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Deathtank Zwei FAQ by RWhittleton

Version: 0.2 | Updated: 08/02/2001

Deathtank Zwei FAQ - Version 0.2

Things to do:

All of section 2.2
Number of missiles? - 3.2
How much cash from money planes? - 3.5
Find Will's interview... - 5.2
Deathtank lyrics


v0.1 - Preliminary version. Laid down the basics.
v0.2 - Deathtank Eins info from Dockaych.




1 - Introduction
        1.1 - What is Deathtank?
        1.2 - How do I get Deathtank?
        1.3 - Why would I want to play Deathtank?

2 - Starting a game
        2.1 - How to unlock Deathtank
        2.2 - Menu items
        2.3 - Starting a game

3 - Basic Gameplay
        3.1 - Your first round
        3.2 - The weapons
        3.3 - Other items
        3.4 - The button configuration
        3.5 - Basic hints to winning
        3.6 - The scoring system

4 - Advanced Gameplay
        4.1 - Advanced hovercoil
        4.2 - Advanced missiles
        4.3 - Blitz rounds
        4.4 - Extra weapons/items
                4.4.1 - How to get them
                4.4.2 - How to use them
        4.5 - Use of the landscape
        4.6 - Suicides
        4.7 - Munching weapons

5 - Miscellanea
        5.1 - Bugs
        5.2 - What happened to Lobotomy?
        5.3 - Will there ever be a Deathtank Drei?
        5.4 - Controller issues
        5.5 - Deathtank 1 (Eins?)


1 - Introduction

1.1 - What is Deathtank?

Deathtank is a multiplayer game on the Sega Saturn. It was included as a
subgame in the Saturn release of Duke Nukem 3D. How does Deathtank play?
Played Worms? Then think Worms, but in realtime. That is, each player controls
a tank and plays without taking set turns. As a mulitplayer game, I feel that
this is rivaled only by the classic Saturn Bomberman.

1.2 - How do I get Deathtank?

Needed items:

1 x copy of Saturn Duke Nukem 3D
1 x Sega Saturn
2 x Sega Saturn controllers
1 x friend (or arch-nemesis, your choice)

Theoretically this is all you need. However, in practice (as always) you're
going to have to buy more stuff. To unlock Deathtank Zwei you either have to
purchase a copy of Quake or Exhumed (Powerslave in the US), or smash every
toilet in Duke Nukem 3D. Needless to say, most player choose the first option.
Also, a two player game of Deathtank won't get you very far. As a multiplayer
game, Deathtank really demands 3 players, and comes into its own as you gain
more. Incidentally, the maximum number of supported players is 7.

So, additional items:

1 x copy of Saturn Quake *or* 1 x copy of Saturn Exhumed (Powerslave in US)
1 x Saturn Multitap
1-5 x extra Saturn controllers
2-6 x extra friends
Some beer/dr pepper/red bull, and various tasty snacks.

1.3 - Why would I want to play Deathtank?

        1. It's the best multiplayer game on the planet. I tend to leave
           network games and internet games out of this; the only way to play
           a proper multiplayer game is all clustered around the same TV.

        2. To witness the emotion this game can conjure up!

        3. You'll probably piss yourself laughing at some point during the


2 - Starting a game

2.1 - How to unlock Deathtank

Method 1) Smash every toilet in Duke Nukem 3D. Deathtank should now appear as
          the last option on the menu. However, I've never tried this method
          so I cannot confirm it works.

Method 2) Save a game of Quake or Exhumed (Powerslave) onto the same internal
          memory or memory cart as your Duke Nukem 3D save game. Again,
          Deathtank will appear as the last menu option.

