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Guide and Walkthrough by Rurouni Kaji

Version: 2.6 | Updated: 10/05/2002

SHOUJO KAKUMEI UTENA - Itsuka Kakumei-Sareru Monogatari
REVOLUTIONARY GIRL UTENA - The Tale of the Four Day Revolution
Platform: Japanese SEGA SATURN
Genre: Graphic Adventure
Released 1998
Based on the popular Shoujo Kakumei Utena/Revolutionary Girl Utena 
Anime (Japanese animation) TV series.
By Rurouni Kaji
December 7th, 2001.
Version 2.6
This document copyright 2001 Rurouni Kaji

*Information on Anthy Ending Corrected and Added *
*Spelling, Grammer fixed. New information added.*


1. Introduction
a. Introduction to Utena
b. Characters
c. How to play
d. Controls
e. Options

2. Walkthrough (and understanding the walkthrough)
a. Start/Continue
b. Day 22
c. Day 23
d. Day 24
e. Day 25

3. Endings

4. Extras

5. Song Lyrics

6. Q&A

7. Credits



Utena is a popular TV series/manga series in Japan. 
Created by a group called Ba-papas, who was headed by Chiho Saitou 
(Magnola Waltz) and Kunihiko Ikuhara (Director of Sailor Moon S).

As a child, Utena lost her parents in a car accident, only she survived.
Considering to end it all, she is saved by a tall man dressed in all white.
Utena was so impressed, she wanted to be just like this "Price" that saved
her all those many years ago. From that day on, Utena dressed
up as a Prince.. but was it idolism, or love?

Utena, as a teenager, is transferred to the private school, Ohtori Academy,
where she stumbles onto an underground "cult" as you could say, of
students playing something called a "Duel Game" where the winner
of the duels can revolutionize the world. Of course, Utena has no idea
till after she defeats the current champion of the Duel Game, and
wins the "Rose Bride." A mysterious girl who seems very un-popular,
but rumors of her having the power to help the champion "duelist"
win all the duels and revolutionize the world.

Little does Utena know, she'll have a problem when the Student Council,
also playing the duel game, get into her way. In all this, all Utena
wants to do is save Anthy, the Rose Bride. Utena, acting as the Prince
she loves so much.

For more information on the series/comic please go to 


Player - The no named player. This is you. You're being transferred to 
Ohtori Academy by your parents will, who used to go there themselves.
She is voice by Kaoru Fujino, who has done many drama, radio, and live
stage plays. Her most noteable role is in True Love Story, she
plays Hirose Nozomi.

Utena Tenjou - Utena is the current champion duelist and the "Prince"
of the school. She defends the weak, but who's to defend her from
the teachers harassing her? Utena's rose colour is PINK.

Anthy Himemiya - The Rose Bride and an odd girl normally. Always next to
Utena, calling her "Utena-sama" and commenting that they are engaged. 
Of course Utena just waves it off.

Touga Kiryuu - The long red haired Student Council president. His 
lust for power and his ability to toy with women's hearts leaves
you're character open for lots of trouble. Touga's rose is RED.

Miki Kaoru - The shy blue haired boy genius and also Student Council 
Member is probably one of the most friendly people you'll meet. Miki's
rose is colored BLUE.

Juri Arisugawa - Juri is one of the most popular, and frightening in 
the school. Even teachers go by her words. This captain of the
fencing team can stand against anything, but her true love. 
Juri's rose is ORANGE.

Kyouichi Saionji - The Vice President of the Student Council, Captain
of the Kendo team, and quite the cocky duelist. This possessive man lost
the champion rank in the duel game to none-other then Utena... thus 
losing the girl he loved, Anthy. Saionji's rose is GREEN.

Akio Ohtori - The temp. Chairman at the school, and a mysterious man who
hides many secrets. Akio is related to Anthy Himemiya as her brother. 

