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    Model 2 Swap Trick by I c h i r o

    Updated: 03/05/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    AUTHOR: Casey "Raditz-San 2" Morris (Listed as Magician Type 0)
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    LAST UPDATE 3/5/2001 - 4:35:10 PM
    Contact: radical_radittsu@hotmail.com
    Look, it's 2001, and I've decided I don't give a damn.  Just leave my
    name on it and it's yours.
    What you'll need
    - A standard Phillips Screwdriver
    - A Model 2 Saturn
    - Tape (Preferably Masking)
    - Your Import/Backup (CD1)
    - A licensed Game that's local to your Saturn (CD2)
    Now, before you start, determine what Model your Saturn is.  Are the buttons
    in a perfect circle?  Then it's a Model 2.  If they're oval, check my Model 1
    Saturn Swap FAQ.
    Step 1. Tricking your Saturn
    Unplug all the Saturn's cords.  Flip your Saturn over and set it on a carpet.
    Now unscrew the five (5) screws (Next to the battery compartment, next to the
    plugs, in the middle-right, both top corners).  Now, flip over the thing. 
    Press the open button.  Take note of the location of the left knob under the
    lid. Now, pop off the top half.  See that little tower where the left knob
    was?  Take your tape and tape around the tower in a circle, making sure that
    the tape keeps the button down.  Now, put it back together and test CD2 with
    the lid open.  If it doesn't work, open it up and try again.
    Step 2. The Hard Part
    Now, the swap.  Start with CD1.  Now, watch the screen.  When the Saturn logo
    appears, quickly take out CD1 and pop in CD2.  The drive will start spinning. 
    When the speed doubles, QUICKLY take out CD2 and pop in CD1.  Once you get the
    hang of it, it's easy.  But don't worry, if you're new to this, it might take
    a few tries.
    Special Thanks
    - My brother, for being a good sport about me opening up his Saturn
    +++END DOCUMENT+++
    "Le grand art, c'est de changer pendant la bataille. Malheur au général qui
    arrive au combat avec un système." ~Napoleon Bonaparte

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