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FAQ by hq9

Version: 1.0J | Updated: 01/20/1999

Pia Carrot e Youkoso 2 (Welcome to Pia Carrot 2)
Sega Saturn Version by NEC Interchannel http://neic.co.jp
FAQ v 1.0J by hq9 <hq9@hotmail.com>
January 20, 1999
Up to Date versions can be found at gamefaqs.com and my website
Pia Carrot 2 is (c)1998 NEC Interchannel and (c) 1998 Cocktail soft
Unpublished work Copyright 1999 hq9

All contents are fan made for informational purposes only.  It may be
distributed and reproduced only if this disclaimer remains intact.  This
FAQ may not be altered in any way without my permission.  This FAQ is
written and owned by me, hq9. Please follow proper
'netiquette'and give credit where it is due.

Table of Contents

      A.   Tsukasa Enomoto
      B.   Tomomi Aizawa
      C.   Mina Hinamori
      D.   Asuza Hinomori
      E.   Rumi Kinoshita
      F.   Jun Kagurazaka
      G.   Harue Yamana
      H.   Mikiko Shinohara
      I.   Aoi Minasa
      J.   Sanae Enishi
      K.   Ryouko Futaba


Welcome to my Pia Carrot e Youkoso 2 FAQ.  Following up on the success
of my Pia Carrot 1 FAQ, it is only natural that I make another for its
sequel.  This time around I took closer details towards the correct
choice listings.  Along with the Important Events Calendar are the
romanized answers which will get you the happy ending.  This guide can
be used for the PC version also, but is based on the Sega Version which
may have some slight differences.  NOTE:  Spoilers exist so don't read
it if you don't want to know the outcomes.

The characters with detailed dates and full correct choices represent
the more recent girls I have completed the game with, for example
Asuza's important events and answers I am basing on my hand written
notes, because I played with her only once way back in October. I wrote
this Guide with the mentality that anyone reading it should know some
Japanese already, this is the J version, an E version, for the Japanese
illiterate, will be made if there is demand for it, let me know


Pia Carrot e Youkoso 2 was released in Japan for PC some time in 1997,
the Saturn version was released October 1998.  The Sega Saturn version
contains no nudity, has a new character named Tomomi Aizawa, and a
custom made FMV anime introduction.  I was a little disappointed how
each character wasn't given any movie files, even though the game
consisted of 2 disks.  The first disk is the game disk, the second disk
contains the albums and music.  The game retails for 7200 Yen and is
compatible with all RAM and Direct Save memory cartridges.

The game play for Pia 1 and Pia 2 are so similar, at first I was just
going to make a Character Guide only, but such a quality game deserves a
quality FAQ :) However, sections III, IV, and V will not be very
detailed, please refer to my first FAQ for the lowdown.

You play yourself, Kouji Maeda  (default you can pick your own name
Boku wa Kyuun Haabaato desu!), a highschool student on your Summer
Vacation.  You pick up a part time job at the popular 2nd Pia Carrot
restaurant. Throughout the summer you will get to live in a dorm with some
of your co-workers and interact with them and the customers at the 
The ultimate goal is to get one of the girls to fall in love with you by
the end of the summer 8/28.  Some of the big events for the summer
include a road trip to the beach 8/13-8/15, A festival 8/15, Comics
Convention 8/17,  A Tour 8/24-8/25, and a Wedding 8/31. Depending on who
you talk to, what you do, and where you go, each of these events will
progress differently.

Some familiar faces are back from the original, Yusuke Kinoshita, the
hero from Pia Carrot 1 is now the store owner of the 2nd Pia Carrot and
his little sister Rumi Kinoshita will arrive if you chase her.  This is
weird since in Pia 1 you played as Yusuke and Rumi was your imoto-chan.
Yusuke is getting married, but I don't recall with who, Satomi probably?


This is a rating on how you are doing in different categories they
include Style, Gentleness, Guts, Academics, Physique, Notoriety, and
Energy.  The higher the better in all parameters except the Notoriety
one, which will increase if you insult someone, or skip a day of work,
or basically make a bad decision.  All the girls have a minimum set of
parameters to achieve before you can get the happy ending.  Therefore,
it is very important to allocate your schedules that will at least cover
the minimums.


