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FAQ by Frankie_Spankie

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/07/2005

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              MMMMM:       XMMMMMM7       @MMMMM        
             MMM SMMMMMMMMMM@    MMMMMMMMMM;  MM;       
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          MM  MMM  M  M  MM ;MMM,  BMMMMMMMMMMMM MM   ___  _____   _____  
          MM aMMM  MM B  MM  MMMMMM   MMMMMMMMMM MM   \ / /  _  \ /  _  \ 
         ,MM   MMM.MM   .MM  MMMM;MMM,  BMMMMMMM ZM2  //  | |_| | | |_| | 
         MM  M0  SMMMM   MM   XMM  MMMMM   MMMMM  MM  `   \___  | )  _  ( 
        MMr MMMMM   MMM2 MM  M  i  MM XMMM.  BMMM MM;      ___| | | |_| | 
        MM ZMMMMMMMa  ZMMMM  MMM:  MM  rMMMM0  iM7 MM     |_____/ \_____/ 
              MMMMB      .XMMMMMMMW7      iMMMM,        
                 aMMMMMMMMr   ;   .SMMMMMMMM            
          -------------------- Table of Contents --------------------          
          1. - Controls..........................................0001          
          2. - Game Modes........................................0002          
          3. - Strategies........................................0003          
          4. - Team and Player Ratings...........................0004          
          5. - Disclaimer........................................0005          
   Please Note - This whole FAQ is searchable. That means you could easily     
   find whichever section you are looking for. Just press ctrl+f and type in    
   the name of the section or the password (the four digit number to the far    
   right) and press enter. It will bring you straight to that section.         
          ---------------------- 1. - Controls ----------------------          
These controls will be the same throughout all situations:
 = D-Pad  - Moves your skater 
 = Start  - Pauses game
 = Select - No Use
Player with Puck:
 = A      - Shoot
 = B      - Pass
 = X      - Fake Shot/Pass *
 = Y      - Dump the puck
 = L      - Quick Stop
 = R      - Spin
* Hold X and you will look like you are about to shoot. Whenever you let go,
   you will pass it to the closest teammate.
Player without Puck:
 = A      - Charge
 = B      - Change Player
 = X      - Check
 = Y      - Hook
 = L      - Stop
 = R      - No Use
Goalie with Puck:
 = A      - No Use
 = B      - Pass
 = X      - No Use
 = Y      - Dump the puck
 = L      - No Use
 = R      - No Use
          --------------------- 2. - Game Modes ---------------------          
 * Exhibition
This is just a regular game for fun. You could change the period length, skill 
level, penalties, and a lot of other stuff. This is a good place to practice in 
a real game. Start off on novice difficulty if you can't take the heat and when 
you're really good, you should try out expert mode.
 * Season
This is where you could play all 82 beautiful games of the 1997-1998 season. 
Play every game one by one as whatever team(s) you want to or simulate them. 
It's up to you! This is also where you could try trading players around to try 
to make the ultimate team!
 * Practice
This is where you really want to start out. You could try any situation and see 
how you do. If you have troubles on the penalty kill, set your team with four 
players and the other with five and keep playing. You could try out just about 
any situation here or take a true challenge by playing one on two, or even 
 * Skill Challenge
Want to have quick fun? Well this is the best place to go. You could try the 
real skill challenges they play at the all-star game. You could just do this to 
kill a few minutes or have a quick competition with friends.
 * Shoot Out
Ahh, the famous shoot out. Play the one-on-one game where the only thing 
blocking you from a goal is the opposing goalie. But you'll have to stop the 
next shot the other team makes yourself!
          --------------------- 3. - Strategies ---------------------          
 * Face-Off:
The face-off is very important. It could give you the winning edge early. Don't 
just mash the buttons at the face-off because that's not how you win. Look at 
the ref and press the pass button as fast as you can once he drops the puck. 
You could then work off from the face-off and try to score.
