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FAQ by AudioZan

Version: 1.3 | Updated: 10/09/03

Segata Sanshiro presents:

 //////   //  //  //  //\\    //  // //    //////  //\\    //
  \\     //////  //  //  \\  //  //\\     //////  //  \\  //
//////  //  //  //  //    \\//  //  \\   //////  //    \\// Shinken

\\  //  //  //      //////  //
 \\//  //  //  //  // ///  //
  //  //////      //////  // Yu-Gi

Version 1.0 by AudioZan (AudioZan@aol.com) - 6/3/03
Version 1.1 Updated 6/13/03
Version 1.2 Updated 7/26/03
Version 1.3 Updated 10/9/03

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a
violation of copyright.

I. Index

I.     Index
II.    Introduction
III.   Mini-Games
         1) Dance Dance Segata
         2) Bomberperson Fight!
         3) Santa-san Sanshiro
         4) Cranium Crisis
         5) Panzer Count-oon
         6) 15 Floor Dash
         7) Match Game
         8) Winter Feet
         9) Kick the Various Heavy Objects
        10) Sanshiro's Mean Fish Machine
IV.    Voice of Segata Sanshiro
V.     Commercials
VI.    High Scores
VII.   Contributions

II. Introduction

Althought the Sega Saturn was a flop in America, Japan was another story.  The
system's hilarious ad campaign starred a martial arts master named Segata
Sanshiro who would kick your ass and shove a Saturn up it.  He hit home runs
with his bare feet, exploded men with his bare hands, and made the Saturn a hit
overseas.  This game is a collection of his commercials which can be unlocked
by playing mini-games loosely inspired by them.

Segata Sanshiro was based on a movie about a man named Sanshiro Sugata who
struggles to learn judo. Segata was played by actor Hiroshi Fujioka,
famous for his role as the first Kamen Rider in the 70s. He was also the
narrator of Ultraman G and voiced Ryo's father in Shenmue for Dreamcast.
Thanks to Don Chan and imdb.com for the info.

I don't speak a word of Japanese, so everything in this FAQ was discovered
through trial and error.  Feel free to contribute anything you want to
AudioZan@aol.com.  I and the entire world would greatly appreciate it.

III. Mini-Games

After the opening "Game Start/Options" menu, you come to a menu with four 
choices.  They are as follows (I think):

1) Mini-Games
2) Voice of Segata Sanshiro
3) Commercials
4) High Scores

Mini-Games brings you to the list of the ten different mini-games you can play.
Beating the mini-games unlocks the commercials, which is the best part of the
game.  I have no idea what the titles are, so I've created my own titles full
of clever puns and alliterations.  Here they are from top to bottom:

***1) Dance Dance Segata
   Funfactor - 4/10
   Description - Several buttons are displayed on the screen and it's your job
                 to memorize them and enter them in the same order as they
                 appeared, sort of like Simon.  Each correct button gets you
                 one point and makes Segata dance comically, while an incorrect
                 one takes away a point.
   How to Win - Get at least 60 points.  To beat this game very easily, simply
                write the buttons down as they appear on screen.
   Commercial Unlocked - Shining Force 3

***2) Bomberperson Fight!
   Funfactor - 4/10
   Controls - D-Pad - Move, A/B/C - Throw
   Description - Segata battles a generic Bomberman ripoff which I call
                 Bomberperson in a battlefield laced with landmines.  The moves
                 you can pull off on Bomberperson depend on the way he grabs
                 you, making the game similar to Rock/Paper/Scissors.
   How to Win - Blow up Bomberperson 10 times in a row without getting hit.
                This game was hard to figure out, but the best strategy I came
                up with was to move with the D-Pad whenever he did a full
                body grapple and press A, B, or C whenever he put his back to
                you to try to flip you.  That will cancel his flip.
   Commercial Unlocked - Bomberman Fight!

***3) Santa-san Sanshiro
   Funfactor - 10/10
   Controls - Up/Down - Move Up/Down, A/B/C - Drop Present
   Description - My favorite mini-game.  Segata flies overhead in Santa's
                 sleigh in the style of a sidescrolling shooter while avoiding
                 obstacles and dropping presents into chimneys.
   How to Win - Get presents into at least 70 chimneys.  The presents drop a
                little bit in front of the sleigh so make sure to press the
                button early.
   Commercial Unlocked - Sega Saturn Christmas Commercial