Mikage Souji - Head of the Black Rose Society. Hmm, I wouldn't
trust anyone in this school who had anything to do with roses. 
Be careful of this one.

Nanami Kiryuu - The sister of Touga, who is quite possessive of him.
She'll be a big problem, her and her 3 flunkies will try to ruin
things for you if you get to close to her brother.

Shiori Takatsuki - The one person who Jury is weak agaisnt. Don't worry,
you'll only see her peeping behind the trees in the intro.

Kozue Kaoru - Miki's twin sister. She'll give you problems
if you get to close to her brother. 

Mamiya Chida - Mikage's mysterious "replacement" for the Rose Bride.
No need to worry, Mamiya is only in the ending. ^_^;

Shadow Play Girls - These girls will come along throughout the game
and give you a mysterious moral to the story. Will it make sense? No.
Are they important? Not really. What are they? Ikuhara's friends. -.-;

Chigusa Sanjouin - She may look gorgeous and wonderful, don't fall for
her tricks! She'll stop at nothing to ruin things for you, and
revolutionize the world. This witch is a problem, trust me.
She is voiced by Okamoto Maya, who you may know as Haruka Minato
from Nadesico, and Maria from Trigun.

For more information on Japanese voice actors, go here


This is a Graphic Adventure type game. Just what is a "Graphic Adventure"
you may ask? Well my friends, a graphic adventure is a storybook like 
game. You read the story, watch what happens, and you make decisions
that will effect the outcome on the game. 

As you go though the story, you'll meet the different characters
and converse. You will be given choices, and depending on what
you say or do, you'll get "Nobility Points." (You'll see someone's
head appear in the upper corner with roses that highlight how many
points you are getting.)

Depending on how many points you have with who, will decide the
outcome of the game.

Look out! Now and then Chigusa will come along (What will be known 
as "Nobility Point Slash." A dark screen with her face will appear,
and depending on if you've gotten Nobility Points with her, she'll
take away points from the main characters you have gotten points from.
It IS possible to get negative points with Chigusa, setting it
to where she can't take Nobility Points away for a short time. 
Though, at one point in the game you will not be able to stop her
from taking points.

Of course, the game is in Japanese. You may have trouble 
understanding it, but this walkthrough should help you.
The one thing I cannot put into this FAQ, 
is the Kanji/Kana (aka Japanese Letters).
I have created a quick image displaying the names in Kana/Kanji
to the names in in the English alphabet. Memorize them or
print this out and it will help you when making choices.


If someone falls, in other words their % is 0% after the first 
day, they have fallen. You will no longer be able to choose
them in certain choices.


In Game Controls

Direction Pad - Move Sensor
'A' Button - Confirmation Button
'B' Button - No Use
'C' Button - Confirmation Button
'X' Button - No Use
'Y' Button - No Use
'Z' Button - No Use
'L' Button - Skip Scene, Text, Sounds
'R' Button - Text disappears during game conversation (Good for screenshots)
'Start' Button - Enter Options/Nobility Point Menu

Menu/Options Screen Controls

Direction Pad - Move Sensor
'A' Button - Confirmation Button
'B' Button - No Use
'C' Button - Confirmation Button
'X' Button - No Use
'Y' Button - No Use
'Z' Button - In Options, it will return you to first page
'L' Button - Flip pages on Option screen Left
'R' Button - Flip pages on Option screen Right
'Start' Button - Exit Option Screen Button


Page 1 - Blank
Page 2 and 3 - "Ohtori School Song" with Lyrics 
                         (Press C to play, B to stop)
Page 4 and 5 - "Gersten no Kubi" Duel Song with Lyrics 
                         (Press C to play, B to stop)
Page 6 and 7 - "Sakasama Boku to Boku no Heya" Duel Song with Lyrics 
                         (Press C to play, B to stop)
For Romanji Lyrics of these songs, there is a section 
under EXTRAS Where they are placed. :D
Page 8 and 9 - Map of School/Town
Page 10 & 11 - Information?
Page 12 & 13 - Controls
Page 14 & 15 - Nobility Point List (Active in game only)
Page 16 - Option List
1. Mono/Stereo
2. Your character's voice - ON/OFF
3. Sounds - Beeps and Bloops OR ChuChu
Page 8 and up - Badge Page. 
                         This will be explained in the EXTRAS section of the FAQ.