 * Passing:
We'll start off with the most imporant part of passing. You won't win games 
unless you pass. You might as well be the only one on the ice if you don't want 
to pass. Look for the open player. The only thing is, don't look just for an 
open passing lane. Think ahead, look for somebody who will be able to skate 
ahead with clear ice ahead of them. Only when you are right in front of the 
net, should you only look for an open passing lane.
 * Shooting:
Now we'll go on with what you need to do to win. You'll never win if you just 
shoot whenever, unless you're just that lucky. You have to think of good 
scoring strategies. The best strategy always has been and always will be, the 
one-timer. This is where passing also comes in handy. Pass to somebody on the 
other side of the net and immediately shoot. If you execute this play quickly, 
you should score because the goalie shouldn't get to the other side in time. 
You could also try the wrap-around. This is when you wrap around the net and to 
the other side, then you quickly shoot it. This doesn't work as well but it 
still works pretty well. Another strategy is to take a shot from the side 
board, by the two circles. The last best strategy to use, is to come in from an 
angle. Stop and cut to the side of the goalie, then quickly shoot.
 * The Neutral Zone:
The neutral zone is the area in between the two blue lines. Sometimes it may be 
difficult to get into the opposing zone. You may be able to skate in, but they 
may also just stay at the line and not let anybody through. So you may want to 
try to either pass or dump the puck into the zone. The only problem with 
dumping the puck into the zone, is that they could easily beat you to the puck. 
That's why you have to be quick or check them right away.
 * Breakaways:
The breakaway will always be your greatest oppurtunity to score. It's when you 
get past the five players on the other team and is fairly rare. All you have to 
beat is the goalie. Try what I explained in the Shooting section. Try to go in 
from an angle and cut to the other side. Just make sure you don't shoot with 
the backhand because it's much slower and the goalie has a better chance at 
blocking it.
 * Two on One Breaks:
This is very rare but very helpful. The easiest way to get these are when you 
have two people on your own team. Other than the goalie, you two forwards will 
only have one defenseman to stop you. You could either pass for a one-timer, or 
you could go in and shoot yourself. The best thing to do is to pass to the 
other player, and quickly pass back. That way the goalie will already be off to 
the other side.
 * Checking:
Stopping their offense, especially in the neutral zone, is your best chance. 
Don't even let them get a shot in on net. Just check them right away. Keep 
practicing until you learn how to time all of your checks perfectly. To 
practice, go into practice and put five players on your team, with one on 
theirs. Just keep going for checks and dump the puck every time you get it.
 * Penalty Kills:
Penalty Kills are when one player has a penalty and the other team has one more 
player than you. Your best strategy is to just waste time. You won't get icing 
when you're on the penalty kill. Just skate around to waste time and whenever 
you don't want them getting the puck, just dump it to the opposing zone.
                        ---------Basic  Rules---------
 * Icing:
If you shoot the puck from behind the center line (red) and it goes behind 
their goal line (behind their net,) they could touch it. The puck will 
automatically be sent to your end and you will have to make a face-off there.
 * Offsides:
You have to have all players behind the blue line before you could bring the 
puck over it. If you do pass it, you will just have to make a face-off from the 
blue line.
 * Two Line Pass:
You can't pass over two lines. If you do, you'll have to make a face-off.
 * Penalties:
Sometimes you will get penalties but there's really nothing you could do about 
it, just check less.
