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Reviewed: 12/31/00 | Updated: 08/14/02

Duke is back to his Original roots!!!

This is one of my favorite Duke Nukems. The game is awesome and for the day was great. Dukes out to save the planet from those alien bastards again. In an apparent attempt to stave off the Grim Reaper's desire for the Saturn, Sega struck a deal with GT Interactive and Lobotomy to release a Sega version of everyone's favorite Doom clone, Duke Nukem. On store shelves just in time for Christmas, the Saturn version of Duke Nukem was as close to the PC original as the instantly dated Saturn technology allowed. As a direct challenge to the Nintendo 64 (and what comparatively seemed an anti- censorship stance), the Saturn version of Duke was unaltered. Gore, strippers, pornography stores, and lines like ''Shake it, baby'' were left intact. The game is great and any Duke Nukem fan would like this one. The graphics look great better than both of the PSX versions do. The control is smooth flowing and the d pad works well with the game. The sounds and music sound great and go with the game really good. The game is very large and has some puzzles in it to keep you busy and hooked to the game. One other thing I have to say Lobotomy did and outstanding job making this game and it must have took a lot of time and precision to put out suck a great game.

CONTROL **10**

The Saturn controller works great with this game. All of the commands for this game are simple shoot, toggle through weapons, and other various things depending on the situation. Duke moves smoothly and he may sometime seem to move a little fast but hey slow down then. I don’t have a single complaint about the control as the Saturn controller provides excellent control for this game and I’m sure that a 3d pad would probably work better in this type of game.


Oh when Duke is back he’s back. Everything is here all the smart mouth sayings and the other Duke Nukem related stuff. The music goes great with the game as the type of rock and roll and really gets you pulled into the games mood. The sounds in this game from the guns to the squeals of a pig cop getting executed with a shotgun. The music in every level on this game sounds great and really keeps the mood. All of Dukes one liners are sure to give you a laugh once in a while.


These graphics exceed for the Saturn the levels and Duke himself looks great. The graphics look better than both of the current PSX Duke Nukems to date do. The levels flow smoothly and look great there’s a lot of detail put into them. Even Duke Nukem himself looks great and is pretty smooth around the corners. Lobotomy did and outstanding job making this game with great graphics that look great and one heck of a job all around this game.


The levels are huge and have some pretty big puzzles in some of them. There’s enough levels to keep you entertained and it’s really fun. Playing the online version is also a blast. There are lots of things to collect in this game ranging from all different types of guns, and equipment that Duke can use. Collecting the cards to open doors can be one of the hardest things to do.


The game is pretty easy and hard at the same time. I mean there’s codes to use and difficulty settings on the game. It keeps people of any age challenged. Finding cards and stuff like that is quite a challenge and takes some brainpower to find everything.


Lobotomy did an awesome job. The graphics look great the levels are big and challenging. Controlling the game is simple and the sounds and music are great. This game should satisfy any Duke Nukem fan. It’s a great game and another reason to own a Sega Saturn.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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