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Guide and Walkthrough by D.Thompson

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 09/04/2000

Wachenröder FAQ - Sega Saturn
Written and Submitted to GameFaqs by D. Thompson

Daniel Thompson's
Serously Unofficial Wachenroder Faq of Death (also know as the Wachenfaq)

Please Read:

Welcome to my Third faq. This faq was written because Gamefaqs
listed it as the second most requested saturn game, and I happened
to own a copy. Wachenröder is a strange RPG for the Saturn, and I
hope to use this faq to be a center of information for the game,
as I haven't seen any anywhere else. So please, if you have
additional info for the game, please send it to me. Please, only
cohierent English emails though, as I don't read Japanese or

Spelling/Grammer corrections are also welcome, because I'm
just not that good at it.

Anyway, enjoy the faq people.

-General Blood (GenrlBlood@yahoo.com)

Other faqs by me:

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i. Terms
I. Updates
II. About the Game
III. Playing the game
IV. Lists
 A. Characters
 B. Itemsn
V. The story??
VI. Frequently Asked Questions
VII. Mission Guide/Walkthrough <Incomplete>
VIII. My Questions
IX. Credits and Thanks


i. Terms

A, B, C, X, Y, Z, L, R, Start - The buttons on the game pad.
Up, Dn, Lf, Rt - Up, Down, Left and Right on the D-pad.
UpLf, UpRt, DnLf, DnRt - Diagonal directions on the D-pad.

Super Attack / Steam Attack - a characters first special attack.
Double Super / Over Steam Attack - a characters second special attack,
                                   usualy gotten at level 20.
Meister - German for "Master" I belive. These are characters with
          ungodly high stats. Best is, YOU get to use them!


I. ***Updates***

09/04/2000 - v1.0 - Well this is about it. I have finished the walkthrough...
                    and if you are wondering what took so long... uh... well
                    I was doing other things mainly, nothing really important
                    but you know, sometimes you just forget about these things.
                    No matter, this version finishes up the game... not much
                    new info besides that though. If you wish to see anything
                    added or changed, feel free to email me.
05/07/2000 - v0.3 - Major addition to the Walkthrough, goes up to Battle 25.
                    Items list revamped and added too, as well as translated
                    by my brother, as well as translating some character names.
                    Expect the next time I release a version to be V1.0, with
                    a finished walkthrough.
04/18/2000 - v0.2 - Got a lot more of the game covered as well as getting
                    some of the names (hopefully correctly) translated.
                    Please note that my Walkthrough is provided as a quick
                    bit to get you through the game, no major story elements.
                    Heck I don't know enough about it myself to give any
                    information out.
                    I started writing down the levels of the enemies in battle.
                    If someone has the level info of earlier battles, please
                    send me it so I can get it in the next version.
02/05/2000 - v0.1 - Nope it's not finished. It is, however, going to be
                    put up on the internet so that I can start getting
                    some feedback, translations, ect. No, the mission guide
                    really doesn't get into the game at all, so just ignore
                    that for the most part. Please send info or corrections
                    or translations or whatever to me at:
                    Genrlblood@yahoo.com , thanks.
11/25/1999 - v0.0 started. Wonder when it'll be finished.


II. ***About the Game***

A.K.A. my general ramblings about the game.

Okay boys and girls, Wachenröder is an odd little item I just sorta bought,
not knowing too much about it. And still now I'm still trying to decide
what to think about it.

Well first of all, instead of the standard Move-Attack style that Shining
Force uses, Wachenröder uses a really nice Movement point system, where
every character gets 99 Movement points and they can spend them moving,
attacking, or whatever. This is great because you can do sooo many more
tacticl things that were impossible in Shining Force (IE, Move-Attack-Move
types of stratagies).

As for the attacking styles, well, there are 3 types of weapons I've come
across. Sword Type, Bow Type, and Gun Type. Sword Type refers to any close
combat weaponry. Bow Type are weapons that Arc upwards and come down on
the target. Gun Types shoot strait forwards. They can't hit over objects
like Bows, but they are generaly pretty powerful. Oh yeah, just because
something is a gun type, it doesn't have to be a gun. One girl has a
chakara as a weapon and it counts as a gun type.

Then combat gets different. Which direction you face matters in this one,
unlike Shining Force. If you attack from the back, it hurts a LOT more.
When you choose to attack, you get to charge up a little bar to up to 5
levels (most of the time) and then attack. Which level you pick determines
how much damage it does, but also how much heat your weapon builds up!
Yes that's right Cyberpunkers, you gotta manage your weapons for heat. So
you can't always have one guy run around kicking everyone's ass in 1 turn,
you gotta let the weapon cool down or you might loose it for a few turns.

Anyway, in addition to regular attacks, you can choose to spend 50 Movement
points and do a massive super attack on someone. This not only builds up
heat like heck, but does some psycho damage. Also, if you choose to have
3d-combat on, when you do a "Steam" attack, it will cut to a Shining Force 3
type combat where you're character with do a sometimes very cool looking
super attack. Then again some look pretty dopey, but you can turn em off
if you want (the 3d scenes not the supers). After you get to a certain
level <is it 20? I forgot> you can perform an "Over Steam" attack, which
is basicly an even more overpowered attack than the regular super attacks,
builds up more heat, and takes up more movement points. Fun.

Okay, besides move and attack, there's an 'action' button. This lets you
hit switches, use items, and the best, HEAL. All the females seem to have
a built in Heal feature, where they can, for 15 Movement points, heal anyone
next to them by a bit. Doesn't require any sorta JP or WP or whatever. Sound
unfair for the enemy? Yeah, kinda, but trust me, you'll be glad you have it
in some missions.