You are a very flexible guy and can pick 6 different jobs Waiter,
Cashier, Dishwasher, Stockroom, Maintenance, and Vegetable cutter.  Each
job has a different affect on your parameters.  Cashier adds style and
Academics.  Waiter adds style, Cook adds Guts and Stamina, Cutter adds
Guts and Stamina, Dishwasher adds Guts, Maintenance adds gentleness,
guts, and Physique.  Vegetable Cutter adds Stamina. To meet customers you
must work only as the Maintenance, Cashier, and Waiter.


During the AM you can rest, study, jog, call someone, and go somewhere.
Depending on who you are chasing, the menus for the places to move to,
and people to call will change, unlike Pia Carrot 1, where the character
name would remain blank.   Jogging adds Physique, Studying adds
Academics, and Resting adds Stamina.  The Data gives data about people
you have met, and the System lets you Save/Load and play around with the


KEY: YATTA = A good thing, YATTAJYANAI=not exactly what I had in mind!

A.           Tsukasa Enomoto

Age:         17
Birthdate:   6/29
Hobbies:     Cosplay and video games
Height:      156 cm
Hair:	     Brown
Eyes:	     Brown
3 size:      B 80 W57 H81
Blood Type:  AB

Description:    IMHO Tsukasa is the one of the  cutest of the girls in
Pia Carrot 2, she’s young, naive, and very pretty.  She's a game fanatic
and loves to dress up as a Dog. Wan Wan!  Tsukasa is gearing up for the
Comike Kaijou where she plans to enter the cosplay contest.  She has
some self confidence problems and insecurities which will be explored.

Tips:   Work as the waiter most, Go to Tsukasa's room or the game center
often.  Have to appease her mentality.

Min Parameters Style=8,Gentle=6,Scholar=3,Notorius=under 2

Important Events

8/3  First Meet,  say "u-n, ni nen sei ka na?" PIN PON OOatari!

8/4  Humor her, say "wan wan wan?"

8/5  Take the lost little girl to Tsukasa

8/6  Go to Tsukasa's room, head to game center (let her win)

8/7  Play Catcher at the game center, pick Tsukasa-san ni
presento...Comfort her,

8/9 Go to Tsukasa's room say "Dona ishou..." check out her Lei Lei
(Hsien-Ko) costume, then pick Sore wa chouto... then say "Kawaii yo..."

8/13 Say to Tsukasan "un kawaii to..."

8/14 Trip to the beach, hang out with her fun in the sun

8/15 Trip to the beach, hang out with her

8/17 Comike, if she loses 8/21 will be more dramatic

8/21 Cheer her up, how can she think she's not cute...?

8/24 Another trip hang out with her at the rotenburo

8/25 Say "Honto ni ore iin da ne?" then pick "Mune o yasashiku..."

8/28 Go to Tsukasa's room  happy ending

Pictures 23/23 4 pictures are "generic ones" one includes the road trip
to the beach, and the others include 2 bedtime stories and the rotenburo
peek (you have to get caught).  Depending if Tsukasa wins or loses the
Comike Cosplay Competition will result in another set of pictures.

B.          Tomomi Aizawa

Age:        14
Birthdate:  ?
Height      149 cm
Hair:       Brown
Eyes:       Purple
3 Size:     B77 W57 H78
Bloodtype:  ?

Tips:  Work as cleaning all the time, buy magazines to gain some style.
Call her in the morning.

Description:  Tomomi is a Junior High School Student.  Whenever she and
her friends, Noriko and Yuki, pass by the Pia Carrot, they talk about
how cool the uniforms are, therefore Tomomi wants to be a waitress,
problem is she’s only in Junior high so she can't.  She likes to talk a
lot which gets her into some trouble with her friends...  Over all this
story was more like an "Onii-san" type story as Tomomi, looks like a
baby.  Its a nice concept, hopefully they will finish this story up in
Pia Carrot 3, where you will probably get to date Noriko and Yuki as

Min Parameters:  Style=3,Gentle=7, Notoriety=under 5

Important Events

8/2  Meet for the first time pick =Chouto koe o kaketemiru

8/5  You spray her with water by accident...but she thanks you for
getting her into a Pia Carrot uniform!  "Atashi Aizawa Tomomi yoroshiku
ne!"  Say "Sore ja kawaku made onegai shiyokana"

8/6 say "Kawaii katta yo. Yoku niaitta!"

