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FAQ/Walkthrough by RBoyd

Version: 0.80 | Updated: 09/28/02

Devil Summoner 2: Soul Hackers FAQ - ver 0.80
Started on October 17, 1998
Latest Version released on September 28, 2002
written by Robert Boyd

This FAQ is copyrighted by Robert Boyd.
All other products are copyrights of their respective companies.
This FAQ can not be reprinted on any public medium (web site, magazine,
etc.) without the express written permission of its owner. 

This FAQ is best viewed in WordPad with no wrapping options on.

 I.     About this FAQ
  i.     Version History
  ii.    Introduction
  iii.   What is Soul Hackers?
  iv.    Introductory Story
  v.     Comparison to Persona

 II.    Gameplay Information
  i.     Mag
  ii.    Loyalty
  iii.   Personality
  iv.    Moon Phase
  v.     Status Screen Translations
  vi.    Fusion Swords
  vii.   Character Evaluations
  viii.  Tips

 III.   Walkthrough - CD1
  i.     Introduction
  ii.    Vision Quest 1
  iii.   The Algon Soft Net Services Building
  iv.    Your COMP and the warehouses
  v.     The Planetarium
  vi.    Vision Quest 2
  vii.   Airport
  viii.  Your sister, Tomoko
  ix.    Muuuisu
  x.     The Island Factory
  xi.    Six

 IV.    Walkthrough - CD2 (under construction)
  i.     Dad
  ii.    Algon Factory
  iii.   Vision Quest 3
  iv.    Main System
  v.     Monolith

 V.     Equipment Charts (under construction)
  i.      Weapons
   a.      Close Range
   b.      Firearms
   c.      Bullets
  ii.     Armor
   a.      Body Armor
   b.      Helms
   c.      Gloves
   d.      Shoes

 VI.    COMP Module Chart (under construction)

 VII.   Spells & Skills Charts (under construction)

 VIII.  Pet Shop List

 IX.    Miscellaneous
  i.     Soul Hackers Hyper Rearrange Soundtrack
  ii.    Special Thanks

I.      About this FAQ:

 i.      Version History:

  0.80: Walkthrough up through the monolith. 9/28/02
  0.50: Started the 2cd CD walkthrough.  Added more to the gameplay
        section.  Added a Pet Shop Trading list.  Rearranged some
        sections.  6/26/02

  0.40: Some minor fixes.  Moved some information to the new gameplay
        information section & added information on monster personalities.
        I now know a good bit of Chinese (having spent the last two years 
        in Taiwan) which should help in future updates.  5/31/02

  0.35: Some story info (thanks to Zhou Tai An) scattered throughout the
        walkthrough plus a few miscellaneous fixes and additions.  11/6/99

  0.30: Completed 1st CD walkthough.  Updated lists and special thanks
        section.  8/10/99

  0.20: Completed sections 8 & 9 of the walkthrough.  Added more items and
        more details to the lists.  Fixed some mistakes and added details
        to various parts of the walkthrough (since I had to start over due
        to battery failure).  New gameplay details, especially for the
        Dorikadoman (iv of the walkthrough) and Pet Shop (viii).
        Information on the Soul Hackers Hyper Rearranged CD. 5/7/99

  0.15: 2 New Walkthrough sections (the 2cd is only partially completed).
        Added the Special Thanks and Introductory Story to the 1st section,
        a COMP module chart towards the end plus general fixes and updates
        throughout the file.  Moved the version history to the beginning. 

  0.12: 2 New Walkthrough sections; updated charts; minor fixes. 11/10/98

  0.1:  FAQ originally created. 10/17/98

 ii.      Introduction:

        Welcome to the Devil Summoner 2: Soul Hackers FAQ!  For some reason,
no one has made a FAQ for this great game yet, so I decided to step in.  When
this FAQ is complete, it should be the definitive guide to Soul Hackers,
complete with a full blown walkthrough, story notes, gameplay tips, and
charts galore.  Of course, this is all still quite aways away so it may never
actually come to pass, but I can dream can't I?
        As you will undoubtedly notice, this FAQ is very incomplete.  There
are several reasons for this.  First of all, my Japanese skills are very
limited.  I'm working on this - my college (Brigham Young University in
Provo, Utah) has an excellent Japanese program - but learning any language
takes a lot of work and time and I'm still a long ways away from achieving
full fluency.  Secondly, I haven't completed Soul Hackers yet (it's pretty
hard to write about things that you don't know).  Finally, this is my first
FAQ so I'm a bit new at this kind of thing.  Still, I figured any FAQ is
better than none, so I've uploaded this FAQ despite its noticeable
        If you have any information on Soul Hackers that I don't have or if
you notice a mistake (excluding spelling and grammatical errors) or if you
just have a comment (hopefully positive), feel free to give me an email at 
rwb36@email.byu.edu.  Make sure to include Soul Hackers in the email title.

 iii.     What is Soul Hackers?

        Devil Summoner 2: Soul Hackers is a science fiction RPG for the Sega
Saturn (and now the Sony Playstation) that was created by Atlus.
Unfortunately, none of the Devil Summoner games have been translated for the
US (probably due to complexity and the lack of popularity of the Saturn
here).  The closest thing that we have is Revelations: Persona for the PSX.
This FAQ covers the Saturn version, although it should be helpful for people
playing the Playstation version as well.
        The story of Soul Hackers is very different from your typical
medieval RPG plot.  In the near future, a software company has created an
exciting new virtual world called Paradigm X.  Sounds like a typical day in
the 21st century, right?  Unfortunately, there's something seriously wrong,
even evil, with this piece of software.  As an amateur hacker, it's up to you
to set things right.
        Gameplay is very unique as well.  Instead of just mindless attacking
every enemy that comes into your path, you can actually try to negotiate with
them.  Successful conversation can result in nice things like money and
items.  It's even possible (and often necessary) to talk enemies into joining
your party!  However, failed attempts at negotiation often results in your
enemies getting a free attack on you.  Other nice gameplay features include
lots of weapons (2 types like in Persona), a portable computer with add-on
modules, and a semi-permanent save feature that can be used anyway - perfect
for long dungeons.
        Graphics aren't fantastic, but they work and fit the story of the
game well.  Unlike most Japanese RPGs, most of the graphics are shown from a
first person perspective. Music tends to be well done and helps the mood a 
lot.  There are plenty of neat FMV scenes that advance the story along. Good
graphics, moody music, deep gameplay, and a very unique story - in short,
Soul Hackers is a very good RPG.  Hopefully, through this FAQ, players who
were having trouble with this game, will find the help they need to enjoy
this unique and fun game.

 iv.      Introductory Story:

        Soul Hackers, Atlus' new Sega Saturn RPG, contains the same
hard-boiled look and feel of the previous title, Devil Summoner. Set in
the near future, Amami City is a sprawling oceanside metropolis. The
theme of the game is the bond among human beings, and how their lives
affect one another. 

        In each household in Amami City sits a computer, all linked
together by one big network. The flow of information is managed by the
government, something that the people have grown accustomed to and no
longer mind. In an environment such as this, it's only natural for
computer hacking to become popular, and recently this has become a big
pastime amongst younger males. The main character of Soul Hackers is one
such person, spending many of his days hacking away at various government
computers - so much so that he brings together a group of hackers called
the "Spookies." One day, he accidentally gains access to a virtual city 
created in the network - Paradigm-X. Created by Algon Soft, Paradigm-X 
has been secretly created for one sole purpose - the collecting of human 

The Characters 

Main Character
        18 Years old. While he is very interested in and studies computer 
hacking, he is actually a good person and has a strong sense of 
judgement. While he may not look it, he is a skilled fighter, and has 
taken classes in the martial arts. The main character has been friends 
with Hitomi, a fellow hacker, since childhood. 

        18 years old. Hitomi is a typical Japanese schoolgirl with an
interest in computers.  Her father is a researcher of ancient remains,
and is the one connection between Soul Hackers and Devil Summoner: 
Hitomi's father is a student of Professor Gotsuma, who has appeared in
previous games. 

The Spookies 
        The Spookies are a six-member group of computer hackers, all of
which have incredible knowledge and skill relating to computers. Each
member has their own strong subject and area of expertise, forming a
cohesive unit of varied personalities who compliment one another. 

 v.       Comparison to Persona:

        Since a number of people in the US have played Atlus' Revelations:
Persona, a game that is a gaiden (side story) of the Megami Tensei series
(which Soul Hackers belongs to), I thought it might be useful for those
people if I described some of the major differences between the two games.
        The story, characters, and locations are different (obviously).
The control is much better in Soul Hackers than in Persona.  The isometric
perspective in Persona has been removed.  The town layout in the two games
are very different (3D town in Persona, still shots in Soul Hackers).  The
FMV in Soul Hackers is more frequent, is of higher quality, and is better
integrated into the actual gameplay (like FF7, but the transitions aren't
quite as smooth) than in Persona.  Battles are shown from a first person
perspective (like Dragon Warrior/Quest) in Soul Hackers.
        The map command is a tad more functional in Soul Hackers (you
can switch floors, for example).  A 1 time load/save feature has been
added.  Six characters can be in your party (5 in Persona).  The formation
system has been simplified (3 characters in front, 3 in back).  A
character's actions in battle don't affect how much XP they receive in Soul
Hackers.  Guns in Soul Hackers have a limited number of bullets (they can
be reloaded).  The negotiation system is very different in the two games -
in Persona, each character has 4 conversation options and the results of
these interactions are shown through enemy emotion meters; in Soul Hackers,
enemies talk to you and you have to select your response.  Your main
characters has a portable computer with a number of different abilities in
Soul Hackers.  Battles don't seem to take up as much time in Soul Hackers as
they did in Persona.  And of course, there's the really big gameplay
difference between the two games - the persona magic system in Persona and
the monster summoning in Soul Hackers.

