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Guide and Walkthrough by Hellfire X

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/30/2006
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                                    _____  _                    _ _
                       __          /  ___||/               __  |/|/
           __      __ |__|  ______ | |___  ______          \ \_
          |  | -- |  ||  | /  __  \>  ___|/  __  \ __   __ /  _| _
          |  \/  \/  ||  \ | |__| || |___ | |__| ||  |_|  || |__/ |
           \___/\___/  \__|\  ____/\_____|\______/\_______/\_____/
                           / /

        AUTHOR  - Charlie Emery - Hellfire X
        VERSION - 1.0
        E-MAIL  - charlie.emery(at)gmail(dot)com

Dedicated to Rowena, my wonderful girlfriend, and to all the staff and members 
of WipeoutZone.

\\-\/-//                         **CONTENTS**                          \\-\/-//

To jump straight to a specific section, enter the corresponding code number in 
the search function of your browser.


-  [002] E-MAIL USAGE


-  [004] CONTROLS

-  [005] GAME MODES


-  [007] WEAPON SYSTEMS   - Mines
                          - Missile
                          - Shockwave
                          - Rockets
                          - Shield
                          - Turbo
                          - Revcon
                          - What's This?

-  [008] MANUFACTURERS    - Anti-Gravity Systems
                          - Auricom Research Industries
                          - Qirex Industries
                          - Federal European Industrial Science And Research

-  [009] CIRCUITS         - Altima VII
                          - Karbonis V
                          - Terramax
                          - Korodera
                          - Arridos IV
                          - SilverStream
                          - FireStar

-  [010] CHEATS



-  [013] THANKS

-  [014] LEGAL

\\-\/-//                      **VERSION HISTORY**                      \\-\/-//

v1.0 - 30.08.06 - Guide complete, all course guides added. Cheats section
       added. What's This? added to weapons section.

v0.5 - 28.07.06 - Course descriptions added and Game Mechanics section

v0.3 - 16.06.06 - Team and weapon ASCII added. Craft data and team backstories

v0.1 - 11.06.06 - Skeleton guide complete. Sections put in place and
       subsections listed. No actual content yet.

\\-\/-//                       **E-MAIL USAGE**                        \\-\/-//

My e-mail address is open if you have any comments to make on the guide, such 
as if anything is missing, if something could be more concise, etc. Useful 
comments please, any flames and you won't be mailing me again. Please don't 
mail me with any questions on the game if the answer can be found in the guide, 
it will be ignored. I have revealed all I know about the game here. If it's not 
in the guide, I can't help you. On the other hand, if you'd like me to explain 
something a little more clearly, or if I have missed something, then by all 
means mail me. If it's something important you'll get a mention in the credits. 
But above all, DO NOT SPAM MY INBOX. This includes advertising, chain letters 
and any other useless junk that gets sent. I've had to put up with a lot of 
this recently, so I'm going on a zero-tolerance policy now. ONE useless email 
and your address will be blocked. In the case of mass emails, all addresses 
involved will be blocked. To help avoid this, DO NOT ADD MY ADDRESS TO YOUR 

\\-\/-//                       **INTRODUCTION**                        \\-\/-//

"A ball bounces. A pin drops. A man falls. Gravity is the glue which binds us 
to our planet. We are about to apply the solvent which will free our species 

 - Pierre Belmondo, 2035

For the past fourteen years a European and American team of anti gravity 
researchers have searched for a way to unbind us from the force of gravity, and 
with the demonstration of the Nx1000 prototype in the Nevada desert, the world 
was about to change forever. Despite vast opposition along the way, anti 
gravity transport has spread across the world and has all but solved the 
world's fuel and pollution problems. Now four manufacturers have developed 
their own AG craft for the purpose of racing in the F3600 league, and AG racing 
has become the most popular sport in the world. Welcome to the world of 
WipEout, the F3600 AG racing league. 

\\-\/-//                        **CONTROLS**                           \\-\/-//

Controls given here are for the PlayStation version. Check your manual for 
Saturn controls, and PC controls are fully customizable.

D-pad    - Steer craft
Square   - Not used
Triangle - Change view
Circle   - Fire weapon
Cross    - Accelerate
L2       - Left airbrake
R2       - Right airbrake

\\-\/-//                       **GAME MODES**                          \\-\/-//

\\//   :CHAMPIONSHIP MODE:   \\//

Race through all six tracks in succession in a league system against seven AI 
opponents. Winning the tournament in Venom class unlocks Rapier class, and 
winning it in Rapier unlocks the Firestar track. While points are available for 
every position, you will only qualify for the next race by coming in at least 
third. First gets you 9 points, second 7 and third 5. It is highly recommended 
that you are able to convincingly win Venom class races before moving on to 
Rapier, as the number of laps remains the same between speed classes.

\\//   :SINGLE RACE:   \\//

Pick a class, track and craft and take on seven AI opponents in a single race. 
Ideal for practising a track in preparation for Championship mode, especially 

\\//   :TIME TRIAL:   \\//

Take to the track on your own and race against the clock. You will be given a 
turbo weapon at the beginning of each lap, use it wisely to improve your time.

\\//   :MULTIPLAYER:   \\//

Link up two Playstations and race head to head with a friend. Only Single Race 
is available in multiplayer mode, and two new weapons are available for you to 
annoy each other with.

\\-\/-//            **RACING TECHNIQUES AND GAME MECHANICS**           \\-\/-//

\\//   :BASIC RACING LINE:   \\//

Knowing the track is one thing, knowing how to race it is something completely 
different. Learning the racing line will allow you to race the course in a much 
quicker time and without crashing. A racing line is the line you need to take 
through a corner to allow you to take it in minimal time, and also to set you 
up for the next corner.