Walkthrough Example - 
1.) Saionji slaps Anthy -

1. Help Anthy (+2 Points with Utena)
2. Do Nothing (Nothing)
If a decision leads to another section, such as you are around some
characters but not others. It will be written like the following example, 
where letters are dedicated to characters. Match the letters to the following

23.) Where to go in Town - 

Utena (Cont. 23a)
Touga (Cont. 23b)
Juri (Cont. 23c)

23a. Tea with Utena, Chuchu, and Anthy 
(+2 Points with Utena and Secret Points for Anthy)

23b. Classic Music and Tea with Touga (Cont. 23b.1)

1. Classical Music Chat (+1 Point with Touga)
2. Maybe Destiny (+2 Points with Touga)

23c. Juri and her video games


15.) Lunch Time

1. Eat Outside (+1 With Utena) (Continued 15a)
2. Go alone? (-1 With Chigusa) 

15a.During lunch with Utena

1. Anthy's Cooking (Secret Point With Anthy)
2. Endure @.@ (Nothing)

NOTE: Sometimes when you go places, but return to the places before,
the choices from before will be the same, but in different orders. 
Example: If you go to the Fencing room, then to the music room.
After talking to Miki and coming back, you not be able to go there again 

It's a little complicated, but it's the easiest way to explain it. 
You'll understand better once in game play.

Now on with the show!


A. Start/Continue/Saving

First screen that pops up will probably the simplest 
one. In plane English is says "PRESS START"

Once you do so, another menu will show up. The following is the
menu -

Continue (This will appear after you have a saved game)
Options (To see translations for this, there is a small translation
above this section - 1e)

Starting a New Game
Select Start, of course. It will take you to a name screen
where you can name your character. There are many kanji and kana's
to choose from. You choose a kana and it takes you to a larger
list of Kanji. This is only naming your character, so if you
don't understand it, don't worry.

On the right side of the screen (The same screen where you are
naming your character) You have some quick options and lists,
labeled in this order from up to down.

English Letters (A,B,C,D, ect.)
Numbers (In English and Japanese)
Symbols (?,!, ect.)

Press Start when you're done, and confirm (Yes/No)

Choose the 2nd options on the main menu (If there are 3) and
it will take you to the continue screen.

On a normal Saturn, you will have 9 save blocks 
(more if you have the meg cart) 

Here is a quick description of that save sections will look like.
A square image with a rectangle at the stop that displays area
and day of the save. The space below will either be saved or 
have an arrow pointing up with the name of the ending you will
get in that ending. (Displayed in Japanese of course.)

Throughout the game you will be able to save. In the walkthrough,
save points are marked so you know where they are.

the Save Game option will apper in the upper right corner. (Yes/No)


B. DAY 22

The day will start as your first day at the school.
As you walk by a small green house, you notice a long green
haired man harassing a dark skinned student. 

1.) Saionji Slaps Anthy

1. Help Anthy (+2 Points with Utena)
2. Do Nothing (Nothing)

2.) Talking to Utena after class

1. "Do you have a girlfriend?" (Nothing)
2. "Do you have a boyfriend?" (+1 Point With Utena)

3.) At Lunch with Utena and Anthy

1. Announce that you want an engagement! (Secret Point with Anthy)
2. Random talking (nothing)
3. Make bad joke #1 (Comic Relief -.-;)

****SAVE POINT #1****

4.) Walking around the Fencing Locker Room

1. Look at the picture.
2. Look at the calendar.
(Note: what ever one you choose, you will get to choose the other,
so don't worry about which one to pick. After picking both of them, 
another one answer choice will be made.)

