
Personality: Normal on the outside, but a real mess on the inside.
Nickname: "Mr. Moai"
Favorite game: F1 Spirit
Message: Rest in peace, Mr. Adachi!
Videophone Number: 79-6641

Napoleon Bonaparte
(1769 - 1821), aka Napoleon I, aka "The Little Corporal". Emperor of the
French (1804-1814). A brilliant military strategist, he deposed the French
Directory (1799) and proclaimed himself first counsel, saying the famous
line "The revolution is ended". Later, he proclaims himself emperor (1804).
His military and political might gripped Continental Europe but failed to
encompass Great Britain. After a disastrous winter campaign in Russia (1812),
he was forced to abdicate by a coalition of French marshals (1814).
Having been exiled to the islend of Elba, he escaped, briefly regained power,
and was ultimately fefeated at Waterloo (1815) and exiled for life to the
island of St. Helena, ending his final "100 day reign". His codification of
laws, the Napoleonic Code, still forms the basis of French civil law.

[Satoshi Kushibuchi]
Birthday: 5/14/1963
Zodiac Sign: Taurus
Blood type: B
Presonality: Gentle
Nickname: "Butcher"
Favorite game: "Life"
Message: I want to be in the Honolulu Marathon!
Videophone Number: 33-3333

Sergio Grazzio
(KIA: 10/19/2047)
Grazzio was found dead at the Neo Kobe Seed Garden, with a small sapling
stuffed down his throat. Although Grazzio was pronounced DOA, the tree
was saved.

Shultz Descartes
(KIA: 10/22/2047)
Descartes and entire family were murdered in a bloody massacre at their
home in what appeared to be revenge after Descartes eliminated a
SNATCHER the day before.


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