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    FAQ/Move List by GBugher

    Updated: 12/02/94 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Mac users: this file is easiest to read in an 80-character-per-line non-
    proportional font, such as Courier.  
    			The FINAL Mortal Kombat II Hint File
    			   Last Modified December 2, 1994
    			 Copyright (c) 1994 by Grant Bugher
    This is the NINTH EDITION of the FINAL Mortal Kombat II Hint File.  This 
    file is freely distributed and may be uploaded or copied in ORIGINAL, 
    UNMODIFIED FORM (electronic or paper) without compensating the author.  
    This version is only slightly changed from the 9/23/94 Ninth Edition.
    EVERY TIME YOU DO THEM RIGHT.  I didn't put any so-called "unconfirmed"
    (i.e. probably imaginary) moves in here.  If one doesn't work, it's because
    you didn't do it right. :)  Everyone has a friendship, a pit fatal, and a 
    babality.  To "charge" a button means to hold it down.  This file is for 
    the arcade v3.1 of Mortal Kombat II.  A few things here will not work in 
    v2.1, and MANY of them will not work in revisions before 2.1.  Now, most 
    moves lists are all correct, but when I started this list, it was about the 
    only one that wasn't full of imaginary moves that the author made up or heard 
    about but never bothered to try and see if it worked.  Incidentally, these 
    moves will also work with perfectly with the SNES version of MK2, and most of
    them will work on the Genesis with some modification -- you'll have to figure 
    out what buttons to press, because they changed many of them.
    Babalities and Friendships can be preformed anywhere on the screen.  Pit 
    fatals (fatality uppercuts) can be preformed only at close range, on The Pit 
    stage or the Kombat Room stage.  All other fatalities have a certain range 
    you have to stand at to do them.  These ranges are at the end of each
    fatality line below, in parentheses:
      Close       Running right into them.  Like if you were doing an uppercut.
      Sweep       The furthest away you can stand and still sweep someone.
      Half-screen This one's self-explanatory.
      Far         Clear across the screen from the dude.
      Anywhere    Pick a spot.  
    Moves that have an * in the left column are MUCH easier to do if you hold
    down block, but this is optional.  (For example, Liu Kang's Cartwheel or
    Baraka's Friendship).  
    For those of you who don't know, Babalities change your opponent into a baby
    and Friendships do some cheesy nice thing to your opponent (totally non-
    lethal) to finish up the round.  Collectively, fatalities, babalities, and 
    friendships are usually referred to by people (and always referred to by me) 
    as "Finishing Moves."
    Please send E-Mail if you have any additions, corrections, or comments 
    about this list.  I am Vylanis on America Online, and my Internet address is
    						  - Vylanis
    P.S. Also check out the other FINAL lists, like the FINAL Mortal Kombat Hint 
    File v3 or the FINAL Killer Instinct Hint File v1.
    B = Back      HP = High Punch      
    F = Forward   LP = Low Punch       
    D = Down      BL = Block           
    U = Up                             
    A Comma (HK, HP) means to hit one button, then the other.  A plus (HK + HP) 
    means to push both buttons at the same time. A plus and parentheses, like
    HK + (LP, HP) means to hold down one button and press the others. "to", like
    in "D to F, HP" means to start with the first direction and "roll" the 
    joystick to the second, similar to the movement in throwing a fireball in 
    Street Fighter II.
    		   ----- NORMAL MOVES (for everyone) -----
    Sweep                B + LK        High Punches do more damage than Low
    Roundhouse           B + HK        Punches, but Low Punches can hit ducking
    Uppercut             D + HP        opponents.  Kicks do more damage than
    Throw                F + LP        either, but you can rapid-fire punches.
    Power Punch          F, HP         Power Punches do more damage than regular
    			  ----- SPECIAL TRICKS -----
    When it says "Finish Him!" on the Dead Pool stage, if you hold LP + LK and 
    do an uppercut, you will knock your opponent into the acid.  When the 
    skeleton floats to the surface, hold the joystick Down and it (the skeleton)
    will say something, possibly "Hello!" with a British accent.  
    On the player select screen, pressing Up + Start while in your corner (Liu   
    Kang for Player 1 or Reptile for Player 2) will cause the computer to 
    randomly select a character for you.  This makes 2-player games more fair.
