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FAQ/Walkthrough by SuperDeadite

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 05/29/06

Bulk Slash FAQ by SuperDeadite
Version: 1.0

This guide will only be posted at GameFAQs.  If you have a website you 
would like to post it on, email me first and it can not be edited or 
split without my permission. It is 100% free and if you paid for this, 
then you have been cheated.

Disclaimer:  Bulk Slash is copyright Hudson Soft, 1997.  This guide 
	is a fan work, and is not endorsed, nor authorized by 
	Hudson Soft nor Sega. All characters are copyrighted by 
	their own specific owners and companies and I take no 
	responsibility for anything that may result in using this 

Introduction:  Bulk Slash is one of the many great Sega Saturn 
	games that never made it out of Japan.  It is a a fast 
	moving, free roaming 3D transformable robot action 
	game.  Hudson Soft became quite famous for their great 
	PC-Engine shooters featuring very fun anime-style 
	characters and themes. Bulk Slash seems to be Hudson 
	Soft's attempt to take this style of game and make it 
	fully 3D.  I'd say they succeded quite well, as 
	Bulk Slash is a blast to play. 

Story:  Its just the typical story of two childhood friends 
	who grew up into soldiers for opposite armies in 
	a war.  You naturally control the male soldier 
	Chres Dori as he fights to save the galaxy from the 
	evil empire.  Hey its a shooter, and shooters don't 
	need stories so who cares anyway right?

Character Designer: Natsume Kunihiko


	Chres Dori
	VA: Takahito Koyasu
	This is you. For most of the game Chres is 
	silent, but he does have some spoken lines 
	towards the end.

	Riisen Lavia
	VA: Yuri Amano
	Chres' childhood friend.  Long ago he promised 
	to come to her resuce if she was ever in 
	trouble, current wherabouts unknown.

	Reone Rhodes
	VA: Miki Nagasawa
	Age: 16
	Job: S.D.F.A.

	Lira Hart
	VA: Kyoko Hikami
	Age: 18
	Job: Pop Idol

	Meticul Flair
	VA: Michiko Neya
	Age: 16
	Job: Princess

	Naira Savage
	VA: Ai Orikasa
	Age: 22
	Job: S.D.F. Officer

	Lupia Rude
	VA: Naoko Matsui
	Age: 20
	Job: Thief

	Colon Steiner
	VA: Yuko Mizutani
	Age: S.D.F. Sergeant

	Kina Dibiase
	VA: Satomi Koorogi
	Age: 12
	Job: ????

Controls: Your robot has both a robot and a fighter
	mode, you can transform at will and controls 
	vary depending on which form your in.

    Robot Mode:

	Directional Pad: Forward and back move you
			 forward and back.  Left 
			 and right lets you strafe 
			 left and right without turning.

	A: Transform into Fighter mode.
	B: Shoot
	C: Jump
	X,Y, or Z: Zooms out minimap.
	L: Turn left
	R: Turn Right

    Fighter Mode:

	Directional Pad: Since you're flying, the down
			 direction is "pull up" and 
			 the forward direction is "dive."
			 Left and right still move you 
			 left and right without actually 
			 turning like in Robot mode.

	A: Transform in Robot mode.
	B: Shoot
	C: Change Speed. Note if you tap C, your throttle
			 will cycle between 25%, 50%, 75%,
			 and 99% speed. If you hold C, your
			 speed will increase 1% at a time, 
			 giving you custom throttle control 
			 when the 1/4 presets are either too 
			 fast or too slow for your needs.
	X,Y, or Z: Zooms out minimap. Also auto steers you 
			 toward the boss (only during 
			 bossfights, and only if you have 
			 a navigator with you.)
	L: Turn left
	R: Turn Right

	Start: Pause

Starting Up:
	Start the game and the title screen will appear. 
	If you let it sit without pressing any buttons 
	for a few seconds the animated intro will play. 
	All menues in Bulk Slash are in English and 
	shouldn't need any explanations except the 
	VISUAL BONUS option.  This lets you view the 
	bonus images once you've unlocked them in the 
	game so picking it now will not actually do 
	anything.  Also the VOICE TEST is updated 
	everytime you finish the game with a Navigator
	(adding their voices), so at first there is 
	only about 15 voice samples available, but 
	once you've fully completed the game, there 
	will be almost 600.

