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FAQ by BTFight

Version: 1/7 | Updated: 02/01/97

released December 29, 1996 in Japan

The Unofficial Frequently Asked Questions on 
Fire Prowrestling S 6Men Scramble 
Copyright © 1997 FPORG Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

FIRE PROWRESTLING S 6MEN SCRAMBLE Copyright © 1996 Human Corporation           

The Unofficial 
Frequently Asked Questions on 
Fire Prowrestling S 6Men Scramble
Version 1.7 
Written by BTFight (btfight@aol.com)
Contributor: Edward Crouser (crouser@ibm.net)

Last updated on 02/01/97 11:58 EST

Updated 1/28: Edward Crouser's Answer to the availability of FPS6MS for
              the Sony Playstation.
Updated 1/26: Reformatted document to 77 columns using standard 
              Windows Terminal font size 9
Updated 1/26: A few corrections and additions

   This file may NOT be posted on any website or usenet newsgroup or be
distributed in any medium without prior consent from the author.

NOTE: This file was typed in 77 columns using the Terminal font size 9
      in Windows. For best viewing and printing, I suggest not to word wrap
      this document and usea NON True Type font to preserve it's original
      formatting or view this file in an ASCII text viewer such as
      Windows Notepad.


	The evolution of the Fire Prowrestling series has taken an
incredible leap forward this year with help from the 32-bit processing power
of Sega's Saturn gaming machine. 
A huge thumbs up goes out to the programmers of this incredible title at
Human and with hopes and anticipation that a Nintendo 64 release of the next
Fire Prowrestling game  (rumored to be released on October 1997 in Japan)
will be even better than this version. :)

	I've done character lists, screen translations and other projects
for this and other previous games in the Fire Prowrestling series but this
is the first actual FAQ I've ever written. So hopefully it'll live up to
some of your expectations. Now onto the FAQ...

	There are 3 sections to this FAQ, General Q & A, Gameplay Q & A and
a section on the gameplay controls. Hopefully this will answer most of the
questions you have on this game, if not, let me know and I'll add your 
question(s) along with an answer to this file.



I have noticed quite a few people on AOL and The Internet refer to this game
as "Super" Fire Pro 6 Men and quite frankly it's bugged me to the point that
I have included a section on the subject in this FAQ.

For those of you who don't have this game and plan to go buy it, The actual
title of the game is: Fire Prowrestling S 6Men Scramble NOT "Super" Fire Pro
6 Man.

Q: Why is it not called "Super" Fire Pro?

A: Because, as with many early SNES/Super Famicom titles that got ported
   from other platforms and new games that were being developed back then
   (i.e; "Super" Metroid, "Super" Castlevania, "Super" Bomberman, etc.), the
   title of the game was given the added "Super" in hopes of making the game
   more marketable and recognizable for the SNES/SFC, hence the name "Super"
   Fire Prowrestling.

Q: What distiguishes the title of this game for the Saturn?

A: The "S" in Fire Prowrestling "S" 6Men Scramble

Q: What is Fire Prowrestling S 6Men Scramble (FPS6MS) ?

A: FPS6MS is a 1-6 player 32-Bit pro-wrestling character sprite-based video
   game developed by Human Entertainment for the Japanese Sega Saturn.

Q: How can I play FPS6MS on my U.S. Saturn? Is there anything extra I need
   to play this game since it's an import?

A: If you own the U.S. verison of the Sega Saturn, you will either need to
   purchase an import game cartridge converter or modify the Saturn unit
   internally to defeat the teritorial lockout that prevents U.S Saturn
   owners to play import games.

Answer from Edward Crouser:

 	If you live in an area where there are currently no importers (no
   place to get your Saturn modified without sending it away), here is a
   quick fix solution: Buy a GameShark. 
   	Why? It provides the ability to play imports through a undocumented
   command. Simply press and hold X+Y+Z while you press "A" at the "Start
   game without enhancements" screen. Bingo, You're in!