The Masquerade Party

5.) Enter Miki

1. Tell him he has pretty eyes (+1 with Miki)
2. Make a bad joke about his name. (Nothing)

6.) Enter Touga

1. Enjoy his compliments (+1 with Touga)
2. Don't fall for his ways (Nothing)

7.) Saionji and ChuChu: Round 1 

1. Confront Saionji (Nothing)
2. Warn Saionji (+1 Point Saionji)

8.) Enter Juri (Instant 1 Point with Juri)

9.) Late Night at the Student Council

1. Seek out the real Culprit
(+1 Point with Miki, Juri, Touga, and Utena)
2. Another joke, how unpopular (Nothing)

10.) Before Bedtime in the Dorm

1. Go to Utena's Room (+1 Point with Utena)
2. Stay in your room (Nothing)

****SAVE POINT 2****

C. DAY 23

11.) Talking to Wakaba about:

Touga (1 Point) Saionji (1 Point)
Miki (1 Point) Utena (1 Point)
Juri (1 Point) Chigusa (Nothing)

12.) More talking to Wakaba about:

Touga (1 Point) Saionji (1 Point)
Miki (1 Point) Utena (1 Point)
Juri (1 Point) Chigusa (Nothing)

(Note: Who ever you pick the first time, wont be there
the second time around. The final choice will be no one)

13.) After chat with Wakaba

1. Go talk to Utena (+1 Point With Utena)
2. Nothing (Nothing.. o.o;)

14.) Who named Chigusa 

1. Her father (-1 With Chigusa)
2. Her mother (+1 With Chigusa)

***SAVE POINT 3***

15.) Lunch Time

1. Eat Outside (+1 With Utena) Continued 15a
2. Go alone? (-1 With Chigusa) 

15a.) During lunch with Utena

1. Anthy's Cooking (Secret Point With Anthy)
2. Endure @.@ (Nothing)

16.) Back to Class

1. 38 (+1 With Chigusa)
2. a+18 (Nothing)

-= Nobility Point Slash =-

****SAVE POINTS 4****

17.) After School - 

1. Go to Fencing Arena - Continued 17a
2. Go to Kendo Room - Continued 17b
3. Newspaper Club - Continued 17c

17a.) Fencing Club and Juri - Con. 3 

1. Spar with Juri (+1 Point with Juri) Continued 17a.1
2. Fence with Miki (+1 Point with Miki) 
3. Leave, and return to above choices.

17a.1) Shower with Juri

1. Ask her about her wanting to revolutionize the world. (+1 Point with Juri)
2. About the Locket (nothing)

17b.) At Kendo Room

1. Talk to Chigusa (nothing)
2. Talk to Saionji (+1 Point with Chigusa, +3 Points with Saionji)

17c.) News Paper Club

1. To Fencing - Continue 17a
2. To Kendo - Continue 17b
3. Literature Club. (-1 Point with Chigusa)

18.) Date with Chigusa

1. Ask about Chigusa's illness (-1 Point with Chigusa)
2. Do you have a girlfriend? (Nothing)
3. Do you have a boyfriend? (+1 Point with Chigusa)

19.) More Date with Chigusa - 

1. Walk in the Park (-1 Point with Chigusa) Continued 19a
2. Leave (Nothing)

19a.) Chigusa asks "Do you like anyone here?"

1. No one (nothing)
2. I like someone (+1 Point with Chigusa)

20.) Alone in town
Utena (20a) Miki (20d)
Touga (20b) Saionji (20e)
Juri (20c)

20a.) Tea with Utena, Chuchu, and Anthy. 
(+2 Points with Utena and Secret Point with Anthy)

20b.) Classic Music and Tea with Touga

1. Classical (+1 Point with Touga)
2. Maybe Destiny (+2 Points with Touga)

20c.) Juri in the Arcade. (1 Point with Juri)

20d.) Miki and Kozue eating cake.

