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Guide and Walkthrough by jon / SKChan

Updated: 07/09/2001

FEDA - The Emblem of Justice, SNES Walkthrough.
by jon (jon_waholic@hotmail.com) and SKChan, 09 Jul 01.

This document Copyright 2001 Jon Waholic and Soon-Kiang Chan.
Please do not modify or use the document for commercial purpose without
authorization from the authors, Jon Waholic or Soon-Kiang Chan.

FEDA - The Emblem of Justice
SNES game produced by Yanoman and Max entertainment.
Released 1994.

Forewords: Some translated names maybe incorrect as I have yet found any site
putting up translated names of locations and characters. This walkthrough is
intended for SNES version of the game. Differences in Saturn version 'FEDA
remake' will be discussed in Pointers section.
Translating all conversation can be fun but too time-consuming for me and SK.
All conversation shows what the character is like. Brian may be exhausted but
he is a calm thinker. Ain has weird temper and perks (he prefers warm bed in
cozy tavern). Sadly I will not take up the task of translating. FEDA2 is out on
PS for years but I am still unable to get it.
Please feel free to email me if you spot anything missing or wrong.

-09 Jul 01 3rd update. Completed all areas. Included all possible endings.
-12 Jun 01 2nd update. Corrected major mistakes in translation of names.
Currently I am still unable to get the correct English names of all locations,
8 characters and all enemy units. The introduction is also on SNES version, not
only Sega Saturn. Added item lists in Pointers section.
-08 Jun 01 1st update. Include area 3,4,5,6. Corrected little mistakes here and
there. Still looking for more grammatical and spelling errors.
-28 May 01 1st version of this walkthrough.


1. Walkthrough
-Area0 The Introduction
-The Endings
2. Pointers
3. Comments and acknowledgements

"Ohh, *Mildoras Garld my mother. How many millions' blood and rubble have you
Do you want images of endless killing and destruction to burn a permanent mark
on you eyes?
Loving Mildoras Garld, may there be not answer from you, let our moans be
carved on the earth!"
*Mildoras Garld is the name of the land.

Old calendar 5036, month of Eye-birth(October), 13th day. The racial war that
has being going on for 600 years has a major turn. A new power Balfomauria uses
ancient-sealed final weapon "Ending 4 wisemen" in war zone Phantom.
Power balance collapsed. Tide of war turned against human-centred old
government. New battles break out as Balfomauria completely rules the land.
About 400 years later, 1st year of New Genesis, month of Victory(June), 8th
The war, that lasts 1000 years, is ended by demi-human-centred Balfomauria, in
order to bring peace to the land.
This near eternal 1000-year war is called "Millennium Nightmare War".
Every race's history is left with a deep scar.

Area0   The Introduction
This part happens 2 months before Brian arrives at Bazeru mountain.

A cargo dragon flying high above, is carrying the security control unit Gul
Performance. Alnos the leader is briefing everyone, among sat Brian and Ain.
The objective is simple: kill everyone in sight. After landing in Bado village,
the unit goes into action. Brian is stunned as all his targets are helpless
villagers. At the other end of the village, Alnos slowly raise his spear to
finish off an Alsidean girl. Brian immediately stops Alnos. After confusion,
Brian stares in disbelief as his blade sinks into Alno's bleeding shoulder...

After a few weeks, Brian sits in a prison cell alone. He has a visitor, who is
none other than Ain. They are tired of current situation and without much
thought, they decide to break out of prison. Both of them fight hard but are
out-numbered and surrounded. Flashes come out of little pellets dropped from
above. It is Dora. Three of them seize the chance to escape and set off for the

Area1   The compensation of infamy (Omei-no-daishou)
Troubled by desertion from a security control unit, Empire army government sent
special Tusk unit Bloody Rose after the 3 deserters. The command sheet received
by Bloody Rose contains only one instruction "Immediate punishment upon

"2 months after incident at Bado village...We escaped into middle of Bazeru
mountain, west of Skuderia government house. With not much expectation and
following Ain's suggestion, we decide to leave this continent. It is not due to
fear of pursuers from empire army as we are tired of fighting to survive. At
the moment, we cannot decide how to stay out of the Empire's attention."

-Brian Stelbart, Ain Macdougal and Dora Systeel move down the mountain. An
Alsidean youth called Tom Woodland appears and offers to take the party to his

-Travel west to high plain.

  Area1 Battle1 Battle along the river
  Objective: All units escape North along the river.
  Opponent: Beastmaster
            Meltgel x2
            Gedoh x2
  Reward: 100G, 40exp

-Continue west to hanging bridge. At hanging bridge, Tom blows up the bridge to
delay the pursuer.

-Continue west to the mountains. This time Tom blows up rocks to block the
mountain path and they take another secret route around.

-Go south to a cave. In the cave, a warrior mistakes Brian as Empire's soldier
and attacks him. Tom rushes in and explains. The warrior is Dan Darlest,
another deserter. He hates the Empire and joins Brian in order to fight against
the empire army. Continue West. Next stop is forest.

  Area1 Battle2 Battle in the forest
  Objective: Destroy all enemy units.
  Opponent: Beastmaster
            Gedoh x2
            Swarmp leech x2
  Reward: 145G, 35exp

-Go north to Bazeru village. Upon entering village, Tom leaves to handle some
matters and ask Brian to look up for his sister Eris Woodland. The village has
not attracted attention from Empire. Youths from the village have joint the
liberation force. The land around village once filled with temples and
churches, there is none now after troops entered. Go to weapon shop to meet up
with Tom first, then go to Eris house North of the village.

Items sold: Ration1, Mind-repair, Holy-knife, Short-sword, Middle-sword, Axe.

-Eris does not trust Brian and is unwilling to help. She reminds Tom what
happened to deserters, liberation and Bado village. She is obliged to report
deserters to liberation force in the area and ask Brian to follow her to
liberation camp.

-The liberation accepts Brian's party. They want to move on as Bazeru village
will soon be noticed by the empire. A report arrived: empire flying dragon
transport is approaching the village. Brian immediately figures out it is Gul
Performance, a security control unit with members recruited from hell-like
environment, the unit Brian and Ain formerly from. The party rushes back to
village with Eris. Return to village.

  Area1 Battle3 Battle in Bazeru village
  Objective: Hold enemy unit until Eris and villagers escape.
  (There may be a bug, I have to destroy all enemy units in this battle.)
  Opponent: Trooper x3
            Swarmp leech x3
  Reward: -

-Eris reveals that they will be escaping up mountain using cable gondolas.
Brian volunteers to hold back enemy attack. Eris will join during next battle.

  Area1 Battle4 Gondola machine at forest clearing
  Objective: Hold enemy unit until 4 villagers escape (4 turns).
  Opponent: Trooper x3
            Gedoh x3
  Reward: 150G, 60exp

-After battle, Brian has a conversation with Eris. Brian knows clearly that his
party is not necessary on path of justice, but fighting is inevitable. Eris
agrees that fleeing at sight of trouble will not change anything. Move north to
San Bazeru temple.

-A powerful seal generated by Teacher in the temple protects it from empire
invasion. Go to top floor to meet Teacher. Teacher thanks Brian for avoiding
bloodshed and comments that Brian has eyes they reveals hope in difficult time.
He mentions the name Andera Balzark and Arcadian Liberation Army and wants
Brian to look for them. He wants Eris and his follower Elle Northwind to join
their party even after Ain insists that their party is not necessary fighting
for justice and want teacher not to have funny hopes of Brian bringing peace to
the land. (*Eris and El will not join if unit's reputation is chaos.)

"Our escape has unexpectedly leads us to the meeting with Arcadian liberation
army. What's happening...but more importantly is the overflowing sense of
relief after leaving the army. I certainly think that we are not people who'll
get any attention from the liberation army. These happenings may just be a
suitable compensation for infamy."

Area2   Devil's Feast (Akuma-no-kyouen)
Northwest of Skuderia, there is a laboratory under *Cobalt's control. Men who
participated in liberation activities are separated from family and sent there.
The empire army repeatedly conducts disgusting human experiments in this
*Cobalt Axiaysus - governor of Skuderia. Race is Gurunareim.

"By strange chance we are being accepted and allowed to head for west coast. No
one seems to give a thought about our past connection with empire's killer unit
Gul Performance...If taking into account liberation army's suspicion and
empire's pursue, deserters like us will have no place to stay in Skuderia."

-Brian's party travel down the mountain towards town of Spit, a center for
trade. Move south.

-Town of Spit is neutral in the struggle between liberation force and empire.
Town people are troubled by contaminated river water, which make drinker
berserk. Talk to an old man on 2nd floor of the tavern (bottom-right of town).
He asks Brian to take a look at one of the victim, Dangan. Brian also learns
that Alnos, former captain of Gul Performance has arrived in the area. Enter
house top-left and talk to the guard there. Dangan suddenly goes wild, escapes
and attacks people. Ain subdues him. The elder of the town appears and wants to
speak to Brian's party in his house (left of town). The elder reveals that the
town is used as a communication base by Arcadian and has heard about Brian from
the liberation army. He wants Brian to leave town to avoid discovery by
empire's transport unit, which frequents this town. The town is a part of the
transportation route for biological weapons: a monster called Demihuman made
from mutated villagers. Brian finds out Alnos has become chief of the facility
up North. The elder begs of Brian to avoid killing Demihumans as they are
formerly human. Exit through the opened gate bottom of town.

Items sold: Ration1, Mind-repair, Holy-knife, Middle-sword, Steel-ax, Lance,

-Go south.

  Area2 Battle5 Way to Ruben village (1)
  Objective: Destroy all enemy units other than Demi-human.
  Opponent: Trooper x1
            Beastmaster x2
            Demihuman x2
  Reward: 226, 35exp

-After battle, a centaur approaches the party. He is Christopher Deigood,
fighting for peace of the land. He joins Brian's party disregarding Brian's

-At another end, a trooper is reporting the sighting of Brian to Alnos. Alnos
wants Brian captured and brought to the laboratory as he got a score to settle.

-Move west.

  Area2 Battle6 Way to Ruben village (2)
  Objective: Move to top-left corner of the map.
  Opponent: Trooper
            Beastmaster x2
            Gedoh x2
  Reward: 200, 45exp

-Press on to the village.

Area2 Battle7 Way to Ruben village (3)
Objective: Destroy all enemy units other than Demihuman.
Opponent: Trooper x2
          Demihuman x4
Reward: 220, 35exp

-After the battle, Brian and Ain are troubled by the Demihumans. A female
warrior appears and turns the Demihumans back to human. She introduces herself
as Roiss Hegkmeyar from liberation army. She has gas that can reverse Demihuman
mutation but has run out of it.