The best place to learn the racing line of a course is in Time Trial mode, 
where you don't have the distraction of other craft ramming you or firing on 
you. To find the ideal racing line of a track, you need to take each corner 
with the next one in mind. Usually when taking a corner, you should enter it 
from the outside, move over to the apex while taking it, and the allow yourself 
to drift over to the outside again. However, sometimes if there is an opposite 
corner directly following it, you can find yourself on the wrong side of the 
track and leave yourself with a bad approach to the next corner, making you 
either crash or slow down far more than necessary. Always take a corner series 
with the final corner in mind, as this is where you will be making your exit 
and where you will need to maximise your speed. Chicanes are another type of 
corner series that require knowledge of the racing line. You need to use the 
apex of each turn in the chicane as a sort of slalom marker, keeping the turns 
as straight as possible. Weaving over to the outside will slow you down 
somewhat. If the chicane is very shallow, it may be possible to see a straight 
line through without the need to turn. In this case, you can easily see the 
racing line and perfectly illustrates how you need to be able to take the 
sharper versions.

\\//   :USE OF THRUST:   \\//

While most of the time you'll want to keep the thruster hammered down, there 
are some situations where letting off of the thruster will give you greater 
control over the craft. For example, going over a peak too fast will cause you 
to lose contact with the track and as a result will slow you down, dropping 
your craft back to the track. Letting up on the thrust briefly as you go over 
will keep you close to the track and will keep your speed up. Also, letting up 
will also allow you to turn much more sharply, and is practically necessary in 
the heavier craft.

\\//   :AIRBRAKES:   \\//

The airbrakes are there to serve two purposes. The first is to provide an extra 
slowing method if you find yourself going too fast into a corner, or too hard 
over a peak. In this case, hitting both brakes will slow the craft down. 
However, this is a very inefficient way to get round the circuit, and it is 
recommended that you don't get into a habit of doing this and only use them in 
real emergencies. The other use is what they're really meant to be used for, 
and that is to provide you craft with a sharp turning circle. Hitting the left 
brake will cause your craft to veer left, while hitting the right one will 
cause it to veer right. Use the corresponding brake while turning and the craft 
will turn more sharply as the brake causes the back end to swing out. The 
opposite brake can also be used to laterally shift the craft in the opposite 
direction if you find you've entered a corner too early. When opposite brake 
shifting, always let up on the thruster or you'll just keep going straight into 
the wall.

\\//   :PITCH CONTROL:   \\//

Knowing when to lift or drop the nose can really give you the edge in a race. 
When airborne, keeping the craft as level with the track as you can will ensure 
that you won't bottom out by bouncing along the track, losing speed as a 
result. When jumping, pull the nose as far up as you can to soften the landing. 
When going over a peak, drop the nose to keep the craft level with the track, 
and similarly raise the nose if you enter a trough.

\\//   :WALL IMPACTS:   \\//

Wall impacts are vastly different in WipEout to any other game in the series. 
even the slightest impact with the side of the track will bring you to a dead 
halt, regardless of whether you skimmed it or ploughed straight into it. This 
means that developing a very good race line is paramount unless you want to 
limp through the track in last place. As a result of this unforgiving stance on 
wall impacts, this is easily the most difficult game in the whole series.

\\//   :BOOST START:   \\//

Quite difficult to pull off, but it will give you a real advantage if you can. 
During the pre-race countdown, aim to feather the thruster in the third bar 
from the right. It can be quite difficult in high thrust craft on Venom class. 
If the thrust bar is in that area when "GO" is called, you will receive a boost 
as you start. Be careful when doing this though. If the bar is below this area, 
nothing will happen, but if it is above, the craft will stall and you will have 
a very slow start.

\\-\/-//                      **WEAPON SYSTEMS**                       \\-\/-//

Unlike every other Wipeout game, the craft do not have a shield stat. Weapons 
in this game are for the sole purpose of slowing your opponent down rather than 
attempting to destroy them. This makes life a lot easier for you as there is no 
concern for pit stops, but there does tend to be a lot of weapon fire, so 
expect to be pulled to a halt on more than one occasion.

\\//   :MINES:   \\//

    .    ||    .        This weapon deposits five explosive packages behind 
   `.`.  ||  .´.´       your craft in quick succession. Any pursuers will be 
     `.`.||.´.´__       in for a nasty surprise as they explode on impact.
         O  _____|      For maximum effect, the pursuer needs to hit all five 
          `.`.          mines, but laying them across the track is also a 
     O      `.`.        good strategy as it practically guarantees at least 
        O     `         one hit. They can be avoided simply by staying away
                        from the rear of the craft in front when you get the

\\//   :MISSILE:   \\//
         | _ |          The most effective weapon in Wipeout, the missile is
         |___|          exactly the same as the rocket, but it has a homing
           .            capability. When you pick it up, a targeting reticule 
         .´ `.          appears on any craft ahead of you. Activate it to 
        ´-   -`         send it after them. Bear in mind the missile is 
          | |           fairly limited in its agility, so launching it on a
          | |           complex corner series will more than likely result in
          |_|           it harmlessly ploughing into the wall. You can avoid
                        any coming your way by staying as close to the wall
                        as possible, sometimes it will hit the wall if you go
                        into a corner.        

\\//   :SHOCKWAVE:   \\//
           _   _
         .´.´.´.´       An annoying weapon, the shockwave is a homing weapon 
       .´.´.´.´         that causes your craft to become unstable and the 
     .´.´.´.´______     handling to become erratic. On technical tracks, these 
       .´______  .´     are dangerous weapons to be hit by, as the jerky 
             .´.´       handling will almost certainly result in you slamming 
         .-.´.´         into a wall. This is a fairly ineffective weapon to use
          `.´           agains AI opponents though. While they will suffer a 
                        speed reduction, they seem immune to wall impacts and
                        are able to fully control the handling effects. As
                        these are homing weapons, they can be avoided in the
                        same way as a missile. They do seem more accurate

\\//   :ROCKET:   \\//
           .            The rocket is your basic forward-firing weapon. 
         .´ `.          Activate it to fire a single unguided rocket down the 
        ´-   -`         track. I personally don't find these too effective, as
          |_|           you need to be deadly accurate in order to hit anyone
        . .-. .         or right up their backsides. Using it in the latter 
      .´.´| |`.`.       case will more than likely cause you to slam into the 
     ´.´  | |  `.`      back of your target, leaving you still behind them and 
          |_|           allowing those behind you to gain some ground. It is an 
                        equally ineffective weapon in the hands of the AI, as
                        unless you are on a straight they can almost never hit

\\//   :SHIELD:   \\//

            _           The shield can save your race if used correctly. When 
        . °   ° .´`.    activated, your craft is immune to all weapon impact 
      /       .´ .´     for five seconds. However, it cannot be deactivated and
     .      .´ .´ .     you cannot fire any further weapons until it runs its
    |     .´ .´    |    course. While it will protect you, it will also 
    |   .´ .´      |    effectively stop you from attacking anyone ahead of 
    . .´ .´       .     you. Not a good weapon to pick up on the last few 
    .´ .         /      corners of a track with you in second place. It will 
   `..´° . _ . °        also not protect you from wall impacts. However, when
                        you are in the lead or in a heavily populated section
                        of track, it is invaluable.