II.      Gameplay Information

 i.       Mag

         Mag (abreviated M$) is the amount that is listed right below your 
yen total.  M$ can be won in battle and found in chests and is used with your
summoned monsters.  Each monster costs a certain amount of M$ to summon into 
your party and a certain amount of M$ per step to keep in your party (with the 
more powerful monsters obviously costing more).  The decision between 
conserving M$ and having a powerful party is one that you're going to have to 
make throughout the entire game.

 ii.      Loyalty

        Another important game concept that you might not understand
immediately (I didn't figure it out for a couple hours) is the loyalty
system.  Each monster that you summon has a different loyalty rating.
There are 5 major loyalty LVs, each of which has 4 colored bars underneath
it for a total of 20 different loyalty ratings.  Monsters you get from
negotiations start out with a loyalty rating of 10 (right in the middle)
while monsters created by uniting existing monsters will have a loyalty
that is the average of the monsters that were united.  Monsters with high
loyalty are more likely to do what you tell them, may block the hero from
fatal attacks, and some can be turned into items (later in the game).
Monsters with low loyalty tend to disobey you and may even leave your party.
Loyalty can be changed in combat by selecting commands that the monster
likes (if a monster's attack is show in blue, their loyalty has gone up 
slightly; if it's in red, their loyalty has gone down slightly), and by 
giving your monsters gifts (select item, then gift). Be careful when giving 
commands to monsters with low loyalty as they tend to disobey you (which 
decreases loyalty further).

 iii.     Personality
         Monsters can have one of 6 different personalities.  Personality
determines the monster's AI as well as how you raise it's loyalty.  Each
personality also gets a special advantage when it's loyalty is high.  Here's
information on the various personality types (translated to the best of my
ability from the instruction manual).

Violent - Likes physical attacks.  Enjoys being given food.  Damage increases
          when loyalty is high.
Crafty  - Likes magic attacks.  Enjoys being given expensive items.  When
          loyalty is at LV5, it will force itself into conversations and has
          a "Magic Crystal Change" (not entirely sure about that one).
Friendly- Likes healing, defense magic, and defending.  Enjoys being given
          flowers.  When loyalty is high, it will protect its master.
Cold    - It doesn't have any particular command preference.  Enjoys being
          given valuable items.
Stupid  - Likes it when you choose the [Go] command.  Doesn't like presents.
No Heart- Likes defending.

 iv.      Moon Phases

        The moon affects the power of monsters (both allies and enemies).  
When the moon is full, the music changes and most monsters go crazy so you 
probably should avoid negotiations then (unless you have an appropriate
COMP add-on).  Also, some rare and powerful monster combinations can only 
be created when the moon is at a certain phase.

 v.       Status Screen Translations
  1st screen
  Left Side (top to bottom) - Sword Power, Sword Accuracy, Gun Power,
      Gun Accuracy, Magic Power, Magic Accuracy, Defense, Evade.  Gun
      stats are omitted for monsters.
  Right Side (top to bottom) - Strength (Weapon Power), Intelligence
      (Magic Defense), Magic (Magic Power), Stamina (Defense,HP), Speed,
  2cd screen - Defensive strengths and weaknesses are listed under the
       monster's alignment.
  Everything else is pretty self explanatory.

 vi.      Fusion Swords

  Once the sword fusion shop is opened you can create powerful weapons
by combining monsters with a special sword you get.  The sword's
strength is based on the monster's LV & Strength and the sword's Hit%
is based on the monster's LV, Speed, and Luck.  The monster's spells
and defense bonuses will determine what kind of sword it is.  Past
fusions have no effect on the sword. The hero can use the elemental 
swords whereas Nemissa can use the negative status inflicting swords.
I'd recommend making swords for the hero since he doesn't get magic. The
ice and lightning swords are particularly nice since they also sometimes
stun the enemy.

 vii.     Character Evaluations

  The hero - The hero is a pretty good character.  He tends to have the
             highest physical attack power in the game and that gets
             even better once he starts getting elemental swords.  He's
             also the only one who can use the summon command in
             battle.  He's the only character in the game who can't use
             magic though.  Obviously, you'll want to ignore the magic
             stat since he can't use spells, but all of the other stats
             are worthwhile - strength and speed will make him more useful
             in battle, and stamina and intelligence will keep him alive
             (very important since if he dies, it's Game Over).
  Nemissa  - In my opinion, Nemissa is the best character in the game.
             Her magic is very powerful (with much better accuracy than
             anyone else's) and she has a nice variety of attack and 
             healing spells.  She's also the only magic user who can 
             learn more than 6 spells.  And when she gains a new LV,
             her MP is automatically restored.  Although she gets some 
             nice weapons, you should have her focus on magic, 
             intelligence, and speed to get the most out of her.
  Zhido    - Zhido is the manufactured demon that you get early in the 
             game.  Like other demons, he doesn't gain XP, but instead he
             grows through combining with other demons (stealing the stats
             and magic of those he combines with).  He can't use every 
             ability in the game though.  Zhido is rather different than
             other demons - he always has 100% loyalty and he doesn't 
             require any Mag to summon.  Take advantage of this by
             combining him with expensive Dark demons.  He is also immune 
             to several types of status inflicting spells.  Zhido has one
             weakness though - when the moon is new, he becomes incredibly
  Demons   - It all depends on the demon. :)

 viii.    Tips:

  Formation - Physical group attacks usually hit the top left position for
              the most damage, so stick a demon with high defense against
              physical attacks there.
              When you're caught in surprise attacks, your original
              formation is NOT restored at the end of the battle.  Be sure
              to fix it manually.

  Diplomacy - If a monster doesn't have a happy face next to it, don't even
              bother trying to talk him into your team.  Conversely, if you
              see the happy face, you've got a good chance of gaining a new

              Talking to monsters that you currently have in your party
              (they don't have to be summoned, in your COMP is fine) is
              an easy way to get out of battles.  Often, you'll receive a
              small prize as well.

              High levels are the easiest way to get good results when
              talking to demons.  So head back to some of the earlier
              dungeons (or the training dungeon) and stock up on monsters
              when you're low.

              If the allignment (Law/Chaos) of monsters you currently have
              summoned conflicts with the monster you're talking to, you
              won't have much success.

  Combat    - Nemissa's Hama spells basically have about a 99.5% chance of 
              killing any monster that is weak to them (use analyze to
              find out which ones are weak).

              Later in the game, you can find monsters with spells that
              will create a reflect magic or physical attacks field on your
              party.  This is obviously very useful, but it only works on
              the turn that it's cast so make sure the user has high

              Try to always have a good monster with a party heal spell at
              all times.  It'll make almost any boss encounter easy.

  Loyalty   - A very easy way to maximize monster loyalty is to use the
              personality modification items purchased at the wine store.
              One of the items will temporary switch a monster's personalty
              to friendly.  Use that item on the desired monster, find an
              easy battle, and just have everyone defend until loyalty is at
              max.  Great on those cold monsters.

  Items     - The drugstore sells a very useful item that restores dead
              characters to full HP.  Be sure to pick up a lot of them as
              they're vital in hard boss battles.  Also pick up a variety of
              status healing items; they're usually a lot more convenient
              than trying to find a monster with the appropriate spell.

  Modules   - These are the most useful COMP modules in my opinion:  
              Debidas99 (figure out which monsters you haven't found yet),
              Hiroemon (find items after battle), Gibo Eyes (avoid having
              your powerful attacks reflect back on you when fighting new
              enemies or bosses), Dark Man (talk Dark monsters into joining
              your team), BackUp (save anywhere), and KoperuNikusu (find
              hidden monsters when making combinations).  CapsuleLock and 
              Neo Clear are also rather useful, but you can get the same
              effect by using certain spells and items.  And none of the
              conversation or uniting modules are a bad choice.

  Unions    - Some trades at the Pet Shop will give you information on how
              to create monsters of the more advanced class types.

              The pet shop trades can be made multiple times as long as you
              don't currently have the reward monster in your COMP.  This
              is a great way to get monsters of the rarer classes for

              Combining two monsters of the same class will result in a
              monster of the elemental class.  Combining elementals with
              other monsters will create a new monster with the same class
              as that monster.  Combining 2 elementals will result in a
              spirit monster.  This monster when combined with other
              monsters will raise that monster's stats slightly.

              Probably the easiest way to get the monster necessary to
              trade for the useful KoperuNikusu module is to combine the
              Sukaaha monster that you can get from Mr. DNA at the Pet
              Shop with an elemental.

  Misc.     - Learn Japanese. :)  It makes the game a lot easier and more
              enjoyable if you know some Japanese. Even if you don't know 
              much, you'll find the game a lot easier if you at least can
              recognize the characters for the different magic types and
              what level of resistance monster have to those types.

III.     Walkthrough - CD1:

 i.       Introduction:

        Upon starting a new game, you'll see some dialogue and then a news
report on Paradigm X.  After this, you'll find yourself outside where you're
trying to hack into Paradigm X.  You will meet your best friend, Hitomi, at
this time.  Eventually, you manage to break into Paradigm X's user database
(nice FMV here) and will replace one of the user's name and code with your
own.  Enter your name (family name is first in Japan) and your code name and
then select the choice on the left (for those of you who know absolutely no
Japanese, the word on the left is yes and the word on the right is no).
        After this, someone named Redman will call you from the terminal.
He seems to know you, even though you don't know him.  Then, you'll get a
phone call from your sister, Tomoko, who says she has "Big news!" and wants
you to come back home quickly.  At home, you'll meet your father, sister, and
mother.  I think Tomoko's big news is that you now have access to Paradigm X
(which of course, you already knew).  When you head into your room, you get a
coded message from Spooky, the leader of your hacking group.  The message
tells you that he has changed the location of his base to throw off anyone
looking for him.
        Next, you'll find yourself in one of the area maps.  While on an area
map, you can talk to people (people are represented by colored dots; a
message will appear in the corner when you're close enough to talk), enter
buildings and other locations, look at the locations you can enter (press L
or R), and look at the main menu (press C).  The main menu is pretty self
explanatory (all the commands are in English-yeah!) so I won't spend too much
time here.  You can look at, equip, and use items (you only have 2 story
items at the moment), look at your status (LV1 for you and Hitomo), change
your characters' position in battle, change the settings, and do a temporary
save (select Quit and yes).  Temporary saves will be erased when you restore
them so they are useless as insurance against death, but if you want to take
a break in the middle of a dungeon, they are quite useful.
        Talk to the people in this area if you want and then leave the area
by walking to one of the edges and pressing C (I love the "TV off" effect
when you do this).  You'll now find yourself on the city map.  Only two 
areas are currently selectable; the bottom one was where you just came from,
so choose the top selection.  You'll find yourself in another area.  There's
a mall in this area, but all the shops are closed right now, so ignore it.
Go to the rendezvous point with Spooky (the other location that you can
enter besides the mall).
        After a short FMV, you'll find yourself in the Spookies' semi-truck.
Spooky is there and he'll show you your portable gun-style computer (COMP
for short).  After some conversation, he'll leave, and you'll be a given a
list of things to do.  The top left item is to save, and the bottom left
item is to leave (you can't do this right now).  Select the top right item
twice and you'll logon to Paradigm X.  The receptionist and "Captain
Paradigm" will greet you and tell you about Paradigm X.
        Now, you'll find yourself in the 1st person perspective mode.
Holding B while pressing a direction will cause you to move instead of
changing directions (like in Shining the Holy Ark).  Explore if you like,
but there are really only two things you have to do here.  First, go all the
way down the alley and watch a news report.  Then go to the VR building
(Hitomi will comment when you're in front of it) and enter it.  You don't
actually have to do anything here (you can try out different VR worlds if
you want), but if you don't go here the next event won't be triggered.
        When you're tired of Paradigm X go back to the room that you first
entered Paradigm X.  Instead of seeing the cheerful receptionist, you'll
find that there is no one there.  Hmm, this is odd.  An unidentified voice
will speak to you, a burst of energy will emit from your monitor (FMV), and
then you'll find yourself face to face with a talking coyote named Redman.
Reddman will tell you that you have multiple souls in your body (ala Persona),
teleport you to the VR building and then you will experience the first Vision
Quest.  In the vision quests, you will experience firsthand some of the
experiences (usually the final experiences) of one of the souls that you
have within you.

 ii.      Vision Quest 1:

        After a few FMV scenes and some dialogue, you'll find yourself in
the Algon Soft Net Services building.  Instead of controlling yourself and
Hitomi, you're now in charge of a man name Urabi.  Urabi is a defect from
Algon Soft who got disgusted with their methods and actual plans and left.
You can be attacked in the NS building, but don't worry, Urabi is at LV20
and he has three monsters to help him.  There are two new commands in your
main menu now - Magic and COMP.  Magic is used to heal your characters (two
of your monsters can use healing magic; take advantage of this) and COMP
enables you to use your portable computer.  Only use automap for now; you
shouldn't mess with the summoning commands right now.  Battles aren't very
hard here - commands are in English, and your characters are powerful.
        The back of the Soul Hacker manual has a map for this building so
you shouldn't have much trouble with it.  On floor 1, go up the elevator to
floor 2.  On floor 2, the elevator has been locked off so go up the stairs
to floor 3.  On your way there, there's a room where the coyote will save
your game and restore your HP and MP (it's marked T on the map).  You can
also pick up two items near the stairs.  On floor 3, go up the stairs to
floor 3 (you'll meet a security guard on the way; ignore him).  On floor 4,
go up the stairs to floor 5.  
        On floor 5, go to the only room that isn't locked.  Here, you'll
get the data you're looking for, the Nemissa Program.  However to make
room for the program, you had to delete all of your summoned monster data
making you completely defenseless.  A man named Finnegan will show up,
forcing you to flee.  You'll automatically try to escape the building, but
unfortunately the path back down has been blocked off so you'll be forced
to go to the roof.  Once there, you'll need to enter in a password to lock
off the contents of your COMP.  Any password will do so make it simple,
since you'll need to re-enter it soon.  Then, Finnegan catches up to you,
the screen goes black, and Vision Quest 1 is over.

 iii.     The Algon Soft Net Services Building

        Now, you're back in the Spookies semi-truck.  Take out your COMP and
enter the password that Urabi entered.  The summoning functions (including
the new command, Unite, which combines two monsters to create a more
powerful one) have been activated on your COMP.  However, this is not the
only thing that happens.  A ball of energy flies out of the COMP and into
Hitomi.  Now, Hitomi is possessed by the female devil, Nemissa.  Hitomi's
appearance will change to let you know who is currently in charge of her body.
Hitomi and Nemissa don't get along very well at all initially, but eventually
they learn to coexist and even cooperate.
        You'll meet two more members of the Spookies group at this time,
Six and Lunch.  You'll also get a phone call from Spooky.  Turns out,
he's calling from the Algon Soft Net Services building.  After seeing what
you just did in the Vision Quest of that building, you're worried about
him and decide to go after him.  Six and Lunch will follow you, but
they won't show up as party members.
        Around this time, your LVs should go up.  It's up to you to decide
what stats to allocate your points to.  As far as I can tell, the stats are
(from top to bottom): Strength, Intelligence, Magic, Stamina, Speed, and Luck.
Strength increases the power of your close range weapon.  Intelligence and
Magic both affect the power of your magic and your MP total.  Stamina affects
your defense and HP total.  Speed and Luck both affect your evade %; Speed
also affects the accuracy of your close range weapons and who goes first in
battle, while Luck affects the accuracy of your guns.  I personally focus
Nemissa's stats towards Intelligence and Magic.  Have your main character
focus on Strength and Stamina (if he dies, the game is over, so you need 
defense and HP). Speed can also a good choice for either character.
        Go to the city map and select the 3rd area.  Go to the NS building.
You'll talk to Six and Lunch here; Lunch will stay with you, while Six will
stay behind.
        The enemies here are much weaker than before, but so are you so be
careful.  Thankfully, you aren't as weak as you were at the start of the
game - you should be at around LV6, you now have some equipment, and you
should have some HP+40 items and a decent supply of bullets. In battle, try
to talk monsters into joining your team.  I don't have any suggestions 
here - if you can't read Japanese you're just going to have to rely on trial
and error like I've been doing.  If there's a smiley face next to the
monster's name, it's easier to get good results out of your conversation
        Also, this is a good time to explain moon phases.  The moon affects
the power of monsters (both allies and enemies).  When the moon is full, the
music changes and most monsters go crazy so you probably should avoid
negotiations then.  Also, some rare and powerful monster combinations can
only be created when the moon is at a certain phase.
        Your path in the NS building is going to be different than it was
while you were Urabi.  Go to the 2cd floor via the elevator.  Here, go to
floor 5 through the locked elevator (Lunch will unlock it).  Go to the
previously locked door on floor 5.  Lunch will leave you here.  Go to the
area beyond the door and make your way to the elevator (picking up an item
on the way).  Take the elevator to floor 4.  On floor 4, you'll get a phone
call from Lunch.  Go down the stairs to floor 3.  On floor 3, you'll get a
phone call from Six.  Make sure to pick up M$300 on this floor; it's in a
chest in a small room.  Go down the stairs to basement 1.
        A boss encounter is in the small room at the west end of basement 1
so make sure you're ready before going there.  Your HP and MP are fully
restored when you LV-Up so if you're almost at a new LV, you might want to
fight a few more battles.  If you haven't already done so, summon a monster
or two to help you out; if you don't, the next battle will be very hard.
        When you're ready, go to the small room in basement 1.  You'll meet
(of all things) a guitarist named Carol J, and a member of the Phantom
Society.  After some conversation, he'll summon 4 monsters and attack you.
None of the enemies are particularly hard, but there are 5 of them, so be
on your guard.  Use healing items and magic when necessary and attack when
you can.  If Nemissa has learned the spell, Agi, use it; it is very useful
here.  Make sure none of your characters die, especially the main character
and Nemissa.  If the main character dies, the game is over, and if Nemissa
dies, she will miss out on the very large EXP reward that you get for winning
this battle.  Monsters don't gain EXP so it is less important (but still a
good idea) to keep them alive.
        After defeating the guitarist, you'll find Spooky.  With him,
you'll leave the building (the game will do this for you) and regroup with
Lunch and Six.  Then you'll return to the Spookies' semi-truck.  Here,
you'll meet the final member of the Spookies group, Yu-ichi.  Your COMP
will start emitting an error message; your next task is to fix it.