Oh yeah, two more notes about battles... The last icon when you have a
character selected is the rest button. It lowers your heat level a little
bit, depending on your movement points left.
Unlike Shining Force, you play in turns in this game, player phase, enemy
phase, and so on. To end your turn, have no character under the cursor,
hit C, and then select the first option, and the first one under that.

As for the overworld/story... well it's all linear as far as I've come,
and it takes you on a set path with lots of FMV and Speech. You play as
a sorta rough looking guy named Lucian Taylor (I think that's his name, and
if it Isn't, I'm gonna call him that because I don't know any better), who
wields a steam powered chainsaw (I'm not joking) as his main weapon. He uses
it like a sword (it's damn long enough to be one) and it's REALLY strong.
You also start the game with a girl named Carrol Mew, who I don't know anything
about sence I can't read japanese. You'll get plenty more characters throughout
the game though.

The voices in the game (if I hadn't mentioned already) are very good, and there
are a lot of them. The sounds are decent I suppose, nothing spectacular,
real bad.
The Music however, woop, the music in the game is GREAT, and there are 50
total. I don't know what kind of format the game used, but it's very good. The
music is mostly technoish with lots of guitars and such, very nice, much better
than Shining Force 3 in the music department (for the most part).

Hm... I guess that's all for now.


III. ***Playing the Game***

=Title Screen=

Waiting around will show you an interesting intro movie. Anyway, hit start.
You are given three options, Start, which will start a new game. Continue,
which will resume from a saved game. And then Options, which will bring up
another menu.


When you choose to continue, it will give you a choice. This is to use either
internal or external ram. <this may not appear if you don't have a save ram
extender?!> Internal is on the --- and External is on the ---. Then it will
bring up your list of saved games. Pick one, and them two choices appear.
To load, hit the selection on the --- and to --- hit the one on the right.
One you've loaded, back into the game with you.


The Sound dial will set up either stereo or mono sound settings.
The 3d Battle dial will either turn on or off the 3d battle scenes.
Movie, Art, and Voice gallery are not avaliable off the bat. You will
 have to beat the game first to get access to them, although the movies
 you can watch on your computer if you have the right program.
Exit will return to the title screen.


Okay. When there's dialog, you can be like my brother and try to translate any
of it that you want to, causing your play time to increase by about 60 hours.
Or you can just page through it (unless of course you speak japanese then, uh..
well just read it), like I generaly do. Often times you'll get a scene
where a lady (I belive the narrator) talks about ... something.
After paging enough you'll get to a new location or battle.


Anyway, when you get to a location, you'll be given choices, some of which
wont appear in certain places (you can't visit the market while in a forest)

Exit- Leave this area and proceed to the next bit of talking, or area, or
Data- Save or load a game:
      When it brings up the first menu, there are two choices. The top one is
       the internal ram, the bottom is Cartridge.
      The next choice is Save/Load, picking save will bring up a list of slots
       to save your game in. Selecting one will bring up another choice. The
       choice on the left is yes, right is cancel.
      Selecting Load will bring up the slots and the quick-save slot. Pick on
       and select the choice on the left to load your data. Such a nice
Blackmarket- Buy or sell equipment for your team.
Status- Check out the status of your party, including what the have equiped:

| Portrait | Name                 Level                       HP Max   |
|          | AT                                                        |
|          | DF                 MVP                        SAP         |
|          | SP                 ATP                        OSP         |
|          | TP                                            ACP         |
|          +-----------------------------------------------------------+
|          | Current EXP Meter          | Weapon (Hit C to view)       |
| Description of Weapon/Attack/Item     | Super attack                 |
|                                       | Double Super Attack          |
                                        | Item Slot 1                  |
                                        | Item Slot 2                  |
                                        | Item Slot 3                  |
                                        | Current Gold                 |

Portrait: An image of your character's face.
Name: The full name of your character.
Level: Character's current experience level.
HP Max: The maximum ammount of HP for your current level.

AT: Amount of Power in your attacks?
DF: You defence rating? (Reduces damage you take)
SP: ?? (Maybe one of these has something to do with heat or something
TP: ??  to that effect. Anyone know?)

MVP: Movement points- The amount of AP it takes to move 1 square. Lower
     in this catagory is BETTER. Terrain and weather conditions appear
     to modify this value (indicated by a + number after the regular number)
ATP: Attack points- The amount of AP it takes to make 1 attack. Lower in
     this catagory is also better.
SAP: Steam Attack Points (Number of AP to do a Super attack)
OSP: Over Steam Points (Number of AP to do a Second level Super attack)
ACP: ??

Current EXP Meter: Shows how close you are to gaining another level.
Weapon: What weapon you currently have.
Super Attack: What you do when you choose to do a super attack.
Double Super Attack: What you do when you choose to do a Double Super.
Item Slots: Where you can equip items for you to use in battle.
Current Gold: The ammount of money you have to buy things.


My favorite part of any game. Well, most of the time. Battles are played
Turn based, so don't feal rushed. Also, like in Front Mission (although
better implimented in this game), you move all of your characters,
then the enemy takes it's turn, and then it's back to you.

--Character Select--

At the start of any battle, a character select screen with appear.
this screen will pop up with several blocks in the middle, your character's
portrait at the bottom, and all of your selectable characters at the top.
What you do is select, hitting left and right, the characters you want to
bring into the battle. Then hit A or C to select them. They will then
appear on one of the blocks in the middle. You can also hit X to bring up
their status window. After you've filled all the blocks, then hit start to
get fighting.


