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FAQ/Walkthrough by MPeanut

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 06/26/14

------------------------1st Impression Guide 1.2------------------------
The Complete Guide to Neon Genesis Evangelion: 1st Impression for the
Sega Saturn.

By "Miracle Peanut" (aka Reinaldy) <z_gouki@mail.globy.com> 








Why did I write this guide? Because there doesn't seem to be any other
one! When I got this game, I was surprised to find that a) not many
Eva fans knew this game existed and b) no one had bothered to do a
guide for this game. Therefore, after playing it through as best as I
could, I decided to create a guide for this rare Evangelion game.

There might be some spoilers in this guide, so please be aware of that.
I would suggest you only use this guide if you are unable to do anything
or understand what is going on. I have a very small knowledge of Japanese
and this guide has been written from my basic deduction of the writting
in the manual and the events in the game. There is no English 
script translation of this game in existence.


After the success of the anime TV series, Neon Genesis Evangelion,
Sega released a game based on the anime in 1996. It was developed and
published by Sega for their Saturn console and it did not come out
on any other console. Sega was a major financial backer of the anime,
and that's why they had exclusive rights to the creation of games based
on the Evangelion license. The game was not released outside of Japan,
because it's the type of game distributers tend to avoid.

Neon Genesis Evangelion: 1st Impression is a side story to the
original TV series, occuring right after the arrival of the Second
Child, Asuka Langley Sohryu, to Japan with Unit-02. The gameplay
basically consists of watching FMV and making a choice at various
points in the storyline, along with a turn-based battle system
when you fight.

To play this game, you just need a Sega Saturn and an ST Key to allow
you to play import games. A prerequiste is a good knowledge of Japanese,
but most Eva fans (like me) usually ignore this need and play the game
anyway. 1st Impression is an interesting, if not somwhat flawed, 
addition to the Evangelion universe, which I enjoyed enough to create
this guide.


The hot tempered Asuka had just arrived to Japan in Episode 8: Asuka
Strikes!. But after the new Unit-02 had been installed into NERV
headquarters, a new Angel appears. This is a new Angel designed by
Sega which did not appear in the TV series. For ease of reference, I
will call it the 7.5th Angel (which it is). Unit-01 is immediately
sortied and it enters combat with the Angel. However, it is much more
powerful than NERV anticipated and Shinji gets beaten up pretty badly
by it. So bad that the trauma causes Shinji to lose his memory.

Misato and Ritsuko decide that the best way for Shinji to regain his
memory is for him to get into Unit-01's cockpit and enter "virtual"
combat against Asuka in Unit-02. This is where you, playing as Shinji
Ikari, take control.



Before I start going into the main guide of how to play this game,
here are some major points to keep in mind while playing:

- This game is entirely in Japanese. Unless you know the language well,
be prepared to do a lot of guesswork.

- The best way to see all the possible pathways is to write down on
sheets of paper the direct results of each choice. Like this:

Scene: Shinji arrives at school
	Choice 1 - Shinji goes into School
	Choice 2 - Shinji runs off

This is the only way to see all the possible pathways, by narrowing 
down your choices each time you play the game.

- Is there a way to skip the FMV? But they're 3/4 of the game! No, 
for some reason, Sega did not code in the option to skip FMV in 1st 
Impression, so you'll have to watch them.

- Winning or losing in the battle modes. When you fight Unit-02, whether
you win or lose makes an impact on the storyline. This is the only part
of the game where you can lose and still progress. If you lose a battle
against the Angel in every instance, then it's game over.

- Don't wprry about not being able to find the save option in the game.
1st Impression automatically saves regularly while playing, so just
turn off the console when you want to finish. To pick up where you left
off from, just load the save file from the main menu.

- This guide only includes a basic look at the game, not an indepth
guide, as there are loads of paths and options. It would take me ages
to map them all out and most of them are interconnected. What I'll
supply you with is all you need to play the game and enjoy it. The
rest is up to you.


1st Impression is split into two distinct game modes: the "active 
choice" and "battle" modes. In the active choice mode, the 
interactivity is limited to selecting one of the two or three
options that come up on screen, allowing you to proceed. Some choices 
are replies to questions, actions, or even trains of thought. But the 
fact that it's all in Japanese forces anyone without any knowledge of 
the language (like me) to take a guess and write down the result of 
the choice.

At various points in the game, a small text box will pop up at the 
bottom right hand corner of the screen and allow you to make a choice. 
Here is a legend of the commands to use:

Up/Down  - Highlight choice
A Button - Select Choice

That's pretty much all there is to this game mode. If you're able to,
you can translate the choices into English for a better idea of what 
they do.


The fights in 1st Impression are played out in a quasi "turn-based"
battle engine. It is different from the engines used in RPGs like
Final Fantsy VII as you are given the ability to block attacks from the
opposition, and if you're fast enough, the ability to counter-attack.
However, it's because of the ability to block and counter that the
engine eventually shows its flaws. 

The battle is split into three parts: the slot machine phase, the 
attack/defense phase, the movement phase. That is the order that they
occur in the game, and I will discuss them induvidually in this guide.