-Move North to Rubens village. Brian will follow Roiss into a house. They
discovered that women from the village are being abducted by a renegade monk
Ryoukan, when the men are not around. Roiss will only provide information of
the laboratory after Brian does something about the monk. Exit west of the

-Go West to Ryoukan's Mansion. All the women mention that Ryoukan is not as bad
as rumored. After a round of combat, Ryoukan surrenders and promises to return
all women. He is hatching a plan to attack the laboratory but is unable to
carryout as he is alone. He passes Brian the key to the gate of the laboratory
and joins (*Ryoukan will not join if unit's reputation is law).

-Return to Rubens village. Talk to Roiss and she will give all information of
the laboratory she knows. The laboratory researches special weapon for empire
army, current chief is Alnos and they are conducting biological experiments
now. The contaminated river water and weird medicine for making Demihumans are
part of the facility's doing. The antidote gas is provided by liberation force
from mainland but she has run out of it here, she believes Alnos is having
some. Brian figures out a plan to take over the laboratory. He will let himself
be captured on purpose and infiltrate the premise then release the bridge.
Roiss and Ain will wait outside. Exit top of the village and the plan will be
executed immediately. Roiss joins Brian's party.

-Brian tries to break through a security checkpoint and let himself be
captured. After that he is sent to retention room. The prisoners there
cultivate magical plants, discharge contaminated water into river and
eventually get turn into a Demihuman. Contact Shane Wreidback at rightmost of
the room. He will work with Brian to release a bridge leading to the
laboratory. Leave the retention room. (*Shane will not join if unit's
reputation is chaos)

  Area2 Battle8 Between retention room and laboratory
  Objective: Head for the exit at top-left corner.
  Opponent: Beastmaster x2
            Swarmp leech x3
  Reward: 100, 45exp

-Brian releases the bridge while Ain and party arrives at the entrance.

  Area2 Battle9 Entrance to the laboratory
  Objective: Destroy all enemy units.
  Opponent: Trooper x4
            Swarmp leech x3
  Reward: 304, 30exp

-Use the command stay on map. Brian unlocks the gate with the key then enters
the laboratory.

  Area2 Battle10 Inside laboratory (1)
  Objective: Destroy all enemy units.
  Opponent: Grancreed(lizardman) x2
            Trooper x3
            Beastmaster x2
  Reward: 308, 30exp

  Area2 Battle11 Inside laboratory (2)
  Objective: Defeat Alnos.
  Opponent: Alnos
            Demihuman x8
  Reward: 300, 60exp

-After battle, Alnos tells Brian that it is too late. Demihumans are being
distributed to all units and the antidote gas only works on experimental
Demihumans. Roiss snatches the formula for the antidote gas and rushes back to
village. Alnos retreats to an inner room and escaped using a transport.

-Go south back to Rubens village. On the way, Brian meets up with Alnos again.
He is surrounded and finished off by Demihumans.

-Enter the village. The shop owner has placed 3 ration1 in Brian's inventory as
gifts. Look for Roiss and she introduces Brian to Koumei, the supreme commander
of Northern liberation force. He welcomes and hopes Brian's party can join the
liberation force. Brian insists on not getting involved in any army anymore and
heads for Yanikk port to get to mainland. Koumei sends people to clear the
roadblock northwest of the village as repayment for Brian's help.

The shop in Rubens village has reopen and is selling: Ration1, Mind-repair,
Claymore, Steel-ax, Spear, Psycho-staff.

-Move North, then West. Koumei stops Brian on the way. The liberation force
urgently needs someone in Yanikk port but there is no soldier to spare here,
and they cannot just use any wandering deserters. The only solution is for
Brian's party to become the 3rd guerilla unit. In return, Koumei will pay Brian
so that he can afford the trip to mainland. He also ordered Jim and Wishbone to
follow the unit and handle the logistics. Roiss and Shane will formally join
the unit. (*Shane will not join if unit's reputation is chaos.)

"My settlement with the empire is done. Alnos is dead and people of this area
are released a little from the clutches of death. Our actions have led us to be
involved with the liberation force. The infamy is being covered up and not
being revealed...Addition to guerilla unit in liberation, may it be god's
decision, may it be fate..."

Area3   Dancing sand storm (Sajin-rambu)
Due to suppressive military power of the empire and complete control politic
led by Cobalt Axiaysus, previous localized racial liberation movements are
unable to carry out in all Skuderia. As the liberation forces are facing this
problem, Koumei, the one who is given the name "God of army" from times of
Millennium war, assumes the position of supreme commander. To break from
current state of war, Koumei is hastening the formation of special units...

"We become the '3rd special guerilla unit' in the liberation army...First, we
need to cross Skuld desert...moving towards port town of Yanikk. This is our
first mission. Following the way, an ill-feeling empire base quietly towers
over... "

-Travel West. Now Brian has a mobile base. Jim Shorry mans the warehouse,
battle participation and settings. Wishbone is in charge of saving and rescuing
captured units.

  Area3 Battle12 Skuld Desert (1)
  Objective: Defeat the 2 Grancreeds(lizardman).
  Opponent: Grancreed(lizardman) x2
            Bow Kenrava- x2
            Bihauto gedoh x3
            Tsua-mu leech
  Reward: 226, 40exp

-Go to The liberation front line base to the East. The base is too busy
defending the desert. They cannot help Brian's unit to get to Yanikk port. The
base commander in the larger building is talking to Koumei. Talk to the
commander. A soldier reports sighting of empire army heading towards Skuld
temple. The move is unnatural and the liberation desperately needs a unit to go
and investigate. Brian's unit is the prime candidate. Brian will learn that In
north of desert there is a temple more than 1000 years old. There is a griffis
priestess called Teita who is hard-hearted and refuses to help the liberation
army. A soldier talks about a protector god of desert, which can clear out the
desert if angered.

-Go west, then north. Special unit Bloody Rose appears from empire's fortress
and begins to move towards the temple.

  Area3 Battle13 Skuld Desert (2)
  Objective: Defeat the 2 Grancreeds(lizardman).
  Opponent: Grancreed(lizardman) x2
            Bow Kenrava-
            Tsua-mu leech
            Berukudasshu x3
  Reward: 226, 40exp

-Continue north to the temple. At the temple, Koumei tells Brian the real form
of the protector god. It is actually an errand-spirit in form of gigantic worm.
During the Millennium War, Koumei got a chance to see what the spirit's
horrible destructive power can do. The control to the spirit is in the temple.
A dying man emerges from the temple. Brian rushes into the temple. Bloody Rose
has taken over the temple. Brian learns from the remaining enemy that Tusk
Breastlate is leader of Bloody Rose and is shocked.

Area3 Battle14 Skuld Temple
Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
Opponent: Deraitsua-to x4
          Ninja hound x4
Reward: 395, 45exp

-An illusion appears on an altar saying the creatures of the land is doing
things without reason again and heading towards "destruction". Koumei asks for
more details on the "destruction" but it is unable to provide any. The illusion
starts to falter and ask Brian and Koumei to speak to it in person then

-Return to the liberation base. The base is completely overrun by Bloody Rose.
The party learns from dying base commander that Teita escaped to the base
earlier with Bloody Rose in pursuit. Led by Tusk, Bloody Rose defeated everyone
in base, captured Teita and headed for a place called "Desert Eye". Brian
reveals that Tusk Breastlate is his childhood friend and possibly is the same
person leading Bloody Rose.

-Go east.

  Area3 Battle15 Skuld Desert (3)
  Objective: Move to east of the map.
  Opponent: Grancreed x2
            Bow Kenrava-
            Tsua-mu leech
            Berukudasshu x3
  Reward: 200, 40exp

-Move east to Desert Eye. Teita is held prisoner. Tusk steps out to greet his
old friend Brian. His unit is suppose to hunt down Brian but has other orders
to carry out. He leaves some of his units to 'entertain' Brian and exits.

  Area3 Battle16 Desert Eye
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Deraitsua-to x4
            Ninja hound x2
            Wizard x2
  Reward: 399, 50exp

-Teita has called the errand spirit De Sarut before the battle. Tusk and his
unit pulled out of the area because of that. Unfortunately Teita's power alone
is unable to control De Sarut. Koumei asks Teita to follow them. He will try to
gather more people to channel their thoughts together with Teita and hopes that
it will be powerful enough to control De Sarut.

-Move towards the empire fortress. Near the fortress, Koumei carries out the
plan. It works and De Sarut heads toward the fortress.

-Go to empire fortress. De Sarut has crashed through a section of the wall. It
has calmed down and Teita is able to make it return to the temple. Teita has
another request for Brian: retrieving a divine sword stolen by Bloody Rose.
Brian accepts the request as he will be looking for Tusk to clear things out.
Teita Blade joins (*Teita will not join if unit's reputation is law).

  Area3 Battle17 Empire Desert Fortress
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Grancreed(lizardman) x3
            Bow Kenrava- x2
            Tsua-mu leech
            Bihauto getoh x2
            Deraitsua-to x2
  Reward: 474, 45exp

-Go east. Koumei cautions everyone that Yanikk is under empire's supervision,
Brian unit is to keep a low profile as the liberation has secret operation to
carry out.

-Enter Yanikk port town. Go to east end of the town to watch a duel between a
swordsman and a female centaur. Seeing a strong opponent, Ain instinctively
wants to challenge him. The swordsman is astonished at Ain's strength and type
of sword used, an eastern blade similar to one he uses. He is Shishimaru and
has been looking for a unit like Brian's. With no objection from Koumei,
Shishimaru joins. The empire army spotted Brian. They do not want to make a
scene in town and want Brian to surrender at the port. They promise not to
ill-treat Brian or carry out empire's order to execute upon capture if he
surrenders. Go east of the town to port area.

Items sold: Ration1, Foodpack, Mind-repair, Broad-sword, Long-sword, Spear,
Javelin, Lance, Steel-ax.

  Area3 Battle18 Port of Yanikk
  Objective: Defeat the Pegasus Knight.
  Opponent: Pegasus Knight
            Grancreed(lizardman) x3
            Bow Kenrava- x2
            Tsua-mu leech x2
  Reward: 325, 40exp

-A man called Tollman comes out. He is on the same mission as Koumei to gather
able personnel for Jackal Operation. Koumei gives Brian the next order:
carryout Jackal Operation. A piece of information arrived: the teacher of
revolution Andera Balzark is in the region and held on Gilmoa island fortress
as prisoner. The objective of the operation is the rescue of Andera. Brian is
not interested and wants to return to mainland but Ain insists Brian to stay
and carrying out the operation to see what will happen. Tollman wants Jeda
Clowney to join Brian's unit. The female Centaur from duel earlier catches up
and wants to join Brian's unit. She wants to get stronger through fighting
before returning to homeland. She introduces herself as Jenny Rockwell and
joins (*Jenny will not join if unit's reputation is chaos). Tollman brings
everyone to a ship and will brief everyone on board. (Jeda's ride is called
Libiteena, a mature female dragon. Nobody actually has seen his face under the

"Tusk is alive...! Tusk who went missing during Millennium War and never
returned...The friend whom went through life and death together on battlefield,
has become the leader of unit ordered to hunt down deserters like me...While
waiting for commencement of the operation at Yanikk, I can vaguely see the
shape of Gilmoa island, faintly floating at the other end of horizon..."