    While no one is playing, press down on both joysticks to see the high score
    On the Battle: ## Screen (where it shows the name of the battle zone and 
    pictures of the two selected characters), press Down + HP on BOTH CONTROLLERS
    to disable throwing for the match.  This is for two-player only, of course.
    If you do the Pit Fatal in the Kombat Room, knocking the opponent onto the   
    spikes, press down on both joysticks before the opponent hits the ceiling. 
    He will slide off the spikes and hit the ground.
    In the SNES version only, you can enter a 2-player tournament mode.  On the 
    screen where you select between "Start" and "Options," hold L and R and hit
    the Start button.  It will allow each player to select 4 characters, which 
    will then fight in succession (like MK1's Endurance Rounds.)
    			   ----- SPECIAL MOVES -----
    Spark                D to B, HP
    Blade Slice          B + HP               
    Blade Fury           B, B, B, LP 
    Double Kick          HK, HK
     Pit                  F, F, D, HK                              
     Babality             F, F, F, HK                              
    *Friendship           U, F, F, HK
     Impale               B, F, D, F, LP              (Close) 
    *Decapitate           B, B, B, B, HP              (Close)
    You can sometimes follow up a jump kick (especially a turnaround kick) with a 
    Blade Fury, doing immense damage.  Also, when Kintaro jumps off the top of 
    the screen to stomp on you, do the Blade Fury and he'll land right in it.
    When playing against Baraka, note that Raiden's torpedo and Kitana's fan lift
    will hit him while he's doing the Blade Fury.  
    Johnny Cage:
    Low Shadow Bolt      D to F, LP
    High Shadow Bolt     D to B, HP
    Shadow Uppercut      B, D, B, HP
    Shadow Kick          B, F, LK
    Nutcracker           LP + BL
    Gym Kick             F + LK               
     Pit                  D, D, D, HK                              
     Babality             B, B, B, HK                              
     Friendship           D, D, D, HK                 
     Rip in Half          D, D, F, F, LP              (Close)
     Decapitate           F, F, D, U                  (Close)
     Triple Decapitate    D + LK + BL + LP            (Close)
    			 (must do regular decap first, then this!)
    You can shadow-kick right after a jump-kick or turnaround-kick.  This is 
    probably the easiest combo in the game.  The computer will almost always get
    hit by a properly timed nutcracker, and against the computer, you can follow
    one with a shadow kick.
    Overhead Hammer      F + HP
    Grab 'n' Pound       F, F, LP, rapid LP       
    Multiple Throw       F + LP, rapid HP     
    Sonic Boom           F to D to B, HK
    Ground Pound         Charge LK 3 seconds
    Backbreaker          BL in air
    *Pit                  U, U, D, LK                              
    *Babality             D, U, D, U, LK                           
    *Friendship           D, D, U, U, LK                           
     Head Crush           LP + (F, F, F)              (Sweep)
     Rip Off Arms         BL, BL, BL, BL, LP          (Sweep)
    Jax is the best close-range fighter in the game.  An overhead hammer followed
    by an uppercut, Grab 'n' Pound, or Multiple Throw is devestating, and if the
    hammer hits, the next move is automatic success.  After hitting the kick
    button for a jump kick (especially a turnaround kick), immediately hold 
    block.  It doesn't put you at any disadvantage, and if timed right it will do 
    a backbreaker when the kick hits.
    Fan Lift             B, B, B, HP
    Fan Throw            F, F, HP + LP
    Fan Slice            B + HP
    Zip Punch            F to D to B, HP
     Pit                  F, D, F, HK
    *Babality             D, D, D, LK                 
    *Friendship           D, D, D, U, LK              
     Decapitate           BL, BL, BL, HK              (Close)
     Kiss of Death        LK + (F, F, D, F)           (Close)
    Kitana and Liu Kang are the game's best distance fighters.  Follow up a jump
    kick with a fan throw.  Good against humans, excellent against the computer.