2.2 - Menu Items

*finish this section*

2.3 - Starting a game

So, you've started a new game. First of all, you need to input your names.
The Saturn uses this to store your stats. To input your name, press the A
button. This starts a tank flashing. The tank that you get is determined by
the point at which you pressed A. If you're the first person then you get the
red tank, if you're the second person the blue and so on. The game starts here
- who can be the player to claim the nicely camoflaged black tank? A word of
warning: should you be the seventh player to press A you'll find yourself in
control of the nicely flashing psychedelic tank. Not camoflaged in the least.
To input your name, push up/down until you get the letter you want and press
A. Repeat until satisfied. To go back, just press the B button. When you've
finished, press the START button. If you've played before, your name will
appear automitically once your selected the first distinctive series of

While this is taking place it is the time to select the number of rounds you
want to play. To do this, press left of right on the joypad. The rounds
indicator at the top of the screen will go up and down. For your first game,
I'd recommend a 10 round match.

When everyone has pressed START the first round begins...



3 - Basic Gameplay

3.1 - Your first round

First things first - locate your tank. Remember what colour you were when you
selected your name? Find the appropriatly coloured trapezium.

Looking around you'll see the other players tanks sitting on the landscape.
All the tanks have targetting arrows above them - more on these later. Look
up. At the top of the screen are the player information displays. The icon on
the left (a little circle in the first round) is the currently selected
weapon. Don't worry about this in the first round, you only have the basic
weapon avaliable. Next to this would normally be the number of shots left with
the currently selected weapon; the basic shot has infinite ammo so this does
not apply here either. Above this is your health bar. When this goes then you

Now, time to figure out the buttons. For the first game, you'll only have to
worry about a few:

D-pad left      - move targeting arrow left
D-pad right     - move targeting arrow right
D-pad up        - increase the range of your shot
D-pad down      - decrease the range of your shot
A button        - fire a round
L button        - move your tank left
R button        - move your tank right

The objective of each round of Deathtank is simple - emerge the survivor. To
do this, you must shoot the opponents. This sounds simple, but is in practice
rather hard. Your shots are affected by gravity, so you must calculate the
perfect arc to leave your shell slamming into the opposition. Once you've
adjusted the arc of the shot and the power behind it to your liking, press A.
Watch as your shot curves beautifully through the air leaving a trail of
gas and explosives. And slams into the ground missing your opponent. No
problem, just take the opportunity to recalculate your shot. While you're
readjusting the aim, your weapon is recharging. Once your arrow returns to
green, you're free to fire again.

Should you feel the need it is possible to move your tank (albeit slowly)
around the scenery. However, don't expect to climb mountains or get out of
holes. There are more efficient ways of removing these obstacles as you'll
see in later rounds.

With your standard shot, you should be able to reduce your opponent to a
flaming shell with 3 hits. Repeat this process until all your opponents are

Once the round is over, the scores sheet appears. You'll receive 50 points for
every kill you make, plus a further 25 if you will the round. Kills are
indicated by coloured tanks next to your own; a win is a flag. Now onto the

Here's where things start getting interesting. With your spoils of war, you
can purchase extra weapons and items to make your life a little easier in
future rounds. Any points that you achieve are automatically accrued as cash.
Didn't kill anyone? Don't worry, every player gets 10 cash per turn which
enables you to save up for weapons to pull yourself out of a losing streak.
Weapons and items are explained in the following two sections. Once everyone's
had their pick, everyone should press START. This will start the next round.

3.2 - The Weapons

1. Machine Guns - cost 25
        Pretty weak stream of low power bullets. Only really useful in close-
        combat situations. In this way, a constant stream of bullets is a
        little more powerful than a standard shot.

2. Miss(i)les - cost 50
        Misspelt on the selection screen. You get 6(?) for your money.
        Incredibly useful if you've got the knack. Once fired, these
        need manual control. Press D-pad left to turn the missile
        anti-clockwise, D-pad right to turn it clockwise. With a bit of
        practise you'll be hugging the landscape and blowing flying tanks out
        of the sky. Slightly more powerful than a standard shot, but you'll
        still need 3 to take out a tank.

3. Rolling Mines - cost 150
        You get 8. Use these as a standard shot. They behave in the same way,
        but instead of blowing up when hitting the ground they'll roll until
        they stop or hit a tank.