Area4   Jackal Operation (Jakkaru opere-shon)
Year of New Genesis. Arcadian liberation army starts one of the important anti
empire exercise. Rescuing Father of liberation movement Andera Balzak from
impermeable Gilmoa island fortress. The name of the operation 'Jackal
Operation', liberation army 3rd guerilla unit is in charge of carrying it out.

"Jackal Operation has started. Departing from Yanikk by ship, we head for coast
of Gilmoa island...Located on the island is Laser-cannon feared by liberation
army. Continuously praying that we will not become target of the cannon, we
move to the flow of wind and sea..."

-Ain asks about Tusk. Brian and Tusk are born in the same village, childhood
friends, commissioned as officers in Balfomauria together. 3 months before the
end of Millennium War. Both of their units were surrounded by enemy's guerillas
at front line. Both units had sustained serious losses. In the confusion, an
enemy's hound jumped in and attacked Tusk. Brian took the blow and got wounded
in the face. Tusk plunged deep into the enemy and never returned. The story is
common in any battlefields. The unit prepares for landing.

  Area4 Battle19 Coast of Gilmoa
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Yakuto Trooper x3
            Grancreed(lizardman) x3
            Bow Kenrava- x2
            Tsua-mu leech x2
            Gran Fix
  Reward: 580, 35exp

-A meeting between the governor and 4 commodores of Skuderia. Bart Balthukus
reports an infiltration of Gilmoa island by liberation army. Cobalt instructs
Bart not to bother too much about such a small unit. With the final weapon
"Executor" in his hand, Andera and laser-cannon mean nothing to him now. Luke
Hegkmeyar reminds that the people may stand up against empire rule if any
mishap happens to Andera. Cobalt does not care about uprising from the people
and lets Rasetsu finish off Andera.

-Tollman is in the commander's room in base. It is optional to talk to him
anytime to find out what liberation has arranged for Brian's unit. They are to
get to empire's fortress, contact an undercover then disable the laser-cannon.
The unit will then rescue Andera.

-Go west to Albeta village. Gilmoa is made up of 2 island connected by an
empire army controlled bridge. The fortress is on the main island. The empire
soldiers in the village have not experienced any battle for sometime and do not
suspect anything. A villager in house to the left speaks of a nurse called Aria
living alone to the west. Empire soldiers frequent her place to get their
wounds treated. Brian thinks that it is good to get some information from her

Items sold: Ration1, Foodpack, Mind-repair, Riabarianto, Broad-sword,
Long-sword, Zwei-buster, Javelin, Chrome-Lance, Heavy-crossbow.

-Go west.

  Area4 Battle20 Outside Aria's house
  Objective: Defeat the leader (Yakuto Trooper to the right).
  Opponent: Yakuto Trooper x2
            Bow Kenrava- x4
            Burauhauto x2
  Reward: 352, 40exp

-Enter the house and talk to the nurse inside. She is Aria Karmainleik and
desperately need to leave the island. She will help Brian's unit to cross the
bridge on a condition that she joins Brian's unit.

-Go to village then to the collapsible bridge north.

  Area4 Battle21 Gilmoa bridge
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Yakuto Trooper x3
            Bow Kenrava- x2
            Wizard x2
            Tsua-mu leech x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 505, 45exp

-After crossing the bridge, Brian can either go directly to fortress or the
house to the east. In the house a dying soldier informs Brian that the
undercover has successfully infiltrated the fortress. It is not essential to
defeat all patrolling units (best avoid or retreat if you want to keep law

  Area4 Battle-optional Gilmoa Patrols
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Yakuto Trooper
            Deraitsua-to x3
            Bow Kenrava- x2
            Wizard x2
            Tsua-mu leech x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 266, 0exp

  Area4 Battle22 Gilmoa Fortress Gate
  Objective: Send a unit to top-right device to open the gate.
  Opponent: Yakuto Trooper
            Bow Kenrava- x2
            Wizard x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 280, 40exp

-Enter the fortress.

  Area4 Battle23 Gilmoa Fortress
  Objective: Wait for the undercover contact to approach them (5 turns).
  Opponent: Pegasus knight x2
            Fankeln x2
            Bow Kenrava- x3
            Wizard x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 300, 30exp

-An explosion occurs behind, the empire soldiers retreat. Arby Hcszeool, the
undercover, emerges and greets Brian. He explains that the cannon has 2 power
supplies: firing-platform's main and underground's subsidiary. He will take
care of underground sub-supply while Brian takes out the main on the platform.
Follow Arby into a building. Left staircase leads to underground, take the
right one that goes to the platform. Tollman urges them to hurry as the cargo
dragon in charge of rescuing Andera has taken off and heading towards them.

  Area4 Battle24 Laser cannon platform
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units. (There seems to have another objective...)
  Opponent: Pegasus knight
            Fankeln x4
            Bow Kenrava- x3
            Grancreed x2
            Gran fix x2
  Reward: 329, 0exp

-Brian and Arby successfully cut off the power and disabled the cannon. Andera
is held in a building to the north of the fortress. Arby joins Brian's unit
(*Arby will not join if unit's reputation is chaos). Reenter the fortress,
enter the building to the north, go down the stairs.

  Area4 Battle25 Prison
  Objective: Defeat the Burauhauto.
  Opponent: Burauhauto
            Fankeln x2
            Rezoa gel x4
            Wizard x2
  Reward: 347, 50exp

-Exhausted Andera emerges from the prison. After becoming a cause of fighting,
he starts to have doubts whether his teachings of peace through ignoring racial
and status difference is really attainable. He questions whether Cobalt's
approach is really wrong. Brian replies that he does not want to change the
world, he just wants freedom. His party is simply made up of people who fight
for justice they believe in. Andera follows the liberation to see how future
can be changed by people like Brian. The cargo dragon arrives and the party
leaves the island.

"Father of Arcadian liberation exercise Andera Balzak is rescued by the 3rd
guerilla unit. The empire forces on the island surrender completely and
liberation army successfully seized an important point of battle."

Area5   Returning Jackal (Jakkaru kikaeseri)
A sword from Skuld temple called 'Executor', the administer of death, landed in
hands of Governor Cobalt Axiaysus. The process to release the enormous power
held by the sword has started secretly. To Cobalt, the need to hold Andera
Balzak in Gilmoa island to control uprising from suppressed people no longer

"...After rescuing teacher Andera, we board liberation's cargo dragon and
return to Skuderia in haste. The town of Kesrel where Koumei is waiting comes
into sight..."

-Brian and Ain are suspicious about empire's actions. The defence on Gilmoa is
too lax despite being an important strategic point and the guards in the prison
seems to have been ordered not to defeat the rescuers. An enemy cargo dragon
approaches from behind fast.

  Area5 Battle26 Air battle
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Pegasus knight
            Yakuto trooper x2
            Grancreed x4
            Bow kenraua- x2
  Reward: 542, 40exp

-The liberation cargo dragon is damaged after the fighting and forced to land.

  Area5 Battle27 Area Guards
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units except the Yakuto troopers.
  Opponent: Yakuto trooper x2
            Burauhauto x3
            Fankeln x3
            Wizard x2
            Gran fix x2
  Reward: 683, 40exp

-After interrogating the trooper, Brian learns that security has tightened in
this area because Cobalt is preparing to create a miracle. Before the trooper
can finish, he is silenced by a poisoned throwing-dagger. Brian immediately
identifies it as Tusk's. Ain is cut by it and the poison has taken effect.
Tollman suggests carrying Ain to a village nearby for treatment.

-Enter the village. Talk to Ain in house at bottom left. A villager brings in
Konory Rafrecia. The poison is extracted from Dona's root and can be cured by
using Tiabrossam flower, found in Aldennu forest to the west, with Konory's
healing power. Konory warns Brian of a witch living in the forest who traps

Items sold: Ration1, Foodpack, Mind-repair, Broadsword, Long-sword, Battleaxe,
Assault pack, Javelin, Chrome-Lance.

-Go west.

  Area5 Battle28 Aldennu forest
  Objective: Send a unit to flower patch top-left.
  Opponent: Rezoa gel x2
            Tsua-mu leech x3
  Reward: 200, 35exp

-Return to village. Konory cures Ain. She requests to travel with Brian's unit
as she wants company and empire army is looking for her everywhere for unknown
reason. Ain feels that it is better for Konory to join the party and Brian
agrees to take her in. (*Konory will not join if unit's reputation is chaos. If
being defeated in battle, she returns to the unit instead of prison camp.)

-Brian can either travel south to face 2 empire units or go to the forest again
and ask Sonia for a passage through.

(Going through Aldennu forest)

  Area5 Battle29 Aldennu forest path
  Objective: Destroy all units.
  Opponent: Rezoa gel x3
            Wyvern x2
            Tsua-mu leech x4
  Reward: 472, 35exp

-Sonia Bluewood the dark-elf witch will appear. She has been trying hard to
protect the forest from empire army. She notices Brian is not with the empire
and joins (*Sonia will not join if unit reputation is law).

(Taking the way south)

  Area5 Battle Area guards (1)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Yakuto trooper x2
            Wizard x3
            Bow kenraua- x3
            Fankeln x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: ?, 0exp

  Area5 Battle Area guards (2)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Yakuto trooper x2
            Wizard x3
            Fankeln x3
            Gran fix x2
  Reward: ?, 0exp

(After exiting forest or defeating the 2 units of empire area guards)

  Area5 Battle30 Geppat plain
  Objective: Defeat the 3 Yakuto troopers.
  Opponent: Yakuto trooper x3
            Wizard x3
            Fankeln x3
            Gran fix x2
  Reward: 496, 40exp

-Rasetsu informing Cobalt that the ceremony is nearly ready. The target of the
miracle is Andera and the empire has successfully lured him to the intended

-Heads for Kesrel supply base. On the way Koumei will welcome Andera.

-Enter the base, go to house at upper-left and talk to Koumei. He orders Brian
to escort Andera east to Flatmetro, the liberation headquarter in the north.

-While passing by a cliff, a rock-fall occurs, blocking their way back.

  Area5 Battle31 Gul valley
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Yakuto trooper x2
            Geltsu mage x2
            Fankeln x3
            Burauhauto x3
  Reward: 787, 50exp

-Go south to Keslay bridge.