While in battle, the buttons do the following:

D-Pad: Move cursor around to select or choose from Menu.
L and R: Rotate the Camera 90 degrees.
A: Move cursor over next character.
B: Cancel from Menu
C: Select Character, confirm menu choice
X: Zoom Control
Y: View Angle Control
Z: Change Layers (On multi-floored maps)
Start: Battle Menu

--Character Actions--

Okay, when your get into battle, you must first select which of your people
to move. Use the D-pad to move around and hit L or R to pan the camera. Once
you have your character hilighted, you will see some things on the screen.
You can also hit A to go to the next character, or to automaticly go to a
character if you have non selected.

Character Indicator- A little diamond thing over top of the currently
                     selected character. The color of this is equilivant
                     to that characters HP level. Blue is good, red is bad.
Heat Indicator- A set of four lights and a bar. The lights show the general
                heat level (all flash when overheating), and the bar shows
                your exact heat. When you heat level reaches around white,
                there is a large possibility of overheating.
Status- A blue box. The top text is the characters name. Below is their level,
        their type of weapon, followed by their current/max HP level.
AP Indicator- Shows how many movement points remain in the character's
              current turn. You always have 99 AP at the start of every turn
              for all your characters.

Then, hit C to choose this character (you can hit B to back out and pick
another one). Then, a new menu like the one below appears:

Move  |  Attack  |  Actions  |  Wait


You are free to move your cursor around to select where to move your
selected character. The blue areas are where you are allowed to move to with
your remaining AP. Also, while moving you will see 5 boxes in in the middle
of the screen. These show you what you will still be able to do with the
remaining amount of AP that you have. The layout of this is general:

Attack  |  Super Attack  |  Double Super |  Wait

After you have chosen where to move, you will be shown red boxes around your
character. This shows you where you can attack if you stand here. This is
very useful for archers or gun types. Also, you will have arrows around your
character. This basicly is asking you which direction to face. This is very
important, so keep it in mind.


Again red boxes will appear where you can attack. You are then given a new
menu to choose from.

Attack  |  Super  |  Double Super

Attack- A dial and a number will appear on the left. The dial indicates
what level of attack you want to do, and the number to it's right is
the exact value (1-5). Also of note will be a little line on the heat
bar, which shows you what your heat level will be at if you attack
at that level. keep in mind that you can't do the higher level attacks
if you are at a high level of heat.

Super- Your character will perform his/her super attack, building up
a lot of heat and doing a lot of damage in turn. This generaly uses
50 AP so you usualy can't ever use more that 1 per turn.

Double Super- After you reach a certain level, you will be able to
use these. These use up a LOT of AP, so you'll have to sit still for
most of the round to be able to use it. Expect a lot of heat build up
from doing one of these.

Whichever one of these you choose, you will have to pick your target.
After the attack is done, you will see a set of white numbers appear
over the target, this is how much damage you have dealt. If it is enough
to kill the enemy, the enemy will fall down and poof away.


A menu will appear when you select this. These do various things, but
they are important to use.

Activate  |  Use Item  | Heal Power

Activate- Use whatever is on the map in front of you. This is VERY
important, as you will need it on several occations to activate switches
and things like that.

Use Item- Brings up your list of equiped items. I don't know what most
of these things do, but I'm working on a list translations from the

Heal Power- Females characters seem to be able to heal others by selecting
this. It doesn't heal much, but it only uses 15AP and can be used a lot in
a single turn. It's very important to use this to keep your characters healthy.


This will bring up a menu with a happy and a sad face. Picking the happy
face will cause you to use all your remaining movement points to
empty out and be used to cool down your weapon. Useful in some

----------The Battle Menu----------

To bring up this, move your cursor over none of your characters and hit C.
This will bring up several choices, in this order:

End Turn- This will bring up two choices. Hitting the first (yes) will end
current turn. The second will cancel, bringing you back to the menu.

Status- Check the status of all characters on the board.

Mission Data- Shows the following information:

Temporary Save- Shows options to save the game temporarily.

Options- Brings up the options list:
  ??- ??
  ??- ??
  3d Battles- turns on or off 3d Battle scenes.
  ??- ??

Map- Zooms out to see the map view

--------- Victory Screen ----------

I'm not sure what most of this is but I'll give it my best shot.

At the top left is the name of the battle. Beside that is the number
of the battle you are in.
The next section in the middle of the screen is what items you aquired.
Below that is how much gold you earned.
To the right of that is the number of turns it took you to win.

---------- Game Over Screen -----------

Did you ever notice a lot of FAQs have ovious stuff like this in them?
So let me clarify for you. When you see the Game Over screen, you
did something WRONG.


IV. ***Lists***

A. Characters

Translated from various people, but mostly from my brother.

=Main characters=

Lucian Taylor - The Main character. He's got sorta dirty blond hair that's
always messy. He wields a chainsword and he kinda looks like he's stoned
and needs a bath. He's really strong with that sword of his, afterall,
he's the main character.

Weapon: Chainsaw/sword ?
Super: Jumping Slash
Double Super: Overheat Slash

(Kiyaroru Miyuu)
Carrol Mew - She's oviusly another main character, sence she starts with you
and she's all over the place in the manual. ;P She's a cute little girl
that wears a black and pink fighting outfit, and she has little red antena
on her helmet. She fights with her fists, but she's pretty powerful.