 iv.      Your COMP and the Warehouses

        A new location has been enabled in this area - the cruise ship.
Go here and after some dialogue and an FMV, you'll go to a secret 
underground room and meet Victor.  Here, your COMP will be fixed and you
will get 2 new COMP modules, Neo Clear and Davinchi.  Neo Clear will enable
a small map in the corner of the screen and Davinchi will show you all the
possible results of the union command with the monsters you currently have
(select unite and then the 2cd command).  While here, you can combine unite
monsters together (2 or 3 at a time) and there are some unions you can only
do here (you can't do them on your COMP).  If you have monsters with full
loyalty you may be able to trade them for items.  I was able to get some
very powerful weapons for Nemissa (Acheri for Toigan Knife and Nekomata for
Nyaoso 2 Claws) this way.
        Go back to the Spookies semi-truck.  You'll get a new message
from Summoner Net with the ominous message, "The Day is Coming."  A new
command has been added here.  The bottom right command lets you insert and
remove modules from your COMP.  Change your module setup if you want (Neo
Clear takes up 2 of the 5 slots in your COMP).  Three modules are already
in your COMP: Enemy Sonar (detect enemy activity in dungeons), Honey Bee
(check multiple floors on your map), and Muun Adaruto (increases 
conversation skill when the moon is full).
        The shops in the mall have been opened so go there now.  From top
to bottom the shops offer: weapons, armor, special items, healing items,
special items & gifts, HP/MP restore, and Mag<>Yen transfers.  Get ready
for the next dungeon by buying new equipment, items, and restoring your HP
and MP. The last shop will enable you to exchange M$ for yen and vice
versa - the exchange rate varies, but it's usually around M$10 for 100 yen.
The shops will get new merchandise as the game goes on, so be sure to come
here often.
        Go to the city map.  A new area has been added; go here.  The next
dungeon, the warehouses, is in this area.  Like the Algon Soft Net
Services building, the instruction manual has a map for this dungeon at
the back of the book.
        Try entering the middle warehouse; it's locked.  Then enter the
warehouse on the left.  Make sure to pick up the Jaba foot; it's a useful
piece of equipment that is in one of the side rooms.  Go to the small room
at the northern end of the warehouse.  A guard is here; he'll talk to you
and then give you some anti-ice armor.
        Now go to the warehouse on the right.  There's a cure poison item
in one of the side rooms.  In the small room at the end of the hall is
another guard.  Talk to him and get another piece of anti-ice armor.
        If you've talked to the guards in both of the side warehouses, you
should have the password to the middle warehouse door.  When you enter the
middle warehouse, it is quite obvious that something is definitely wrong
here.  Since the manual has a map for this area, you probably won't get
lost.  Many of the enemies here use ice magic so equipping that armor that
the guards gave you.  Summoning monsters that are strong against ice isn't
a bad idea.  On floor 1, take the elevator to B1F (either elevator will 
work, but the western elevator is quicker).  On B1F, take the elevator in 
the NE part of the floor to B2F.  At the beginning of B2F, there is a 
healing spot and a terminal room (you can save your game and switch COMP 
modules here).  Take the southernmost elevator to B3F (picking up M$400 on 
the way).  On B3F, go to the freezing room at the end of the hall.  Here, 
you'll meet the second boss in the game.  If you don't have both of the 
anti-ice armors equipped, it will give you the option of leaving the room
and equipping them before the fight.  If you don't have that armor on both
of your characters, you're probably doomed as the boss has very powerful
ice attacks.  The boss has around 350HP.  If you've been powering up 
Nemissa's magic  like I have, you should have little trouble here (the 
boss is very weak against Nemissa's Agi spell).
        Once the boss has been killed, the mist in the warehouse will go
away and the previously locked doors on F1, B1F, and B2F are now unlocked.
Although you could take a short cut out of here via an elevator, don't.
Instead go to all of the rooms that were previously locked for some items.
On B2F, there's 1 item.  On B1F, you can find M$200, a Chakra Pot (MP+), a
healing item, and a Battle Fury Knife.  The locked door on F1 is the most
important.  Here, you'll talk to a scientist, see a strange FMV (very
reminiscent of Jenova from Square's FF7), and pick up a key item.
        After you've gone to the locked room on F1, you'll automatically
go to the area map.  You'll receive another phone call from Spooky.  Go
back to the Spookies' semi-truck for a story scene.  After this, go to
the secret room on the cruise ship.  Here, you'll give Victor the item
you just got in the warehouse and will receive a new item, the
doriikadomon.  This item can be combined with one or two monsters to
create a very unique monster (it looks like an alien with a chain and
its appearance changes based on its level).  This monster will have the
same LV, spells, and skills as the monster (or monsters) you used to
create it, but its loyalty is maxed out and it doesn't have any summoning
or maintenance cost!  Stats are dropped, but you can continue to combine
monsters with it until its stats are quite good.  It can only have 6 spells
or abilities at a time, so when you combine it, it may lose some of its old
abilities.  And you can name it, in English if you like (its default name
is Zhido).  Note, only Victor can combine Shido into more powerful forms; you
can't do it on your COMP without a special module.

 v.       Planetarium:

        You can access two new locations.  You can go to the building
near the warehouse (Shack?), but since almost all of the doors there are
locked, it's pointless now.  Go to the building near your house.  This is
the first dungeon that the manual doesn't show a map for, but it's pretty
short.  There's nothing on floor 1 except a couple of citizens so go up to
floor 2.  On floor 2, there are a number of small rooms with nice goodies.
On the western side, you can find an engage ring, a XchiXXnoX, and a
terminal room.  On the eastern side, you can find a chest with M$1000 and a
healing spot.
        There's a small room between the terminal room and healing spot
called the Check room.  You have to take a quiz here in order to open the
locked doors here.  You have to answer 5 questions correctly.  The questions
and answers are the same each time, but the order is randomly chosen.  If
you choose a wrong answer or take too much time on a single question,
you'll be teleported to another part of the dungeon.  I'm not 100% fluent
in Japanese, so I can't tell you what the questions are, but I have
listed some noticeable (to me) features of each question and its correct

The word "libra" is written in English   - answer: top right choice
All the answers are numbers              - answer: top right choice (12)
The first two characters are both shi    - answer: bottom left choice
The first word is kono                   - answer: top left choice
Third character looks like upside down T - answer: bottom right

        Sorry, I couldn't be more precise, but that should be enough
help to enable you to complete the quiz in a couple tries.  After you've
solved the quiz, save at the terminal room, and then go up the stairs at
the northern end of floor 2.  On floor 3, there are two small rooms, one
has a Chakra Pot and the other holds a monster in a box (if you defeat
him, you'll get an item).
        At the northern end of floor 3, there is a large room.  If you've
completed the quiz on floor 2, the door will be unlocked.  Enter and
you'll meet a guitarist named Carol J.  After some dialogue, a mysterious
voice will start laughing and Carol J body will become possessed and turn
into an ugly demon.  After some more dialogue, the third boss, the demon
Muuuisu, will attack.
        Muuuisu has some decent attacks - a poison attack that, when
successful, lowers your character's sword power (or a monster's attack
power), a powerful single hit physical attack (Short Jab), and a couple of
other magical attacks.  But with a decent party, he shouldn't be too
difficult.  Muuuisu has around 550HP.
        When you defeat Muuuisu, he will drop some cryptic hints about
Nemissa and tell you that he'll need to find a stronger body so he can
destroy you.  The light that possessed CJ will leave his body and fly
towards you!  The screen will fill with light and then you will hear
Nemissa.  Then the light and Nemissa will leave.  CJ seems to be a normal
person now and he will give you a new COMP module, the Back Up (2 slots;
allows you to permanently save your game on the 2D or 3D areas).  Nemissa
will then call you and tell you that she's inside the Paradigm X computer!
        Now, you'll automatically go to the Spookies semi-truck.  No
one's there, but when you look at the computer, you'll see Nemissa.
Somehow she manages to get out of the computer and back into reality.
After some conversation, you are given a list of options.  Save and then
access Paradigm X.  Instead of accessing it, Nemissa will hold your hand
and physically teleport both of you into the computer system (FMV).
        Soon after entering Paradigm X, Nemissa will lead you to the
clothing store, where she will get a new outfit.  Hitomi gets rather
upset over Nemissa's selection - a black outfit that makes her look like
a gang member.  After this, walk by the alley.  Redman will appear
(this time as a rabbit) and talk to you.  Now go to the VR building.
Vision Quest 2 begins.   

 vi.      Vision Quest 2:

        After some FMV and some dialogue (with references to Vision
Quest 1), you'll find yourself in a large building which I call the
Summoner Building.  You'll be in charge of Yuda (LV25-great sword
attack) and 4 monsters - Maruto (LV25-Lighting attacks), Tokebi (LV23-
has the map spell), Oshirasam (LV21-Only useful when you need to cure
bad conditions), and Shirukii(LV24-Excellent healer with good ice
attacks).  Yuda is a dark summoner and a member of the Phantom Society,
but he's not too sure of his path or the society - a misgiving that
proves to be chillingly well founded in the near future.
        On F1, try to go to the elevator in the north east area of the
floor.  When you reach the locked door, go back, and you'll talk to a
summoner.  Then go to the counter room (in the middle of the floor) to
unlock the door.  Now, you can go to F2 via the elevator.
        On F2, you can meet Redman (in the Terminal room) and restore
your HP, MP, status, and save the game.  Xs on the floor map are damage
zones; stepping in these will lower your HP.  In the terminal room on
this floor, you'll meet an anti-Society girl named Ray.  She will attack
you and she is EXTREMELY powerful.  After you do around 700HP of damage
to her, the battle will end (you won't actually defeat her), there will
be some conversation, and then she will leave.  The locked door on F2
will now be unlocked so now you can take the northern elevator to B1.
        On B1F, go to the counter room in the middle of the floor to
unlock the door on F3.  Go to F3.  Go to the room at the northern end
of F3.  Here, you will fight the fourth boss, the monster Uinpe.
Uinpe isn't very powerful, but he does have one dangerous spell that
can turn your characters to stone.  It took me about 3350HP of damage
(he healed twice) to defeat Uinpe.  After defeating Uinpe, a pink
mist will appear, some dialogue will occur, and then Vision Quest 2
will be over.
        Uinpe is the spirit of electricity of the airport - he's not
really evil.  The Society struck a double blow by using Yuda to kill it
so they could regain control of the area and eliminate a possible threat,
Yuda, because they knew Uinpe's explosion would kill him. 

 vii.      Airport:

         After some conversation and a message from Summoner Net, go to
the fourth area on the city map.  There's a new location here, the
airport.  As you might have guessed, this is the same building you were
in during Vision Quest 2, but many things have changed here, both in
appearance and in layout.  As you explore the building you will hear
voices in your head.  This is Yuda telling you not to make the same
mistake he did; destroy the Society.
         There is a chest with M$400 on the east side of floor 1 and a
chest with a Chakra Pot on the west side.  Go down to B1.  On B1, you can
find M$1000 (northwest part of the floor) and a potion that restores life
(northeast part of the floor).  Now go to F2.  Here, you can find an item,
M$800, and a healing spot (with Redman, now a rabbit).  There is a small
room in the northeast part of this floor, go there for a necessary story
scene (darkness and then a voice).
         Now go back down to B1.  In the southeast part of the floor, is
a very important room.  Here, you will find Yuda's saxophone, the Power
Memory item (a key item that enables you to hold 12 monsters at a time),
and the 4 monsters that Yuda had in Vision Quest 2.  Wonderful!  Now, you
can go to floor 3 (if you tried early, you would have been stopped at the
entrance of the floor).  Go to the room where you fought Uinpe in the
Vision Quest.
         Uinpe will disappear without a fight and then you will run into
Finnegan (from the Vision Quests).  After some conversation, Finnegan will
summon 4 monsters and then leave.  The monsters are strong (the one in the
back heals everyone each turn), but you just got Yuda's strong monsters so
it shouldn't be too difficult.
         Afterwards, a man dressed in purple comes and talks to you.  He
then shows you a picture of Ray (from Vision Quest 2).  Now go back to the
Spookies' semi-truck.  Spooky and Lunch are there.  Go with them to a new
location in this area, EL-115, the COMP module shop.  It's run by two gay
hackers who are impressed with the Spookie's skill and offer to help out.
You can now purchase new COMP modules here (right now they have 6, each
for 480 yen).