\\//   :TURBO:   \\//
       O.´  `.O         Activate this to give your craft a quick speed boost.
        |    |          An ideal weapon to use on a long straight, especially 
      .´`.__.´`.        when you have someone a little way in front of you. It 
    .´ .´|  |`. `.      is also very useful to recover from wall or weapon
    `.´  |  |  `.´      impacts. This weapon is a player-only weapon and is 
         |  |           thankfully not used by the AI.

\\//   :REVCON:   \\//

                        Piss your opponents off in the best way possible with
    ____\\  //____      this evil little thing. Hitting your opponent with this
   |____  ||  ____|     will reverse their steering and pitch controls for a
        //  \\          few seconds. It may not seem like much, but this short
                        time could gain you enough of a lead to be unassailable
                        for the remainder of the race, and probably lose you a
                        friend in the process :) This weapon is only available
                        in multiplayer

\\//   :WHAT'S THIS?:   \\//

    .`.      //_        A very potent weapon in a hard fought race. Hit your 
     `.`.   |  _|       opponent with this and their weapon systems will be
       `     \\         disabled for a brief period. This will render them 
                        unable to fire their current weapon and unable to pick
     .°´. _ . °.        up any more until the effect wears off. Really nasty 
      ° . _ . °         when you can fire on them and they can't retaliate!

\\-\/-//                        **MANUFACTURERS**                      \\-\/-//

Explanation of the stats:

THRUST    - How quickly the craft accelerates
TOP SPEED - Maximum speed achievable by the craft
MASS      - How well the craft resists weapon impact
TURNING   - How responsive the craft is to turning

Stats are rated on a scale of one to five

\\//   :ANTI-GRAVITY SYSTEMS:   \\//

           __  _ _       ____
          |  ||_|_|    .´ ___|
          |  |__      /  /  __
         /  / \  \    | |__|  |
       .´  ´   `  `.  |____   |
     .´  .´     `.  `.    /  /
    ´---´         `---`  ´--´

             _ _ _ _ _ 
THRUST    - |_|_|_|_|_|
TOP SPEED - |_|_|_|
MASS      - |_|_|_|_
TURNING   - |_|_|_|_|

ORIGIN       - Japan

LEAD PILOT   - John Dekka - DEK200.0.0.11
BACKGROUND   - One of AG Systems' finest test pilots
AGE          - 38
LIVERY       - Yellow, black and green

SECOND PILOT - Daniel Chang - CHAN210.0.3
AGE          - 29
BACKGROUND   - Defected communist test pilot
LIVERY       - Yellow, black and blue

AG Systems were the first company to develop anti-grav vehicles for commercial 
use, and were the pioneers of the majority of AG technology seen in the world. 
They were founded by Pierre Belmondo in 2017, and because of his philosophy of 
developing the technology for the good of mankind, they have always valued 
technological experimentation over racing prowess. They were also indirectly 
responsible for the formation of the other three teams. When AG Systems were 
bought by a Japanese consortium, the gap left in Europe was filled by FEISAR, 
and Auricom and Qirex were both formed by two AG Systems employees who were 
forced to resign after they publically fell out over the direction AG Systems 
should be moving in. AG Systems are renowned for their inconsistency in the 
F3600, as their ongoing research leads to frequent changes in the craft, 
sometimes as often as between races. This makes it very difficult for the 
pilots to adjust, and illustrates the fact that AG Systems are far more 
concerned with development than racing.

The SRX has a balancd top speed and mass, good handling and a very high thrust. 
This balance makes it an ideal tournament craft as it is equally suited to all 
track environments.


	   _ 	             __
	.´   `.	         . °    ° .
       /       \       / `.  ||  .´ \
      /	   .	\     .   \`'  '´/   .
     /	  / \	 \   | _.-=`    ´=-._ |
    /	 /   \	  \  |¯`=-.      .-=´¯|
   /	/     \	   \  .   /.|  |.\   .
  /    /       \    \  \ .´  ||  `. /
 /____/         \____\   ° . __ . °

             _ _ _ 
THRUST    - |_|_|_|_
TOP SPEED - |_|_|_|_|_
MASS      - |_|_|_|_|_|
TURNING   - |_|_|_|

ORIGIN       - North America
CRAFT MODEL  - AR 2700 Model B

LEAD PILOT   - Arial Tetsuo - TETS304.3.1.8
BACKGROUND   - Bitter rival and twin sister of Arian Tetsuo of Qirex
AGE          - 22
LIVERY       - White and red

SECOND PILOT - Anastasia Cherovoski - CHER347.12.23.75
AGE          - Unknown
BACKGROUND   - Unknown, rumoured that Kel Solaar of Qirex knows
LIVERY       - White and blue

Following the resignation of Delia Flaubert and Holst McQueen from AG Systems, 
Flaubert founded US-based Auricom within a year. Auricom is dedicated to 
maintaining Belmondo's philosophy of the development of AG technology for the 
good of mankind, and to enforce a comradely competition so that the ultimate 
winners are the people of Earth. This was her side of the argument while she 
was still locking horns with McQueen, and as such Belmondo sympathised with 
her. Using Belmondo's name may have been seen as an attempt to provoke McQueen, 
but whether this was true or not, Auricom and Qirex have a fierce rivalry. This 
is also seen in both sets of pilots. There is an ongoing affair between 
Anastasia Cherovoski and Kel Solaar, fuelling rumours that Cherovoski is a spy 
for Qirex, and the Tetsuo twins make no secret of their personal vendetta with 
each other.

