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Reviewed: 11/01/99 | Updated: 11/01/99

An interesting game...

Doukoku Soshite(which losely translates to "Lament,and then" I think)is what I woulddescribe as a anime-horror click adv. game.It's rather nice,but be warned as it hasthe yellow +18 rating(so far though,I have yet to see anything really bad,I mean,I 've seenworser in Ranma 1/2).Anyways,on to the review

Story 9/10

Seeing as this game is in japanese,and I can't read japanese that good,I may not be 100% sure about the story.Anyways,the beginning starts with you,the protoganist,talking with this girl(Riyo)on a bus about something(Couldn't make out what there saying).While you two arechit-chatering,this car comes up and can figure out what happens :).After the crashyou can hear,but not see,some people talking about going to this mansion(I think)before you fall unconsious.Next you get a quick glimse of this girl with some serious burn-marks crying,and thenyou finally wake up in a locked room...

Graphics 10/10

The graphics are pretty nice.the characters are drawn well,and the CG's in the game are very nicealso.All in all I think it deserves a 10.

Sound 8/10

Not really to much in the music or sound department,but the game does have voices in it which isa plus.

Gameplay 9/10

This game is all about puzzle solving.When your traveling around the mansion,your in first-person perspective,then when you enter a room,it switches to a third-person perspective.This is where all the puzzle solving is.You either find items to use in other rooms,or you find keypad puzzles(andother things to that extent).Next is the cgs.Some you get automatically,others you have to find.This is also how the endings come in place.Depending on what event cg's you get with the girls(Total:7),you'll get either their golden ending,their normal one,or none at all.Well,I think that about sums it up.Oh,and make sure you have a decent knowledge of japanese before you play.I probaly wouldn't have beatenthis game without the help of a few guys.

Replayability 9/10

If your like me,and like to totally finish the game(get everything)then this game has good replayability.There is no way in the world you can get all the cg's in one sitting,so your going to have to replay it a few times :).

Rating: 9

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