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Pai vs. CPU by PEZ

Version: 1.1 |

  Pai Chan vs the CPU - Guide, v1.1
By PEZ <pez@eo.se>

What's  New in v1.1
Inspired by LHS <larsh@vnet.ibm.com> and his Jacky Guide, the moves have
their joystick movements listed, and they are slightly reordered.

Again as LHS, I have tried to move some common things to the General Info

I also have tried to incorporate some of the techniques suggested
by other Pai GrandMasters out there, mainly JEM <jem6892@zeus.tamu.edu>
and KEN <s902569@acs.csc.cuhk.hk>. LHS have contributed with some his great
VF knowledge also, and so has TFL.

*** General Information:

This Guide is optimized for speed. Don't ever forget that.

There's lot of *good* info on Pai in the VF FAQ, read that one first -
It would be waste of bytes to repeat that stuff here.

Pai is probably the easiest fighter to play due to that most of her
moves doesn't involve as much timing as with many other figthers.
Because of this, it's a good idea to start out your VF life with her,
and go on to more powerful characters when you master her.

The moves in order of importance (for the purposes of this Guide):
- Grab an attack           B+P
- Sweep                    D,DEF+K
- Pounce                   U+P (Tap or Hold as appropriate)
- Punch on ground          D/F+P
- Running Punches          P,P,P
- Kickflip combo           P,P,P,B/U+K
- Kickflip                 B/U+K
- Crecent combo            P,P,P,K
- Side Kick combo          P,P,K
- Twist wrist              DEF+P
- Sweep combo              P,P,P,D+K
- Jump into them           B,F+P
- Crescent kick            DEF+K
- Trip, Punch on ground    F,F+P+K
- Grab head, fall back     F,D+P

When Grabbing attacks; If you Grab their arm, follow up with a Punch
on ground twice, then Pounce. But if you get hold of their leg, you almost
always have time for a Pounce immediately.

Pouncing; Use the Low Pounce against any character you feel are rising
to fast. If they are rising real fast, use the Punch on groundx2(or
3) *then* High Pounce. The High Pounce is for guys who lays still long
times or when you have got them with a throw or combo with particular
force. You can keep a look on the foes power bar. If your attack
consumed much power then Pounce, otherwise do a combo as theyr'e getting

P,P,P combos as they are rising; Against the first 3 guys , the P,P,P,K
almost always connect. Against the rest the Kickflip combo has the
best chances. If your to close, back of a little before executing
the combo or get hit by their rising attack. If your to far away,
move a little closer or miss and risk to get throwed.

*** Hi Scores
These are the best times to my knowing (netters only).

--- Normal, 2/3 ---
TFL   1.49.98   Pai   San Jose City College, CA, USA

---  Hard 2/3,  ---
PAT   2.06.34   Pai   Georgetown University Gameroom, USA

--- Hardest 2/3 ---
JEM   2.30.29   Pai   Commons Lobby, Texas A&M University, USA

TFL=gregory@Garg.Campbell.CA.US (Gregory Tung)
JEM=jem6892@zeus.tamu.edu (James)
PAT=mrhappy@netcom.com (Mr Wrong)

*** From Jacky to Dural in Zero Time:
(In parantheses; the order of difficulty, 1-8, again IMO.)

Jacky - Poor Dude (1)
This is a real Piece of Cake! Start out with:
Sweep or Heel Kick, Pounce! Wait for him to start to rise, P,P,P,K.
Repeat the P,P,P,K when he's getting up.

He's out, this often takes about 3-5 secs. :)

However, sometimes he gets lucky and start out the round good, or
manages to roll away in time to avoid the first Pounce. (Mostly on
harder settings.)

He rarely Pounces, so you can rise with an attack if you get hit to
the ground.

Chicken out with sweeps if he's getting tough with you.

JEM> Always starts out with P,P,P,K, Low Pounce.
KEN> I start with reaping throw, then DDT, pounce/PK him if he's not dead.

Jeffry - Keep the Initiative (2)
Much the same strategy as with Jacky. However, sometimes he gets nasty,
and those times you can have trouble with him hitting you close to
the edge of the ring. :(

Watch out for the Throws he executes, these are very time consuming.

