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Peripheral Code List by Madroms

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 03/07/04

          |                                                         |          
          |                  S E G A   S A T U R N                  |          
          |                                                         |          
          |              P E R I P H E R A L   C O D E              |          
          |                                                         |          
          |                         T O O L                         |          
          |                                                         |          
          +-V 1.03---------------------------------------by Madroms-+          

1. Copyright Information

© Copyright 2003 E. LOZANO [aka Madroms & Madsaturn]. This tool and everything
included within this file can be use in its original form by everybody only if
you ask me before AND if you give me full credit for this tool/faq.

For the moment, this tool can only appear on the following sites:
• GameFAQS : http://www.gamefaqs.com
• Sega Saturn Collection : http://www.satakore.com

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

You can contact me at : madroms{at}free{dot}fr (may change in the future).

2. Revision History

1.03 - March 07, 2004 - Corrected the K code (and delayed to upload it at
gamefaqs). Also updated the list for F compatible games.

1.02 - October 20, 2003 - Added information at the end.

1.01 - September 26, 2003 - Added "P" code (i forgot it in the previous

1.00 - September 25, 2003 - All the codes I know are listed.

3. Introduction

As every Satun fans know, there is two types of codes for Saturn game :
country codes and peripheral codes. These codes could be found in the header of
each Saturn cd (games and demos).
Country codes are "JTUBKAEL". The meaning of these codes are commonly known
so a faq is not necessary for them.
This tool is only for the peripheral codes that are less known.

4. Peripheral Codes

Peripheral codes give information about the compatibility of a game with some
peripherals. You can have one or several codes for each game.
In theory, if a code is present, the game is compatible with the associated
peripheral; and if a code is not present, the games is not compatible.
But in practice, a code can be found in the header and the game does not
support it, and also a code can not be found in the header but the game
supports the associated peripheral. These cases are rare but they exist.

Here is the list of all the peripheral codes I found and What they stand for.

J : Every games and demos have this code. Compatible with the Joypad. This is
    the minimum required.
M : Compatible with the Mouse. Games using the mouse have this code.
G : Compatible with the Gun (Virtua Gun or another).
W : Compatible with RAM Carts (1MB or/and 4MB)
S : Compatible with the Steering Wheel (aka Racing Controller or Arcade Racer).
A : Compatible with the Virtua Stick (aka Mission Stick) or/and the Analog
E : Compatible with the Analog Controller (3D-pad) [in fact Multi controller].
T : Compatible with the Multi-Tap.
C : Compatible with the Link Cable. You can play with 2 Saturn-TV-Games
    connected. "C" code is mostly for japanese games.
D : Compatible with the Link Cable [DirectLink]. You can play with 2 Saturn-TV-
    Games connected. "D" code is mostly for games released in the USA.
X : Compatible with the X-Band modem [for japanese games] or compatible with 
    the Netlink modem [for american games].
K : Compatible with the Keyboard.
Q : Compatible with the Pachinko Controller ("Pachinko Handle Model Personal
    Use Controller").
F : Compatible with the Floppy Disk Drive.
R : Compatible with a ROM cart (in fact you need it to play).
P : Compatible with the Video CD Card (Mpeg Movie Card).

There is not any specific code for:
- Twin Stick controller
- Arcade Stick controller
- Backup RAM cart
- Densha de Go! Controller
- Brain controller (joke!)

5. List of games for some codes

I list games with some specific code found in the header.

R: ROM cart compatible games, only 2 games need a ROM cart:
King of Fighters '95 (The) [any versions]
UltraMan ~Hikari no Kyojin Densetsu~ JAP

F: Floppy Disk Drive compatible games:
Azel Panzer Dragoon JAP
Culdcept JAP
Dezaemon 2 JAP
Eiyuu Shigan ~Gal Act Heroism~ JAP
Panzer Dragoon Saga EUR
Panzer Dragoon Saga USA
Sangokushi Koumeiden JAP

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