1. Sit alone (+1 point with Miki)
2. Sit with Miki & Kozue (nothing)

20e.) Saionji's Tea Break
1. Admire Japanese Tea (+1 point with Saionji)
2. Admire his riposte (+2 points with Saionji)

21.) Meet up with Chigusa in the park, she asks "Do you have a Prince?"

1. No (Nothing)
2. Yes (+1 - Chigusa)

-= Nobility Point Slash =-

****SAVE POINT 5****

22.) Dinner with Utena, Anthy, and...

Touga (22a) Miki (22d)
Juri (22b) Chigusa (22e)
Saionji (22c)

1. I want to watch (+1 Point with Touga)
2. I want to Duel (+1 Point with Touga, Anthy)
3. Stop talking (Nothing)


1. Say Utena is strong (+1 Point with Juri)
2. Say Juri is Weak (nothing)
3. It's luck of the draw (-1 Point with Juri)


1. Say Utena is strong (+1 Point with Saionji)
2. Say Saionji is weak (-1 Point with Saionji)
3. It's luck of the draw (+2 Points with Saionji) 


1. Calm them down (+1 Point with Miki)
2. Make them mad (Nothing)
3. Make a mess.. On Miki - Continued 23d.1


1. Peek in on Miki (Nothing)
2. Don't Peek In (+2 - Miki)


1. Utena is strong (+ 2 Points with Utena and Chigusa)
2. Chigusa is weak (Nothing)

24.) Who will you visit before bedtime?

Utena (+2 Point with Utena) Juri (+1 Point with Juri)
Touga (+1 Point with Touga and Chigusa) Miki (+2 Points with Miki)
Saionji (+2 Point with Saionji) Chigusa (+1 Point with Chigusa)

-= Nobility Point Slash =-

****SAVE POINT 6****

D. DAY 24

25.) Soccer Game -

1. Yell at Utena to slide (+1 - Utena)
2. Tell Chigusa to get back (+1 - Chigusa)

****Save Point 7****

26.) In front of Fencing Arena

Utena (+1 Point with Utena) Juri (+1 Point with Juri)
Touga (+1 Point with Touga) Miki (+1 Point with Miki)
Saionji (+1 Point with Saionji)

27.) Student Council Office -

Touga (+1 Point with Touga) Miki (+1 Point with Miki)
Saionji (+1 Point with Saionji) Utena (+1 Point with Utena)
Juri (+1 Point with Juri)

28.) In Class - 

Utena (28a) Juri (28d)
Touga (28b) Miki (28e)
Saionji (28c)

28a) In class with Utena

1. Share a cake with Utena (+2 Points with Utena)
2. Have Utena sing "Rinbu Revolution" (+1 Point with Utena) 

28b) Touga in the hall

1. Bad mouth (+1 Point with Touga)
2. Leave (+2 Points with Touga)

28c) Saionji*cough*naked*cough*shower

1. No response (+1 Point with Saionji) Continued 28c.1

28c.1) 1. Answer honestly (Nothing) Continued 28c.2
2. Anthy (+2 Points with Saionji) Continued 28c.2

28c.2) 1. Crossed over (+2 Points with Saionji) 
2. Forgot (Nothing)

28d.) Chat with Juri

1. Have confidence (+1 Point with Juri)
2. Don't anticipate (+2 Points with Juri)


1. Uninvolved people should leave (+1 Point with Miki)
2. Chide Miki (+2 Points with Miki)

-= Nobility Point Slash =-

***SAVE POINT 7***

29.) After school

1. Go talk to Utena (+1 Point with Utena)
2. Go to Fencing Class - Continued 29a
3. Go to Kendo - Continued 29b

29a.) After the match

1. Go to the music room - Continue 29a.1
2. Spar with Juri (+2 Points with Juri)
3. Go back to class. (Returns you to before decisions) 