	Using a Gameshark vs. a Modified Switch has different advantages.
   With the Gameshark, not only do you get an import adapter but additional
   memory and game cheats. This however, comes at the expense of the cart
   slot on the Saturn. If you decide to use the Gameshark, it takes up the
   cart slot on your Saturn, where you can no longer use any other carts
   while you are playing imports. Why is this important? The Gameshark does
   not support "direct save" (i.e. ability to save directly from a game to
   the Gameshark's backup RAM without using the Gameshark's menu) so if you
   use a modified switch, you can retain the ability to use the cart slot
   for things such as Sega's Direct Save Memory Backup Cart or the SNK's 
   Memory cart for SNK's imports. 

Q: Where can I buy FPS6MS?

A: You can purchase the game at many import videogame retailers.

Q: How do I use the cartridge converter?

A: 5 simple steps:
	1. make sure your Sega Saturn system is powered off.
	2. insert the convertor into the cartridge slot on the top of the
	   Saturn unit.
	3. Place the import game CD-ROM into the Saturn
	4. Turn on the power.
	5. When the system finishes reading the CD, you may start the

   If the above doesn't work, insert the import CD after you see the Saturn
   control console.

Q: I dont have a memory card for the saturn, so does this mean I cant save
   the results of my matches or does the saturn have some type of internal
   battery backup?

A: Yes, the saturn does have an internal memory backup, but it is 
   recommended that the lithium battery be replaced once a year, during 
   which it is suggested that a backup of the saved game data be made using
   a ram cart.

Q: Doesnt the memory card use the same slot as the converter cartridge?

A: It's called a ram cart and yes it does use the same slot as the converter
   cart. But i've heard that you can yank out the converter cart once you
   see that the converter has kicked in and insert the ram cart.

Q: How many wrestlers are there in FPS6MS?

A: There are a total of 160 playable characters in this game, 24 of which
   are hidden.

Q: Exactly how many moves can each wrestler do? 

A: Each pre-programmed wrestler can do 48-52 moves depending on his
   wrestling style.

Q: Who are the character models in the game?

A: The character models in FPS6MS are patterned after athletes all over the
   world from past to present that are in some way involved or is very
   recognizable amongst the japanese pro-wrestling audience. A listing of
   all the characters in the game can be found on one of my other projects
   entitled "The 'WHO ARE THEY' Listing for FPS6MS".

Q: Is Human going to make this game for Playstation?

A: I heard not heard anything about this game being ported
   over for the Sony Playstation.

Answer from Edward Crouser:

	According to Victor Ireland, who runs Working Designs
(the software publisher that translates import RPGs and brings
them to the states), Working Designs has tried to work with
bringing some of their software to the Playstation. They have
been met with no success since a large portion of their games
are 2D. Only big developers with the pull of Capcom has 
actually convinced Sony to let them publish 2D games on the 
Playstation. So, more likely than not, this anti-2D sentiment 
with Sony, will be the reason that Human will not develop
any 2D version of Fire Pro on the Playstation. Hopefully
Human will work out their problems with their 3D version
of Fire Pro and get it to the same level as that of 6Men
Scramble on the Saturn.  Maybe then, we'll see a great
3D version of Fire Prowrestling on the Playstation.

Q: What kind of Cage Matches are in this game?

A: Only one type of cage match is available, which is the barbed wire cage
   in Death Match mode.

Q: What American Wrestlers are in the game?

A: Only those who are recognizable to the japanese pro-wrestling audience.

Q: I have played almost all of the previous incarnations of the Fire Pro
   series how does this version compare?

A: If you've played Super Fire Prowrestling X Premium, this verison puts
   that game to shame because of the improved gameplay, enhanced grafics and
   sound fx plus a wider variety of characters.

Q: How many EDIT slots are there in FPS6MS?

A: Unfortunately, there are only 16 slots available for creating your own

Q: Are Chairs and tables in the game?

A: No

Q: In Wrestler Edit mode, when I change the fight and counter style of my
   wrestler, how does that affect his performance, moves, etc. when I play

A: It all varies on what actual style you select, for example, if you were
   to set your wrestler's counter style to Lucha, he would take on the
   characteristics of a Luchador, such as being able to counter powerbombs
   into Huracanrana pinning combinations, countering a powerslam
   attack by sliding under his opponents legs.