          -------------- 4. - Team and Player Ratings ---------------          
| Team           | Even-Strength | Power-Play | Penalty Killing | Goaltending |
|                |               |            |                 |             |
| Mighty Ducks   |      9th      |     6th    |       22nd      |     11th    |
| Bruins         |     26th      |    16th    |       21st      |     26th    |
| Sabres         |      6th      |    26th    |       13th      |      6th    |
| Flames         |     21st      |     8th    |       17th      |     13th    |
| Carolina       |     19th      |     4th    |       10th      |     19th    |
| Blackhawks     |     14th      |    17th    |       11th      |      7th    |
| Colorado       |      1st      |     3rd    |        2nd      |      5th    |
| Stars          |      2nd      |    19th    |       16th      |      3rd    |
| Red Wings      |      5th      |     7th    |        4th      |      2nd    |
| Oilers         |     13th      |     6th    |       18th      |     16th    |
| Panthers       |      7th      |    21st    |        7th      |      4th    |
| Kings          |     24th      |    25th    |        3rd      |     20th    |
| Canadiens      |     17th      |    13th    |       26th      |     23rd    |
| Devils         |      3rd      |    23rd    |        1st      |      1st    |
| Islanders      |     22nd      |    22nd    |       15th      |     18th    |
| Rangers        |      8th      |     1st    |       25th      |     10th    |
| Senators       |     16th      |    11th    |       20th      |     12th    |
| Flyers         |      4th      |    18th    |        6th      |      8th    |
| Phoenix        |     11th      |     5th    |        5th      |     15th    |
| Penguins       |     10th      |     2nd    |       23rd      |     25th    |
| Sharks         |     25th      |    20th    |       12th      |     24th    |
| Blues          |     12th      |    15th    |       14th      |     14th    |
| Lightning      |     20th      |    24th    |        8th      |     17th    |
| Maple Leafs    |     23rd      |    14th    |       19th      |     22nd    |
| Canucks        |     15th      |    10th    |       24th      |     21st    |
| Capitals       |     18th      |    12th    |        9th      |      9th    |
|                |               |            |                 |             |
|                |               |            |                 |             |
| A.S. West      |      1st      |     1st    |        1st      |      1st    |
| A.S. East      |      1st      |     1st    |        1st      |      1st    |
*Please Note - These are the rosters used in the exhibition games. There will 
be a few more people per each team if you start a season with them.
Anaheim Mighty Ducks
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Guy Hebert                                    Goalie                   69 
Mikhail Shtalenkov                            Goalie                   62
Bobby Dollas                                  Left Defense             73
Dmitrti Mironov                               Right Defense            72
Brian Bellows                                 Left Wing                74
Sean Pronger                                  Center                   65
Ted Drury                                     Right Wing               58
J.J. Daigneault                               Left Defense             70
Dave Karpa                                    Right Defense            72
Paul Kariya                                   Left Wing                100
Richard Park                                  Center                   68
Teemu Selanne                                 Right Wing               93
Daniel Trebil                                 Left Defense             70
Darren Van Impe                               Right Defense            67
Ken Baumgartner                               Left Wing                68
Jari Kurri                                    Center                   68
Peter Leboutiller                             Right Wing               65
Boston Bruins
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Jim Carey                                     Goalie                   78
Robbie Tallas                                 Goalie                   64
Dean Chynoweth                                Left Defense             65
Davis Payne                                   Right Defense            61
Jeff Odgers                                   Left Wing                63
Jozeph Stumpel                                Center                   70
Jean-Yves Roy                                 Right Wing               68
Jon Rohloff                                   Left Defense             67
Kyle Mclaren                                  Right Defense            74
Ted Donato                                    Left Wing                71
Anson Carter                                  Center                   77
Rob Dimaio                                    Right Wing               67
Bob Beers                                     Left Defense             62
Dean Malkoc                                   Right Defense            62
Tim Sweeney                                   Left Wing                67
Trent Mccleary                                Center                   72
Sandy Moger                                   Right Wing               74
Buffalo Sabres
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Dominik Hasek                                 Goalie                   100
Steve Shields                                 Goalie                   65
Garry Galley                                  Left Defense             71
Alexei Zhitnik                                Right Defense            78
Michal Grosek                                 Left Wing                63
Pat Lafontaine                                Center                   84
Donald Audette                                Right Wing               79
Bob Boughner                                  Left Defense             68
Darryl Shannon                                Right Defense            63
Miroslav Satan                                Left Wing                78
Anatoli Semenov                               Center                   74
Jason Dawe                                    Right Wing               77
Richard Smehlik                               Left Defense             74
Mike Wilson                                   Right Defense            67
Randy Burridge                                Left Wing                73
Derek Plante                                  Center                   68