    In the corner, you can fan lift, then hop-kick, then throw a fan, and then
    uppercut, all without giving the enemy any opportunity to block!  As you get
    faster, you can do a fan-lift, jump-punch, fan-throw, zip-punch combo (not
    in the corner) and even a five-hit combo in the corner.  When playing 
    against Kitana, if you are ducking and she does a fan lift (over your head),
    hold block, stand up, duck again, release block, then uppercut.  You will
    not get hit by the fan lift!
    Kung Lao:
    Hat Throw            B, F, LP (U or D guides hat)
    Garbage Can          BL + (U, U), rapid LK
    Teleport             D, U
    Torpedo Kick         D + HK in air
     Pit                  F, F, F, HP
     Babality             B, B, F, F, HK                           
     Friendship           B, B, B, D, HK                     
    *Hat Split            F, F, F, LK                 (Sweep)
     Decapitate           LP + (B, F)                 (Far)
    			 (then aim the hat at their neck!)
    Kung Lao is a great character if used properly - the torpedo kick is 
    very good as it throws your opponent's timing off and it is hard to uppercut.
    A blocked normal torpedo kick allows an uppercut, but a hop-torpedo does not, 
    and is so strange that most people will not know how to react to it.  Also,
    Kung Lao's standing HK can always knock someone out of the air, like the
    ninjas' roundhouse.  
    Liu Kang:
    High Fireball        F, F, HP
    Low Fireball         F, F, LP
    Bicycle Kick         Charge LK 4 seconds
    Flying Kick          F, F, HK
     Pit                  B, F, F, LK
     Babality             D, D, F, B, LK                           
     Friendship           F, B, B, B, LK
    *Cartwheel            Spin away from enemy        (Anywhere)
     Dragon Munch         D, F, B, B, HK              (Close)
    The high fireball can be done in the air.  The bicycle kick is great if you
    keep charging LK most of the round, and release it right after getting hit.
    You'll usually catch the opponent off guard if he's near you.  Kang's low 
    fireball makes him an excellent distance fighter - it goes under all other 
    projectiles, making him the only person who can trade missiles with Sub-Zero.
    Sai Throw            Charge HP 2 seconds
    Teleport Kick        F, F, LK
    Roll                 B, B, D, HK
     Pit                  F, D, F, LK                 
     Babality             D, D, D, HK                 
    *Friendship           D, D, D, U, HK              
     Sai Perforate        F, B, F, LP                 (Close)
    *Suck 'n' Blow        Charge HK 3 seconds         (Close)
    If you charge HP for a while first, you can jump kick someone and then
    release HP immediately, hitting them with the sais as they fall from the
    kick.  The teleport kick is among the best moves in the entire game, since it
    flawlessly knocks opponents out of the air.  Do one whenever they jump or
    throw a missile weapon.  The ninjas can roundhouse you out of a teleport.
    When playing against Mileena, standing-block teleport kicks.  Then, either 
    hop-kick or do a special move, like Raiden's torpedo or a projectile throw.
    Shocking Grasp       Charge HP 3 seconds           
    Torpedo              B, B, F
    Lightning Bolt       D to F, LP
    Teleport             D, U
    *Pit                  U, U, U, HP                              
    *Babality             D, D, U, HK                              
     Friendship           D, B, F, HK                            
     Electrocution        Charge LK, rapid LK + BL    (Close)      
     Super Uppercut       Charge HP 7 seconds         (Close)
    If you can shock grab someone, HP twice and then do a torpedo.  The two HP's 
    knock the opponent into the air, making the torpedo unblockable.  To do the 
    super uppercut, you must begin charging HP before it says "Finish Him!"
    Always follow up a jump-kick with a Torpedo.  It almost always works, and is 
    the one thing that makes Raiden a great character.
    Acid Spit            F, F, HP
    Energy Orb           B, B, HP + LP
    Invisibility         BL + (U, U, D), HP
    Slide                B + BL + LP + LK
     Pit                  D, D, F, F, BL
     Babality             D, D, B, B, LK                           
     Friendship           B, B, D, LK                              
     Yummy                B, B, D, LP                 (Half-screen)
     Unseen Death         F, F, D, HK                 (Close)
    			 (must be Invisible!!)
    After the energy orb, most people uppercut, but you can do more damage by
    doing two high punches (knocking them in the air) followed by a hop kick and
    then a slide.  If you turn invisible, try just ducking in place.  Usually,
    the opponent will jump at you, letting you roundhouse them out of the air.  