4. Nuke - cost 50
        You get 1. Big big explosives. Will take out a circle of land around
        your tank and damage it severly. However, one nuke will not kill an
        unhurt tank (even with a direct hit) and will still require a further
        standard shot to kill.

5. MIRV - cost 50
        You get 1. Stands for Multiple Independent Re-entry Vehicle. A shell
        that splits into 5 standard shots at the top of the arc. Useful in
        only one tactic, but incredibly useful then.

6. Airstrike - cost 200
        You get 1. Fired as a normal shot, this launches a targeting beacon.
        Within a couple of seconds, planes fly in and drop a load of bombs on
        and around the target area. Powerful and useful in games with lots of

7. Death's Head - cost 250
        You get 1. Big. Biiig. Expensive. Fired as a normal shot, this is like
        a big version of a MIRV. At the top of the arc it splits into many
        smaller warheads each packing a large punch. Make sure you're nowhere
        in the vicinity.

8. Corbomite - cost 25
        You get 1. Not a standard weapon as such, this automatically activates
        when you die causing your corpse to explode in a flurry of shots. Nice
        for sneaking kills, be they your close-combat attacker or an almost-
        dead tank in the vicinity.

3.3 - The Items

1. Jumpjets - cost 50
        Invaluable, absolutely invaluable. These enable your tank to fly. To
        activate them simply hold the X button, the press the L or R buttons
        to steer. You get a limited tank - the maximum you can use in one
        round is a 50 credit charge. However you can stockpile them; this
        comes highly recommended.

2. Shield - cost 100
        Lets you bounce shots from your tank. Activated by holding the Y
        button. The power for this is used up quite fast, so you'll have to
        time your shield activation well. A direct hit will still probably get
        through the shield (probability increases determined on the power
        behind the incoming shot). Can be stockpiles.

3. Target Comp - cost 50
        No. I don't know. As far as I can tell this simply doesn't work. To
        activate it press the Z button. This produces a small circle of light
        which theoretically should tell you where your shot is going to go.
        Except it doesn't - probably due to a bug in the programming. It only
        lasts one round whether you use it or not, so I really wouldn't bother
        with it. It's only use is to scare your opponents by hovering the red
        marker over their heads.

4. Hovercoil - cost 125
        Can be deadly in the right hands. Causes your tank to hover for a
        period of time dictated by white bar underneath your health bar. This
        appears after hovercoil activation and doesn't stop if you land. To
        maneuver your tank, use these controls:

                X button        - fly up
                L button        - fly left
                R button        - fly right
                L+R buttons     - fly down

        A hovercoil will only last for one round even if you don't use it, so
        there's no point in stockpiling.

3.4 - The Button Configuration

Inputting name:

        A button        - input current letter
        B button        - remove current letter
        START button    - finish name input
        D-pad left      - decrease number of rounds
        D-pad right     - increase number of rounds
        D-pad up        - cycle forwards through alphabet
        D-pad down      - cycle backwards through alphabet

In game:

        A button        - fire shot
        B button        - cycle down through the list of weapons
        C button        - cycle up through the list of weapons
        X button        - use jumpjets (or hovercoil if you have it)
        Y button        - use shield
        Z button        - use target comp
        L button        - move tank left
        R button        - move tank right
        D-pad left      - aim left
        D-pad right     - aim right
        D-pad up        - increase range
        D-pad down      - decrease range

3.5 - Basic Hints to Winning

"The best defense is a good offense" - some random General

And this is very true. Learn how to accuratly target your standard shots. If
you can't use a standard shot then you're going to have difficulty in playing
some of the more powerful weapons (the majority of which are targetted in the
same way).

Steal kills. I'm sorry to say this, but you must be sneaky to win in
Deathtank. If you see someone on a minimal amount of life then take the kill.
No point in leaving it to other people. This is where missiles come in handy
incidentally. If you need to retarget quickly it is usually easier to use a
missile (unless you're very accurate with ballistics). A nuke can be quite
effective as well, but seeing as they cost 50 and you only get 50 for a kill
then it's usually not worth it.

