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Reviewed: 05/28/00 | Updated: 05/28/00

It ain't Street Fighter, but you could do a whole lot worse...

Galaxy Fight is your average garden-variety 2D fighter with a few differences from the usual Street Fighter 2 clones. First off, the backgrounds keep scrolling along, so corner traps are completely gone. You'll have to adjust to the old rule of no air-blocking, too, so be on your guard. You've seen many of the characters' moves before in other games, but the way they are presented makes up for it somewhat. I like this game, but I'll tell you right now that it isn't gonna be the best fighter you play on your Saturn by a long shot. You see, there are serious fighters out there meant for serious tournament competition like the Street Fighter series, the King of Fighters, etc.. And then there are “fun” fighters like Galaxy Fight, Waku Waku 7, and so on. Sunsoft did not mean for this game to even attempt to dethrone Street Fighter of King of Fighters as the “Best Fighter Ever”. No way. They wanted to try a few new and different things with the fighting game genre, and I think they accomplished their mission. While it isn't as far-off the usual 2D fighter formula as something like, say, Taito’s Psychic Force, it does have a different feel to it than most of the fighters on the Saturn. Galaxy Fight first appeared on the Neo-Geo, and this is a very close conversion. I cannot find frames of animation missing in here, and the game moves pretty fluidly. The character designs are nice, with Rolf the galactic hero, Kazuma the ninja, Juri the space criminal, Roomi the pseudo cat-girl, Gunter the dragon man, Alvan the child magician, G.Done the amnesiac, and Musafar the combat robot. Then there’s Bonus Kun, the living punching bag, Felden, the horrendously strong end boss, and the hidden fighter (who looks like Ryu in 80 years). A varied cast to say the very least. Galaxy Fight serves up some nice fighting action, and it’ll keep you occupied for a while.

Graphics: The game first appeared on the Neo Geo; I don't know if it's missing any animation for sure, but it doesn't seem like it is. The backgrounds are very nice in my opinion, and they're big, too. They are pretty long, even though they do scroll forever. The spaceport and the city street jump to mind; Roomi's does too, as it is full of animated characters, as well as Roomi’s brothers and sisters. Not the most spectacular fighting game graphics, but not crap on a stick either.

Sound: There are a lot of varied styles in the soundtrack, and two songs have lyrics (one in English for G.Done, and the other in Japanese for Roomi). The ''smackola'' hit effects are nice and loud, and most of voices are pretty well acted. The sound effects for the moves fit well, and seem just right.

Control: Right on for the most part, though it seems some moves are a bit temperamental...A training mode could've helped, too, but I guess not every fighter needs one. No, no, EVERY fighter needs a training mode these days…but I guess we’ll have to do without one this time. The last boss stays true to Neo-Geo end boss specifications: he’s got the prerequisite SNK Boss Syndrome, and can be ultra-mega-obscenely hard to beat sometimes. Cheap jerk. Some moves have strange motions; Roomi, for example, has a punch move that requires a 360 motion to pull off. In my eyes, 360’s should be reserved for damaging special throws, not a simple punch move.

Replayability? As with all fighters, the true replay value is with your friends. But with a somewhat limited set of fighters and moves, and other, better fighters out there, it won't keep you enthralled forever...Still, it is a nice change of pace between bouts on King of Fighters ’97 and Street Fighter Alpha 3. GlucoseJoe

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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