He sometimes Pounces, and if he does, roll to the side with a Sweep,
or just roll to the side and execute a Pounce. Both his Pounces keeps
him on the ground long enough for your Pounce to have good chances
to succeed. :)

If you feel your'e losing it, start Grabbing attacks, Punch on ground
and Pounce!

JEM> Always do p,p,p, and then Jump into Him, then big pounce.
KEN> Start with PK combo, if he uppercuts, B+P will do good.

Sarah - Does She Have More Fun? (3)
She sometimes start the round with a Hopping Knee or an eqivalent,
so you can mix in a "Stand and Defend and then Attack"-start from
time to time.

It's really easy to Sweep her, and follow up with a Pounce. Also the
combos are productive move against this blonde chick.

However, the Kickflip combo is *very* difficult to hit her with. A
Kickflip after she missed some of her attacks often does her though.

Like with Jeffry, she can get naughty. But it's much easier to escape
with Sweeps.

She often Pounces and then it's best to Sweep or Kick her in the back.

JEM> Check your time. A minute is so-so, 50 seconds is good, 40 is
     really kickin' butt.

Kage - Master of Defence (6)
This is the first really tough guy, with lots of moves that are difficult
to cope with. You can start out the same way as with the first three
fighters but the success rate won't be as high. Grabbing attacks is
a good alternative.

If youre reflexes are fast, stand and defend can do him. Often he
then tries to do a Flying Kick, a Sweep or a combo. If it's one of the
two first, a crouching Kick executed in time hit's him to the ground,
as always follow up with a Pounce, though he often manages to avoid
it. A combo is best dealt with by a Sweep or a Throw.

Kage is very good on blocking your attacks, so you have to be good
an mixing Kicks, Sweeps and Punches. The Sweep combo followed by
low Kicks and Punches is a good one.

The Kickflip combo when he's rising from the ground often succeeds.

Grabbing attacks is sometimes the best way of fighting him, though
his Heel Kick is tricky to deal with this way.

Watch out for his Flip over shoulder Throw, you don't have time to
roll to the side for his Pounce. :(

This Ninja often Pounces, though they are slow. His short distance
Pounce often results in him laying on the ground and then it's *really*
easy to Pounce him instead, if your fast enough. His medium distance
pounce on the other hand, when it misses, leaves him ready to fight

He has some moves that also gets you or him close to the edge of the
ring, so Ring Out quite often ends a round.

If time is running low and Kage is in the lead he chickens out starting
to Backflip away from you. This makes you lose the round and, more
important, *time*. Some dude (forgot who, sorry) suggested that you
do p,p,p,k repeatadly. But, frankly, if the time is running so low
that this is happening, give it up. Use your credit to practice some
moves, or give the audience something to look at.

JEM> Start with stand defend.  If he kicks, duck and wait.  If he high-kicks
     again, wrist twist and stomp.  If not, he'll probably do a side kick,
     at which time you'll need to do The Great Bullshit Timing Sequence :)

     The GBTS is this.  p,p,p (while kinda hitting forward), then wait a tick,
     and do it again, until his life bar's about 60% gone, then b+p his
     next heel kick, and stomp.  The "tick" is about the same amount of time
     in between "p" hits, and just gives him enough time to start a heel kick.
     As he starts it, you hit him these three times, then he starts another
     heel kick, etc, etc.  If you do it right, it doesn't take 5 seconds.

KEN> PK combo do good, mix up with sweep.  Kickflip if he is close.

Pai - Getting all those Nasty Moves Back on Yourself (7)
Now, this fighter can do all the things you can do, and often does
it. The Spin Kick combo have its chances as a starter. Or stand and
defend until she tries a combo then Sweep or try to Throw her. Some
dude on the net suggested that you keep pushing B which makes her
execute a combo. Then crouch and defend and Throw her. I'd tried it,
it works (thanx Brandon).

Whatch out for her Crescent combo, it almost seems like it takes more
off your power bar than does your own ditto combo.