29a.1) Talking to Miki

1. Don't you worry? (+1 Point with Miki) 
2. Chigusa is dangerous (Nothing)

29a.1) More with Miki

1. Encourage (+1 Point with Miki) Continued 29a.2
2. Leave (End up back at choice 29)

29a.2) Miki Plays Piano

1. Stop Dueling (Nothing)
2. Do you like it? (+1 Point with Miki)


1. Go see Saionji (Continued 29b.1)
2. Go see Touga (Continued 29b.2)

1. Ask About Anthy (+1 Point with Saionji)
2. I found alot

1. Go Back to the Hallway
2. Talk About the Kendo Club (Continued Below)

1. Leave it to Touga!
2. Go together (Continued Below)

1. It's not a date! (+2 Points with Chigusa)
2. Say it's a date (+2 Points with Touga and Chigusa)

30.) In Town Again (You get 1 Point for whoever you pick
With the exception of Utena) 
Utena (Continued 30a) Miki (Continued 30c)
Touga (Continued 30b) Saionji (Continued 30d)

1. Have some Tea
2. Talk about going to the police (+1 Point with Utena)

1. Doubt Him (+2 Points with Touga)
2. You gotta believe! (+1 Point with Touga)

1. Have Cake (+1 Point with Miki)
2. Talk 

1. Hold the Tea
2. Don't hold (+1 Point with Saionji)

-= Nobility Point Slash =-

***SAVE POINT 8***

31.) Dinner again.. With? (You get 1 Point for whoever you pick
With the exeption of Chigusa) 

1. Touga (Continued 31a) 4. Chigusa 
2. Juri (Continued 31b) 5. Saionji (Continued 31d) 
3. Miki (Continued 31c) 

1. Can I please Touga? (+1 Point with Touga)
2. I'm not that kind of girl! (+1 Point with Utena)
3. Restrain Yourself

1. I'm scared (+1 Point with Utena)
2. I'll get 'em! (+1 Point with Juri)
3. The Body? (Secret Point with Anthy)

1. Don't Worry! (+1 Point with Miki)
2. Tease Miki (+1 with Miki)
3. Shock Miki

1. Enter in time. (+1 Point with Utena)
2. Talk about Chigusa (+1 Point with Saionji)
3. Have Anthy stop him.

32.) Your Final Night 

Utena (+2 Points with Utena) Juri (+5 Points with Juri) 
Touga (+3 Points with Touga) Miki (+3 Points with Miki)
Saionji(+5 Points with Saionji) Don't talk to anyone

**************END OF DISK 1*******************

E. DAY 25

-= Nobility Point Slash =-

32.) Touga (Continued 32a) Miki (Continued 32d)
Saionji (Continued 32b) Anthy (Continued 32e)
Juri (Continued 32c)

1. I'm scared (Nothing) 
2. I want to know (+1 Touga)
3. I'll fight* (Continued 32x)

1. Chigusa is as good as Saionji (+1 Saionji) 
2. I want power like Utena's (+1 Utena and Saionji) 
3. I'll fight* (Continued 32x)

1. I'm nervous 
2. I want power like Utena's (+1 Utena and Juri)
3. I'll fight* (Continued 32x)

1. I'm worried about Kozue (+2 Miki)
2. I want to save Utena (+1 Miki)
3. I'll fight* (Continued 32x)

!!This choice will only appear if 
conditions for Anthy Ending are achieved!!
You will go out to the rose garden and meet with Anthy.
There you will have choices that do not effect the game,
Only conversation.

!!These choices only appear if conditions for
Akio Car Ending are achieved!!
Touga will do the "Can you hear" speech and you
will meet up with Akio. Who gives you numerous choices,
none of these matter to the outcome of the game.