Go for the winner. By killing the person in the lead you get double the points
- 100 instead of 50. And remember that this translates into 100 cash as well.

Use jumpjets. If it looks like you're being targetted by an enemy then use
your jumpjets to blip out of harms reach before they hit you. This way they
have to retarget you and if you're good you can set up your target point to
act from where you're going to jet to before you get there.

Use corbomite to steal kills. No-one else I know does this, but it's most
satisfying to watch as their faces fall when they were expecting to win. Plus,
you can get 50 or more points for a 25 cash outlay - not bad.

3.6 - The Scoring System

1 standard kill                 - 50 points             - 50 cash
1 winner kill                   - 100 points            - 100 cash
1 win                           - 25 points             - 25 cash
100% kill rate (4+ players)     - + 50% points          - + 50% cash
Cash from money planes          - 0 points              - ? cash
1 suicide                       - -50 points            - 0 cash

The extra 50% comes into play if you kill all of the opponents on a game with
4 or more players involved. This shows up on the scoring screen as 'groovy'
along with a voice sample of 'groovy'. These can accumulate - if you get a
groovy in more than 1 consecutive round then the voice sample repeats e.g.
'gr-groovy' for two rounds, 'gr-gr-gr-groovy' for four. My personal best is 7.

Money planes fly over occasionally and drop bundles of cash. Although these
don't affect your points, you can gain some quite considerable amounts of cash
from them. These show up on the scoring screen as white blocks.


4 - Advanced Gameplay

4.1 - Advanced hovercoils

The hovercoil is, in my opinion, the most powerful tool in the game. But where
it really comes into its own is when combined with the humble MIRV. Let's
start from the beginning.

Remember that a hovercoil only lasts one round. This means that you really
have to use it the round that you buy it, unless you want to waste 125 cash.
The basic idea is this: when you're trying to control your filght it's
difficult to control your aim at the same time. Seeing as you start each round
with your arrow pointing straight up, this is an accurate aim for your shots.
Simply reduce the arrow down to a minimum range. Usually on the ground a shot
fired straight up at minimum velocity with hit the person who fired it. But
seeing as you're flying at high speed through the air you can safely jink to
one side as your shot comes down on the person you were hovering above. The
reason for reducing the velocity of your shot is to give your target a minimum
amount of time to move out of the way.

Once you've mastered this technique, you can extend it with a MIRV. Remember
that a MIRV is a shot that splits into 5 standard shots at the top of its arc.
This usually isn't that useful. However, if you fire it straight up then all 5
shots come down on the same piece of ground. Because 3 standard shots is
enough to kill a tank, a MIRV will mean instant death in this context. A MIRV
will cost you 50, and will gain you 50 points/cash if you kill with it.
However, by targetting the leader you will gain the 100 points. By combining
this with a win, you can start making your money back in even a 3 player game:

1 x MIRV         50 cash                Killing leader          100 cash
1 x hovercoil   125 cash                Killing straggler        50 cash
                                        Winning round            25 cash
                --------                                        --------
Total           175 cash                Total                   175 cash

You'll have to kill the straggler with standard shots, but this shouldn't be
too hard a problem because of your maneuverability. Of course, should they be
good with missiles you might have a problem but never mind. Bear in mind that
this technique will only earn you your money back when you're not in the lead.

If you a playing a 4+ player game then the odds are stacked even higher in
your favour. Reason? There's more players and therefore more available cash.
Plus, with 4 or more players the groovy +50% bonus kicks in and you should
be able to rack up some serious cash.

Further uses of the hovercoil/MIRV combination include mining for weapons.
Sometimes, extra weapons appear buried in the landscape (see section 4.4). An
ideal way to reach these is to mine for them using a MIRV. Simply hover above
them, drop your MIRV, then descend into your hole to collect them. You can
also use nukes in the same way, but this leaves open land that is easier for
other tanks to traverse and grab the weapons before you get a chance. However,
seeing as the MIRV only mines straight down a nuke might be more useful to
obtain multiple extra weapons.