-Go east to Jeet temple. The watchman living beside the temple tells Brian that
many empire soldiers had entered the temple earlier, Tusk was among them. The
switch to release the bridge to temple is at a goddess statue at Keslay bridge.

-Return to Keslay bridge.

  Area5 Battle32 Keslay bridge
  Objective: Sent a unit to the front of goddess statue.
  Opponent: Durahan
            Cyclop x2
            Geltsu mage x3
            Wyvern x4
            Bufi-ru x2
  Reward: 500, 40exp

-Go back to Jeet temple. Enter the temple.

  Area5 Battle33 Jeet temple
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Onmyoushi
            E-beru creed x3
            Karasu x3
            Geltsu mage x3
            Zeruto fix
            Bufi-ru x4
  Reward: 1039, 50exp

-Venture deeper into the temple. Tusk and a few mages are in process of
releasing the sword's power. Tusk intends to try his new found power on Brian
but the sword's power is too much for Tusk to handle. Konory rushes in,
teleports Brian and Ain out of the temple. The power goes berserk and blows up
the temple. Tusk disappears with the sword.

-Go west then south to Flatmetro. Brian's unit receives mixed welcome by the
liberation soldiers. Some hail them as heroes who rescued Andera, some dislike
them because they are only a informal guerilla unit and mercenaries. Most of
the liberation soldiers are trained but inexperienced, unlike Brian and Ain.
Enter the large house, enter left door, a meeting is in progress. Koumei makes
Brian and Ain a formal member of the liberation and bestows upon them officer's

"We complete escorting teacher Andera to liberation's headquarter Flatmetro. At
there, we are formally admitted into the liberation...We once deserted army due
to hatred. Feeling of strange coercion to teacher Andera makes us joins the
liberation. I seem to be able to grab the meaning of fighting..."

Area6   Trap of Sacred Precincts (Seiiki no wana)
Year of New Genesis. With restored Andora Balzak as chairman, Arcadian
conference is formed. The formation of the conference has given Arcadian
liberation army big hopes. Summarized funds and manpower increased. From
central to northern region, Balfomauria's power in cities continuously

"With liberation's renewed advance, our guerilla unit receives an order
'Protect Pope Omotto at Holy-land Kyuuru!'. By looking busy with the protection
of the Pope who formerly governs the power of the church, the conference wants
to bluff the empire senate. There is no intention for the church to become
strategic ally of the liberation. We head for Kyuuru lake which is currently
under Bart Balthukus control."

-Bart Balthukus is delivering a speech on current situation. He orders all
personal to strengthen the security and show ones with intention to revolt the
power of Balfomauria. Another dragonewt interrupts, openly states the
Balfomauria's ideal of peace from protecting the weak has been corrupted by
politics. He questions whether the pride of dragonewt can allow more killing
for the sake of suppressing opposition. The dragonewt is Richard, son of Bart.
Bart accuses Richard of treason and orders to have him captured and executed
according to martial law.

-Brian enters Pilum village. The village is not suppressed like others due to
protection from empire's general Richard. Enter the top-right house. The
village is troubled by bandits led by Lance. The bandits are surviving soldiers
from Millennium War and call themselves "Christopher army". Ain volunteers to
take care of the bandits to gain villager's support for liberation.

-Talk to Koumei in the base anytime. He informs Brian that currently liberation
completely controls Skuld desert and steadily liberates towns and villages to
the north. Brian's guerilla unit is entrusted with an operation to confuse the
enemy, codenamed "Lake Kyuuru". Brian is to deliver a letter from Andera to The
Pope. Empire army has the Pope surrounded and the liberation headquarter
decides on using guerilla force to breach the defence.

-Go east.

  Area6 Battle34 Bandit hideout
  Objective: Wait until Lance returns (2 turns).
  Opponent: Yakuto trooper x4
            Trooper x4
  Reward: 300, 30exp

-Lance Slayders comes out to challenge the invaders. He is surprised to find
Christopher with Brian as he and his follower has come to Skuderia looking for
him. Unfortunately Christopher seems to have lost the memory of being their
leader. Lance promise to stop the plundering and joins (*Lance will not join if
unit reputation is law).

-Return to village. Then go south.

  Area6 Battle35 Remu valley (1)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper
            Yakuto trooper x3
            Wyvern x3
            Raintsua-to x2
            Cyclop x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 1199, 50exp

-Go south. Koumei is perplexed. They are a distance from empire base and the
valley is not a battlefront, yet the path is laden with enemy units. He urges
Brian to press on.

  Area6 Battle36 Remu valley (2)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper
            Durahan x3
            Wyvern x3
            Bufi-ru x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 985, 40exp

-Go east. At a crossroad, Ain stoops a passing empire messenger. They hear from
the messenger that Richard is to be executed at Bado village, the very village
where Brian injured Alnos. Koumei states a change of plans and they are to head
east for the village immediately.

-Go east.

  Area6 Battle37 Rescuing Richard
  Objective: Defeat the 2 Kemp and 4 Yakuto troopers.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x2
            Yakuto troopers x4
            Wyvern x2
            Gerutsu mage
            Gran fix
  Reward: 682, 40exp

-Richard wants to stop his father from starting bloodshed in the country. He
has heard of Koumei's activities, believe only liberation can bring peace to
the land and joins (*Richard will not join if unit reputation is chaos).

-Go west to Town Banbutta. Brian's party runs into Bart in town. Bart is
surprised that Richard is with the liberation. Both the liberation and empire
army has no intention of starting a fight in town. Bart warns that he will not
hesitate about killing Richard in battle, then leaves. Talk to the strange man
at the weapon shop. He is Stinger, dealing with all 'hi-tech' merchandise of
the continent. He tells Brian to talk to the elder at 2nd floor of the tavern
to open the gate. Go to tavern at bottom right, go to 2nd floor and talk to the
elder. The elder is worried about the Pope and opens the gate for Brian even
through empire army ordered him not to.

-Go south to Kyuuru gate. Koumei cannot think of a way to open the gate and
there is no other way to the Pope. Stinger appears and offers to solve the
problem on a condition that he joins Brian's unit. He does not want to lose his
empire customers but he finds liberation has brighter prospects for business.
Koumei welcomes personnel with talents. Stinger blasts away the gate with his
gun and joins.

  Area6 Battle38 Kyuuru gate
  Objective: Move all units to top of the map.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x2
            Yakuto troopers x3
            Glen pegasus x4
            Gran fix
  Reward: 300, 35exp

-Move north to Omotto temple.

  Area6 Battle39 Outside Omotto temple
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x3
            Yakuto troopers x2
            Glen pegasus x3
            Cyclop x2
            Kerutsu mage
  Reward: 891, 25exp

-Enter the temple.

  Area6 Battle40 Inside Omotto temple
  Objective: Move all units to the stairs.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x1
            Glen pegasus x3
            Wyvern x3
            Cyclop x2
            Gran fix
            Bufi-ru x2
  Reward: 350, 50exp

-Go up the stairs. The Pope has been waiting for Brian. The illusion in Skuld
temple is his. His whole name is Omotto Axiaysus, uncle of Cobalt. Because the
Pope has never show his face in the public, nobody knows that he is a
Gurunareim. He needs Brian to stop Cobalt's ambition as it will lead to
destruction of the land. The land east of continent of Balfomauria is called
Phantom-zone. There was once a flourishing city but now no life can be found.
It is the result of using "Ending 4 wise-men", in another word, an aftermath of
the sword's explosion blast. After the incident, a new race called Gurunareim
appears on the land...Legends say that it is Gurunareim who uses the final
weapon. The Pope is unsure which happens first, the mutation or use of final
weapon. One certain thing is: the final weapon is for the chosen convicts, the
Guranareims to cleanse the world. One of the "4 wise-men" is Executor. The Pope
and Andera meeting with Brian is it fated or due to unknown connection, has
happened. Whether Brian uses own strength to break free from or be played by
fate, is up to Brian to decide. The Pope has to stays as it is his duty to
protect the temple and Cobalt cannot do anything to him.

"After confirming the Pope is safe from Balfomauria, no, from Cobalt's evil
clutches, the operation ends. But, Executor's power can be used as "Ending 4
wise-men" is true...There is a heavy load on us. On the way, I am thinking
about Tusk. My chest fills with the pressure from my mission with the final
weapon...These are things that I am unable to relate to even my Wolfling

Area7   Victory of death (Shi no Gaisen)
Following the pace of the 4 commodores, Arcadian army advances unexpectedly
fast to the south and decides invading largest city in the south, Belkrad.
Being a supply point, snatching this area from empire will military and
economically wise improve the state of war for liberation army.

"To Cobalt and leader of empire army, the investigation on the liberation army
has surely unanticipated result. People's thoughts gather into one gigantic
ideology. Bringing life to the breaking down of Gurunareim and Dragonewt ruled
system. We are again in the centre of this big undulation. And heading towards

  Area7 Battle41 V-valley
  Objective: Defeat 2 Arutea mages.
  Opponent: Arutea mage x2
            Kemp trooper x2
            Glen pegasus x3
            Burauhauto x2 (purple beastmaster)
            Gran fix x2
  Reward: 700, 25exp

-Talk to Tollman in camp to know the latest happenings. The successful
liberation of cities in all regions are credited to guerilla's effort in
stopping the empire's pace of advancement. The senate in mainland will surely
react. As a soldier, Brian only knows how to defeat enemies he is facing and is
uninterested in politics. The current operation is to capture Belkrad before
empire propriety starts counterattack. Belkrad is the second largest city in
Skuderia after Ruksodol. It is a key source of production of metal for empire.
With it firmly in Arcadian control, negotiation with the senate will be easier.
The guerilla unit is to attack the supply line to divert Belkrad's troops. The
guerilla will suddenly move south then invade Belkrad. Liberation army cannot
spare any resource for reinforcement, Brian's unit has to work alone. Ain
thinks that they are in a fix, but Brian knows that the liberation army do not
have many experienced soldiers and they are the only dependable ones. Tollman
temporary takes over Koumei who is currently handling other units.

-Go west. At the junction, Tollman let Brian decides the order of bases to
attack. To north is a communication base, west is a supply base and south is an
armory. The order of attack will only affect the starting location on
battlefield, advisable to attack north, west, south to minimize the number of
days used.

  Area7 Battle42 Communication base
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x4
            Glen pegasus x2
            Bow genhirito x2
            Raintsua-to x3
            Gran fix
  Reward: 1259, 35exp

-Enter the base. When Brian is about to destroy the premise, Ain spots a
suspicious person. The person suddenly appears beside Brian and quickly
clarifies that he is not with empire army. He is Tobikage, and his master is
killed by Rasetsu. He feels that he will run into Rasetsu somehow if he travels
with Brian's unit then joins.