Weapon: Fists
Super: Combo into Fireball
Double Super: ??

(Taitasu Guron)
Titus Groan - One of the more long lasting characters you get early on. He has
some nice scars across his face and wears a black outfit. He wields a spear,
which is moderatly powerful.

Weapon: Spear
Super: Spear Throw
Double Super: ??

=Circus Performers: "Chemical Brothers" ?=

"Chemical" - A plump happy fellow. He's got a big mustache...and I'm not really
sure what kinda weapon he has. I think he might be some sort of robot.

Weapon: "A big metal ball"
Super: ?
Double Super: ?

Velvet - She's a girl, has blue hair and looks kind of depressed.

Weapon: Bow
Super: Big arrow shot
Double Super: ??

"Fatboy" Slim  - He's a small fellow, looks like he's wearing a nice shirt and

Weapon: Knifes
Super: ?
Double Super: ?

Idle Lace - The very cute girl who's wearing a pair of white ears, sort of
like cat ears. I think.

Weapon: ?
Super: ?
Double Super: ?

=Team: Blue Monkeys ??=

Orange 'DX' - A man who wears a red hat and glasses.

Weapon: Grenades?
Super: Grenade Throw
Double Super: ??

Small Feishizu - A little girl who wears a headgear that looks like it gives
her mouse
ears. Her outfit is a kinda skimpy Yellow and grey one.

Weapon: Chakara
Super: ??
Double Super: ??

Franky Zappa - He reminds me of a mole. He wears lots of armor and a big

Weapon: Head?
Super: ?
Double Super: ?


Dulen Matt - Was formerly the main member of the Five Sword Emperors. By means
of treason, he was run out of the country, and is nowadays on the run. Heldar
Linn has been appointed in his place by the Sword Emporers.

Weapons: Chainsword
Super: ?
Double Super: ?

=The Five Sword Emperors=

Madame Leonora - Meister Lady with blue hair who does not look very happy.

Geoulge Kahn - Meister guy with Orange hair.

Buno-wa - Old-looking guy with a long gotee and a yellow and black hat.

Miss Leome - Girl with glasses and a blue hat thing.

Heldar Linn - Evil looking guy with green hair.

Others - There are a lot of other characters. I'll compile a more complete list
once I get some help on translating some of their names.

What the heck is a Meister anyway?


B. Items

Note: ???s are there for a reason. They signify that something is in japanese.
This helps so you can figure out what item you are looking at.

Most of this was translated by my brother, although I figured out some of the
other stuff he didn't know about.

Name (Manual)/     Equip/      Manual Says/
 Name (Trans)       Usage       Game Says        Does

Weapon Equipment:

1-3????????        Weapon      ??Up              Accel Meter range changes when
 1-3Limit Mortar    Permanant                      range indicated (1-3)
2-4????????        Weapon      ??Up              Accel Meter range changes when
 2-4Limit Mortar    Permanant                      range indicated (2-4)
???????????        Weapon      ?????             Attack up by 10% but heat
 Accel Gear Krahen  Permanant   ?10% Up?   Up??    faster.
???????????        Weapon      ?????             Attack up by 15% but heat
 Accel Gear ??      Permanant   ?15% Up    ?Up     faster.
???????????        Weapon                        Attack up by 20% but heat
 Accel Gear ??      Permanant   ??20%Up??Up        faster.

Arm Equipment:

???????????        Arm         ???: AT+30 ATP+1  Gives SRG power to equipment,
 Generator Koketto  Permanant   ??ATP+1 ??+30      AT+30 but ATP+1 as well.
???????????        Arm                           Gives SRG power to equipment,
                    Permanant   ??ATP+1 ??+40      AT+40 but ATP+1 as well.
???????????        Arm                           Gives ATP - 1 with no side
                    Permanant   ??ATP-1


????-??-AT         Headgear    5??:AT+30         Increases AT + 30, lasts 5
 Bio Booster AT     1-Use
????-??-DF         Headgear    5??:DF+30         Increases DF + 30, lasts 5
 Bio Booster DF     1-Use
????-??-ATX        Headgear    7??:AT+45         Increases AT + 45, lasts 7
 Bio Booster ATX    1-Use
????-??-DFX        Headgear    7??:DF+45         Increases DF + 45, lasts 7
 Bio Booster DFX    1-Use
???????????        Headgear    ?? 20% Up

Body Equipment:

???????????        Body        ?? 40%            Cooling efficency improves by
 Ryufuten Radiator  Permanant
???????????        Body                          Cooling efficency improves by
 ???????? Radiator  Permanant   ??80%??
?????????          Body        ??:DF+30:MVP+1    Body Armor, DF + 30 but MVP +
 Kugelfest Body     Permanant
?????????          Body                          Body Armor, DF + 50 but MVP +
                    Permanant   ??MVP+2 ??+50

Leg Equipment:

?????????          Leg         ?Something by 1/2 SRG tempreture is reduced to
 Kyulwn Cooler      1-Use                         of current.
?????????          Leg         ?Something by 1/4 SRG tempreture is reduced to
                    1-Use                         of current.
A-Up??????         Leg         ??:ATP-1:MVP+2    Puts focus on Attack: ATP - 1
 A-Up Convertor     Permanant                      MVP + 2
M-Up??????         Leg         ??:MVP-1:ATP+2    Puts focus on Movement: MVP -
1 and
 M-Up Convertor     Permanant                      ATP + 2
M2-Up?????         Leg                           Puts focus on Movement: MVP -
2 and
 M2-Up Convertor    Permanant  ??MVP-2 ATP+3       ATP + 3
DD-????            Leg         HP??              Restores HP (Small)   [Green]
 DD Krust           1-Use
DD-????            Leg         HP??              Restores HP (Medium)  [Yellow]
 DD Krume           1-Use
DD-????            Leg         HP??              Restores HP (Large)   [Red]
 DD Kronetlete      1-Use

Note- The item A-Up decreases the ammount of AP needed to make an attack
by 1. This is a good thing. However, it increases the ammount of AP needed
to move 1 square by 2. This is a bad thing. Wearing these things or not
is your choice, but you can only have 1 thing equiped on any area.