If people are managing to jumpjet out of the way of your shot, you might need
to adopts a different tactic. Try extending your arrow out horizontally. Then
simply drop down next to your opponent and shoot. Then howver back up again.
Usually your opponent won't have time to adjust his aim and shoot. To mix
things up, try dropping on his other side when he's not expecting it.

Canny opponents will learn to shoot you in midair. To counter this, try the
old technique of feinting. Simply fly towards them, then duck or move out of
the way before he can fire his shot at you. With any luck he'll be tracking
you and will fire at your expected position as you would have come into range.
From this point, it's simple to fly over and drop a shot on his head while
he's waiting impotently for his shot to recharge.

Finally a hovercoil is a great help with the money plane. For easy cash simply
traverse the screen directly under the plane and pick up all the cash it drops
in mid air. Alternatively, shoot the plane to force it to drop all its cash
over an unoccupied area, then descend and pick up at your leisure.

4.2 - Advanced missiles

To be honest, with missiles you either have it or you don't. I don't. A few
friends do. One thing I would mention is that missiles really need a standard
pad to play, anything else and they'll be almost uncontrollable.

Missiles are primarily useful in 'steal kill' mode. Charge up a missile then
wait. When some other player has taken two hits from a standard cannon launch
you missile and direct it towards their battered tank. Seeing as missiles cost
pennies, it's well worth the effort.

Missiles also have a greater explosion radius than a standard shot. This means
that they'll destroy more of the landscape where they hit. At a pinch, they
can be used to mine for extra weapons although this technique will take a long
time and will run you out of missiles quickly.

Finally, missiles can be effective when trying to get flyers out of the sky.
Because your next missile starts charging the moment you fire your first, you
can achieve an almost permenant 'missile-in-the-sky' effect. This will
discourage hovercoil wielders from flying around the screen should you be a
good aim.

4.3 - Blitz rounds

Every now and again the Saturn will choose a round to be a blitz round.


In this round, all weapons will recharge at a much greater rate than in a
standard round. In blitz rounds the standard shot comes into its own - its
rate of recharge means that it's the weapon of choice. Pretty much anything
else is a waste of money here. Use your weapon trail as a targeting indicator
- it won't have faded by the time your next shot is ready. Now play just as
you would in a standard round (albeit with more button mashing).

The other weapon that is super effective during blitz rounds is the machine
gun. With its enhanced rate of fire the machine gun acts like a sub-powered
laser, killing all in its path at a frighting rate. Its worth stockpiling one
round of machine guns purely for a blitz round. Of course, you have to be in
at a close range for this to work which can be a problem during a blitz round.

4.4 - Extra weapons/items

4.4.1 - How to get them

Extra weapons occasionally appear in buried deep in the landscape. These look
like 3x3 pixel flashing black and white dots. To get them, dig through the
landscape with an appropriate weapon and move over them. Weapons recommended
for digging are missiles, nukes, and hovercoil/MIRV or jumpjet/MIRV
combinations. Basically anything with a greater radius of destruction than a
standard shot. Be warned that after a period of time the weapons will turn red
then explode a few seconds later. When they're red they look the same as
rolling mines, and may explode on contact. I've yet to test this.

4.4.2 - How to use them

All of the possible pickups are weapons apart from two. I'll deal with these

White hole - The white hole is equivalent to an always-on shield, although
             slightly more powerful. Once you've got a white hole it's very
             difficult for other people to get it off you. A direct shot at
             quite a high velocity is needed to penetrate through the shield.
             If you're lucky, you can bounce shots off your white hole to hit
             other players, although this generally happens to luck and not
             to any degree of conscious skill. Your white hole is kept over
             multiple rounds if you manage to win the rounds. Try combining
             the white hole with a hovercoil - people are hard enough to hit
             in the air as it is without a white hole as a factor. If you do
             get killed whilst wearing a white hole, the hole will drop off
             you. On the ground it can be picked up by other players, although
             it will repell away from them if they get near. A final point:
             white holes will push objects away from you. This means that once
             you're wearing a white hole it will become difficult to pick up
             and extra weapons/items. This can be a bonus though - try pushing
             any rolling mines left on the landscape towards your opponents
             with the white holes repulsive force.