Matthew Barnaby                               Right Wing               87
Calgary Flames
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Trevor Kidd                                   Goalie                   74
Dwayne Roloson                                Goalie                   60
Joel Bouchard                                 Left Defense             71
James Patrick                                 Right Defense            74
Marty Mcinnis                                 Left Wing                90
Dave Gagner                                   Center                   75
Sandy Mccarthy                                Right Wing               71
Yves Racine                                   Left Defense             72
Zarley Zalapski                               Right Defense            73
Jarome Iginla                                 Center                   82
German Titov                                  Right Wing               72
Todd Simpson                                  Left Defense             69
Tommy Albelin                                 Right Defense            69
Jonas Hoglund                                 Left Wing                75
Theoren Fleury                                Center                   99
Mike Sullivan                                 Right Wing               68
Carolina Hurricanes
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Sean Burke                                    Goalie                   72
Jason Muzzatti                                Goalie                   64
Marek Malik                                   Left Defense             61
Adam Burt                                     Right Defense            70
Geoff Sanderson                               Left Wing                81
Keith Primeau                                 Center                   69
Nelson Emerson                                Right Wing               75
Alexander Godynyuk                            Left Defense             62
Jeff Brown                                    Right Defense            75
Sami Kapanen                                  Left Wing                62
Andrew Cassels                                Center                   78
Chris Murray                                  Right Wing               66
Kevin Haller                                  Left Defense             66
Steve Chiasson                                Right Defense            73
Stu Grimson                                   Left Wing                68
Jeff O'Neil                                   Center                   78
Steven Rice                                   Right Wing               71
Chicago Blackhawks
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Jaff Hackett                                  Goalie                   74
Chris Terreri                                 Goalie                   70
Keith Carney                                  Left Defense             64
Eric Weinrich                                 Right Defense            67
James Black                                   Left Wing                82
Alexei Zhamnov                                Center                   87
Sergei Krivokrasov                            Right Wing               76
Steve Smith                                   Left Defense             71
Enrico Ciccone                                Right Defense            65
Bob Probert                                   Left Wing                73
Murray Craven                                 Center                   73
Ulf Dahlen                                    Right Wing               77
Michal Sykora                                 Left Defense             65
Gary Suter                                    Right Defense            75
Chris Chelios                                 Left Wing                89
Tony Amonte                                   Center                   84
Kevin Miller                                  Right Wing               71
Colorado Avalanche
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Patrick Roy                                   Goalie                   99
Craig Billington                              Goalie                   70
Jon Klemm                                     Left Defense             67
Eric Messier                                  Right Defense            74
Yves Sarault                                  Left Wing                62
Peter Forsberg                                Center                   100
Scott Young                                   Right Wing               77
Alexei Gusarov                                Left Defense             68
Uwe Krupp                                     Right Defense            67
Rene Corbet                                   Left Wing                73
Joe Sakic                                     Center                   81
Mike Keane                                    Right Wing               76
Brent Severyn                                 Left Defense             68
Sandis Ozolinsh                               Right Defense            82
Adam Foote                                    Left Wing                76
Mike Ricci                                    Center                   77
Claude Lemieux                                Right Wing               87
Dallas Stars
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Andy Moog                                     Goalie                   79
Arturs Irbe                                   Goalie                   68
Craig Ludwig                                  Left Defense             69
Dan Keczmer                                   Right Defense            69
Benoit Hogue                                  Left Wing                94
Mike Modano                                   Center                   93
Todd Harvey                                   Right Wing               76
Richard Matvichuk                             Left Defense             73
Sergei Zubov                                  Right Defense            83
Dave Reid                                     Left Wing                68
Joe Nieuwendyk                                Center                   77
Pat Verbeek                                   Right Wing               79
Mike Lalor                                    Left Defense             60
Darryl Sydor                                  Right Defense            73
Jere Lehtinen                                 Left Wing                75
Brent Gilchrist                               Center                   74
Grant Marshall                                Right Wing               76