Auricom sport the heaviest craft in the F3600 in the shape of the AR 2700, 
supported by a good top speed. Thrust and handling are balanced. These craft 
are more suited to open tracks, but their mass makes them very resistent to 
weapon impact. A good choice on long tracks which could see a lot of weapons 
flying about.

\\//   :QIREX INDUSTRIES:   \\//

          / _______ \
         / / _____ \ \
        / / /     \ \ \
       / / /       \ \ \
       \ \ \       / / /
        \ \ \_    / / /
         \ \__    \ \ \
          \___     \ \ \ 
                    \ \ \

             _ _  
THRUST    - |_|_|_ _ _
TOP SPEED - |_|_|_|_|_|
MASS      - |_|_|_|_|
TURNING   - |_|_|

ORIGIN       - Russia
CRAFT MODEL  - Quantax Design Model 4

LEAD PILOT   - Kel Solaar - SOLA423.12.1.1
BACKGROUND   - Expert in high speed flight and all weapon systems, long term
               mysterious rivalry with Anastasia Cherovoski of Auricom
AGE          - 40
LIVERY       - Green, black and white

SECOND PILOT - Arian Tetsuo - TETS303.2.0.7
AGE          - 22
BACKGROUND   - Bitter rival, underdog and twin sister of Arial Tetsuo of
LIVERY       - Orange, black and white

Where Auricom were born on the principal of maintaining Belmondo's philosophy, 
Qirex were born on profit-led principals. Holst McQueen's love of money was 
what caused him to fall out with Delia Flaubert and cost him his job at AG 
Systems, and so he travelled to Russia and outlined plans to Qirex Industries 
(later to become Qirex R&D) for a racing team so that Flaubert's new Auricom 
team would not remain unchallenged. Qirex remains just one small cog in the 
machine that is the Overtel Corporation. Their only concern is the maximisation 
of F3600 audiences at any cost necessary, and there is an overriding suspicion 
that their eventual plan is to take control of the AG league entirely. Should 
this happen, the very structure of the competition would be changed beyond 
recognition. Despite this, McQueen has remained the team's managing director 
and Qirex have gone on to become the most successful team in AG racing history.

The Quantax is the fastest craft on the circuit. It can also resist a lot of 
weapon impact. However, this comes at the expense of thrust and handling, 
making the Qirex craft the least agile of them all. Highly recommended for open 
circuits, and only the most skilled pilots should attempt to use a Quantax on 
technical circuits.


               _ _
           . °  /__° .
         /     // ____°
        .     ///´_____\
       |     ///´_______|   
       |__ -´///´       |
        . -´///        .
         \-´//        /
           °´. _  . °  

             _ _ _ _
THRUST    - |_|_|_|_|
TOP SPEED - |_|_|
MASS      - |_|_|_ _ _
TURNING   - |_|_|_|_|_|

ORIGIN       - United Europe

LEAD PILOT   - Sophia de la Rente - RENT102.6.9.10
BACKGROUND   - First woman to fly non-stop around the world in a single seater
               AG fighter
AGE          - 22
LIVERY       - Maroon, yellow and blue

SECOND PILOT - Paul Jackson - JACK234.32.32.0
AGE          - 36
BACKGROUND   - Unknown
LIVERY       - Maroon, white and blue

The founding of FEISAR was a much less fiery affair than the formation of 
Auricom and Qirex, although it was more of a knee-jerk reaction than a 
seriously thought out plan. When AG Systems were bought out and relocated to 
Japan, Europe was left without an AG team. Not wanting to be left behind, the 
European Federation financed the formation of FEISAR to fill the gap left by AG 
Systems. They were by no means hard done by in terms of money, and they were 
able to entice several key members of AG Systems to remain with them. However, 
their primary target, Pierre Belmondo, was not interested in money and chose to 
remain with AG Systems. Unfortuantely, the words FEISAR and success have become 
almost mutually exclusive since their formation, always seeming to fill the gap 
behind the larger teams, fuelling the accusation that they don't have the 
stomach for serious competition. This is also not helped by the fact that 
FEISAR do not have a single base of operations due to an inability by member 
nations to agree on one. The team are currently bound by contract to move to 
twelve different locations every year, which certainly doesn't help. It has 
been said that winning the tournament with FEISAR wouldn't just be a great 
achievement... it would be a miracle.

The LS is easily the most agile craft of them all, with very responsive 
handling and a good thrust to back it up. Because of this, it is very slow and 
very light, making it vulnerable to weapons. An absolute godsend on technical 
tracks, but you'll be very hard pushed to keep up with anything on the more 
open circuits.


TRIVIA - Both AG Systems and Auricom use braking systems developed by a certain 
Chinese company.... Piranha. They will be making an appearance in the F5000 
with a craft of their own.

\\-\/-//                          **CIRCUITS**                         \\-\/-//

All track guides are written based on a racing line with Qirex in Rapier Class 
in order to provide the most difficult racing conditions. Following the lines 
in a lighter craft or in the slower Venom class should be much easier.

\\//   :ALTIMA VII:   \\//

LOCATION   - Canada
LENGTH     - 5.5km
SURFACE    - F3600 racing standard
TIME       - VENOM  - Night
             RAPIER - Day

The first track in the entire series, Altima VII is a very fast, open circuit, 
perfectly suited to the heavier craft. There are a few tricky corners, most 
notably at the end, but for the most part, sticking the thruster on full is the 
way to tackle this first circuit.


Start the lap by moving over to the right. Release the thruster and use the 
left airbrake to swing the craft onto the speed pad. Do the same with the next 
right corner, use the right brake to swing the craft onto the double speed pad 
to take you up the slope. At the top of the slope is a long shallow left curve. 
Keep over to the left to hit two speed pads, then drift over to the right for 
another one. A very shallow right-left chicane follows. There is a speed pad on 
the outside of the right curve, hit it if you can, but be careful not to drift 
into the wall. The left curve has two pads on the inside which will take you up 
the slope.