8/8 say "Tomomi-chan chouto matte!"

8/9 Get Tomomi's phone number, say "Ima tsukiatteru hito wa iru?"

8/10  Call Tomomi...Jyajaan!  Tomomi no oheya e youkoso!  She asks you
some interesting questions.  Say "Tomomi-chan, me o tsumutte kureru?",
YATTAJYANAI!  This is silly :P

8/12  Confirm the date at the pool for 8/15.

8/14  Tomomi comes over, say "Mochiron tsukiawasete morau yo."

8/15  Date at the Pool with Tomomi!  say "Oyogi dattara jishin aru yo."
then say "Tobikomi nara ore ni..."  Show her your stuff!

8/18  Yuki and Tomomi argue, Yuki embarrasses Tomomi with evidence

8/20  Pick koen e...she breaks down and thinks she doesn't have a friend
in the world...cheer her up

8/22  Meet Tomomi in the train station, her friends are supposed to show
up but they dis her, PM talk some sense into her "friends"

8/27  Tomomi calls, 12 PM go to the park. Tomomi no faasuto kisu!

8/28  Call Tomomi, Gomen, matasechyatta~!!  Happy Ending  a 4-some would
be nice :P

Pictures = 17/17  Tomomi has two triples and the rest are unique.

C.         Mina Hinamori

Age:       14
Birthdate: 12/7
Height:    151 cm
Hair:      Brown
Eyes:      Blue
3 Size:    B79 W55 H78
Bloodtype: B

Tips:  Walk her home when Asuza has off.  Work as cashier/waiter all the
time except last week as cleaning, study with her.  Can call her.

Description:  Mina is the younger sister of Asuza.  She's much cuter and
sweeter than her older sister.  Come the Fall, She's going to be a 1st
year HS student so studies are a major priority for her.  You become her
tutor, and more. She's a bit whiny, but what do you expect from a little

Min Parameters:  Style=1,Gentle=8,Guts=1,Scholar=5, Notoriety=under 2

Important Events

7/30 AM Walk her to the dorm say "Jaa ryou made...",

8/4  PM Mina calls say "Mochiron OK da yo..."

8/5  AM Mina comes over for study date :), HAHA in your face Asuza!  At
the carrot take the little girl to Mina

8/8  Say "Sore de shitara dezato o shishouku..."

8/9  PM Mina calls say "Mochiron OK ni..."

8/10 AM another study date say "Jyaa, puuru e asobi..."  (Date at the
pool, say "Tobikomidai e..."

8/11 Move to Carrot play some Catcher get the Penguin choose= Toreru
made chousen...(Come on! Take the challenge)

8/13 Beach trip, hang with Mina, private boat ride

8/14 Move to Mina, lets hold hands, she's scared of the crabs aww, Umi-
san, sayonara!

8/15 Go to the ennichi (festival) together

8/17 PM Mina calls again say "Daijoubu, sore ja ashita..."

8/18 Another study date say "Mina-chan wa rippa na..."

8/20 walk her to the station PM say "Mochiron, komaewanai yo"

8/24 Trip, move to the lodge

8/25 After BBQ say "Ore mo ichi..." PM she's missing...pick=Mou ichido
rojji e iku, find her

8/27 Mina comes over for a visit...say "Mina-chan o imotoda nante..."
then pick =Kuchibiru  ni sotto (Plant her a wet one)...YATTA!