 viii.     Your sister, Tomoko:

         When you leave the COMP module shop, you'll receive a phone call
from your mom.  Apparently, something seems to be wrong with your sister,
Tomoko, so go back home.  You'll also get some mail saying that the Pet
Shop is open plus the password necessary to access it.  When you get home,
it's obvious that Tomoko isn't feeling well - she isn't responding to
anything!  It's as if someone has stolen her soul...  She's on a vision
quest, but a malignant type of vision quest.  Looking at your computer,
you see she was currently accessing the VR Palace of Paradigm X.
         Go to Paradigm X.  The Pet Store is open now and it functions as
a type of trader outlet for summoners.  You give summoners monsters that
they want and they give you something in return.  The first summoner wants
monsters with particular types of spells or abilities.  The second summoner
wants monsters with particular stats (1st option is Str&IQ=10 or higher, I
think).  The third summoner wants monsters of particular types (1st option
is dark type).  The fourth summoner wants specific monsters and the fifth
summoner wants a monster with full loyalty (more options after you give him
one).  You'll want to be sure to give the fourth summoner a Siruki (one of
the monsters you got from Urabi) for the Debidasu '99 - a very useful and
interesting software module that will give you a new command under analyze
which will help you figure out which monsters you haven't seen or obtained
yet.  There's a lot of really good stuff here so be sure to experiment with
different trades (but save first!).
         Go to the VR palace and enter the museum/art gallery.  On the
first floor, there is a person who seems to be in the same condition that
Tomoko is in.  On the second floor, go to the picture with dolphins in it.
You can hear a human voice, Tomoko's voice, from the picture.  And to your
amazement, the picture sucks you into it!
         There are no fights in the Aqua Dolphin picture area.  If you
walk forward, you'll soon notice that you don't seem to be getting
anywhere (if you walk long enough, Hitomi will speak and I'm guessing she
says something to this effect).  If you are attentive, you'll notice that
as you are walking forward, the scenary seems to jump at one point.  It
looks like there's a barrier preventing you from going further.  Leave
the picture.
         When you exit the painting, someone named Juggler will come and
talk to you.  You're trying to get to Tomoko (who is in the dolphin
picture), but to do that, you'll first need to find 3 chess pieces.
         First go to the first floor of the museum and enter the only
picture that you can enter there.  You'll find yourself in a cave.  There
are three items in this small cave - a poison cure, a sword that will
attack a row, and a chess piece (a bishop).  The chess piece is in a
locked room to the north.  In each of the four corners of the cave, there
is a room with an old man in it.  First go to the locked room, then go
talk to each of the four men.  Then talk to them again.  Then go to the
man in the southwest room and talk to him again.  When it gives you a
choice, pick the top one.  He'll give you a key to the locked room and
you'll finally be able to get the bishop piece.
         Next you need to go the "Strange Place" picture on the second
floor of the museum.  You can't use your map here so it's easy to get
lost if you don't pay attention.  If you want to make a map yourself,
this area is a 16x16 size grid that never ends; think of it as a very
small globe.  The chess piece you're looking for is in a room near the
entrance.  Use the warps scattered around the area to get to it.  Using a
warp will usually change your direction so don't become disoriented.  In
addition to the chess piece, you can also find M$1000 and Roman Sandals.
         Once you get the two chess pieces, go to the chess board picture.
In the big room, only step on floors with a chess piece on them, otherwise
you'll get warped back.  In the small room immediately past the large one,
you'll fight a battle with Juggler (unless you don't have the 2 chess pieces
in which case, you'll get warped back).  Juggler himself isn't especially
difficult, but he has two monsters guarding him who are very strong
physically and have fantastic defense against all non magical attacks.
Defeat them quickly with magic, because Jaguara casts an anti-magic spell
on the first turn.  You can use the 2 items you got right outside of his
room to dispell the anti-magic spell, but he'll cast it again soon after
so act quickly.  Grenades might be useful here although I haven't tried
them.  After defeating Juggler, you'll get the final chess piece.
         Keep on exploring the chess board picture until you find the room
with a chess board in it.  You'll use the 3 chess pieces you have to get a
checkmate and then the magic barrier in the dolphin picture will be
dispelled.  Save and heal and then go to the dolphin picture.
         In the dolphin picture, you'll find Tomoko and a dolphin demon.
You'll have to fight the dolphin demon in order to rescue Tomoko. It
primarily uses Ice attacks and its most powerful move is an Ice All/
Sleep All combo.  The equipment you got in the warehouse will absorb and
reduce ice damage so be sure to use it.  It absorbs magic and has very high
defense so it'll take a while to defeat it.  However, there is a secret way
to defeat it - just keep on using magic attacks on it and eventually it
will absorb so much power, it will die.  Iruku (dolphin in Japanese) has
about 630HP.
         When you defeat Iruku, Tomoko will go back to normal and will
leave Paradigm X.  You'll automatically go to the Spookies' truck.  There's
some mail telling you that EL-115 has some new software modules for sale.
Go there if you like and then go back home to check up on Tomoko.  She seems
well.  After talking to her, go to your room.  Your dad is in there, but
what is he doing?

 ix.       Muuuisu

         As you leave your house, you are stopped by Muuuisu.  He wonders
why Nemissa doesn't remember her past and then attacks.  He's more powerful
now then he was in the Planetarium and has around 2000HP and several powerful
attacks, but is a little weak even so.  Just pound him with your best moves
and he'll go down quickly.  After defeating him, you'll get a story item and
automatically head to the Spookies' truck.
         Everyone's there and they join you.  There's a new area on the city
map now (it's the third choice) and a new location, the Leon Manufacturing
Plant.  Go there.  When you first get there, the electricity is off and
there are no enemies.  Go to a room to the northwest, to turn the electricity
(and the monsters) on.  Soon after you do this, you'll meet Ray, the girl
from the second Vision Quest.  She notes your COMP and wishes you good luck
against the Phantom Society before leaving.  Go to the elevator.
         You can go to floors 2-4.  There isn't much to do on floor 4 other
than talk to Six so you can skip it for now.  Go to floor 3.  Near the
elevator, you'll find a key.  With this key, you can enter a locked room on
this floor and activate a second elevator on floor 2.  Do so.  When you do
this, you can take advantage of the terminal room and healing spot that are
located near the locked room.
         Now go to floor 2.  The second elevator is on the opposite end of
the floor and you can get there without being attacked since there are no
enemies on the edges of this floor.  But before you go there, jump off the
ledge that is farther east than any other ledge.  You'll jump down to a
new area on floor 1 where you can get several items.  Most of the items are
mundane, but you can get M$2000 and a Luck+1 item.
         Use the second elevator to go up to floor 4.  There are items on
floor 3, but I'm not sure how to get them since there are invisible holes
guarding them so skip that floor.  On floor 4, if you jump off a certain
ledge, you can get to a hidden central location on floor 2 with two items,
but neither item is essential.  On floor 4, go to the room in the middle
of the floor (making sure to have a strong party before doing so).  You'll
meet Muuuisu again and he's much more powerful.  At first, he'll waste a
couple of turns doing nothing, but then he starts using powerful spells
and techniques.  He starts with the Mark command (focuses his single
attacks on a specific character) and then starts to unleash powerful
offensive spells (Fire and Megido), some of which will target both rows
for immense damage.  Megido is particularly dangerous as it is non-
elemental in nature.  Keep your characters alive and attack when you can.
He's weak against electricity. He has 3800HP and it will take a while to
defeat him.
         After defeating him, he'll turn into a ball of energy and enter
the monitor behind.  You'll automatically follow.  You'll chase Muuuisu
and get more cryptic Nemissa/Muuuisu dialogue.  When you catch up to him,
he'll disappear.  You then will leave this virtual world and have a
conversation with Ray who congratulates you and offers to take you to a
friend of hers who can help (which she does despite Nemissa's suspicions).
When she leaves, you'll regroup with the Spookies and leave the
manufacturing plant.
         Go to the cruise ship.  You'll meet Ray's friend and she'll
give you a sword.  This is a very special sword - you can combine it with
a monster and it will take on the power and attribute of that monster.
The sword fusion shop can now be accessed by your characters any time.

 x.        The Island Factory:

         After the usual dialogue scenes, you'll be ready to go to the
next dungeon.  Before going there, stop by EL-115 - they have some new
modules.  Also, you can stop by your house for a short little optional
story scene.
         Many people have trouble getting to the next dungeon, because you
can't get there directly from any of the city screens.  Remember the
Summoner Building?  In the southwest part of the basement, there's an
underground shuttle.  Go there.  You'll meet some of the other Spookies
members and get a phone call from Finnegan (who took Yu-Ichi hostage after
his fight with Six) before taking the shuttle to the Island Factory, the
next dungeon.
         You'll be doing a lot of switching floors in this dungeon.  The
basic format is this: take an elevator to the 5th floor, find the
elevator on that floor and go to the 13th floor, find a switch on
the 13th floor that opens up a new section on the first floor, go
to the new section on the first floor, and repeat.  The first switch
opens up the A block, the second switch opens up B block, and the third
switch opens up C block.  There are plenty of items in this dungeon: on
your way to switch 1, you can get a Chakra Pot, M$3000, a sleepcure, and
M$2000; on your way to switch 2, you can get a map item, M$1000, and an
SGEXX Mask; and on your way to switch 3, you can get 2 Chakra Pots, a
heal potion, a magic item.
         On your way to the third switch, you'll find Yu-ichi's hat in
front of an elevator.  You'll meet her soon.  But first, on the 13th
floor (the part reached from C block) in a storage room, you'll meet
         Not surprisingly, you have to fight Finnegan.  The top choice
will result in a one-on-one fight whereas the bottom choice will result
in a normal party fight.  Pick the party fight so Nemissa will get some
EXP for the battle too.  He has 5 monsters with him and Finnegan himself 
has some powerful physical attacks; if you don't kill his allies quickly, 
Finnegan could easily kill you.  Use Maha Bufu on his front row and Maha 
Ragi on his back row to kill his monsters and then use your most powerful 
attacks on Finnegan.  He has around 1300HP.
         When you defeat Finnegan, you'll find Yu-ichi and leave the
factory.  After some dialogue with the other Spookies members, you'll
need to go to Six's house (new location).  Yu-ichi is zoned out for
some reason...