When you see the large "DANGER" sign, drift over to the right to hit another 
speed pad and immediately feather the thruster and hammer the nose into the 
ground. A large drop is right behind the sign, and lowering the nose will 
ensure you don't lose speed. Once over, lift it again to bring the craft level 
with the track. Move over to the left before you reach the trough, lift the 
nose when you do. Hit the speed pad on the left and drift over to the right to 
hit another. Head over the jump, lifting the nose as you do to soften the 
landing, and tap the right airbrake to help you round the sharp right hander at 
the other side.

It's advisable to ignore the speed pad on the outside of the next left hander 
as it will not set you up ideally for the next corner. Take it on the inside 
using the left brake to pull yourself round. Up ahead is a shallow right hander 
with several speed pads on the outside. Approach from the outside and try to 
keep the craft turned slightly further to the right than necessary when taking 
the corner, feathering the left brake to keep yourself over to the outside. 
This way you will hit the speed pads but be in no danger of hitting the wall at 
the exit as you will have a good view ahead. A double left-right chicane 
follows, fairly shallow so only minor airbrake use is necessary. Try to stick 
to the apex of each corner, only hitting the speed pads on the outside when the 
opportunity presents itself. 

The final right hander in this chicane is quite a long one. Stay over to the 
outside, hitting the two speed pads, and keep an eye out for the speed pad on 
the inside. Don't aim to hit it, you should use it as a marker for where the 
corner will sharpen and lead into a quick left. When you see it, turn sharply 
to the right and feather the left brake until you see the apex. As soon as you 
do, release the brake and try to hug the right apex, then use the brakes to 
swing into the left hander. If you can stay on the outside, there is a double 
speed pad you can hit. A shallow left hander is ahead, but it is quite narrow. 
If possible, try not to use the airbrakes going through here, as a sudden 
movement could result in you hitting the wall. The tunnel straight has two 
speed pads on either side, but be careful as the fina corner is quite 
difficult. It's a sharp hairpin left, and there isn't much room to move at all. 
It is highly recommended to stay on the outside and turn early, using the right 
brake to pull you away from the apex. Once through here, head over the line to 
complete the lap.

\\//   :KARBONIS V:   \\//

LOCATION   - Japan
LENGTH     - 3.4km
SURFACE    - Reclaimed titanium
TIME       - VENOM  - Day
             RAPIER - Night

Almost completely the opposite of Altima, Karbonis is a narrow, winding circuit 
that takes a certain amount of skill to navigate in a heavy craft. This track 
will be a real test of your skill with the airbrakes, even in the lighter 
craft. As a result of it's generally slow speed, Karbonis is a very short 


The track starts with a fairly shallow left-right-left chicane that can be 
taken quite easily with only minor taps of the airbrakes. On the exit, the 
track curls round to the left and heads up a slope. Hit the double speed pad on 
the right and follow it round, no braking should be necessary. Hit the one on 
the left and take the shallow left at the top of the slope without braking if 
possible. This is immediately followed by a very sharp left at the end of the 
tunnel. Slide over to the right and turn early, using the right brake to pull 
yourself past the apex and into the corner. Turn too late and you'll just slam 
into the back wall.

Exit the corner on the left to hit a speed pad and head down the slope. At the 
bottom is a fairly sharp right-left chicane. Use the brakes to guide yourself 
round, try to follow the centre of the track as aiming for the apex will 
probably result in you colliding with one. Hit the speed pads on the outside 
exit of the last corner. Over a small peak there is another shallow left which 
can be taken with only slight braking. However, up ahead is a deceptively sharp 
left-right chicane. Turn early for this one, as hitting the front wall through 
underestimating the sharpness of the chicane will lose you a lot of time.

Up ahead is a rare straight with several speed pads and three small jumps. 
Before the third jump, move over to the right and begin a left turn, using the 
right brake to keep you on the straight. This is because the third jump leads 
straight into a sharp left hander, and leaving it late will result in you 
hitting the back wall. A shallow left curve follows into another small jump. 
Immediately after this is the trickest part of the circuit: a triple left-right 
chicane. The track is inclined throughout the corner series to give you a hand, 
but it is highly recommended you take it slowly and carefully. Level the craft 
out as quickly as you can after landing and use the brakes to guide the craft 
through the chicanes as close to the apex of each corner as possible. It is 
also recommended that you let up on the thruster almost completely, only 
feathering it every so often to keep your speed up. The last right in the 
series is flat and will take you back onto the final straight.

\\//   :TERRAMAX:   \\//

LOCATION   - Germany
LENGTH     - 4.1km
SURFACE    - F3600 racing standard
TIME       - VENOM  - Day
             RAPIER - Night

Terramax likes to wave up and down, sometimes blinding you from the track 
ahead. There are also several jumps which will require you to use your pitch 
controls to keep your speed up on descent. There are also a few tricky corners 
a short way into the course which require quick reactions to stop you from 
grinding to a halt.


The first corner is a shallow right, take it without the brakes using the two 
speed pads as a guide. The track then curls slightly to the left and takes you 
uphill before throwing you into a blind right. The corner isn't particularly 
sharp, but it may take you a few tries until you know exactly how far you need 
to turn. You do get some height coming over the peak of the uphill part, which 
should give you a little time to correct your course if you do overshoot the 
corner. If you manage to get to the outside, there is a double speed pad. The 
track then curls to the right and takes you downhill again, some light braking 
may be needed. This leads onto a very short straight immediately followed by a 
series of very tricky corners.