V. ***The Story***

This game is set in a sort of "steam-punk" world. Apparently, the world has
decided Steam is the way to go, and mass industrialization has occured.
Unfortunatly, it seems that humans are starting to thin out, population wise.
Crime is higher than ever, violence and such is everywhere too.

Our hero Taylor is out searching (after most of the intro at least) for his
missing sister. Apparently Carrol, a girl he meets on his search, reminds
him greatly of his sister.

From there on out, your guess is as good as mine on the story.


VI. ***Frequently Asked Questions***

Q. Do I need to understand much Japanese to play the game?

A. Not too much. Their is really no dificult desisions to make as far as
I've come. Combat is easy to work out, and buying stuff isn't too
incredible hard to figure out.

Q. Do I need to understand much Japanese to enjoy the game?

A. Depends on how good you are at figuring out the story without any text.
It's not easy in this game, belive me. If you enjoy stratagy and RPGing
and the story comes second, you'll probably enjoy Wachenroder a bit,
even if there is too much story between battles. Otherwise, you might be
better staying away from this game until me or someone else works out a
bit of the story.

Q. What are some general battle stratagies?

A. Attack from the enemy's rear whenever possible. You do much more damage
from a back attack than from any other place.
Keep all your characters healthy. Bring as many characters as possible
who can cure so to keep everyone in good condition.
Simple rule of thumb... Don't keep archers up front. Keep sword-types in
front of them at all times.
Kill everything during a battle so you get a lot of experience.

Q. How can I get characters at low levels to level up against such hard

A. Put a line of strong characters in front of the person you want to level
up, so they can't be hurt (make sure their are no Archer types). Then, use
the gauge for your strong characters to do attacks that will only bring
an enemy to low life, not kill it. When the enemy is very low on life,
bring out the weak character to finish it off, perhaps with a Steam Attack
as to make SURE it kills.
Try to keep everyone at a decent level. You can use this stratagy to help.

Q. I beat all the enemies in an area but the mission hasn't ended, what

A. Sometimes you need to get all your characters to a certain area. In
Shining Force 3, you'd only need to get you main character to a victory
area, but in Wachenroder, sometimes everyone left alive needs to make it.

Q. What do I do if my weapon overheats?

A. Let the character sit for a few turns until the weapon isn't overheated
anymore. And in general, don't let your weapons overheat.

Q. Where do I get new weapons?

A. Not sure. You can't just buy weapons at a store..
However, you can purchase certain items that increase your attack power,
both temporarily or permanantly (as long as you have them equiped).
See the item chart for a list.

Q. Why can't I access the galeries of the game?

A. I guess you need to beat the game first to get these.

Q. How do you do those 2 little dots over the O in Wachenröder?

A. Hold down Alt and hit 1 4 8 on the keypad. That'll shöw em.

Q. How come only girls get the 'cure' ability?

A. It appears that there isn't any real reason. Dantares suggests that
it is simply because women are more often the cleric types than men.
It's a mystery I suppose.

Q. Is Taylor a stoner or does he just look that way?

A. He may be. After his sister disapear, he started drinking and that
like. I suppose he may have done some drugs too.

Q. What on earth does Wachenroder mean??

A. Thanks to NGEvan for translating this...

Wache is a term for someone who is guarding something. Wachen is the plural
form of it... so Wachen basicly means Guards.

Roder is an old german word for a killer, slayer, or bounty hunter.

So basicly, Wachenroder is "guard killer", or something to that extent.


VIII. ***Mission Guide/Walkthrough***

This is the area where you can read how to beat missions throughout
the game. I'm sure you'll be glad I put this in here because some can
be fairly confusing.
I have provided a Gold total for each battle, if anyone has gotten
anything higher, let me know.

You start off with a long intro, where a series of events take place.
After which you end up...

Location 1: In a city- Exit/Status/Data

Battle 1:
Objective- Kill all enemies
Enemies- 1 Leader (Green), 4 Soldiers

This is a fairly simple mission. Just use your characters to kill all
of the enemies... get used to the battle system during this battle as
well. Use Tylor to deal most of the damage, but let Mew do some fighting
as well as healing. If your good, you can kill the leader in 1 hit.
Otherwise, just pound him a few times and he'll die. Just watch that heat.

Gold Earned: 400

Location 2: In a city- Exit/Status/Data

Battle 2: Die Falle
Objective- Run like mad, get to exit door
Enemies- None at start, appear later

This mission is actualy a bit challenging. You have to get Tylor and Mew
to the door on the other side of the map. You will have it pointed out
when the battle starts, as well as a switch. To get to the exit door,
you'll need to "use" two switches to create platforms, and a third
to move a barrier. Then just get either character to the exit door
and your safe. Be careful, at the end of your second turn, enemies
will appear. Don't fight them, because they are very tough and will
kill you quickly. More enemies will appear after you get past
the barrier, but they are easily avoided.

