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Reviewed: 07/31/04 | Updated: 02/23/07

If Mario moved like a fat kid with a full diaper then...

Imagine if Super Mario 64 had been released for the Playstation or the Saturn at the same time as it was released for the N64. What would it look like? Well it would probably have much smaller environments to make up for the fact that loading from a disk takes time and both systems had limited video RAM. The textures may have been a bit more detailed because of the larger storage medium. Perhaps a different set of still impressive gameplay elements would have been in place to accommodate the different environmental set up. Perhaps Mario would have been green and carried around a backpack. Perhaps this more than worthy edition to the Mario saga would be turned into utter crap by HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE CONTROL!

Croc is a 3-D platformer that takes all of its inspiration from Mario 64. As a Saturn game it has very little company. There were perhaps five 3-D, third person action games released on the Sega Saturn, Die Hard, Die Hard Trilogy, Tomb Raider, Burning Rangers and Croc. If Croc didn't control like a truck with a trailer full of lead and a tricky stick shift it would be the third best of these. As it stands however it is only the THIRD best(ummm, there wasn't any competition.) Oh, I forgot about the Sonic World level/menu from Sonic Jam. Sorry Croc, I guess you'll have to settle for fourth.

To its credit Croc is one of the best looking fully 3-D games to come out for the Saturn and it looks very similar to its Playstation counterpart. The level design in Croc is imaginative and well thought out. I slogged through about half of the game just because of that. The control however is unforgivable and not at all compatible with the level design. It is not acceptable for a game that in later levels becomes almost all deadfall platforming to have poor controls. It is not quite as bad as the PS1 game ONE, but it should have been refined more. Croc could have been a contender. As it stands though it is just a tad better than a pile o' poo. Betcha' it's still better than Jersey Devil though, and Croc is the ONLY Saturn game released with surround sound. So that something, I guess...

Rating:   2.5 - Playable

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