The track in the tunnel and over the water is very narrow and requires you to 
turn early and use the opposite brake to pull the craft round if you feel 
you'll hit the apex. The first corner is a sharp left, start on the outside and 
turn early for this one. It will also help if you let up on the thruster while 
you take it. The craft should slide round the corner, but use the right brake 
if you need a bit more. The next one is a right which should be taken in the 
same way. Don't touch the speed pads against the wall unless you are already 
drifting that way. Another left immediately follows which leads onto a glass 
bridge. Hit the speed pads and take the sharp right at the top in exactly the 
same way, taking you over a jump and back onto dry land. Be very careful about 
losing speed before the jump, as you could leave yourself with too little room 
to build up enough speed to get over it. If you drop, a safety craft will pick 
you up, which will waste a lot of time.

Make a quick left turn as soon as you land to put you in line with the track. A 
long shallow right hander follows with a set of triple speed pads on the 
outside. Head over to the pads and hit them, and keep over to the outside as 
you take the corner. It's shallow enough not to require any braking. Go up the 
straight on the left to hit another speed pad. At the end of the straight is a 
quick right on an incline. Quickly tap the right brake to slide the craft round 
the corner and onto a speed pad, then drift over to the right for another. Stay 
as close to the right as you can as you approach the peak, and aim to almost 
brush the wall as you go over. Align the craft to land just after the speed 
pads and head up over the large jump. Treat this in the same way as the earlier 
jump, make sure you have enough speed to clear it. Also, do not activate a 
turbo as you reach the jump, as you will build up so much height the safety 
craft will read it as though you have left the track and will pick you up. Lean 
the craft slightly over to the right as you land and head over the line.

\\//   :KORODERA:   \\//

LOCATION   - Russia
LENGTH     - 5.4km
SURFACE    - Carbonic iron
TIME       - VENOM  - Evening
             RAPIER - Night

Korodera is quite a dark course, and like Terramax, likes to try to catch you 
out with quick, sharp turns. There are also several corners which seem 
shallower than they actually are, especially with the speed pads, and it is 
very easy to drift wide. This is a track to learn before you can reach your 
potential on it. You'll really need to have a feel for your craft and how it 
reacts in turns.


The course starts with a simple right-left chicane, some light braking is all 
that's needed to get through here. Move over to the left to hit a speed pad, 
tracing the slight right curve in the track, but immediately get back over to 
the right as the next left is pretty sharp. If you are in a heavy craft it is 
probably advisable to ignore the pad. Brake hard and early to get round this 
one. Following this corner, the track curls further round to the left with a 
speed pad on the inside, before taking you over a small peak. This blinds you 
from the track ahead, but thankfully the large Qirex sign shows you roughly 
where the track is going. Once over the peak, ignore the pad on the right and 
line yourself up to take the quick right hander directly ahead. Hit the speed 
pads and turn left over the peak. Aim to overturn this corner as there is a 
small split directly over the peak adn this will line you up perfectly. Turn 
right again with a little brake tap to get you back in line. Over the jump you 
will encounter a very shallow right-left-right-left chicane series. Turn 
slightly to the right as you go over the jump and try to line yourself up so 
that you are facing straight through the chicane. You may like to tap the 
brakes as you go through to be on the safe side. The last left is sharper than 
the rest, so be ready with the left brake.

A fairly sharp right hander follows this corner series. Hit the speed pad on 
the right and follow the track round to the left over the peak. Be very careful 
not to be going too fast here as there is a very sharp left hander almost 
immediately after the peak. Aim to approach from the outside and swing towards 
the apex almost as soon as you land. If you can slide over to the outside you 
can hit a double speed pad as you exit. Follow the track round to the left and 
over another peak. This one hides a very quick right-left chicane, start 
turning as soon as you clear the peak and use the right brake to pull the craft 
round quickly. Take the left through the apex and onto the straight, hitting 
the speed pad on the left as you go up.

Three sharp right handers await at the end of this straight. As with the others 
on this course, turn early and use the left brake if necessary to pull the 
craft into the corner. Be careful with the last one, the incline of the track 
can make the turn tricky. Hit the two speed pads and head down the straight, 
running over another pad just before the shallow right curve. The track takes 
you uphill again towards a very large jump. Drop the nose as soon as you near 
the top, this will decrease the height of the jump and will make the landing 
more controllable. If you go over without dropping the nose, you run the risk 
of either going too high or leaving the course, both of which will result in 
the safety craft interfering. As you land, take the fast right-left chicane 
with quick taps of the brakes and continue back uphill. The track will sharply 
curl round to the left before presenting you with another sharp left turn. You 
will almost definitely need to use the first turn as an early turning marker 
for the second one and use the right brake to pull the craft through.

A straight takes you back downhill towards another fairly sharp left. Again, 
turn early, but aim to exit this one on the inside as there is a triple speed 
pad waiting. If you can hit this, you can get over to the right to hit another 
triple pad and really build up some speed. Go down the straight towards a 
deceptively sharp right curve. Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but it is 
littered with speed pads which can pull you towards the outside. Stay as close 
to the centre as you can and try not to use the left brake to pull yourself 
away from the apex, otherwise the pads may pull you into the back wall. Run 
down the straight, hitting two more pads, and take the final right hander with 
a quick tap of the right brake. Go over the last pads which will take you over 
the line.

\\//   :ARRIDOS IV:   \\//

LENGTH     - 6.04km
SURFACE    - Blasted sandstone
TIME       - VENOM  - Day
             RAPIER - Evening

Arridos is long, winding, and has plenty of opportunities to slam into walls. 
There are several sections on this track that will bring you crashing to a halt 
unless you show them due respect. The start features a very quick chicane 
series, and after the tunnel there is a long section that quickly changes 
direction on several occasions while trying to bounce you about with a waving 
track. Coupled with a split and a large drop, this is a fairly challenging 
track. Despite being longer in terms of distance, Arridos takes less time than 


Like Korodera, Arridos starts with a quick right-left chicane that can be taken 
with light brake tapping. However, immediately following it is a very tricky 
shallow chicane that is very bumpy. You'll need to line yourself up almost 
straight away to go through the middle and at the same time keep the nose 
lifted to prevent bottoming out. At the end is a slight left bend into the 
tunnel. You'll need to be careful in here as there are three nasty corners in 
quick succession that could easily throw you into the wall. Try to stay over to 
the right as you go through the shallow right bend and turn early for the sharp 
left directly ahead. After this is a sharp right followed immediately by a 
sharp left. It is advisable that you start turning for the next corner 
immediately after you leave the previous one to give you enough room to get 
round without clipping the wall.