***4) Cranium Crisis
   Funfactor - 5/10
   Controls - A/B/C - Start/Stop Markers
   Description - Break a stack of plates with Segata's head 3 times.  It's a 
                 timing game similar to kicking a field goal in Madden. Press a 
                 button to start the marker moving up the meter, then press it
                 again when its at the top and a third time when its at the
   How to Win - Stop the first marker at the very top of the meter without
                going into the danger zone.  If you stop it in the danger zone,
                Segata's head will explode.  Do the same thing at the bottom,
                and get a total score of at least 40 points.
   Commercial Unlocked - Solo Crisis

***5) Panzer Count-oon
   Funfactor - 5/10
   Controls - nothing
   Description - This sounds like a lame game, but I thought it was pretty fun.
                 A bunch of dragons from Panzer Dragoon fly across the screen
                 and some of them are carrying little Segatas.  You have to
                 count all the Segatas.
   How to Win - Just count all the Segatas and enter the correct number in the
                following screen. After round 10 you win.
   Commercial Unlocked - Panzer Dragoon Saga

***6) 15 Floor Dash
   Funfactor - 9/10
   Controls - Up/Down - Move Up/Down, Left - Slow Down, A/B/C - Jump Kick
   Description - Another great game.  Segata has to run up 15 floors of a
                 burning building and save the person at the top while
                 sidestepping and jumpkicking over flaming obstacles.  This
                 is also the hardest game IMO.
   How to Win - You're going to have to memorize the obstacles on each floor
                through trial and error.  Just keep an eye out for the blue
                holes in the background because they shoot streams of fire at
   Commercial Unlocked - Burning Rangers

***7) Match Game
   Funfactor - 1/10
   Controls - D-Pad - Move Around, A/C - Select Picture, B - Deselect Picture
   Description - The easiest and lamest mini-game in the game.  A picture of
                 Segata with a funny hairdo is displayed and you have to go
                 around clicking all of the matching pictures.
   How to Win - Correctly match all of the same pictures.
   Commercial Unlocked - Dragon Force 2

***8) Winter Feet
   Funfactor - 5/10
   Controls - A/B/C - Change Feet
   Description - Build up Segata's speed as he skates barefoot on the ice.  You
                 increase speed by staying on each foot as long as possible,
                 but don't stay on one foot too long or Segata will freeze.
   How to Win - Get up to 100 KM/h.  There's not much I can say to help you
                out here, just get ready to press the button faster when you're
                about to increase in level.
   Commercial Unlocked - Winter Heat

***9) Kick the Various Heavy Objects
   Funfactor - 8/10
   Controls - Left/Right - Move Left/Right, A/B/C - Kick
   Description - This game is similar to the Nintendo Game & Watch game, Fire.
                 Objects start falling from the sky and you have to keep
                 kicking them into the air.  Make sure you press the kick
                 button early, because if you kick the middle of the object
                 you'll hurt your foot.  You need to get your foot under the
                 objects and hit them with your toes.
   How to Win - Keep kicking objects into the dumpster until the remaining
                weight drops to zero.  Pretty easy.
   Commercial Unlocked - Greatest Nine '98

***10) Sanshiro's Mean Fish Machine
   Funfactor - 7/10
   Controls - D-Pad - Move Fishsticks, A/B/C - Rotate Fishsticks
   Description - A simple puzzle game involving sticks of three different types
                 of fish (which I call fishsticks).  When three or more of the
                 same kind of fish are lined up vertically, horizontally, or
                 diagonally, they are destroyed and you get 1 point for each
   How to Win - The only way to win is to get at least 20 points in a single 
                move. You have to stack the fish so that when you destroy some
                of the fish, the ones on top of them fall down and create new
                lines of fish that are destroyed, and the ones on them fall
                into place causing a chain reaction of points.  If you're a
                puzzle game expert this should be no problem.
   Commercial Unlocked - Deep Fear

IV. Voice of Segata Sanshiro

The second option of the opening menu brings you to a sound test studio where
you can listen to Segata's radio commercials.  Lainer has provided me with info
on what some of the commercials are for:

   1) ?
   2) ?
   3) ?
   4) ?
   5) Sonic R
   6) Saturn Bomberman
   7) House of the Dead
   8) Neon Genesis Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend (Girlfriend of Steel)
   9) World Cup '98
   10) Soccer RPG
   11) Shoujo Kakumei Utena (Revolutionary Girl Utena)
   12) Deep Fear
   13) Wachenroder

V. Commercials

Under the third menu option you can view Segata Sanshiro's hilarious
commercials after you unlock them.  There are 19 in all and here are brief
descriptions of each one (spoilers ahead):

1) Shining Force 3 - 30 sec - Segata walks into a dance club full of happy
   teenagers dancing the night away.  Why aren't they at home playing Sega
   Saturn???  He kicks the crap out of them and clips of Shining Force 3 are

2) Bomberman Fight! - 15 sec - Segata hurls a man through the air who explodes
   on impact with the ground.  Just like Police Cops.