Black hole - The only extra weapon that you don't want. The black hole is a
             reverse white hole - it sucks shots towards you. This leads to
             interesting patterns in the air if you're flying and usually
             instant death. If you do somehow manage to win, the black hole
             will stay attached to you in subsequent rounds. The only way that
             you're likely to win is by sitting next to another player.
             Because the black hole falls out of your tank after death and
             attracts itself to other players they generally will not want to
             kill you if you're sitting right next to them. Alternatively, fly
             around in the air. The black hole will fall out of the sky to
             land near or on some unsuspecting opponent. Black holes do have a
             couple of redeeming features. They will attract other weapons and
             items towards you, leaving you equiped to fight another round.
             Also, if you're careful when flying you can bend shots around
             yourself using the blackholes increased gravity to land them on
             the ground again. Fun (though dangerous) with nukes.

The rest of the possible pickups are weapons, all of which are selectable from
the standard way of pressing the C button to scroll up the list.

Nuke missiles - Used like a standard missile, they have a nuclear warhead. You
                get two per item pickup. These are slightly more powerful than
                a standard nuke shot and can kill an unharmed tank with a
                direct shot. Not much to say about these bad boys, just be
                careful that you don't use them near you.
Death drones - When you fire these, people start getting out of the way. You
               get two per item pickup. Seen as a spinning square, where they
               hit they stop. The next part of their activation is for them to
               hover up a centimetre or two. Finally, they shoot with fast
               machine gun fire any other tank that is in a line of sight to
               them. They tend to calm down any flight that may be happening
               in a round. Even if you get killed, any kills that they take
               after your death will be added to your total. Try and land them
               on high ground - that way they will be able to cover a greater
               area. But don't worry if you drop them behind a spire of land;
               a couple of shots can remove the landscape and enable them to
               cover a greater area. It is possible to kill them. As far as
               I can ascertain, they have the same life as a standard tank. 3
               standard shots will kill them, although seeing as they don't
               move your task will be considerably easier. When killed, they
               explode in a shower of machine gun bullets. This isn't very
               powerful; I've never seen anyone killed by it. However should
               it kill someone I would assume that the owner of the death
               drone will take the kill.

The laser - You get a limited amount of activation time. Think of this as an
            extremely high powered line-of-sight machine gun. Very very
            powerful in close combat (think dead opponent within 2 seconds).
            You can also try and track flyers with this; if you can track them
            you'll get a satisfying trail of flames as your opponent falls out
            of the sky.

4.5 - Use of the Landscape

Use of the landscape is very important in Deathtank. If you're dug in into a
hole in the ground you'll find it impossible to aim sideways. You'll have to
adjust your aim by adjusting the velocity of your shot. Conversally, it'll be
harder for people to hit you. You need to find a balance where it's hard for
people to hit you, yet easy for you to hit them. Try jumpjetting onto a wall,
then holding a movement trigger to stay on the wall.

After a while the landscape will start descending in a series of earthquakes.
Should you survive to this point, don't bother with sending your shots up into
the air as before. Adjust you aim to send a long low shot towards your
opponent. This will reach him faster and give you the edge should it come to a
one-more-hit situation.

4.6 - Suicides

As much as I hate to recommend it, there are situations where a suicide can be
useful to help you win. Or rather, there's one situation. Because you lose 50
points every time you kill yourself this is not something to be done lightly.
The only good reason is if you're in the lead and you're trying to stop a
close competitor from gaining the 100 points that they would get from killing
you. That way, instead of narrowing the gap by 100 points the gap is narrowed
by 50. However, this also takes you closer to any other players below you. In
the end, it's up to you to decide whether the situation you are in warrents
it. If you do decide to, the odds are that you're on a low amount of health
anyway. The best way to kill yourself in this situation is a standard shot
fired straight up at minimal velocity.

