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Updated: 01/21/06

System: Saturn

BY:     DEATHSCHILD, darpeigh@aol.com.



This 'FAQ' is for personal and private use only and not for promotional or
profitable perposes. No portions or parts of this 'FAQ' may be changed,
altered, displayed or reprinted in any Magazine's, Websites or Anywhere
else without consent from the Author.

SEGA and Sega Saturn are trademarks of SEGA ENTERPRISES, LTD.

Galaxy Fight is a registered trademark of Sun Corporation of America,
18008 Skypark Circle, Suite 140, Irvine CA 92714.

All content in this Boss/Combo FAQ are (C)copyright, Anthony Gobin.  


1) Play Mechanics
2) Game Modes
   -Game Start
   -Mid-Match Challenge
   -To Continue
   -VS Mode
   -Special Command Mode
   -Level Select
   -L/R Button Dash
   -Music Test
   -Sound Mode
3) Control
   -Set Up
4) Character's
5) Boss's
   -Boss Code
6) History
7) Credits


 The Gameplay in Galaxy Fight is like most other 2d fighters with one note 
worthy aspect, the stages have no bounderies.. you know, NO corners, which 
makes for some interesting matches. GF has 3 attack buttons with no set 
priorities for individual attacks for Punch or Kick like in SF2. You have 
Light, Medium & Strong for attacks with Special Moves being performed with SF2 
Along with Boundless backgrounds GF also has Blowout attacks that are 
usaully done when your character is running. A Blowout attack will send your 
opponent flying up and away from you upon connecting (not the most amazing) 
but will do more damage per hit, so it does have a significant factor 
(questions self?). 
Also, GF was one of the first (if not the 1st) game to start the Super-Cancel 
combos. A Super-Cancel combo is when you do a special move, then immediately 
do your Super Move, granted I've only been able to do this with Rolf, but 

Alright, enough about GF's simple minded Play Mechanics, now on to the 
Combos....(alright, after the Story and Control section)....

 The Story- 
               Once in a thousand years, the ancient text say, a  
                  god takes physical form and appears in the
              galaxy. According to the time keepers of the planet
                Denius in the Milky Way system, the 1000th year
                 has arrived. The god that the galaxy has been
              waiting to greet has arrived. But he is not a being
                of light. He is the god of Evil and controls the
                              power of darkness.
                       He calls himself "Feldon Cryce."
               He is endless, all encompassing, all powerful, and
                 with his power, he desires to rule the Galaxy.
                No one stands before the dark power of this super  
                being. the races of the galaxy can only suffer in
                    silence and wait for a savior to come...



 -Game Start: Pick a fighter from the Player Select screen, and start the 
battle against the CPU. Use the D-Pad to cycle through the fighters displayed
on the screen, and press Start to select a fighter.

 -Mid-Match Mode: This allows a second player to enter the battle mid-match.
Press Start on Control Pad 2, select your fighter and get started! The winner
of the match goes on to face the CPU in the remaining battles.

 -TO CONTINUE: If a player loses a match, the Continue screen appears, and a
timer begins a countdown. Press Start before the timer reaches zero to
continue the battle.

 -VS Mode (Two Players)
Player One and Player Two select from the Player screen, and the match begins.
The winner returns to the Player Select screen. Pressing Buttons A, B and C 
and Start returns you to the Title Screen.

 -Special Command Mode: Set (X) or (Y) to perform Special Attacks. From the 
Command Select screen, cycle through the possibilities and press either Button 
(X) or Button (Y) to set it to perform that special Attack. Remember that 
Button (X) or (Y) special attacks cannot be performed while pressing the D-Pad.


 -Level Select: Choose from Very Easy, Easy, Normal, Hard, Very Hard. This
option is disabled in the 2 Player mode.

 -L/R Button Dash: Set the controls so that Dashes and Backsteps can be 
performed by pressing Button L or R only once.

 -Music Test: Listen to the BGM tracks used in the game.

 -Sound Mode: Select to hear sound in monaural or stereo sound.

 -Exit: Select this to return to the Title screen. 



The Commands shown are for when a character is facing RIGHT, reverse them for 
when facing LEFT (like you didn't know that already?..).

