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Reviewed: 05/06/03 | Updated: 05/06/03

Interesting Idea for a game.

The game is a fighting game, you fly around on dragons, and whack people with swords and use special moves. They could have made the game a lot better, but they didn't. They left a lot of room for improvement and the game wasn't very fun.

Graphics 6/10

The game had ok 3D graphics, but they Definitely couldn't compare to the graphics on games like NiGHTS into Dreams or Virtua Fighter 2.It was grainy at some parts, but you could tell what every thing was.

Sound 2/10

I'm going to be honest, the sound in this game SUCKS. The back ground music sounded like something of a Nintendo game. The sound effects sounded like they were recorded on a Playschool tape recorder in the game developers gardening shed.

Story 0/10

As far as I can tell there is no story to the game what so ever. You just fight an enemy on your dragon, then go to the next stage.

Controls 4/10

The controls in this game were very nice. They were easy to figure out, but the control scene was not very elaborate. They could have found a use for the X, Y, and Z buttons, but the game controls did nice any ways. The special moves were easy to figure out though they take a while to perform and It always seems like the computer can do them faster than you. The control system was not elaborate at all, A= fast attack, B= powerful attack, C= jump. That was basically all you could do except for your special attack.

Game Play 4/10

Flying around on dragons really detracted points off of the game. It made the game harder and less fun, because you couldn't run up to your enemy and punch them multiple times. You have fly up to them and attack them with your weapon, or use a special move. Also you fall of your dragon rendering you motionless and open to attacks, not to mention you get damaged from the fall.

Difficulty 6/10

It's kind of hard at first, but after the while you get the hang of the game. Then its moderately difficult, the enemies patterns are usually the same but the sometimes change and then you get thrown off.

Replay Value 4/10

As far as I know there are no secret characters. So unless you want to beat it with all the characters, or play it with friends, that is really all the replay value the game has to offer.

Overall 3/10

Not the best fighting game for the system, not the worst. The game wasn't very fun to me. I wouldn't recommend you get the game unless you are a collector or are really a fan of fighting on dragon fighting games.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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