Detroit Red Wings
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Mike Vernon                                   Goalie                   75
Chris Osgood                                  Goalie                   76
Viacheslov Fetisov                            Left Defense             78
Larry Murphy                                  Right Defense            81
Mathieu Dandenault                            Left Wing                69
Steve Yzerman                                 Center                   76
Darren Mccarty                                Right Wing               85
Nicklas Lidstrom                              Left Defense             86
Bob Rouse                                     Right Defense            71
Vyacheslov Kozlov                             Left Wing                78
Sergei Fedorov                                Center                   100
Joey Kocur                                    Right Wing               75
Aaron Ward                                    Left Defense             71
Kik Maltby                                    Left Wing                77
Tomas Sandstrom                               Center                   93
Doug Brown                                    Right Wing               72
Edmonton Oilers
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Curtis Joseph                                 Goalie                   83
Bob Essensa                                   Goalie                   58
Bryan Marchment                               Left Defense             69
Daniel Mcgillis                               Right Defense            71
Ryan Smith                                    Left Wing                76
Doug Weight                                   Center                   83
Mariusz Czerkawski                            Right Wing               72
Luke Richardson                               Left Defense             70
Kelly Buchberger                              Right Defense            72
Andrei Kovalenko                              Left Wing                78
Jason Arnott                                  Center                   86
Mike Grier                                    Right Wing               73
Boris Mironov                                 Left Defense             69
Drew Bannister                                Right Defense            72
Louie Debrusk                                 Left Wing                62
Todd Marchant                                 Center                   74
Petr Klima                                    Right Wing               77
Florida Panthers
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
John Vanbiesbrouck                            Goalie                   79
Mark Fitzpatrik                               Goalie                   71
Per Gustaffson                                Left Defense             75
Rhett Warrener                                Right Defense            76
Jody Hull                                     Left Wing                70
Chris Wells                                   Center                   68
Radek Dvorak                                  Right Wing               72
Terry Carkner                                 Left Defense             66
Gord Murphy                                   Right Defense            74
Johan Garpenlov                               Left Wing                72
Kirk Muller                                   Center                   77
Ray Sheppard                                  Right Wing               82
Paul Laus                                     Left Defense             69
Geoff Smith                                   Right Defense            66
Mike Hough                                    Left Wing                67
Rob Niedermayer                               Center                   64
Brian Skrudland                               Right Wing               72
Los Angeles Kings
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Stephane Fiset                                Goalie                   68
Byron Dafoe                                   Goalie                   61
Sean O'Donnel                                 Left Defense             68
Craig Johnson                                 Right Defense            71
Kevin Stevens                                 Left Wing                78
Ray Ferraro                                   Center                   72
Vitali Yachmenev                              Right Wing               75
Steven Finn                                   Left Defense             67
Jan Vopat                                     Right Defense            64
Vladimir Tsyplakov                            Left Wing                74
Roman Vopat                                   Center                   70
Glen Murray                                   Right Wing               83
Mattias Nortstrom                             Left Defense             67
Rob Blake                                     Right Defense            90
Kai Nurminen                                  Left Wing                69
Yanic Perreault                               Center                   68
Brad Smith                                    Right Wing               70
Montreal Canadiens
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Jocelyn Thibault                              Goalie                   76
Jose Theodore                                 Goalie                   71
Dave Manson                                   Left Defense             77
David Wilkie                                  Right Defense            65
Brian Savage                                  Left Wing                71
Vincent Damphousse                            Center                   83
Marc Bureau                                   Right Wing               78
Richard Smehlik                               Left Defense             74
Peter Popovic                                 Right Defense            69
Benoit Brunet                                 Left Wing                69
Saku Koivu                                    Center                   89
Darcy Tucker                                  Right Wing               71
Bob Boughner                                  Left Defense             68
Patrice Brisebois                             Right Defense            75
Shayne Corson                                 Left Wing                76
Scott Thornton                                Center                   65
Mark Recchi                                   Right Wing               82
New Jersey Devils
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Martin Brodeur                                Goalie                   96
