Review by Czechnmymail

Reviewed: 06/27/04

Space Age FPS delivers fairly well for its time

Ghen War is a First Person Shooter in which you take the place of a commander of a fleet designed to reach friendly terms with an alien race called "Ghen". For a while, this seems to be working out well for you and your crew. However, soon, the Ghen grow hostile towards you and start destroying the colonies and construction sites around and on the main Ghen planet, its moons, and even Earth and its moon. Your character, who happened to be helping with one of the construction sites, is on one of the moons as the outbreak begins to occur. You take control of his large robot and have to fight the Ghen rebellion off.

Presentation (Graphics/Sound): 7

While the graphics for this game are by no means great, they were okay for their time. Music is, for the most part, ambient and nearly nonexistent, but when the game's pace picks up (e.g. enemies start attacking you), so does the music. The sounds are basically your standard alien and shooting sounds, though. It uses live action FMVs to present the story throughout the game.

Story: 4

Let's face it. First Person Shooters aren't known for enthralling story lines. It's a little cliche, but it's obviously not the selling point of the game.

Innovation: 6

This game had quite a bit of weapons and neat little things you could use. Solving missions is your ultimate goal in the game, and the missions range from saving members of your group to destroying buildings to just getting out of a Ghen base. You can achieve these goals by use of your weapons, or using the robot hand to use switches, grab things, etc. Another neat thing is that you can (almost) completely level the game's terrain. The game incorporates this into the missions, as well.

Replay: 6

The game doesn't have too many features to it, but it has multiple difficulties ranging from "Inept" (ridiculously easy enemies, strong weapons) to "Insane" (as it says: Insane level of difficulty) that help to vary the game a little.

Overall: 5.75 (rounded to 6)

Rating:   3.0 - Fair

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