8/28 Call Mina happy ending

Pictures 26/26  some are shared, Asuza at the ennichi, 2=rotenburo,
drive to beach, wan-chan, 2=bedtime story

D.         Asuza Hinomori

Age:       18
Birthdate: 7/1
Height:    157 cm
Hair:      Brown
Eyes:      Blue
3 Size:    B83 W58 H85
Bloodtype: 0

Tips:  You must be an all around good guy, study, jog etc.  Visit her in
the morning.  Take home Mina sometimes.

Description:  Asuza is Mina's older sister.  She's pretty protective,
headstrong, and kinda bitchy.  As the heroine in Pia 2, she is obviously
the hardest to win with.  I disliked her story much, I like my girls
more trustworthy and less aggressive.  Asuza plays the field a bit with
your pal Shinji which causes alot of conflicts.  I hated her :P.
Slapping me wasn't very nice either. This was a total letdown, sucky story.

Minimum Parameters: Style=7,Gentle=8,Guts=5,Scholar=5,Phys=5,Not under 2

Important Events

7/30 Pin Pon!  Asuza thanks you.

8/5  Take the lost little girl to Asuza

8/6  Asuza invites you over to her room

8/8  Share a meal with Asuza

8/11 More suitors...first sign of trouble

8/14 Trip, talk about the pendant

8/15 Ennichi, look for Asuza and Mina

8/17 Date at the Tomorrow land

8/21 What the ?? Shinji and Asuza?

8/22 Wait at the bench, SLAP!!, Asuza doesn't like you spying on her,
she hates you now!  Sayonara!

8/25 Asuza appologizes, get it on YATTA!  Go for broke! (hehe playing
too much SF Zero 3 these days) for an extra scene, but no win

8/28 Call Shinji, he knocks you out, give Asuza the letter, So so ending

Pictures 46/46 some generic scenes include  2 rotenburo Peek -gotta
look, Drive by to beach, (2)story time, (2)Look at the doggie after BBQ.
8/25, For  additional H scene pick "Mou hiki...", for ending pics pick
"Ore dou ka..."

E.         Rumi Kinoshita (Miruku)

Age:       16
Hobbies:   Cosplay, shopping
Birthdate: 8/31
Height:    165 cm
Hair:      Brown
Eyes:      Brown
3 Size:    B88 W56 H89
Bloodtype: AB

Description:  Rumi is Yuusuke's (Tenchou =store owner)little sister (You
were Yuusuke back in Pia Carrot one)  Rumi has matured into a beautiful
young woman.  Guess she stopped doing Cosplay.  Yuusuke is about to get
married, the problem is the wedding date is on the same day as Rumi's
birthday!-Just like 16 candles.  Over all she's a very sweet and
innocent girl.  I liked her story alot.

Tips: Go to the Pia Carrot often before work, and always work as the
waiter or cashier.  Always guess Rumi when she plays Guess Who? Can call

Minimum Parameters Style=4, Kindness=4, Guts=4, Study=4, Energy=3

Important Events

8/4 go to the carrot say to Yuusuke "Sore kura o-yasui goyo desu" Go to
the old Pia Carrot and meet Rumi for the first time

8/11 AM see Rumi, PM To Yuusuke say "O-Jama ni narenakeba zehi!" have
some dinner with Yuusuke and Rumi, get a peck

8/16 Comike Kaijou!  Say "Rumi-chan da!!"

8/18 Pia Carrot say "Rumi-chan da!!", she's a darling in the uniform,
talk to Rumi, at home pick okiru..., then say "Mochiron, futari to
mo..." Party time say "Kyou wa hame o hazusu"

8/19 Rumi Visits in the morning, say "Iie, tanoshikatta desu yo" then
say "haha zehi, annaisasedeku kudasai!" At park then say "Ka...kareshi
to kadattari shimasenka?, .  At Pia say to Tsukasa, "Zehi kikasete
moratai"  get the lowdown on what Rumi looks for in a guy.

8/22 pick "genkan ni..."  Rumi tells you about her family problems

8/24 early (12 am) Yuusuke calls, Rumi is missing search for her pick
Eikimae, You confess your love..., she's such a good girl =YATTAJYANAI,
~kisu dake!!~  6:00 am get her phone number

8/28 Call Rumi...She and Yusuke made up.