 xi.       Six:

         When you get to Six's house, you'll be greeted with an
unpleasant sight.  Six looks a lot like Tomoko did when her spirit
was trapped within Paradygm X.  Your Paradygm X ID has been erased
by the Phantom Society, but the hackers at EL-115 will be able to
provide you with a new ID.
         Go to the Horror House in the VR building.  I found this to
be a very tedious dungeon.  The first floor has three rooms containing
an organ; you'll need to go into each room, and try to turn on the
organ (which teleports you to a different area).  In this new area,
some of the rooms will teleport you to the basement of the horror
house.  The teleport that you're looking for is in the northwest part
of the area; it will teleport you to a secret part of the basement and
will eventually lead you to a room with a boy in it (where a story
scene will occur).  The boy is actually Six as a child (this whole
scenario is part of Six's past).  After you talk to the boy, you'll
return to the main floor of the horror house and one of the organs will
have turned on.  Repeat for the other 2 organs.
         If you fall into the main part of the basement, you can
return to the first floor through a staircase in the northeast part of
the basement (behind the cross).  The teleports in each of the three
sections are located in the same places, so after the first one, you
should have a good idea where the bad teleports are. The items in
the dungeon and organ areas aren't very good - the only interesting
item is a cursed weapon that does a lot of damage to the front row, but
also puts your character to sleep.  You can find it in the northwest
part of the dungeon, but you can't reach it directly; you'll have to
head east, then north, and then west to get it.
         Once you've turned on the three organs, go up the stairs on
the first floor of the horror house.  Floors 2-4 each have a piece of
armor for Nemissa, but you can skip them.  Be careful on floor 5, the
treasure chest holds a monster.  If you decide to fight it, it's weak
against guns.
         On floor 6, go to the mirror.  It will open up revealing a
hidden passage (it will only do this if the three organs are playing).
Go straight through this passage to reach the room at the north end.
In the room, you'll see the boy (Shingo/Six) that you saw as you were
turning on the organs.  He's grown up now and it becomes obvious it's
Six. A girl named Erika will appear, trap Shingo in a block of ice,
summon two monsters and then fight you.
         This is a fairly tough fight.  The two summoned monsters
aren't hard (use fire on the bear, just about anything on the insect),
but Erika's primary attack is Maha Bufura which will do major damage
to everyone in your party who isn't strong against ice.  Have someone
healing constantly as being hit with two of Erika's Maha Bufura spells
unhealed will probably kill your entire party.  Erika has around 2800HP
and can reflect guns (so don't shoot her).
         When you defeat Erika, Six will reappear and you'll leave
Paradygm X.  Save your game and go to Six's house.  Talk to everyone
there and head back to the Spookies' semi-truck.  After talking some
more there, you'll go outside and meet a summoner named Mayone.  She
summons 5 monsters and attacks.
         This is a relatively easy battle.  Neither Mayone nor her
monsters have particularly good attacks except for the monster on the
front row on the left.  It has an instant kill spell that is quite
effective so be sure to kill it as quickly as possible.  Mayone has
around 1200HP and primarily uses weak healing spells.
         After defeating Mayone, sit back and watch what happens.
You've completed the first CD!  Save the game when it prompts you and
switch disks.  If you're interested, I was at LV41 and had clocked in
31 hours when I finished the first CD.

IV.     Walkthrough - CD2 (under construction)

 i.      Dad

         Right after starting the second CD, you'll get a call from
home.  Apparently, your dad has gone crazy!  Head back home for more
information and then head to the grocery store.  As a side note, if you
head back to the Spookies' base, you'll get a new message on the
Summoner net that will open up a new optional dungeon.  This is a very
frustrating dungeon that has a lot of quizes (like the planetorium
early in the game, but much harder).  As far as I can tell, there's
really no point to going there unless you're a masochist as I didn't
get any good items for completing it.  If you do decide to go, make
sure you have the Capsule Lock module equipped; the dungeon has lots of
easy monsters and the encounter rate is very high.  The boss of the
optional dungeon (a super intelligent monkey) isn't very strong, but he
has several monsters with him that use suicide attacks so if you're
unlucky, you could get killed very quickly.
         In the grocery store, you'll find plenty of crazies (as well
as a few normal people).  Talk to the guard in front of the entrance to
the storage area for some information.  The door is locked so head over
to the east part of the building.  In the wall, there are a couple 
storage boxes - one of them contains a key to that locked door.  Use it
to get to the main part of this dungeon; the grocery store storage 
         I thought this dungeon was kind of fun.  The first two areas
are made up of mazes of red, yellow, and blue doors.  In the first area
near the entrance is a lever room.  You need to switch the blue and
yellow levers to get through the maze.  In the second area, switch the
yellow lever in the southeast corner of the maze (don't mess with the
blue switch in the southwest corner).  Go through the yellow doors to
get to the red switch in the northeast part of the maze.  Then go
through the red doors to find an elevator to B1.
         B1 & B2 are really small, but the enemy encounter rate is
higher than normal.  Walk around B1 'til you find the second elevator.
Take the elevator to B2.  Near the entrance of B2 is another elevator;
Use it to get some hidden items on B1 (a Stamina+1 item & Happy
Sandles).  One of the chests is guarded by a monster so be careful.
When you're finished with treasure hunting, head to the computer room
on B2 to finish this dungeon.  Surprise!  There's no boss in this

 ii.     Algon Factory

         After some story scenes, it's time to head to the Algon
factory.  On the first floor, there are manufacturing rooms in each of
the floor's four corners, but right now, only the south-west room is
accessible.  A staircase to the second and third floor can be found
in the eastern part of the floor.  Head to the second floor and be sure
to open a chest in the north-eastern part of the floor - it holds a
very nice piece of armor for Nemissa.  A healing room and terminal can
be found just south of the staircase.  Some of the doors on 2F are
locked, but in one of the rooms, you can find a switch that will unlock
the south-east room on F1.  If you go back there, you'll see a short
scene with Yu-ichi & Six (I'm not sure if you have to see this scene to
         Go to the F3 (same staircase that took you to F2).  On F3, you
can find another staircase that will take you to those parts of F2 that
you couldn't reach.  Back on F2, you can find an item that raises your
Magic stat by 1 as well as a few switches to deactivate locks.  Most
important is the switch that unlocks the north-west room on F1.  Go
there to see a scene with Lunch's dad.  Now heal and save and then go
back to F3.  A wall that previously no access sign can now be entered.
Go to the room past it to find out about the disease that was
responsible for the crazy people at the grocery store (and your dad).
And then, of course, you'll face a boss.
         The boss in the Algon Factory only uses magic attacks so
bring out monster's with good magic resistance.  He's immune to fire
attacks so you'll want to have Nemissa use physical attacks or heal.
He's pretty easy if you're characters are strong against magic and
you heal every turn.  I did about 6000HP worth of damage to him before
he died.
         After defeating the boss, you'll head back to your base and
get a message from Redman.  Head to the theatre in Paradygm X; it's
time for another Vision Quest!

 iii.     Vision Quest 3:

         In this vision quest, you're in charge of Naomi.  She doesn't
have a cOMP so she's alone and she can't negotiate with enemies, but
despite that, she rocks.  Her stats are high, she has good equipment,
and she has 6 very powerful and unique spells.  Of special notice are
her two healing spells - one raises her Max HP by 50% and completely
restores her HP and the other spell completely restores her HP, MP, 
and fixes any status problems.  Her physical attack spell is rather
powerful as well (it hits 4 times).
         This vision quest is rather short and easy.  With Naomi's
powerful spells, you should blow through any monsters you run into.
Just keep heading north and you'll eventually run into the boss.  On
the way, you'll pass a healing spot and a save spot.  The boss can
take a lot of damage (about 10,000HP worth) and is fairly powerful,
but with Naomi's healing and offensive magic, you shouldn't run into
any problems.

 iv.      Main System:

         After the vision quest, you'll try to upload a virus into
Algon's main system, but your attempt fails.  Six, Lunch, Yu-ichi and
the hero then appear on the news and are accused to be dangerous
terrorists.  Soon after, Spooky gets an email from the Algon president
so the other members of the group think he's betrayed them.  Hitomi
still believes in Spooky though.
         Since your virus attempt failed, you then need to head over
to Algon Main building.  However, it can't be entered right now - it's
surrounded by a strange mist.  There's another way to enter it -
through Paradygm X.  Enter Paradygm X and choose the new option in
the reception room to enter the Algon building.
         On the first floor, you'll run into Finnegan.  He doesn't
want to fight; he wants your help.  There's a couple of choices here,
I'm guessing it doesn't make a big difference what you chose.  I told
him that we'd trust him, help him out, and selected the red seal.
Depending on what color you pick, the next area will be slightly
different.  For red, go to the door on the right; it'll take you to
         There's a terminal and healing spot on the 2F.  There are
several dark sections of the map.  You can only enter the doors of
the color you picked and you have to enter them in order (1-2-3).
Each dark section has 2 rooms; one has an item, the other has a
switch.  Hit all the switches, and you'll open up a locked door.  In
that part of the floor, are a few Anti-Magic field dispelling items
(necessary for the boss; you can also buy them at the mall), a room
that will let you go back to Paradygm X and the entrance to F3.
         On F3, you'll see Finnegan again.  He's hurt pretty badly.
At the north end of the floor is a room with the dungeon boss.
         He'll start out by casting an anti-magic field; dispel it
w/the items you just got.  Some of his attacks aren't very strong
(Fire Gas, regular attack), but some of his attacks are very powerful
(such as a Slice All attack and a spell that targets your 2 human
characters).  He also can inflict bomb status on your characters.
Like most bosses, as long as you have someone casting a good heal-all
spell every turn, he's not too hard.  Just be sure to dispel his
anti-magic spells as soon as possible.  He took around 9300HP of
damage before dying.