Mike Dunham                                   Goalie                   66
Shawn Chambers                                Left Defense             66
Dave Ellet                                    Right Defense            75
Reid Simpson                                  Left Wing                82
Peter Zezel                                   Center                   70
John Maclean                                  Right Wing               75
Scott Stevens                                 Left Defense             81
Scott Niedrmayer                              Right Defense            76
Reid Simpson                                  Left Wing                82
Brian Rolston                                 Right Wing               73
Lyle Odelin                                   Left Defense             68
Ken Daneyko                                   Right Defense            68
Steve Thomas                                  Left Wing                78
Doug Gilmour                                  Center                   92
Randy Mckay                                   Right Wing               71
New York Islanders
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Tommy Salo                                    Goalie                   65
Eric Fichaud                                  Goalie                   68
Bob Boughner                                  Left Defense             68
Richard Pilon                                 Right Defense            62
Steve Webb                                    Left Wing                73
Bryan Smolinski                               Center                   79
Dan Plante                                    Right Wing               71
Scott Lachance                                Left Defense             72
Doug Houda                                    Right Defense            75
Ken Belanger                                  Left Wing                67
Claude Lapointe                               Center                   62
Zigmund Palffy                                Right Wing               83
Dennis Vaske                                  Left Defense             64
Bryan Mccabe                                  Right Defense            81
Paul Kruse                                    Left Wing                65
Robert Reichel                                Center                   74
Todd Bertuzzi                                 Right Wing               76
New York Ranger
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Mike Richter                                  Goalie                   85
Glenn Healy                                   Goalie                   70
Brian Leetch                                  Left Defense             91
Bruce Driver                                  Right Defense            73
Shane Churla                                  Left Wing                68
Mark Messier                                  Center                   99
Russ Courtnall                                Right Wing               78
Doug Lidster                                  Left Defense             66
Jeff Beukeboom                                Right Defense            70
Esa Tikkanen                                  Left Wing                88
Wayne Gretzky                                 Center                   91
Patrick Flatley                               Right Wing               75
Ulf Samuelsson                                Left Defense             78
Alex Karpotsev                                Right Defense            73
Adam Graves                                   Left Wing                86
Mike Eastwood                                 Center                   67
David Oliver                                  Right Wing               74
Ottawa Senators
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Damian Rhodes                                 Goalie                   72
Mike Bales                                    Goalie                   72
Janne Laukkanen                               Left Defense             67
Wade Redden                                   Right Defense            78
Sean Hill                                     Left Wing                70
Alexei Yashin                                 Center                   83
Philip Crowe                                  Right Wing               67
Steve Duschene                                Left Defense             77
Lance Pitlick                                 Right Defense            73
Denny Lambert                                 Left Wing                68
Radek Bonk                                    Center                   67
Randy Cunneyworth                             Right Wing               67
Jason York                                    Left Defense             74
Frank Musil                                   Right Defense            68
Dennis Vial                                   Left Wing                69
Alexandre Daigle                              Center                   75
Shawn Mceachern                               Right Wing               72
Philadelphia Flyers
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Ron Hextall                                   Goalie                   78
Garth Snow                                    Goalie                   74
Petr Svoboda                                  Left Defense             74
Janne Niinimaa                                Right Defense            76
Rod Brind'Amour                               Left Wing                100
Eric Lindros                                  Center                   100
John Druce                                    Right Wing               69
Chris Therein                                 Left Defense             70
Paul Coffey                                   Right Defense            97
Shjon Podein                                  Left Wing                66
Joel Otto                                     Center                   76
Trent Klatt                                   Right Wing               85
Karl Dykhuis                                  Left Defense             72
Eric Desjardins                               Right Defense            78
Dan Kordic                                    Left Wing                68
Dale Hawerchuk                                Center                   80
John Leclair                                  Right Wing               88
Phoenix Coyotes
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Nikolai Khabibulin                            Goalie                   81