8/31 go to the Yuusuke's wedding, Rumi catches the bouquet.

Pictures  13/13  Rumi is a unique char, she has triple uniform pictures
and no generic ones.

F.         Jun Kagurazaka

Age:       ~20~
Birthdate: 6/28
Height:    165 cm
Hair:      Black
Eyes:      Reddish Brown
3 Size:    B77 W60 H79
Bloodtype: AB

Tips:  Go to the Pia Carrot in the morning for the extra work.  Jun
really is pretty straight forward, don't have to bend over backwards.
Jun is different than the others cause in the morning you don't have to
call her or visit her daily.

Description:  Jun Kagurazaka, a very wierd Guy who works at the Pia
Carrot.  Did I say Guy, oops I mean hes a she!  You aren't sure of Jun's
sexuality until 8/25.  This story was pretty cute, I liked the ending.

Min Parameters:  Only Notoriety under 4

Important Events

8/7  Take the little girl to Dare...Jun

8/8  Slip and fall

8/16 Walk into the locker room...strange for a guy to be so embarassed

8/17 Moshi Moshi!  Who's the babe calling you?  Could it be...Jun-chan?
Date at Tomorrowland.  Say "Wakata yo..., then "Kagurazaka ga onna no
ko..." then "Issho ni ikou"

8/25  Yoshi!  Onajii heya!  Finally know the truth.  Go to the rotenburo
and talk to Jun.  Say "Yappari onna no ko da..." then "uun sonna koto
wa..." and last pick Kakeshimete kisu o suru! YATTA!

8/28  Call Jun, back to the Pia Carrot...Jun says "Pia carrot e
Youkoso!" waitress style!

Pictures 14/14  Jun only has one uniform so she really doesn't have much
pictures (only last shot)  the rest are easy to get usually with her
eyes closed or opened, no generic scenes.

G.          Harue Yamana

Age:        ~25
Birthdate:  9/13
Height:     159 cm
Hair:       Green
Eyes:       Hazel
3 Size:     B89 W60 H 93
Bloodtype:  A

Tips:       Move to the Park in the AM,

Description:  Harue is a single mom.  Her 2 year old daughter Kaoru will
always want to play and ask you questions which might embarass her
mother. You want to be a part of thier lives and make a big commitment
at the end.  This story was pretty sweet.

Min Parameters:  Style=3,Gentle=9,Notoriety=under 4

Important Events
8/4  Go to the park, meet Harue for the first time

8/5  At work, pick "nanto ka jibun de mendou o miru"  Issho ni mama no
tokoro e ikou, ne :) Find Harue, and they both thank you.

8/7  Go to the park say "Ie, suna asobi kurai..." Play at the sand box.
At the carrot later, Harue and Kaoru dine in.

8/10  Go to the park Kaoru keeps says "Oni-chan dai suki.  Maa mo
sukidatte itteta!"  And she keeps asking you if you like Maa ;)  say
"Sorejaa, o-kotoba ni amaete.  Visit her place, sit in the ofuro with Kaoru

8/13  Go to the park, Harue invites you over for dinner

8/15  Go to the festival, hang out with Harue and Kaoru, say "uchi e
issho ni ikitte ageru yo"

8/17  Go to the park, Kaoru see's a child with a father and gets sad :(,
talk about Kaoru's needs

8/21  Harue can't be found, Kaoru comes to the Carrot and asks you for
help She's on a date with Tatsuyu, that jerk off makes a play, help her
out!  Back at her apartment you ask her to wait for you since you are still 
student.  We will have a bright future! Share a kiss, YATTAJYANAI!

8/28  Call Harue, meet at the park.  you say " Kaoru-chan, papa wa
hoshikai?...Sono toki made, matteite kudasai!"  You ask her to wait for
you again.

Sometime later you all go to the amusement park together HAPPY ENDING!

Pictures 16/16, Harue has all original and no generic scenes, some
scenes are only Kaoru tho.