  Area7 Battle43 Supply base
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x3
            Arutea mage x2
            Raintsua-to x2
            Arefu Gedoh x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 1237, 35exp

-Enter the supply base and search the crates for 3 survival packs, 1 antidote
and 1 mind-repair.

  Area7 Battle44 Armory
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Durahan x3
            Arutea mage x2
            Raintsua-to x3
            Moruguraize x2
            Bow genhirito x2
  Reward: 1408, 35exp

-Enter the armory. An empire trooper surrenders and allows Brian to take
anything. Search all crates and chests for Fang saber, Zweibuster, Steel axe,
Chrome lance. Go to rear of the base. Search the wall to the north for a
Calamity edge.

-Luke Hegkmeyar is holding a meeting. He feels that it is Cobalt's mistake to
let Andera escape, resulting in enemies getting united. Soldiers at the meeting
express their fear of speaking ill of their governor. Luke rebutes that his
judgement of Cobalt is impartial as empire has lost north of Skuderia to
liberation, proving Cobalt's decision is flawed. Flare Darkwood enters bringing
news that Colossus has arrived in Belkrad on command of Cobalt, for the purpose
of defeating 'the particular unit'. Flare has her ways of handling the
guerillas and wants Luke not to interfere. Luke suspects that Cobalt distrusts
him and is left with no choice but to return to main unit. The supply unit is
late. A subordinate volunteers to investigate on behalf of Luke.

-Travel south to the forest. A mysterious voice welcomes Brian. Brian
immediately identifies it as Flare's. His expliots have earned him a nickname:
Phantom of Faust. Even as a commodore, Flare likes to see Brian in person. She
advises Brian to turn back if he values his life. Brian refuses flatly. Flare
seals off the entrance and promises to show Brian a word of fear. Brian and Ain
begin to feel weird and heavy. Tollman warns that it is Flare's world of

-Go west first. Brian and Ain run into Sherry Laqusomacus. She thought Ain has
come to save her. She has sticked her head too deep into empire's affair and is
trapped here by Flare. She is worried-sick after Ain disappeared few years ago.
Brian asks whether Sherry knows a way out and she suggests getting a confession
out of empire units wandering in the forest. She joins (*Sherry will not join
if unit's reputation is law).

-Go east.

  Area7 Battle45 Forest of illusion
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Zombie x4
            Skeleton x4
            Bakufo-ru x4
  Reward: 800, 25exp

-Flare appears and tells Brian it is useless getting any information from her
pets. Ain charges in, only to find it is an illusion. She gives Brian a clue:
look for a crystal, then disappears. Go to top of the forest a little to the
left. There are few darker colored trees. Walk into them and a path will clear
out leading to a crystal. After getting the crystal, Brian is able to get out
of the forest.

-Travel to gate of Belkrad. Empire army seems to have gathered in city's

Items sold: Ration, Foodpack, Survival-pack, Mind-repair, Tiger-claw, Claymore,
Bastard-sword, Heavy-crossbow, Battleaxe.

-Brian can proceed to Belkrad city or (optional) go east to crush remaining
empire force, before going to Belkrad city.

  Area7 Battle-optional Empire reinforcements
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x2
          Raintsua-to x2
          Bow genhirito x2
          Bufi-ru x3
          Gran fix
  Reward: 847, 35exp

  Area7 Battle46 Belkrad castle gate
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Ramedo x4
            Vaua- x4
            Zain x2
  Reward: 762, 40exp

-Enter the castle

  Area7 Battle47 Belkrad castle
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x2
            Arutea mage x2
            Gerutsu mage x2
            Raintsua-to x3
            Bow genhirito x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 1305, 35exp

-Tollman announces that liberation army has entered the city, suppressed empire
forces and released commarades in the area. Only Luke is remaining. Luke is at
upper floor, issuing warning for liberation force to retreat from empire's
territory. Roiss rushes up and wants her father Luke to listen to her plea.
Luke is surprised that his daughter who detests fighting has switched side to
the liberation...Roiss feels that it is sarcastic that she and Luke can talk
like father and daughter only under these conditions. Brian says everyone is
shouldering own destiny when fighting...nobody else can interfere on this. Luke
laughs that Brian is still young and as a betrayer to empire, he is not
knowledgeable enough to talk about destiny. In battlefield, fighters are
nothing but chess pieces. A soldier who does not discern about his part will
soon lose his life. This is the destiny of soldier Luke believes in. Roiss
concludes that it is due to this destiny Luke abandons she and her mother. Luke
teaches Brian's party what ground they are really standing on by picking
one-to-one duel with Brian. During the duel, Roiss gets caught in and Brian is
distracted. Luke seizes the chance to deliver a special attack. Luke says that
Brian is not trained enough not to lose awareness of oneself during battle in
any situation. Brian replies that he is not longer a phantom of war. Luke
assesses the situation and orders a retreat. He spares Brian's life, orders
Roiss to quit liberation and return, before leaving.

-Ain will temporary take over the duty of unit leader.

"What begins as a day of hope turned into day of disaster. Brian suffers severe
injury on his left arm and is warded in Belkrad's hospital. The liberation
army, without fully knowing the truth, sneers at the defeat of the guerillas.
Even through I have said the Phantom of Faust will surely return,..."

Area8   Red mirage (Akai shinkirou)
Andera Balzak gives speeches all over the land. Continual firm streams of
people joining Arcadian are appearing. But, news of 3rd Guerilla unit leader
Brian Stelbart being defeated by enemy commodore is not known by anyone. After
empire force retreats, Belkrad is left with many weapons. Among the weapons,
mobile-type laser-eye has become liberation's main weapon, gathering high hope
from the upper levels of the army.

"With Brian's absence, the guerillas receive new order to acquire Odin's eye, a
main component of laser-eye. Destination is Geese forest, a place with no
strategic value, but exaggeratingly frightening... There is nothing more
frightening facing the empire with only minute liberation force, than the
*commanders who made the decision to."
*Ain is referring to Koumei and Tollman.

-Koumei meets up with Ain's party. Belkrad has become liberation's new focal
point in Skuderia. Andera will move to Belkrad during the next term. Koumei
reassures that the guerilla's activities will remain in Skuderia's history. He
also inquires about Brian before going to mission briefing. Beyond northeast of
the river, taking 3 day's journey from here is temple of Geese. Travel there to
get a metal called 'Odin's eye'. It may seem an easy task but the forest is
filled with fearful monster from ancient times. Ain does not give a thing about
these monsters.

-Talk to Koumei anytime in base (optional). He briefs on current mission
"Odin". With Ain Macdougal as leader of 3rd guerilla unit, enter Geese temple
and pick up 'Odin's eye'. The artifact is a beam generator in power section of
laser-eye. It is a mysterious rare metal only found around Geese temple. With
that, the liberation can complete laser-eye in Belkrad and distribute it to the
army. Koumei tells Ain that the unit has the rights to withdraw from mission as
the forest has horrible rumors and even the empire army keeps a distance away
for unknown reason. Ain is optimistic even with Brian not around.

-Tom will be blocking the entrance to female quarters and insisting on not
letting Ain in unaccompanied as Tom feels unsafe leaving Ain alone with the
female. (This will not happen if Elis and Tom is not in the unit.)

  Area8 Battle48 Geese forest
  Objective: Defeat the 2 samurais.
  Opponent: Samurai x2
            Rokusen x5
            Hougai x2
            Bagufo-ru x2
  Reward: 460, 25exp

-Go north.

  Area8 Battle49 Geese temple
  Objective: Wait for a few turns (4 turns).
  Opponent: Swarmp leech x4
            Arefu gedoh x4
  Reward: 200, 20exp

-Enter the temple. Koumei is welcomed by Gust Darknoa. It has been 20 years and
Koumei never believes Gust is still alife. Gust senses Koumei is here for some
purpose and offers to help. Seeing Koumei has recruited many fine soldiers,
Gust feels like making a contribution. He calls forth Meraneus to join Ain's
unit. Overjoyed to be with a comrade from Millennium war, Gust joins (* Gust
will not join if unit reputation is law). Ain goes into a room to get 'Odin's

-Go south to the liberation base.

  Area8 Battle50 Junction outside Geese forest
  Objective: Defeat the 2 samurais.
  Opponent: Samurai x2
            Rokusen x2
            Hougai x3
            Onmyoushi x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 460, 25exp

-Continue south. Enter the only house in the base. Tollman immediately send a
soldier to deliver the part to Belkrad. Koumei feels without Brian it is too
early to carry out operation Magenta. Tollman believes with Ain, the guerilla
can manage well. Ain is deeply concerned about Brian but takes on the mission.
Brian requires some time before returning to unit.

-Brian wakes up in Belkrad hospital. The wound on his arm has not healed. He
asks about Ain and his unit. A nurse replied that they have moved south. The
nurse is Mamirina and will be taking care of him until he recuperates. She
gives Brian medicine and he falls into slumber.

-In Brian's memory...Tusk was trying to tell Rucia something. Brian had brought
Kesuketo fruits for everyone to eat. On seeing Brian, Tusk said he had
something on and left in haste.

-The next scene, Brian and Tusk were preparing to leave the village. Rucia
followed them to the village entrance. She could not understand why both of
them had to join the war. Brian wanted to protect the village and reputation of
human race. A task that cannot be left to others. Brian was tired of escaping
and wanted the war to end. Rucia made them promised that they would certainly
come back. Tusk left first. Brian knew Rucia had something to say to Tusk, but
she simply did not want Tusk to have too many worries. Without Rucia saying
anything, Brian promised to bring Tusk back after war. Until that day Rucia
must live well.

-Brian wakes up again. He does know what happened to Tusk but vows to bring
Tusk back to Rekusaru village, back to Rucia.

-Go north.

  Area8 Battle- Junction outside Geese forest
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Samurai x2
            Rokusen x2
            Hougai x3
            Onmyoushi x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 507, -exp

-Go east.

  Area8 Battle51 Tera plains
  Objective: Defeat the 3 Kemp troopers.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x3
            Moruguraize x2
            Glen pegasus x2
            Bagurufo-ru x2
            Zain x2
            Gran fix
  Reward: 656, 25exp

-Talk to Koumei anytime in base (Optional). With exception of the south,
Arcadia army has surrounded defence line 'Magenta Line' of the capital
Ruksodol. Due to Ain's previous effort, Laser-cannon will be completed soon.
With current pace of things going, the commanders intend to invade Ruksodol.
Ain comments that attacking Magenta Line is too heavy a load for current
liberation army. Without removing West Magenta base, they can never cross the
defence line. This is where operation 'Mazenta Mirage' comes in. Ain is to
create an opening by destroying gate of West Magenta base with support from
laser-cannon. Gathering of personel for invasion force will happen after that.