Darcy Wakaluk                                 Goalie                   64
Jeff Finley                                   Left Defense             59
Oleg Tverdovsky                               Right Defense            74
Kris King                                     Left Wing                70
Jeremy Roenick                                Center                   95
Jocelyn Lemieux                               Right Wing               70
Murray Baron                                  Left Defense             66
Teppo Numminen                                Right Defense            75
Darrin Shannon                                Left Wing                69
Bob Corkum                                    Center                   70
Shane Doan                                    Right Wing               75
Brad Mccrimmon                                Left Defense             64
Gerald Diduck                                 Right Defense            73
Jim Mckenzie                                  Left Wing                69
Craig Janney                                  Center                   79
Mike Gartner                                  Right Wing               81
Pittsburgh Penguins
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Ken Wregget                                   Goalie                   74
Tom Barraso                                   Goalie                   72
Francois Leroux                               Left Defense             71
Garry Valk                                    Right Defense            69
Ed Olczyk                                     Left Wing                96
Alex Hicks                                    Center                   78
Joe Mullen                                    Right Wing               74
Chris Tamer                                   Left Defense             77
Kevin Hatcher                                 Right Defense            77
Josef Beranek                                 Left Wing                71
Ron Francis                                   Center                   85
Jaromir Jagr                                  Right Wing               100
Frederick Olausson                            Left Defense             74
Jason Wooley                                  Right Defense            75
Roman Oksiuta                                 Left Wing                74
Petr Nedved                                   Center                   77
Alex Stojanov                                 Right Wing               76
San Jose Sharks
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Ed Belfour                                    Goalie                   77
Kelly Hrudey                                  Goalie                   69
Mike Rathje                                   Left Defense             70
Greg Hawgood                                  Right Defense            73
Stephen Guolla                                Left Wing                72
Darren Turcotte                               Center                   69
Owen Nolan                                    Right Wing               88
Doug Bodger                                   Left Defense             69
Al Iafrate                                    Right Defense            74
Todd Ewen                                     Left Wing                74
Jeff Friesen                                  Center                   77
Dody Wood                                     Right Wing               74
Vlastimil Kroupa                              Left Defense             68
Marty Mcsorley                                Right Defense            73
Shean Donovan                                 Left Wing                66
Ron Sutter                                    Center                   72
Tim Hunter                                    Right Wing               73
St. Louis Blues
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Grant Fuhr                                    Goalie                   78
Jon Casey                                     Goalie                   71
Ricard Persson                                Left Defense             74
Al Macinnis                                   Right Defense            76
Geoff Courtnall                               Left Wing                76
Pierre Turgeon                                Center                   77
Joe Murphy                                    Right Wing               82
Trent Yawney                                  Left Defense             74
Chris Mcalpine                                Right Defense            72
Tony Twist                                    Left Wing                89
Robert Petrovicky                             Center                   76
Stephen Leach                                 Right Wing               72
Chris Pronger                                 Left Defense             79
Igor Kravchuk                                 Right Defense            74
Sergio Memesso                                Left Wing                73
Craig Conroy                                  Center                   72
Brett Hull                                    Right Wing               87
Tampa Bay Lightning
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Darren Puppa                                  Goalie                   77
Rick Tabaracci                                Goalie                   75
David Shaw                                    Left Defense             73
Jay Wells                                     Right Defense            62
Patrick Poulin                                Left Wing                74
Chris Gratton                                 Center                   71
Alexander Selivanov                           Right Wing               76
Cory Cross                                    Left Defense             62
Jamie Huscroft                                Right Defense            60
Shawn Burr                                    Left Wing                69
Daymond Langkow                               Center                   78
Rob Zamuner                                   Right Wing               73
Roman Hamrlik                                 Left Defense             85
Bill Houlder                                  Right Defense            70
Jason wiemer                                  Left Wing                72
Brian Bradley                                 Center                   77
Randy Poeschek                                Right Wing               66
Toronto Maple Leafs
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Felix Potvin                                  Goalie                   85
Marcel Cousineau                              Goalie                   70