H.         Mikiko (Miki) Shinohara

Age:       19
Hobbies:   Drawing Manga
Birthdate: 2/5
Height:    157 cm
Hair:      Red
Eyes:      Blue
3 Size:    B84 W59 H88
Bloodtype: B

Tips:Go visit her at her workplace/apt always.  Compliment her work.

Description:  Mikiko (Miki) is a manga artist.  She was really pissed
when you first met, but after giving her some positive feedback on her
"sakuhin" (art work)she wants to get you to review her stuff.  You
become her assistant and help her prepare for her big debut at the
Comike Kaijou.  This story has some cliffhangers, the ending was very
cool.  Miki is probably my favorite character since she reminds me of a
somewhat matured Shouko from Pia 1.

Min Parameters: Style=3,Gentle=5,Guts=7,School=5,Phy=3,Notoriety=under 4

Important Events

8/5  See Mikiko in the Pia Carrot

8/7  Bump into Mikiko at the juutakugai (town)

8/8 Pick =jishin ganai kara kakunin... read some pages then say
"Omoshiroii kedo, demo..." Review her work...shes impressed

8/9  "Miki de ii wa" (Call her Miki from now on) ^_^  get Miki-chan's
phone number

8/10 Call Mikiko say "Wakatta.  Sore de doko e ike..." Visit her

8/11 go to the juutakugai then pick "Miki no shigotoba e..."

8/12 go to the juutakugai then pick "Miki no shigotoba e..."

8/13 go to Miki no shigotoba e...Woo she's just wearing a towel!

8/16 Go to the Comike, pick Toriaezu moratteoku

8/17 Go to the Comike, go see Miki, say "Ashisutanto o ganbaru yo!"  You
are her assistant now

8/18 Go to Miki's workplace/apartment (shigotoba)

8/19 Go to Miki's workplace

8/20 Go to Miki's workplace, a confession...say "Ore mo Miki ga suki
da..." *Wow* she actually says "Aishiteru" thats a really stong word in
Japanese.  YATTA!

8/21  She needs space-sigh

8/24  Miki calls, small appology

8/28  Call Miki,... no answer Kensuke calls, Back at Pia Carrot
Omedetou!  The guy can use her work!  Happy Ending!

Pictures 11/11.  Miki is not one of the workers so all her pictures are
not triples, you shouldn't miss any if you follow my guide.

I.          Aoi Minasa

Age:        ~23~
Hobbies:    Drinking Beer, messing with your mind, pachinko
Birthdate:  5/26
Height:     164 cm
Hair:       Blue
Eyes:       Blue
3 Size: B92 W61 H93
Bloodtype:  0

Tips:  Go to Aoi's room in the AM, always drink with her.  Don't get
overly excited she's messing wih your mind man. ^_^

Description:  Aoi always wants to drink beer, and spends the day
gambling at the Pachinko Parlor.  She is pretty much a bad influence,
but hey Ima wa natsu yasumi da!!  She often comes by and invites you
over for a parties.  This reminds of Maison Ikoku, but the manager is
RYOUKO, not KYOUKO!  The legal age for drinking in Japan is 20, but she
keeps insisting "Otoko to onna wa betsuna no yo!" She secretly likes
Yusuke, but also falls for you...Her story was pretty nice I enjoyed it
because you never knew if she was messing with you or not.

Min Parameters:  Style=7,Gentle=7,Guts=5,School=4,Notoriety = under 2

Important Dates

7/27  Go to the Carrot, Meet Aoi say "Tenchousan ni aisatsu..."  PM Have
a little housewarming party!

7/28  (Early) She passes out on your bed.  pick "Yuube no koto o..."

7/29  At Carrot say "Mada mada, kore kara ga honban..."

8/1   PM pick "Daijoubu desu.  Kaijou.."  Party up with the girls then
say  "Tsuichi kurai daijoubu desu yo Ryoko-san..." Get wasted with Aoi

8/4   Go to Aoi's room say "Himitsu genshu ni zettai ni..." You guys go
hang out and play some Pachinko ...haa kocchimo zen zen damee...

8/5   Lost little girl...Pick = Dare ka... then Aoi

8/6   Go to Aoi's room  say "Mochiron, kyou wa ..."  Play more

8/7   Study, then say "Heki heeki, terubi..."