          UL - U - UR                       (Z)
            \  |  /                   (Y)
          L  - N -  R   (-)     (X)            (C)
            /  |  \                      (B)
          DL - D - DR              (A)


 D-PAD                             BUTTON/s

UL - Back Jump                    (-) - Pause Game                    
U  - Jump                         (A) - Weak Attack
UR - Forward Jump                 (B) - Medium Attack
L  - Upper Gaurd/Backdash         (C) - Strong Attack
N  - Neutral                      (X) - Special Command?
R  - Forward/Dash                 (Y) - Special Command?
DL - Low Gaurd                    (Z) - Taunt
D  - Crouch
DR - Crouch Forward


 -Light Attack: This attack does less damage, but is fast and easily repeated.

 -Strong attack: This type of attack is powerful, but takes time to complete.

 -The Normal Attack is between Light & Strong in terms of speed & damage. 

 -Guard: Press the D-Pad back. (Guarding is impossible mid-jump).

 -Dash: Press the D-Pad twice in the direction of the intended dash. If no
attack is performed during the dash, the fighter only runs into the opponent,
and no attack is incurred. Pressing the D-pad twice in the opposite direction
of the attack stops the fighter suddenly. If not pressed in time, the fighter 
bumps into the opponent, and if the fighter is performing an attack mid-dash, 
the attack is performed automatically. NOTE: Special attacks performed 
mid-dash have 1.5 times the normal strength, and penetrate the opponent's 

 -Back Step: Press the D-Pad twice in the direction of the intended backstep.
this places some distance between you and the opponent, giving you some 
"breathing room."

 -Flying Fluries/Auto Follow: After performing an attack against an opponent,
follow it up with a flying attack to continue the fight. Press the D-Pad after
an attack to perform an automatic follow-up attack against the opponent. Your
Guess is as good as mine on this attack?, I don't know.



This is what this FAQ is mainly about, Combos. Unlike some of my other FAQ's
I'm not going to list the combos in different categories, I'm just going to
list by the number of hits they incure. I'm also going to list the characters
on how they're listed in the manual.

I'm going to use one of Rolf's combos to show how the Set-Up is going to look:

                   4 - J.C, S.A, Planet Breaker
                  |_|       |______________________| 
                  /                 \       
                [1]                 [3]

 [1] - Number of hits.
 [2] - The Combo.


3 - C.B, Planet Breaker.
4 - J.C, S.A, Planet Breaker.
4 - J.C, C.B, Rolf Shot, Striking Napalm.
6 - Dash, Rapid Crush, S.A, Planet Breaker.
7 - Dash, Rapid Crush, C.A, C.B, Rof Shot, Striking Napalm.  


4 - J.C, C.A, C.B, Killer Tornado.
5 - J.C, C.B, Tiger's Wind.
7 - J.B, C.A (x2), C.B, Tiger's Wind.


4 - J.C, c.A (x2), Somersault Kick.
4 - J.C, c.B, Laser Stroke.
5 - J.C, c.A, c.B, Laser Stroke.
7 - J.C, c.B, Rolling Slicer.
14 - Needle Shot, s.B, Galaxy Cyclone.


4 - J.C, c.A, c.C.
5 - J.C, s.B, Rapid Blow.
6 - J.C, c.A, Rapid Blow.


2 - J.C, Wild Shake or Hammer Break.
3 - J.C, s.C.
3 - J.C, c.B (1 hit), Bull Shoulder.


Not the best for combos....


3 - J.C (2 hits), s.C.
4 - Cross Chop, c.A (x3).

Alright, so he doesn't have the best or any True combos..better then nothing?


2 - Musafar Missle, Musafar Punch.
2 - Hard Slam, Musafar Kick.
3 - J.C, Hard Slam, Moon Spiral Leg Hammer.  


5) BOSS's

Galaxy Fight has 2 intermediate bosses: Bonus Kun and Yacopu, 1 pain-in-butt 
final boss Feldon and 1 hidden character Rouwe.

The Boss Code is as follows:

At the Title screen highlight "VS MODE" then hold the L, R & Y buttons on BOTH 
control pads and press Start on player 1's Control pad, you should see and now 
be able to select; Feldon, Rouwe, Bonus Kun and Yacopu.

  [_Bonus Kun_]

Story: Has come to learn martial arts. He wants to meet and fight the stongest
fighters in the Galaxy. He wears a red head band given to him by his tribe of

Sex: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Likes: ??
Hates: ??
Interests: Learning Marial Arts
Treasures: Red Headband
Family: His Tribe
Character: ??
Home World: ??
Reason For Entering: ??