-The details of the operation involves of setting up napalm at the west gate. A
shot from laser-cannon will set off the napalm, which in turn blows up the
gate. They will have to hope that laser-cannon can complete in time.

-Continue east to west gate. Bart is displeased with Rasetsu mobilizing in the
area, which is under Bart's jurisdiction. Rasetsu said that it is for
protecting honor of everyone, but Bart insists he can handle by himself and
want Rasetsu to withdraw. Rasetsu leaves after Bart is out of sight, with a
remark, "...may all who favor aristocracy get burnt by liberation's

  Area8 Battle52 West Gate (1)
  Objective: Move Ain next to the gate.
  Opponent: Gurosu rameto
            Rameto x4
            Zain x2
  Reward: 500, 50exp

-Ain finishes setting the napalm. Bart approaches and challenges them. Ain is
left with no choice but to fight.

  Area8 Battle52 West Gate (2)
  Objective: Destroy all enemy units.
  Opponent: Gurosu rameto
            Kemp trooper x2
            E-beru creed x2
  Reward: 770, 40exp

-Amid hills to the west, a beam is fired from laser-cannon and destroyed the
gate. It is a close shave and Ain's unit escapes unharmed. Rubbles cover the
way to the gate, making it impossible to confirm the state of destruction. Ain
suggests waiting for empire messenger to pass by. Brian stuns everyone with his
appearance. Not only he has recovered at a miraculous speed, he is clad in new
armor. He comes with a startling news, laser-cannon cannot tear down the walls
of Magenta Line due to mysterious material used in the construction. They have
to make new plans for Ruksodol invasion. Roiss wants to apologize but Brian
feels that there is no need to. A future showdown with Luke is already

-Go west to Deiana town. Go to largest house top-left, talk to woman guarding
the door. She is glad that the liberation is here as Bart's remaining soldiers
have detained students from religious school. A robot comes in and fills in the
details. She is Shim Ems, a religious teacher of the students taken. The empire
soldiers use students as hostages to make town-people chase away liberation
force. Shim Ems needs Brian to distract the soldiers while she escorts the
students to safety using a secret passage. Brian agrees and she joins Brian's
unit (*Shim Ems will not join if unit reputation is chaos).

Items sold: Foodpack, Survival-pack, Mind-repair, Bastard-sword, Calamity-edge,
Claymore, Battle-axe, Tiger-claw, Rip-howling, Trident, Dragoon.

  Area8 Battle54 Religious school in Deiana
  Objective: Defeat the 4 Kemp troopers.
  Opponent: Kemp trooper x4
            Moruguraize x3
            Glen pegasus x4
            Zeruto fix
  Reward: 708, 30exp

-Exit the town.

"Magenta Mirage failed...There seems to be still some distance to cover on the
road to Rukusodol. But the small step towards empire's end is clear. A tiny
light of revolution is growing continuously into gigantic light of hope..."

Area9   Roaring Sinba (Roaringu Shinba)
Skuderia Governor seeing increasing pressure from focused military aggression
from liberation army, requests the senate for reinforcement. But the cold reply
is to manage the situation by own. Smile emerges on governor Cobalt, "The
senate has recognized my position as emperor". At the same time...main attack
in direction of city area, operation 'Roaring Simba' has started.

"Belkrad is preparing the specification of military law. We are in the middle
of usual gunfire and blood-splash. What concerns me now is not Tusk or Cobalt,
cutting out a path of advance in amid of enthusiasm. Before the on longer
restrained liberation army's battle, flowing with the wave, a taste of tension
in comes into my mind..."

-Koumei enters to bring everyone on board a piece of good news, the
liberation's first race discussion meeting is held in Belkrad. At same time
with commencement of meeting, liberation army will launch an attack on empire.
In the end, it is more fighting...felt Brian.

  Area9 Battle55 Ragorasu island (1)
  Objective: Defeat the 2 Arutea mages.
  Opponent: Arutea mage x2
            Zain x3
            Rameto x2
            Vaua- x2
  Reward: 700, 25exp

-The place is freezing. From ancient time the island is spoken as grave with no
tombstone, prisoners are sent to the island...Sound of blowing snow and
occasional screams from the dead with chagrin can be heard. Empire soldiers are
tasked with picking up dead dragon bodies and Cargo dragon manufacturing
factory must be near with them around.

-Talk to Koumei in base to get details of operation 'Roaring Simba'. The
guerilla is to participate in the battle at military port Ray Kiabnof. There is
a nostalgic feeling as Brian first entered Skuderia through that port. Other
liberation force led by Tollman will enter the port from north, creating a
pincer attack. The mission has high chance of success as empire force stationed
there is strong but only to a certain degree.

  Area9 Battle56 Ragorasu island (2)
  Objective: Move to entrance of the base.
  Opponent: Gouto pegasus x2
            Zain x3
            Rameto x3
  Reward: 500, 35exp

-There is a cargo dragon in base, but there is no necromancer in Brian's unit.
Konory volunteers to fly the cargo dragon using thought.

-The cargo dragon enters Ray Kiabnof air space. Liberation force from the north
is delayed, Brian agrees with Ain not to wait any longer and attack the port
immediately. Brian asks Konory to lower altitude and everyone to hold on as
they will force land in the port.

  Area9 Battle57 Ray Kiabnof (1)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Gouto pegasus x2
            Zain x2
            Rameto x4
            Kemp trooper x4
  Reward: 1232, 35exp

-Enter the right building and search throughout for Chrome-lance, 2
Survival-pack, Rip-howling, Trident, Riabarianto.

-Enter the left building for next battle.

  Area9 Battle58 Ray Kiabnof (2)
  Objective: Wait till Tollman's force comes (2 turns).
  Opponent: Zaka-ru x2
            Farudo mage x3
            Kemp trooper x3
  Reward: 550, 35exp

-Leave the port.

-Rasetsu's subordinate reports the fall of Ray Kiabnof and Ragorasu island. The
next target is probably Rasetsu's castle. Rasetsu orders the liberation to be
watched and will take care of them in castle.

-Go north to liberation army camp. Tollman is waiting for Brian. The liberation
has sent troops to secure Ray Kiabnof and Ragorasu. Ain is unsatisfied as
liberation army only matches in after the guerilla has cleared the main
opposition, Brian ignores that. Go to the tent to the right, the quartermaster
informs that he has transferred 8 food-packs and 3 antidotes to Brian's store.
Go to tent to the left and talk to Tollman. He warns Brian about Tusk as he is
carrying out an unknown order from Cobalt. Next, he gives Brian a new order:
attack Rasetsu's castle. Brian is allowed to use Bee-gyro or travel to the
castle by land.

-Which path taken will not affect the story. If using Bee-gyro, enter the
Bee-gyro pad in middle of camp. If traveling by land, exit the camp and face 3
battles on the way.

-There is a hidden shop in the area before Rasetsu castle. Brian needs to
defeat any enemy unit on the area. Item sold is Survival-pack, Mind-repair,
Thor-blade, Heat-axe, Trident, Dragoon, Soul-staff, Arbalest, Chrome-fist.

  Area9 Battle59 Jigen-jou (1)
  Objective: Defeat the 2 Gouji.
  Opponent: Gouji x2
            Shigontsukai x2
            Rokusen x3
            Gran fix
  Reward: 600, 40exp

-Enter the castle.

-Tusk is about to leave Rasetsu castle for Rukusodol with Executor. Rasetsu
stops enquiring about the purpose after seeing Tusk's unwillingness to talk.
Tusk says he is eternal grateful to Rasetsu for saving his life during
Millennium War and leaves.

  Area9 Battle60 Jigen-jou (2)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Jaou x2
            Gouji x4
            Shigontsukai x2
            Rokusen x3
            Zeruto fix
  Reward: 995, 40exp

-Go deeper. Tobikage senses Rasetsu's presence.

-Brian confronts Rasetsu. Tobikage dashes to avenge for his master's death but
misses. Rasetsu shows Tobikage how powerful his Shinobi's skill is by creating
multiple images of himself. Brian sees through the fakes and attacks. Rasetsu
is surprised and treats Brian's party as worthy opponents.

  Area9 Battle61 Jigen-jou (3)
  Objective: Defeat Rasetsu.
  Opponent: Rasetsu
            Jaou x3
            Shigontsukai x2
            Rokusen x2
            Virude leech x2
            Zeruto fix x2
  Reward: 1000, 45exp

-Rasetsu believes in bringing peace to the land by not going against Cobalt.
Cobalt possesses such immense power unseen on this land that he can reach out
to mainland at anytime. For the sake of common people, Cobalt's power should
not be opposed. Before Tobikage sends Rasetsu off to their master for apology,
Rasetsu asks why Tobikage trains the skill of shinobi. Tobikage replies that it
is to seek a way of living, place for death. Rasetsu concludes their ideals
will forever differ. Rasetsu explodes after Tobikage finishes him, selecting
the castle that proves his existence as his final resting place.

"Well-known for martial skills among 4 commodores, Rasetsu took a grand death.
I can never understand Tobikage and Rasetsu way of living. The empty feeling of
fighting creeps upon me. One of the orders received by guerillas, 'create
disturbance among 4 commodores', is continuously increasing in effect. A
darkness can be seen in revolution, this is..."

Area10   Operation Illusion (Iryu-jon Sakusen)
Fierce activities of Guerillas break the treats from 4 commodores. Riding on
the wave, the liberation army advances until Magenta Line. The empire is only
left with an area to the south in control. But, what the empire is driving at
is the activation of 'Executor' by Cobalt, which nobody is aware of. At another
end, first revolution discussion meeting is held in Belkrad with the Pope

"After the fight with Rasetsu, I start to have a feeling that empire recognizes
us as formable power...Even so, there are still 3 commodores and Cobalt...Other
than us, who else can actually turn on Cobalt and his organization?...grabbing
my attention more than anything is Tusk's matter..."

-At first revolution discussion meeting. Andera thanks the Pope for taking the
trouble to travel a long distance to attend the meeting. Arcadia will soon
liberate 70% of Skuderia from the empire. Andera has the unanimous support from
people of Skuderia but it is not enough for Arcadia liberation to go against
the whole empire. The empire force from mainland can easily crush the
liberation in Skuderia. A way to rectify this possible treat is for Pope Omott
to be the governor of Skuderia. To gain empire senate's approval for this, the
liberation has to get the 'Executor' from Cobalt.

-Brian's party discusses the nest step, which is to wait at town of Sentpall
for the return of Koumei. They wonder what the higher levels are planning but
Brian says it is none of their concerns.

-Move east.

  Area10 Battle62 Sentpall town
  Objective: Wait 4 turns.
  Opponent: Neinhaus x3
            Skullbelt x3
            Necromancer x2
            Rikutoha-ken x2
  Reward: 550, 40exp

-Talk to the elder in the house in the middle to learn about a legend from an
ancient song. The elder does not understand the meaning behind. Brian and Ain
feel it is worth paying the White dragon a visit while waiting for Koumei. Exit
the town.