8/8   Go to Aoi's room, get an invite in... say "Da, daibu chirakatemasu

8/10  Go to Aoi's room, talk about Asuza say "Hontou wa Aoi-san ga..."

8/13  Trip, go see Aoi hang on the beach

8/14  Go see Aoi, she's lying there topless, "Mou atashi o suki ni shite
ii wa..." she's playing with your mind :P

8/16  Shyatsu no batan?  She mends your button back in place,  PM=Wake
up and party with the girls again, they make you talk!...pick "Ima issho
ni..." and Ryouko undresses, she starts yapping, puckers up...then
everyone passes out YATTAJYANAI!

8/20  Talk to Aoi after work, pick Yuuki o dashite...then say "Tenchou-
san no koto desu ne..." She kisses you lightly

8/21  Aoi whispers to you "Kenshuryouko no saigo no yoru ni...atashi no
heya o tazyunete kite..." is she messing with you again or not?

8/22  Go to Aoi's room say "Tsuzukete ikitai to omoimasu"

8/24  Tour Trip, go to the rotenboru and say to Aoi "Mochiron chyanto

8/25  Yoshi, Aoisan no heya e ikou!, take a walk outside, she tells you
how she liked Yusuke and hanging out with you.

8/27  Go to Aoi's room. Mou ichido, kisu o shite..! She's NOT messing
with you this time!  YATTA!

8/28  Move to Aoi's room, at the park she tells you about some kind of

8/31  Totally sober, at Yusuke's wedding, Aoi admits to all she likes
you on the microphone. Happy :)

Pictures =39/39  Aoi has alot of generic pictures and triples, she
shares many scenes.

J.          Sanae Enishi

Age:        19
Hobbies:    Basketball
Birthdate:  4/17
Height:     163 cm
Hair:       Brown
Eyes:       Brown
3 Size:     B96 H70 W98
Bloodtype:  A

Tips:  Work as the dish washer until 8/12 after that work as the waiter
Go jogging with her daily.

Description:  Sanae used to be very athletic during her high school
years.  Now she's stuck in the back washing dishes, cause she's too
insecure about her body to try waitressing.  This summer she plans to
lose some weight and you exercise with her. Sanae is probably one of the
easiest to win with, you don't have to make many decisions, she speaks
in polite form and I think she has the hots for you from day 1.  Nice

Min Parameters:  Gentle=6,Physique=7,Notoriety under 4

Important Events

8/6  Talk about waitresses and jogging

8/7  pick jogging then Juutakugai de Sanae to gouryuu suru. =pick this
every morning

8/9   Sanae over exerts herself and falls into your arms :)

8/10  Sanae invites you over to her house

8/11  Sanae invites you over to see her High School Album. She reveals
her feelings to you and... mada mada ne!

8/13  PM call Sanae- pool date at Tomorrow Land!  Say "Daitana mizugi da
ne! then say "Sore ja, chouto subette kuru"

8/23  Sanae falls down, she goes to the doctor...don't worry its not
that serious, but you don't go on the trip...what a swell guy you are!

8/24  Go to her house and visit say "Sanae-san o hitori oiteikenai kara"

8/26  Sanae calls...she's all better now :), go jogging again,
pick="Sanae-san no kimochi o uketomeru" - YATTA- be gentle please

8/28  Call Sanae, she sports her HS Uniform and plays some basketball!

Pictures= 18/18  Sanae is a unique character with no generic scenes.
She's probably the easiest to win with so you shouldn't be missing any
scenes if you follow this guide.

K.          Ryouko Futaba

Age:        ~24~
Hobbies:    working
Birthdate:  10/20
Height:     158
Hair:       Blonde
Eyes:       Green
3 Size:     B85 W58 H86
Bloodtype:  AB

Tips:  Always show initiative to work.  On Ryouko's days off come visit
her in her room.