	Bulk Slash automatically saves what you have done 
	everytime you beat the game.  If you play all the 
	way to the final boss and die and choose not to 
	continue, your score will be saved but any 
	experience your Navigator has earned will be lost. 
	Also only the Navigator you finished the game with 
	will get to keep her levels. Note, you can NOT save 
	between stages, and must start fresh every 
	time. (If you do continue, you can keep your 
	Navigator's levels, the only penalty for 
	continuing,is that your score will be reset to 

Manageable Intelligent Support System´┐żA(M.I.S.S.):

	Unlike most shooters, Chres doesn't have to take 
	up the fight alone. On each of the 7 stages, 
	there is a Navigator to be found.  If you have 
	one join you, she will make big orange guide 
	arrows appear to point you toward your targets 
	(otherwise you need to use the minimap) She 
	will also appear and inform you of just about 
	anything that occurs, and will get upset when 
	you get hit. Also when fighting a boss and in 
	Fighter mode, hitting X, Y, or Z will auto-turn
	you so the boss is in your sight.  Finally, 
	each of the 7 Navigators have there own secret 
	bonus abilities that stregthen your own.  I'll 
	let you figure out these yourself since 
	experimenting with the Navigators is what makes 
	this game fun. :D Note, each Navigator starts 
	at Level 1 and maxes out her personal abilities 
	at level 3.  When you beat the game, your 
	Navigator will get to keep her levels, and you 
	can choose to start with her right from the 
	start (she will no longer be in the stage you 
	first found her in).

	Main:You have several different attacks available 
		to you.  You have a weapon meter, when 
		in Robot mode and fully charaged, you'll 
		toss a powerful grenade that can kill 
		several targets.  If not charged, you will 
		fire a simple forward shot.  At close range, 
		you'll swing your beam sword.  When 
		in Fighter mode and charged, you can fire 
		powerful homing missiles.  Otherwise you 
		fire a double foreward shot (like the 
		robot's but more powerful).

	Optional: There are three optional weapons, that 
		  can only be used in Robot mode. They 
		  have limited ammo and have their own 
		  ammo meter above your normal weapon 
		  charge meter. Simply hold down the shot 
		  button "B" and you will fire them instead 
		  of your normal non-charged shot. Note 
		  there is only one optional weapon pickup. 
		  It will cycle between the three possible 
		  optional weapons (just look at the letter 
		  to tell what it is)

	   Fire Blaster: Fires a continous flame-thrower, 
			 VERY POWERFUL but goes quick, 
			 makes quick work of ground-based 
			 bosses. My optional weapon of choice.

	   Bezier Blaster: Fires a chain laser beam that 
			   "catches" on everything it 
			   hits and keeps hitting everything 
			   for as long as you hold the fire 
			   button and have ammo.  It 
			   auto-homes, but is very weak.  
			   Almost identical to the purple shot
			   from Raiden II in function.

	   Napalm Blaster: Shoots out three circles of naplam
			   in a spread-fire pattern. Decently 
			   powerful, but the range is so short
			   that you're much better off with 
			   the far stronger Fire Blaster unless
			   you suck at aiming.

Heads Up Display: Once in game you'll see several meters and 
	gauges. The one that looks like the Superman symbol 
	is your shields, if it empties its Game Over. You 
	can pickup items to refil it. Above it you'll see a 
	small rectangular box, it is your weapon charge meter. 
	If you have an optional weapon, its ammo meter will 
	appear above it. The percentage on the right is your 
	speed (only maters in Fighter mode).  The minimap is
	in the upper right, and the big number at the bottom 
	is naturally your score. Lastly the mission timer is 
	in the bottom right.  You have exactly 10 minuets to 
	complete your goals on each stage or its Game Over.
	Note the timer will freeze when the boss comes out.