Items sold: Survival-pack, Mind-repair, Shadow-knuckle, Linear-barrel,
Thor-blade, Suzaku, Heat-axe, War-hammer, Soul-staff, Arbalest, Raunderupirumu.

-Go east then north into the mountains.

  Area10 Battle63 Bolboza mountains
  Objective: Exit north of the map.
  Opponent: Neinhaus x4
            Necromancer x2
  Reward: 550, 30exp

-Continue north. Brian and Ain come to a dead end. Konory steps up as she heard
something calling for her. A path opens up on the rock wall. They travel
farther into the mountain. A white dragon descends from the mountain peak and
talks to Konory. It warns about the sword's power and passes the power to stop
the sword to Konory.

-Travel south to the road junction. Koumei caught up with Brian's party after
waiting in town. A meeting regarding the details of entering Ruksodol will be
held in town of Erumeran to the east. Andera and the Pope will make special
appearance there. Brian has to pass through an area controlled by Flare to
reach the town.

-Go east.

  Area10 Battle64 Hades plain (1)
  Objective: Defeat the 2 Necromancers.
  Opponent: Skullbelt x3
            Bale-corpse x3
            Necromancer x2
            Gurosu Vaua- x2
  Reward: 700, 40exp

-Flare in her castle, wondering why Cobalt is making such a fuss over a mere
sword, putting in too much trust on Tusk. She knows nothing about the '4
wise-men' and felt that her magic should be put to better use. A trooper
enters, bringing orders from Luke to destroy the guerillas in the area. Flare
receives and playfully puts a curse on the trooper before he flees.

-Move north.

  Area10 Battle- Hades plain (2)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Skullbelt x3
            Skullfa-do x1
            Bale-corpse x2
            Necromancer x2
            Rikutoha-ken x2
  Reward: 747, -exp

-Move north to the castle.

  Area10 Battle65 Hades shadow (1)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Skullbelt x3
            Bale-corpse x2
            Suteidoaruto x3
            Rikutoha-ken x2
            Neinharusu x2
  Reward: 1407, 50exp

-Enter the castle.

  Area10 Battle66 Hades shadow (2)
  Objective: Endure for 3 turns.
  Opponent: Flare (illusion1) x3
            Flare (illusion2) x2
  Reward: 800, 60exp

  Area10 Battle67 Hades shadow (3)
  Objective: Defeat Flare.
  Opponent: Flare
            Arutea mage x2
            Arugasuto x3
            Virude leech x3
  Reward: 844, 60exp

-The castle starts to collapse. Konory teleports everyone to safety.

"Defeated Flare...the Flare who has fearful magical power...but Cobalt shows no
sign of action. What is Cobalt up to now..."

Area11   Collision (Gekitostu)
Balfomauria empire senate acknowledges the decision from Arcadia democratic
meeting and recognizes Skuderia's autonomy. Reason behind is the severing of
ties between the senate and self-proclaimed emperor Cobalt. The control on the
movements of Cobalt and his army is being entrusted to the liberation. In
another word, the liberation is made to shoulder a very heavy burden...

"The success of the revolution can be seen. The liberation starts disarmament
and democratic rule is greatly welcomed. The guerillas like us are into
fulfilling the obligation. Cobalt's presence is still a treat, as 'the ending 4
wise-men' Executor is not yet resting in its scabbard..."

-Cobalt asks Tusk about Executor. Tusk is able to bring out its power but still
has not brought the sword fully under his control. Cobalt is satisfied and
wants Tusk to use the sword's power again soon. Tusk alerts that the use will
certainly damage friendly units as well as towns and villages nearby. Those
means nothing compared to removing the treat of liberation army reaching out
for Rukusodol. Cobalt reminds Tusk of their ambition to build a stronger and
more stable Skuderia.

-Inside town of Erumeran. Go to house top-right most. Koumei and Andera update
Brian on current situation. The last requirement for peace and final order for
the guerilla is: the defeat of Cobalt, or the retrieval and sealing of
'Executor'. Ain is mad about the plan, as Brian's unit will need to infiltrate
deep into the enemy to accomplish the mission. Brian is silent. Exit the town
through north. Mamirina, the nurse who took care of Brian in Belkrad, is in
house to bottom-right. She came to take care of the injured soldiers in the
region. This is the only place selling Plate-resist, get as many as the money
allows to make future battles easier.

Item sold: Survival-pack, Mind-repair, Shadow-Knuckle, Arbalest, War-hammer,
Linear-barrel, Suzaku, Shadow-flare, Evil-laser, Raunderupirumu, Plate-resist.

-Go north.

  Area11 Battle68 Doragomu hills
  Objective: Defeat the rear Gouto pegasus.
  Opponent: Gouto pegasus x2
            Ma-ku trooper x2
            Virude leech x2
            Feigutsua-to x4
            Zaga-ru x2
  Reward: 950, 60exp

-Go north.

  Area11 Battle69 Glory road
  Objective: Defeat the 2 Arutea mages.
  Opponent: Arutea mage x2
            Arugasuto x3
            Moruguraize x3
            Virude leech x3
  Reward: 1100, 60exp

-Continue north.

  Area11 Battle70 Gran Cobalt gate (1)
  Objective: Move everyone to top of the map.
  Opponent: Ma-ku trooper x2
            Zeruto fix
            Zaka-ru x6
  Reward: 750, 80exp

  Area11 Battle71 Gran Cobalt gate (2)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Ma-ku trooper x2
            Moruguraize x2
            Rikutoha-ken x2
            Farudo mage x2
            Zeruto fix
  Reward: 1540, 80exp

-Go up the stair to at top of the map. Tusk asks why Brian continues to fight
even after liberation has started disarmament. Brian replies that true peace
can never come with Cobalt still around. Using Executor will just result in
meaningless bloodshed. Tusk is disappointed at what Brian has turned into and
challenges Brian in a showdown upstairs. Ain encourages Brian on and promises
to take down Cobalt regardless of outcome.

-Brian asks why Tusk is so loyal to the empire. Tusk in return asks why Brian
never returns to Rucia after the Millenium War, is it due to hesitation or
compassion to Tusk. Brian does not answer back. Tusk gets faired up and vows to
defeat Brian. He will bring Rucia happiness, as well as free himself from
Brian's shadow.

  Area11 Battle72 Gran Cobalt gate (3)
  Objective: Defeat Tusk.
  Opponent: Tusk
  Reward: 200, -exp

-Tusk admits that he has always been envious of Brian's gentleness from the
time they were kids and wants Brian to take care of Rucia. He passes Brian the
'Executor'. Cobalt's projection appears. Cobalt is happy as 'Executor' is
generating more power in Brian's hand and urges Brian to hurry to him with the
sword. Brian emerges from the stairway. Everyone is glad he is alright.

"Tusk Brestlate has perished, but my friend, Rucia, I can no longer turn back.
Even if becoming myself an enemy of the resistance and the empire, I will not
return until Cobalt is being cut down by 'Executor'! If the choice given to all
people lies in this sword, watch with full attention! How the final judgment is
carried out..."

Area12   Emblem of Justice (Seigi no Monsho)
Brian's guerilla unit reliably presses on to Ruksodol. Naturally the liberation
and Cobalt is aware of the movement but ignores it. But Luke Hegkmeyar and Bart
Balthukus are waiting to intercept the resistance guerilla with determined will
and resolution.

"We, the former deserters being pursued by the empire...have again returned to
Rukusodol to face a formal army. Fate seems to be an over beautiful decorative
word, for fighters, a clear path of advancement has broaden now."

-A cannon blast tears down the gate. Ain curses at the careless aiming while
Brian urges to press on. Koumei catches up and surprises them. He could be
there earlier if getting permission for using the cannon, from blockheads in
congress, went smoothly. He has lost his sense of justice when he just thought
of waiting for peace after the fighting is finish. He is worried about Brian's
party and concludes that he is a fighter afterall. Exit north. This will be the
last town, feel free to use up the money.

Item sold: Survival-pack, Mind-repair, Shadow-flare, Raunderupirumu,
Rowdy-spear, Sledge-bomber, Vifarangusu.

-Travel north. Bart has been waiting. Koumei advises Bart to stop following
Cobalt as whole of Skuderia will soon be under liberation's control. Bart does
not give a thing to the liberation army, Cobalt got his position because he is
a Gurunareim and the senate has given up on Skuderia. Bart will never join
hands with the liberation and fights.

  Area12 Battle73 Cobalt Square
  Objective: Defeat Bart.
  Opponent: Bart
            Ma-ku trooper x3
            O-beruraize x3
            Buraueruto x3
            Zeruto fix x2
  Reward: 1044, 70exp

-Richard approaches his father. Even in defeat Bart never changes his mind, but
he wants Richard to be faithful to own heart. Bart asks whether Brian will like
to return and serve Balfomauria, Skuderia is too tiny for a man of Brian's
caliber to show his full potential. Brian turns down the offer and Bart bids
them farewell.

-Go east.

  Area12 Battle optional Rukusodol
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Ma-ku trooper x2
            Arutea mage x2
            Morugu Creed x3
            Beirunattsu x4
            Zeruto fix
  Reward: 1800, -exp

-Prepare for final series of battle. move north to Cobalt cathedral.

  Area12 Battle74 Cobalt Cathedral (1)
  Objective: Defeat all enemy units.
  Opponent: Colossus
            Gurosu Ramedo x4
            Gurosu Zain x3
            Gurosu Vaua- x3
  Reward: 2420, 75exp

-Enter the cathedral. Koumei insists on following Brian to the final battle.
Luke is guarding the room. His pride as a warrior disallows him to surrender.

  Area12 Battle75 Cobalt Cathedral (2)
  Objective: Defeat Luke.
  Opponent: Luke
            Ma-ku Trooper x3
            Feigutsua-to x3
            Gurosu Ramedo x4
            Zerudo Fix
  Reward: 1044, 90exp

-Luke cannot understand why his daughter Roiss, who detests war, never returns
to him but insists on following Brian. If it is out of love, Luke insists Roiss
to put all of her life into it like a Hegkmayer. Enough of warrior's way,
pride...time is changing, advises Ain. Looking at them, Luke realizes they are
the one changing time and wants Brian to take care of Roiss and died.

-Advisable for all active party members to be level 50 and above (if possible
level 55). Get experience by defeating the constant regenerating enemy unit in
city center.

-Go in deeper. Cobalt has been waiting and is overjoyed has brought 'Executor'
along. Cobalt demands for handing over of the sword. But Brian, unable to
forgive man who wants to act like god, wants Cobalt's head in return. Faired up
with talking to people who cannot understand his ambition, Cobalt challenges
Brian to a final battle in the altar room.

