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Upgrade Genesis and Sega CD to 32-bit play!
Connect Genesis 32X to your existing system and switch on the power. In moments, you can accelerate your existing system to increedible 32X game power!

Makes 16-bit 40 times faster!
You want state of the art. With Genesis 32X, you've got it. This is the latest in gaming technology, with two Hitachi 32-bit RISC processors delivering the fastest game speed on the market. This is true 32-bit gaming power!

32,768 colors at once!
High-speed 32-bit processing makes thousands of colors possible at once, the maximum that today's technology can provide. Graphics are sharper and cleaner-the best visuals of any gaming system!

Arcade-quality 3D graphics!
32-bit speed and 32,768 colors combine for realistic 3D graphics, with texture mapping, 50,000 polygons per second, and enhanced scaling and rotation. It's as good or better than the arcades. You get the total 32-bit experience!

Incredible audio!
Experience full, impressive 32X stereo sound. You'll be surrounded in the total multi-dimensional 3D stereo sound of QSound with both Genesis 32X and Sega CD 32X games!

Complete range of games!
Get into 32-bit action right now with a full library of Genesis 32X titles! Plus, you can still play all your 16-bit Genesis and Sega CD games! It's a lifetime of high-quality Sega entertainment!

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