Gold Earned: 560

Location 3: In a forest- Exit/Status/Data

Battle 3: der Wald
Objective- Take out the guards, Rescue the prisoners
Enemies- 3 Guards A, 1 Guard B (Uses a bow)

This level is very simple. Kill all of the enemies, then send someone
over to hit the switch to release the people. They'll talk to you after
each turn. Just don't be stupid and this level is fairly simple. Be
careful though, enemy guards may appear from nowhere at times in this
level, so just keep yourself ready. They aren't hard, so just hit em
with a super or whatever. Don't try any funny stuff either, keep your
characters at a heafty amount of life. The one near the switch is
especialy rough. Don't get too close unless you can kill it good.

Gold Earned: 500


Battle 4: der Wald
Objective- Not sure
Enemies- 5 Guards A, 2 Guards B (Bow), 1 Boss (Eyepatch guy)

Look out for this mission. This is the first time you will have to fight
2 battles in a row before a Location... don't worry, there is the quick
save if you have to leave real fast. Anyway.
This is also the first battle where you'll have more than Tylor and Mew!
Your new members are a strange crew, to say the least. You'll need their
help greatly in this mission though, so use them wisely!

There are a lot of enemies in this level. The big threat are the level
3 Guard A types, as they are pretty tough. The level 2 Guard A and B
types are fairly easy now, so deal with them quickly. Let Mew and Tylor
get most of the kills sence they are no doubt going to be with you
the most.
Be Careful, as soon as you kill of all of the soldiers out, you'll
have a slew more appear. I'm not entirely sure the objective of this
mission. All I know, is that it is NOT to defeat all enemies, and it is
most certainly NOT to defeat the boss. DO NOT, I repeat, DO NOT attack
the boss. Doing so will be a forfeit of your life. No joke.
What I did to win was move Tylor to one end of the board, where all of
the enemy soldiers come in at. However, I have a sucpission that all you
have to do is wait it out and stay alive. Just keep yourself alive is the
number 1 thing.

Gold Earned: 680

<Scene> - At this point, the new characters you met will leave ("Bye-Bye!" :).
Location 4: Near a... Building? Tank? - Exit/Blackmarket/Status/Data
 Take note this is the first blackmarket you have come by, so stop in and
 take a look at the items and sell anything you don't really want.

Battle 5:
Objectives: Kill the boss
Enemies: 6 Green dudes, 1 Boss person

Move it. Have your characters go up the stairs to the left or right of the
boss and attack her from behind. She's up high but you can still hit her.
I think something bad might happen if you don't in time.

Gold Earned: 560


Battle 6: Der Lokus
Objective: Escape
Enemies: 9 Green dudes, 1 Big ol Gun Type

You'll need to hit switches to lower the sludge. You have to get all
survivors to the end of the sewer (which is right next to wear you start,
behind that wall...) inorder to win.

Gold: 800

Location 5: In a forest : Exit/Status/Data

Battle 7: Der Hemmie
Objective: Kill all enemies
Enemies: 7 Brown-Mecha Sword types

This battle is very simple. The only hard part is that the enemies
are fairly tough, but nothing major.

Gold: 830

Location 6: Tower : Exit/BlackMarket/Status/Data
<Long Scene>
Location 7: Small Town : Exit/Status/Data

Battle 8: der platz
Objective: Kill the boss.
Enemies: 8 Green dudes, 1 Mean looking Spikey haired guy

You'll get your circus performing friends back for this battle. You'll
have 7 characters but only 5 slots, so make sure you take Lucian, Mew, and
Titus with you, and then pick 2 more.
The enemies are easy, so level up your low level characters on them.
The boss is very strong, so make sure you kill him with a quick Super attack.

Gold: 1200

Location 8: Very Scary place : Exit/Status/Data
<Scene> - Mew is taken from your party at this point.
Location 9: ?? : Exit/Status/Data

Battle 9: das ??
Objective: 1) Kill all enemies 2) Get to end
Enemies: 3 PFM mechs, 6 Brown sword types, 1 Boss guy

The little girl will crawl her way through the pipe way. You must defeat the
enemy mech that is next to the exit of the pipe, then she will hit the switch.
At this point you must get all of your characters on top of the platform next
to the one with the switch.
Don't forget to kill the boss on your way. Be wary there is a turn limit, so
get a move on. Oh yeah, that last PFM is pretty strong, being level 8 and all.

Gold: 0


Battle 10: der Knochen
Objective: Escape
Enemies: 2 Grey Sword Types, 4 Brown Sword types, 2 PFMs

You have to do a lot of switch hitting in this stage. The enemies aren't
that hard, but the grey guy's front defence is fairly high. Just hit the
switches and get all of your team to the exit.

Gold: 0

Location 10: Mansion: Exit/Status/Data
Location 11: Train Station? : Exit/Status/Data

Battle 11: der Banhof
Objective: Kill all enemies
Enemies: 5 Silver guards, 2 Gunner guys, 1 Boss Lady

You come out from the train close to some enemies. Kill em off easy.
HOWEVER, the boss of this level wields a Shotgun, and it HURTS! The method
I used involved putting Chemical and Big-Metal guy up front to take the damage,
and keep Titus and Taylor behing them. Keep your healers near to help out those
who get blasted by the boss. Whatever you do, don't let Taylor alone up front,
he'll get slaughtered. The boss has fairly low defence, so just hit her
hard and she's gone.

