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Move List and Guide by JLowe

Updated: 01/18/1996

From: jonlowe@mindspring.com (Jon Lowe)
Newsgroups: rec.games.video.sega
Subject: Sega WWF WrestleMania codes (SPOILER) (LONG)
Date: Thu, 18 Jan 1996 13:26:54 GMT

Seen alot of posts out here with some of the codes, but here are all
of the ones that I've found.  Sorry, but I don't know all of the
moves' names...

If you have information that I don't, please post it or email me.  I'm
willing to keep a FAQ if there's enough demand, but what I have here
is by no means complete.  (email:  jonlowe@atl.mindspring.com)

(pretty much follows the instructions, and includes the default button
in {} ))

P - Punch    {A}
SP - Super Punch  {A+B}
Bl - Block {B}
K - Kick {C}
SK - Super Kick {B+C}

D - Down
F - Forward (or towards opponent)
B - Back (or away from opponent)
U - Up

Basic moves that all of the wrestlers have:

Run - A+C
HeadHold/Grab - FF SP  (alot of great moves after the execution of
this move, including the combo moves)
Throw into ropes - BB SP
Simple takedown/throw - BB P

Most of the wrestlers will do a flying kick (or one of their normal
moves) when running and then hitting either K or SK.  Also, some of
them (like Bam Bam and Doink) will do a flying clothesline when
running and then hitting either P or SP.

If you're put into a HeadHold with another wrestler, try (quickly) one
of your own grab moves.  Sometimes, if you're fast enough, you'll get
the reversal.  Most of the time, I just do the DD SK move then, 'cause
I don't have to worry about which direction my opponent is in.

Doink, the Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, and Bret Hart can all do an
uppercut after grabbing your opponent.  Grab him with the FF SP move,
then hit D+SP at the same time (hence the '+').  I don't recall if
Razor Ramon has this or not.

Bam Bam, Yokozuna, and Lex all have the body lift move.  Close to your
opponent, hit all 3 buttons together (A+B+C) and you'll pick your
opponent up.  This can be blocked, but not reversed.  Any button after
that will throw him down, but each also has a special move associated
with this.  However, since they have this move, they don't have the
uppercut during the headhold.  Also, Lex has a head slam that I
haven't figured out how to do yet.

Bret Hart (so far, my favorite)

Specific moves:
Rolling Uppercut:       DF SP
Eyerake:                DF P  (or hold P for 3 secs)
Quick Uppercut:         DD P  
Jump Kick:              BB SK
Backbreaker:            SP (near opponent's feet when he's down)

Grab moves:  after grabbing (FF SP) the opponent
Face slam:              BDF P   (This is a cool move!)
Head slam:              FF SP
needs name (Bulldog?):  DD SK
Uppercut:               D+SP

Combos:  with combo meter lit and after grabbing the opponent
4 or 5 hit:             FF SK
12 hit:                 FF SK SP

Hint:  When in the multiple opponent matches, after the bell use the
jump kick to inflict damage while keeping your opponents away from

Bam Bam Bigelow

Specific moves:
Jump Kick:              BB SK
Fiery fists:            Hold P for 3 secs
Body lift:              A+B+C (picks the opponent up)

Grab moves:
Piledriver:             DD SK

Body lift moves:
Slam:                   any button
Back Breaker:           D+SK

10 hit:                 FF P

Hint: You can usually get the time for the fiery fists by either
throwing your opponent into the ropes (BB SP) or out of the ring 
(BB P).

Doink the Clown

Specific moves:
Clapper:                BDF P
Joybuzzer:              hold P for 3 secs
Happy Hammer:           FF SK

Grab moves:
Head Slam:              FF SP
Face Smash:             DD SK (I love his laugh during this)
Uppercut:               D+SP

4 Hit:                  FF SP


Specific moves:
Salt Throw:             hold P for 3 secs
Belly Rush:             FF P
Head butts:             P (up close)
Body Slam:              FF SK
Big Hammer:             FF SP  (I think)
Body Lift:              A+B+C

Grab moves:             
Body Slam:              FF SP (not verified)
Piledriver:             DD SK

Body Lift moves:
Slam:                   any button
'round the world spin:  D+SK

4 Hit:                  FF P

Hint:  Try the salt throw after you've thrown your opponent out of the
ring (BB P near the ropes).  You'll get the time you need while
they're recovering and trying to get back in, but stand near the
middle so that your throw doesn't come up short.  After the salt
throw, try the hammer (FF SP) or body slam (FF SK).