Tips: Learn how to properly manuver.  When in Fighter mode 
	you have both strafe turning and normal turning. 
	By combining the two and changing your speed, you 
	can turn at all kinds of different angles.  This 
	will help a lot when playing on Hard mode and and 
	especially against certain bosses.  Also always 
	keep an eye on your minimap.  All enemy bullets 
	that are headed toward you will be white dots, 
	by watching your minimap, you would be amazed just 
	how much you can dodge. Finally experiment with 
	the navigators, some are better for certain 
	situations then others.

New Game: When you choose START from the main menu, you 
	will first be taken to the Navigator select 
	screen. From here, you can choose to begin the 
	game with any of the Navigators you've 
	previously completed the game with and they 
	will start at the level they finished with.
	If you haven't beaten the game yet, you won't
	get this screen at all.

Stage Select: There are seven stages in Bulk Slash, 
	they get progressively more difficult if 
	you play them in order. However you can do 
	Stages 1-3 then 4-6 in any order you choose
	(Stage 7 must be done last).  This is mainly 
	due to the Navigator love-point system 
	(see Endings section).

Mission Briefing: After selecting your stage, you'll
	be given a briefing on your goals. These are 
	in Japanese so just skip through them 
	(unless you can read Japanese, but in that 
	case you shouldn't need this guide :P).

Note, you must pick up the Navigator on a level 
before you complete the goals, once the boss 
comes out, she is no longer attainable.

Stage 1: Goal: Destroy Targets.
	Navigator: Reone.
	Being the first stage its quite simple. 
	You'll find Reone (the first Navigator) 
	right in front of you at the start.  
	Simply walk into the pink helmut that 
	says M.I.S.S. on top of it in order to 
	pick her up. Then just fly/run around 
	and get used to shooting and hitting 
	multiple targets.  Reone will guide you 
	to your goals, once you've destroyed 
	them all the boss will come out.  
	Simply lock on and shoot, it doesn't 
	get any simpler.

Stage 2: Goal: Destroy Targets.
	Navigator: Lira
	This plays a lot like Stage 1, just 
	at night and a lot more enemies.  Look 
	out for the anti-aircraft turrets while 
	in Fighter mode.  Also the targets here 
	are shielded. Simply destroy the little 
	shield generators that circle the targets 
	(one grenade should do it) and then you 
	can blow up the targets.  You'll find 
	Lira behind the concert stadium that the 
	last target is in the middle of.  

	The boss flies and might seem a bit 
	tricky to follow, but adjust your 
	speed and hit the auto-target button 
	(assuming your playing with a 
	Navigator) and it should be an easy win.

Stage 3: Goal: Escort the Ship to safety.
	Navigator: Meticul
	This is an escort mission. From the start 
	you'll see a big ship in front of you with 
	a pink indicator above it. Your goal is to 
	keep it alive as it flies around the map until 
	it reaches its exit point.  The best strategy 
	is to go ahead of it and blow up the 
	anti-aircraft guns that totally liter this 
	level.  However don't neglect it too much though 
	because enemy fighters will randomly spawn.  Just 
	keep an eye on its health meter at the top of 
	the screen. You will have to abandon it at some 
	point though to pick up Meticul, she is right 
	behind the castle (inside the wall).  Oh and for 
	the record Meticul and Colon are my favorites. :D

	After the ship flees to safety the boss will 
	attack.  It has a nasty 360 degree attack that 
	can really hurt, but otherwise treat it like 
	you did with Stage 2's boss and its easy.

Stage 4: Goal: Deliver Bombs to Target Points.
	Navigator: Naira
	The idea here is to pick up 1 of the 4 bombs 
	at the start then drop it off at its target 
	point.  Simply enter Fighter mode and fly into 
	one to pick it up. When carrying a bomb its 
	health will appear. There are mine fields 
	everywhere, and one direct hit is enough to 
	blow up your bomb.  (If it does, a new one 
	will replace it at the start).  Its a good 
	idea to leave the bombs where they are and 
	go take out some of the satelites and turrets 
	that will be firing at you.  The mines will 
	respawn though so don't worry about them.  
	Also you are in space in this mission, so you 
	can transform into Robot mode at anytime, 
	but you won't be able to move unless your on 
	a piece of ground or on top of one of the 
	giant ships.  From the start point, the far 
	right corner has a small capital ship in it. 
	On this ship you will find your new Navigator. 

