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NOW SERVING: The Most Realistic, Action-Packed Tennis Challenge Ever for PlayStation!

Forget about the U.S. Open. Cancel the flight to Wimbledon. It's time to take it to the courts of Tennis Arena, the tennis game with an attitude! You're going to need serious skills against this oddball roster of tennis aces. These pros pack world-class talent and white-hot special shots that'll blow you away.

In Tennis Arena, your racket is your only weapon. Now all you need are the balls!

*1 to 4 players with an 8-player alternating tournament option.
*Realistic 3D graphics sourced from unrivaled motion-captured video.
*10 funky, coed hot shot players!
*5 different stadiums and court surfaces.
*Progressive levels of singles and doubles competition.
*Full replay capabilities with freeze frame and slow motion options.
*An arsenal of strategic shots: overhead lobs, two-handed smashes, slicing dropshots, topspin groundstrokes, rocket-speed serves and more.

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#19 lowest rated SAT sports game (#155 on SAT, #20302 overall)

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