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    Model 1 Swap Trick FAQ by I c h i r o

    Updated: 02/20/01 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

    Model 1 Saturn Swap Trick FAQ
    By Raditz-San 2 (Listed as Magician Type 0)
    Contact: radical_radittsu@hotmail.com
    Legal Stuff
    Look, it's 2001, and I've decided I don't give a damn.  Just leave my
    name on it and it's yours.
    I'm bored, and I have nothing better to do, so I figured I'd write to you 
    about the model 1 swap trick.  I have no idea what to do on Model 2.  If 
    you do something really stupid you could probably screw up your Saturn, 
    and I’m not liable for that.  This FAQ is intended for people who want to 
    play import games and can’t find/afford those converters.  Not sure what 
    model Saturn you have?  Just look at the buttons.  If they’re oval shaped, 
    it’s a Model 1.  If not... be prepared to shell out a lot of cash for a 
    converter.  Try EBay...
    What you will need:
    - A Phillips Screwdriver
    - A Model 1 Saturn
    - Some sort of tape
    - An Import Game
    - A licensed game from the country your Saturn came from
    Step 1: Fooling your Saturn
    This step is essentially making your Saturn think the lid is always closed.  
    Unplug everything.  Get your screwdriver and find a carpet.  Set your 
    Saturn on the carpet upside-down and unscrew all five (5) screws (bottom 
    left, middle left, next to battery, next to plugs, lower right).  Now, 
    flip over your Saturn CAREFULLY, holding it together.  Tap the open 
    button.  See the left knob under the lid?  Good.  Now just take the lid 
    off (it should come right off) and find the little tower where the left 
    knob was.  Get some sort of tape (I like masking myself...) and tape 
    around the tower in a circle, in a way that keeps the little button down.  
    Done with that?  Good.  Now put it back together and test your licensed 
    game from the same country as your Saturn (known from here on as CD1).  
    Leave the lid open.  If it works, good.  If not, open your Saturn back up 
    and pray that you can fix it...
    Step 2. The Swap
    Get your import (CD2).  Pop it in your Saturn.  Have CD1 on hand.  This 
    might take a few tries to get right.  In any event, turn on the Saturn 
    with CD2 in there and the lid open.  Now you need to watch the light.  It 
    will begin flashing.  When it stops, take out CD2 and pop in CD1.  Then 
    the light will flash once, then again 3 more times.  After it flashes 3 
    times, QUICKLY pop out CD1 and pop in CD2.  If you timed it right the 
    light will begin flashing some more.  Congratulations.  You’re finished.

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