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Leaving Town Walkthrough by Undead King

Version: 1.01 | Updated: 01/14/04

Quick Start FAQ for Airs Adventure (Sega Saturn)
Author: Undead King (Discworld6@aol.com)
Version: 1.01
Date: 1/14/2004
Title: Airs Adventure
System: Sega Saturn
Genre: RPG
Origin: Japan
Players: 1

1. WHY? - Purpose of guide
2. SOME NOTES - Important Info
3. GETTING STARTED - Naming your character, etc.
4. SO... - Details on how to leave the first town
5. INFO - Contact info
6. THANKS - Thank you list

The purpose of this guide is to inform gamers how to leave the first town,
thus starting them on their quest. Despite the apparent absurdness of this
FAQ, it's existance actually is justified. I know how insane it must sound
to actually need a FAQ to leave the first town of an RPG but if you've had
the displeasure of playing Airs Adventure than you will understand the
need for this guide. After seeing the "How do I leave town?" question pop
up every so often, I decided a FAQ was needed and I guessed I'd be the one
to do it. So, with a little trial and error and about 30 minutes of free
time I came up with a fool proof method of leaving the first town. What a
pain in the ass! So, if you have masochistic tendencies and would like to
progress a little bit in this travesty of a game, here goes.
I cannot read Japanese, so all of the info contained herein was gathered
via guesswork and luck. I have no clue what is going on in the story or
why you have to go through these steps to leave the town. All I know is,
it works. I have NO intention of continuing this FAQ any further. My goal
is not to provide a comprehensive walkthrough, only a sure fire method of
leaving the first town and I feel I have accomplished this goal. I do not
care to play the game any further. As such, any emails I recieve asking
for help on this game will be deleted. Now that that is out of the way...

Wait for the title screen and press start. Choose Data 1 and you will be
brought to a screen with a bunch of Japanese characters. Walk your
character over the second option from the top on the right side of the
screen and press the A button. This will change it to Roman(English)
characters. Enter the Hero's name. I'm partial to MJ, as the hero looks
like Michael Jackson. After you've got a name chosen, walk over the bottom
right option and press A. A short scene will play, followed by another
naming screen, this time for the Heroine. Name her and choose the bottom
right option again. Another short scene will play and you will be taken to
a screen with two options. Choose the top option and the game will begin.

Let the intro play, or skip it via the start button. Some guy will lecture
you, just jam on the A button. Ignore everyone, and head directly into the
church. Press start to skip the scene and then prepare for battle. You can
attack with the B button. It should take two hits to bring the guy down.
After the battle you are placed in a dungeon. Head to the treasure chest.
If you can't find your way, make sure the television is on as there is
only one path. Press A to open the chest. Turn around and start walking.
A secret door will open. There are two paths, you want the path heading

You are now outside the church again. Go south, then east a bit. Now head
north about halfway up and the item shop should be on your left. Enter it.
Buy the only item available(press A three times, and then choose option 3
to leave). Now head south and then west. Talk to the fruit stand owner.
Now start walking east. The guy will leave his house to talk to you.
Another guy will walk up and say some stuff. 

When they finish, head as far north east as you can go. You will come to a
big building. Enter it and a scene will occur. Watch it or skip it with
the start button. Now go west a bit and enter the castle. A guard will
come out and talk to you. After he leaves, another guy will come up and
talk to you. Now go back to the church(Northwest). One final scene will
play. Watch it or skip it with the start button.

TA DA! You can now leave town via the east exit. Thus ends one of the most
asinine and complicated first sequences for an RPG ever. I hope this
helps. The game doesn't get any better from here, but at least now you can
see for yourself. I haven't progressed much further so I'm not sure if any
similar situations pop up later in the game, but I wouldn't be surprised.

*NOTE*: Emails asking for gameplay tips will be ignored. I'm sorry but I
just cannot help in that area.

Questions/Comments? Email me at: Discworld6@aol.com

Corrections? Email me at: Discworld6@aol.com

My homepage:

© Copyright 2004 Ed Finnegan . It may not be stolen, altered, or used
for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and printed 
for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed in a 
magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute to 
this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any 
questions, comments, or corrections, to the corresponding address above.

This FAQ can be found at the following websites. If you see this anywhere
else please inform me of where you have found it. So proper action can be
taken. Thanks in advance.

GameFAQs: For posting this
GameFAQs Saturn General Message Board: Without you guys asking about this,
the guide you are reading never would've been written. 
Brett "Nemesis" Franklin: For my Copyright message.

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