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Reviewed: 11/29/01 | Updated: 11/29/01

A remixed classic, with a number of flaws

Snatcher is a widely known game. Having been released on many platforms and coming from one of THE most influential creators in the field, Hideo Kojima, Snatcher is built on one of gamings best storylines. In '96, the Saturn remix was released to the Japanese public. It had been 8 years since the Japanese enjoyed Snatcher (last, and only, home console version released in Japan was the PC-Engine version released in '92). Would this version eclipse the already outstanding Pc-Engine version? Unfortunately, no, and in a few ways it was a disappointment....

The time....Dec. 2042..The place..Neo-Kobe, Japan. The man....Gillian Seed. You play Gillian Seed, a newly assigned detective to the Junker agency, a new police-division designed to combat the Snatcher menace. Snatchers are a bioroid life form who kill their targets and take their place in society. Your goal is to find out who or what they are and what they real plans are......

The Saturn version of Snatcher was the last home console version released and, while it is less censored than the PSX version, it is basically just as disappointing as the PSX version.....

Graphics - 7/10 - Many scenes were either recolored or redrawn completely from the original. While a select few are nice, many just arent very good, and others are just plain ugly. On its own, the graphics are pretty good, with those exceptions.

Music - 7/10 - Snatcher always had a brilliant soundtrack, but in this version some tunes were changed, and not for the better. Most are still there and sound good, but some have been changed in crucial parts and it really ruined the mood in those places.

Gameplay - 8/10 - This is still exactly the same. Easy to use interface and very easy to use sight for the shooting sequences. Solid

Story - 9/10 - Ahhh, the backbone of Snatcher. This, thankfully remained fully intact. Nothing was changed. Story is the same as it was. Great story still.

Control - 8/10 - Very simple control scheme, yet effective. Easy to navigate menus and simple crosshair scheme for shooting sequences. Simple and very effective.

Version Differences - The differences in this and the PSX version are identical, except the rotting skull sequence is no longer pixelled out. All the other censoring moments are fully intact however. Along with the 2 not-so-great CGs for the beginning.....

Buy or rent? - Hmmm, try it first, just like the PSX version. Still a great game even with the inherent flaws. Overall, an underwhelming port of an already great game.....

Rating: 7

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