When you enter a battle against Unit-02 or the Angel, the slot machine
will appear. It has a combination of Unit-01's face and the Angel's
as the deciders. There are three rows on the machine. If there are two
or more of a kind, that means that party gets to attack. Here is a 
legend of the slot machine outcomes:

- Two or more Angel faces  = Angel attacks first
- Two or more EVA-01 faces = You get to attack first

In some instances, Units 00 and 02 will assist you and their faces
will appear in the slot machine. The system works the same: two or
more Eva faces means those Evas will attack the Angel. Here is the

- Two or more EVA-01 faces = You get to attack first alone
- EVA-01 face, EVA-00 face, Angel face = Units 01 and 00 attack 
the Angel together
- EVA-01 face, EVA-02 face, Angel face = Units 01 and 02 attack 
the Angel together
- EVA-01 face, EVA-02 face, EVA-02 face = Units 01, 00 and 02 attack 
the Angel together - VERY RARE

Sometimes you might get lucky and just have no Unit-01 face, but the
other two Evas. Usually in that case, all three Evas end up attacking,
but the damage done is only counted for two Evas.

Each slot has a power value assigned to it. After it is decided who
attacks, the total for each winning slot is calculated to give the
power value. Your value is usually less than a hundred, while the 
Angel usually gets less than a thousand which means the Angel has
the strenght to finish you off with a few well-laid strikes.


If you won the slot machine phase, you will be give the choice to 
attack. To make it easy for you to understand how this phase works,
I have done this in a step-by-step FAQ. Just follow the questions
in order and you'll be kicking the Angel's arse in no time. There is
a time limit on how long you take to key in these commands, so you'll
need to memorise the button layout and what they do for maximum 
efficiency. If the timer runs out, the Angel attacks you.

1. Do I want to attack or go back to the movement phase?
	- To go back to the movement phase, press A.
	- Othwerwise, continue.

2. Is the Angel far or close?
	- If the Angel is visible from the waist up, press R.
	- If the Angel is visible entirely, press L.

3. Does the Angel have an active AT Field?
	- Angel is close/AT field up, press LEFTt to use the Progessive
	- Angel is far/AT field up, press RIGHT to use the Progessive
	- Angel is close/AT field down, press LEFT to use the Progessive
	- Angel is far/AT field down, press RIGHT to use the Pallet Gun.

4. How do I execute the attack?
	- Press C and the attack will commence.


x. What is the DOWN attack?
	- It is a basic physical attack. The advantage of it is that
	it's unblockable by the Angel and it will always cause damage.
	However, the trade off is that it doesn't cause much damage to
	the Angel. Only use it if you're a beginner or if you're unsure
	of what attack to use.

x. What is the UP attack?
	- When your Synch Ratio (it's at the upper right hand corner)
	is above 85%, you will be able to unleash your ultimate attack.
	It is unblockable and it causes 25% damage to the Angel in one
	turn. However, after you use it, your synch ration will be 
	brough down around to zero.

x. How do I get the UP attack? I can't select it!
	- You need to have a Synch Ration over 85%. If it still isn't
	selectable, try getting an even higher Synch Ration and it
	should be now selectable.

x. I used the UP attack, but now my Synch Ration is almost zero! Help!
	- Just get your Synch Ration up as usual.

x. Can I use the UP attack again if I've already used it?
	- Yes. You can use it as many times as you like (four times
	at most, as the Angel will be defeated by then). But you need 
	to get your Synch Ratio up over 85% every time you want to use

x. Does it matter how fast I key in my attack?
	- Yes. The faster you lock in the commands and attack, the more
	damage you will do and the chances of the Angel blocking it
	are almost none. You shoud aim to get everything done before
	1/4 of the clock has elapsed.


The Angel wins the slot machine and it is going to attack you. However,
this is where you have the chance to cause it a lot of damage by
counter-attacking. The layout of the this phase is very similar to the
Attack phase, so once you get the hang of the previous one, you'll have
no trouble with this one. Once again there is a timer, and if it runs
out, the Angel attacks. The basic function of this phase is to block
the Angel's attack, but if you are fast enough in putting in the 
commands, you will also counter-attack the Angel.

1. Is the Angel far or close?
	- If the Angel is visible from the waist up, press R.
	- If the Angel is visible entirely, press L.

2. Is the Angel about to perform a physical or projectile attack?
	- If the Angel is powering up for a blast, press A.
	- If the Angel is about to strike, press B.

3. Which direction is the attack coming from (where on the screen is 
   DANGER flashing)?
	- If it says DANGER above the Angel, press UP.
	- If it says DANGER below the Angel, press DOWN.
	- If it says DANGER right of the Angel, press RIGHT.
	- If it says DANGER left of the Angel, press LEFT.