Razor Ramon

Specific moves:
Quick slice:            DF P
Foot slam:              FF K

Grab moves:
Forward slam:           FF SP
Piledriver:             DD SK
Uppercut:               D+SK

? Hit:                  FF K

Shawn Michaels

Specific moves:
Flying snapkick:        BB SK
Flying drop kick:       run K
Frankensteiner:         FF SK
Sliding takedown:       FF K
Sunset flip:            run SP

Grab moves:
Face Smash/Headbutt:    FF SK
Back Suplex:            DD SK
Frankensteiner:         FF SP
Arm Breaker:            FF P  (cool graphics on this one)

Haven't been able to verify any...sorry


Specific moves:
Neck breaker:           hold P for 3 secs
Tombstone smash:        FF SK
Dark ghosts:            DF K
Light ghosts:           DB K
Neck hold:              DF P

Grab moves:
Neck breaker:           FF SP
needs name:             DD SK
Uppercut:               D+SP
Neck slam:              DD K

Neck hold moves:
Flying slam:            DD SK
needs name:             DD K

3 hit:                  FF SK

Hint: Don't try the ghosts after you've thrown someone down.
Typically, they come back up with a block.  Instead try it after 1)
throwing them out of the ring (BB P near the ropes), 2) throwing them
into the ropes (BB SP), or 3) when they run away from you.

Lex Luger

Specific moves:
Fist smash:             hold P for 3 secs
Elbow to midsection:    FF P
Mace:                   FF SK
Body Lift:              A+B+C

Grab moves:
Suplex:                 FF SP
One leg elbow:          DD SK

Body lift moves:
Slam:                   any button
Backbreaker:            U+SK

8 hit:                  FF K

Hint:  If your opponent starts to run, move a little so that they'll
run past you and then pick him up (A+B+C).  They can't block it then.

General hints:

1.  Pick a side of the ring that you're comfortable with and try to
stay there, especially in the multiple opponent matches.  I usually
stay on the left side, where I started.  It makes it easier to develop
some habits that you can quickly use without too much thought (like
reversing a grab or throwing your opponent).

2.  Typically, your opponent will stay on the mat longer when they've
been put there as a result of a normal throw (BB P) as opposed to a
move after a Grab (FF SP).  That's also a good time to inflict some
real quick damage with punches or kicks (hey, who cares if they're
down, you wanna win, right?).  Experiment with each wrestler to see
whether a punch or kick will work better.  For example, Yokozuna falls
on the person and takes longer to get up than kicking/stomping the
person.  On the other hand, Bret will just pound on the guy.  This is
a real good way to inflict damage when you're behind in the match.

3.  From my experience, my combo meter ultimately lights faster if
I've combined some of the basic moves (like throwing an opponent into
the ropes and kicking them as they bounce off) than if I just beat on

4.  If your opponent starts to run, see if you can follow them.  You
can pop off a drop kick from behind them.

5.  Try some running and punching/kicking while your opponent is down.
You'll see some pretty neat moves then.

6.  Don't try the running moves (drop kicks and clotheslines) when
someone's getting up from being thrown down.  They usually come up
with a block.  Instead try it when you're not close and facing them
(takes some quick fingers) or when they're coming back in the ring
(after you've thrown them out, of course).

7.  Finally, the combos.  You have to have your combo meter lit and
have to grab your opponent (FF SP).  Then, hit the combo move.  I've
tried different combos (like FF P, DD K, FF SK, etc...) and listed the
ones that I can pretty consistently perform.  However, sometimes you
still don't get the combo.  I haven't figured out what the trigger is.
Also, there are different ones.  See Bret Hart's information.  To get
the 12 hit, start the 4/5 hit and somewhere in there hit SP.  I can't
get this one consistently yet...  Also, I haven't found any

Credits:  Most of these moves were verified from the WWF Wrestlemania
Arcade game FAQ and I've posted these without his permission.  In
other words, he deserves most of the credit for compiling this

Jon Lowe


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