	The boss is a giant capital ship that looks 
	kind of like a Star Destroyer.  You have to 
	blow it up piece by piece.  Look out for the 
	golden TIE Inercepters it launches after you :P

Stage 5:  Goal: Aquire the 5 ID Cards and reach the bottom room.
	Navigator: Lupia
	This mission is completely indoors, so Robot mode 
	is prefered here (just how Fighter mode was better 
	in Stage 4).  The stage is multiple levels and 
	elevators connect them.  Simply grab the ID card 
	on each floor then head for the elevator to get 
	the next one.  Lupia can be found close to the 
	start of Floor 4.  There are some platforms you 
	can jump on, Lupia is on the highest one almost 
	right above the elevator you just got off of 
	(its eaiser just to fly up there as opposed to 

	This level has a 2-stage boss.  I recommend Fighter 
	mode for both, as some well timed homing missiles 
	will quickly destroy both of them.  The spider 
	form does have some nifty laser beam attacks if 
	you let it live long enough.

Stage 6: Goal: Destroy Targets.
	Navigator: Colon
	This mission plays like Stage 1 and 2 where its 
	a large outdoor enviroment with targets to 
	destroy.  However the targets here are actually 
	minibosses.  They are easy to dispatch, just look 
	out for their beam cannons that can really mess 
	you up on Hard.  Also this stage has a ton of 
	bright orange kamikaze flyers that will annoy 
	the hell out of you. Colon can be found under 
	the GIANT tree, which one of the targets is by.
	If you can't find it, just follow the river as 
	it completely encircles the tree at one end. 

	The boss here is your clone, he can transform 
	between Robot and Fighter mode you like you 
	and has similer moves (although he is actually 
	polygons unlike you :P).  Just dodge the 
	missiles and don't get rammed and you'll win 
	with ease.

Stage 7: Goal: Reach the bottom room.
	Navigator: Kina
	This is the final mission, it is indoors, but 
	there are many paths you can take through it.  
	Some are above and will need to flied to.  
	Look out for the giant rolling cyclinders, as 
	you can not destroy them, only dodge.  From the 
	start point turn around and there is a closed 
	door.  If and only if you have completed the 
	game with all 6 of the other navigators, then 
	this door will be open, and Kina is waiting 
	inside.  If you haven't its locked and you 
	have more work to do :P. Kina being the 
	"secret" Navigator is unquestionably the best.
	She will make your shot meter charge REALLY 
	fast, and also if you pick up an optional 
	weapon with her, the ammo is now unlimited.

	Being the final battle, you have to fight 
	3 bosses, on your way to the real one. 
	Boss 1: Really easy, just jump at him and 
		shoot, if you have the Fire 
		Blaster armed, you shouldn't even take 
	Boss 2: This one can get tricky.  He likes 
		to retreat and then charge at you.
		The key to beating him quickly is 
		to launch a grenade when he is in 
		the middle of the explosive barrels.
		Also when he rushes you, JUMP! If you 
		try to transform it will take too 
		long and you'll get nailed.  Finally, 
		never use Fighter mode on him, because 
		he can fly too, and there are no 
		explosive barrels at the top to help you.
	Boss 3: Another easy win, just jump and shoot 
		him.  Time your jumps so that you are 
		not on the ground when he does his 
		"ground pound shockwave" move and its 
		a pathetic fight.  After dispatching 
		him, I would HIGHLY recommend picking 
		up the Fire Blaster out of one of the 
		many boxes in the room before going 
		on to the final room.