Q: Are the button assignments for finishing moves the same for all

A: No, most wrestler's button asssignments for their finishing move is

Q: Can finishing moves be used at the start of a match, or do they need to
   be worked up to?

A: Some can, you can try it, but it will backfire and get countered by the
   opponent most of the time.

Q: Does every wrestler in the game have a finishing move?

A: Yes, each wrestler has one favorite hold/move and four specialties.

Q: Foriegn objects. Do only bad guys have them or can anyone?

A: The pre-programmed "bad guys" in the game usually have the forks and
   sickles but if you make your own wrestler, you can assign them any moves
   you want including foriegn objects.

Q: Does the weight of a competitor in FPS6MS have any affect on the damage
   he can give. i.e; A Vader splash should do more damage than a Lyger

A: Actually the weight that's listed on the wrestler profile is only for
   statistical purposes. But the attributes of a wrestler (Fight Style,
   Parameter data) does have an impact on how devastating a move is when

Q: Also does an outside the ring version of a move do more damage?
   e.g; a piledriver.

A: Yes it does.

Q: After winning a championship, does the wrestler wear the title belt
   to the ring?

A: Unfortunately the answer is no, the only way to determine that the
   wrestler is a champion is by looking at the wrestler's profile in the
   wrestler select screen.


Q: When grappling with the opponent, how can I get the advantage? Rapidly
   pressing the buttons don't seem to work.

A: Precise Timing. It's not very hard, all it takes is a little practice.
   As you grapple with the opponent, press the button or button combo you
   wish right when both wrestlers touch.

Q: How do I tag my partners in the Tag/6Men Tag match modes?

A: Press the D-Pad toward your partner and press the Y button.

Q: Can You Do Tope & Planchas on standing opponents, fallen opponents or

A: You can only perform dives to the outside while the opponent is standing.

Q: How can I keep my wrestler from being fatigued?

A: You can't, but there is a way to prevent fatigue from costing you the
   match. During the match itself, press and hold down the Y button to take
   a breather from the action and regain a little bit of strength. Another
   note on this subject, If you choose to play as a large wrestler, they
   tend to tire faster during the match, so it would be a good idea to take
   a breather as much as possible. 

Q: How do you do the wrestler's moves in the corner like the Muta handspring
   elbow, or the Tigermask run up the guy backflip thing?

A: Throw your opponent into the corner, make sure he's dazed against the
   corner, run at him from about the center of the ring and hold down the
   C button.

Q: How many opponents must I defeat to win the a championship?

A: 118-119 opponents in HWA Heavyweight Unified Single
   44-46 opponents in HWA Heavyweight Unified Tag
   40-41 opponents in HWA Jr. Heavyweight Unified Single
   16-18 opponents in HWA Jr. Heavyweight Unified Tag
   23-25 opponents in HWA Unified 6Men Tag
   The reason there's not a consistent number of opponents is that if you
   choose to use a wrestler or wrestlers that are supposed to be your
   opponents, they will be removed from the opponent list because there are
   no mirror matches in this game.

Q: How Long does it take to beat the game(win all the championships)?
A: It takes quite awhile to win all the championships, you're looking at
   around 40 - 50 hours of gameplay. 

Q: How do I put opponents on the top rope for a superplex and moves like it?

A: With the opponent dazed in the corner, grapple with him and press
   up (or whichever direction is for the wrestler you're using) and
   C button. From there it's the same as previous Fire Pro games, as you
   grapple with the opponent while on top, press either A, B or C button to
   perform the move. 

Q: How do I do Tag team specialty moves

A: There are 3 ways to perform Tag team double/triple team moves.
   have both partners grapple with the opponent in front while standing,
   from behind while standing and while the opponent is dazed against the

Q: Are there any codes to get all the secret wrestlers out?