 v.       Monolith:

         After getting back to your base, you'll get a message from
a brain washed Yu-ichi.  Ray will come to take care of Yu-ichi while
you go to the Monolith to rescue the other members of Monolith.
Hitomi's having problems; I'm guessing because Nemissa has been in
her body for so long that Hitomi's spirit is starting to disappear.
         The monolith is rightly named; this place is gigantic.  It
has around 40 floors (you don't go on most of them) and 2 bosses.
Be sure to bring some "avoid random encounters" items to use when 
you get tired of gaining EXP and new monsters.  The area is split up
into a left and a right side; both sides are pretty close to
identical.  There aren't really any good items except for a Int+1
item on F39 (right side, by the save spot). F1 has a healing spot
and terminal so use them whenever you need to.
         Start out by taking the left staircase up to F3.  On F3,
you'll find an elevator to F19.  Take the staircase on F19 to F20.
In one of the rooms on F20, you'll find Lunch.  After finding him,
he'll head to the control room on F20.  No go back to F1 and take the
right staircase.  Make your way up to F20 and in one of the rooms,
you'll find Six.  She'll head to the other control room on F20.  Go
to the control room and Lunch and Six will give you some passwords.
Some of the locked doors in the dungeon will be unlocked as well.
         Several of the floors have rooms with pictures in them.
Behind each picture is a letter.  What you have to do now is go to
certain floors and reveal one letter on each floor thus spelling the
passwords that Lunch and Six gave you.  Here are the letters for each

Left Side  - FLY  2:F, 3:L, 19:Y;    TWIN  21:T, 37:W, 38:I, 39:N
Right Side - WIZ  2:W, 3:I, 19:Z;    PIXY  21:P, 37:I, 38:X, 39:Y

         Once you get all the lower level letters revealed, head to 
the control rooms on F20 to unlock the doors to the higher floors.
Once you get all of the higher level letters revealed, head to the
control room on F39 to unlock the final part of the dungeon (a
center section between the left and right section on F39).  There
are also 2 switches on F39 that will unlock the doors to an express
elevator (F1-F20-F39).  F39 also has a terminal (right side) and
heal spot (left side) that you can use.
         In the center section of F39, you'll run into Lunch and
Six.  In the conference room, you can find one of the leaders of
Algon.  After talking to him, you can take the special elevator in
the center section to the top floor of the dungeon.  Save before
going there.
         The top floor is a good place to gain EXP since the
monsters tend to be of higher levels than they are on the lower
floors of the dungeon.  There's only one room to go to and there
you'll see a familiar location, a familiar face, and of course, a
         This boss has rather good physical defense so use magic
attacks.  Another good option would be to use the reflect physical
attack spells (if you've got it); if he uses a strong group attack,
he'll take a lot of damage plus your characters won't be hurt at
all.  The boss has several good physical attacks and a spell that
will critically wound or banish (but not kill) your summoned
monsters.  He has around 9300HP.
         Don't celebrate too soon.  After defeating the boss, save
your game and head to the healing spot if you need it.  On the left
or right side of F39 is a door that leads outside.  Go there.
You'll find Lunch and Six blowing up the antenna and you'll find
a possessed Spooky.  You're left with no other option, but to fight
the demon (even though that puts Spooky in danger).
         Unlike the last boss, this one tends to focus more on
magical attacks.  His defense isn't especially good so any attacks
(that he doesn't reflect or absorb) is good.  He has around
         After defeating the boss, you'll watch several important
story (you see Redman's true form, Nemissa regain her memory, and
more) and probably gain 2-3 levels.  Congratulations, you managed
to defeat this monster of a dungeon!

V.      Equipment Charts (under construction):

        An X in the name represents a kanji symbol.

 i.        Weapons:

  a.        Close Range:

Name           Atk Power  Hit%  Gender     Cost  Comments

Sukiauvooa          30     16    Male         ?  Hits Row.
Igu Knife            9      4    Male         ?
Sukiandou            8      6   Female        ?
Razer Comb          11     18    Male       800
Half Pike            9      3   Female      980  Hit from back row.
Butterfly Knife     14      8     MF       1600
Army Dato           16     12   Female     2400
XX mikisa           14     54    Male         ?
Syamashiiru         64     25    Male     16200  Some damage to back.
Billy Club          20      3    Male      2600  Some damage to back.
Torential Knife     22     24     MF       2980
XX Knife            22      4   Female     3500
Bagu Naku           22     10   Female     4480
Ninja Sword         28     58    Male      4480
Spinner             28      2   Female     5200  Hits Row.
Toigan Knife        32     18   Female        ?  Luck+2.
XXnoXXX             20     22     MF          ?  Hits Row.
Fakiizu Horn        32     30    Male         ?
Firangi             31     68    Male      6800
KogarasuX           28     38    Male         ?
Iiru Sukinaa        28     24   Female     6800
Jairooiiru          30     34   Female     9980  Hits Row.
Chakurama           41     18   Female        ?  Hits Row.
Tokebi Knife        44      8    Male         ?
Fusion Sword        14      2     MF          ?  Before Fusion.
Nyaso 2 Claw        56     56   Female        ?  Hits Row  Speed+2.
XXNihuru            51     21   Female        ?  ?
Gradius             46     30    Male      9800
Gai Bolg            56     45    Male      Fuse  Sukaaha. Ranged.
XX no Cutter        62     28     MF          ?  Hits Row. Cursed.
XX ni Spoon         80     56     MF          ?  Cursed.
XXX                 66     44    Male      Fuse  Thunderbird. Splash.
XXX                 52     54    Male     12000
Naginatu            58     38   Female    13200  Ranged.
Furanberuzyu        50     68    Male     16200  Hits Row.
XXXX                64     56   Female    19800  Splash.
Buryuunaku          66     13     MF             Some damage to back.
OOguma Star Bow     90     68   Female           Naomi's Weapon
Kotetu Blade        60     58    Male     22000
Queen Whip          68     42   Female    26000  Hits Rom. Ranged.
XXX                 64     59    Male            Row. Seitentaisei.
  b.        Firearms:

Name         Atk Power  Hit%  Gender #Bul  Uses    Cost  Comments

AKS74             34     12     MF    20   Shot    5980
Lousy K*K         14      4     MF     3   Shot       ?
Rugaa P95DC       17      8     MF    10   Shot    1200
Sutekki XXXX      18      2     MF    10   Shot    2200
Muzzled SR93      42     22    Male   20   Shot   12800
Sookomu Pistol    25     24     MF    10   Shot    3980
Annihilator       18      4     MF    30   Shot    3600  Hits Row
XpipeXXXX         20      2     MF     5  Shells   3400
Arukusu-96        28     52    Male   30   Shot    8800  Hits Row
Side by Side      40      8    Male    5  Shells      ?
Aaruza Lock       43     29   Female  50   Shot       ?  Hits Row
Number 199X       54      6    Male   10   Shot   17800
Ingram M140       38     32    Male   30   Shot   17800  Hits Row
Beneri M1S90      30     58    Male   10  Shells      ?
Sutea-AMW         55     40    Male   20   Shot   22000  Pierce
Zirionium Gun     54     54     MF    --  Lasers  22000  Pierce
Mosubaaku         48     52    Male    5  Shells  26800  Splash
SPAS15            38     66    Male   10  Shells  25000  Center
L-Destroy         28     44    Male   10  Shells  24800  All

  c.        Bullets:

Name         Atk Power  Hit%  Type   Cost  Comments

NormalX            1      1   Shot     10
Bad Shot           3      8   Shot     30
XXX                8      4   Shot     90  Sleep
Shack Killer      10     14   Shot    120
S Force           16     25   Shot    280
XXX               10     16   Shot    150  Paralyze
Bad Shell          6      6   Shell    60
Biker Shell        8     14   Shell   100
Lucky Shell       10     10   Shell   100  Critical Hit%+
Corona Shell      12     12   Shell   200  Lightning Stun
Shock Shell        6      8   Shell   200  Shock
Happy Shell       14     16   Shell   280  Causes Berserk

 ii.       Armor:

  a.        Body Armor:

Name            Def Power  Eva%  Gender     Cost  Comments

Brigandine          32      11    Male      5980
Keburaabe Suit       8       5     MF          ?
Padded Armor        10       8     MF        780
XXX                  8       6     MF          ?  Ice Def+
High Leg Armor      12       8   Female     1600  Ice Def+  Fire Def-
Hide Armor          20      12    Male      3480  Str+2 Strong Ice
                                                  Weak Fire
PuchibruXXXX        16      10   Female     2300
XchiXXnoX           11       9    Male         ?  Vit+2
XXX                 22      16     MF       3480
XXXXXX              26      24     MF       7450
XXX                 42      19     MF       7600  Requires Vit=15
                                                  Immune Lightning
                                                  Weak Wind
xxnoxx              46      20   Female        ?  Immune Lightning
                                                  Weak Wind
Makusimirian        50      18     MF      16500
Demonzu Skip        49      22   Female    19800  Vit+4 Weak Punch
                                                  Immune Sword

  b.        Helms:

Name            Def Power  Eva%  Gender     Cost  Comments

"Urabi's Hat"        6       8     MF          ?
Nokkuauto X          2       2     MF          ?
Fleece Helm          4       6     MF        680
NBC XX Mask          7       2    Male      1300  Vit+1
Metal Taaban         8       6     MF       1180  ?
XXmaik6X             7      12    Male      1600  ?
Furufuiisu Helm     12      14     MF       2980
Bareru Helm         20      12    Male      3980  Luck-4
SGE XX Mask         14      14     MF       5500  ??
Barubyuuta          18      15    Male      6980
Tooten Koppu        15      18    Male      6980
XXXXnoXX            15      16   Female        ?
Robustaateiru       18      18    Male         ?  Immune Spirit
                                                  Weak Mystic
178 Gun Ear         37      38     MF          ?  Luck+4
Aametto             25      20     MF      12500
Dolphin Helm        22      18     MF      16000  Int+2
                                                  Immune Spirit
                                                  Weak Mystic

  b.        Gloves:

Name            Def Power  Eva%  Gender     Cost  Comments

Rattle Snake         8       8     MF       1280
Razer Glove          2       3     MF          ?
XXXX Ring            4       2   Female      600
Jamming Arm          7       9    Male      1100  IQ+2
Engage Ring          3       8     MF          ?
Gauntlet            13      10    Male      2200
XXXX                 1      12    Male      2400  ?
G-Radaazu            1      15   Female     3480  Str-2  Magic+3
                                                  Immune DeathCurse
XXnoXX               8       1    Male         ?  Str+3  Magic-4
Kaiser Ring         15      12    Male      4980  Str+1
Guard Angel         16      18     MF       4980
Intel Guard         18      14   Female     6480
XXXnoXX             20       8    Male      7200  Str+2
XXXXnoXX            12      10   Female        ?
Raurin no XX        24      20     MF       9800  Str-2  Magic+2
                                                  Immune DeathCurse

  b.        Shoes:

Name            Def Power  Eva%  Gender     Cost  Comments

Escape Shoes         7      24     MF       1580  Speed+2
Razer Boots          2       2     MF          ?
Crime Boots          4       1     MF        980
Jaba Foot            5      15     MF          ?
Ieroo Chapusu        6      12     MF       1200
XXnosuneXte         12      24     MF       3980
Dashing Heels       10      15   Female     2980
Engineer Boots      11      10    Male      2780
Roman Sandals        8      16   Female        ?
Hesian Boots        14      28    Male      5980
Metal Boots         17      24     MF       7800
XXXXnoXX            15      28   Female        ?
Happy Sandals       16      32     MF          ?  Speed+3
Roller Blades       22      36     MF       9800  Speed+3
Mirage Boots        26      40     MF      12800

VI.     COMP Module Chart (under construction):

(* after name means module takes up 2 spaces)

Name            Type    Received/Cost    Effect

Enemy Sonar     3D      After VQ1        Detects Presence of Enemies
Honey Bee       Map     After VQ1        Look at every floor
Muun Adaruto    Talk    After VQ1        Conversation+ w/full moon
Neo Clear*      3D      Cruise Ship      Shows surrounding area
Davinchi        COMP    Cruise Ship      Informative command under Unite
Back Up*        COMP    Planetarium      Enables permanent save anywhere
Grab Magic      3D      $480             HP increases as you walk
Time Gaoru      3D      $480             Shows time
Hiromon         Battle  $480             Find more items after battle
Nurse Call      Battle  $480             Heals demon when summoned
Lady Killers    Talk    $480             Conversation+ w/female demons
Arubato         Union   $480             Stabilizes monster unions
Debidasu '99    COMP    Pet Shop         Extra Analyze Command
Frost Panel     Battle  Pet Shop         Picture on status bar
Lantern Panel   Battle  Pet Shop         Picture on status bar
Oni Mark        Battle  Pet Shop         Picture on status bar
Panpu Bokkusu   3D      $720             Shows EXP to next LV
Nightingale     Battle  $720             Avoid auto attack command
XXX             Battle  $720             Back Attack doesn't change formation
Moon Palace     Battle  $720             Shows lunar influence on allies
Double Value    Talk    $720             Increases effectiveness of Mag$
Sustainer       COMP    $720             Enables unions w/certain demon types
Capsule Lock*   3D      $980             Avoid encounters with weak enemies
Scanning Zero   Map     $980             See Dark Zones
Mr. Surprise    Battle  $980             Suprise Rate up
Gibo Aizu       Battle  $980             Indicates enemy defense strengths
Dark Man        Talk    $980             Conversation+ w/dark monsters
Jibe Talking    Talk    $980             Translates foreign languages
KoperuNikusu*   Union   Pet Shop         Union Mistake Rate Up

VII.    Spells & Skills Charts (under construction):

(Note-LVs are approximations in some cases)

Nemissa's Spells

Name           Target   MP  Learned    Effect

Deia              1      2   LV  1     Restores HP
Agi               1      3   LV  7     Fireball
Medeia           All     6   LV 15     Restores HP
Roman Candle    2Rows    6   LV 18     More Damage w/lower HP
Hama              1      4   LV 21     Destruction-based Kill
Rikamu            1      8   LV 23     Restores Life
Maha Ragi        Row     8   LV 27     Fireball
Deia Rama         1      4   LV 30     Restores HP
Agirao            1     10   LV 34     Fireball
Deia Rahan        1     10   LV 40     Restores HP
Petra Deia        1      3   LV 43     Cures petrification
Sabatoma          1     18   LV 45     Free summoning
Hanma            Row     6   LV 50     Destruction-based kill
Megido            1      6   LV 52     Ultimate Attack
Nekuroma          1     24   LV 56     Undead Summoning
Me Deiarama      All    12   LV 58     Restores HP

Naomi's Spells

Name            Target  MP  Effect

XXXnoXX           1      8  Max HP+50%, HP+.
SoomaXXX          1      6  HP,MP=100%. Cure status.
XXX              Row    12  Physical attack.  Hits 4 times.
Kurikara Dragon  Row    12  Fire.
24000 Evil       All     8  Ultimate Attack.
Full Moon Queen  All     4  Ultimate Attack.

VIII.    Pet Shop Lists (under construction)

      Numbered trades must be done in order (i.e. doing
      all of the #1 trades will enable you to do #2

Trader Rokusuke:

  Any Monster with Diarama    for  a Neutral Monster with
                                   Poison Cure
  Any Monster with Pararama   for  a Neutral Monster with
  Any Monster with Desubaundo for  a Neutral Monster with
                                   Me Deiarama
  Any Monster with Hamaon     for  Seitentaise (LV49) with
  Any Monster with Rosutoundo for

Trader Mr. DNA:

1-Any Monster with Int>=10    for  Sukaaha (LV36) & Info
2-Any Monster with Str>=20    for  Ruugu (LV51) & Info
2-Any Monster with Luc>=25    for  

Trader Timing X:

1-Any DARK monster            for  Poltergeist
2-Any GoblinBeast             for  Judge Devil (LV27)
2-Any Evil God                for  Random Dark monster

Trader Mrs. Ryooko:

  Jack Frost                  for  Frost Panel Module
  Arch Angel                  for  Oni Mark Module
  Jack Lantern                for  Lantern Panel Module
  Sirukii                     for  Debidasu 99 Module
  Orutorosu                   for  Reaper Module
  Forutouna                   for  KoperuNikusu Module

Trader Ameen (all trades require Max Loyalty):

1-Any Monster                 for  Seere & Info
2-Stupid Monster              for  Mo Syoobo & List1
2-Friendly Monster            for  Tyureru & List2
2-Crafty Monster              for  Nekomata & List3
3-Kaso                        for  Thunder Bird & List4
3-Kuruusuniku                 for  Anubis & List5
3-Sureipuniru                 for  Suzaku

Trader Dr. Suriru (after getting a fake ID):

1-Heketo                      for  B Hawai Frost
1-Perseponee                  for
1-Mahaamayun                  for
1-Oribaakun                   for
2-                            for

Trader Hazama (Disc 2):

1-Any Spirit Bird             for  10,000 Yen & Info
2-Any Death God               for  50,000 Yen & Info
3-                            for

IX.      Miscellaneous

 i.       Soul Hackers Hyper Rearrange Soundtrack

        For those of you who are interested in video game music CDs, I
thought I'd give my impressions of the Soul Hackers Hyper Rearrange CD.
Not the best music I've ever heard, but not bad.  You should be able to
order it at any internet music store that carries a wide selection of
Japanese music.  I ordered mine from Game Cave which I wouldn't recommend
as they still haven't sent me all of my order yet.
        Here's a song by song review of the CD.

1-Soul Runnaz: If you like rap, you'll probably like this, but I don't
        like rap so I didn't.  I liked Redman's part though. English vocals.
2-Hard F: This song would go well in a Wipeout game.  Not bad, but not
        great.  Instrumental.
3-Shoot, I Should Have "Dear" Ed - Ugh.  This isn't music; this is torture.
        English vocals (actually English screaming).
4-EL115: I don't like rap as a rule, but I found this song pretty good
        anyway.  English vocals.
5-XX:    The werewolf song.  Pretty good.  Instrumental.
6-Mad Poco: Not enough variety to be interesting.  Instrumental.
7-Le Monde a Glace: Probably my favorite song on the CD.  Very moody.
         French vocals.
8-Snow in Jamaica: Very weird with a catchy tune, and probably my second
         favorite song on the CD. ? vocals (I can't make out any words).
9-R-Amb Remix: A nice pleasant song.  Good background noise as you're doing
         something else.  Instrumental.
10-Transvestite: Though I can't say I approve of the message of the lyrics,
         the song itself isn't bad.  English vocals.
11-Home:  The lyrics may be corny, but the music is nice and catchy.  English
12-Amami-city: Decent.  Instrumental.    

 ii.      Special Thanks:

        Special thanks go to the following people for the help they've
given (sometimes without realizing it) to this FAQ.

  Zhou Tai An - lots of story info, some fixes, and has made his own secrets
      FAQ to Soul Hackers (a good companion guide to this guide).
  Alan Wortham - for being a good Japanese teacher.
  Russel-sensei - another great Japanese teacher.
  My 3 Japanese TAs - for being awesome.
  Jason Harlan - for helping me with the Chess board and providing most of
      the Intro Story section.  Be sure to check out his Megami Tensei website
      at http://www.geocities.com/TimesSquare/Alley/5928/persona.htm 
  Drexle - Some corrections and module info.
  Re-Miel - Lots of Megami Tensei info and has translated some of the 16-bit
      Megami Tensei games.
  Atlus - for making such a great game.
  and to everyone who has offered encouraging words, thank you.

Thanks for reading the Devil Summoner 2: Soul Hackers FAQ!

Robert Boyd

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