Review by Millers C

Reviewed: 04/21/06

Its probably the best First Person Shooter on the Saturn

Who better to bring 3D realms cult masterpiece, Duke Nukem 3D to the Sega Saturn that the most talented group of developers on the system at the time - the team behind Exhumed - Lobotomy?

After the success of their Egyptian based first person shooter, Duke was a game that was richly anticipated.

A PC classic, gamers played as the titular Duke Nukem, a tough as nails politically incorrect put upon super hero who is embroiled with an evil batch of aliens who have picked Duke's home planet as their next project. The game takes Duke across varied locations around Los Angeles and to outer space.

The exquisite 3D environments have been reconstructed brilliantly by lobotomy. There is superb detail in the levels, and the effects such as the explosions and character movement are swift and well animated. Levels are diverse and look good, albeit slightly pixilated at close quarters which is also a problem the game has with the enemy sprites. Visually, Duke Nukem 3D is about as accomplished a Saturn game out there.

As Duke begins his one man resistance, he acquires an extensive arsenal including some terrific novelty weapons including the Freezer (Kick a frozen alien until it shatters) and the Shrinker (Duke shrinks his opponent to the size of an ant and uses his mighty boot for the coup de grace). These are the sort of things that make Duke what it is, its great sense of humor and the fact that the game is not afraid to be very politically incorrect. Nukem himself is an instantly likeable character, witty and an all out hero he's certainly a gaming figure of cult status.

Duke Nukem is a game that engages the gamer from the first minute in its frenetic atmosphere; it plays like a dream - fast, little slowdown - it’s a very impressive game for the Saturn, in the way they have made it visually very good and have retained the original's speed. For veterans of the original game, you'll be encouraged to know that there is a 'Jevons' control method which is designed to mimic the use of a mouse and keyboard and Lobotomy have also included a level designed by themselves, the secret Launch Facility stage.

Despite the fact there are three main episodes in the game, and a fair amount of levels there is no disguising the fact that many of them are fairly short in some regards whilst the game does suffer from the lack of multiplayer, which would have been an excellent addition to the game.

Duke is an excellent and faithful recreation of a superb PC game - Lobotomy have done the Saturn and Sega proud - and this ranks as the best First Person Shooter on the Saturn. It looks, feels and plays perfect and it should sit proudly in every Saturn owners collection.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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