  -Special Attacks-

Spit - D, DF, F + A/B/C

  -Super Attacks-

Head Butt: A/B/C
Stump Strike: Jump A/B/C


Prettymush a 'Joke' character. You can't block with him, and he has no range
with his normal attacks, tho he does have a projectila....


Story: Comes from the holy land of Lutesia. He can transform into any shape he
desires, not only taking the opponent's form but their power and speed as well.
He has come to take Feldon Cryce's form and defeat him with his own power.


Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Varies
Weight: Varies
Likes: ??
Hates: Hate
Treasures: ??
Family: ??
Character: Peace & Innocence
Home World: Lutecia
Reason For Entering: To defeat Feldon Cryce

  -Special Attacks-

Transform: D, DF, F + A/B/C


The most powerful character in GF is this cutie. Why? When you transform into
whoever your opponet is, ANY and ALL attacks do double the damage, need I say

  [_Feldon Cryce_]

Story: The most powerful and longest creature in the Galaxy, using the 1000
years of his life to become powerful. His plan is to take control of all the 
worlds of the Galaxy and rule them with his iron will and super powers.


Sex: All Encompassing
Age: As old as the Galaxy
Height: Can change size at will, from the height of a lightning bolt to the 
        size of a grain of rice.
Weight: He is an immoveablr force
Likes: War, Himself
Hates: Weakness and softness
Interests: Destruction
Treasures: The Galaxy
Family: Fernandez, Felbachoff
Character: Evil incarnate
Home World: The Absolute

  -Special Attacks-

Solar Flare: F, DB, D, DF + A/B/C

Kinetic Storm: Jump, D, DF, F + A/B/C

Solar Meteor: D, DF, F + A/B/C

Big Bang: F, B, DB, D ,DF, F + A/B/C

  -Super Attacks-

Elbow Drop: Jump, press either DF/D/DB + C

Haley's Heel: Move close to opponent, press D-Pad Left or Right + C button

Comet Crash: Stand next to opponent and press D-Pad Left or Right +C button

Abyss: Move close to opponent and press D-Pad Left or Right + B button


3 - c.A, c.A, Sun Flare
4 - JI.C, c.A, c.A, Sun Flare


Feldon is your typical boss character, his moves have priority and do a 
good deal of damage. He has 2 kinds of projectile attacks one of which
can insantly dizzy you, the other being the fastest in the game not to
mention his Solar Flare is tops when it comes to priority.


Story: ??


Sex: Male
Age: Unknown
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Likes: Solitude
Hates: ??
Interests: Fighting
Treasures: ??
Family: Unknown
Character: ??
Home World: Forgotten Plains
Reason For Entering: ??

  -Special Attacks-

Wind Storm: D, DF, F + A/B/C

Upper Solitude: F, DB, D, DF + A/B/C

Oni's Rage: D, DB, B + A/B/C

  -Super Attacks-

Oni Down: Move close to opponent, and press D-Pad Left or Right + B button 

Oni Crush: Move close to opponent, and press D-Pad Left or Right + C button

Jarring Wrist: DF + C button

Twin Oni's Seeking: Dash, + C button (next to opponent)

Oni's Wrath: Press D-Pad Left or Right + B button 

Oni's Fury: Prss the D-Pad Left or Right + C button

If Cheap had a name it would be Rouwe. He truly is a 'Brutal' character and I
can see why they made him a [Hidden] character. He's pretty much a shoto on
SPEED, most of his moves do multiple hits and do high damage, he has no Super 
Move that I'm aware of (not that he needs one).
When doing his Oni's Rage using: A button - 3 hits
                                 B button - 4 hits
                                 C button - 5 hits
                                 Dashing - 3-6 hits



11/12/96 - Bought the November 1996 issue of 'Tips & Tricks' magazine after
           seeing the Galaxy Fight Boss Code on the front cover.
04/01/97 - Started listing/writing down combos.
2002     - Found Gamefaqs through a link.
2002     - Saw that the GF boss code was wrong and decided to do a Boss/FAQ.
05/09/05 - Decided to finish GF Boss/FAQ.
06/20/05 - Double checked FAQ (I most likely missed something).


-Sunsoft, for making this different/unique fighter.
-Sega, for making the Saturn system.

-You, for reading this FAQ.


-MediaPlay (where I bought the game).


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