1. Call Home (Return to choice, with this choice missing)
2. Go to the Library (Return to choice, with this choice missing)
(Once you pick one choice, the one you didn't choose will apper
at the top the next time. The one at the bottom takes you back 
to class)

34. Saving Utena!
1. The Calendar 
2. Fencing Ranks
3. Chigusa Locker (THIS ONE!) 



Condition 1: Nobility% for Utena must be high. (Above 120%)
Condition 2: Anywhere between 1-4 Student Council Members must fall.

Condition 1: Nobility% for Touga must be high. (Above 120%)
Condition 2: Anywhere between 1-3 Student Council Members must fall. 
(Excluding Touga)
Condition 3: Nobility% for Utena must be above 60%

Condition 1: Nobility% for Juri must be high. (Above 120%)
Condition 2: Anywhere between 1-3 Student Council Members must fall. 
(Excluding Juri)
Condition 3: Nobility% for Utena must be above 60%

Condition 1: Nobility% for Saionji must be high. (Above 120%)
Condition 2: Anywhere between 1-3 Student Council Members must fall. 
(Excluding Saionji)
Condition 3: Nobility% for Utena must be above 60%

Condition 1: Nobility% for Miki must be high. (Above 120%)
Condition 2: Anywhere between 1-3 Student Council Members must fall. 
(Excluding Miki)
Condition 3: Nobility% for Utena must be above 60%

Condition 1: Get no points with Utena and let Student Council fall.
Condition 1: Let 3 Student Council Members fall, and no points for Utena.

Condition 1: Get medium Nobility% with Student Council. (Around 20%-50%)
Condition 2: Get 0% With Utena

Condition 1: Get all "Secret Point with Anthy" Points. 
Condition 2: Get all other endings.
Her name will appear in the last choice.

Condition 1: Keep all Student Council Members Nobility% above 0%
Condition 2: Get a medium amount of Nobility% with Utena (60% is good)

NOTE: If you do not fulfill all conditions for whatever ending you want,
you'll most likely receive a GAME OVER.



BADGES are located at page 8 and up on the OPTIONS section. 
You can get badges by getting different endings. 
Each badge, when clicked on, will take you to a character page
with information and stats on a certain character, as well as
a message for your answering machine. Yep, that's right! Enjoy kids. 

The following characters will have badges, and what ending gets them.

CHIGUSA BADGE - You get this as soon as you get Game Over I believe. ^_^;
UTENA BADGE - Get the Utena Ending
TOUGA BADGE - Get the Touga Ending
JURI BADGE - Get the Juri Ending
MIKI BADGE - Get the Miki Ending
SAIONJI BADGE - Get the Saionji Ending
MIKAGE BADGE - Get the Black Rose Ending
AKIO BADGE - Get Akio Car Ending
ANTHY BADGE - Get Anthy Ending
WAKABA BADGE - Get Perfect Ending

During the title screen, wait a couple seconds then the screen will turn
into the eye catch from the series, with some short-utena/sega-esk redo's.
Including one of the cast members saying "Sega~~"


SONG NAME: Ohtori Gakuen Kouka

Izaya koko ni tsudoi gakuen no hibi warera to tomo ni.

Atarashii toki no naka de samayou hibi tokimeide,
mekurumeku hiru to yoru mo kioku no nami tomeru koto kanawazu.

Toki wa sugite tobari wa tojiru mono toki mitsu made omoide tsuzurou.

Izaya koko ni tsudoi gakuen no hibi warera to tomo ni.

Saa utae kanasimisae kagayaku mono sekai no hate~!

SONG NAME: Gersten no Kubi
SUNG BY: Duel Chorus
PLAYED DURING: Utena VS Chigusa Battle

Ge-ru-shen no kubi
Ge-ru-shen no kubi
Dorokudai shujutsu
Ge-ru-shen no kubi yo~

Bin no yami no haizou
Touketsu gankyuu ken wo
Ikikaeraseru sosei igaku wa
Shinpo wo kurikaeshi nagara
Tsui ni!