Head out of the tunnel and over a jump which takes you into a quicl left 
hander. Start turning for this as soon as you land and use the left brake to 
give you a narrower turn. Follow the track up the slope, hitting the speed pad 
on the left and following the light right hander. Before you reach the peak, 
quickly tap the left brake and make a small left turn. This will place you back 
over the track as you go over the jump. Drop the nose as usual, but this time, 
lift it before you reach the track. At the bottom of the slope is a helix 
split. I recommend you turn right here as this will give you a sharp left at 
the exit rather than a right-left chicane. Quickly turn right into the split, 
following the track over the peak and over the crossroads. Do the same for the 
other half, quickly tap the right brake to bring you round and down the other 
side. You should now have a left turn at the end leading into another left, 
rather than a right leading into a left if you had gone the other way. Turn 
into the first left and use the right brake to pull yourself through into the 
second left.

Another quick left awaits at the exit of the tunnel, approach from the right 
and cut the apex to take it quickly. The track takes you uphill again and over 
a peak into a deceptively sharp left hander. Use the left brake to turn 
yourself and dip the nose as you go over. Swing the craft over to the left and 
then back to the right as you take the right hander at the base of the slope. 
Another right hander follows almost immediately, if you can exit this one on 
the inside there is a triple speed pad waiting. Move over to the outside after 
exiting the previous corner and turn early for a chance at hitting these. A 
fairly quick left-right chicane is up ahead which can be taken with light 
braking. Immediately following this are two fairly shallow right handers that 
may need a tap on the brakes to get through, followed by a long right curve 
with a number of speed pads scattered around. Be careful when you approach the 
pads as the curve sharpens near the end. This takes you over a jump into a 
quick left hander. Start turning as you land and you'll get through with no 
problems. Head up the straight and over the line in the first corner.

\\//   :SILVERSTREAM:   \\//

LOCATION   - Greenland
LENGTH     - 6.4km
SURFACE    - Artificial crystal
TIME       - VENOM  - Day
             RAPIER - Night

Widely regarded as the most evil track ever to appear in the Wipeout series. 
SilverStream is very long and very tricky, with a number of hairpins and very 
sharp chicanes. It also has two long branches, which can really screw up your 
race unless you take them in the correct order. Taking a heavy craft round this 
track requires extreme skill and a very good understanding of the airbrakes. 
One mistake can end your race.


The course immediately throws you into the first split, which is the shorter of 
the two. It is up to you which one you take, but the left branch is somewhat 
easier and will probably give you the biggest advantage.


Tap the left brake to take you into the left branch. Turn quickly to the right 
as you go up the slope and approach the peak. Just beyond this is a quick left 
turn back to the main track, be ready to turn but don't jump the gun, or oyu'll 
get caught on the wall. Go down the slope and turn early as you go over the 
speed pads, they'll throw you back onto the track in a straight line and you'll 
hit the wall if you're not already facing the right way.


Hit the right brake to take you onto the right branch, but almost immediately 
start a left turn as there is a sharp left hander waiting for you. Use the 
right brake to slide into the corner. Up ahead following this is a sharp right-
left chicane to take you back to the main track. Move over to the left and 
swing the craft right into the first corner, making good use of the brakes to 
slide the craft in. Almost immediately swing the craft the other way as you 
enter the second corner. If you can slide over to the right, you'll hit a 
double speed pad as you go back onto the main straight.

The track quickly curls round to the left, move over to the right as you go 
through here. Whatever you do, do NOT hit the speed pads on the left, as up 
ahead is the sharpest corner in the game: a 180 degree left hairpin. I'll 
probably never tell you to do this again, but tap both airbrakes to slow 
yourself down a little, you'll never get through at full pelt unless you are in 
a FEISAR or maybe an AG Systems if you're lucky. As you approach the apex, lift 
off the thruster, slam on the left brake and turn the craft through 180 
degrees. Hopefully there will be enough momentum to carry you round the apex, 
or you'll just be facing straight back the way you came. As you exit, 
immediately slam on the right brake as there is a sharp right directly after 
this one. Go up the straight for a quick break.

Turn early into the next right hander and shift in using the left brake. Then 
immediately hit the left brake to turn yourself into the sharp left that 
follows, shifting in with the right brake. Go up the slope and be ready for a 
small left turn at the top, a light tap of the left brake should line you up. 
Unlike other peak jumps, raise the nose as you go over here to soften your 
landing. Up ahead is the lead-in to the next split. This small split here is 
similar to the double helix split on Arridos, but the central part is longer 
and crossing to the opposite side is quite difficult, so whichever branch you 
intend to take on the main split, go the same way here. Turn into the split in 
the same way as you did for Arridos and use the appropriate brake to slide 
yourself back onto the track as you exit the other side. 

Now comes the main split of SilverStream, the split that will pretty much 
decide your race. This is really important, so I'm going to spell this out in 
big letters so there's no confusion: ALWAYS TAKE THE LEFT BRANCH. While it is 
more complex, it is much shorter and will shave off as much as five seconds 
from the other branch. If you take the right branch, you will pretty much end 
your race there and then as you probably won't see another craft for the 
remainder of the race.