The other method of suiciding is if you want to leave the game completely.
This will remove you from the game, the scoring system and any further rounds.
To do this, press A+B+C+START simultaneuosly. Your tank will start firing
machine gun fire in all directions before self-destructing with a nuke sized
explosion. Try jumpjetting over to your most hated opponent before this.

4.7 - Munching Weapons

It is possible with Death's Heads and MIRVs to intercept them without taking
damange. The reason for this is that the weapons fly out for a certain period
of time before priming themselves. They only cause damage after they split up.
If you can fly into the shell before it detonates then it'll disappear. This
will also happen if you shoot a Death's Head or MIRV into the landscape before
it primes itself. However you've got to time it properly otherwise you'll
receive the full force of every single shot from the Death's Head on your


5 - Miscellanea

5.1 - Bugs

There are a few bugs in Deathtank that are worth mentioning:

        1. If you're playing as the psychadelic tank then the shield won't
           work in the same way for you. Instead of shielding you from shots
           it will turn you invisible. Can be useful, but probably not as
           useful as a standard shield. The white-hole still works in the same
           way as standard.

        2. Sometimes the sound will cut out on missiles, jumpjets and
           hovercoils. This leads to an eerie silence as you fly around the
           landscape. Although I've tried to replicate this in game I can't
           get a 100% success rate. I assume this happens when all the sound
           channels are used up, say with a missile, a couple of simultaneous
           shots and a jumpjetter.

        3. If you fire a standard shot as the remnants of a shield use are
           decreasing, the shot will gain extra velocity to about an extra
           50-100%. This may be a feature rather than a bug.

        4. It is possible in certain situations to slide through the landscape
           rather than landing on it from a jumpjet fall.

        5. The Saturn 3D pad left trigger doesn't work.

5.2 - Whatever happened to Lobotomy?

Short story: Lobotomy ran out of money and split up after Quake. This was
probably due to the sorry state of the Saturn market at the time.

Long story: see the interview that Lead conducted for SegaX.

5.3 - Will there ever be a Deathtank Drei?

Lobotomy disbanded. Short of them coming back together again (unlikely), I can
see no way that a Lobotomy-coded Deathtank will ever appear on a future
console. Of course, there's no reason why someone else couldn't code a new

5.4 - Controller Issues

Ideally, every player should be on a original Japanese Saturn pad or a Mark 2
American/European pad. But let's be honest, this isn't going to happen. Only
a few people have access to 7 original pads. A second best option is the Mark
1 US/European pads. I actually quite like these (prefer the D-pad) and they're
a worthy way of playing Deathtank.

At this point it gets difficult. Due to some incompatibility, the Saturn 3D
(Analogue) pad doesn't work fully; the left trigger doesn't work. This makes
it essentially useless.

It is possible to play Deathtank with a Saturn Arcade stick (Virtua Stick).
The difficulties with this method are aiming missiles and using the hovercoil.
As I said, it's possible but not easy.

3rd party pads are another option. If you get one shaped like a standard
Saturn pad you shouldn't have too much trouble, although they tend not to be
so well made. Mine has a broken left trigger making it useless.

I haven't tried playing Deathtank with the Twinsticks, the Arcade Racer, the
Virtua Stunner or the Densha de Go! controller. I'd assume they don't work.

5.5 - Deathtank 1 (Eins?)

Although I've referred to the game as Deathtank as the majority of this faq,
it is officially Deathtank Zwei. Deathtank original was included in the US
release of Exhumed (known as Powerslave) and the Japanese release
(inexplicably called Egypt 1999 : Resurrection Of Pharaoh). Seeing as I own
neither of these games I can't provide a list of differences to Deathtank
Zwei. Anyone owning this game is invited to contribute a list of differences.

Deathtank Zwei FAQ copyright Robin Whittleton 2001.

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