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Three Addictive New Games for the Sega Saturn System

Just when you thought your Shanghai strategy was as solid as the Great Wall of China... Three captivating new games with enticing new rules, plus Classic Shanghai for the purist.

Venture along The Great Wall where earthly forces challenge your mind beyond Classic Shanghai. Snap pairs off to dismantle its mighty structure, while the law of gravity holds true... and tiles fall as lower ones are removed.

Open your mind to Beijing. Slide entire rows of tiles to make a match and create a new situation each time. One wrong match and a triple scoring move disappears... and a whole new addiction appears.

Prove your Shanghai superiority in Golden Tile where two players race in "pandomonium" to clear two layouts on one screen. It's a frenzy to uncover the cherished golden tile - often buried five deep. You may just have to borrow a tile or two - or stop your opponent from taking yours.

Then try arcade action... Play each game in a head-to-head tournament against a friend - or race the clock in a series of games. Perfect your strategy under extreme competitive conditions. Accept the ultimate Shanghai: Triple-Threat challenge.

- Three Ways to Play: Play in Solitaire, 2-player "Pandamonium" or Arcade Mode.
- Three Themed Tile Sets: Choose colorful Mah-Jongg, Zodiac or Music tile sets.
- Includes Classic Shanghai: Match your tiles in the ancient tradition.

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