The branch you should always take. Hit the left brake to take you into the 
branch and the quickly tap the right one to take you back on course. the track 
curls round to the left and leads into a sharp left at the end. Overturn as you 
approach and use the right brake to drag you in. The next corner series is very 
tricky and should be taken quite slowly. A shallow right is immediately 
followed by a very sharp left, which can really screw up your approach. Hit 
both brakes to slow you a little on the approach, turn early for the right 
hander and then almost immediately slam on the left brake to set yourself up 
for the left hander. Use the right brake to pull yourself in. You will probably 
hit the back wall, but you shouldn't lose too much time if you do as there is a 
double speed pad ont he left that can get you going again. Another sharp right-
left chicane marks the exit to the branch. Turn early and shift in, letting up 
on the thruster as you approach. Once through, switch brakes and swing the 
craft round the other way. Hit the speed pads to take you back onto the main 


Avoid this branch like the plague, but if you are unlucky enough to end up on 
it, here's how it goes. Tap the right brake to direct yourself onto the right 
branch and use the left to bring yourself level. Go over the speed pads and 
follow the track round to the left. Go over the speed pad on the left and round 
the shallow left bend at the top of the slope. Hit the speed pad on the right 
and tap the right brake to bring you onto the jump. Raise the nose to soften 
the landing, immediately turning into the left hander waiting at the bottom. 
There are three sharp turns ahead with four speed pads in front of them, going 
left-right-left. Before you hit the speed pads, begin turning for the corner. 
You won't need to shift as much as the speed pads will propel you into the 
corner, but the last two are fairly fast so letting up on the thrust would be a 
good idea. After the last one, exit onto the straight to hit four speed pads 
and back onto the main straight.

The final section has a shallow right-left chicane with a grid of speed pads 
leading in. Use the brakes lightly to guide yourself through and head over the 

\\//   :FIRESTAR:   \\//

LENGTH     - 6.3km
SURFACE    - Unknown
TIME       - VENOM  - Unknown
             RAPIER - Unknown

*You must complete the Rapier Championship before you can unlock FireStar*

FireStar is only marginally shorter than SilverStream, but is a much faster 
track with only a few tricky corners thrown in. The heavier craft are very well 
suited to this circuit, and the abundance of speed pads will keep them going 
even if they do hit the wall. There is one corner series to be careful of near 
the end, a very sharp chicane, but this can be quickly taken with good airbrake 
usage. A very enjoyable circuit, much deserved after the irritating 


Depending on what branch you wish to take, the course starts with either a 
shallow right or a hard right. The split is a larger version of the double 
helix in Arridos, but the right split will lead you through a load of speed 
pads. As this is a tricky section to navigate I recommend only taking the right 
path if you are in a light craft. Heavy craft should take the left path. Both 
are mirror images of each other so I will only describe the left path. From the 
start, tap the left brake to take you into the split (hold it harder and use 
the left brake to slide if you want to go down the right path). Follow the 
track round to the right and go over the jump. Up ahead is quite a sharp right-
left chicane, so slam on the right brake as soon as you land and switch over as 
you go through the first corner. I recommend you stay on the same side so you 
have another left to deal with rather than a right. Keep the brake on and use 
the right brake to shift into the left branch again. Go over the speed pads and 
tap the right brake to go over the jump. Let up on the thrust entirely as you 
go over the jump and hit the right brake followed by the left to take you 
through the chicane. Put the thrust back on going into the straight.

Go over the jump and move over to the left to hit a double speed pad, then take 
the shallow right up ahead aiming to exit on the inside for another double pad. 
Following the track further to the right, move over to the outside for a triple 
speed pad, then back over to the right for another triple pad. a fairly shallow 
right waits at the end, use the right brake to swing the craft through this 
one. As it's a blind corner, it may take a few tries to get used to how far to 
turn. At the bottom is a sharp right with a grid of speed pads in the middle of 
it. Don't overturn this one as the pads will help you through. Immediately 
following this is yet another sharp right, this time you do need to slam on the 
right brake.

Follow the track round to the right again, hitting speed pads as you go, until 
you reach a long sharp left at long last. Go through here lightly tapping the 
left brake, then hit the speed pads ont he exit and go over the jump. You won't 
have to dip the nose here as the track is easily visible below you. Raise the 
nose and trace the track so you don't deviate and end up being picked up by the 
safety craft. You should land in the middle of the shallow left and should move 
comfortably onto the straight. Up ahead, the track begins to curl right again 
as you go over a grid of speed pads before turning ito a sharp right/ Lightly 
brake to get through this one and aim to emerge ont he outside ofr a triple 
speed pad. The next part is the hardest section on the course. The peak ahead 
masks an extremely sharp right-left chicane. As soon as oyu clear the peak, 
slam on the right brake to bring yourself in and almost immediately double 
brake to slow yourself down. Then slam on the left brake to take you through 
the second corner. Finally the track curls round to the right and back onto the 
home straight. Hit the speed pads as you come round to end the lap.

\\-\/-//                          **CHEATS**                           \\-\/-//

There are two cheats in the game which allow you to unlock the extra features 
without playing through Tournament mode:

UNLOCK RAPIER CLASS - Highlight One Player in the main menu. Hold L2, R2, Left,
                      Select and Start and press X.

UNLOCK FIRESTAR     - Highlight One Player in the main menu. Hold L1, R1,
                      Right, Select, Square, Circle and press X

\\-\/-//                        **SOUNDTRACK**                         \\-\/-//

Below are the tracks for the PlayStation version of the game. The Saturn 
version has another set of Cold Storage tracks replacing the ones by Leftfield, 
Chemical Brothers and Orbital, and the PC version has both sets of music.

Title                : Artist                 
Cairodrome           : CoLD SToRAGE  
Cardinal Dancer      : CoLD SToRAGE
Cold Comfort         : CoLD SToRAGE
DOH-T                : CoLD SToRAGE
Messij               : CoLD SToRAGE
Operatique           : CoLD SToRAGE
Tentative            : CoLD SToRAGE
Transvaal            : CoLD SToRAGE
Afro-Ride            : Leftfield
Chemical Beats       : Chemical Brothers
Wipeout (Petrol Mix) : Orbital

\\-\/-//                       **USEFUL LINKS**                        \\-\/-//

WipeoutZone   -   http://www.wipeoutzone.com

CoLD SToRAGE  -   http://www.coldstorage.org.uk

\\-\/-//                          **THANKS**                           \\-\/-//

Psygnosis     -  For making this game and giving birth to the entire series

Rob Foxx      -  For the team backstories and for his work at WipeoutZone

GameFAQs, IGN -  For hosting this guide

Maximilian    -  For the Auricom ASCII logo

Everyone at   -  Just because you're a damn good bunch :)

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