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Spring, Taisho 14th year. The pain caused by the previous "Kuronosukai" incident has healed, and the Imperial City has regained peaceful days. The girls of the "Imperial Combat Revue" were released from the fighting force and sang and danced on the stage. Even though they were the Imperial Combat Revue, they were singing youth in a peaceful time. There were those who threatened the peace and attempted to create a storm of turmoil and destruction in the Imperial City. Manipulating the "devil" using evil techniques to harm people... Their name is "Kuroonikai". What is their purpose...and what is their identity? The maidens dare to confront evil when the shadow of evil is about to creep into the imperial capital again. Welcoming two new members, "Imperial Combat Revue / Flower Troupe" is here! Once again, the battle for the fate of the imperial capital begins.

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