Your Kickflip combo seems to push Pai to far away for your Pounce
to reach her, better to do one more combo as she rises.

Quite often it's best to Grab her attacks.

JEM> Wrist twists are very important against her.  After one of those, do
     a kickflip combo as she's getting up, then a quick stomp, and she's gone.

KEN> I don't grab her attack, PK first, sweep or throw her when she kicks
     over your head.  Easy.

Wolf - Wrestler With Lack of Imagination (4)
Grab attacks, Pounce or Punch on ground twice and then Pounce. Do a
Kickflip combo as he rises. :)

That's it actually.

Try not to get to close to him, he has some really time and power
consuming throws.

Wolfs' Pounce *really* consumes some power. When he gets it in that
is, which he most often doesn't, and then a quick Pounce from you
nails him instead. :) (Kind of a stupid move that Wolf Pounce, would
you try it if you were fighting on hard rock?)

Watch out! When he's in the lead he gets *very* difficult to deal
with, never let that happen.

Lau - Wouldn't Like *my* Father Treat me That Way (8)
Kind of like fighting Pai, but with some significant differences.

Tricky to Grab his attacks due to his efficient Heel Kicks, Elbow
and general power in his fists.

The Knife Hand often takes your breath. And when he has you in the
air he doesn't hesitate to keep you there with raging Punches.

Due to his superiour strenght, he seems to be much more successful
with his combos.

JEM> Duck, wrist twist and there's no problem.

His weakness is the Pounce. It's slow and makes him an easy target
afterwards. Also he often ends up close to the edge of the ring with
his back against you, then you can quite easily give him a Kick in
the Back (Side Kick or just a plain Kick) to Ring him Out.

Akira - Is this Guy Mr Dynamite Himself? (5)
Fight him like you fight Wolf. It makes you a bore, but it *really*
is a sure win. The Kickflip combo isn't, by far, as easy to succeed
with as with Wolfee Boy. (JEM claims it is, ask him to be specific
about it.)

He hits you with his Elbow, Dashing Elbow or Dashing Palm now and
then, but it doesn't matter really. His Pounce is slow and you can
get up and finish him just losing a few secs.

When he kisses you with his Dashing Hook though ... It takes out some
90% of your full power bar! You just lost a round dude, sorry.

If you can get Akira close to the edge (the laste stone or so) facing
you and crouching, just do your Running Punches and he'll never get
up. "Ring Out" the speaker announces.

KEN> A very easy guy.  Start with reaping throw (F, F, P+K), then punch
     on ground.  If he rools aside, PK.  If he uses runing palm, or other
     special attacks, kickflip with a low pounce sends him to hell.

Dural - Naked Steel (5)
Grabbing her attacks most often gets you to close and she'll do some
of Wolfs' Throws. Two such Throws and a tiny jab gives her the round.

The Spin Kick combo is effective and so is the Kickflip and Sweep
dittos. Actually the Kickflip combo has prooved itself very efficient,
she doesn't seem to know how to cope with that one.

JEM> I normally start with p,p,p then punt kick.  If that connects, you can
     kickflip combo + stomp to your heart's content.

Her weakness is her slow Pounces. Most often she tries Kages long
distance Pounce, and that leaves her a target for your Sweep folowed
by a Pounce. Sometimes she tries Wolfs' Pounce and you just have to
do your Pounce to make her power bar less green.

JEM> No!  When she stomps, roll back.  Then, (time this right), you can
     nail her with the "k" in the p,p,p,k combo.  stand and defend as she
     gets up...if she does jacky's double-footed thing, you can kickflip
     combo and stomp.

KEN> Dural is easy too, PK, PPK, and kickflip does great damage. Sweep if
     she tries to pounce.  Never let her get close to you.  If she tries
     to get close and throw, kickflip.
     I start the round with PK, kickflip, PPPD+K, kickflip,...

                                                    Any Comments are Welcome

/Pete _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/_/
     _/    _/ _/            _/
    _/_/_/_/ _/_/_/      _/      VF GrandMaster Wannabe
   _/       _/        _/
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Second Place is Only the Best of the Losers.
(Got that one from an ad by LaserMaster.)

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