    If they walk up to you, sweep and move back, then begin ducking again.  Also,
    you can jump-kick or slide (or both) if the opponent throws a projectile.
    Harpoon Throw        B, B, LP
    Teleport Punch       D to B, HP
    Leg Takedown         D to B, LK
    Air Throw            BL in air
     Pit                  D, F, F, BL
     Babality             D, B, B, HK                              
     Friendship           B, B, D, HK                              
    *Incinerate           U, U, HP                    (Half-screen)
    *Toasty Incinerate    D, D, U, U, HP              (Anywhere)
     Neck Slash           HP + (D, F, F, F)           (Close)
    If you do a turnaround kick, you can often do a teleport punch and/or spear 
    and catch your opponent off guard.  The leg takedown is almost worthless, 
    since it does less damage than a throw, and if blocked it leaves you open to 
    an uppercut.
    Deep Freeze          D to F, LP
    Ground Freeze        D to B, LK
    Slide                B + BL + LP + LK
     Pit                  D, F, F, BL
     Babality             D, B, B, HK                              
     Friendship           B, B, D, HK      
     Freeze Uppercut      F, F, D, HK                 (Sweep)
    			 F, D, F, F, HP              (Close)
     Ice Grenade          LP + (B, B, D, F)           (Far)
    As almost everyone knows, follow up a jump kick with a slide.  Great against
    the computer, only works against humans if you do a very late LK for your
    kick, or if they're stupid.  Follow a jump kick with a ground freeze 
    occasionally - if they don't expect it, they'll slip (leaving themselves open 
    for an uppercut and slide.)  If you freeze someone, don't upperct.  Do a 
    turnaround kick then an immediate ground freeze, then uppercut.  Most people 
    will fall for it, but someone who knows will jump away.  If they do that, 
    just uppercut next time, or try a turnaround kick then deep freeze.  They 
    will jump back into the freeze.  Alternate randomly between these and you'll 
    confuse the hell out of most people.
    Shang Tsung:
    One Flaming Skull    B, B, HP
    Two Flaming Skulls   B, B, F, HP
    Three Flaming Skulls B, B, F, F, HP
    Liu Kang Morph       B, F, F, BL
    Kung Lao Morph       B, D, B, HK
    Johnny Cage Morph    B, B, D, LP
    Reptile Morph        BL + (U, D), HP
    Sub-Zero Morph       F, D, F, HP
    Kitana Morph         BL, BL, BL
    Jax Morph            D, F, B, HK
    Mileena Morph        Charge HP 2 seconds
    Baraka Morph         D, D, LK
    Scorpion Morph       BL + (U, U)
    Raiden Morph         D, B, F, LK
     Pit                  BL + (D, D, U), D           
     Babality             B, F, D, HK                              
    *Friendship           B, B, D, F, HK              
    *Soul Stealer         U, D, U, LK                 (Close)
     Body Explosion       Charge HK 3 seconds         (Sweep)      
     Kintaro Morph        Charge LP 25 seconds        (Sweep)
    When the opponent is jumping away, let loose with three skulls.  If one hits
    in the air, they all will.  Tsung has very few good moves, since he normally
    changes into someone else and uses their moves.  However, someone who has
    very good timing can play as Shang Tsung without morphing and still do well.
    Note that to do the Kintaro Morph you must begin holding LP long before it 
    says "Finish Him!"  Most people begin charging before it says "Fight!" and 
    continue the entire round.
    			----- SECRET CHARACTERS -----
    To reach Smoke, fight on The Portal (1 or 2 player).  After an uppercut, the
    "toasty guy" will occasionally appear.  If he does, hold down and Start to
    warp to Smoke.
    To reach Jade, fight a one-player game on the match just before the "?" on 
    the map of the mountain.  Beat at least one round of the match using only the
    LK button (no punches, HK, or BL).  You'll warp immediately to Jade.  You 
    need not win the match - just a round.
