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Reviewed: 01/15/04

32 bit Snatcher. Yay!

Growing up, I remember this one game was reviewed in Gamefan. Snatcher. I remember begging my parents for a Sega CD so I could play this game. But when I got my Sega CD, I could never find a copy of Snatcher in stores. Disappointed, I waited and waited only to find out that this wonderful game went for quite a bit of money on eBay. It used to torture me how I would see all these sites showing Snatcher. And then, one day, I found a site with an ISO of Snatcher. On my lousy 56k, I downloaded the game.(Took me almost a whole day!) And burned it onto cd and plopped the disc in my Sega CD. And as the game booted up, I was greeted with a game that blew me away from start to finish. It was probably the perfect game. Great graphics, killer soundtrack, and an insane story line. Since then, I was a Snatcher convert. So later on, I wanted one of the remakes of Snatcher. After all, having Snatcher in full 256 color glory made my mouth water. And being the Saturn fan I am, I got the Saturn version. The result was pretty good.

Graphics- All the characters are redrawn and recolored from the PC-Engine and Sega CD versions. But they aren't really totally different. Characters look a bit more animeish. A good example of this is Mika. She had gained a little weight to look more cuddly and cute. One thing that people seem to complain about is the censorship. Actually, it still is slightly more violent than the Sega CD version. A good example is the death scene of John Jack Gibson. In the PC-Engine version, the area around John Jack's neck is soaked in blood. This was taken out of the Sega CD version and replaced with a goofy looking clean snap of the neck. There is no blood to be found anywhere in that scene. The blood was restored in the Saturn version. One complaint I do have is the fact that some of the animation was taken out of the Saturn version. One small instance is when Mika asks you to choose where you want to go in the Sega CD version, she turns her head and looks at you expectingly. She doesn't on the Saturn. Another instance is when you see the 2 Snatchers run across the doorway in the factory. In the Sega CD version, he first sneaks a little and looks around before taking off. He just takes off in the Saturn. The reason behind this is rather unclear to me. I know the PSX version probably couldn't handle the 2D animation of the Sega CD ;) but the Saturn!?

Sound- The voice acting is pretty good. It actually is the same as the PC-Engine version (for all you who complain that its not as good as the Sega CD version. Jeez. Did you think that the Sega CD was the first version of Snatcher or something?). The sound effects are the same as the Sega CD version. (You can't improve on perfection people!) As for the music, I too was dissapointed. While the intro music still kicks ass, some of the other songs were changed. One of the biggest kicks in the ass is the energetic song that first plays when John Jack Gibson calls in for backup. They changed it to something completely different. Why!? That song was great!

Gameplay- It's done in a digital comic fashion. (Used in a lot of ''dating sims'') The only problem is that I can't read Japanese. And its no problem to run it side by side with the Sega CD version, it seems that there is extra dialog in the Saturn version. And being a fan of Snatcher, I wish I knew what it was. Another obstacle for non-Japanese speaking players are the scenes that require you to input answers to questions... In Japanese. Fortunately, there is a site out that gives you the answers. As for an English patch, there is none. So you have to wing it out with the Sega CD version as a guide. Darn...

Replay- While Snatcher is pretty replayable to find out all the cool hidden dialogue, that isn't the case when you can't read what they are saying. But if you can, then you won't be disappointed. Unfortunately, there still is only one path you can take. So once you play Snatcher, call up the designers, and prank call emergency numbers, there really isn't much to do. But you can live knowing you have played one of the greatest games ever made.

Overall- If you've never played Snatcher, first get the Sega CD version to enjoy it. Then get the Saturn version to check out its enhanced graphics. A very cool remake of an insanely cool game.

Other- Like the PC-Engine version, the Saturn version comes with a set of Snatcher stickers. How can you pass that up?

Rating: 8

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