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Final Scenario Translation Guide by ZetaStriker

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 05/30/2013


                    Princess Crown – Final Chapter Translation

                                  by ZetaStriker


                                  Table of Contents

                 1. Foreword
                 2. Legal information
                 3. Translation
                 4. Version Information


      1.  Foreword:

I was late to this particular game, seeing as how Princess Crown came out all
the way back in 1997 and I’ve only just now finally gotten around to playing
it. I went into it simply hoping to research the game that inspired Odin
Sphere, as well as the origins of Vanillaware head George Kamitani. I got more
than I bargained, and although the game is flawed compared to many of his later
creations, I most certainly enjoyed my time with it.

That said, as far as the non-Japanese community is concerned it has some pretty
huge problems. First off, the only line-by-line English dialogue is in Anoop’s
translation of the game, which due to a few liberties he took leaves a few
things to be desired. The side routes are better explained, but they aren’t
line by line translations and thus lack the impact they’d have in game. The
game’s biggest problem, however, is that for anyone who can’t read Japanese
there is no ending. I could find no material even so much as summarizing what
is happening in the final chapter of the game, and as such I was forced off my
lazy butt and had to translate it myself. And in the spirit of fairness, since
I did all the work already I may as well share it with you while I can.

TL;DR: There aren’t any translations of this out there, so I did it myself. To
unlock this chapter of the game, you must beat Gradriel's story, then Edward's,
followed by Propserina and Portgus' books in any order. A fifth, orange book
will then appear on the far right.



      2.  Legal Information:

All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
respective trademark and copyright holders.

This is where more guides would tell you not to redistribute, but I don't
really care. Go nuts. Slap your name on it and pretend its yours. I really
don't care, so long as this information is of help to someone.


      3.  Translation

For the most part, this is only a translation of the dialogue itself. The
actions on the screen should speak for themselves, although I have included
descriptions of each scene transition to help you keep your place. There is a
blank line separating the dialogue from each text box, so you can also track
where you are that way. Other than that, it should all be pretty self-

[ After giving Grandma the orange book ]

Grandma:        At last we’ve reached the end of our tale.

                Would you like to read this book?

[ Select the first option, yes ]

Grandma:        This tome is known as “The Final Legend”.

                Our story begins with . . . 

[ Scene change to Heindel’s lair ]

Heindel:        So, it’s already been a thousand years since my vigil over
                humanity began . . . 

                Evil is fading from the world as love and faith are renewed. 
                The goddess Gaia’s return is nigh.

                Now the three jewels have coming into my possession . . . and
                as fate decreed, Gaia has been granted the power to awaken.

                But if that happens, I will . . . 

                I will entrust my fate . . . to that little princess.

[ Scene change to Gradriel’s bedroom ]

Voice:          Gradriel . . . Valendine ‘s princess.

Gradriel:       Who speaks?

Voice:          Gradriel . . . 

Gradriel:       Heindel?

Heindel:        Come outside . . .

Gradriel:       Did something happen?

[ Scene change to the Castle Gate ]

Gradriel:       Heindel, what in Gaia’s name could have happened?

                Wait, those jewels are . . . !?

Heindel:        These are three of the four magic jewels crafted to summon the
                goddess Gaia back to this land.

Gradriel:       To summon . . .the goddess?

Heindel:        For now I will guide you to the goddess’ temple. There, all
                will be explained.

[ A white flash of light teleports the two to the temple ]

Gradriel:       What is this place?

Heindel:        Once it was known as the Temple of the Goddess.

                While we’re here, no one else can interfere.

                I will be able to tell you all that needs to be told

Gradriel:       And what might that be?

Heindel:        As the one who forced back the god of darkness, you have a
                responsibility. Won’t you hear what I have to say?

                I will tell you of the fate of the gods . . . 

                This story is of a time a thousand years in our past.

                You surely must know it as well . . . of when Gaia, the goddess
                of light, was able to defend this world.

                Larva, the god of darkness, had forced her hand when he was
                able to claim the world for himself by filling it with magic
                and hatred.

                They were unable to directly control the world by themselves,
                however. The god of darkness first turned to the humans to
                create the general of his dark army. 

                You knew him as the demon king Volgrod.

                During the demon king’s army’s assault, love and faith faded
                from the land and Gaia began to lose her power.

                Using all the strength she had left, Gaia caught the demon king
                and his army in her chains, and sealed them away from the world
                of men.

                It was a risky gamble.

                Gaia began to fade away, and in order to ensure she could one
                day return to power she sealed herself into four jewels before
                she vanished entirely.

Gradriel:       And those would be these jewels here?

Heindel:        Of course.

                Gaia then changed the four gems into which she poured her life
                into four dragons.

                Each and every one of them was tasked with protecting the world
                from the powers of darkness . . .

Gradiel:        Heindel!?

Heindel:        The dragons that possessed the jewel of the earth and the jewel
                of the sea died during our thousand year wait.

                Edward killed the dragon who possessed the jewel of the sun,
                which was corrupted by darkness.

                And the final jewel, even now, resides within my body.

Gradriel:       But that’s . . . 

Heindel:        My fate is to vanish when my duty is complete, at the time of
                Gaia’s reawakening. 

                But I have lived too long and too well. The life I’ve chosen
                over the years has become quite dear to me.

                You represent humanity, Gradriel,  in this accord. You can give
                them a chance.

                If you win, I will die and Gaia will be reborn.

                But if you lose, I will seal away these jewels, and the goddess
                along with them.

                Now take up your sword. It’s far too late to run from me now!

Gradriel:       You leave me no choice . . . 

[ After the battle ]

Gaia:           . . . Gradriel.

                Gradriel, can you hear me?

Gradriel:       You must be . . ?