    To reach Noob Saibot, win 50 consecutive battles, 1 or 2 player.  If he beats 
    you, you stay at 49 wins, so you can just keep winning one battle until you 
    manage to beat him.  You MUST beat him to get over 50 wins in the high score
    			  ----- MISCELLANEOUS -----
    The most useful piece of information you could ever have is how the jump-kick 
    works.  It goes as follows:
    1.  The person who hit the kick button first wins the contest.  (Thus, a hop-
        kick will usually triumph over a jump-kick)
    2.  If they hit the button at the same time, the person who jumped LAST wins
        the contest.
    If you are very good at the game, this probably seems like common sense.  But
    I remember that I improved greatly upon learning this.  This also applies to 
    jump-punches and aerial special moves, but is overridden by a few things -- 
    Kung Lao's torpedo kick usually comes out on top, as do a few other moves.  
    But not always - if you jump back and kick late, you can kick Kung Lao out of 
    a torpedo kick.  Baraka's aerial moves are fantastic, making up for his 
    shortage of special moves.  He is nearly impossible to uppercut out of the 
    air or even jump-kick out of the air (except on the SNES version...)
    Turnaround kicks are devestating.  Jump over someone, as if doing a jump 
    kick, but don't hit the kick button until after you've passed their heads.  
    It leads to some interesting combos -- follow them up with Scorpion's 
    teleport punch or Raiden's torpedo for good results.  Most people, seeing 
    you jump over them, will try to uppercut.  You CANNOT uppercut a turnaround 
    kick (well, you can, but almost no one can do it consistently).  The proper 
    response to one is to block, then attack AFTER they kick.
    There is a special type of punch commonly referred to as a "heavy punch."  It
    is rediculously hard to get off, but worth the trouble.  When the opponent
    jump-kicks at you, press HP once.  You must do it before he is lined up with
    the punch.  Properly timed (which is VERY hard to do), he will fall into the
    punch, and take more damage than an uppercut!  Appearently, the heavy punch
    hits several times, rather than just once.  Also, this knocks the opponent
    way up in the air, and can be followed by almost any move except Kitana's fan 
    lift.  Many painful combos can be done after a heavy punch. :)  Note that I 
    have only seen one person who can do this every time.  I get it about 10% of 
    the time.
    chrysh@aol.com           - for lots of corrections
    guile0@aol.com           - for lots of confirmations
    howard@rushnet.com       - for a couple of fatalities I didn't know
    kcmk2god@aol.com         - for The Mortal Monday Report, which was the best
    			      moves list available before I wrote this one
    losdos@aol.com           - for Los Dos's Ultimate Mortal Kombat II Strategy
    			      Guide, which though giving few moves and NO fatals
    			      gives good general strategy tips
    mortlkmbt2@aol.com       - for lots of confirmations and some corrections
    tenasgen@aol.com         - for playing against me an awful lot
    thrax@aol.com            - for losing against me an awful lot
    thanh.luu@tomcat.com     - for giving me a few babalities and friendships 
    Please stop sending me information on imaginary finishes that all end with
    "ality."  They are all fake - There are babalities and fatalities.  That is
    all.  There are no Animalities, Nudalities, Housealities, Sexualities,
    Plantalities, Boredomalities, etc.  They all may be funny, but they're not
    real.  (Yes, people have tried to send me all six of those, claiming they
    were "confirmed.")  Of course, if you actually DO one of these things, feel
    free to send it to me.  But if you haven't done it yourself, forget it.
    Also, no move is longer than 5 actions (joystick motions and button pushes).  
    In other words, don't be like one person and send me Sub-Zero's 23-action
    I don't like it.  Now that the home versions of MKII are out, people keep on
    sending me things about how to cheat at the game.  I'm not interested, since
    I detest cheating.  I will not put things like Game Genie codes or how to 
    give yourself 30 continues in my file.  If you do stuff like that, you'll
    never be any good at the game.  I wrote my file for people who WANT to gain
    some skill at MKII.  
    At the time of this release, the latest arcade version of MKII from Midway 
    was v3.1.  Any version higher than that is made by some stinking computer 
    pirate, and is ILLEGAL.  I don't want to know any moves for an illegal 
    version.  If you find an illegal MKII machine, call Midway and report it.  A 
    real Midway machine NEVER says what version it is, except during the BIOS 
    bootup sequence (Checking ROMs...).  If it says the version number on the 
    "Insert Koin to Kontinue..." screen, it is probably illegal.

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