Seimei zousutsu
Bubun saisei
Jikken ni seikou-shita~!

SONG NAME: Sakasama Boku to Boku no Heya
SUNG BY: Duel Chorus
PLAYED DURING: Student Council Duels

Hesonoo katadoru seikatsu nawa wa
Uchuu no hate no uchuu bu-ran-ko
Sono himo wa geshiku yusuri
Sono handou te chuu ni mau
Mi wa ikkaiten tonbo wo kiri
Okujou koete daiankoku no
Boku no uragawa ni hitottobi

Uragaesareta yasu a-paa-to to
Futatsu no sekai shomotsu no soto
Nani ga okoru ka nawa da nomi
Tokai no sora de daikaiten~!

Bye-bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye dare ni good bye
Bye-bye bye bye bye bye bye bye bye boku ni good bye!



1. How did you get this game?
Kaji: I got it from Yahoo auctions for 25 bucks. Not bad, not bad AT ALL. :D

2. Would you sell me the game?
Kaji: NOOOO *clings to his game*

3. Where is a good place to find this game?
Kaji: Try eBay.com or even Game Trading Zone (www.gametz.com)

4. What inspired you to make this FAQ?
Kaji: Since the day I found out I couldn't find one. ^_^

5. May I use info from this FAQ for my FAQ?
Kaji: I want to say no, because it's my information that I collected after 
hours and hours. 
No, if you're going to post it on FAQ sites.
Yes, if it's on YOUR fan page site.

6. May I use this info on my page?
Kaji: Sure, just give me credit and ask permission.

7. How did you gather all this info?
Kaji: Hours and hours of playing the game. :D

8. How did you romanize the song lyrics?
Kaji: Well, they are in kana/kanji in the options section. It really wasn't hard.

9. I've been trying to find the intro song/movie clip everywhere! Do you have it?
Kaji: NO, but I'd like to. If anyone here can put VHS to wav or mp3 files, or even
make a Mpeg, AVI, etc. of the intro, that'd be cool. :D

10. Are there any web sites about this game?
Kaji: I have my own at kaji.onewingedangel.com
Sega did have an official site some time ago, but it has been
taken down for some time. I haven't seen any other sites,
but I usually don't web surf to often anymore. ^_^;

11. I have the game, but it doesn't work on my Saturn!
Kaji: If it's a US or Euro Saturn, you'll need a converter. 
Check out Buyrite.net, they have them for 30 bucks.

12. Do Emulators like Giri Giri or SSF work?
Kaji: Last I checked, there where no working Sega
Saturn Emulators. If there where, I'd have more
screen shots. ^_^

13. May I ask you other questions?
Kaji: Sure! Email me at rurounikaji@onewingedangel.com!


I'd personally first of all like to thank
Keira, Josh, and Lesley for helping to play though
the game again and again. ^_^ Especially Keira, 
who wouldn't stop playing till she got all the endings. 

Thanks to Mark Povelaitis for pointing out
I needed one more condition for the Anthy ending.

Thanks to Nuriko, who corrected alot of my text. 
I'm such a goof when it comes to spelling and grammer. 
Where would I be without her? ^^ Thanks Nuriko! She
also writes FAQs, check out her Princess Maker FAQs.

Thank you to Sega of Japan for releasing the game.

Thanks to Sega's old Utena site that gave me the vocal cast
for the video game.

Thanks to Hitoshi Doi and his site 
For giving me info on the cast.

Thank you Marley, for listening to me rant about the game. ^_^ 
Among other things.

A SPECIAL THANKS to GameFaqs.com for giving me the idea of
writing a faq. ^_^ Thanks CJayC, you rock! :D


YOU! (How Capcom--esque of me)


"Take my Revolution"

Please do not take any of my hard work without my permission.
Plagiarism IS a crime. Thank you, bye-bye. :D

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