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Throw FAQ by CNgee

Virtua Fighter Throw FAQ 
by C. Ngee

Hi VFers!

Ever wondered why Jacky can throw the computer Pai when she misses that
crescent by her toes while still standing up? Why the computer Sarah's
clothesline seems to catch you off guard from afar and that ingenious Kage
Toss comes out from nowhere? 

Here are the answers.

In VF, the characters have throw ranges. All of them different.

Jacky and Sarah has a throw range of 2 meters. Under special conditions 
namely missed attacks which causes the opponents to be vulnerable e.g. 
crescents and timing ( as for the crescent, you have to press Def+Punch 
when she is turning away from you and you will see Jacky or Sarah zoomin' 
in to throw her). So Jacky and Sarah are a bit in the advantage here.

Next comes Jeffry with a throw range of 1.6 meters and Kage at 1.5 meters.
This explains why Kage's Shoulder Throw and Reaping throw is fast and
seemed long ranged. 

The rest of the characters have a throw range of 0.5 meters meaning you 
nearly have to be next to your opponents characters.

Only the Powerbomb and Double Arm Suplex have a throw range of 2 meters. 
This makes crouching kicks, punches and something very dangerous when
fighting against Jeffry and Wolf. Believe me I have witnessed this. Some
so and so tries this sweep with his Pai on a Jeffry playing friend, he
crouched to avoid it (Jeffry's feet were just barely touching Pai's
extended toes during the sweep) then quickly executed the Powerbomb with
full devastation. Jeffry just rushed forward though there is much distance
to cover and WHAM! No need to get close for the throw.

That's all. Have Virtua Fun.

Jin Ngee, Chia			Chemical Carcinogenesis Laboratory
(Genie, the OligoMan)		Institute of Molecular and Cell Biology
mcblab47@leonis.nus.sg		National University of Singapore
Tel: (065)772-3797		Kent Ridge Crescent
Fax: (065)779-1117		Singapore 0511

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