4. How do I execute the defense?
	- Press C and the defense will commence.


x. How do I counter-attack the Angel?
	- You must key in all the commands and execute tha attack before
	1/4 of the timer has elapsed. Otherwise, you will just block.

x. Can I choose what attack to do while countering?
	- No. It is predetermined.

x. Does it matter how fast I key in my attack?
	- Yes. If you're fast enough, you will not only block the
	attack, but you will counter-attack the Angel as well, causing
	quite a bit of damage.

x. Can I go into the movement phase while in the defense phase?
	- No. You will have to defend yourself.


After the attacks by you or the Angel have finished, you will go to the
movement phase. A basic representation of the road network of Tokyo-3
will appear with a picture of Unit-01 (and Units 00 and 02 in some
battles) and the Angel. On the streets, you will see red and blue 
squares. Avoid the red ones and move yourself onto the blue ones. The
blue squares increase your Synch Ration (allowing for more powerful 
attacks and the ultimate UP attack) while the red ones decrease it.
The red squares are usually clustered around intersections, so be
aware of them.

At the bottom of the screen there is an indicator with a number in it.
This is the number of steps you can take, with one step being the 
equivalent of one square on the street. When you walk, you will walk
the entire lenght of the street you are facing in until you reach an
intersection. If you have any "footsteps" left, you can change 
direction at the intersection and walk out the remainder of your
steps. When you have finished walking, you will then enter the
slot phase.

Here is a list of commands you use while in this phase:

L/R Buttons - Change directional cursor.
A Buttton   - Walk in the specified direction.

There is no apparent use of this phase apart from boosting your
Synch Ratio. It doesn't matter where you end up standing, and it
doesn't give you any tactical advantage. Just concentrate on ending
up on the blue squares.


x. What are the blue and red squares on the streets?
	- The blue squares are there to boost your Synch Ration.
	Avoid the red one as they lower it.

x. My Synch Ration is below zero! Is this possible?
	- In the TV series, Asuka could not move Unit-02 when her Synch
	Ratio was zero. Yet in 1st Impression, you can have ration of
	minus 25 and you could still attack. This is an oversight by
	Sega. Enjoy it!

x. I've landed on the same square as the Angel is on!
	- Don't worry. It doesn't make any difference. The Angel is
	transparent in this phase.

x. The Angel is located somewhere outside of the city!
	- Don't worry. It doesn't make any difference. It's a bug in
	the game.

x. Does it matter where I end up? What if I move out of its sight?
	- It makes no difference. The movement phase is just for you
	to increase your Synch Ration. You can not run away from the
	Angel this way.

x. The phase is suddenly interupted and Misato says something. Now
   a building is flashing on the map. What happened?
	- Misato has give you stronger weapons. Go to the flashing
	building and end up on one of the streets near it. If done
	successfully, you will be equiped with more powerful weapons.
	Your Progressive Knife will be replaced with the Sonic Glaive
	(a naginata) and your Pallet Gun will be replaced with the
	Positron Rifle. Your attacks will do more damage and the
	videos for these attacks are great!

x. Do I get to keep these new weapons for later?
	- If you fight the Angel later on, you get to keep them ONLY
	if you don't turn off/reset your console. The game forgets
	these new weapons if you do that and when you finish the game.


x. Is there any secrets in this game?
	- No, not as such. In the options section, you will see a
	group photo of all the characters from the anime. When you
	first start the game, they will all be black silhouettes.
	Every time you view a new pathway of the game to the end,
	a character will be displayed. When you've seen most of the
	possible options in the game, all of the characters should
	be displayed.

x. How many have you got?
	- The only ones left for me to get is PenPen and Commander

x. And other secrets?
	- Sadly, no. Sega didn't go out of their way to implement any
	other things. However, one of the tracks on game CD is in
	Redbook audio, allowing for you to listen to the new song in
	the game on your CD player. That's about it.

x. How do I get the "best" ending?
	- I can't say for sure. There is no way for me to know what is
	the "best" ending. In 2nd Impression (the sequel to this game),
	you knew if you got the best ending by the enhanced ending 
	credits. If Sega did the same to this game, then no, I don't
	know how to get the best ending. But if you want to try anyway,
	I have found this to be the longest and most interesting path
	through the game:

	- Beat Asuka in battle
	- Choice 1
	- Choice 1
	- Choice 1
	- Beat Angel in battle
	- Choice 1
	- Choice 1 (or 2, doesn't matter)
	- Choice 1 (or 2, for a laugh)
	- Choice 2
	- Choice 2
	- Choice 1
	- Choice 1
	- Choice 1
	- Choice 1 (or 2, to help EVA-00)
	- Beat Angel in battle
	- Beat Angel in second battle

x. Are there any cheats for this game?
	- There might be, but I haven't been able to find them


June 2014 update - clean-up of layout.

I hope this guide has been a help for you in playing this great game
based on the awesome anime by Gainax. 	

This guide may be distributed, but not modified in any way
without explicit permission from the author.

This guide, 1st Impression Guide was written by Revelation.
This guide is copyright (c) 2001-2008, Revelation.
Neon Genesis Evangelion is a trademark of Gainax/Project EVA.
Sega Saturn and 1st Impression (c) 1995, 1996 Sega Enterprises.

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