	Final Shodown: When entering the room, you will 
		meet your final opponent. Surprise, its 
		your childhood friend Riizen! Ok, who 
		didn't see that one comming?  Anyway 
		Chres will finally get to speak here 
		and after a short talk, Riizen will 
		attack you.  If you took my advice and 
		have the Fire Blaster, run straight at 
		her and flame her first form down to 
		ashes.  You probably will take some 
		damage, but you need to beat her as 
		quickly as possible because her second 
		form is tough and you can't afford to 
		take much damage here.  After you beat
		her, her true form will appear.  This 
		thing is huge, really fast and has 
		tons of attacks including multiple 
		laser beams, and sending out explosive 
		laser blasts out in every concievable 
		direction at once.  If you have Kina, 
		this fight is a joke, as you have 
		unlimited Fire Blaster, and you can 
		just run up and waste her with ease. 
		If you don't, then the easiest way is 
		to go into Fighter mode, set speed to 
		max and fly around in circles at the 
		top of the screen until your missiles 
		are charged.  Then when it appears safe 
		fly lower and nail her head on with 
		them. Then repeat till shes dead.  Just 
		be careful not to phyiscally ram into 
		her, cause it will do a TON of damage 
		to you, on Hard 3 solid rams will kill you.

		After she dies, there will be a final 
		conversation with Riizen, then she will 
		die for good.  Then go into the door 
		that opened and approach the crystal in 
		the center to finish the game. 
		Congratulations, you've beaten Bulk Slash!

Endings:  After stopping the weapon in Stage 7 the generic 
		ending anime will play, and then the 
		credits.  After they finish you will get 
		to see your Navigator's personal love ending, 
		assuming you scored enough love-points 
		with her.  Basically just pick one 
		Navigator and stick with her till the end.  
		If she levels up during the game, you will 
		have enough points to get the ending.  
		But say you play the stages in order, 
		and pickup Colon in Stage 6, there is no 
		possible way to get her ending, which is 
		why you can play the Stages out of order.  
		Note, if you can't get the ending with a 
		girl just finish the game with her and 
		then choose to use her from the very start 
		of your next play and you'll get her 
		ending every time.  You will have to do 
		this with Kina since you find her on the 
		last stage, and it is impossible to get 
		enough points with her on just that one 
		stage no matter how good you are.

		Every Navigator has her own animated ending 
		sequence (just like Sakura Taisen), they 
		are all quite nicely done and well worth 
		your time seeing all of them.  After all, 
		the girls are one of the best reasons to play 
		this game! :D

		Its sad to say, but from what I can tell 
		there is no way to save Riizen.  Even 
		playing through on Hard with no Navigator 
		results in her death.  I've even scanned 
		the disk, and she doesn't have an ending 
		so it looks like she is dead no matter 
		what you do. :(

		Finally the game will tally your score, 
		if it reaches Bonus Level 2 you will get 
		your Navigator's first pic in the visual 
		bonus gallery.  If you reach Bonus Level 
		3 you will get more pics, and other 
		extras like special icons for the high 
		score page and even an ending viewer once 
		you've gotten all of them. Note, the best 
		way to get high scores is to finish the 
		Stages as quckly as possible, without 
		taking any damage.  These two bonuses will 
		be far higher then if you take your time 
		and kill everything.  Of course it helps 
		to get big combo kills on the way to your 
		goals and pick up any gold bars or medals 
		you can find on the way.

Well thats about it for this FAQ, I hope you find it 
useful and enjoy Bulk Slash as much as I did.  
Thanks go to the makers of the RetroCore Saturn 
Shooting Special, as that video is what got me 
interested in this game to begin with.  Also 
thanks to Hudson Soft for making one of the few 3D 
action games on Saturn thats actually really good, 
and of course Sega for giving us one of the greatest 
videogame consoles in history and then leaving 
90% of its great games in Japan. :P

If you must contact me, drop me an email at 
(delete the slashes, they are just to divert 
spam.)  Be sure to put BULK SLASH in the 
subject bar, or I won't read it. Otherwise 
thanks for reading my guide, and have fun!

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