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FAQ/Walkthrough by Undead King

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 01/14/04

Walkthrough/FAQ for X-Japan Virtual Shock 001 (Sega Saturn)
Author: Undead King (Discworld6@aol.com)
Version: 1.00
Date: 1/14/2004
Title: X-Japan Virtual Shock 001
System: Sega Saturn
Genre: Music Entertainment
Origin: Japan
Players: 1

                        TABLE OF CONTENTS

1.Update History
3.What's Missing?

1.                       UPDATE HISTORY

-1/14/2004 Version: 1.00
Initial release. Walkthrough is complete for the most part. To see what is
still missing, check the appropriate section. 

2.                           NOTES

X Japan Virtual Shock 001 puts you in the role of a cameraman set to cover
the X Japan concert that took place on December 31 1994 at the Tokyo Dome.
It uses an interface similar to that of D. This walkthrough will provide 
you with instructions on completeing the game. Some sections may not be 
the fastest path, but you end up in the same place in the end. This guide 
isn't perfect by any stretch of the term, but it will help you to complete
the game.

There are some things you should know about me before continuing. While I 
enjoy what I have heard of the band's music, I am by no means a fan. Apart
from the info I gathered in-game, I know nothing about the band. So, if I
happen to make any mistakes, I am sorry. Just let me know and I'll be sure
to rectify them. Also, I can neither speak nor read Japanese.

3.                        WHAT'S MISSING?

At the very least I am missing one item, the backstage pass. I have no 
idea how to get this item, if it is even possible. Can anyone shed some 
light one it? Also, if there is any way to enter the Massage Room or the 
Dancer's Rooms I have no idea how. Apart from those issues, it is 
complete. Should I discover any info I will update accordingly.  

4.                          WALKTHROUGH

From the begining, turning left will take you to the Production Room, 
behind you is the Rehersal Hall and to your right is the Operating Main 
Office. For now, ignore the other two areas and enter the Operating Main 
Office. Grab the film. Leave the room.

Head straight, there will be a hallway to your right. Go down this hallway
and you will come to an elevator. When you try to board the elevator you 
will learn that you need an All Area Pass.

Go back the way you came and continue to the mess hall. You can check out 
the set list by looking left if you want. Proceed to a door marked EG. Do 
not enter. Turn right and pick up the zoom lens, then turn left and talk 
to the guy. Turn around and leave the mess hall.

Go back to that hallway we just came from(directly across from the press 
room.) Head into the Tokyo Patrol Staff Room(first door on your left). You
will be told to ask the production staff for an All Area Pass. Leave the 
hallway the way you entered and take a left. Head into the Production 
Room. It'll be on your right. You will get an All Area pass.

Now go back to the hallway across from the Press Room. Return to the 
elevator now that you have an All Area Pass. Show the elevator operator 
your pass and he will allow you to enter. Head to floor two. Both floors 
three and four are blocked off now.

Nothing of interest to your right, so head left. The first door you come 
to is PATA's Room. Inside you can view a guitar, costumes and a small 
monitor. The next room you come to is YOSHIKI's Room. You can attempt to 
enter, but a women will yell at you and inform you that a meeting is 
taking place. 

Continue down the hall to the MASSAGE Room. Yeah, I know you want to go 
in, but no dice. Keep going and you'll reach TOSHI's Room. Inside you can 
check out his guitar, some makeup and another monitor. To the right of the
monitor is a phone, avoid it for now. Keep going straight through the 
hallway ignoring the path to your left and the revolving doors to your 
right. You will come upon HEATH's Room. Shame you can't go in. Continue on
to the CATERING Room. Nice advertisement. When you finish looking at the 
snacks continue on your path. To your left will be the restroom. To your 
right is HIDE's Room. Take the hint and leave. Return to TOSHI's Room and 
answer that phone I told you to avoid. You will learn that there is a 
photo shoot oppurtunity with Toshi from the stands. Head back to the 
elevator and try the Fourth Floor. 

Here is your first photo shoot. The camera follows Toshi and you can snap 
his picture with the R button. You have 20 shots. Be careful though as 
this film has to last you for four photo shoots. After the photo shoot 
head back to floor two. 

Check Pata's Room. You discover you no longer have access. Continue down 
the hallway until you come to the open area with the revoloving doors and 
small hallway to your left. Check the path to the left(the one I told you
to ignore before) to spot a worker. He will ask you to take the bottled 
water to Heath's room, do so. Now. Hmm, apparently Heath isn't in his 
room, where could he be? Head to the elevator. First floor please!