A: Not that I know of. Each hidden wrestler will only show up after you've
   defeated him in the Victory Road mode, so you won't have to wait until
   you beat the game to play the hidden characters.

Q: How do I go for the pin (consistently)?

A: This game's moves layout is a bit different from previous version of Fire
   Pro, you must know where his pin hold is when going for the cover. Some
   of the wrestlers have pin holds only when you stand above the opponents
   torso while he's face up, some when standing over  the opponents legs
   while he's face down on the mat. As for which button to press, it's
   always the B button while standing over the wrestler without using any
   special button/control pad combination.

Q: How do you get criticals? I was playing against the computer then
   suddenly he beat me with a critical. I want to do that too.

A: Different criticals are available for different types of wrestlers,
   most normal "pro-style" wrestlers in the game have critical attributes
   on their finishing moves only, others (like the shoot-style wrestlers
   and the gruesome fighters) have criticals based on their techniques when
   applied such as strikes, joint locks and chokes).

Q: How can I do springboard moves, I think it is C and direction.

A: Correct, while standing on the ring apron, hold down the D-Pad towards
   the ropes and press C button while the opponent is standing.

Q: What about putting your opponent on the shoulders to do the LOD Doomsday
   Device or Steiner's Top Rope Bulldog?

A: That's an alternate method of double teaming, actually there are quite a
   few, one of them is putting the opponent on your shoulders, which is 
   D-PAD Up or Down + Z button when you grapple with the opponent from
   behind. Another is by double underhooking the opponent's arms, which is
   the same method as above but pressing only the Z button alone.
   Yet another way to double team is when you're on the ring apron to grab
   the opponent when he gets close to you by pressing the Z button to grab
   The LOD's doomsday device can be done using the first method mentioned
   above, with Hawk climbing to the top and doing the flying clotheline.
   The Steiner's top rope double team bulldog can be done when the opponent
   is dazed in the corner and both members of the tag team grapple with him
   then the player controlling Rick or Scott (I'm not sure, but if you don't
   get the top rope bulldog, you'll get the top rope DDT) presses either 
   A, B, or C button.



              -SEGA Saturn Controller button layout-

                      L                   R
                      |               X Y Z
                      |               A B C


START BUTTON:	Begins the game/Shortcut button/Changes modes
             	Randomly suggests wrestler to pick at the wrestler selection

D-PAD:        	Moves the cursor/Switches selections

A BUTTON:     	Confirm Selection/Choose wrestler color 1

B BUTTON:     	Cancel Selection/Choose wrestler color 2

C BUTTON:     	Confirm Selection/Choose wrestler color 3

X BUTTON:     	Choose wrestler color 4

Y BUTTON:     	Choose wrestler color 5

Z BUTTON:     	Choose wrestler color 6

L BUTTON:     	Scroll menu

R BUTTON:     	Scroll menu/Fast scrolling(Hold down button)


START BUTTON: 	Game Pause/Unpause

D-PAD:        	Move your wrestler
              	When your wrestler is downed, tap up or down to roll in that

             	Tap D-Pad rapidly to escape submission holds.

             	Tap down on D-Pad to come down off the top turnbuckle.

A BUTTON:     	Small attack
              	Deadly Drive, slam opponent off the top turnbuckle while
		he's up there. (press D-PAD toward + button)

              	Special Attack
            	(used in conjunction with the B button. Press A+B buttons
		 together while in a standing position.)

             	Pick downed opponent up, if opponent is face up, stand over
	      	torso and press A, if he's face down, goto opponent's legs
		and press A.

              	Roll downed opponent over, if opponent is face up, stand
		over his legs and press A, if he's face down, goto
		opponent's torso and press A.

              	Leave the ring, press D-PAD towards the ring ropes
		+ A button.

            	Go back inside the ring, press D-PAD towards the ring +
		A button.

             	Climbing the ringpost, press D-Pad toward against the
		corner + press A or B button.

B BUTTON:      	Middle attack
               	Deadly Drive, slam opponent off the top turnbuckle while
		he's up there. (press D-PAD toward + button)

   		Run up to the cornerpost
               	(Only certain wrestlers will have this, mainly Luchadors
		 but not limited to. Run towards the red or blue corner and
                 hold down the B button.)

