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Reviewed: 03/04/02 | Updated: 03/04/02

B.C. in Bull Crap Racers...

In the never ending quest to play games, you run across a title on certain systems that not only drill your confidence in the screening of drugs for programmers, but the overall quality of the system. The 32X has never been known to be an add-on piece of hardware capable of doing anything special, but there is really no reason to create a game like this and smack more nails into a long closed coffin. BC Racers is a game that attempts to capture the overall feeling of racing in an animated world, but rips off plenty from other games of the time such as Super Mario Kart.

Yes, I hate to compare games, unless it is the same game on another system, but the game itself is terrible in just about every aspect, right down to the story that is involved in this title. You take the role of a BC Racer who enters a race to win a Super Rock Bike from some rich old goon. Although that might be something different as opposed to other games of this type, the amount of shallow, if not blatant game play piracy from more legitimate, established games makes me wonder just how much the programmers had to drink before work!

The game play is set up to where you control your racer on several different tracks from a behind the back view and race to the finish line. All right, so you would figure that the game has some difficulty in it to the point of playing against an exceptionally skilled computer, but you would only be half-right. In most cases, if you screw up on the track and lose your position that you worked so damned hard for, you won’t be able to get back to the front of the pack and you’ll find that your controller whizzing through the air at the wall, simply because the game doesn’t allow you to catch up! Skill levels and otherwise is relatively useless because if you screw up, it's all over and you might as well restart the race.

The control is actually the only point of the game that does right in most respects. With a simple to use if not exceptionally easy to learn button set up {you have a gas and brake button}, you should have no trouble moving your little racer through the tracks. However, regardless of how sharp the directional pad is, I’ve had cases of going right off the track and spinning out of control of literally no reason. This adds to the frustration simply because the game doesn’t allow you to get back into the swing of things and you’re left in the dust because you’ve lost your bearings!

Visually, it tries hard to give you the same feel that Mario Kart would, but in a sense, it also demands too much from the hardware with visuals that are misplaced. To give you an example of this, when your character moves with a gritty style on a backdrop that flows easily. While this doesn’t seem like a bad thing, the contrast in between the two styles is noticeable enough to make you cringe, especially when the visuals break up to a point of not knowing just where you are. The 32X in this case, doesn’t make much of an impact and really doesn’t shine in this department, leaving with a bad taste.

The audio is laughable at best, with the music being something that sounds like it was beaten out of an empty tin can. Take a wok and throw it down the stairs one or two times, and you’ll realize that the headache you get from listening to that is the same as listening to the music in the game. The sound effects are another portion of the game that just don’t seem to work, with most of these being nothing more than grunts and groans {that’s what they sound like to me} and really take away from the game when you try to blend them together!

BC Racers is a joke of a 32X game that isn’t worth anything more than a dog chew toy. If you find this game some place at a garage sale, and you’re interested in the collection of old games for dead systems, then you should buy it…for a buck. Otherwise, you might as well just send you money to me and not waste your time with a piece of garbage like this. The visuals, audio and overall lack of originality that is found here is unacceptable and really makes me wonder why this didn’t bury the 32X from the start.

Rating:   0.5 - Unplayable

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