Gold: 960

Battle 12: der Banhof
Objective: Kill all enemies
Enemies: 3 Silver Guards, 2 Gunner guys

You get two new awesome characters for this battle. Use them as walls so your
other characters can stay unharmed, then get the kill in. Don't use your
to kill because they take away EXP from the rest of your party.

Gold: 2300

Location 12: Mansion : Exit/Blackmarket/Status/Data

Battle 13: der friedhof
Objective: Get Taylor onto the platform (2x1 brownish)
Enemies: 8 Green guards, 1 Boss

The enemies here have VERY strong defence to the front. Always attack from
the sides if you can. Again, the boss does a lot of damage (a LOT) but has
fairly low defence. If you don't feel confident, let one of your Meisters
take care of him.
After you get the boss, step Taylor onto the platform and it will extend out.

Gold: 1500

Battle 14: das Tor
Objective: Get Taylor to exit (archway)
Enemies: 7 Green Guards (lv 10-11), 1 Big guy (lv 12)

[My Lucian at level 16]

You'll have enough slots to bring everyone this battle, so level up anyone
who is behind. The guards are easier in this level, and the big guy is easy

Gold: 2500

Location 13: Forest : Exit/Status/Data

Battle 15: die Ruine
Enemies: 6 White haired girls (lv 11-12), 2 Blond girls (lv 10)

I'm wondering wether the deigners did not intend this battle to actualy
be difficult or not. All of the enemies are easy, just attack the blonds
from the side. Deciding who to give the experience to is harder than the actual

Gold: 2000

Location 14: Train Station: Exit/Blackmarket/Status/Data

Battle 16: das Institut
Objective: Kill all enemies
Enemies: 3 Grey Guards (lv 11-12), 2 Green Guards (lv 12), 4 Orange (lv 11-12)

Easy battle. You can either use the lift or take the stairs to get up to the
I usualy take the lift, but either way is fairly easy. The enemies in this
are not very hard.

Gold: 1500


Battle 17: die Verualtung
Objective: Kill all enemies
Enemies: 4 Grey (lv 12), 4 Orange (lv 13-14), 2 Green (lv 13-14)

Another easy battle. Take out the enemies quickly, and let any lower leveled
characters of your own get in a few kills.

Gold: 2500

Location 15: Exit/Status/Data

Battle 18: die Wüste
Objective: Kill all enemies
Enemies: 6 Brown guys (Lv 13-15), 2 Gunners (Lv13-14)

Another fairly easy battle. Make sure you hit the enemies from the sides if
their front defence is a little too high for you.

Gold: 2500


Battle 19: der Leuchtturm (Part 1)
Objectives: Get all of party onto top green platforms
Enemies: 5 White haired women (Lv 14-15), 1 Blonde (Lv 13)

The enemies are fairly easy, the blonde can be a bit strong though. The first
green platform only lets 1 person on before going up, so just put someone on
then get them off to send it back down.
To win, just get all of your party on the green platforms at the very top.
have to use both unless you've only got 4 people left with you (not a good

Battle 20: der Leuchtturm (Part 2)
Objectives: Hit all 4 of the switches, Kill the boss
Enemies: 7 White haired women (Lv 14-15), 1 Blonde (Lv 14), 1 Boss (Lv 16)

The platforms move at the end of every turn if someone is on them. Try and get
your whole party on them at the same time so they all go up together. Take out
the enemies quickly and repeat the platforming process.
The boss is hanging around up top next to all the switches. He's VERY strong,
so you might want to sent one of your Meisters to deal with him and the
Make sure you hit all 4 of the switches and that should be that.

Gold: 3900

Location 16: Exit/Blackmarket/Status/Data
Location 17: Exit/Status/Data

Battle 21: der Lokus
Objectives: Get Taylor to the exit
Enemies: 5 Grey Guards (Lv 15-16), 1 Green Guard (Lv 17), 2 Gunners (Lv 15),
         1 Evil looking guy wearing blue armor (Lv 17), 1 Scary hair guy (Lv

Return to the sewers. This time there are a LOT more enemies. Play it smart
and you should be able to get through okay. The Evil blue guy has a Chakara
and can be pretty strong, so keep a high defence person up front when going
after him. The guy defending the exit is pretty strong too, but you can
kill him with 1 good side Over Steam.
Only Taylor needs to be at the exit to win this level.

Gold: 2000

Battle 22: die Klaranlage
Enemies: 5 Grey Guards (Lv 16), 1 Scary Hair guy (Lv 17), 2 Green Guards (Lv
         1 Evil looking guy wearing blue armor (Lv 17)

Get someone to head up through the top and hit the switch at the end. Then,
Orange go and enter into the big thing at the center (that the platform
out to). That'll show em.

Gold: 2000

Location 18: Mansion: Exit/Status/Data
Location 19: Ruined Base: Exit/Status/Data
Location 20: Train Station: Exit/Status/Data

Battle 23: die Kette
Objective: Hit all 4 switches
Enemies: 3 Grey Guards (Lv 16-17), 3 Gunners (Lv 16), 3 Robots (Lv 17)

Miss Leome has be imprisoned in a cage of lighting. There are 4 switches around
the map. Guess what you have to do? Go around the map killing enemies and
the switches. You'll have Carrol for this battle, so let her get in some kills
get her level up.

Gold: 1500


Battle 24: die Verwaltung
Objectives: Kill all enemies
Enemies: 5 Grey Guards (Lv 17-18), 2 Red Guards (Lv 18), 2 Gunners (Lv 17)

This battle is very strait forward. Run in and kill all the enemies. The
are more dangerous because there is little to hide behind, so as usual, keep
all your weaker characters behind someone else.