Gaia:           I am Gaia.

Gradriel:       . . . the goddess?

Gaia:           That’s right . . . and thanks to you my powers have been
                returned to me once again.

		I swear to you now, that from today onward I will do all within
                my power to protect this land and its people.

Gradriel:       But for that purpose, Heindel . . . 

Gaia:           Gradriel . . . he is not dead. As his duty ended, he simply
                returned to his true form.

Gradriel:       True form . . . ?

Gaia:           My heart was split into four pieces, forming the jewels you 

                In order for Heindel to watch over mankind, I applied a
                personality over the wealth of my knowledge.

                He still lives on, as me.

Gradriel:       Is that really the case?

Gaia:           Gradriel, please, let go of your sorrow.

                I’ve witnessed everything Heindel and the other three dragons
                saw of humanity’s conduct.

                In the past, those who had faced great loss maintained their
                faith, and the people were always able to find a compassionate
                heart within themselves.

                That’s why I wanted to stand as mankind’s guardian once more.

Gradriel:       . . . Goddess.

Gaia:           Darkness and light are two sides of one being.
                There is no reason to believe that Larva is entirely gone

                Darkness could cover the land once again if the hearts of
                mankind forget to love. This world could also become a paradise
                for your people. All will be decided by the thoughts and
                actions of you and your people.

                But I have faith in you. I have faith that you can build a
                peaceful utopia for all your people.

Gradriel:       . . . Goddess.

                I am still young, and don’t know if I can live up to what you
                wish of me.

                But . . . with my sisters, Jestonai, Edward, Portgus, my father
                Jadius . . . 

                Together with all of them, I think I can bring happiness to the
                lives of my people from this day forward.

Gaia:           That would be wonderful.

                What is truly precious to me is that you all continue to work
                together without losing hope.

                And I will be here to stand witness to the results of your
                efforts. Now and forever.

                My light will always be with you . . . 

Gradriel:       I’m glad.

Gaia:           Goodbye, Gradriel. Go and walk the path before you.

Gradriel:       Goodbye . . . goddess.

[ Scene changes to the outskirts of Nutsville ]

Aria:           . . . yeah, that’s right. It was an awesome fight!

                And then at the end, the princess held up the crown . . .

                And it was all like, “Pakow!!!!”, and blasted that Larva jerk.

Pink Fairy:     Wow, the princess is amazing . . . 

Nils:           Cool! He was an awful, huge monster, right?

Aria:           C’mon, something like a dragon or something ain’t no biggie.

Tabatha:        Then that woman who saved us was the princess . . . 

Nils:           Let’s go, Tabatha! We’ve gotta tell everyone else!

Tabatha:        Yeah!

                Fairy lady, thanks for the story! I promise, I’ll never forget

Yellow Fairy:   Hey, wasn’t there more to the princess’ story though?

                I want to hear it!

Aria:           Huh?

                Er, this is a problem.

                Hmm, hold on a bit. I’ll try to keep going when I get back.

[ Scene changes to the streets of Leland ]

Presperina:     Hold on hold on, don’t you run from me! You ate my snack you
                little . . . !

Gabriel:        No, that was my snack-k-k-k.

                And right before I got to eat it some horrible person snatched
                it away from me-e-e-e!

Prosperina:     Is that really how you want to answer me?

                Gabriel, accept your punishment!

Gabriel:        Waaa! What the heck did you do-o-o-ribbit-t!?

                Turn me back-k-k-ribbit-t. Turn me back-k-k-ribbit-t.

Prosperina:     You’re saying “ribbit –t –t –t” now! Bu . . . bwahahahahaha.

                What’s that? Do you guys want to be turned into frogs too?

                Fufufu, There's no reason for me to hold back!

Both Guys:      Aaaaaaaaah!

[ Scene change to Portgus’ ship ]

Portgus:        So you’ve come all this way just to be beaten again.

Big Hook:       Listen close, Portgus. You’re leaving this country, aren’t you?

Portgus:        Oh, and where might you have heard that?

                My disappearance should’ve been a good thing, but if you plan
                to use it as an excuse for violence I’ll make you regret it!

Big Hook:       Sorry to break it to you, but I’ll chase you to the ends of the
                earth, Portgus!

                I may not know where you’re headed, but I’ll get whatever
                treasure you’re after long before you!

Pirate:         Boss, what is he saying . . .?

Portgus:        Forget it! Men, we’re setting sail!

[ Scene changes to Valendine Castle ]

Gradriel:       “Your heart imust always be true, and your sword used only in
                defense of the people."

                “No lie may pass your lips, and you must resist anger and
                hatred in all its forms.”

                “Edward Glowstar
                        In accordance with the our law
                                Please, recite your oath.”

Edward:         I do this not for anyone else’s sake. I wield my sword only to
                protect you.

                Gradriel . . . your majesty.

                “Like those before me I swear my oath, that I may bear this
                responsibility with absolute conviction.”

Gradriel:       “In the name of the Valendine line, I pronounce you a member of
                the holy knights.”

[ Scene change to Gradriel’s bedroom ]

Aria:           Princess, princess.

                Geez, everyone just wants to sleep.

Gradriel:       This time the sorceress wreaking havoc in Leland must surely be

                Well then, I'm ready. Let’s go.

[ Scene changes back to the book room ]

Grandma:        “And from then on, a long lasting peace was celebrated in the

                . . . and with that, we’ve gone through all of our story.

                I wonder what you thought of it?

                I too once had this story read to me by your great grandmother.

                And she in turn was told the story by a fairy, after which she
                wrote it in this very book.

                . . .? Your great grandmother’s name?

                Her name was Tabatha . . .

[ Credits roll ]


      4.  Version History

Version 1.00 : Translation complete; submitted to GameFAQs

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