  Area12 Battle76 Cobalt Cathedral (3)
  Objective: Defeat Cobalt.
  Opponent: Cobalt
            Ma-ku Trooper x3
            Farudo Mage x3
            Gurosu Ramedo x3
            Zerudo Fix x2
  Reward: -, -exp

-Cobalt lies motionless. An energy-surge knocks 'Executor' off Brian's hand.
Cobalt grabs the sword and laughs at Brian party's foolishness in thinking that
they can defeat him. Cobalt calls out to heaven in the name of the inheritor to
pass the final judgment. Konory enters and tells Brian to seize the chance to
retrieve the sword and give Cobalt a final blow. The sword's power goes berserk
again and Konory teleports Brian party out. Ain deduces the real inheritor of
time is Konory. Konory is not sure herself and asks Koumei. Koumei always
thought that the heritor is one-eyed Cobalt. The real 'one-eye' is actually
Konory's third eye on her fore-head...Koumei does not bother to find out, for
them the revolution is finally over.
(Konory has actually shown her third eye when she first uses the teleport spell
when 'Executor' goes bersek in Tusk's hands. The text did not mention.)

The revolution ended in Rukusodol. After the agreement on peace, the former
liberation army guerilla's members and the 2nd battalion of the resistance
launched a sudden attack on the governor's palace and defeated the guards.
During the blitz, Cobalt Axiaysus has mysteriously disappeared, empire forces
are driven out of all Skuderia. More to this is the grant of autonomy from
Balfomauria empire to Arcadia council. Among these happenings, Brian is heading
towards a distant, different goal...and the Arcadian liberation army guerilla
unit is dismissed.

The Endings
(Reputation: Fedayeen)
4 months after Rukusodol's revolution, west of continent of Skuderia, boundary
of Orento area...

-Koumei will forever remember Brian. Brian does not mind if he is remembered or
not. Ain wants Tom to behave and not to cause trouble to her sister. Tom wants
Ain not to burden Brian. Eris asks why Brian still heads for regions of war
when there is peace here. Brian is quiet. Eris understands, apologizes and
wishes them good health. Roiss seems to have something to say but held her
silence. Brian, Ain and Dora begin to set off. Koumei prepares for busy work of
strengthening realization and sending reinforcement to mainland and... Roiss
suddenly steps up then apologizes to Koumei, and she sets off after Brian.

-The revolution is successful. Now it is the empire's continuous crimes the
liberation is against. Roiss Hegkmayer is removed from the liberation army and
her where about is unknown. A rumor that someone resembling her is seen in a
mercenary unit on main continent headed by a man with a prosthetic arm...

"What I long for, is not ideals, is not rest, it is only..."

(Reputation: Valkyrie to Blade eagle)
The 3rd guerilla unit waits for their next order at current position...

-Roiss has never thought of drinking with Brian like this. Brian does not know
Roiss is such a good drinker and worries about going bust treating her. Eris
chases Tom to bed. Dora is glad that they survived, despite her clumsiness adds
Ain. Dora retorts that Ain is whining like a dog when he was poisoned by Tusk.
Koumei enters and apologizes for interrupting the jolly mood with an
announcement. Dora wants Koumei not to bother if it is another decoration, as
they got mountains of them. Koumei has a new mission for them. Brian assures
that for their future's sake, they will certainly carry any mission out.

-The revolution is successful. Now it is the empire's continuous crimes the
liberation is against. The 3rd guerilla has left remarkable battle records all
over the land, especially the names, Brian Stelbart and Ain Macdougal, are
spoken of on many battlefields.

"Battlefield, the familiar place where my home and friends are."

(Reputation: Viper to Balrog)
2 months after Rukusodol revolution, north of Skuderia, town of Nikia in Taberu

-Brian has decided to go. He has lots of thinking to do... Dan wants to follow
to Brian insisted on going alone. Bryan apologizes, as he will not stay to make
the place his ideal home. Ain asks whether it is alright for Roiss. Brian feels
it is the best as he is a sword that cannot stay in a place for long, if alive,
they will meet probably again...Ain skips the boring seeing off and wishes
Brian good health. After Brian left, Konory wonders whether he will feel
lonely... Ain concludes that Brian may had been born a fighter, and can never
sense his own presence other than in the middle of battle...

-After Rukusodol revolution, there is still internal strife in certain areas,
caused by disagreement in autonomy rule... After the revolution, Ain
participates in activities of Arcadian liberation army. Beside that, after
being removed from the liberation army, the where about of Brian is unknown.

"What am I seeking, is it the next day that I go out to meet? The answer is the
man who is with the horizon."

(Reputation: Hellhound or Genocide)
-2 officials are waiting for the arrival of next supreme commander from
mainland. Whoever the commander is, as long as orders from mainland are
followed the officials think they will be safe. Suddenly a fallen soldier gets
thrown into the room. Brian and Ain enter together. A guard tries to stop them
but is cut down promptly. The officials are stunned by the rude act and demand
the intruders to report names and unit. Brian confirms who the governor is and
kills him on the spot.

-The assassination of the representative of mainland supreme command has cause
the system to again fall in a state of incompleteness. In the same year,
Arcadia liberation army starts a war on empire in the mainland...In the
battles, soldiers from guerilla unit after Rukusodol revolution, Brian Stelbart
and Ain Macdougal, have never ever been seen by any living soul...

"Stacking corpses, letting blood flow, what I am looking for, is corpse of my

-Destroy units that have not yet move.

-Frequently ignored command: escape. Press start on an active friendly unit.
You cannot escape from some battles.

-Names of the 9 rankings for unit's reputation(from law to chaos):
  Fedayeen(Goddess with wings), Valkyria(Maiden with spear), Griffis(Griffon),
  Blade-eagle(eagle holding a sword), Viper(Snake), Phantom(Ghost with scythe),
  Balrog(devil), Hell-hound(2 headed hound), Genocide(Skull swallowing sword).

-There are 8 law characters and 6 chaos characters. Law characters will only
join and stay if unit reputation is law. The same applies to chaos side. If
unit reputation changes, example from Griffis to Blade-eagle, law character, in
this case Richard, will give a warning; if farther changes to Viper, Richard
will leave the party permanently. Different characters have different tolerance
level. Other characters are considered neutral and will join and stay
regardless of reputation.

The 8 law characters are: Eris Woodland(and Tom), Elle Northwind, Shane
Wreidback, Jenny Rockwell, Arby Hcszeool, Richard Balthukus, Shim Ems and
Konory Rafrecia.

The 6 chaos characters are: Ryoukan, Teita Blade, Sonia Bluemoon, Lance
Slayders, Shelly Laqusomacus, Gust Darknoa.

-For those aiming for Fedayeen rank: In many battles, killing enemy is always
better than having partners captured. Partner will lose precious experience
bonus, and Brian has to defeat 2 guards and lose 3 days for the rescue. After
reaching the rank of Fedayeen, since you only have to maintain the rank, you
can actually have more kills in the battle.

-For Fedayeen, the cash supply is very tight, experience can still be gained by
injuring enemy then escaping from battle. Focus on Brian and Ain weapon as they
are normally the boss killers and their capture result in instant game-over. Do
not upgrade too often.

-Weapon list:
(name, Attack, Property)
  Short-sword     8
  Middle-sword    12
  Fang-saber      14
  Broadsword      16
  Long-sword      18
  Riabarianto     16    25% critical
  Ninja-blade     17    40% critical
  Zwei-hunter     20
  Samurai-sword   22    30% critical
  Claymore        24
  Bastard-sword   25
  Calamity-blade  26    20% turn-undead
  Thor-blade      26
  Suzaku          28    20% critical
  Shade-flare     30    30% near death
  Doom-blade      32    15% near death
  Executor        36    20% near death
  Axe             10
  Steel-axe       12
  Battle-axe      14
  Heat-axe        18
  War-hammer      22    30% critical
  Sledge-bomber   24    10% near death
  Light-crossbow  15
  Heavy-crossbow  20
  Arbalest        27    30% critical
  Catapult-barrel 25
  Linear-barrel   28    40% critical
  Spear           8
  Javelin         12
  Trident         19
  Rowdy-spear     24
  Raunderupirumu  27    20% near death
  Holy-knife      10    20% critical
  Lance           10
  Chrome-lance    17
  Dragoon         22
  Vifuarankusu    31    30% critical
  Soul-staff      12
 Weapon units-
  Attack-unit     18
  Assault zakku   29    20% near death
  Iron-knuckle    13
  Tiger-claw      17
  Shadow-knuckle  22
  Leather-whip    13
  Rip-howling     17    40% critical
  Evil-laser      27    40% near death

-Items list:
 (Name, Property)
  Leather-wrist      def+4 when equipped
  Gauntlet           def+8 when equipped
  Chrome-fist        def+10 when equipped
  Plate-resist       def+14 when equipped
  Ration             single heals 12hp
  Food-pack          single heals 28hp
  Survival-pack      single heals all hp
  Antidote recover   single heals all status abnormities
  Mind-repair        single heals 12mp

-Gurenareim calender: Month of Holy heaven earth (Seitenchi-no-gatsu) = January
                      Virgin (Otome) = Febuary
                      Scarlet sun (Hi-no-you) = March
                      Jumping colt (Hane-koma) = April
                      Azure tree (Aoki-itsuki) = May
                      Victory (Gaisen) = June
                      Black dragon (Kuroki-ryuu) = July
                      Thunder (Raimei) = August
                      White blessing (Shiroki-shuku) = September
                      Eye birth (Gan-koudan) = October
                      Grievious light (Urei-no-hikari) = November
                      Light frost (Awaki-shimo) = December

-Differences between SNES 'FEDA' and Sega Saturn "FEDA remake'. In Saturn's
remake, 2 new characters are added: Berseruk, a black axe-wielding robot, who
is chaos; and Bolbo the white dragon, which talked to Konory in Bolboza
mountains. All characters have special attacks. There is an animation for the
opening and some scenes have voice acting. Graphic and sound have improved a
lot. There is no change to the story, with exception of more endings added.

For those who played Genesis's Shining and the Darkness, Shining Force,
Landstalker, you should be familiar with Yoshitaka Tamaki-the character
designer, Kan Naito-chief programmer (supervisor in FEDA). FEDA is commonly
thought as SNES's Shining Force, but FEDA has more mission objectives and more
serious storyline. Battle turns are based on move rotation resembling a chess
game while Shining Force battle turn is based on character's alertness. FEDA's
experience bouns for all members of party is something I like a lot. I detest
time wasting trainings. The game focuses on telling the story and strategy
part, so there will be no extra-games or side-quests or unnecessary
extra-stories, straightforward and no frill game.

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