Description:  Ryouko is the Pia Carrot Manager.  In High School Ryouko
was pretty much a shy girl and never met any nice guys.  She is good
friends with Aoi, but Aoi always gets all the guys, which gives her some
kind of inferiority complex.  She has a poor self esteem and believes
she is an awfully boring person. Ryouko meets you and feels very
comfortable with you, which scares her a bit... this is one of my
favorite stories.

Min Parameters:  Stlye=5,Gentle=6,Guts=4,School=4,Notoriety under 4

Important Events

7/30  Ryouko is going to be working late so pick Omise made mukae ni...
then say "Soru soru Ryoko-san no kitaku..."

8/1  Go hang with the the girls pick "dai jou bu..." then say "Aoi-san
kyou wa hikaeme ni..." Ii wa yo.  Ishho ni puuru e ikimashou.

8/5  Go to Ryouko's room, she invites you for some coffee, say "Majime
de iijyanai..."

8/7   Take the little girl to Ryouko Dare...pick Ryouko then "O- hai
sugui ni..."

8/10  AM go to Carrot Say "O-tetsuda i suru koto... then pick waiter

8/11  PM Say "Hen sou deshitara tetsuda imasu."  Help her with the books

8/13  She asks you to hang with her

8/14  Beach Trip, hang out with her, you hold hands :).  Later she asks
you about older women "A..su..suki desu...Dai Suki desu!"  Aoi interupts
messes with both of you.

8/15  A, Ryo...Ryouko-san...desu yo ne? Ennichi date with Ryouko

8/16  PM pick okiru, then say "asa made detsuki..." Go party then say
"Koko de kokuhaku suru. then say "O-mise de douite imasu?"  Then say
"Ima, ishho ni kmasu kara..."  Datte atsuin da mono...Ryouko asks you if you
like Aoi,  she closes her eyes and passes out before you get to kiss 

8/17  Wake up in Ryouko's room, she starts an appology but you claim you
don't know anything.

8/19  pick "Kyou wa nani ka yotei..."

8/24  Go to the Hotel then say "Isshou ni ikitte mo...?"  She gets
embarassed  by your words and runs off.

8/25  After BBQ talk to her she disses you again! Pick onzen ni hairi ni
iku,  pick Koko ni nokotte iru, she starts to appologize then pick
Tsuzuki o hanasu. You confess your feelings and she tells you her life story 
and the fun
you guys have...say "Ryouko-san o anshin sasete ageru" YATTA!

8/28  Visit Ryoko's room, you assure her that you will still hang out
Ryouko says "Honto ni ureshii wa!

8/31  Yusuke's wedding.  Afterwards, you talk about how its gonna hurt
not being with one another.  You say "Yakusoku shimasu.  Mou doko ni mo
ikimasen!" So you both promise not to leave each other.  HAPPY ENDING!

Pictures 23/23 .  Ryouko has no triples and has some generic scenes
including the peek, and some party scenes, drive to the ocean, onzen
peek, wedding.  On 8/11 I missed a picture so if you miss that back
track some.


Ran Tama, she's the Psychic who gives you information about the girls.
Yuki and Noriko, they are Tomomi's friends
Shinji, he is your pal and rival for Asuza
Yusuke, Rumi's older brother and Pia Owner (He's actually the son of the
Kaoru Yamana, Harue's daughter
Tatsuyu, friend of Harue


1/3/99   Character Guide Started with descriptions and Stats
1/4/99   Added Tsukasa, Mina, Miki, & Asuza walkthroughs
1/5/99   Added Sanae, Jun, & Rumi walkthroughs
1/6/99   Added Aoi & Tomomi walkthroughs
1/7/99   Changed the Guide to a FAQ added parts 2,3,4,5, and 7
1/8/99   Added Harue & Ryouko walkthroughs
1/9/99   Released
1/20/99  Fixed some typos, most notably the hero's name and G's Dengeki


G's Dengeki magazine provided me with some useful character information.
This Guide is dedicated to my Ford Mustang, which was totaled right
before Christmas, don't worry I'm OK. R.I.P. 1995-1998, I will never
forget you!

Check out my website for up to date info and the 1st FAQ

Unpublished Work Copyright 1999 hq9

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