               	Special Attack
               	(used in conjunction with the B button. Press A+B buttons
                 together while in a standing position)

               	Hold down B button to escape a pin attempt    
               	Release pin or submission hold manually.
               	Step out to the ring apron, press D-PAD towards ring ropes
               	+ B button.

               	Climb onto the ring apron from the outside, press D-PAD
               	towards the ring + B button.

               	Climbing the ringpost, press D-Pad toward against the corner
               	+ press A or B button.

C BUTTON:      	Big Attack

               	Attack opponent while he's dazed in the corner.
               	(While standing in the center of the ring, press X button
		 to run and hold down the C button)

               	Dive to the outside
               	(While opponent is on the outside of the ring. Stand
		 about 1/2 away from the ropes, then press X button to run
                 and hold down C button.)

X BUTTON:      	Run (with D-PAD direction)

Y BUTTON:      	Regain energy (hold down)
		Counter running opponent 
                (Only available for certain characters)
		Used in tag matches to tag your partner
		(D-PAD towards partner + Y button.)

Z BUTTON:       First person perspective movement against opponent
                i.e; move around the ring in the direction that your
                wrestler is facing the opponent.
	        (Hold down button and use D-Pad)

                Drag downed opponent. While opponent is down stand by his
                torso or legs and press Z button to drag him across the

L-BUTTON:       Performance 1

R-BUTTON:       Performance 2


START BUTTON:   Game Pause/Unpause

D-PAD:	        Used in conjunction with the 6 main button to do moves

A BUTTON:       Small attack

B BUTTON:       Middle attack

C BUTTON:       Big Attack

X BUTTON:       Hammerthrow 
                (Whip opponent across the ring or outside, specify direction
                 by holding down the D-PAD)

Y BUTTON:       Not used

Z BUTTON:       Front Headlock 
	        (Useful for dragging the opponent across the ring, while
                 opponent is in the headlock, press A, B or C button to
                In tag matches: Drag opponent to your corner and press the
                Y button to tag your partner in while the opponent is still
                in the front headlock.
                Tie Opponent's foot upside down in the corner.
                (Grapple with opponent while he's dazed in the corner and
                 press D-Pad toward + Z button)

                Hold opponent while grappling from behind.
                Put opponent on your shoulders while grappling from behind,
                press D-PAD up or down + Z button.

L-BUTTON:       Not Used

R-BUTTON:       Not Used


Author: BTFight ( btfight@aol.com )
Contributor: Edward Crouser ( crouser@ibm.net )

Question Contributors: CxTxSxE     ( cxtxsxe@aol.com )
                       ECWFan93    ( ecwfan93@aol.com )
                       IHKage      ( ihkage@aol.com )
                       Jim Freeman ( freeman@buffnet.net )
                       SuperSFZ    ( supersfz@aol.com )
                       Chewfaca    ( chewfaca@aol.com )
	               KenjiAJR    ( kenjiajraol.com )
                       Ed Crouser  ( crouser@ibm.net )
                       Bob mung    ( bobmung@aol.com )
		       Kasan123    ( kasan123@aol.com )
                       Jeff Sideno ( sidenx@worldnet.att.net )

Thanks to IH Kage for proofing this document. :)
Special Thanks also goes out to Brandon Mullins ( fnord@on-net.net )
for pointing out a mistake I made counting the number of playable
characters available in the game.

If I've left anyone out, please don't hessitate to let me know.

RVG (Rasslin' Video Games, Tons of info on import Pro-Wrestling Video Games)

The Super Fire Prowrestling Club (Super Fire Pro-Wrestling Help Files)


The Unofficial Frequently Asked Questions on
Fire Prowrestling S 6Men Scramble 
Copyright © 1997 FPORG Ltd. All Rights Reserved.                                                  

FIRE PROWRESTLING S 6MEN SCRAMBLE Copyright © 1996 Human Corporation

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