Craig Wolanin                                 Left Defense             65
Rob Zettler                                   Right Defense            61
Wendall Clark                                 Left Wing                79
Mats Sundin                                   Center                   89
Mike Johnson                                  Right Wing               67
Jamie Macoun                                  Left Defense             69
D.J. Smith                                    Right Defense            66
Frederick Modin                               Left Wing                80
Darby Hendrickson                             Center                   72
Tie Domi                                      Right Wing               75
David Cooper                                  Left Defense             69
Matt Martin                                   Right Defense            66
Mathieu Schneider                             Left Wing                80
Mike Craig                                    Center                   76
Sergei Berezin                                Right Wing               79
Vancouver Canucks
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Kirk Mclean                                   Goalie                   77
Corey Hirsch                                  Goalie                   70
Dave Babych                                   Left Defense             68
Jyrki Lumme                                   Right Defense            72
Gino Odgick                                   Left Wing                69
Mike Ridley                                   Center                   69
Lonny Bohonos                                 Right Wing               71
Steve Staios                                  Left Defense             70
Leif Rohlin                                   Right Defense            71
David Roberts                                 Left Wing                73
Scott Walker                                  Center                   72
Brian Noonan                                  Right Wing               74
Adrian Aucoin                                 Left Defense             74
Chris Joseph                                  Right Defense            73
Donald Brashear                               Left Wing                62
Sergei Nemchinov                              Center                   81
Mike Sillinger                                Right Wing               66
Washington Capitals
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Bill Ranford                                  Goalie                   83
Olaf Kolzig                                   Goalie                   72
Ken Klee                                      Left Defense             68
Phil Housley                                  Right Defense            88
Kelly Miller                                  Left Wing                85
Adam Oates                                    Center                   93
Pat Peake                                     Right Wing               70
Calle Johansson                               Left Defense             74
Sylvain Cote                                  Right Defense            72
Craig Berube                                  Left Wing                65
Joe Juneau                                    Center                   80
Chris Simon                                   Right Wing               68
Mark Tinordi                                  Left Defense             75
Sergei Gonchar                                Right Defense            78
Steve Konowalchuk                             Left Wing                74
Michal Pivonka                                Center                   79
Todd Krygier                                  Right Wing               68
A.S. West
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Patrick Roy                                   Goalie                   99
Andy Moog                                     Goalie                   79
Guy Hebert                                    Goalie                   71
Al Macinnis                                   Left Defense             75
Sandis Ozolinsh                               Right Defense            81
Teemu Selanne                                 Left Wing                92
Mats Sundin                                   Center                   89
Brett Hull                                    Right Wing               84
Viacheslov Fetisov                            Left Defense             80
Derian Hatcher                                Right Wing               76
Keith Tkachuk                                 Left Wing                100
Jason Arnott                                  Center                   74
Pavel Bure                                    Right Wing               99
Oleg Tverdovsky                               Left Defense             74
Chris Chelios                                 Right Defense            90
Tony Amonte                                   Left Wing                82
Steve Yzerman                                 Center                   89
Paul Kariya                                   Right Wing               99
A.S. East
Player                                       Position            Overall Rating
Martin Brodeur                                Goalie                   96
Dominik Hasek                                 Goalie                   100
John Vanbiesbrouck                            Goalie                   78
Robert Svehla                                 Left Defense             74
Paul Coffey                                   Right Defense            100
Dale Hawerchuk                                Left Wing                84
Adam Oates                                    Center                   95
Peter Bondra                                  Right Wing               87
Brian Leetch                                  Left Defense             90
Scott Stevens                                 Right Defense            82
Jaromir Jagr                                  Left Wing                98
Wayne Gretzky                                 Center                   92
Mark Recchi                                   Right Wing               82
Ray Bourque                                   Left Defense             100
Kevin Hatcher                                 Right Defense            77
Dino Ciccarelli                               Left Wing                77
Mark Messier                                  Center                   96
Geoff Sanderson                               Right Wing               83
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