Gold: 2520


Battle 25: die Leiter
Objectives: Get all to Exit Door
Enemies: 2 Gunners (Lv 18-19), 4 Grey Guards (Lv 19), 3 Red Guards (Lv 18)

During this battle when it's raining, and all of your party suffers a +3
to your MVP stat. Some of the grey guards in this level have a LOT of frontal
defence, and you can only get at them from the front, so just keep at it and
you'll have them soon enough.
Once you've cleared out the enemies, have everyone stand infront of the door
the level should be over.

Gold: 2300

Location 21: Exit/Status/Data

Battle 26: der Valkanhof (Part 1)
Objectives: Get all people to other side
Enemies: 3 Brown Guards (Lv 19-20), 4 Green Guards (Lv 18-19)

This battle is pretty easy, just split your party into 3 parts and send each
down one of the routes to the end, killing anything in the way. Try to keep
the teams pretty even, by the way.

Battle 27: der Valkanhof (Part 2)
Objectives: Kill the boss
Enemies: 4 Green Guards (Lv 18-20), 4 Brown Guards (Lv 18-20), Boss (Lv 22)

Continuing from last battle, knock off all the enemies on the paths and bring
your groups together. The boss can be strong, but it's possible to kill him in
1 hit if you get
a good hit off.

Gold: 5400

Location: 22: Exit/Black Market/Status/Data
This is your last chance to save your game, so make sure you do.


Battle 28: das Tor
Objectives: Smack down the boss, Defeat all enemies
Enemies: 2 Grey Mech Guys (Lv 21), 2 Grey Guards (Lv 21), 2 Tan Mech Guys (Lv
         3 Red Guards (Lv 20-21), 1 Nasty Boss (Lv 23)

This battle seems pretty strait forward. There are quite a few enemies, so geet
level building if you need to. Be very careful of the gunners though, they can
really whip up on your if you aren't careful. The boss is very strong, make
you don't let him get at your main character!

Gold: 2100


Battle 29: das SchioB
Objectives: Kill the Boss!
Enemies: 4 White Hair Ladies (Lv 20-22), 3 Blond Ladies (Lv 21),
         2 Grey Mech Guys (Lv 20), 1 NASTY Boss (Lv 23)

This level is unfortunatly very open. Not much place to dodge the gun types,
but your main concern is the very nasty boss guy on the upper platform. You
fought him back at Battle 20, well he's much stronger now, so be careful. It's
very difficult to get at him with a side shot, and front shots REALLY don't do
much to him. Just focus as much as you can and just keep your main character
alive, everyone else comes second. You can lure him out using Arrow fire if
you need to.

Gold: 2500


Battle 30: der Hoffnung
Objectives: Kill that boss!
Enemies: 2  Nasty Mech Guards (Lv 22), 1 VERY Nasty Boss (Lv 25)

Here we go, I seriously hope you are ready. The Boss of this battle is
nasty. He uses a weapon of SP-Class, which mean, whatever he wants to hit, he
does. Infact, his weapon is so nasty, when doing an SP attack, it will switch
3d-mode even if you have 3d mode disabled! Show this son of a bitch who's boss
and whack him a good one up side his... uh... backside.
Take care of the small guards first, then hit the bastard with a Super Steam
and let him have it, one should be enough but if not, have at him with another.

It's not over yet.

Battle 31: das Vurad
Objectives: Kill the boss!
Enemies: 7 Nasty Mech Guards (Lv 22), 1 Final Boss (Lv 1)

Here we go! The boss shows off his real stuff now... and the mass of guards
are no easy task to take out. Whatever you do, don't hang around fighting
the regulars. They don't stop coming! Just move your butt quickly.

The Boss does not move in this stage, however, his attacks are more than strong
enough to kill your characters instantly. Try to hit him with everything you
have right off, he
has a LOT of life and a LOT of defence. He will overheat very quickly with his
power attacks though, so use that to your advantage! Hit him with everything
have, use any boosters, whatever, just knock him out! Make sure you attack from
least 2 sides so you've always got at least 1 side shot going.

If you can knock him out, congradulations, it's over.

Auf Wiedersehen....


IX. ***My Questions***

Here's what I want to know about Wachenroder...

Whats the names of all the characters not translated?
What are the names of the various places on the map?
Who are the voice actors from Wachenroder and have then done any other
 characters from games/anime/whatever?
Where's Kim Kaphwan when you need him?
Where's my beer?
Where's my sidewinder?
Where's my YuYuHakusho CD?
Where's my Hive Tyrant?
Where's my Wachenroder??


X. ***Credits and Thanks***

Uh... this faq was written by General Blood, who goes by Gen most of the time.
If your so inclined to write a mail to him, send it to genrlblood@yahoo.com,
and I'll get on it sooner or later... usualy sooner.

You must ask me before putting this faq up on any sites, but you can take
it and pass it to your friends all you want.
My ICQ adress is 12406643
My AIM nick is GnrlBlood
I'm on Efnet a lot in #pce, #Sega-CD, and #demise-rotk as Gen_Blood

Thanks go out to:

My brother!! He did a LOT of translating of the Names and Items list for me,
which helped out a lot in the game.

Dantares for being a big help on the game.

CHAZumaru for actualy being someone else who has a FAQ for this game.

NGEvan for translating Wachenroder. :)

I guess that's it. Now then, what'd I do with those cheese nips?

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