3) General Sega Saturn Christmas Commercial - 15 sec - Santa Claus walks into a
   living room and three kids run up to greet him.  They are knocked backwards
   when Santa-san pulls off his face revealing Segata underneath.  Clips from
   various Saturn games are then shown.

4) Solo Crisis - 15 sec - Segata breaks a stack of concrete plates with his
   head.  Apparently his head is so strong because it's full of RPG knowledge.

5) Panzer Dragoon Saga - 15 sec - Segata dances around a fire with a dragon
   mask on.  Not that funny.

6) Burning Rangers - 15 sec - Segata leaps into a burning building to save an
   unconscious woman.  He seems to be enjoying giving her CPR a little too much
   as her sister tries to pull him off.

7) Dragon Force 2 - 15 sec - Hundreds of Segata's charge at the screen.  Good
   special effects.

8) Winter Heat - 15 sec - Segata outskates an olympic speed skater using only
   his bare feet.

9) Greatest Nine '98 - 15 sec - Segata hits a home run with his foot.

10) Deep Fear - 30 sec - A very bizarre commercial.  Segata cuts open a fish
    with a large knife.  I guess this is supposed to be scary.

The rest are bonus commercials that you don't unlock by beating the mini-games.
If someone could fill me in on #14 I'd be truly grateful.

11) Segata's Training Video - 30 sec - This is one of the best commercials and
    you can see it by quitting or remaining idle after you get a Game Over.  It
    shows Segata training with an oversized Sega Saturn while his theme song
    plays.  Very funny.

12) House of the Dead - 30 sec - Segata flips and flips the zombies, but they
    keep coming back to life.  This is unlocked by failing a game without
    getting any points and then idling on the game over screen. Thanks to
    Lainer for this info.

13) Sonic R - 30 sec - Three kids about to play baseball cross paths with
    Segata and get their asses kicked.  That's what they get for not playing
    Saturn.  Unlocked by remaining idle during the title screen.  Thanks again
    to Lainer.

14) Still locked.

15) Wachenroder - 30 sec - A weird one.  A bunch of Segata faces are on screen
    with him showing various emotions.  My least favorite out of all his
    commercials. Unlock this by letting your head explode three times in a row
    in Cranium Crisis and then quitting.  Thanks to Ryoma234.

16) Extended Christmas Commercial - 30 seconds - The same as #3, but with an
    extra scene that shows the kids crying.  This is unlocked after you beat
    8 mini-games. Thanks again to Ryoma234.

17) Sakura Taisen 2 - 30 sec - Even more bizarre than the Deep Fear commercial.
    Segata frolics around with a beautiful girl dressed as Sakura.  Unlocked
    after beating 9 mini-games.  Thanks to Lainer.
    Don Chan adds that the girl playing Sakura Shinguuji is her voice actress,
    Chisa Yokoyama.

18) Ending - This is the video you see after you beat all 10 mini-games.  It
    shows clips from all of the commercials put together.

19) Segata's Farewell Message - This is also shown after you beat the game.  I
    wish I had a translation...

Other commercials

There are three other Segata Sanshiro commercials I have seen on the internet
that aren't in the game.  Here are their descriptions:

1) Soccer RPG - 30 sec - My favorite one.  A soccer player is about to make a
   dramatic corner kick.  Segata grabs one of the players off the bench and
   hurls him into the air.  The ball bounces off his head and into the goal,
   winning the game.  Maycunt?!

2) World Cup 98 - 30 sec - Another soccer one.  This time Segata is the goalie,
   and he moves the entire net out of the way to stop the ball from going in.
   Not as good as Soccer RPG, but still funny.

3) Segata's Grand Finale - 60 sec - The last Segata commercial and one of the
   greatest. A terrorist launches a missile at Sega headquarters and Segata
   leaps off the roof to stop it.  He stops it with his bare hands and feet and
   launches himself into space to bring the missile out of harms way.  He yells
   his famous last words, "Sega Saturn...shirooooooo!" (play Sega Saturn)
   before the missile explodes, killing him.  This also doubles as an ad for
   Shinken Yu-Gi itself, so it's unlikely that the commercial is in the game.

VI. High Scores

The last option of the menu lets you view your high scores. Yay.

VII. Contributions

Thank you for reading my first FAQ, I hope it was helpful to you.

Thanks to Don "Gamera" Chan for his Hiroshi Fujioka info and various

Thanks to Lainer (taco_task_force@earthlink.net) for his tips on unlocking some
commercials and the radio commercials.

Thanks to Ryoma234 for unlocking Wachenroder.

Copyright 2003 AudioZan

Sega Saturn shiro!

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