Your next destination is the rehersal hall. You may recall a guy guarding
the entrance right behind where you start the game, that is the Reharsal
Hall. After convincing the guy at the door that you have water for 
"Mr. Heath," he will give you access. Time for photo shoot number two,
with none other than Heath. You know the drill, snap shots with the R
Button. After the photo shoot, turn around and talk to the guard again.

This time he will let you in with no objections. What is this guy,
bipolar? Here comes photo shoot number three, this time with Pata. When
you finish, get to the elevator. Next stop, second floor.

Go all the way to the end of the hallway until you reach Hide's Room.
Talk to the guy and then head to the Catering Room. You will be greeted by
a server and given the choose between Sake, Bourbon and Wine. Go for the
Sake and bring it to Hide. You will be rewarded with a photo session.
After that, go over to Yoshiki's room. You will get a warmer reception
this time, but the meeting is still going on, so head to the elevator and
go down to the first floor yet again.

Back to the Rehersal Hall. Mr. Bipolar doesn't buy that you're a
Cameraman. He needs to see an arm band. Well, we will have to get one.
Head to the press room. Once inside turn right to speak with Luke. He will
commend you on your pictures and give you more film. Once restocked with
film, return to the elevator. Floor three.

Time for Rusty Nail. Now is you chance to do a little video editing.
You can choose the clip with the Dpad and add an XJapan overlay with the,
appropriately enough, X button. As far as I can tell, this is all you can
do, enjoy the song and then head to floor two. 

Enter Yoshiki's room. You are greeted with some lovely piano playing and a
rose lying atop a piano. Get ready for Photo Shoot number four, which 
apparently takes place in your dreams. You can now further explore Hide's
and Heath's rooms, so traverse the hall if you'd like. In Hide's room you
can check out his costumes to the right and a small monitor to the left.
Finally, head straight to see his guitar. I wonder what that arrow points
to? Press right and find out. Hmm, no go. Let's see what we can find in
Heath's Room.

Check out his shoes to the left, costumes to the right and a small monitor
straight ahead. Nothing here either. Oh well, off to the elevator. Back
to the first floor.

Time to grab you that armband to shut Mr. Bipolar up. Head to the Tokyo
Patrol Staff Room and look to the right. See that jacket? It's yours! It
just so happens to have an armband on it too. You now have a choice,
continue with the game and watch some footage of the concert, or end the
game early. If you would like to see the concert footage, head through the
mess hall and go in the door marked EG. If, for some reason you want to
skip to the ending video, go to the Rehersal Hall.

Take the left path and you will be lead to the concert, which has already
begun! Watch the video and then exit the area. Go to the Rehersal Hall for
the end of the game.

Let's rub this armband in Mr. Bipolar's face. He will allow you to enter
the Rehersal Hall, just in time for the ending ceremony of the concert.
Watch the ending video. Sure sounds like everyone had a great time. After
the ending video finishes, your edited music video will play. Congratulate
yourself, or hang your head in shame. The credits will then roll, showing
you the various pictures that you took. The end.

5.                             FAQ

Q1. How do you save your game/edited music video/pictures?

A1. You can't. At least, I have been unable to find a way.

Q2. Can you enter the Dancer's Rooms backstage?

A2. Not that I know of. Maybe the item I am missing holds the answer? Let
me know.

Q3. What is (Insert person here) saying?

A3. I have no idea, I can't speak Japanese.

Q4. Why do some characters speak English?

A4. For the same reason many Japanese only games feature english menus.
English, much like Japanese here in the Us, is seen as hip and cool.

Q5. Can you use the Zoom Lens?

A5. If you can, I have no idea how. I doubt it.

Q6. Does it really matter which pictures I take?

A6. I don't think so. Even when I took horrible pictures, Luke commended
me. I think this game is meant more as something fun for fans rather than
a serious game.

6.                       CONTACT/COPYRIGHT

Questions/Comments? Email me at: Discworld6@aol.com

Corrections? Email me at: Discworld6@aol.com

My homepage:

© Copyright 2004 Ed Finnegan . It may not be stolen, altered, or used
for any type of profit. It may be reproduced electronically, and printed 
for PRIVATE, PERSONAL use. It may not be placed on a CD, printed in a 
magazine or any type of publication. If you would like to contribute to 
this FAQ (you will be credited,) please e-mail me, as well as any 
questions, comments, or corrections, to the corresponding address above.

This FAQ can be found at the following websites. If you see this anywhere
else please inform me of where you have found it. So proper action can be
taken. Thanks in advance.

7.                              THANKS

GameFAQs: For existing
Kaerukun: Without whom I wouldn't own this game.
Brett "Nemesis" Franklin: For my Copyright message.

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